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Most World Assembly Endorsements: 162nd Most Nations: 578th Most Cultured: 1,706th+9
Best Weather: 1,902nd Largest Publishing Industry: 2,121st Healthiest Citizens: 2,135th Most Valuable International Artwork: 2,145th Most Beautiful Environments: 2,157th Most Advanced Public Transport: 2,184th Most Eco-Friendly Governments: 2,215th Most Extensive Public Healthcare: 2,258th Most Advanced Public Education: 2,298th
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Welcome to Novapax!

Here in Novapax, we strive for an active and engaged community that can get on with developing their nation's identity and interests at their own pace. The forums are the best place to do that, so if you are interested in sports, economics, culture or geography, there will always be a thread for you. If you are new to the region, don't hesitate to give an introduction of your nation in the RMB.

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  • The Novapax Map is now operational again. TG Britonisea to make a request!

  • A Local News Page has been created for the region, get posting now!

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    The Complete List of NSCodes

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Embassies: Agora, Sonnel, The Bar on the corner of every region, Avadam Inn, International Debating Area, Bus Stop, The Embassy, POLATION, The LCRUA, Gypsy Lands, Rogue CONclave, South Pacific, United States of America, Portugal, Future Earth, KAISERREICH, and 4 others.Monarchist and Democratic Alliance, Kingdom Of England And Wales, Lardyland, and phoenix partners.

Construction of embassies with F7 Multiverse has commenced. Completion expected .

Tags: Democratic, Free Trade, Liberal, Map, Medium, Serious, Silly, and Social.

Regional Power: Moderate

Novapax contains 29 nations, the 578th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Largest Trout Fishing Sector in Novapax

The World Census conducted frenzied haggling with fishmongers in order to determine which nations have the largest fishing industries.

As a region, Novapax is ranked 10,920th in the world for Largest Trout Fishing Sector.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The United States of AmaterahCivil Rights Lovefest“You Can't Stop Progress”
2.The Dominion of The Canine RaceFather Knows Best State“The canine race will conquer every world!”
3.The Republic of KassegrochiaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“From one generation to the next”
4.The Kingdom of CosneoltaLeft-Leaning College State“Calamus gladio fortior”
5.The Teokratik Imperiä of ZantezumaniaPsychotic Dictatorship“Skandinava vil gevä preslar unhe os!”
6.The Holy Empire of DivinistanPsychotic Dictatorship“For God, Emperor and State!”
7.The Protectorate of LagoaLeft-Leaning College State“Iêgas salvam a Vadívena”
8.The Republic of WazekiaLeft-Leaning College State“Mohyr es Kalas”
9.The People's Republic of KaameraateLeft-Leaning College State“Tsogang! Tsogang! Banna Tsogang!”
10.The Great Kingdom of EkozInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Toleråns och Inklusivitet”

Regional Poll • Secretary for Communication & Recruitment

The Republic of Mercedini wrote:Hello Novapax. Please vote for your new Sec4 Comms & Recruitment

Voting opened 2 days 9 hours ago and will close . Open to residents. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

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Novapax Regional Message Board

Once again the capitalist imperialist princess of United Taured is trying to exploit other nations. It is clear that United Taured is the aggressor in this situation and most likely wants war with the USAC. The Berdanvian Union has a relatively small military, but has been ramping up military production due to the recent events that have unfolded in the last few months. Half of the Berdanvian navy has been deployed to the northern waters of Berdanvia in order to protect its land and waters from any possible attack from the vile imperialist nation United Taured and its allies in the USC. With millions of United Taured troops coming back to Divinistan, it is clear that the Princess of United Taured wants to permanently occupy Divinistan and probably make it a colony. Berdanvia is not going to try to stop United Taured from conquering Divinistan as of now, but it just shows how imperialistic United Taured really is. Berdanvia is calling on all other USC nations to wake up and realize that the Novapax Security coalition is made so United Taured can exert more power and influence over Novapax at the expense of other nations.

The United Socialist Action Coalition, which currently consists of The Berdanvian Union and Ming Hoang, is a coalition created to fighting imperialism and bringing peace and prosperity to the Novapax region through equality and true freedom.

Taeseon Government Response to Berdanvian Claims

Recently, the Berdanvian Government had issued a statement towards the country of United Taured, and the NSC. They Claimed that we were trying to exploit other nations for profit and power. This is not the case. We don't go to war to gain profit, or to gain power. They also claimed that we were colonializing other nations. That claim is also not true. The Reason we've gone to war to Divinistan in the first place is that they shown alot of signs of aggression.

That was the reason why the NSC had invaded Divinistan in the first place, is to forcibly remove a dictatorship that oppressed the people and citizens of Divinistan, as well as carrying out acts of assassinations, terrorist acts, and crimes against humanity.

Taeseon's Message to the USAC (United Socialist Action Coalition), and to the Communal Republics of The Berdanvian Union:

"We, the people of Taeseon, asked Berdanvia, to show acts of peace, tolerance, and acceptance. We do not take any kinds of Aggression, since the 4th Republic has been established Two years ago in 2018. From the protests that ended the Dictatorship Row of the Third Republic of Taeseon, to the valiant efforts of Taeseon and her allies in The Removal of a Dictatorship in Kassegrochia, to the Counter-Revolution against an attempted Oppressive Dictatorship Coup attempt, till now; We, The People of Taeseon, asking for Berdanvia, to show the three principles that we gave."

