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Northor wrote:I'll be kicked from the region?I'll be kicked from the Region?

Yeah. A lot of people think it's a little iffy, but it's necessary to keep the delegate in power and not raiders.

Palace of ZuQu

His Majesty, Sultan HungSe have approved the application to World Assembly that submitted by Viceroy Xelly. After the official signature, Viceroy Xelly immediately head to World Assembly office to submit the application and approved.

~hope i start in a right way~

Dorsla the nation of liberty

Hello. I believe that since we live in the same region, we should establish an alliance. If one of us gets attacked, the rest jump in to defend that nation, and we do not declare war on each other.

Dorsla the nation of liberty wrote:Hello. I believe that since we live in the same region, we should establish an alliance. If one of us gets attacked, the rest jump in to defend that nation, and we do not declare war on each other.

Let the voting start. :-)

Dorsla the nation of liberty

Zukaki, would you care to join our alliance?

Dorsla the nation of liberty wrote:Zukaki, would you care to join our alliance?

I have no problem with it. Any future planning for the alliance others than what been mention?

SOL update

The Police have recently found the scene of a gruesome murder of 2 people, both people identify as Alden Inca and Corrie Inca, both were of age 23 and 27. But sadly they were found dead in a dumpster with 2 bullet wounds in the chest and one hitting their knees, and from what police say they were alive when they were thrown the dumpster until the killer slit their wrists and left them to bleed out. But the question still remains, what did they do to deserve this and who is the killer.

Please be aware that the creation of factions must be approved by the Judge. Follow the Faction Policy in the Statutory Code.

Post self-deleted by Redwood-gabriel.

Panem and circensis

A Charter of Organization has officially been granted for the Crimson Dawn faction, founded by Antarcticao.
-Office of the Judge of Ridgefield

The Crimson Dawn Imperial Faction

Founder and Head Imperialist: Emperor David II of Antarcticao

The purpose of Crimson Dawn is to spread Imperial Ideals and to protect member nations from the infringement of Sovereign rights perpetrated by democratic nations in the region. The C.D.I.F chooses to consist of a permanent security council and other members. Each member is required to dedicate forces to the Crimson Legion. The purpose of the Crimson Legion is to protect member nations and to push our Imperialist Agenda.

New members can be enlisted either through an application process and interview, or a formal invitation by all three members of the security council.

Security Council:

Other Members

-Crimson Dawn

Read factbook

Rlyeh is shocked today as a large slave revolt began. The slaves broke into their Master's estates and killed the families inside. They then mounted the heads of the dead masters on makeshift spears and assaulted a military checkpoint. The revolt currently controls the southern sections of Azathoth island. The military has been overseas touring and is incapable of aiding the south.

Click this link to apply for the Crimson Dawn Faction

After a few tense hours. The Rlyehian king and Antarcticaoan Emperor have decided to launch an invasion on the island of Azothoth. It will consist of a Antarcticaoan bombing campaign on Rebel strongholds and a reinforcement of the town of Guzax. Then the Rlyehian military will follow up with a pacification campaign on rebel controlled towns.This operation has been given the name Operation: Monarch's Wrath

From the northern shores of Azathoth, Antarcticaon Imperial landing craft can be seen breaking shore. Around 50 landers, each carrying 75 men and women. Rebel Slaves are seen sprinting towards the craft and are shot as they reach the beach. In the northern city of Guzax, two troop carriers are seen landing at the airport and out of each, 100 men exit and secure the city of Guzax.

Meanwhile, on the south shore, 106 jets fly overhead to begin the FireBombing campaign. The modified Stardusters are carrying RS-745, a weapon commonly referred to as Wildfire. The fluid sticks to anything it touches and ignites to produce a bright green flame. It burns at around 4000 degrees Fahrenheit, similar to a magnesium fire.

The plan is to push and kill the rebel forces in the south towards the north where a double sided offensive will destroy their forces.

This is Monarchs Wrath

SOL update

As the drugs run rampant through the streets and food and water costing more and more due to the recent crash people are starting to adopt Socialist views and MANY people are left wondering if Arul should instate socialism.

SOL update

There was a protest by the Socialist accept they are now protesting for democracy, the protest was put down quickly. The protesters were saying that the SOL is is worse than the Governments before it and that the SOL should become democratic and give the people even a little power. Currently the SOL is shutting down any actions by these traitors.

*begin Film*
the movie starts showing the flags of Antarcticao and Rlyeh side by side. The flags slowly fade away to show several soldiers standing at attention. there CO begins to speak.
the CO is cut off as the film begins to show a group of men and women in chains and rags. a sentence in is shown over their heads in bold lettering
This is where traitors belong.

the film ends with the two flags shown again with the title of the operation.
Operation: Monarch's Wrath

Report from a War Journalist; description of a liberated city in The city or Rlyeh

Overhead the Dragon flies as Antarcticao have freed the city and put it under its banner. On the steps to the governess’ house, shadows of people have been burned into the marble due to the use of Wildfire. The governess is not that much farther from the shadows, hung by her foot from the overhanging arch of her once pristine home. On the charred black walls of the once Marble home, “traitor” is written in her blood. At night, the changing of chains for those you survive can be heard, and in the distance, bright green flashes of light and screams of agony.

