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Antifat: Being intolerant to those who tolerate intolerance since who cares when.

Lasercat Queendom is the best nation in the Empire.

Rost Dreadnorramus wrote:Lasercat Queendom is the best nation in the Empire.

I mean, youre not wrong!

The purpose of Government is to serve and better the lives of the people that it has authority over. If a government fails to fulfill this purpose, or worse reverses things so that it is the people that exist to serve and better the lives of the Government, then that Government no longer deserves to exist and the people have every right to take up arms, fight, and overthrow that Government so that they may create a new one to fulfill that purpose.

Leaders are to be as Shepards that guide their sheep to green pastures, still waters, watches over them in the night, and stands guard ready to fend off any of the wolves that attack.

Though the people follow the Leader and their commands, it is the Leader which is the servant, not the other way around.

Post self-deleted by Rost Dreadnorramus.


Us? Fascist? Not according to anyone that has actually spent time amongst us and gotten to know us.

No wait, I forgot, we're strongly anti Left and Anti Communist, there for a threat to their agenda, and we all know what that means, if you are'nt with them, then you are their enemy and they shall do everything they can to destroy you.

Antifa, being the biggest collection of hypocrites and being intollerant to those that tolerate intollerance since no one cares when.

A day of reckoning is coming in which the Left wil finally get what it so rightly deserves, and I hope that I'm around to see it.

I hope so too Rost, one day we will take the fight to them.

Salve. Also, I see chats about Antifa and Fascism. The latter is far more superior than any communistic ideology. Know the difference

Apollonland wrote:Salve. Also, I see chats about Antifa and Fascism. The latter is far more superior than any communistic ideology. Know the difference

I know, Antifa is the worst.

The first Republican President freed the slaves.

The first Democrat President created the trail of tears.

The idea that the West became wealthy through exploitation of the rest is just blantantly untrue.

1) The West was already per capita the richest place in the world before the Age of Exploration.
2) The areas of Europe that had the least colonial endeavors like Germany and Scandinavia, are now the richest, while Spain and Portugal, who had larger Empires, are much poorer. This is also true inside nations too. The parts of Britain and France that industrialized were not those with colonial money.
3) After European Empires left their colonial Empires, large parts of those Empires, such as most of Africa, saw massive economic declines after Europe's economy saw massive growth after giving up their colonial Empires.

I like your new flag.

Deacarsia wrote:I like your new flag.

Technically it's an older vdrsion that we've used off and on since 2018.

But thanks.

If Communist professors practiced what they taught, would'nt they teach for free?

Deacarsia wrote:I like your new flag.

How do you like it now?

Rost Dreadnorramus wrote:How do you like it now?

It still is nice.

Hanoverian-Saxony wrote:Hey

Welcome, thanks for coming.

Raxulan Bell wrote:Welcome, thanks for coming.

Don"t you mean Tanks for coming?

Salve Patriarchate of Raxula welcome to Raxula.

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Interesting how the Left complains and goes on about how evil the United States is for having owned slaves (which it freed more then 140 years ago), and yet don't say anything about India which currently has around 2 million people in slavery.

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