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WA Delegate (non-executive): The Republic of Rossijskaja Federacija (elected )

Founder: The 411 of Tolyatti

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World Factbook Entry

Welcome to Russia the largest country in the world by surface area, covering more than one-eighth of the Earth's inhabited land area.
All nations big or small are welcome round or squire. Come on and enjoy your stay

Russia has enormous natural resources, particularly oil and natural gas.Oil, natural gas, metals, and timber account for more than 80% of Russian exports.
Pl join the WA and endorse the delegate

Russia has the world's largest forest reserves, known as "the lungs of Europe", second only to the Amazon Rainforest in the amount of carbon dioxide it absorbs.There are 266 mammal species and 780 bird species in Russia.
wild Life-Siberian tiger, Brown bear, Arctic fox, seals, walruses, polar bears and whales

Embassies: Ecuador, Mongolia, Laos, El Salvador, Sweden, Ceylon, Kenya, Guatemala, Crimea, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Malaysia, Honduras, Taiwan, The Planet Earth, Luxembourg, and 18 others.ITALIA, Free Coalition of Governments, Russian Federation, Japan, Nepenthes, The New Nations of Ridgeview, Homelands, Right to Life, Brasil, France, United States of America, Worldwide Muggles, Kingdoms of Abisa, Mar A Lago Club, Union of Communist and Socialist Nations, Association of Liberal Democratic States, The Union of Trans Steppia, and The Ukraine.

Tags: Featured, Medium, Neutral, Industrial, and Independent.

Russia contains 29 nations, the 464th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Safest in Russia

World Census agents tested the sharpness of household objects, the softness of children's play equipment, and the survival rate of people taking late walks to determine how safe each nation is to visit.

As a region, Russia is ranked 10,548th in the world for Safest.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The 411 of TolyattiInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Serve”
2.The Russian Nationalist State of Slavyanskaya SlavaDemocratic Socialists“Держитесь Пацаны”
3.The Allied States of Kosmodrom BaykonurInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Parnassius delphius”
4.The Buttastrophe of ButtstanPsychotic Dictatorship“You do love your Khan, don't you?”
5.The Republic of DuruskiInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Мы смелые. Мы сильны. Мы горды. Мы немногие ... Мы один”
6.The Holy Empire of Republica ArgantinaCorporate Bordello“Free World”
7.The Holy Eurasian Empire of Greater-RussiaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Съ нами Богъ!”
8.The Marxist-Trotskyism of Resurgent RussiaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“From each to his ability, to each to his needs”
9.The Moscow Time Zone of YuzivkaIron Fist Consumerists“Ми вже годину не спимо!”
10.The United States of TistoratarqoazaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“This Motto Space For Sale”

Regional Happenings


Russia Regional Message Board

I would like to thank all nations that accepted my request and endorsed me. Thanks a lot.

Slavyanskaya Slava, Yuzivka, and Caucasus Mountain

Post self-deleted by The black oprichniki.




The Republic of Malorrusia wrote:Hello!

Hello. Welcome to Russia.


The The Reformed Socialist State of Svertlov wrote:Здравствуйте

Здрасте брат

(To the tune of It's Everyday Bro)

(Intro: Grey Wardens)
Y'all can't handle this
Y'all don't know what's bout to happen
Grey Wardens
TNP, northern boy
I'm from The Grey wardens tho, defender

(Verse one: The Grey Wardens)
It's everyday bro with the Nationstates flow, 5 mill on NS in one day, done 5.3 mill times before, passed all the competition, man the mods are next, man I'm recruiting all these noobs, got some new tg stamps, and I met Max Barry too, defending with the crew, this is The Grey Wardens boi, who the hell is raiding you?
You know I kick them out if their WA cheaters too, yeah I'm talking bout you, raiding for attention, talking sh*t on discord too but you still hit my RMB last night, it was 4:52 and I got the screenshot to prove, got them on imgur too, don't make me report you, I got Max Barry's merch, cuz it was selling like a god, church. TNP is where I'm from, we spam 'em just for fun, we ban them with a mod, the condemn just for fun, we cannot be outdone, the grey wardens are number one!
Its nation states bro,
Its nation states bro,
Its nation states bro,
I said it nationstates bro!

(Verse two: The Black Hawks)
You know it's the black hawks and our raids stay poppin', yes we can raid and not we're not darkspawn, NS is our city, and if it weren't for invasions, than NS would be sh*tty and we'll pass it to Max 'cause you know he stay litty

(Verse three: Max Barry)
19 years ago you didn't even know my name and now you want my game? Boi I'm blowing up, I'm only going up, I'm never falling off, like Jolt who? Allevia who? Who are you? All these pointless questions I went through, hit a milli in a month, where were you? Hating on me with my first book, you need to solve your nations issues, I brought myself too the top now we're really poppin' on, number one and number four, that's why these nations all at the door, it's lonely on my yacht so we all going, we left Australia, now the trio is all rollin' , I'm back again, always updating, never writing, I'm the future I'll see you in the past.

(The Grey Wardens)
It's nation states bro,
It's nation states bro,
It's nation states bro,
I said it's nation states bro!

(Verse four: The Mods)
Hold on, hold on
Can we switch the region?
We bout to hit it
Si todo lo que queremos es prohibir, trabajando en NS todo el día, viviendo en el sueño de nadie de NS, enviando prohibiciones a los tramposos de WA, tenemos una persona de arriba, su nombre es Max Barry, de aquí cantamos a ti, podemos prohibirte, los mods, De foro a juego.

(The Grey Wardens)
It's nation states bro
It's nation states bro
It's nation states bro
I said it's Nationstates bro!

(Verse five: Jennifer Government)
Yo it's JG, Im in an awesome book, these buys up on it, I got 'em with a hook, lemme educate ya, and I am talkin book, NS is your home? That was based off my book, it's selling like a drone, they buying like a loan, my book sells good, is that your your region there?

(Verse 6: Grey Wardens)
Is that your region there? Start defending, quicken update, now we're in defending zone, yes they try to copy me, but thats some sh*tty clones, they all in defending clothes, the ask me if I raid, and I said loudly no, always defend, link in WFE, and I'll see you tomorrow cause it's nationstates bro.

Give an upvote for Jake Paul! We love you Jake!

Read factbook

I'm new to nation states but would love some help getting used to it can someone help me.

Rossijskaja Federacija, Ling Sue, and An Apple A Day

The Republic of Duruski wrote:I'm new to nation states but would love some help getting used to it can someone help me.

Ask Any thing in the RMB. Our region mates will help you.

Greater-Russia, An Apple A Day, and Slavyanskaya Slava

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