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Welcome to the Red Wolf Alliance!
A region based around democracy and RP, where all players have equal opportunities! Founded January 30th, 2018.
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Red Wolf Alliance contains 94 nations, the 253rd most in the world.

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NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Raj of SpexicoFather Knows Best State“Each Endeavouring, All Achieving”
2.The Ancient Empire of The Imperial States of North AmericaIron Fist Consumerists“From The Many Comes One”
3.The Socialist Liberation Council of Revolutionary UsaCorrupt Dictatorship“For the Republic and the People”
4.The Empire of AelipifFather Knows Best State“Eternamente Gloriosa”
5.The Holy Communist Monarchy of Pure Blooded WhitesCivil Rights Lovefest“The only thing we have to lose is our chains!”
6.The Gigantic Gazebo of EstarianaiaAnarchy“Help is for the weak.”
7.The Federal Republic of LucceriaAnarchy“Peace and Justice”
8.The Dictatorship of CommushaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“You Can't Stop Progress”
9.The Free Land of Common Union of the States V2Anarchy“In a Union we stand. In a Union we fall.”
10.The Commonwealth of ElwardiaAnarchy“From our hearts we will live on”
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Last poll: “Yoooooo”

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Red Wolf Alliance Regional Message Board

Bagnallian Broadcasting Service
It's Polling Day in Bagnallia - and once again, people are rushing to their local churches, community centres and school halls to place their ballot in the big black box. Prime Minister Frederick Wenton is wishing to have gained the nation's sympathies after the assassination attempt of his predecessor and gain more seats for the Conservatives, whilst Colin Stuart of the Liberals has been using this campaign period to point out the various failures of the government since their arrival in office. Jason Farrow of the Labour Party is hoping to maintain his strong 'Red Bloc' around the industrial south, Nigel Baines of the BNP is hoping to capitalize on the recent influx of illegal immigrants from neighboring Nuevo Helios to gain more seats on the border, Jessica Market of the Greens is hoping her efforts in the rural heartlands of the country have pulled off and Bob Guiness of the FUP is waiting in anticipation to see if he gains anymore seats in fishing constituencies - or if he loses any to one of the big parties. We shall let you know the results as the polls close and our 'Exit Poll' results come in, so we can form an educated guess before we get any real calls for the constituencies.

Bagnallian Broadcasting Service
Breaking News - The man who shot former Prime Minister Daniel Bagnall has been identified as Raul Arboleda - a Nuevo Helios national with grievances against the former PM for his mistreatment of illegal immigrants coming over the border. He is suspected to be a member of a large terror organisation based in Nuevo Helios whose main goal is to “regain” the nation of Bagnallia for Nuevo Helios - despite Nuevo Helios never owning those lands in the first place. The leader of the BNP Nigel Baines is calling for the Prime Minister to denounce Nuevo Helios for the actions of this group and for their reluctance to stop their citizens illegally crossing the border. The Prime Minister has assured the nation that such a decision will only occur after the election results are confirmed. This may sway results in the BNP’s favour due to heightened tensions with our Heliosectican neighbours, although the election is more than halfway complete

Helios News
Nuevo Helios Government will take actions against Raul Arboleda and the Trayclan, The terrorist group with anti Bagnallian ideologies

The Heliosetic Government will be deploying some of its regiments in what could become into an armed conflict between a nation and a terrorist group. Although some Heliosetic political partied consider the Bagnallian accusations "false" and "lacking evidence" The majority of the Government is willing to help in the new crisis in Bagnallia. Other suggestions are to reinforce the border controls between both nations to reduce illegal migration. Meanwhile, some observation aircraft and helicopters are being deployed to find Raul and the Trayclan's hideout.

Yeetus bee wrote:Hi

Hello! Welcome to the RWA, great to have you here. Have you thought about joining the RWA Discord?

Bagnallian Broadcasting Service
2nd Bagnallian Parliament General Election Results - It’s ten o’clock here in the United Kingdom of Bagnallia, the polls have closed and we can finally give you our predictions. We’re expecting a Conservative government with a Liberal lead opposition, although both major parties are expected to suffer losses. We could be facing a hung Parliament, although we can’t be sure until later on in the night. How large those losses are, we are yet to discover. This means a surge for the smaller parties but we can’t specify which ones undergo the biggest surge in seats. So, we can expect Frederick Wenton as Prime Minister, and Colin Stuart as Leader of the Opposition. However, this is just an ‘Exit Poll’ so this could be entirely incorrect. We shall find out when the constituencies are called and we will keep you updated as the night goes on.

Bagnallian Broadcasting Service
2nd Bagnallian Parliament General Election - We have the official results and they are as follows:
CON - 76 (Down 4 seats)
LIB - 32 (Down 11 seats)
LAB - 12 (Up 1 seat)
BNP - 21 (Up 12 seats)
GRN - 5 (Up 1 seat)
FUP - 4 (Up 1 seat)
We will have a Conservative lead government with a Liberal lead opposition. The Conservative Prime Minister Frederick Wenton has narrowly missed a hung Parliament, getting just enough seats to give him an outright majority. However, the biggest shock of the night is the BNP’s major success. With an increase of 12 seats along the border with Nuevo Helios. We can imagine this is due to the tensions between our two nations that occurred earlier today. This means the BNP have become the third largest party in the country. This will have drastic effects in the way this country acts towards its neighbour to the west, worsened by the recent revelations regarding anti-Bagnallia terror groups. The two major parties have suffered losses, the Liberals losing a devastating eleven seats. All third parties have gained seats with the BNP being the shining example of that trend. All in all, it is a conservative government with a new large presence in Parliament that may pose a problem to the Prime Minister through his tenure in office. That’s about it for the evening, and from all of us here at the BBS we wish you goodnight.

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It has begun

Residents Disappeared

Yes, we aren't lying. The newcomers that arrived to our lands just dissapeared, all the people from hotels to the highest security prisions have misteriously disappeared. We don't know their location or where are they heading and our police officers and best investigators are trying the best to find them.


The Serene United Sea, Land and Mountain Houses of the Sky Mandate of Asellia has recently tried to join an international football competition, we are excited to participate since one of our country's tradition has been the sports and any kind of physical ability, we pride ourselves of it and this is a new area where many will experiment and experience. 11 of our greatest athletes where invited to join our new national team managed by one of the most famous ex-athlete and personal trainer of the country. And now, an exclusive report on our team: "We are working hard and we can't wait to show the brightness and force of Asellian sports" said Openis Lusis, the aforementioned manager. "This is just a ripoff of Galineus, they totally copied this from us" said Kimon, the winger of the team "It haves a ball, you kick it, it's played by teams, it haves a ball", "Well atleast you get to build endurance, catching the ball with your head will surely make my mind stronger, I'm already feeling things!" the goalkeeper Dimos says. And after seeing the brightness and esplendid work of our powerful team, we finish with the last message: If we don't win we will riot.

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