Response from Her Royal Highness Princess Margret

People of Novapaxs, the NSC see no war in the near future but we are wary that Berdanvia will strike first with there "military" that they are bolstering seems like a threat. The war as the Teaseon Government put it was a just conflict, they attacked a fellow nation and threatened to disturb the peace with an armed conflict not to mention the attempted assassination on my life the reason why men are being sent to Divinistan is to ensure a peaceful transfer to democracy nothing more, you failed to mention that the recent leader of Divinistan is at large without a trace.

We have done nothing to provoke Berdanvian even at one point guaranteeing the protection of them from Divinistan due to there weak military, but once a hateful nation will always be a hateful nation. The NSC along with the beautiful country of United Taured will always strive for peace and prosperity and nothing more, and we urge the socialist powers to the east to change their course for the better.

Wolfrenian President Responds to the claims from Berdanvia:

The NSC was not founded on assisting United Taured to gain more power in the region. The NSC was founded to ensure security to nations in the region of Novapax. We will continue to defend our region for years to come."

Hello Novapax.

Nominations for the new Secretary for Communications & Recruitment have closed, with only a single nation throwing their hat into the ring. Please find the poll at the top to the main regional page, you have three days to vote.

On a side note, I hope to take back the WA Delegacy for the region, so I actually have something to do. If all nations in the region that are part of the WA endorse one candidate, we would have 10+ votes. This is sizeable and mean we would be punching above our weight compared to similarly sized regions. If you could endorse Mercedini it would be appreciated, don't forget to endorse you fellow WA nations too, we are a family after all!

Thanks, and I hope you are all enjoying your time in Novapax!


Vote for United Taured, I will strive to bring new faces and more RP to the region!

The war-torn nation of Divinistan has a lot going on right now. It seems that it is the center of attention for Novapax. Reconstruction is slow, but is making progress. The elections will be held in a few days with the Nationalist Yuzmek Party projected to win the election as 75% of the Divinistani population is Yuzmek and most Yuzmeks will vote for that party. With one million United Taured soldiers coming back to Divinistan, The Novapax Unity party seems to be in a secure position as the party is for Divinistan to practically be under NSC control. The Democratic Socialist Party also has a lot of support especially from minorities and because most civilians are currently living is very poor conditions. Most citizens of Divinistan want not only a new government, but a new nation in general. Many want to get rid of their nations name and flag and replace it with something that reflects the governing party and the people. In a few days the election will take place and the elected party will lead Divinistan in a new direction.

The Office of The President-Soviet of Minh Hoang in response to recent NSC movement in war-torn Divinistan

The Government and People of Minh Hoang are rejoicing to the news that peace is being restored in Divinistan after such a horrifying war. However, the peace effort lead by the NSC seems at certain points worryingly dubious with the massive armed forces influx into aforementioned nation, much more than the force needed to maintain post-war law and order.

Although at the moment it is no more than a speculation, there are reasons to believe that United Taured and the NSC have intentions to establish their authority over Divinistan, preventing a true democratic process and thus continuing the suffering of the Divinistanis instead of the peace, freedom and liberty they have longed for.

As a proud member of the USAC, Minh Hoang commits to the emancipation of all people and true social progress through socialist, afterwards communist, principles. Minh Hoang's social, economical and political progress and achievements are firm testimonies to our system. What we have achieved, however, was not determined by any foreign intervention, but rather the true will and self-determination of the people themselves. With terms such as the new Divinistan nation must join the NSC, the freedom of choice will be taken away from those who deserve it.

That being said, we, the United Social Action Coalition, earnestly urge the entirety of the NSC forces to completely withdraw from Divinistan and let Minh Hoang and the Berdanvian Union take over the peacekeeping mission, considering our geographical proximity and capable military. We strive for cooperation between the USAC and the NSC, but if deemed necessary, we will no other choice but to intervene by force.

Let's not let history repeats itself.

BVC News

BVC releases exclusive information in dramatic new advert as Britonisea wins 7th World Hit Festival title... Watch the BVC Advertisement here!

Tauredian News

5 highly trained astronauts are heading towards the Moon, at around 3:00PM Salvation One launched from a launch site on the northern coast states the RTSA (Royal Tauredian Space Agency). They are to be setting up a habitat on the lunar surface to gather scientific data and set up a permanent habitat for future missions and in the near future setting up a colony of bright minds since the shooting Princess Margret has only been seen once during the Parade of Victory but she had to observe this huge leap into the future, she watched as the 5 brave men and women soared threw the sky and into space, may they have a safe journey and return home as heroes! They are expected to arrive in the coming days.

In other news, Princess Margret made a response to the President of Minh Hoang after his response stating: "The NSC shall keep its peacekeeping forces in Divinistan until order and a new government is established, our militaries are more than capable to act as peacekeeping forces. All the USAC has been doing ever since it was established has been hostile ever since the NSC was established, with threats of intervention within a conflict that was rightfully just or blaming us as war criminals. I don't want any more bloodshed, brave men and women have died within the NSC but we will do everything in our power to preserve peace, prosperity, and freedom in Novapaxs no matter the cost, threats like that will not be taken lightly. Like you said let's not let history repeat itself."

Long live Princess Margret, and God bless United Taured!

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