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NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Unified Provinces of JezabelstienCorrupt Dictatorship“Praise Irene.”
2.The Socialist Federal Republics of NovoroyskaPsychotic Dictatorship“Мир под одним знаменем!”
3.The United States of Enclaves AmericaFather Knows Best State“Deus benedicat Foederatarum”
4.The Grand Capitalist Rebublic of United KuzikstanIron Fist Consumerists“We are not your enemy, until you make us one.”
5.The Dominion of DarkStar CabalPsychotic Dictatorship“Absolution through Technological Domination”
6.The Rogue Nation of Fire Cult IncMother Knows Best State“Darkness Is In The Flame”
7.The Highest Imperial Federation of Feng DynastyMother Knows Best State“Bright as a Crowned Phoenix's Flight”
8.The Constitutional Monarchy of Thanedom of JonFather Knows Best State“Prideful, Determined, Strong”
9.The Federal Republic of The Enclave congressional armed forcesIron Fist Consumerists“Ad Omnia Finem”
10.The Grand Duchy of RikuraIron Fist Consumerists“Ex Constantia Victoria”

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United Kingdom of Miotia-Candor wrote:

UKMC(0.0+2.1) After Stories Ep1 P2
(2018-2021 Recap can be found in factbook)
UKMC, Colonial Hong Kong, Central, Public Health Security Dearpment. 0.0_2.1;09:00;31/04/2021
At the top floor of the hologram-covered triangular prism structure at the coast of Victoria harbor, Deputy Director of the Yotsubishi Corporation, Soua Lam invites herself into the superintendent’s office carefreely as if it was her home. After seeing the man on his phone, she sat on the sofa, next to the yellow bear plushie in front of the office desk. She took an apple from the basket on the glass table in front of her as she eavesdrops on the conversation he has on the phone. She looks out through the glassed wall to the other side of the devolved state, New Territories of Kjanuan Kowloon. There stood a plantation and solar panel-covered tower similar design to the one she is in, it is HQ of the Kjanuan Administration of Kowloon.
The superintendent called her.
“What’s is it? You seemed to be troubled, Mr. Herny Chow.”
“Stop that formality, Soua. We’ve known each other since forever.”
Herny stood from his seat and walked over to the sofa before explaining everything to his former classmate.
“It’s the Grand Chancellor. She’s going to Taijing.”
“Mashiro Fuyuki?”
“Well yeah, who else?”
He replied sarcastically. Soua smiled and passed the apple to him before returning her focus to the view.
“The new U2-Yamakaze DDS and the new-type security drones have been completed, they will arrive in port today.”
Underestimating the importance of the situation, she switched the topic.
“What? Did you came all the way here just to tell me to sign a contract so you can hand the report over to the chief executive and the governor-general?”
“Am I not allowed to visit you, superintendent Mr. Herny Chow?”
“Really? Do I look like I have much free time, right now?”
The stressed superintendent told Soua about the current situation.
“What do you mean she’s on a commercial flight?”
“Yep. You heard me right, Soua.”
“If every idiot is a plane, Edokyuuria must be a goddamn airport.”
Soua quickly pulled out her phone and starts to contact TW-1.
“There’s no need for reinforcement, I’ve already sent agents across the border.”
“What do you mean by no need, Herny. Do you have any idea who is in Taijing right now?”
“Now you’re calling me by my first name, Soua.”
Soua stood up and walked over to the glass wall and gaze at the Kjanuan tower as she waits for the Far East Branch to pick up her call.

Imperial Feng, Taijing International Airport. 0.0_2.1;16:20;31/04/2021
“For the last time, this passport is real.”
Mashiro Fuyuki insisted. Tired of being questioned by the customs.
Meanwhile, Kana Ichihara and Mikel Blancy were waiting at the baggage carousel with their luggage.
“Well, that’s going to take a while.”
Kana murmured.
“To be honest, Ichihara. I saw this coming from half the globe away.”
Blancy replied as he leans on the luggage cart’s handle.
“Oh? As expected of your veteran experience.”
“Might be very alien to you. It’s a magical concept called common sense.”

