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Tea party separation of america wrote:I really had to do a double take. Kind of surprised me to see such a familiar RMB... and familiar countries

Welcome back.

Erik decided to try the dump for internet cables, figuring that plastic coated metal wires were something that many nations only pretended to separate and recycle properly.
He had a good memory and after following the route Lonnie had taken, the trash mountain was soon in view.
"Alright then, I wonder if there is any sort of system... These Pen Islanders may be behind in tech but they're sure organised after all."
Despite it being twilight, the area remained well lit, the headlights of many cars serving instead of floodlights.
This just served to highlight to Erik just how much several hundred shipping containers can actually carry (a lot).
"Hi there, name's Hannikevich, looking for some wires or cables or similar, could you perhaps help me out?"
The man he spoke to turned and shook the hand Erik had reached out.
"Sure thing, it'll be next to the rope I'm after. Name's Dan"
As they climbed up the stairs someone had made out of old boxes, stepladders and chairs, they began chatting.
Dan: "so what d'ya need this stuff for anyways?"
Erik: "My internet broke and I need a connection back home for my work. What about yourself?"
Dan: "Huh, right. I need a tree's worth of rope, a friend tol' me about a big big ol' walnut that went down and I figure I could make something from it."
Erik: "I've been told walnut is good for tables, whereabouts is this tree?"
Dan: "Out past Springfield over by Dyers Ridge, you want a piece?"
Erik: "Thanks, but we don't have much space at home. Say, my wife and son went to Springfield and they aren't back home yet, if you see a lost looking brunette, could you give her directions?"
Dan: "Sure! I'll keep an eye out"

They headed back to their cars and homes, having found (much quicker than Erik was expecting) what they were looking for.
On seeing that Natasha's car was still not there, Erik began to worry in earnest.
10.30PM "GPS would never work in the trees and lanes, there's just no coverage there... She'll be fine, people here are friendly."
11PM "Perhaps the car broke down and she's staying the night somewhere with Ivan, yes that must be it."
11.30PM "Maybe I should call the police just in case."
Erik's concern got the better of him, and with no work left to occupy him he rang the police.
"Hi, this is a recording, it's late and we've gone home for the day. Please try again in the morning, we should be in around 5 or 6"
Erik hung up in disbelief that the police didn't work 24 hours in the capital city, despite this being Pen Island.

The next day was a Saturday leaving Erik with once again very little to do except pace up and down and worry.
Finally he made up his mind on a course of action, driving down to the nearest police station.
Erik: "Good morning, I need to make a missing persons report, what do I have to do?"
Officer: "Woah there buddy, slow down. At least you remembered the 'good morning' haha! Alright, who's missing?"
Erik: "My wife Natasha and my son Ivan. They were in a white car, a Mercedes, with FinRussian plates. She's about 5'6" with brow-"
Officer: "My pen can only go so fast buddy, hold on. Fancy white car, FinRuskie plates. 5 foot 6ish brown hair. When and where d'ya last see her?"
Erik: "Yesterday, they went to Springfield and they haven't come home, or called, or anything. Ivan's blonde like me and about 5", they were weari-"
Officer, putting pen and paper to one side: "Oookay buddy. It's only been one night and phones don't always work. Weather's nice, there's no need to panic yet. Come by tomorrow if you still ain't heard anything."
Erik: "But.... No, you're right I'm probably worrying too much, perhaps they decided to stay in Springfield overnight"
Officer: "Sure, and if not there then camping in the car, shooting some game and having a nice hot meal"
Erik: "Oh, well they don't have guns so I doubt that, haha"
The officer's tone suddenly goes serious: "No guns? Are ya crazy vegans or something? What'll they do 'bout snakes or coyotes? I'll get this form to the radio station right away buddy"
Erik: "Thank you so much!"

