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Et tu, Gustave?
11:00 AM, 19 November, 1909

In the later hours of the morning, as Gustavus Fellenburg, State President of the Swedish State, delivered a speech addressing the most recent assassination of his selected Minister of Police by SMOC terrorists in Malmö. After concluding his session before the Swedish Legislative Assembly, he was then approached by a group of men in the central lobby of Malmö Central Hall. The cohort comprised of BIAAA agents, police officers, and White Guardsmen. Leading them was Mitcho Palmoff himself, the revered Director of the BIAAA who is colloquially known as "Arstotzka's Top Cop."

In one of the most dramatic scenes in the great series of events surrounding the continued crises in Sweden, Palmoff then arrested Fellenburg, and the State President was dragged by his own feet in handcuffs from the Hall. It has now been revealed by the BIAAA that Gustavus Fellenburg is actually a Carsonist traitor who has secretly aided the various socialist militias for months! The Hallita, upon receiving news of Fellenburgs crimes became enraged that such a conspirator could possibly infiltrate such a high level of the government.

No later than an hour after Fellenburg's outing as a socialist and subsequent arrest, cities across Sweden became scenes from an abhorred nightmare. Tens of thousands of ex-workers took to the streets to protest the arrest of the man once believed to "champion Swedish rights." Virtually all of the demonstrations eventually devolved into riots. Scattered socialist militia cells concentrated and engaged in fierce clashes with the White Guard. The most disastrous of these instances occurred in Gothenburg, where SMOC activity has been the highest.

The Hallita has declared a state of emergency in Sweden, fearing that this crisis may yet worsen. As the position of State President of Sweden remains vacant, Fellenburg is currently being escorted to the Malmö Central Jail for temporary holding. The situation across Sweden, specifically in Gothenburg, is rapidly devolving.

The Straw
10:30 PM, 19 November 1909

Gustavus Fellenburg, the now disgraced "traitor of the Fatherland." Had remained detained in Malmö Central Jail for hours. Outside of the institutions walls, hell reigned. The White Guard had formed a thin line of reinforcements that prevented socialist thugs from breaking into the jail. After hours of being worn by the militant mob, soldiers could no longer stand against the rioters, and the line was broken. A swarm of militiamen believed to be loyal to SMOC stormed the jail where a firefight ensued between the stormers and the jail guards, who numbered in very few, and hardly stood a chance, as most all of them were killed.

The militia's intent was revealed when they proceeded to free Fellenburg from his holding cell and escort him from the prison. For an entire hour, the whereabouts of the ex-State-President were unknown, until another attack on Malmö Central Hall, the seat of Sweden's Legislative Assembly. The Hall was raided and occupied by SMOC militants. Upon the White Guard being removed from the vicinity, Fellenburg finally reappeared where he truly showed his colors of red before the world.

Making a harrowing speech, Fellenburg declared the establishment of the new government of the Swedish Workers' Republic, a new Carsonist state to govern all Swedish land. He then proclaimed himself as "Chairman Fellenburg," stating that he had begun a new quest to liberate Sweden from the influence of Arstotzka.

At first, the Hallita simply declared the government illegal and ordered the White Guard to move in on the Hall. However, soon after the new Chairman's declaration, militias across the entire western Swedish State were mobilized. As Fellenburg now claims SMOC to be the official army of the Swedish Workers Republic, the forces of the SWR have occupied vast swathes of the Swedish provinces of Scania, Halland, and Blekinge.

Fierce fighting soon commenced between SWR soldiers and any White Guardsmen that remained in the major cities. It has been confirmed that Gothenburg has fallen to complete Carsonist occupation, where Fellenburg has declared the official capital of the "new Swedish revolution."

While Arstotzka may have rid itself of Carsonism in the Civil War of 1876, it would seem that Sweden must be cleansed separately.



Catastrophe! Two months ago the city of Providence fell into Germanic state hands, subsequently opening the road into Boston and beyond. News has reached Washington that defense of the city is impossible, and the majority of US forces there have begun a withdrawl from the city and region as a whole, preferring to save their strength and rejoin the main front rather than waste lives on the New England sideshow. The loss of Boston comes as yet another blow to the Wilson Administration, who had up until this point loudly claimed the rebellion largely contained. We now see this isnt the case.

