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Plum Island RMB

WA Delegate: None.

Founder: The Emirate of Pentium 4 HT 651 3400MHz

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Most Nations: 17th Greatest Rich-Poor Divides: 1,360th
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Official jump point of Lily!

Lily, interregional military organization.

“Peace through unity, unity through conquest”

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    Join Lily today!

    MetaGameplay by Lily Publications Office . 5,313 reads.

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    Reasons to join Lily

    MetaGameplay by Lily Publications Office . 4,327 reads.

Embassies: Cacophonous States of Unanimity, Kazakhuzbekistan, Wessels Region, United HeyZayian Galaxy, Exshaw, South pacific gyre, Thanksgiving, The Kingdom of Leroged, Brasilistan, Northern Virginia, The Outlands, Transturkistan, Roavin, New Pandora, The Bank, Union of Free and Independant States, and 89 others.Go home Billy, UK1, Jannali, Cladonia, The Unknown Regions, Christmas, Aethia Hallett, Pencil Sharpeners Puppet Storage, The Battle Guard, Alternative Welt, Nether, Unionized Federation of Peoples, Ultranus, Jack Pine, Fox, Hired Contractors, Great Britian, Liberty Alliance, Malphe, Katsuragi, Magna Europa, Meat Rack, House of Raith, Magyar, Cartmanonia, Scandinavian Commonwealth, Thors Thunder, International Conservative Order, UPE, The Sovereign Land of Northfield, The Inclosed Society Of Hellions, Notelegramia, Alliance of freedoms, Rage of Infinity, Sugg, Hellenic Imperial Order, The International Authoritarian Regime, Teddyonia, Volberium, Storm Nation, The Conservative Union of Algarthia, The Asipean Northern Island Zone, TheLowerbackBois, Sessuale, Ivalice, Ferelden, The Alliance of Luck, RHS Puppet Storage, Gwa Gwa, What the heh, Sun, Lex Praeiudicium, Coastal Bloc Nations, Kingland, Coalition of Independent United States, Romana, Chastain Anumian Emipre, the SCP foundation part two, home guard, The Threequeerateers, Equity Violation, Zemilid, GTXR Thunder, The West European Region, ITALIANIIII, United Nation States of Conservatives, GREATER ROTF, The Banana Box, The Homeland Defense League, The Region of Random United Nations, Fox News Lineup, Autocratic Supreme Pact, Aurelia, New Atlantis Near Nihilists, AEP Association, Region for Peace and Democracy, Omero, Union of Wafle Socialist Republics, Southeastern Pielands, Tropical Socialist Union, Eastern Union, New Caroline, Moeans, Hoenn, Slytherin, The Conservative Union of Alliances, GHS, Orcus, and Coffeeland.

The embassy with Hellenic Imperial Order is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

The embassy with The Homeland Defense League is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

Tags: Gargantuan.

Regional Power: Moderate

Plum Island contains 525 nations, the 17th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Highest Crime Rates in Plum Island

World Census interns were dispatched to seedy back alleys in order to determine which nations have the highest crime rates.

As a region, Plum Island is ranked 4,727th in the world for Highest Crime Rates.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Kingdom of 8 Jump StreetInoffensive Centrist Democracy“I won't jump faster”
2.The Republic of Wun FastemernCapitalist Paradise“From Many, One”
3.The Colony of 13 Jump StreetInoffensive Centrist Democracy“We Will Endure”
4.The Colony of 15 Jump StreetDemocratic Socialists“We Will Endure”
5.The Kingdom of 4 Jump StreetFather Knows Best State“I won't jump faster”
6.The Kingdom of 5 Jump StreetInoffensive Centrist Democracy“I won't jump faster”
7.The Republic of Sack PermesFather Knows Best State“Justice, Piety, Loyalty”
8.The Colony of 18 Jump StreetInoffensive Centrist Democracy“We Will Endure”
9.The Federation of Pentium 4 HT 560J 3600MHzInoffensive Centrist Democracy“This Motto Space For Sale”
10.The Kingdom of 10 Jump StreetInoffensive Centrist Democracy“I won't jump faster”
1234. . .5253»

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Plum Island Regional Message Board

Throw away puppet

Bobbygok wrote:He does have a point! Plum Island is mostly made up of near-identical nations! Nobody would want to join a region that technically qualifies as a social loner hub and puppet storage!!!!!!!

Read what Pentium 4 HT 651 3400MHz said earlier.

