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Founder: The ♔ Supreme Federal States ♔ of Slattsenw

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Most World Assembly Endorsements: 624th Most Corrupt Governments: 1,140th Most Subsidized Industry: 1,193rd Largest Information Technology Sector: 1,263rd Most Advanced Public Transport: 1,321st Most Scientifically Advanced: 1,458th Highest Average Incomes: 1,459th Most Extensive Public Healthcare: 1,492nd Largest Manufacturing Sector: 1,494th Largest Arms Manufacturing Sector: 1,547th Largest Governments: 1,580th Highest Poor Incomes: 1,602nd Lowest Crime Rates: 1,701st Most Advanced Public Education: 1,959th Highest Economic Output: 2,009th Most Cultured: 2,110th
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"United in Strife, Together as Family"

POLATION is a region where individuals role play the most iconic fantasy stories in all of history. Here, nations enjoy the flow of balanced role play, and stable politics. Perhaps you'd like to stay awhile?

Feel free to view our ♔RP RULES and please claim a spot on the MAP. It would be nice to read Polation's Geography so you can understand Aerth's name and places.

Things you should know:
POLATION's RP is based off the Unit System, which is located at the bottom of THIS dispatch.
POLATION was founded Tuesday, October 28, 2014!
When posting out of character responses, use [brackets] plz.
One Year = Three IRL Months Current time: November 2023

LinkDiscord!Featured: 26th of February, 2018

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Regional Power: Moderate

POLATION contains 33 nations, the 400th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Most Advanced Public Transport in POLATION

World Census experts captured, tagged, and released trains in order to identify which nations have the most extensive, well-funded public transportation systems.

As a region, POLATION is ranked 1,321st in the world for Most Advanced Public Transport.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The ♔ Supreme Federal States ♔ of SlattsenwIron Fist Consumerists“He Who Transplants is Subjected to Sustain it.”
2.The United Polack States of Brotherhood for lifeIron Fist Consumerists“We are Bringing peace to the land as a United people”
3.The Dragon Empire of CyrodiiillFather Knows Best State“I live and die for the Empire”
4.The Soviet Federation of XotrayjanFather Knows Best State“For the Janian People!”
5.The United Republic of SareniumInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Sarenium , suus populus , suus bestia quod suus terra.”
6.The Five United States of NaikolieDemocratic Socialists“Inspiration Is The Dedication of Aspiration”
7.The Magocracy of SalvigiaDemocratic Socialists“To protect the past, and preserve the future”
8.The Vulpine Empire of Kitsune FranceCivil Rights Lovefest“Corporations are magic.”
9.The Wolf Federation of VyrmshireIron Fist Consumerists“The Wolf is strong in the pack.”
10.The Great Green Rebublic of Ivy HinterlandsInoffensive Centrist Democracy“The Grass Is Always Greener”

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POLATION Regional Message Board

[Looking to rp. Anyone down. Yes, I'm still alive]

Post self-deleted by Firas Successor State.

Corhasia wrote:[Looking to rp. Anyone down. Yes, I'm still alive]

[Yay, you're here, can we have a meeting with the other nations on our continent? ]

Corhasia wrote:[Looking to rp. Anyone down. Yes, I'm still alive]

[:D Yes.]

With primaries just a month away, Hollis Doyle hits the campaign trial with scathing rally targeting potential enemies

"So, as I'm sure you all know, I have to do this silly election that I frankly don't really want to be doing but that's okay. I let the people decide what they wanted and they said they wanted an election so we're having an election. I am doing this for you to prove to you how much I love you, the people. However I can tell you that some of my opponents cannot necessarily say the same. They are doing this for less kosher reasons, to put it lightly. On one hand you have John Bradford. John is a typical lowlife. First of all there is photographic proof of him sexually assaulting a woman and this isn't even the first time this sort of thing has happened. Back in 2006 he was accused of inappropriately touching a minor. A MINOR. I mean, are we seriously considering this guy replacing me? He payed off the family to make the accusations disappear. He bought their silence. First he harassed their daughter, a young girl, he took her innocence and then he forced them into silence. I think it safe to say that Bradford is a sick sick puppy and is unfit to be your leader. Really all of these people are unfit. Look at Douglas White. He ran for senate and lost. Now he is trying to run against me for my seat and I can tell you he will lose again. He has no spine nd certainly no stomach for politics. He's too nice. You can't be nice in politics because the sickos of the world fight dirty and will steal the world from under your nose if champions like myself don't fight a ruthless fight to keep you safe. Also have you noticed Douglas White's awful toupee? But let me tell you, I have seen the bald spot that it's covering up and it is not pretty. sometimes people don't realize this but looks are big part of politics. You aren't going to get anywhere with other world leaders if they are trying not to stare at your ugly head and crappy toupee. Picking a leader is as much about looks as it is about policy. That's what's so great about me. I can do the policy stuff while also looking the part but you already knew that.