General Aultman vowed he would return to Boston as he and his command staff took the final boat out of the city. The offensive into Pennsylvania has been reversed in a series of embarrassing maneuvers by cunning Germanic state general Adolf Ronel, an up coming star within the Germanic military. The stunning double blow that landed upon union forces near Philadelphia sent them running back south to Washington.

The Siege of Chicago has entered its eighth month, soldiers mail coming out of the city on navy ships stated "Its a living hell, Fritz shells us with artillery every day and every night, you cant do nothing against that but huddle in yer trench as low as you can go." Reports have it that much of the city has been turned into a muddy hell of trenches and earthworks. The germanic state forces seem content to simply let the city writhe on the vine until it starves.

Reported use of the Airplane grew last week as the first bombing runs were carried out by Germanic Air force pilots on targets within the embattled city of Chicago. In a spot of good news, the First of many divisions of Australian soldiers arrived in Saint Didacus. The splendid men from down under received jubilant and tearful welcomes from the civilians there while they boarded their trains eastward.

Fourth reich of pvt

Fourth reich of pvt wrote:Rhodesia forever

I like this guy

Flecatya, The new peruvian state, and The cobol peoples

The Second American Civil War: The Reaction

It's been a month since word spread of the beginning of the Second American Civil War, The General-Secretary and The Council have been debating since then on how to proceed, both agree that the Federation should remain out of the conflict as a neutral party but the question on the Public's mind is; Who do we show our support to? The relationship between America and the U.S.F is a neutral one, The Council and General-Secretary have any animosity with both the Federal Union and the American people, however, The Council did share some concern after the Franco-German War when America took some of the Guinea and Indonesian islands and were in close proximity to our old ally the Cobol People's republic. However the Council wanted to avoid pressing the issue in fear of a Bloody, lengthy war.

The new state fighting the Federal Union, calling themselves the 'Germanic States of America' not much is known about the Germanic states of America aside from them being made up of the Germanic population within America, word has spread that they support a "National Socialist" type of ideology, similar to what the Flecyatians tried to employ before our interference and if this is the case, popular support for the GSA here will only continue to dwindle. In any case, The General-Secretary has announced that he will not be interfering with any side in the civil war until a decision is made on who to show support to but our guess is that it would be the Federal Union.

Flecatya, Arrstotzka, and The cobol peoples

Fire on the Klarälven

In the months following Fellenburg's declaration of the Swedish Workers' State, multiple cities attempted and failed to join in his cause. An attempted uprising in Örebro was quickly quelled, and unfortunately ended in the death of the city's mayor. With Stockholm still undergoing reconstruction after its burning in the Great War, there were no major reports of any SMOC-backed activity.

Socialist forces were quick to launch a widespread offensive northward against the Swedish State Defense Forces (SSDF), which saw the under-equipped and under-prepared forces of the Swedish State pushed back to the banks of the Klarälven River. General Otto Lindensen, one of the top SSDF commanders, however, was able to stop the offensive at the town of Brattmon. Days later, the same forces were graced with the arrival of Arstotzkan White Army troops who succeeded in pushing back the socialists a great amount. As of the past week, offensives on both sides have been halted.

Amidst the chaos of this newly-arisen civil crisis comes the appointment of a new Chief of the White Army. Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerhoff, the Hallita's own son, was tasked with being the Army's new top commander upon the more recent retirement of the great Armo Astapa. Carl Mannerhoff was handed the promotion after his admirable work in the White Army in various positions during the Great War. Under his command, White troops have retaken key positions around the Vättern lake.

Although all offensives have been frozen, it is believed by many on both sides of the line that an upcoming series of assaults from either end could be imminent.

A notable strategy that was employed by General Mannerhoff was the use of an upgraded form of Eric Tigerstedt's famed creation: the plane. Most commonly, planes have been used for enhanced scouting over SWR territory. The young General also employed the use of bombing runs, with the calculated targeting of munitions sites that may supply socialist soldiers. With his tactics of enhanced scouting, Mannerhoff's troops were able to gauge the various abilities and positions of SWR forces.

The most notable of gains made by the rebels was in the central area of the Swedish State, where SWR troops made a concentrated thrust towards Stockholm in an attempt to reach the cultural and historic capital of the Swedish nation, despite its currently charred state. Chairman Gustavus Fellenburg, who has now cemented his position as the leader of the Swedish Workers' State remarked that the city is a key goal in the socialist war plan. Hallita Rubert Mannerhoff is expected to make a trip to Turku where he will deliver a speech regarding these recent developments.

