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Founder: The Proletarian State of Forenet Skandinavien

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Most Nations: 387th Largest Black Market: 859th
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Welcome to Orbis Secundus!

Feel free to pour yourself a cup of tea and make yourself at home!

We're a roleplaying region about relatively modern humans colonising an age-of-sail planet that, curiously enough, is also inhabited by humans.

Just a note to new members: Please come up with your own information on your nation, we don't use the stats and descriptions that NationStates generates. We are not accepting any more colonists at the moment.

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Tags: Serious, Social, Map, Modern Tech, Role Player, Human-Only, Past Tech, Medium, and Silly.

Orbis Secundus contains 39 nations, the 387th most in the world.

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The Longest Average Lifespans in Orbis Secundus

Nations ranked highly have lower rates of preventable death, with their citizens enjoying longer average lifespans.

As a region, Orbis Secundus is ranked 4,714th in the world for Longest Average Lifespans.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Proletarian State of Forenet SkandinavienLeft-wing Utopia“Proletarer i Alle Lande, Foren Jer!”
2.The Holy Empire of NoviriaLiberal Democratic Socialists“Piedra sin agua no aguza en la fragua”
3.The Kingdom of GavriliaDemocratic Socialists“Glory to Gavrilia !”
4.The Republic of SlialorDemocratic Socialists“Communism For All!”
5.The Community of NordguardDemocratic Socialists“From Many, One”
6.The Federal District of LibeterreDemocratic Socialists“Un pour un, un pour l'état.”
7.The Republic of RomldovaMoralistic Democracy“God Will Help Us!”
8.The Holy Empire of Kingdom of coleLeft-Leaning College State“We shall endure!”
9.The People's Republic of DrenoviaPsychotic Dictatorship“Ad communem populi”
10.The Republic of ProsperersInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Fight with might”

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Orbis Secundus Regional Message Board

April 27th, 2002
Bastion Harbor, Oriental

The says “Well we are at the forefront of native military technology. Along with this we have vast mineral wealth, which includes vast amounts of iron, copper, nickel, gold, platinum, silver, diamonds, uranium, and others. Also we have a large agricultural sector which produces large amounts of grapes, wine, spices, sugar, rum, fruits, potatoes, peas, other vegetables, wheat, rye, barley, and other grains. However, we lack access to large quantities of wood and sea based products, along with this we only have a small silk industry, and we only have the capacity to produce small amounts of cloth and string, even though we have large numbers of sheep, cows, goats, pigs, and are well known for breeding the finest horses on all of Eden.”

November 32nd, 2002,
Coast of Oriental

Captain said “Well that was what was determined to have happened and it's not my place to question past kings. Now because you have showed your more friendly side and reduced your aggressiveness I invite you to follow me to your housing in the city and you may keep your weapons. As for your ships they are welcome to dock in port.”

May 10th, 2002
Bastion Harbor, Oriental

Otto turned in his saddle and said, “This is Saint Samuel’s Cathedral,” before pointing to a massive, but, beautiful stone Cathedral with the points of the roof and ornaments flaked with gold, along with massive beautiful stain glass windows. Then Otto rode ahead a bit and pointed to a large stone fortress before saying, “and there lies our destination, Castle Blackwolf.

March 35th 2002
Onboard the Thunder

Captain Dahi acknowledged that the aircraft were not to fly over land. A crewman relayed the message to the aircraft crews.
He turned to the young captain. Trying to figure out what he was asking.

May 30th 2002,

while vlad had been stumbling around obviously drunk and dizzy from doing the routine twice, Patron began his third, unfortunately halfway to the shots of rum, he stumbled and decided to sleep on the ground where he lay.

November 32nd 2002
coast of oriental

"Ah but you see my friend, the niceness in me comes from the marijuana." Gobra then put out the joint in his shoe and pulled out a bottle the size of a shot, filled with whiskey.

May 25th 2002

the forces of De-Pepsi Swoco, Pepsi, Snapple and finally the National Beverage Corps, were having their first coalition meeting as of what actions to take upon sylvania. After rigorous hours of debate it was settled, Snapple and National Beverage Corp would pose a trade embargo against the sylvanians, meanwhile 10 Pepsi submarines and they would have support of LACROIX, would be there to provide invasion craft and would attack any coca-cola import/export ships. Pepsi 1893 divisions will move in on a coca-cola compound, with air support provided by Shasta Club Soda. Both Dr.Pepper and DR.Shasta would be there to care for any wounded, Nurse Dr.Pepper Cherry will be there as well. Meanwhile after they had secured the first cola compound, the plan would be to sit back and wait for reinforcements, until then hold out against any attack as best you can. The plan was set to take place June 6th, 2002. With any luck the RC-Cola Special forces would be in within the week.

June 5th, 2002 (mid-day)

My Fellow Depepi Swocoans, I would like to make an announcement to you. It has been long speculated that a second cola war would come, today is the day I tell you that yes we are officially declaring war on the Coca-cola party.Many ask how we could ever win this one when we lost the last one, Well with out new allies we plan to eradicate this world of coca-cola, in the past I have called it the root of all evil in this world, and I stand by that statement. We must not stand idly by as these innocent people consume coke, every single day. So I would like to finally say that, yes the ACC (Anti Coke coalition) Has Finally Declared their noble war against the foul scum called coke, I thank you for listening and have a nice day.

November 32nd, 2002,
Coast of Oriental

The Captain mounted a white horse and said “You can choose to follow or not. I leave the decision up to you.” Before kneeing his horse which got it moving at a trot towards the city gate. While his men formed a 2 wide column behind his horse and began to march behind him.

Post self-deleted by Depepi Swoco.

March 21st 2002
Waters North of Reikwald City

On board the NT Nouvagues, Captain Judikael Gonçalves gave the signal to allow the Sylvanians to board before joining diplomat Voltaire St. Élie outside. Together they waited in anticipation for the foreign delegation to arrive on deck while his men threw ropes to the Sylvanian ship.

November 32nd 2002
coast of oriental

Gobra radioed in to the ships, "Do what you can to conserve fuel, im sending 12 men to the dinghy's, expect them at the ship soon out." Gobra then turned to his men and said, Sargent Rhiger, Take 11 men to the dinghy's and head back to the ships, tell them to dock in whatever port you find. from their I'll leave LT Johnson in control.

November 32nd, 2002,
Coast of Oriental

The Swococan ships docked in the same harbor Captain Gobra and his troops would be staying in. As soon as they docked they were quickly refilled with supplies, and repaired by Orienten engineers. But, they could not be refueled due to the fact that the Orientens yet knew how to refine oil into Gasoline. Meanwhile, the Captain of the Guard showed Captain Gobra and his men where they'd be staying for the duration of their visit. They would be staying at a pristine and lavish town house for the wealthier classes of the city. They also had all the alcohol they could drink, cigars or cigarettes they could smoke, and all the food they could eat. Along with this the interior of the rooms was quite lavish and comfortable, with silk blankets and sheets, soft feather pillows, beautiful stained hardwood floors, neatly chiseled marble, and the walls were decorated with majestic oil paintings.

27th of April, 2002
Bastion Harbor, Oriental

Ordan pondered over what was offered, delighted that they seemed to fill a quota exactly what they were looking for. The minerals were something that Slimairn lacked a heavy hand in, and then the animals and plants that were offered also would help with the food deficit they found themselves with. He would make sure to try and find animals and crops that they could grow in the more tumultuous environment of Slimairn. What also caught his attention was military technology, something his superiors would kill for. "Well, then I think we're going to get along just fine. Shall we discuss the deal at dinner?"

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