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Just flying thru on our way south. Hope you don't mind us writing on your virgin RMB.

~pitches tent, lites campfire~

We're interested in visiting a lone nation region that doesn't post on the RMB. We've never done that, I think. I chose this one for 2 reasons: (1) Debate: coke vs. pepsi, and (2) I've been flying over soooo many unsuitable regions for landing. We hope you'll let us stay.

Travelling with Geese and friends.
Won't say which of the two I prefer. I'll just have a Pepsi, please.
It's the regional drink. When in Rome...

Just rolling around with Geese and friends roadshow.

Hoists a Pepsi, in a toast to the region.

Hiya! I'm just out on tour with Geese and friends! Not a big soda fan myself, but I love Pepsi slushies too much for my own good.

What can I get you sir? Coke please, is Pepsi alright sir? Yes fine thanks.

A conversation I have had many times.

Beep beep! Just passin’ through, lookin’ for some good ol’ Mountain Dew!

Post self-deleted by Kalmukia.

*self-deleted for pocket posting*
Too much Pepsi. Sorry.

Herby wrote:Beep beep! Just passin’ through, lookin’ for some good ol’ Mountain Dew!

When i drank mountain dew i only drank bottles that were bottled by "Maw & Paw".

One of the best adult beverages is Malibu rum in coke. I don't think you can pull that off with pepsi.

Greetings from TAO. After being held hostage by RL for a week, I have been liberated to continue my WalkAbout and I am finally able to catch up to Geese and friends.

*floats in over the horizon*
Any room for a few billion hot air balloons? :D

Need to roll along.

Let's go.
And I'm not paying for that Pepsi.
*kickstarts motorcycle, puts on helmet and gloves, rides after Geese*

Time to roll on.

*floats off into the sunset*
Thanks for hosting us!