Did the Nazis get aircraft first?

Corsicinot wrote:Did the Nazis get aircraft first?

What do you mean?

Corsicinot wrote:Did the Nazis get aircraft first?

They are using them, but we ic don't know they are literal nazis

Republic of British Russia, Flecatya, and The new peruvian state

The new peruvian state

Carsonist support rises again!

As the global economic crisis tears apart the larger nations, it has all but steamrolled the smaller nations like Peru. The young republic finds itself in crisis again as carsonist support rises in the mountain and jungle regions of the nation. President Dianueva is expected to adress the crisis later this month in a nationwide radio broadcast.

Lima still open

President Dianueva has guaranteed the US federal government that all loyal US ships will continue to be able to dock and refuel at the ports of Lima. Peru is also willing to provide food and rations for any troops coming to the port.

The new peruvian state wrote:Carsonist support rises again!

Dianueva? More like Diaroja, amirite

Republic of British Russia, Flecatya, and The new peruvian state

Mannerhoff Assassinated in Turku!

Tragedy struck the Fatherland on the night of 10 August, 1910. As the Hallita exited from the Valsuomen Opera House in Turku and departed in his motorcar, his vehicle and the protective ones accompanying it were ambushed by a group of armed militiamen who suddenly emerged from an adjacent alleyway. The men fired engaged in a fierce firefight with the Hallita's bodyguards; a firefight that ended with the death of the Hallita's wife, Hedvig Charlotta Hélčne von Julin, three bodyguards, and the Hallita of Arstotzka himself, Rubert Mannerhoff.

All but one of the assailants were killed. The survivor, who was arrested, was identified as Feliks Goldenberg, a ratist insurgent of Swedish descent.

The Union Council was called to an emergency meeting to begin discussions of a successor to Mannerhoff. Until a consensus is reached, the position of Arstotzka's Acting Hallita has been assigned by the Council to Juha Osomaa. While the Union Council has not yet confirmed any possible candidates to fill the shoes of Arstotzka's first Hallita, it has become widely speculated that the best choice could be the Hallita's son, Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerhoff, the now highest commander of the Arstotzkan White Army and the lead commander in the fight against the Swedish socialist forces.

The assassination of the Fatherland's absolute leader was reported to a shocked and now enraged Finnish population. A state-organized funeral is expected to be underway in the coming week, as the nation mourns the loss of the Hallita at the hands of socialist forces. This news comes as the forces of the Swedish Workers Republic only double down on their effort to defend against any offensives made by the White Army or Swedish State Defense Forces.

While the nation is stricken with a great grief over the assassination of Rubert Mannerhoff, this shall surely only motivate the people further to commit to the ongoing struggle to defend the Arstotzkan sphere from socialist influence. An official successor is sure to be selected in due time.

Apple of Gold

After a brief period of debating, the Union Council reached a final agreement as to whom shall be elected to succeed Rubert Mannerhoff as Arstotzka's Hallita. Juha Osomaa, the actin Hallita, stood before the people of Paradizno and announced that the next Hallita would be none other than Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerhoff, the High mmCoander of the White Army and the famed son of his predecessor. This gracious news was delivered in the midst of great chaos in Sweden, which many agree has now devolved into a state of complete civil war, and has sparked a new hope across the Fatherland.

Mannerhoff delivered his inaugural speech after being welcomed by Osomaa. In his opening statement, the new Hallita acknowledged the seemingly uncontrollable conflict that has arisen in the Swedish State. In the same moment, he sought to reassure the people that "this fire is, by no means, 'uncontrollable," and that "it shall be extinguished before it can grip the life of the Finnish Fatherland!"

Similar to his father, Carl Mannerhoff has affirmed that he shall strive to take the strongest stance possible against socialism. The new Hallita also expressed his determination to continue and enhance the financial aid programs started by his father at the advent of the Market Crash.

