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Welcome to the Red Wolf Alliance!
A region based around democracy and RP, where all players have equal opportunities! Founded January 30th, 2018.
Please endorse our WA delegate Pure Blooded Whites

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  • SM017 on the topic of regional reform has passed, the Monzievard Committee has started it's term

  • Senate currently debating SB076 - "Criminal Record Bill"

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5th Government of the Red Wolf Alliance

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Embassies: Council of Islamic States, The Union of Democratic States, The Democratic Republic, The League of Conservative Nations, United Bird Nations, The LCRUA, Aukumnia, New Republic of Sovereign States, Force, Enadia, The Free Nations Region, Realm of the Whispering Winds, New Western Atlantic, Donjia, Thaecia, Commonwealth Federation, and 1 other.New Western Empire.

The embassy with Aukumnia is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

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Regional Power: Moderate

Red Wolf Alliance contains 83 nations, the 168th most in the world.

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The Most Cheerful Citizens in Red Wolf Alliance

The World Census shared cheeky grins with citizens around the world in order to determine which were the most relentlessly cheerful.

As a region, Red Wolf Alliance is ranked 8,497th in the world for Most Cheerful Citizens.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Imperial Commonwealth of Provident NationLiberal Democratic Socialists“The nation stands as the people unite.”
2.The People's Republic of Sation NateCivil Rights Lovefest“Ea incolumēs erunt in populō ā nobis aedificatō.”
3.The Memeland of NotagenjimainDemocratic Socialists“Let us hope for a different outcome”
4.The Parliamentary Republic of MonzievardLeft-wing Utopia“Freedom in Unity”
5.The Commonwealth of OlishireDemocratic Socialists“You Can't Stop Progress”
6.The Republic of VisgorodInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Bloodied but Triumphant”
7.The Kingdom of SjkejiFather Knows Best State“Affrettati a combattere, uomini di Sjkeji!”
8.The Gigantic Gazebo of EstarianaiaAnarchy“Help is For The Weak”
9.The Republic of Eastern KuryLiberal Democratic Socialists“Peace and Justice”
10.The Republic of Common Union of the StatesAnarchy“United through strength and freedom.”
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Estarianaia wrote:Fight!Fight!Fight!

hahaha this is awesoem!!!!!!

Estarianaia wrote:Fight!Fight!Fight!

Children who believe in the tooth fairy are frequently shipped off to Bigtopia. Erm... Ok?

hi no one told me what is roleplay also look how cool this text is i didnt know you could do this!!!

Tenelian Space Station
today the 6th launch happend for the space station carrying more supplies for the construction of the none modular sections of the station a day after this the 7th was also launched using the reusable rockets and cycling through them to other ones the reason for the increase in launches is due to First among equals pushing for an earlier deadline for the completion of the project so the resources can be allocated to else where
Civilian Bunker Construction
A new project announced by the minister of defense aproved by Congress has started constructing bunkers for civilian populaces in Tenelia for natural disasters and even possible nuclear war it is hoped that by the end of this project at least one third of Tenleia could be saved

opkay you guys made me cry i'm telling on you now because you didnt say what role playing is to me and thats mean

Republic of Caracales wrote:opkay you guys made me cry i'm telling on you now because you didnt say what role playing is to me and thats mean

Ten just showed you an example. Theyre posts about our nations, sometimes we have wars, trade agreements, elections, civil wars, political strife and religious strife.

can i have a war with you

how to i make wars with people

Raedio Televisíon NeuLaenster 4 - English service
24. Mai 2019

Kenen voten su devolúsion, an Yau kampán erten bud // Kenen votes FOR devolution, Yes campaign celebrates victory

With the final postal votes and votes from the diaspora being counted and processed by the Leinsterian Electoral Commission, the Commission has published their official report with the final result of the referendum thus signalig the end of the referendum held on Tuesday and the hopes of the Leinsterian government on containing Kenen nationalism on the Island.

The turnout on the Island itself was 72%, while internationally and on the NewLeinsterian mainland it was 42%. Nonetheless, the turnout is miles in front of the 50% turnout threshold for a turnout to be valid, so the yes campaign wins on this front. When it comes to votes itself, 329,753 votes were cast in favour of devolution which is 74,2% of all votes cast. On the other side, only 25,8% of Kenen citizens voted against devolution on the island. That's 114,658 when it comes to raw votes. Of course this doesn't come as a shock, with preliminary results being already known in the early hours of Wednesday while the citizens of Kenen where glued to their TVs and PCs watching the referendum coverage. We've seen the Yes campaign bring out their cake and declare victory.

The people's mandate has been granted, but there's still a long way to putting the mandate to paper with all 3 parties currently in the national government participating in a No campaign. RTNL will keep the international public up to date on the situation as Laensterbailog wakes up to the realization that centralization is not the best medicine for a highly multicultural and diverse state such as NewLeinster.