Pentium 4 HT 651 3400MHz wrote::D
that's what jump points are, read the WFE will ya?
Main region is Lily

Pentium 4 HT 651 3400MHz and King of dravkia

Post by Eastern Yeetville suppressed by a moderator.

Yellow imperial serf 6

Constitution of the Yellow Empire (based off of the Republican army constitution though edited).

Each and every nation in the Empire must follow these laws and and will receive these rights. The only way these Laws and/or rights can be changed is by a 2/3 vote in an Imperial only poll.
Individual Nation Laws:

1. No Treason
2. No Immoral or unlawful Tyranny that goes against the basic rights of a nations citizens
3. No Terrorism (we are not savages)
4. Must Pay Taxes
5. Must Have a Standing Military
6. Wether apart of the empire or one of the extensions, must Participate in wars, as long as there is an effective garrison.
7. Must Support Nation's in Empire During Crisis
8. Must Follow Passed Laws
9. This "region" is refered to as an Empire (you will be warned if you make a mistake)
10. A constant garrison must be in place in order to defend the empire or extentions as well as to be a reserve force.

Individual Nation Rights:
1. Right to Run Nation as See Fit ( Unless it Contradicts Constitution)
2. Freedom of Religion
3. Freedom of Political Stance
4. Freedom of Speech
5. Right to Protest
6. Freedom of Ways to Get Financial Gains
7. Right to Have Other Diplomatic Relations
8. Right to Overthrow Government if it's Tyrannical
9. Right to Any Size if Military (larger the military is preferred)
10. Right to keep and bare arms

Imperial Laws:
1. Delegate Serves 1 month Terms
2. Delegate May be Re-elected up to 5 (non consecutive) terms
3. Laws Will be Passed And Proposed Through Polls
4. Imperial Debt is not allowed unless absolutely needed, and if there is Debt taken it must be paid down as fast as possible
5. Empire Must Have a Standing Budget & Updated the First of Each Month
6. Must Defend Nation's Right
7. Threats to Empire and Allies Must be Eliminated at All Cost
8. Must Protect Imperial Nations
9. Constitution Must be Upheld
10. Must Provide Developing Region Nations with Funding
11. Senators shall be elected through polls
12. Laws will be proposed on the RMB, if the post with the law, then it will be sent to the senators to decide wether or not it is legal, then it will be sent to the Emperor, if the Emperor approves then it will be posted as a poll.

Politician's Jobs:

WA Delegate:
- Appoint Imperial Officers
- Declare War
- Set Imperial Budget
- Serve as Commander and Chief of the Military
- Make Imperial Allies
- Accomplish and Maintain Imperial Goals
- Set a Tax for Imperial Nations
- Attend International Summits

- Take over if Delegate can't Perform Duties
- Serve as Tie Breaker in Polls

Secretary of Defense:
- Appoint Military Generals
- Buy New Military Equipment
- Go and Handle Imperial Wars
- 3rd in Charge of Empire

Diplomacy Officer:
- Help Make Imperial Allies
- Attend International Summits with WA Delegate & Founder
- Must be a WA Member
- Discuss Peace Treaties and Defense Pacts on Behalf of the Yellow empire

Communications Officer:
- Notify the Empire of New Laws and Wars Through Board and Empire-Wide Telegram

Polls Officer:
- Create Imperial Polls for Laws

Military) The Yellow Imperial Army [region]The Yellow Imperial navy The yellow empires reserve army
Provinces) East Antarctica The United Nations of Justopia II Earenland
Colonies) Yellow Imperial immigration camp Yellow imperial puppet storage
Vassals) Iberian Empire

Animal: Dragon.
Flag: The Golden Dragon.
Second flag: Wyvern.
Capitol: Halberd.
Leader: Rost Dreadnorramus.
Currency: Denaris
Class: Right wing, Multi galactic, Empire.
Anthem: Dragon Slayer.
Salute: Fist over heart.
Motto: "We will extend our empire to earth's end, our ambition to the sky".
Plant: Venus Fly Trap.
Ship: Y.I.S. Saturn 51 XT 517 MK 1-13.
Food: Ravioli.
Mammal: Jaguar.
Insect: Praying Mantis.
Fish: Bull Shark.
Dinosaur: Gorgosaurus.
Weapon: Gladius.
Building style: Roman.
Bird: Greater Road Runner.
Flower: Dandelion.
Vehicle: Tank.

Pledge of the Yellow Empire.