Carl Mannerhoff, however, certainly displays a different mindset from his father when it comes to Arstotzka's stance in European affairs. Standing before the newly-optimistic audience, the Hallita stated that once the crisis in Sweden is resolved, the Fatherland shall begin a much bolder approach to keeping peace in the continent. "Peace, can, must, and will be maintained in Europe so long as such is possible. The people of not just this continent, but the people of all Western Civilization, cannot possibly afford the detriments of another war that may reach the scale of the Great War, which we now approach the fifth anniversary of ending."

This peace, as was remarked, shall be guarded by Arstotzka and its fellow members of GAUNTLET. The Hallita has expressed great concern that with the formation of the new Franco-German League, that aggression could soon once again be sparked within the Heartland.

Meanwhile, in Sweden, Mannerhoff shall maintain direct leadership of the White Army as his troops continue the fight against the SWR, which has made frightening gains across Southern Sweden. One of his first actions was to order the mobilization of 200,000 additional White troops to the SWR border. The White army has also enhanced their newly-created aerial bombing and scouting strategies.


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The isle of the webb


He says, as his 300+ army pilages and burns


All your Sheeps are belong to us.
Back off pal.


He says, as his 300+ army pilages and burns


Quite an entrance to make. Welcome to Pax!

Flecatya and The isle of the webb

The isle of the webb wrote:All your Sheeps are belong to us.
Back off pal.

Hang on, I cornered the Sheep market in Catan a long time ago, where did you get those?

Flecatya and The isle of the webb

The isle of the webb

Kassaran wrote:Hang on, I cornered the Sheep market in Catan a long time ago, where did you get those?

You forgot off island trading. No one stops the Sheep Lord. Ah Ah aah...

The latest Force Flyer is out!


Force's Military catching up to speed, Turmoil in the Communications department, Discord rules broken and discussion channel bleached, and this Month's RP - all in this month's edition!
Force Military Participates in Defense of the Warzone Federation by The Chariot

In recent news, the Warzone Federation, a coalition of the Warzones meant to provide a stable government, came under attack from the New Pacific Order and Ballpit and Black keep Militias. In response, they called upon several forces to defend, including Force’s.

The context? Former Federation Secretary of Moderation and Former Head of Asiastate (WZFs official name for its constituent territories), Ballpit, defected to the NPO, directing them to attack Warzones owned. Black Keep, one of Ballpit’s supporters, lead a successful attack on Warzone Airspace, overthrowing the native delegate who was backed by WZF. The Lazarus Regional Guard, North Pacific Army, and various mercenaries managed to take back the Airstate.

Contacted by Dinoium, Secretary of State of the Warzone Federation, the Force Army joined in to reinforce the delegacy, though NPO had stopped attacking. Eight Force troops participated as pilers in Warzone Airspace, Warzone Sandbox, and Warzone Asia, two of which fell out of WZF hands. Marking perhaps the first major operation by the Force Army, this perhaps foreshadows the potential of our already increasingly active military.

The Curse of the Minister of Communications by The Chariot

Hey, remember when the Force Flyer was released daily? Neither do I. After a string of Ministers of Communications who’ve done nothing, a longstanding tradition since our first, Caduceo, our most promising released a single newspaper before resigning.

Citing other duties as a cause for inactivity, Spoonifo, also known as Dinoium, resigned and released a public apology for his inability to perform. “Wait, Dinoium?”, I hear you asking, “Former Deputy Minister of Communications in TNP, legislator for TNP and Pacifica, Judge of Pacifica, and Secretary of State for WZF among others?”, to which I answer, yes, that is how severe our MoComms curse is.

After a single article meant to cover two hectic months of activity within Force, two flimsy, rushed, articles and a paper with subpar formatting was released along with Dino’s resignation letter. In lieu of the lack of choices, with Salibaic being in an unfavorable position after his court case with Libertatis Regalis, and other options either already holding positions or not being competent, Caduceo, the disgraced former minister, once again took up the mantle. And the results? You can see for yourself.