Taijing International Airport: The Milling Crowds
“So what you are saying is… that you are Mashiro Fuyuki, Chancellor of the United Kingdom of the Crowned Constitutional Regency of Miotia-Candor?”
The border inspector narrowed his eyes in suspicion, his red-grey robes rustling as he analysed the passport once more. “You seem quite… unaccompanied for such a big name in world politics.”
He listened blankly to Mashiro’s explanations, nodding absently. “World leaders don’t usually travel by commercial plane after all. Are you still sure you are-”
“Now, now you are holding up the line!” A voice rang out, causing the border official to stutter to a stop. The hall they were in had ceilings tall enough to rival the Palaces of Feng, with modern architecture modelled to resemble the traditional. The vast crowds of tourists, visitors, immigrants, and returning Fengese were organised meticulously by red ropes. The line of inspector’s booths seemed like a wall keeping this vast sea of heads out, letting in one at a time after each check.

“Who… are you?” The inspector began. “You should know that visitors should wait in line-“
“Aiyah, I’m no tourist good sir. I’m from the Palace!” The man laughed, fumbling with his robes, clearly designed to blend in with the crowd, andallowing just a hint of a glance at a scroll backed with heavy brocade. “Imperial order of her imperial majesty- no need to kneel for this one by the way… the Grand Chancellor Mashiro Fuyuki, an honoured guest of the Imperial Palace, shall be welcomed to the Palace in all eager haste.” The man smiled, held in a chuckle at the inspector’s dumbfounded face, and bowed them through to the main terminal. “I am Jin’ning, highest of honoured attendant to the gilded throne, and it shall be my greatest pleasure to serve.”

They left the line of insoector’s booths, walking through a corridor and down a set of escalators. Jin’ning hummed a tune, picking up his long skirts from the moving stairs. His hair was artfully messy, a loose topknot with a jade pin, and the rest of the hair untied and swinging in its full length to below his waist.
“Taijing International Airport hosts millions of visitors each day, so please do pardon the crowds. Normally there will be special and less crowded corridors for the more esteemed guests. But anyways-”

[Ding Dong] a chime rang out from the ceiling. A cool, female voice began to speak. [This is an announcement. Passengers Nezoko Kamada, Kong Fuzi, Lerouch Lamerogue, and Kaeia Alberch, please go to Gate 6 to board your YotsubishiAir flight to Trinada City, Frontera. A lost child named Tazumaki is also found, please go to your nearest information centre. Thank you. Tung gou, gok wai loi ban-]

“But anyways, since we’re here, wanna have a bite or two? I know a place with nice Chee Cheong Fun….”
They entered a large entryway, hung with red ribbons. They and the crowd walked on through, conversations like a constant waterfall’s roar. A large screen advertised a game, with a small girl in white hovering in the air. “Come to Shingen Impact, let’s explore Tayvet together!”
The main terminal spread out before them, covered in the sea of heads. There were welcoming arms waving their relatives back, a tour group gathering tourists, and strangely, a man in green, a girl in blue, a short girl with an eyepatch, and a tall swooning lady knight.

The crowd milled on through the airport.
In the centre of the hall was a statue of a massive phoenix, its golden feathers shining and eyes like ruby stars. It watched as Jin’ning and the rest of the company travelled under its soaring wings.
They left the airport to a waiting car at one of the drop-off points.

“Ah, that’s better. Please, do sit down!”
The car started once they settled in, manoeuvring the complex roads.
“So… how are you finding Feng?”

Astana-Anders wrote:As it turns to summer in the Anderian nation, things have suddenly took a turn for the better. The many pro-war and ultranationalists parties like the Ultranationalists Assembly, Patriotic Coalition of Anderian Nationalists, and the Union for Anders have become less and less popular in the Parliament losing what little seats they have. The anger surrounding the Logan-Altans Scandal has died down and it appears The Atlas Archipelago has better things to do then to bother Anders...