The Yellow Empire.
Firmly I pledge
my loyalty to thee
Land of power
forever brimming with glory
A land of beauty
home of the courageous
Our Eternal empire
the might of enemy ships
Threatens us in vain
it is a hopeless quest
Turn away from deceit
and sweet delusions
For the trumpets of War
will call our Legions,
and our ships soon
And across the empire
a victory song will ring
And across the empire
our song will resonate
A time of joy and pride
for the Yellow Empire

This is what I envisioned many years ago with the empire. The empire is, A Roman, Separatist, Right wing, Empire that controls 517 galaxies with it's capital in a massive yellowish colored galaxy. The empire's main focus is on it's military, technology, continuing the Roman culture, Separatist ideals, expanding it's empire, and liberating enslaved peoples to add them to the empire. The empire's leader is Rost Dreadnorramus hero of the Clone wars. The empire's main solider types are the legions, who take inspiration from the Roman legions, with their main weapons are known as bats (other fact book about them), with the elites being known as champions. The empire's top commanders are known as the legion of the Great warriors headed by Ninjangus. General Grievous commands the elites (the Grievous we saw die was a droid built by Rost so that every one would think Grievous was dead, so that he could go with Rost to another galaxy and start the Yellow Empire). The Navy of the Yellow Empire is huge with millions of capital ships alone, ranging from Dreadnoughts longer then both death stars put together, to Battleships, Destroyers, Gun boats, and all the way down to tinny simple fighters. The empire also has a large air, sea, and land navies. The architectural style of the empire is a blend of Roman, Nabooian, Dwarven, Medieval, Greek, and others (the empire controls a massive empire so the possible styles would and could be endless).

How to join the Empire.
In order to prevent any future raids this empire has a password, the only way to join the empire is to contact the Emperor and asking for the password.
You must be a World Assembly member. You must have existed for 5 weeks. You must have a clean track record with any previous regions. You may join if you were a previous member and have proven your self (you will not be promoted untill you have proven your self, supposing a good number of "friends have turned on the empire),
Don't bother spilling the pass word because it will be changed every day and because n one will be promoted immediately you can't cause trouble to the empire as quickly.
Any nations that do not meet the requirements will not be allowed into the Empire.

Mercenaries for hire.
As you way see from the title yes we are mercenaries and will help you take over a region if you want however there are obligations to be met.
1 The region in question must have an elected executive in order for a raid to work out.
2 The region in question must be the right size to invade and preferably have either less members then we do, or have less WA members then we do.
3 If a raid is a success the region must have the title "Puppet region of The Yellow Empire posted on the world fact book, and the region must follow the Iron laws out lined in the constitution.
4 After a succesful raid a building of an embassy between that region and The Yellow Empire is mandatory.
5 The nation that hired The Yellow Empire must have a nation (either a puppet or not, WA member or not) must join the Empire to increase it's power.
6 A raid must be suggested through telegram and only sent to the Emperor in order to maintain secrecy, and any conversation must be made via telegram to the emperor and any nations the Emperor has designated to be part of it.

Goals of the Empire
1 Build a star destroyer.
2 Conquer other regions and turn them into puppets of the Empire.
3 Build a massive empire of puppet regions.
4 Become a powerful Right wing, imperialist, western values, voice that sways the Assembly like a great wind against a tree.
5 Build massive Imperial military.
6 Become a massive Roman influance.
7 Create an email page for the empire so that we can disscuss things in private.
8 Create anthem for the Empire on YouTube (we could ask Lord Daine to do it he's good at making those kind of videos).
9 Dominate nationstates.
10 Become a name to be feared and respected.
11 Become the most powerful force on nationstates other then Max Barry himself.
12 Create tons of well made documents ranging from fact books and dispatches to Youtube videos, and have so much info on this Empire Whikipeadia has a page on it.
13 Build a space navy.
14 Become the ruler of a galaxy.
15 Become an intergalactic empire.
16 Become an empire that rules much of the known universe.
17 Become a powerful force for good that toples Nazis, Communists, Dystopias, and others, and be an empire that where ever it's boots walk freedom, justice, morality, and prosperity, follow.

1 Reach a population of 51 nations.
2 Reach a population of 517 nations.
3 still be active one year from now.
4 Conquer 5 regions and turn them into puppet regions. 1 down.
5 Conquer 51 regions and turn them into puppet regions.
6 Troll the World assembly.
/ Build a droid army. (Check mark).
8 Set up thread for Airship pirates on the forum (watch the series).