Caduceo, Chariot, Chundukeratopia, and Centaurs by Caduceo

Around the second of May, in Force's Discussion channel, one of the most active and most accessible channels in the Discord server, was temporarily turned to read-only between 5:49 to 6:04, as Renegalle deleted 114 messages sent collectively by Caduceo, The Chariot, and Chundukeratopia after breaking rule number six of the server rules, "No lewd media or conversations; jokes and hinting at things is fine, but be sensible" while conversing about centaurs, more specifically centaur intercourse and several other Equidae family members. Hentai, Rule 34, and Splatoon were also involved. While we currently have no access to these deleted messages, quoted below are statements from the people involved excerpted from post-deletion;

"I think this is a good time to re-evaluate the rules put in place on this server." ~ Renegalle

"Can't believe I got muted for splatoon hentai xD, It would just be really squishy" ~ Chundukeratopia

"Going to run for delegate of TNP on the campaign that I got Force's discussion channel closed down for talking about horse sex" ~ The Chariot

• Was first MoComm, disappeared abruptly
• Temporarily shut down a channel in the regional Discord after discussing the logistics of horses" ~ Caduceo

The situation eventually ended in Renegalle revising the rule to a more specific version, and the discussion channel continuing to function for the use of citizens. Clearly a peak of Force's achievements.

May Roleplay News - War and Communism by Salibaic

Renegalle and Salibaic has invaded Elysium after its non-cooperation. Originally Salibaic was on Elysium's side but due to pressure from Renegalle with threats to destroy Salibaic, they joined forces. This came about from an old rivalry between Elysium and several other people created after the great Elysium War. Elysium, after losing the war, was made into a Republic and paid Renegalle and Salibaic $25 Billion each in reparations.

Communism is on the rise as we can see from the Siberian Union in a matter of days, becoming a Communist Republic. Adlandia was the only communist nation previously who had been known for committing numerous human right abuses.

A major war between Renegalle and Carropia happened after Carropia has been constantly denouncing Renegalle for its interference in international affairs and forced removal of Salibaic land. This went to so far at one point that the UN almost sanctioned Renegalle, while denouncing Renegalle. The war was a victory for Renegalle with them taking $600 Billion in reparations.

Major Terrorist attacks happened across Salibaic with hundreds killed and thousands injured. The Communist Party of Salibaic claimed the attacks as theirs which has lead to a crackdown on communists in Salibaic. A meeting took place between Salibaic and Renegalle regarding the attacks as the attacks also targeted the Renegalle Embassy in Salibaic.

New nations have entered the area of planet Force with nation such as Loomburg gaining support from Salibaic and Siberian Union both with non-aggression pacts. Archonai also have gained support from Siberian Union with land concessions to Archonai.

A new alliance has been made called the Imperial Alliance which is chaired by Salibaic. The Alliance is to protect Empires such as Salibaic. It's hopeful to gain more members in the future.




WA Nations




The New Kingdom












Read dispatch

Fantrum, Flecatya, The isle of the webb, and Arrstotzka

Flying Icicles

As the Swedish Civil War neared the advent its third year, the borders of the Swedish Workers' Republic had reached their peak. Stretching as far as Örebro, the town where the previously failed uprising was quashed, socialist forces had exhausted themselves. In this exhaustion, the Hallita, Carl Mannerhoff, who had now also assumed the position of Chief Marshal of the White Army, seized a crucial moment of opportunity.

Across the entire SWR line, socialist troops were caught off guard by the largest simultaneous series of aerial bombardments so far in history. Reports from the front lines displayed the sheer destruction wrought by the newest branch of the Arstotzkan Air Navy, the White Air Force. General Erik Emstedt remarked that "the distant sound of the bombs going off was constant, omnipresent, and invigorating."

After being thoroughly attacked from the skies for months, socialist soldiers were forced to retreat after various follow-up charges across the lines from White troops. In southern Sweden, the White Army successfully recaptured Malmö, the temporary capital of the Swedish State. Mannerhoff announced that "the Reds have been forced on the back foot and are now on the run."

As the tide of war appeared to shift in favor of Arstotzka and the Swedish State, unfolding developments confirmed the suspicions of the late Hallita, Rubert Mannerhoff. A company of SWR soldiers were brought in for questioning in the hopes of securing useful information. After hours of thorough interrogation, one man, who was revealed to be an officer, confessed that the socialist army has been covertly receiving foreign aid from Spain and Portugal. Infuriated by this, Mannerhoff announced that the effort to enforce a naval blockade upon the rebels shall be enhanced extremely, and that upon the war's conclusion, thorough action shall be brought against the Iberian Bloc.

In other news, it has been confirmed that various cities currently occupied by the SWR have been most entirely leveled by the White Air Force. These reports came as Arstotzka's production of airplanes tripled. Socialist General Markus Leifenson, delivering a statement on behalf of Chairman Fellenburg, proclaimed that "the army of Proletariat shall never be defeated."