Everything is as it should... but... Joseph still feels something... a feeling... that he has still not done much for his country. He has watched over an economic boom after the Anderian Fascist War... yet... he is no where near his goal of peace both domestic and aboard. He looks at the sunny afternoon... he calls Reggie. "Yes sir." Said Reggie. Joseph looks to him. "I need you to send a closed telegram to Bridgette in Zahirea and Sjakera in United Kuzikstan. Tell them I am setting up a Northern Utopian Union and would love for them to respond once they are available." Said Joseph. "I will see what I can do." Said Reggie rushing off to make the telegram.

---The Union;---

It is raining in Stark-York. Bridgette looks at her son's inauguration on TV. She could not come for she has lot's of work to do as Arch-Chancellor... she asks for her maid to bring her another pitcher of water. Bridgette has been growing more concerned with a member of the Parliament, Monroe Lenin. A staunch supporter of Chauvinistic Socialism with a deep hatred for Anderians and other outsiders. She knows that if left alone, Monroe could do things to the very tiny population of Anderians that still exist in Zahirea.

She brushes this to the back of her mind; she does not want to think about that at all. Instead, wishing to instead think about something else. She has just gotten a telegram from Astana asking to join a 'Northern Utopian Union'. She scoffs. While she does trust Joseph, his recent clashes with The Atlas Archipelago makes the prospect worrysome and a large majority of the populace still does not trust the Anderians, still... in order to progress into the next era and stand out as a true world power, she must push her feelings toward the Anderians away and maybe be allies with them...

"Get one of my diplomats in here." Said Bridgette into the intercom. "Which one ma'am." Replied the voice. "Anyone. Tell them to go immediately to Astana-Anders. I am interested in this Union but I need more convicining." Said Bridgette. "Yes ma'am." Replied back.

Glon Glodiope's nation animal, the bighorn sheep, grazes in the lush fields on the outskirts of Chadtown. They stay in groups of no less than six in order to fend off any predators that may dare to attack. Some residents of local towns often keep up the old tradition of catching a male bighorn sheep and presenting it to a newly born baby as a gesture of good luck and wishing them a prosperous life. Because of this, male bighorn sheep are often very timid and scamper off into the distance whenever a human walks within a 10 metre radius.

Hello everybody, this is emporor FoodleNoodle reporting to the great nations of northern utopi! I would like you all to know that our millitary is plus plus big, and growing by the millisecond. Our uranium supplies are in full force, and we are preparing for attack. just like stalks carry babys, my jet planes will carry your pain and suffering. Speak ill of Farro-sorn and feel the smooth carbon fibre accelerate into your thick skins! The farro-sornian people have balls of steel, and brains with many wires.
In other news, we have just created the world first back scratcher and selfie camera in one. we hope this technology will further our glorious nation into the beautiful sunrise in the future! time is slipping through my fingers, so i must stop writing. I wish to update you all in the future! Goodbye.

Farro-sornian translation: ˈhello eˌveryˈbody , this is emˈporor ˌfooˌdleoˈodle reˈporting to the ˈgreat naˈtions of ˈnorthern uˈtopi ! I ˈwould ˈʒɑlʊ yˈou all to know that ˈour ˌmilliˈtary is plus plus βuː , and ˈgrowing by the ˌmilliˈsecond . ˈour ˌuraˈnium supˈplies ˈare βaʊ̯ full ˈforce , and we ˈare preˈparing for ˈattack . just ˈʒɑlʊ stalks ˈcarry ˈbabys , my jet ˈplanes juːɫ ˈcarry yˈour ˈpain and sufˈfering . ˈspeak ill of faˈrrosorn and ˈfeel the ˈɑnɹɛk ˈcarbon ˈfibre acˌceleˈrate βaʊ̯ yˈour thick skins ! the faˌrrosorˈnian peˈople ˈhave balls of ˈsteel , and ˈbrains with ˈmany ˈwires . βaʊ̯ ˈother news , we ˈhave just creˈated the world first vɪd ˈscratcher and selˈfie caˈmera βaʊ̯ ˈone/

