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Melenavenia wrote:Yes, the link to the video is included in the message you quoted. For future reference, I suggest removing at least the "[nation][/nation]" bits from a quoted message so you don't unnecessarily mention people that you don't mean to notify.

Thanks I usually do that just forgot this time didnít even notice it

The plucky, returning Manteauan Olympians are greeted at the docks with cheers and leis draped 'round their necks. Perhaps not made of precious metals, but just as lovely.

Tiralta wrote:Watch the screen recording of the draw if you want but please bear in mind I'm not winning a gold medal for video editing...

Also presented with a lei necklace. Not just for the dedication in actually recording and posting a video of the random draw, but also for introducing me to that wonderful site, wheelofnames dot com :)

Honeydewistania wrote:Preschool teacher Ahmed John-Lewis had this to say:

"I don't know really. I don't watch sports. Why did you ask me this again?"

Ahmed John-Lewis gets a lei, as well.

Remnants of the Pacific wrote:a key is generally made of iron or another type of metal that is stronger and takes more heat to melt down ( I dont think a campfire can produce that heat). Aluminum is very weak but it is also very easy to melt and a campfire could easily melt down a bit of aluminum

You dont even need to melt it down, its already shiny

Ah... but what if the diary owner is so desperate to keep their secrets secrets, they track you down just to get the key back, and in exchange they have to rescue you? Sounds like a win

"Aww, don't worry - you're all number one in my heart!" Dyllon M. Corleone said as a band of dejected athletes returned to Zizou City. "You did everyone proud, and everyone is proud of you :)" He narrowly dodges a soccer ball.

"No! Shame! Shame! We were garbage! Garbage! Death! Despair! Destruction!" he tackles a teammate and holds him in a chokehold before being wrestled off.

"Guys, we're on television...besides, I told you you'd get disqualified if you started playing with the hockey sticks."
"No, you said it was like hockey, but on grass. You didn't say anything about kicking!" said a goalkeeper.

"Nah, it wasn't that. Our goalie was Testlandian cheese!"

"I resent that! You're just a tennis player!" A brawl began to break out. Then a vase broke out. Then a window, a piano followed. Someone drew a sword.

A sweating Dyllon jerked the camera away. "This is so embarrassing! I promise this does not reflect Dyllonia in the slightest, we're better then this! We're just emotional, okay??"

The programming switches to a popular slice-of-life cartoon about a deer named Wimbledon and little skunk named Rose who go on adventures in the wilderness together. There is also a little birdie named Sweetness, your nation's citizens would love it. Your approval ratings might increase if you imported it. Just saying.

Hello, 1% pacifism badge! I've been waiting for you!

I can't believe I let this CTE ;-;

Namtane wrote:hi, I just joined refugia


Birds with tea

Birds with tea, eh? I have a few questions, if you do not mind...

Firstly, what kind of tea? Second, can we have some? Is it for sale? Or do you just bring it about with you for your own personal use? Is it just the raw tea leaves, or do you brew it ahead of time and go around with a teapot and some cups? If the latter, how do you carry it all? Supposing two birds carried it together? No, they'd have to have it on a line...and where, held under the dorsal guiding feathers?

Athletic Coach Nareene GoHandler lands with the Athletic Team in the Airport, and steps out of the plane to greet her cheering fans. She waves the gold medal her team received. The clapping, screaming and whistling deafens any attempt at words.

She drops her hand and smiles at the crowd to calm down. Gowan Darnell, a news reporter, thrusts a mike at her. "This is such a great day for you. How would you sum up the event?"

"This would not have been possible wthout our great team behind me," she answers modestly, "and, of course, the tremendous support I've been receiving all along from all of you, Delta Vegans. We fought hard and we won."

As her words are broadcast instantly on TV accross the country, the fans, watching on their smartphones, burst again into cheers.

"If you may excuse me..." a round, shiny, bouncing robot tries to make its way through the crowd. It bears the insignia of the President's Office. When it reaches the Athlete, it flashes its lights and says to her:

"Miss GoHandler, you and your team are invited to a formal reception with President Small Brother tomorrow evening. A state vehicle will be escorting you to the reception hall from your hotel at 18:30."

The robot retreats, then activates its flight blades and rises away.

This was a great day for Delta Vega IV.

The Soccer Team is yet to arrive. They shall receive a seperate welcoming.

hello i am new to this game
are there rules for my country to be in refugiaa?

Lolteve wrote:hello i am new to this game
are there rules for my country to be in refugiaa?

Welcome! There are no rules to being here, we like having new people as long as they're nice to each other. How are you doing today?

whats everyones national anthem?

Insulin wrote:whats everyones national anthem?

Inaros OPA is proud to have won 2nd place in Gymnastics. Maybe it's because our citizens' bodies are taller and lither due to low gravity.

"The Talking Point:
A Refugia Tourist Association survey has rated Aephony #1 for number twos."

I mean- I will take it.

Insulin wrote:whats everyones national anthem?

not decided yet......

Post self-deleted by Nametane.

Insulin wrote:whats everyones national anthem?

I had one but Iím changing it to fit a more modern Yondoria

Edit: I finished Editing my anthem here it is and yes I know itís bad

Oh We yondorians stand so tall
For we know we will outlast them all
We will never fall so that great field of blue with accented red will always fly ahead
We are strong and mighty so we think highly about our nation for we have pride we hold truths such as honer for much longer than you think and boast a huge economy so you should see we love, the glorious Yondoria

Post self-deleted by Nametane.

Post self-deleted by Nametane.

I just now notice that I have passed 3 billion people! Go, growth! \o/

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