Breaking News from the Empire

Local soldier of the Imperial Army, Hans d’Hans has been arrested under account of fraud, selling plots of land in a fictitious nation called “Poyais”. The investigation revealed in total over 300 accounts of fraud by the soldier. He has been tried and arrested.

Since I’d fallen a bit behind the timeline again, here’s a skip forward to the current date post conquest of Libya.....

Commonwealth States of Britania wrote:NÉPSZAVA DAILY PRESS:
9th November 1906,

Hungaro-Arrstotzkan Alliance
Palatine László Sárvar cordially welcomed His Excellency, the Hallita of Arrstotzka, Rubert Mannerhoff, to an opulent diplomatic conference held in the Grand Hotel Royal in Buda this weekend. The two exchanged friendly remarks about our great nations, and appear to have swiftly built a warm and outgoing relationship.

Whilst a number of undisclosed talks occurred over the duration of the conference alongside exchanges between dozens of diplomats, it has been publicly announced that Hungary has been offered membership to the Gravonist alliance known as GAUNTLET, which it has warmly accepted. In consequence, this membership now formalises the already deep political, military and economic links between Hungary, and fellow Gravonist nations such as Arrstotzka, Makedon and Malta. Moreover it represents the true revival of Hungarian prestige on the international stage, a reputation that only so recently lay in tatters as a result of the insipid degradation of our nation in the 19th Century at the hands of Carsonists, Ratists, Slavs, Jews, Muslims, and self-avowed Liberal degenerates. It must of course be recognised that were it not for the strong and benevolent leadership of the Magyar National Front, Hungary would not have been lifted to these new heights from the pitiful ashes of decline that it once despaired in.

Slavs Brutally Murder Patriotic Guardsman!
A savage and barbaric revolt occurred in Miskolc Internment Camp yesterday, where a number of depraved Slavs violently overpowered their guards and seized control of the encampment - in the process murdering 32 Imperial Guardsman, including many with children and loving families. Moreover 10 such murdered were aged just 19 years old - young and eager patriotic recruits who had valiantly enlisted to serve their nation. Hungary salutes their memory, and shall never forget the evil of those Slavs that so cruelly took away the hope and promise of their lives at so young an age.

In response at eleven o’clock last night, units of the Imperial Hungarian Army began operations to retake the camp and subdue or eliminate the conspirators. This operation was wholly successful, and the camps occupants have been liquidated, thankfully ridding the world of these wicked and repugnant murderers and terrorists.

This morning legislation is currently being fast-tracked through the Imperial Diet, granting Sárvar additional emergency powers to resolve the crisis of ethnic uprisings across the kingdom that threaten the fundamental security and safety of the Hungarian peoples. Alongside the permanent internment of all Slavs alongside other degenerate insurrectionists such as Jews, Muslims, Homosexuals, Carsonists, and Ratists - it is expected that Sárvar will also announce measures to deal with a number of morally-reprehensible political parties who are believed to have committed high treason in assisting these acts of sedition and terrorism.

The State of Hungary, 1910:

Hungary today stands a proud and mighty nation, revived in all its spirit from the dark days of the 19th Century, and having reached a greatness achieved perhaps only by the legendary ancient warriors of medieval times. Ethnic Hungarians from Istria to Transylvania are now wholly united under a single triumphant Magyar banner. Zealous patriotism has reached fever pitch, and the strong nationalist leadership of the MNF under Palatine László Sárvar is more popular than ever.

His Imperial Majesty King Matthias III is now aged thirteen, and Regent, Miklós, Bán of Másco is increasingly passing over royal duties to the young sovereign. It is reported that Matthias is a gifted hunter, whilst his academic studies are also progressing tremendously. However whilst revered as the chosen sovereign of God, true power in the nation lies with the increasing cult of personality surrounding Sárvar. The various Slavic revolts following Hungary’s triumphant victory in the Balkan War, gave the MNF justification to pass sweeping emergency legislation in the Imperial Diet - powers which Sárvar quickly used to ban all other parties. Sárvar now rules as Palatine for life - supported by the vested interests of the landed aristocracy, genuine popularity amongst the wider public, and the totalitarian apparatus of state that discretely executes any dissidents to his rule.

