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Most Nations: 217th Largest Black Market: 1,155th
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Welcome to Orbis Secundus!

Feel free to pour yourself a cup of tea and make yourself at home!

We're a roleplaying region about relatively modern humans colonising an age-of-sail planet that, curiously enough, is also inhabited by humans. Our roleplay is currently underway!

Just a note to new members: Please come up with your own information on your nation, we don't use the stats and descriptions that NationStates generates.

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Tags: Role Player, Serious, Silly, Human-Only, Modern Tech, Large, Map, Past Tech, and Social.

Orbis Secundus contains 66 nations, the 217th most in the world.

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The Largest Black Market in Orbis Secundus

World Census agents tracked "off the books" deals and handshake agreements in order to study the size of nations' informal economies.

As a region, Orbis Secundus is ranked 1,155th in the world for Largest Black Market.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Republic of VistulangeFather Knows Best State“Helfen, Wehren, Heilen”
2.The Memetastic Empire of Nationalist alliance of GodIron Fist Consumerists“The memes are in my dreams”
3.The Tribal Empire of StenzaCompulsory Consumerist State“Emperor is great, Emperor is god.”
4.The Sultanate of Far LiberiaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Liberia goes further”
5.The Armed Republic of Militarized Hansa BergvinCompulsory Consumerist State“Never Gonna Give You Up”
6.The Queendom of SlimeTimeInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Suu a besto”
7.The Free Land of Moru MerFather Knows Best State“We Will Endure”
8.The Commonwealth of Free State of SatakuntaNew York Times Democracy“Liberty Leading the People!”
9.The Dominion of Greys from Zeta ReticuliCompulsory Consumerist State“Of course we come in peace”
10.The Snöwdonian Kingdom of ZikalDemocratic Socialists“Free healthcare”
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Orbis Secundus Regional Message Board

April 29th, 2002
President Denver's Office, Prospers

The Grand Admiral broke out in laughter and when he finally managed to stop laughing he said, “You wish to compensate us for finding you? That's funny!” He then paced the room and continued to talk, “The Orientan Ships came purely to support our ally, Nordgard. Nothing more, nothing less. As for whiskey I'm good I smoke not drink.” He said as he pulled a metal case containing Orientan Cigars from his uniform pocket, took one out, and light it before taking a puff on it.

April 29th 2002
Denver's Office

Denver took a drink. "Well. Let us move on to other matters. How would you like to establish contact between our countries? "

February 40th 2002
Ocean Southeast of Brazantas

"They are devices we have launched into orbit around the planet, they can see everything from high above, and made these maps." It was hard to explain the technology to people who still were in the age of sail the captain thought, but he explained as best he could.


"Well met Admiral, before we go any further my country desires to know of the incident involving the Prosperes ship, and if the Admiral speaks also for the Nords?" The captain said

April 29th, 2002
President Denver's Office, Prospers

The Nordgardians took thier time to secure the ship and beginn with repairs bevor a rowboat set out to bring diplomat Schürer and Admiral Svenson along with 20 soldiers to the shore.

March 25th 2002
Denver's Office

Denver had always believed the saying 'Either he's a madman or a genius." But now he was questioning it. Denver asked the three men."Tell me again how this will help in a war?" One of the scientist known as Dr. Pene Tration said "Well you see with the small miniature cannon and the weapon, with the material made out of it and the force, along speed will be so powerful that a hit to the head will either kill them or severely injure them." Denver replied "But you know the shape of this weapon right?" The other Scientist known as Dr. Ana L said "Yes , that is the point. This will be degrading and will bring there morale down." Denver gave a sigh and said. "We will produce 100 of these, depending on its success we will if this weapon will be continue. Tomorrow in my office give me a list of the materials. For now leave me be."

April 29th, 2002
President Denver's Office, Prospers

The Grand Admiral said, “No we do not claim to speak for Nordguard and will not speak for anything on there behalf. As for the report on the incident it is long and bothersome for me to read over. Thus I shall just give you the full report on the incident.” He then handed a leather folder to the Captain. It read, “On February 7th, 2002 a ship of unknown origin entered the territorial waters of the sovereign nation of Nordguard. The ship tried to make initial contact in the language of Spanish. But, after initial contact failed armed sailors from aboard this ship engaged in combat with the defenceless citizens of a small coastal village. However, local militia forces responded with force and put up stiff resistance. However, the sailors began to push their advantage of superior training than the militiamen and began to make progress. But, nearby Orientan forces arrived and broke the sailors, thus winning the battle for the Nordguardian Forces.” He then turned to the President and said, “Well what do you wish to discuss?” He then took another puff on his cigar.

Radio Orbit is up for week 12, you can either telegram me again with your submissions or paste them into the Discord channel, you may submit two songs to me again and I will be publishing next weeks' playlist on Wednesday!

April 29th 2002
Denver's Office

"Well for starters, we can become trade partners. I know we may be of to a rocky start but we can begin repairing." Denver took a shot of Whiskey.

March 7th, 2002
Coast of Sylvannia

Looking at the GPS, ninette extended a finger to the north western part of the world, saying something under her breath. Realizing no one heard her, she spoke louder in latin.

"Nouvelle-Libéterre. Me. From. Here."

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