You can read the full results here:

2019 Kenen devolution referendum

May 21st, 2019
Kenish: Stim Ze das en Cianaun Versammlung geb finar,
enlig im 17-punktsplän förslagen?
Leinsterian: Aontin tanen teher gaten sach en Kenen Cionol
fel gecynten i'n 17 punt plan.
English: Do you agree that there should be a Kenen Assembly
as proposed in the 17-point plan?










Total votes



Registered voters/Turnout



Results by ward

Kenen devolution referendum, 2019

The Kenen devolution referendum of 2019 was a consultative referendum held on Kenen Island on 21 May 2019 over whether there was support for the creation of a National Assembly for Kenen, and therefore a degree of self-government. This referendum came from CO154 - "Devolution Referendum (Kenen) Order 2019" voted in favour of by Kenen County Council on 12 May 2019 and signed off on by the Government as a consultative referendum on 13 May 2019, with election day on 21 May 2019. The referendum, while marketed as a devolution referendum, was only a consultative referendum as declared by the Republican Government in Laensterbailog and was to see if there really is support for introduction of devolution of certain legislative powers to a devolved legislature on Kenen Island.

The referendum passed with a sizable majority, with over 2/3rds of voters voting in favour.


Even before the independence of NewLeinster from Anglovania, the general south, southeast was a very Anglo-nationalistic part of NewLeinster. Due to their proximity to the mainland, difference in religion, language and culture from mainland NewLeinster, it was very reluctant to stay within NewLeinster once NewLeinster gained independence from Anglovania in the 18th century. The nationalism and connections to Anglovania died down during the 19th century and a period of prosperity, industrialization and international involvement, but would see a revival starting in the 1950s during the White Rose Persecution under the reign of king Darragh III. While Anglovanian nationalism wasn't initially persecuted, it was quickly outlawed in 1963. once the authorities recognized its threat. Being banned from speaking their language, practice their religion and culture, and seeing the unwillingness of Anglovania to intervene, Anglovanian nationalism was gradually replaced with a regional identity with close ties to Anglovanian culture. The persecution was stopped in 1980 when the monarchy was overthrown, but by then Kenen had gone through an extensive transformation, with over 100,000 native Kenen Anglovanians and Kenish speakers being deported, and some 20,000 killed.

There have been previous attempts at increasing autonomy for the region, whether introduction of actual devolution and autonomy or giving more powers to the local council. Once such attempt in 1995. brought down the Federalist-Centrist-Workers Party government after Centrist deputies rebelled and tore down the government majority ending in a snap election. Somewhere around that time, Kenen nationalism stopped being a taboo topic and a national minority law was passed that prohibited discrimination of any kind on the basis of nationality and gave a lot of funds and resources to Kenen cultural organizations and institutions to help rebuild.

Kenen Council was also given more powers than usual unitary authorities, what is commonly referred to Devo Lite. In the 2018 local elections in NewLeinster, both the Kenen Party and the Greens ran on a list that promised to introduce actual devolution to the Island and gave their guarantee to create a Kenen Assembly. Both parties came close in seat numbers and the Kenen Party ended up forming a government. The party's promise was then put into action on May 12th when the Kenen Party introduced an order proposal to the county council, wishing to enact the Local Government (Kenen) Act 2016 which gave the county council powers to call for local referenda. The order was approved with more than a 2/3rds majority and was signed off by the Government on 13 May 2019. However, the Government removed any actual legislative force from the referendum, making it only a consultative one. This lead to the referendum being marketed by both sides as an actual decision maker and both sides were criticized by the Electoral Commission for leading a misleading campaign.

Support and opposition


Read factbook

Kampán su ITO tochin su kriochniy ilten mit an Tochig i Soldeg // ITO Parliament election campaign comes to an end with the election on Sunday

While the Kenen devolution referendum has ended, the ITO Parliament elections in NewLeinster are only just now coming to an end as the Electoral Commission publishes the final list of candidates and starts printing ballot papers for the grand finale on Sunday. According to the Electoral Commission report, 6 lists were allowed to stand.

Among those lists are the Republicans who have decided to go alone, choosing not to participate in any coalition, and have submitted their 10 candidates. The main opposition is the coalition of the Federalists, Greens, Kenen nationalists and the Liberals who have proportionally split their list among parties in the coalition with the Feds putting 5 candidates, Greens 3, and Kenen nationalists and Liberals 1 each. The 3rd way in this election seem to again be the Leinster Democrats, compiling a coalition of 6 left wing parties including: the Leinster Democrats, the Left, the Piomara Initiative, Tionscolog Forward!, Radical Socialist Party, and the Workers' Party.

After the big 3 come the Center Party, once a powerful 3rd way party and now forced to go alone into this election without any coalition partners. Battling it out for a seat are also the Christian Democrats in coalition with the Conservative Party, and finally a coalition of the Leinster Front, Autochthonous People's Party, and Vedulist Peoples Alliance.

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