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Founder: The Queendom of Peaceful Isles

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Largest Timber Woodchipping Industry: 1,390th Lowest Overall Tax Burden: 1,874th Most Extensive Civil Rights: 2,052nd+2
Highest Crime Rates: 2,203rd Most Avoided: 2,498th
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Pacific Isles
a Central Pacific region

Embassies: Baltimore and Kingdom of Romania.

Tags: Minuscule.

Pacific Isles is home to a single nation.

Today's World Census Report

The Most Primitive in Pacific Isles

Nations were ranked by World Census officials based on the number of natural phenomena attributed to the unknowable will of animal-based spirit gods.

As a region, Pacific Isles is ranked 15,346th in the world for Most Primitive.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Queendom of Peaceful IslesAnarchy“Liberty and Home”

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Pacific Isles Regional Message Board




We are but a single enjoy, but we stand for and army of thousands. We are Anonymous. We wish you no harm. We are here to protect and preserve, not to destroy. We seek only justice. We seek to protect the innocent and enact retribution on the guilty.

You have a snake in your midst. The individual Kitten combines along with his alias Catalonya has been identified as a serial troll, who seeks his jollies out of manipulation, creating descent; while plotting the destruction of a region, with the hopes of forcing others to, "rage quit."

The following is but one of six dossier documents we have collected on Kitten combines

Please refer to the message boards of the, Free Sovereign Nations, Democratic Alliance, 1000, Gubihl Islands, just to name a few. Then turn to posts and rantings of Catalonya [nation]([/nation]Kitten combines puppet) in The free Union of Nations

Our investigation has uncovered a plot to destroy both the ULN and the FSN.

The following was recovered via telegram messages from Kitten combines to The republic of ireland united. Ireland was recruited to assist us in our mission. Ireland is an innocent and no blame or guilt shall be attributed to her. This information was also sent directly to Puma gradualness

The Empire of Kitten Combines
2 days 11 hours ago
i became regional chair, didn't I? i know how to play terrorists like him like toys. they are short-brained and highly retarded. their anti-social criminal impulses will be the death of them.
if he feels i am on his side, he will exalt me above others, but due to paranoia he didn't give exec or border cont. powers (yet) which means we may need to garrison a bit to get those
but i have appearance and embassies cont, so when the time is right, i'll close all the emb's and post a funny humiliating message on their RMB like (ULN Rules! Puma Serves!) or something immature like that
of course i endorsed the bastard, this is my only WA puppet, and i intend to use it to do maximum damage against that social terrorist.
<--- Kitten Combines is talking about Puma

The Empire of Kitten Combines
2 days 10 hours ago
YES!! my plan worked.. now we wait until the region reaches it's full capacity of populous.
Told ya I know what I'm doing. now im a position to wreck him when the time comes and maximum humiliation ensues to get him to rage-quit again (this is bad to do to a 13 yo kid i know, i feel bad for him, but he is being a totally spoiled brat so in a way this is a good life lesson to help grow as a person, who knows he might end up mature and wise and kind because of it, by experiencing the pain he caused to others.. lol no chance of that happening)
<--- In another correspondence Kitten Combines admitted confusing Spaceania of the Union of Liberal Nations with Puma

Additionally, Kitten Combines is also known as Catalonya. This twisted individual seeks to derive their jollies out of creating misery, distrust and destruction.

We have secured over sixty pieces of evidence, securing Kitten Combines guilt and plot to destroy the Free Sovereign Nations, the Union of Liberal Nations and their associated embassy regions

Her plan was to secure a position of power and await the time when the membership numbers were are a far greater capacity. At that time, she would close the embassies and ban all member nations, leaving only Puma Gradualness. She was also the individual who manipulated the dissolution, mistrust and eventual separation between the Union of Liberal Nations and the Free Sovereign Nations

Additionally, believing she could further create havoc and tension, Kitten Combines (aka: Catalonya), attempted to secure our services, under false pretenses, and is the sole reason we have come to this region. Her plan was to have us destroy the ULN and place the blame on Puma Gradualness. Our agents were instructed to behave as if we were her willing accomplices, even going so far as to devise future plans to take down an entire allied region. Under the belief we we acquiring the The free Union of Nations as a means to frame Puma, Kitten combines quickly became an all too willing accomplice to assist us, while unwittingly proving her own guilt.