Whilst the Great Depression has led to the dampening of this popularity somewhat - especially so in industrial areas - the unique economic policies imposed under Sárvarism have largely insulated Hungary from any serious catastrophe. Unemployment has peaked at around 8%, and is now falling rapidly as government stimulus pours into new infrastructure and heavy industry. Furthermore whilst resource shortages due to the collapse in global trade initially put heavy pressure on industrial output, investments into the exploitation of newfound sources across conquered territories has largely filled the gap.

In particular the conquest of Libya (renamed Hungarian Tripolitania) in 1907 is proving to have been a wise and lucrative investment by the Kingdom. Although rebellious nomadic tribes such as the Senussi remain an issue in the sweeping deserts to the South, the economy of the tropical and fertile Libyan coastline is booming - with its local population largely having been “pacified”. A small famine in 1908 has led settlers to flock in their masses to the new colony looking to make their fortune. Investment has followed suit, and new rail links and amenities are under construction across the coastline. Perhaps most ambitious of these is the Great Irrigation Project - an extensive ten year program to green the colony’s deserts, thereby expanding the areas suitable for agriculture and settlement. Pipelines are to be constructed en-masse across the region to pump waters from the Mediterranean and natural aquifers, and flood lowland areas - providing irrigation for plant life and crops. Aside from these projects state propaganda continues to avidly encourage settlers to move to the colony, and numbers moving there currently average around 20,000 a year. As the population continues to grow, it seems likely that at some point state ethnic policies will see their full fruition and Hungarians will become the majority in the colony (projected to be achieved by 1950 at the latest) - at which point government officials suggest the region shall be annexed wholesale as an integral province of the Kingdom.

Ethno-nationalist policies continue to be a popular staple of the MNF. The Balkan War, Slavic revolts, and Serbian-assassination of the late King András III alongside his wife and the Palatine - have made Slavs a near universal recipient of toxic hatred by most Magyars. Officially ‘internment’ remains in place, however in reality following the violent revolt by Slavs in Miskolc Internment Camp in 1906, the Sárvar administration has taken a policy of steadily liquidating the camps or reducing their populations through extreme brutality and forced-labour. Privately government officials project that within a few years, the populations of Slavs, Jews, Muslims, Homosexuals, Carsonists, Ratists and other various enemies of the Sárvar regime, can be reduced largely to zero within Hungarian borders. However this is not the case for all non-ethnic Hungarians - and the government is pursuing a policy of “Magyarisation” and integration of the less repugnant ethnicities within the Kingdoms borders - including Romanians (saved from Slavic purges due to their Latin derivations), Germans, Italians, Slovenes and Croats (the latter two also saved due to their heavily influenced catholic latinised cultures). Outside the core territories of the Kingdom, ethnic cleansing policies are also pursued - albeit less systematically. In Libya whilst mostly reluctantly tolerated, the more rebellious of the Arabs and Senussis are being steadily wiped off the map as army units wrestle control over their desert homelands.

Alternatively pro-natal policies to grow the Magyar population are beginning to see success. Birth rates have increased substantially, and even taking into account the purging of certain ethnicities, the population of the Kingdom and its colonies looks set to exceed 25 million by the end of the year, and almost 30 million sometime between 1915 and 1920. Whilst still dwarfed by the nearly 100 million people of the German Empire to the North, and 120 million of the Soviets to the East - it still places Hungary as a major growing power in the Balkan and Mediterranean regions.

In terms of its international standing, the Kingdom is in a far better state than it was just a decade ago. As a member of the Gravonist alliance, GAUNTLET, Hungary now has steadfast allies in Arrstotzka and Makedon. Moreover a strong relationship has also flourished with the maritime nation of Malta - bolstering Hungary’s naval deficiencies. To the North, the non-aggression pact with the Großdeutsches Kaiserreich remains nominally in place, however the continually declining power of Germany makes it seem unlikely that it shall be renewed. Alternatively to the South, Hungary has asserted increasing influence over the Balkan states. Bosnia has become an almost absolute vassal of the Kingdom, and looks set for total annexation in the coming years. Wallachia, Albania and Bulgaria have also slid increasingly into the Hungarian sphere of influence, however Serbia remains bitter for its defeat in the Balkan War.