Hillary Clinton. If she wasn't a woman I might actually consider her a threat. Well, that and the fact that her husband and her embezzled and served jail time for it. They are a typical crime family out to make a quick buck. They are experts in stealing from those in need and now they are planning the biggest heist of all; stealing America but we aren't going to let that happen are we? No? I didn't think so. I've said it before and I'll say it again; women will never make good leaders. I know people don't like hearing that but if you look at the facts, it's so clear. Women will just war war war all the time. It would be a disaster. Just take Chancellor Kerrington as an example. Her country has been doing a horrific job and worse than that, she's let gays take over the country and I hear that kids are being raped constantly over there and the police don't do anything. Who's the other one? Ritter? Reuter? Is it Reuter? It is, okay. Well that's the other one. Apparently he's gay too which is probably why his wife is so shill. He's clearly not doing enough behind closed doors, if you take my meaning. So naturally those nations are doomed for failure and I know that we won't go down that road We are growing stronger every day. I am working on a deal with the Slatt's in the hopes that they will allow us to purchase California. California is communist now, did you know that? It's communist. We will change that real quick. Gotta whip them into shape! You know who else could use a good whipping? Vaquas. The Slatts are willing to be diplomatic about the situation but not little Vaquas. They would rather be difficult and push my buttons. I am not a nice person when my buttons are pushed and they will learn that the hard way. I have already told them that I am willing to talk to their leaders to hash out a deal that would allow us to take back Florida because I think we all know that it is rightfully ours.

This December, don't take anything for granted. I do need your vote I I am going to win this. So go out there vote for me so we can both win!"

The Fascist States of America wrote:The two men head over to the black SUV waiting for them. It drove them from the airport in Philadelphia to the new Minister’s office building. After a short walk through the lobby and an elevator ride to the top floor, the two men made their way into the minister’s office.

“Take a seat, make yourself at home.” Fields said as he sat behind his desk.

(Sorry for the wait.)
He takes a seat still smoking his cigarette.
"I have to say, I think that your nation is going to be the barrier that stops the spread of communism in Slath, I do have a great deal of respect for your nation you see."

The Fascist States of America wrote:-snip

California is owned by Slattsenw although there was a communist California a while back. I wonder if he was just waiting until Slatts decided to free them.

Corhasia wrote:[Looking to rp. Anyone down. Yes, I'm still alive]

[Thank god I almost ripped you from the map]

Canada Popular States wrote:California is owned by Slattsenw although there was a communist California a while back. I wonder if he was just waiting until Slatts decided to free them.

Current understanding of California:

The Californian State is currently under Slatsen Control, while the former Communist Regime that ruled the "nation" remains inactive, and in hiding. Communist leaders who rebel against the Slatsen Government are just merely arrested, but, are typically freed if not deemed a threat.

Currently, in a bill passed by the Slattsenw Banner, the next President of the Federal States will decide the fate of the state. The next President can decide on weather or not to continue the deal that is currently in idle with the United States, or, choose to liberate the territories into a full blown independent democracy. The last option however, is to make California a legitimate State of Slattsenw, not giving it to the Americans or making it independent.

Those in support of liberation and freeing of the state: David Reuter (could possibly sell the state to America, as he's admitted that he's interested but also is more interested in making California independent)

Those in support of keeping the territory for the betterment of Slattsenw: Austin Holt

Those in support of selling it to the Americans: None (however Hannah Boone is undecided, and, very possibly will sell the territory as she supports President Kavina's policies)

In David Reuter's Campaign Headquaters, in Paris, France, the Governor of Slovakia enters with his posse of lawyers.

Branko Hostivich, as advised by lobbyists, should be Governor Reuter's best choice. However, like all the other candidates he's spoken to, Reuter wants to ensure that Hostivich is the right one.

"Governor," Reuter put out his hand.

"Governor," Hostivich shook his hand, "It's a pleasure to be here."

"It's been a long time since you've visited Paris," Reuter was referencing the time they both work together with other Governors to find a solution to terrorism after the infamous Paris Attack, "It's good to have you back."

"You've been snatching up all my advisers," Hostivich laughed, "Peppering them with questions about me. I didn't think you'd actually follow through with a legit interview. I never thought you'd think I was a good choice."

"Ah you're too humble my friend," Reuter said, "If only people were as humble as you in this world."

"Yes," he sighed, "SBC has it all wrong about you. I know your a good man. Everyone knows it. Even the Governor of Iceland knows it."

Reuter smirked, "Speaking of Carlisle, you must have good connections with the man?"

Hostivich paused, thinking, "How do you mean?"

Reuter pushed forwards, "Well, he helped you run your campaign - when he was Vice Premier of course."

The Governor nodded, "Carlisle helped a lot of us democratic politicians, he was always trying to push for democracy in Slattsenw. It's a shame his dream had to become real years after he left office."

"Carlisle is a good man," Reuter said through his teeth, "As are the Vaquisians. Several Slatsens, native to Vaquas, have been ever so generous to my campaign. I'm just looking to boost numbers."

"So you've come to put me on the team? Make me your number two?" Hostivich said, almost prepared, "Let me assure you I'll get this campaign rolling when-"

"No." Reuter interrupted.

"Hmm?" Hostivich raised an eyebrow, "Excuse me I don't follow..."

"No, you're not going to be my number two. I didn't invite you here because I wanted to have you run as my partner for Vice President. I invited you here to inform you that I made my decision, and have selected a candidate."

Hostivich was silent, "Well... who is it?"

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