*Meanwhile, just outside of Pen City......*
*A 1953 Chevy 210 pulls up to an unusually large warehouse with a sign that says 'PITCO Automobile Parts Direct: Parts for PITCO, International, GM, Ford, Chrysler, AMC, Patriot, and More!'.*
Erik: "Will they have a headlight for a 2018 BMW here?"
Marvin McCracken: "Well.... I don't rightly know. But they got parts for pert near everything."
*They get out of the car and walk inside.* Young woman sitting at a desk: "Howdy. What can I help you find today?"
Marvin McCracken: "Mornin' Amber. Well, lookin' fer 2 things today. Need a fan belt for a '80 F-150 with the 4.9, 6 cylinder."
Amber: "Well, all the fan belts'll be bout the middle of aisle 29. Since when did you have a 1980 F-150?"
Marvin: "Oh, I bought it purdy recently offa this feller up in Dougal County by the name a, I believe it was Tom.. McNairy. Don't hardly run at the moment. Gonna give it to my littlest boy and help teach him some about workin on vehicles and whatnot. But that old fan belt just about turned into dust when I tried crankin it over first."
Amber: "Tom McNairy? In Dougal County? I think my cousin courted his daughter for a while."
Marvin: "What happened?"
Amber: "Oh, my cousin had a little too much brandy, fell asleep on the railroad, and got runned over by a train."
Marvin: "Oh!"
Amber: "Eh, I never did like him much anyhow. There was one time when he poured a buncha pine tar on my hair when I was asleep at grandma's and she had to shave my head plumb bald. Never did live that down. I'm surprised you ain't never hearda his gettin hit by the train. Was pretty big news a while back."
Marvin: "I don't rightly know."
Amber: "What else was it you were a-needin'?"
Marvin: "It was, uh...a headlight for a... what was it?"
Erik: "A 2018 BMW 3 Series."
Amber: *blankly stares at him* "Do what?"
Erik: "A 2018 BMW."
Amber: "BMW? Like, one of them far-run cars?"
Erik: "Yes ma'am."
Amber: "Uh............" *turns around and begins looking at the binders on the shelf behind her* "Ain't got no catalog for no BMW..... Unless..... miscellaneous parts maybe?"
Erik: "Miscellaneous parts?"
Amber: *grabs a binder from the very end of the very long shelf* "Yeah, we manufacture or rebuild most of what we sell here. But sometimes we'll receive random parts in shipments for whatever reason or if someone brings something in that we don't know what it is... All that goes to miscellaneous parts." *opens it up and flips through it*
Amber: *raises her eyebrows* "We... do."
Erik: *extremely surprised* "You do?"
Amber: "We do." *looks closer at the paper in the binder* "BMW 3 Series?"
Erik: *nods head*
Amber: "Driver or passenger side?"
Erik: "Passenger."
Amber: "That's the one we got." *shuts the binder* "It'll be way over yander in the back area."
Erik: "Okay, thank you!"
*About 10 minutes later.....*
Erik: *looks at the "Miscellaneous Parts" area which is big enough that a several 18 wheelers could fit in it*
Marvin: "I'll go over and look in this area."
Erik: "Okay, I'll look over here."
*He begins looking through the shelves for a headlight that looks like it could be a BMW's.*
*A few minutes later....*
"Say, don't I know you?"
Erik: *turns his head*
Dan: *standing there, holding a taillight and a section of hose, and drinking a Buck Cola*
Erik: "Oh! Hello!"
Dan: "Your wife and kid make it home alright?"
Erik: "Yes they did."
Dan: "Good to hear. What are you here for?"
Erik: "Headlight for my car. A 2018 BMW 3 Series."
Dan: "A what?"
Erik: "BMW."
Dan: "They got parts for that here?"
Erik: "Apparently, yes. They have a headlight here in miscellaneous parts. I just have to find it."
Dan: "Well, I'll be..." *something catches his eye* *looks up* "Marvin McCracken?"
Marvin: *holding a headlight* "Dan? Good lord, it's been a minute or 2."
Erik: *looks back and forth* "You 2 know each other?"
Marvin: "Yes sir. He used to work at the paper mill. How do you 2 know each other?"
Dan: "Ran into him at that dump. He was a-lookin for some sorta cable for his computer deal. And then later, I pulled his wife and kid outta the mud close to Springfield."
Marvin: "Oh, I didn't know that the Dan y'all'd runned into was this Dan."
Erik: *looks bewildered* "It seems like everybody knows everybody here."
Dan: "Oh, not hardly. Don't know everybody, but I reckon I probably know enough folks that all the folks I know probably know all the other folks in Pensyltuckee that I don't know."
Marvin: *nods his head in agreement* "I reckon also." "Oh! Also." *lifts up the headlight* "Found it." *hands it to Erik*
Erik: *takes it* *looks at the label* "Yeah, BMW 3 Series. This looks right." *looks at the price* *His eyes open wide.* "That's cheaper than a candy bar at the supermarket..........."
Marvin: "Yeah, I reckon we oughtta be able to get er in there. Ought not be too hard." *looks at Dan* "You got whatcha needed? That for your Dodge?"
Dan: *nods his head* "All except a fan belt."
Marvin: "Oh, that's what I also need."
Dan: "For your Chevverlay?"
Marvin: "No sir. 1980 F-150."
Dan: "Since when did you have a 1980 F-150?"
*The 3 of them start walking towards aisle 29.*

