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Salparopa contains 2 nations.

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As a region, Salparopa is ranked 3,890th in the world for Highest Wealthy Incomes.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Republic of VeroverplasCapitalist Paradise“Wees Rechtvaardig en Vrees Niet”
2.The Republic of VinteroFather Knows Best State“Vincerò Questa Terra”

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A finally more people, gotta love all the new mottos like "Motto..." And "Suffering."

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Vallandial wrote:A finally more people, gotta love all the new mottos like "Motto..." And "Suffering."

It's all just such a deep and enlightening motto idea that allows the reader to draw from a wide pool of possible interpretations, right?

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Ez-Tulre wrote:It's all just such a deep and enlightening motto idea that allows the reader to draw from a wide pool of possible interpretations, right?


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Long live the Almighty Khan!!!
Rossiean or Romaniche here. Depends on how you know me as.

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Merchants, you gotta love em
It's me Portuia or the CTE'd nation of New Francaise if you don't already know me.

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Her perfume was pungent. The smell of wood clashed against the pungent aroma of the sea. Men, whose brows soaked with sweat and determination, worked at their best to ensure she was taken care of. Her beautiful curves turned all else in the world dull and glistened under the morning sun. If it were not for the tearing of saws and battling clashes of hammers, Diederick could have daydreamed of her. He had yearned for this experience and she was there bathing in the diligent attention of the men, whose shirts were stained with sweat and brows tense with determination. They worked at their best to ensure she was her best. Nothing less would suffice for they sought their reward.

Diederick admired the Liene. She was the first of three vessels to be commissioned by the Prince and Diederick was bestowed the honor of being her creator. The shipwright was in full swing as the men toiled to prepare her for sea. She was to follow in her namesake, Liene, and conquer the unknown. Diederick descended from his overseer platform, only momentarily removing his eyes from the maiden. As soon as he felt the firm steel leave his feet and embrace the thin sludge of the earth, did Diederick pay homage to Liene once more. To his men, she was nothing but the means for pay, but for Diederick, she was his posterity. His child.

Never have been so glued to another, Diederick was only reaffirmed of his calling as a shipwright. The money was a bonus, however, Diederick considered men who make art for the sake of coin are as unattractive as the art they threw together. The fulfillment came from the process of which they were born and the love that had been bled into them. Diederick, with care, approached the propped-up vessel and caressed her body, whose gritty texture pricked and snagged the tips of his fingers. In that moment, he felt whole. Her laso around Diederick was only untangled when Liene released a snare, piercing the tip of one of his fingers. Diederick cursed and flapped his hand as to shake off the pain, yet only achieved to paint bits of her hull with crimson droplets.

Taking out his pain on his employees, Diederick ordered her hull to be sanded down to silk. Removing a piece of cloth from his pocket, he wrapped his finder which slowly stained its blanket. Diederick whispered sincerely to Liene and promised she would soon be allowed to embrace the unapologetic seas, boldly waving her unfurled banners, and accompany the great men of our time to glory. Being strung up in the wharves of Roermond was no place for a goddess. Although it pained him, she couldn’t bathe in salt seas yet as it would consume her and sink her to the abyssal plains. In this regard, the ends justified the means. Until that day, however, she would need to endure the beatings from hammers and the pricks of nails.

The Liene’s sister ships, the Eline and Linneke, were achieving slower success and were not nearly as close to being finished. Although Diederick didn’t play favorites, something about the Liene was more urgent and calling of his resources. He foresaw greatness in her future, but what that encompassed was beyond his comprehension.

Strekoza, Vallandial, and Rutterische

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The caravans flow!
After many years, and the golden age of Vallandial still strong many trades argued they should send caravans back east to try to sell their goods and get more accurate information on the areas beyond the “De grote defensio." Still, others argued they should head west, of course. This argument didn't go anywhere with each head of a trading province sending caravans to where they wished, with the ones going west having lesser funds due to the regions there being a bit more new. That didn't stop the traders with them determined to find the riches of the continent they called their own.

The situation west was different, with the trading kingdoms have initially started there, making the expeditions better prepared to either fight off bandits, or sell their goods such as wool clothing, and cows, with the wealthy traders not forgetting the issues their forefathers faced or caused allowing. This allowed for more free movement and detailed mapping of the areas, with the trades eager to know the secrets of the east they had only read and heard from.

Then there was a third but much less talked about option, with the leading central trading states not caring about either west or east but seeking to explore the seas. This coalition of traders included both islands who wished to be better represented and more critical. Still, it wasn't to be with only a few trading ships heading out to map until they had to head back, which many didn't wish to do, making the mission even harder, but they had hope, and so they spent with the ships heading off.

Veroverplas and Rutterische

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Formation of the Duimeerisch Verkenningscommissie

Gathering in a grand hall within Halsteren, swarms of investors flocked from every corner of the Republic to become shareholders within the new Duimeerisch Verkenningscommissie. Propped up with the wealth of the nation's merchants, and sanctioned by the state, the Duimeerisch Verkenningscommissie is official to fund exploration ventures overseas. The founder of the Committee, Teun Koorman, negotiated the first contract with the government, funding the commission of three Carrack ships, to entice investors. Upon the signing of the contract and a little bit of hired press, merchants flocked to be pioneers in this new market.

Koorman sat at a bench with two of his co-founders and greedily smiled as dozens of renowned businessmen eagerly signed contracts, buying up shares of the company. It was a true win, win agreement, granted that the ventures prove successful. Koorman and his partners, Oosterveld and Maanenschijn, would retain most of the shares; therefore make the most profit. After the last man smiled the contract with a hearty smile and chuckle, Koorman admired the paper. Outlining the terms of the shareholder's contract, at the bottom dozens of signatures, be they big, small, neat, or sloppy, blanked the bottom. Holding the paper up so all his new partners could see, he thanked them for their investments and raised a glass to new adventures.

"Werd Voor ons als Geboren!" shouted Koorman.
"Werd Voor ons als Geboren!" cheered the investors.

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Colony 1: The Wretched Abyss

Had any man not known of it's existence - they would believe the land was cursedly and haunted, for the chilling hymns and whispers wander far carried soullessly by the unforgiving winds, of the severe winters of Strekoza. For they come from the bottomless pit of colony 1 ~ Holding the many thousands whom slave away breaking the earth under the icy falls, toiling their lives away under the oppressive gaze of the Watching towers whom encase them within the tormented hellscape of the deep with wide arms of freezing stone and cutting steel, rooted within the perilous dirt of the tundra.

Here the Currency of suffering is exchanged into precious metals dug out deep from the earth, to further the reach and grasp of the industrial power of the Meticulous nightmare: vying for soul ownership of the known world. One dwelling in the pits of agony could barely see the tops of the lofty Strekozan mountains of the north: An intentional decision pulled by whomever wardens this Gulag, to point directly upon the icon of freedom and mock upon it as they increase the pressure of the metaphorical boot on the necks of the 'Citizens' of the colony.

The capital and birthplace of the Nightmare begins here: and so does its megalomaniacal intentions, steel and suffering, grain and torment, feed the demons on horseback who devastate the surrounding tribes near the Strekoza: Taking everything and anything not for need nor want but greed for the purpose of greed.

There is nothing here for you.

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