The armed forces whilst somewhat depleted have learnt much from the military campaigns of the last decade. The army in particular is a far more battle-hardened force than it was ten years ago, and even if its numbers have shrunk since their peak in the Balkan War, their improved doctrines and equipment likely make them a more effective force overall. Tactically officers of the Imperial Hungarian Army have largely reached the consensus that recent technological advances give an inherent advantage to defence over attack once entrenched - and as such most favour consistent mobile attacks by specialised shock troopers supported with heavy artillery bombardments to keep the enemy on the back foot and subsequently prevent them from entrenching and gaining a defensive superiority. The navy on the other hand remains small by comparison, however it has been bolstered by the seizure of German shipyards in Istria, and design experience from the Maltese. Government investments of the last few years have as such focused on this aspect of the armed forces, as it remains the most lacking. Currently the bulk of Hungarian forces are deployed defending territorial frontiers, or in clearing out Tripolitania of seditious nomadic tribes that continue to rebel against Hungarian rule.

Rats, Caged

February of 1912 was marked with the commencement of the Valentine's Offensive, which saw the absolute collapse of socialist defenses across Sweden. The White Army advanced with unyielding force and brutal efficiency. Hallita Mannerhoff's doctrine for the war has become known for prolonged periods of aerial bombardment, followed immediately by rapid ground charges, as well as mass encirclement that saw over half of the Swedish Workers' Republic's army destroyed or captured. Meanwhile, behind the front lines, the White Air Force has only enhanced its efforts of targeting strategic military positions found within the larger cities.

One notable victory claimed by the WAF was that of a mission that resulted in the elimination of Stefan Reiner, the Chief of Army of the SWR Army. Reiner's death marked a massive blow to the morale of socialist soldiers, as he had previously been admired as a charismatic, popular figure by supporters of the socialist cause. Meanwhile, Chairman Gustavus Fellenburg, feeling the world around him beginning to fall apart, retreated to an undisclosed location deep within the inner boroughs of Gothenburg, which had already been subject to the most bombing runs.

The greatest success of the White Army came nearly one week before the Fatherland halted advances to celebrate Liberty Day. On 12 March 1912, the last of the Reds were cleared from the coastal town of Träslövsläge, and remaining SWR was cut in half, isolating what is estimated to be sixty-percent of what is left of the socialist army from the SWR capital of Gothenburg.

With the month of March concluding, the Swedish Workers' Republic has been reduced to one ninth of its size that it achieved when it peaked, just four months prior. The only major vestiges of the rebellion are loosely-connected remaining cities that have been cut off from supplies. Seeing that only these notable positions remained, Red troops have swarmed into these areas, becoming extremely condensed. This strategy was created by Fellenburg himself, who has assumed direct control of the socialist army. It was the Chariman's belief that if troops are to pack themselves into the cities, they will become purely impenetrable strongholds.

While many were initially puzzled by this tactic and if not, frightened, the Hallita appeared to only become more confident that this decision would surely become the downfall of the Reds' fighting force.

On the Southern West Coast, men have consolidated positions in the cities of Falkenburg, Enet, Haverdal, Tylösand, Halmstad, and Ängelholm. In the North, Särö, Lökeberg, and Gothenburg remain, with Gothenburg being the most heavily-guarded and fortified of them all. These cities appear to be all that is left of this revolution, and it seems that the revolution itself is truly on its last leg.

The Imperium, Cor, Imperial Monarchy of Corsicinot
The Emperor Malkov Aplotzkii walks out onto the main balcony
"My dear compatriots and citizens of the empire, after much debate and careful analysis on the situation in Italy, we have decided to take action. Not only will we be sending aid to the Papalists and the Papacy, but we will also be sending divisions of the Warmacht and Corluftwaffe, the best piolets in the empire. With this aid, we will help the Papacy try and hold on against these rebels. We may also make absolutely clear that this is not an attempt to simply backstab the soviets and the poles to our east. This is an action for Italy and the Papacy, and that alone, and we hope the soviets and the poles shall not see this as an attack on them, which it clearly is not. If you wish to serve in your glorious military, airforce, or navy, find the nearest recruitment office. On that subject, due to recent underground legislation, we have allowed the women of our glorious empire to serve in any and all military roles, provided they have proper qualifications. God save you all!"
He steps back inside as the crowd cheers

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