Post self-deleted by Pensyltuckee Island.

*Meanwhile, on a tributary of the Pensyltuckee River known as Crockett Creek.....*
*Marvin McCracken, his daughter Mary Ann, and Ivan are sitting in a motorized jonboat fairly close to the bank with a line tied to a tree on shore.*
Marvin: "Gimme another head outta that there bucket."
*Ivan pulls a bluegill head out of a steel bucket on the floor.*
Marvin: *sticks it on a hook attached to the line along with about 50 other heads-on-hooks* "Mary Ann, you got the last bit a that thing untangled?" *pulls a Johnson Beer out of a cooler and opens it up*
Mary Ann: "Almost pa......" *messing around with several feet of line*
Ivan: "Mom won't like how I smell when I get back."
Marvin: "Don't you worry none about that. Little soap and water and scrubbin and you'll be right as rain. Ain't that right, Mary Ann?"
Mary Ann: "Yessir, pa." *gets the last knot out* "Got it!!"
Marvin: "Good job!" *turns the motor on* *slowly starts crossing the river* "Ivan, just slowly let the line out. Make sure the lines don't get all jumbled up. You wanna little bitta slack, but not too much. Another way to do this to set the mainline out first and then tie the droplines on later. Easier to make sure they don't get all twisted together that a way. But I already tied this one all up, so there ain't no sense in makin another one." *pulls up to the other side of the river* "Remember that knot I taught you?"
Ivan: *begins tying off the end of the line to a tree branch* "Uh..." *trying to figure out which way the knot goes*
Mary Ann: "Other way."
Ivan: "Oh." *finishes the knot*
Marvin: "Perfect! So that there's how you set a trotline to catcha a whole messa catfish...." *turns to Ivan* "Y'all got catfish in FinRussland?"
Ivan: "I don't know. I never went fishing back home. My 1st time was when you took me to that pond."
Marvin: "Ain't never been fishin til then? Gosh almighty, you poor thing.... Well, once you get back there, now ya know what to do."
Ivan: "That will be in a few days."
Marvin: "Do what now?"
Ivan: "We're going back in like 4 days."
Marvin: "Why, shoot, y'all are a-fixin to leave in 4 days? Your pa already get all them missing shipments figured out?"
Ivan: "I don't know, dad doesn't talk to me much about work."
Marvin: "Gosh, y'all oughtta come over for one last meal before y'all take off."
Ivan: "That's what mom and dad are thinking als-look!" *points at a dropline that's shaking around*
Marvin: "Well, that was quick. Grab it and pull it in!
Ivan: *grabs the line and begins pulling*
Mary Ann: *quickly grabs the last bit of line out of the water, pulls the 4 lbish catfish into the boat, and uses a pair of pliers to unhook it*
Marvin: "Now that'll fry up good." *grins* *takes a big gulp of his Johnson Beer*
*A few hours later, in downtown Pen City......*
*A 1953 Chevy 210 is cruising through downtown Pen City with a jonboat on a trailer behind it.*
Mary Ann: *sitting in the passenger seat* "Turn left here. Remember to use your turn signal."
Ivan: *sitting in the driver's seat* *carefully steps on the brake pedal and stops behind a 1994 Silverado at a stop light* "Why do I have to drive if you know how to drive?"