Additional transmittal, being held as evidence would include:

The Holy Empire of Kitten Combines
3 days 6 hours ago

unfortunately i joined the noisy idiot's region, in order to cause trouble for him if i gain enough leverage to crash his region

The Republic of Spaceania → Paisos Valencians, The Republic of Ireland United, Kitten Combines, Queen Nature
3 days 5 hours ago

Hello ex-members of the ULN i would like to inform you that you where accidentally ejected because Puma Gradualness said you where puppets of his we are sorry for your difficulty and hope you rejoin our region.Any of you who where citizens will keep your citizenship.and any of you who will not will imediatly get citizenship for your diffuculty's. Our investigation has discovered Puma was an innocent pawn in and was manipulated by Kitten Combines. We do have written confirmation of this, as well.

The Holy Empire of Kitten Combines
2 days ago
would the accusation annoy her to the point she would get mad at them and call an actual raid against them?

(or would she demand the original TG from me, to then declare war on the region i am trying to coup to hurt puma?

btw i am the original source of that lie that got me and your sister banned) This admission of being the source or the lie that got 4 innocent nations banished, plus his intent to create discord and destruction came after the belief we are a raider nation set on the destruction of both nations and all of their embassy nations.

The Holy Empire of Kitten Combines
1 day 15 hours ago
we could blame my raid on ULN on puma later on, by using his region as a jumping point?

is the raid against ULN of higher urgency than one on FSR? I could raid either one.

The Holy Empire of Kitten Combines
1 day 13 hours ago

Free Catalan states is our enemy[Minister of State]! (I'm Catalonya) <---Please note. We also have over 30 pieces of correspondence with Catalonya

i was never in gov't i refused, because it was corrupt and stupid, and ineffective, but i won the office of minister of research and tourism
but rejected it because i was convinced otherwise. i was right in rejecting it, in a region falling apart i can't be bothered to waste my time

[i]The United States of Catalonya
13 hours ago
i know. i did it on purpose. the annoyance to spaceania making him want to invade the region with their WA's and lose power in the ULN was part of my plan to disrupt their forces and turn all the blame on puma

with border control you can ban or just eject the founder. but he may cancel that as he will have border control too. exec power means
appointing regional officers, granting or stripping their privileges.

Catalan states was part of the swarm of losers attacking me mindlessly, thinking i was guilty of some coup, that puma framed me for, even tho i was behind the coup i blamed puma <--- note
I was the VP of his party in the region, until i was banned by TGFS (never mention Catalonya to him, he has to forget about me, or will suspect you all)

..however..... i could return with Catalonya and help you with something. if they disbelieve me, i will spread some lies if you want, to get them to discredit it or ignore the truth, <--- note
but if they believe me or accept me they will believe any lie you want them to believe (or at least consider it, coming from me)

i could even claim to be the one who called the raiders on their heads, to avenge me, as a means of convincing them the threat is real [/i] <--- Note. An all too willing participant to cause the destruction of her own region and an allied region

The Holy Empire of Kitten Combines
3 days 6 hours ago

no. i just like joining low pop regions, manipulating stupid idiotleaders making them trust me until i get power. after the region is full i like to make these losers rage quit <--- perhaps this may strike your interest?

maybe we can both telegram TGFS and tell him we are silently invading Puma's new reg, to sabotage him later
and then return triumphantly once that is complete, and break his morale again? i used a puppet to play with his mind
this morning, insulting him, causing him to abandon the FUN previous region (i had not had a chance to infiltrate)
causing him to fire his staff and leave the sinking ship.

We also have the testimony of several various nations, as to the exact manipulative nature of Kitten Combines and his puppet Catalonya

Read factbook

We recommend you ban this nation immediately

To Kitten combines (aka: Catalonya). Your panic mode banning process of several nations was a futile attempt and a foolish act of desperation. All of your actions were revered and lasted for about 2 minutes after your were BANNED.

As per our agreement with Puma, we GAVE the region back to Puma. We needed it to get you to keep telling us your plans. Ultimately to collect SIX PAGES of evidence against you!

We do not tolerate serial trolls, who only seek to destroy.

Every region you enter will have one of those 6 pages plastered on their RMB. Additionally the founders and all officers holding border control powers will receive a telegram informing them of your presence, along with a link to the other 5 pages.

Catalonya I wonder what happened to kitten? Did kitten go bye bye? I guess Kitten wasn't very bright, was he? That's the problem with kittens, they think they are mean old cats and they are nothing more than a ball of fluffy fur and tiny tiny claws. From what I heard, his claws were not the only tiny thing. If you'd like to talk about it, just send a TG. Assyeria might like to hear from you again too.

Do you like my new capital? It's very triggering!

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