Personal Note:
Soldiers in the Dragon’s legion do get quite “creative” when it comes to punishment. In order to find the rebel hideout, they skinned a survivor alive.

Have a good day,
-Kathy J.

Antarcticaon Journalist

SOL Emergency update

The protesters have attacked a major bomb site and is holding everyone hostage in the building as a last ditch attempt to get a change in government. We will now show live footage of this event and also keep in mind that this base has a bitten that will set off all bombs if necessary.
“Ok men we will have to find a way to get the hostages out of there and get them out, we shall now start infiltrating(the men start slowly walking in to be met by guards shooting at them, the soldiers shoot them dead and start getting closer to the main room, the footage is intercepted by another showing a distraught man with a gun in his hand)”This was a very bad idea, I am sorry for failing you, the people. Now, it’s time for my final goodbye, Bye”(He lifts the gun and shoots himself in the head, his body falls and hits a button and some switches, and all of a sudden explosions can be heard and the footage cuts.)

SOL update

The rebels have been squashed but the missiles and bombes have gone off in a chain reaction destroying towns and city’s killing millions of people acrossed Arul leaving the SOL with little soldiers, and also as tensions silently rise between the SOL and Antarcticao due to the damages caused by the bombes going off.

Post self-deleted by Arul.

The king steps out onto a platform in front of the royal palace.
"Friends, Citizens. Today, is a great day! The Azathoth Rebellion has been completely destroyed! Never again will those who are lower than us, Rise up in violence! If they do, THE WILL BE DESTROYED! This is the fate of all traitors to the Kingdom."
a screen turns on behind the king. it shows 20 people, 15 men 5 women, bound by their wrists and ankles.
"these are the wretches that sought to destroy us and our nation! Soldiers. You may fire at will."
Several men armed with rifles step in to view. they raise up their rifles.
The rebel leaders are now slump to the ground with blood leaking out of wounds on their bodies.
a soldier speaks.
"long live the king, Traitor"
he puts his pistol to a leader's head. And pulls the trigger.
the rebellion has been crushed. freedom in Rlyeh is gone. Dust in the wind.

SOL update

Currently there is a public protest in Arul by the people and many government officials saying that Arul should not fund Antarcticao’s maintenance from the explosions because for one, it wasn’t the Governments fault but traitors, and two and almost all people agree with this, is that the Leader of Antarcticao and anybody who helps him are vindictive tyrants that should be kicked out of office and power, and maybe killed, whatever it takes to drive this evildoers out of Ridgefield. This is what people say and for the most part the news stations and many Government officials are for this change.

The emperor walks to the podium

I am deeply saddened to here that the people of our long and dear ally Arul have turned against me, my people, and the Crimson Dawn. In light of the refusals to pay for the repairs I have ordered, I have decided to cut off all aid and trade to the nation of Arul. In addition to this, I am shutting down the research station the government of Arul has in the Sierra Antarcticana mountains. Hopefully no further action must be taken.

Good day.
-Emperor David II and Empress Valerie

SOL Report

There have been reports of Arulians going to Antarcticao and insulting the soldiers by saying that they are evil and stupid for working for the tyrants that control their nation and that they are no better that the slaves that escaped. There have also been a few reports that some men and women have been assaulted the soldiers before being beaten and being sent back, and in very few cases the soldiers have been shot by extremists. These are some troubling times.

The xii legion fulminata

After the death of Glorious Emperor Gregorio Di Maggio II, New Rome has gone dormant. It has been watching closely at the international stage, waiting for the right moment to finally engage with their neighbors. First Empress Decima Di Maggio III is certainly excited to finally enter the international stage after the death of her brother, and is ready to serve her people, as well as help her neighbors to the fullest. First, she wants to solve the Antarticao v. Arul problem that has arisen recently.

"Dear leaders of Ridgefield, it is a pleasure to finally address you after months of being dormant. We see that after many months, a lot has changed to our region. One of the things we have seen change is the sentiment of the Arulian population towards Antarticao. Although we fully support this sentiment, we believe that there is a much better way to settle these disputes without resorting to this sort of violence. I suggest the Antarticao Government please be more considerate to Arul, who is coming back from hard times. Furthermore, in light of the complete withdrawal of Antarticao from Arul, New Rome would like to extend their helping hand for a much lower cost, as to not burden the fragile Arulian government. I would also like to invite the Emperor's to negotiate a more peaceful outcome. Good day to everyone!"

At the Skhrensalitz testing site test 005 "Shepot Otrekshikhsya" is being prepared to launch, from missile silo 42, 30 miles away.
Svetaslovich and the Lieutenant are ready. They are in a bunker 17 miles away from ground zero.

Svetaslovich gets on the radio. "Are we ready?"
"Indeed sir, test 005 will be launched on your command."
"Good, launch in ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, zero."

A projectile with a large silhouette impacts the ground 17 miles away.
A massive mushroom cloud blocks out the setting sun, and the land is flattened.
"Test 005 "Shepot Otrekshikhsya" success."

The xii legion fulminata, The city or Rlyeh, and Santo Thomas

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