Mary Ann: *opens up a Buck Cola* "Gotta learn sometime. Plus you said you wanted to learn." *takes a sip*
*The light turns green and Ivan slowly turns left after seeing that there's no cars coming from the other direction.*
*He then almost clips a 1960 Studebaker Champ that's parked in a diagonal parking spot.*
Mary Ann: *laughs* "How're you ever gonna drive in Helpinky-Undergrad if ya cain't even handle Pen City?" *looks in the mirror at the trailer* "Maybe we might should have dropped 'at trailer off at the house first.." *shrugs*
*Marvin McCracken is lying in the back seat, passed out drunk.*
*2 minutes later.....*
*A 1975 Ford LTD with Pen City Police painted on the side pulls up behind them and turns on its lights.*
Ivan: *starts freaking out* "I don't have a license! I'm not supposed to be driving! I don't wanna go to jail!!"
Mary Ann: *looks in the mirror* "Oh, I don't either. Just slow down and pull over. It'll be fine."
*They pull over to the side of the road.*
Cop: *gets out and walks up to the driver's side window* "Marvin McCracken, how are-Oh! Who are you?"
Mary Ann: "This is Ivan. He and his parents are from FinRussland and they moved into the house next to us for a little bit. The old Gilmore place."
Cop: "Oh! Well, welcome to Pen City." *notices Mr McCracken passed out in the back seat with over a dozen empty beer cans surrounding him* "It was a while ago, but I think I remember your ma" *points at Ivan* "-callin us about your pa" *points at Mr McCracken passed out in the back* "doin some target shootin."
Ivan: *nods his head* "She's a little more used to seeing guns now."
Cop: *laughs* "Well, I'd love to stay and chat a while longer, but I gotta be a makin my way back to the station real soon." *looks at his watch* "9 minutes to be exact. Anyhow. Mary Ann, tell your pa when he wakes up that I'll be a droppin by sometime in the next few days to drop off his air compressor. I seen y'all's car a-drivin by and I figured I oughtta let him know. But seein' as he's asleep, I reckon you'll have to tell him. Borrowed it a couple months ago and I plumb forgot about it. Feel awful bad. Hope y'all ain't been a needin to use it for nothin."
Mary Ann: "Mm, not as of recent, I don't think." *takes a sip of Buck Cola* "I'll be sure to tell him though."
Cop: "Sounds mighty fine. Where are y'all a headin?"
Mary Ann: "Pa's gettin a bear head mounted fer his nephew Peter. It's all done now, so we're a fixin to go pick'er up at Ernest's taxidermy shop."
Cop: "Ernest? Shoot, I ain't talked to him in a good while...." *looks at his watch* "Well, I reckon I better get a goin. Tell old Ernest I said howdy. Y'all have a nice day now, y'hear?"
*Mary Ann & Ivan wave as he walks back to his car.*
Mary Ann: "Alrighty, uh..... it'll be the next right, I think."
Ivan: *pulls back on the road* "Is that normal here?"
Mary Ann: "Is what normal?"
Ivan: "The policeman pulled us over just to talk to us."
Mary Ann: *nods*
Ivan: "Back home, that means you're in trouble."
Mary Ann: "I dunno, I reckon you know when you're a doin something wrong anyhow. Pa says to never worry none unless you're a speedin or you done killed somebody or robbed a place or something. Turn right."
*Ivan slows down and very carefully turns right onto a side road.*

