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Secret spy wrote:~SNIP~

1. We've defended our allies before, Dummy.
2. You only want us destroyed because you are a leftist or not.

What you Are saying is Slander, Propaganda! We will find you. You will not mock us any longer! We will find your identity!

Hispanyo, i'm not Nouvelle, i swear! Stop it...

Secret spy wrote:Hispanyo, i'm not Nouvelle, i swear! Stop it...

Yea Rite

Die rittern der weissen konigin


To: Enthusiastic right-wingers and Third Positionists

Head down to our thread this instant, please.

Allgemeine 0stasien-gesellschaft

The Iron Order

Secret spy wrote:Hispanyo, i'm not Nouvelle, i swear! Stop it...

Then who are you?


To: N3w Prussia

We disavow The Fourth Reich of Space. He was never, ever part of the NPO and is just trying to use our fame for himself. His words are to be ignored.

To: All Future Subscribers of the regional newsletter Slava Angmar!

Must read online articles on the First Centennial of the October Revolution. Slava Angmar! is to be installed three to five months before it has to be launched soon. We hope to keep you updated.

Most eternal angvaria


To: All NationStates


"Punks! Goths! Vampires! my sisters and brothers in the Night! I can see in your eyes the same universal fear that would take the heart of the net! A day may come when free speech fails, when the EDC places itself above all others and break all bonds of conncetion. But it is not this day. An hour of SJWs and libtards when the age of Goths comes crashing down! But it is not this day! This day we fight! By all that you hold dear on this good net, I bid you stand! Men of the Gauts!"

Enjoy our bounty!

**Sets of a large table of pancakes, waffles, pastries, butter, jam, syrup, fresh blueberries, bacon, ham, coffee, and orange juice**

To: Siburria

Did you make this embassy..

The ambassadors reception

The Embassy

*Sends you a diplomatic Cable*

If you'd like regular notifications of this monthly newsletter, please post the word "subscribe" on The Embassy RMB.

To Imperial karelia

After A Day You Leave/Departed From Kaiserreich The RMB Is Now Just Quiet Now.Please Come Back If You Can.
Hope You Enjoy Your New Home At Katzen

Sending a token of continued friendship:

**delivers a basket of muffins, pastries, jam and butter, and Hershey's kisses**

Npn union of south africa