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Welcome to Orbis Secundus!

Feel free to pour yourself a cup of tea and make yourself at home!

We're a roleplaying region about relatively modern humans colonising an age-of-sail planet that, curiously enough, is also inhabited by humans.

Just a note to new members: Please come up with your own information on your nation, we don't use the stats and descriptions that NationStates generates. We are not accepting any more colonists at the moment.

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Orbis Secundus contains 32 nations, the 500th most in the world.

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The Largest Publishing Industry in Orbis Secundus

The World Census tallied social media complaints from students regarding overpriced textbooks to determine which nations have the largest book publishing industries.

As a region, Orbis Secundus is ranked 6,320th in the world for Largest Publishing Industry.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Republic of SlialorFather Knows Best State“Communism For All!”
2.The Proletarian State of Forenet SkandinavienLeft-wing Utopia“Proletarer i Alle Lande, Foren Jer!”
3.The Republic of ProsperersNew York Times Democracy“Fight with might”
4.The Kingdom of GavriliaDemocratic Socialists“Glory to Gavrilia !”
5.The Federation of NoFriendsLandDemocratic Socialists“No friends, good job.”
6.The Tribal Empire of StenzaCompulsory Consumerist State“Emperor is great, Emperor is god.”
7.The Dictatorship of Depepi SwocoCompulsory Consumerist State“Might Makes Right”
8.The People's Republic of RedhairlandistanPsychotic Dictatorship“We're totally not going through a military coup! ”
9.The Federal District of LibeterreLiberal Democratic Socialists“Un pour un, un pour l'état.”
10.The Holy Empire of HamdishotopiaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“We Would Love to Have some Allies”

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Hello just thought i would say hi.


Hello m8s, you lads seem promising

our leader left us to rot...

July 15th 2002
Denvers office.

"Had I been an assassin you would be dead. And I find you drinking on the job, why the Emperor did not simply annex your little country and have you shot is a mystery to me." He straightened himself "I am High Inquisitor Hans Narkaious, I have been sent by the Vampaskan Fellowship to ensure your nation follows the Conversion Clause of the Protectorate treaty. I must say that they grow impatient, we were promised land to build temples, the outlawing of heretical beliefs, and I doubt you yourself have even converted. If your nation does not follow the Clause, by the treaty's terms the Inquisition will enter your country and convert with the blade and the bullet rather than the pen and voice, and trust me when I say, nobody wants that to happen."

The High Inquisitor waited for the president's response.


Hello, I have just relocated here... I relocated here to be with some friends... I can't wait to help do... stuff... :) I don't know :).

May 30th 2002

Vlad spoke "Well lets go find out shall we" vlad said as he got up

July 15th 2002
Denvers office

"Had you been an assassin why would you wait for me to finish drinking. And its a mystery to me as well." Denver pulled out some papers. Right now we are gathering arms and intel on religious figures. All we are short on are explosives. If you can provide them we can finish this much quicker." Denver said before grabbing another bottle of whiskey and offering it to the inquisitor.


May 30th 2002

"Find out what?" said Patreon as he took the ice cold pepsi and proceeded to yell" F@CK COKE PEPSI'S BETTER" and the whole thing ringing mcloskey to bring more pepsi.

July 15th 2002
Denvers office

"The Imperium provides, I'll have some of my men bring you everything thats needed, but I still insist on observing the operations. Do not displease the Imperium President Denever"

( )

August 31 2002
Foelculler Plains

A titanic army had been gathered, the three Nalvarran nations combined their might into an army of over 500,000, together they would march on Sylvania, and drive out the Men of the Sky.

Oh how little they understood, there was no hope for victory, in their hubris, the Leaders of the three nations were sending thousands of young men to die, and would face the wrath of the Sylvanian warbeast.

They should have understood that Sylvania had assumed an attack was coming from the series of warnings they had been sent, they should have understood that even such a grand army of professional and levy troops could not possibly win against the power of a people who could claim the stars as their great frontier.

Their scouts going missing should have been their warning that their plan was going to go drastically wrong. However none of them believed until the bombers were upon them, thousands of pounds of ordinance dropped in a titanic wave upon their troop columns and army camps. Untold thousands dead in an instant.

Then came the tanks and helicopters, infantry formations crushed beneath the guns, flamethrowers, and treads of the Sylvanian war machines, helicopters gunning down cavalry formations and fleeing men. The generals and officers were mostly killed in the first bombing, the great Nalvarran Army reduced to a rabble of panicked men, fleeing in any direction, some directly into the Sylvanian infantry, who gunned them down mercilessly.

By the time night came the army of the Nalvarrans was no more, and the sheer power of Sylvanian military might was no focused entirely on the Nalvarran nations.

It is estimated that over 300,000 Nalvarrans died that bloody day, entirely for nothing as now their homes were to be besieged by the waiting Sylvanian monster.

Footage from the battle was broadcast all over the Imperium, from Reikwald City to Chekla, and from Chekla to Prosperity the slaughter of the Nalvarrans boosting the pride of the Sylvanians, and serving as a warning to the natives of Eden within the Imperium what could happen to them.

The news of the catastrophic defeat absolutely destabilized the three nations, even before the airstrikes and gassing began, the nation's had descended into anarchy as the people panicked and men of faith cried out "The End is Nigh!". The Congress of Marianopulo reflected this, some committed suicide, others desperately tried to seize emergency power, others simply fled with the masses, the Royal Family of Stormlain fled and sought refuge with the Dukedom of Espero, the King of Forcello held out the longest, until he died at the explosion of an airstrike to his palace. The Sylvanian Navy bolstered by their Cheklan Counterparts strangled what little trade was left, the nation's navies reduced to smoldering wrecks. The Three Nations of the Nalvarran people were no more in only two months time, their governments collapsing around them before Sylvanian troops even set foot on their lands.

Over the next several weeks the Imperium swept through their nations, slaughtering thousands in their way. Many more simply fled; some went east to the Karakmang Khanate, others fled south into the deserts, and some fled on boats to the island of Depepi Swoco.

The Nalvarrans that remained awaited in terror the judgement of their new masters.

May 30th 2002

"Coke? What is coke and this pepsi?"

July 15th 2002

"Do not worry there will be no more religon except yours."

July 29th 2002
Symphony building

Hearing music was one of the refine things Denver liked to do. Every month he would go and hear a Symphony enjoying the calm music. Looking at his watch he saw in five minutes that fire works were about to go off. A major religon holiday was today and most took the day off to go to the church or spend time with family... five minutes passed and Denver closed his eyes listening to the music. Soon all around the country major religious figures and churches began to blow up. People ran in terror whilss were on the ground dazed not knowing what was going on. Denver smiled... He always keeps his promises.

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