*Meanwhile, at Pen City International.....*
*Erik, Natasha, and Ivan are walking through the heavily outdated airport terminal with their luggage.*
Ivan: "Where are the cars?"
Erik: "They're getting taken back by ship."
Ivan: "Oh, okay."
Female Employee: "Mornin'. Where are y'all a-headin?"
Erik: *pulls out his ticket*
Employee: *takes the ticket and looks at it* "Helpinky-Undergrad in FinRussland, eh?" *hands the ticket back* "Let's just check y'all's luggage right quick." *walks over to a conveyer belt* "Just set them right there for now."
*A guard brings over a bloodhound that has been trained to sniff out bombs and drugs.*
Guard: "I hate to do this, but it's mandatory nowadays with what's a goin' on in some other nations. Gotta do what everybody else is a-doin, I reckon."
*Their luggage comes out clean.*
Employee: "Alrighty. Just set it on the conveyer belt. And then just walk on through this metal detector."
*They set their bags on the belt and watch as it slowly takes their luggage down through an X-ray machine."
Guard: *lights up a cigarette* *looking at the screen*
Employee: *walks over and looks at the screen also*
Guard: *points at something on the screen*
Employee: *walks back over to the family* "Is it alright if I open this up?" *points to Ivan's suitcase*
Erik: *nods*
Employee: "Alrighty. I always like to ask. Never wanna upset nobody if I can help it."
*opens up the suitcase and pulls out a shiny, polished 22LR single action revolver and three 500 round boxes of .22 ammunition* "Oh, my husband has one a these for takin care a rats and snakes and stuff round our place... This'd be fine comin' in, but ya cain't have it a-goin' out. Not to FinRussland especially. We'd all be a-gettin' in mighty big trouble." *opens the loading gate, pulls the hammer to half-cock, and spins the cylinder to make sure it's unloaded*
Natasha: *turns around* "Ivan? Where did you get that?"
Ivan: "Mr McCracken gave it to me as a gift."
Natasha: *rolls her eyes* "You know we can't have that back in Helpinky-Undergrad."
Employee: "Is there some friends or relay-tivs you might could leave it here with?"
Erik: "Uh... you can leave that with Marvin McCracken on Deer Creek Rd."
Employee: *pulls out a Sharpie and a small cardboard box* *sticks the gun and the ammo into the box, closes the lid, and starts writing on the side* "You said Marvin McCracken at..."
Erik: "212 Deer Creek Rd."
Employee: "212 Deer Creek Road in Pen City.... Alrighty. We'll make sure to get that to him."
Ivan: "Can we leave a note for him?"
Erik: *looks back at the employee*
Employee: "For sure." *hands Erik a piece of paper*
Erik: *takes the paper and grabs a pen off the counter* *starts writing* "Dear Marvin, I hope all is well with you and your family. Ivan appreciates the gift. However, real guns are not allowed back where we're from, especially not in the hands of a child as young as Ivan. You have been a wonderful neighbor for the short time we've been here in Pensyltuckee Island. I won't lie. I had my doubts when we first moved in and within the 1st few hours, Natasha told me she had already called the police on you guys. However, over the past few months, you guys have proven to be extraordinarily generous and helpful people..."
*He continues writing for a few minutes while Natasha and Ivan pitch in with ideas.*
"......Sincerely, Erik." *folds up the letter and hands it to the employee*
Employee: *takes the letter* "Alrighty, we will get that to him right quick." *sticks the letter in the box, closes the lid, and tapes it up*
Erik: "Thank you."
*The family grabs their luggage off the belt and walks over to the seating area, where they sit down right next to the window.*
Natasha: "I can't wait to be back in FinRussland. It'll be good to be back home and see all our family and friends."
Erik: "Same. I'll miss this nation though. This nation is decades behind most of the world, but underneath the rough exterior, the people here really are quite friendly."
Natasha: *nods in agreement* "We might have to come back and visit again sometime." *looks at one of the TVs, which is playing a soap opera from TPSA* "I wonder how Anna is. I haven't heard from her in a while."
Erik: "I'm sure your sister's fine. She's probably just busy with that new job."
Natasha: "You're probably right..... I haven't told her yet about how we got stuck in the woods by Springfield for a day and had to eat a poisonous snake. She'll enjoy hearing about that."
Erik: "She might look at you a little differently after hearing about all the different wildlife you've eaten now." *laughs*
Natasha: *laughs* *looks at Ivan, who is playing a game on his phone* "Ivan, since your phone's already out, could you check really fast to see what the weather is like back home?"
Ivan: *continues playing the game* "There's no Wifi here."
Erik: "No Wifi in the international airport... I can't say I'm too surprised." *chuckles*

*Miscellaneous News Update*

- Port Officials in the Lower-Bay region remain flummoxed about the disappearance of around 40 shipping containers containing fabric softeners.

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Q. A politician had hired someone to set up a sign, someone to hand out free badges, and someone to drive in a painted car around town all while the politician stayed home relaxing from there couch
Why was the politician tired?

Because he was Running for office

Hello fellas. Hope everyone is doing well. haven't been around in a long while

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Q. So a Buffalo was about to head to college, before he left, the Buffalo’s father said something.
What did the Buffalo’s father say?


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