Heros of the Empire.
Conservitve systems
5th american empire
German-Soviet Reich
Ambassador of Salutations

Auxilia, Legions, Champions, Praetorians,
Land Battleships, Super Tanks, Heavy Tanks, Medium Tanks, Light Tanks, Armoured Cars, Utility Vehicles,
C.I.S. Droids and Vehicles
Army structure

Emperor- Commander in cheif
Officer of defense-army
Sector commander
Galaxy leader
Regional officer

IS- Mega Dreadnoughts, Super Dreadnoughts, Dreadnoughts, Light Dreadnoughts, Pocket Dreadnoughts,
CV- Super Carriers, Attack carriers, Fleet Carriers, Light Carriers, Escort Carriers, Assault Craft Carriers, Training Carriers,
BB- Super Battleships, Heavy Battleships, Fast Battleships, Light Battleships, Pocket Battleships,
BC- Super Cruisers, Large Battlecruisers, Light Battlecruisers,
CC- Heavy Cruisers, Medium Cruisers, Light Cruisers, Very Light Cruisers, AA Cruisers, Super Destroyers,
DD- Heavy Destroyers, Flotilla Leaders, Destroyers, Light Destroyers, Destroyer escorts,
ES- Frigates, Corvettes, Escorts,
SS- Sub Battleships, Sub Destroyers, Sub Gun Boats, Sub Assault Craft,
AC- Gun Boats, Torpedo Boats, Patrol Boats, Assault Crafts,
TR- Power Projection Ships, Command Ships, Heavy Transports, Medium Transports, Light Transports,
AU- Supply Ships, Fuel Ships, Repair Ships, Hospital Ships, Research Ships,
C.I.S. Ships,

Air Superiority Fighter, Multi Role Fighter, Strafer, Bomber, Torpedo Bomber, Armoured Torpedo Bomber, Gun Fighter,
Repair Skiff, Exploration Skiff, Personal Skiff, Ambulance Skiffs,
C.I.S. Fighters bombers etc,

Stations) Death Stars, Medical Stations, Observation Islands, Command Stations,

Navy structure
First sea lord
Grand admiral
Galaxy commodore
Task force commander
Rear admiral
1st mate
2nd mate
Quarter master
Mid ship men
Sea man

Read factbook

a beautiful puppet storage

My quest is to travel to every region in the world starting with the most nations to the least, I will post this factbook in the RMB, and I will stay in the region for a few days, get to know the wonderful people and be on my way! You may join me as you please, just telegram me.

Please upvote to spread the news!!!!

Nations joined:
Sausumo aka Krevt
Amerstiondal aka Ladtanderan
Airolian nomadic research state of vauna aka Airol
Pamat aka Likar
The roaming blobfish
7/7/18- Sets up camp in the West Pacific

7/7/18- moves to The North Pacific

7/10/18- moves to The East Pacific

7/13/18- moves to the South Pacific

7/16/18- moves to the Pacific

7/19/18- moves to the West Pacific

7/22/18- moves to Lazarus

7/26/18- moves to the Rejected Realms

7/29/18- moves to Balder

8/1/18- moves to Osiris

8/5/18- moves to Ancient Lands

8/9/18- moves to 10000 Islands

8/12/18- moves to The Communist Bloc

8/15/18- moves to Spear Danes

8/18/18- moves to Europe

8/21/18- moves to Europeia

8/24/18- moves to TNP

8/27/18- moves to Violet Irises

8/30/18- moves to New Western Atlantic

9/2/18- moves to The Invaders

9/5/18- moves to the dictatorial paradise

9/9/18- moves to Plum Island

9/12/18- moves to The United federations

9/15/18- moves to The International

9/19/18- moves to NationStates

9/23/18- moves to The Black Hawks

9/27/18- moves to Forest

11/4/18- After a long break, mainly government work in the USSD, moves to Pravda, which is the USSD's puppet region

Read factbook

Hello Plum Island!


-- Cause: An unacceptable attack on it's former region The Swuvanian Commonwealth Board
-- To: Public and Leader of Plum Island
-- From: Prime Minister William Bell
-- War: Nuclear



Avast ye planet-lubbers! We are the black hearted crew of the Valkyrie Reborn. Give us all ye space gold and n’one being hurt today. If’n ye choose to fight, we shall send ye anon to meetin’ ye gods.

There's currently a raid here by birds who seek to destroy this island. Just thought I'd let you know.

Z-666 wrote:There's currently a raid here by birds who seek to destroy this island. Just thought I'd let you know.

*chirp chirp!*
(Translation in birdspeak: I'm not going to just destroy THIS island, but OTHERS)


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