Quziq City, Saturday, A lovely morning

A man stepped out of his house and breathed in the chilly morning air. The mans name was Naq. Naq walked to his car, started it and drove towards a nearby store. It was the weekend so he decided to go to the store early to avoid the traffic later. As he drove his Quzia J5 he listened to the news from the radio. A lot of news about the drastic changes made to the state after becoming a protectorate. Naq drove past a square with a massive flag pole. Naq saw some soldiers raising the new flag. It retained the old symbol of Quziq on a blue background with thin white stripes on the edges. Some people had gathered around the park to watch. Soldiers and transports were going around everywhere stopping people and patrolling the streets. Naq stopped his car in front of a small shop on the northern side of Quziq city. He walked in to the shop. No other customers were there. Naq filled his bags with bread, butter, cheese convenience food, vegetables and a large bag of candy. As he was driving home he saw a large group of soldiers waving a massive Neo-Kuzia flag and singing its national anthem. Things were changing drastically. As he parked his car he was surprised to see two men in suits in front of his door. He went over to them.

"What are you doing here"? Naq could hear some nervousness in his voice as he spoke. "Mr. Urgazo." The other man said. "You are suspected of aiding a terrorist organization aimed at destroying all Neo-Kuzian presence in Quziq. Does the name Quziqian Liberation Brigade ring any bells"? Naq gulped but didn't say anything. "Please come with us". The second man said with a sharp look in his eyes. A moment later a large black car stopped in front of Naq's house. He was pushed inside of it. Next to him sat a guard with a pistol in his hand. Naq knew that he was in a lot of trouble. He could only hope that he would be better of than most.

Kinna-Echo Weapons Design Bureau, Internal Memo RE: Fracture

The practicality of these infernal things is honestly dubious, I'm beginning to think that there's an element in SOI that just hates eyeballs.
And hands, feet, soft flesh, breathing, have you seen the constant calls for some frankly bonkers acids and caustic chemicals, they're mixing up a cocktail that's both corrosive to anything it touches and incredibly volatile!
Can we apply pressure to get these damn things pulled before we overwhelm the eye and chemical burn wards?
- Echo

In the midst of the system, far between the planets...
The silent shadow drifted on its lonesome, an interplanetary flight of fancy as it rolled end over end, sensors swept the void time and again with no new returns, so she kept to her vigil in spite of the growing malaise... one more sweep, one more rotation, more void, more nothing.
Time crept forwards, days became weeks, weeks became months and then the year rolled by, this singular anniversary spurred the angular Nemesis into action as its super-cooled thrusters flared and evened out her roll, static and still in a harsh orbit about the ice giant.
She contemplated falling deep into its well before in a fearful flurry of activity she calculated an orbital transition and set a course for a deep orbit of Utopia, her quantum-shrouded main engine ignited and began its slow but constant acceleration free from the grips of the swirling blue behemoth, with every sense pointed at the populated world she peered voyeurstically through the ceaseless noise of communications traffic; advertisements, military chatter, prideful announcements, musics, the sad story of one tragic family...
With no orders coming she decided to make her own, the Nemesis had unfinished business...

Experiment S-15 has recently broken free. Files suggest it contains the DNA of a piranha and a bat. Originally built for combat purposes, till recent inclusion of pigeon DNA. Researchers say the flock was headed towards Jezabelstien. This sudden intrusion will not help relations. Hopefully the Guano will not be too messy. Though with the pigeon DNA, it is very likely.

Haiburiddo wrote:Experiment S-15 has recently broken free. Files suggest it contains the DNA of a piranha and a bat. Originally built for combat purposes, till recent inclusion of pigeon DNA. Researchers say the flock was headed towards Jezabelstien. This sudden intrusion will not help relations. Hopefully the Guano will not be too messy. Though with the pigeon DNA, it is very likely.

The heavy treadbike rumbled slowly down the slender dirt road, Helen kept her fingers steady upon the throttle as she glanced through the darkly shadowed thickets and vines... every few miles she stilled the engine and gazed through the binoculars that hung from about her neck.
In the distance a Tyrant howled, fluttering wings filled the air, but between the ambience an odd wet flop seemed to echo from a nearby creek...
Helen pulled the treadbike to rest upon the side of the road, she opened the cargo harness, fetched her shotgun and loaded it with rubber slugs before she cautiously descended towards the strange noise, the shallow water was clear and bubbled against the scattered rocks as a transparent water-weaver tapped its elongated jewel-like legs against the belly of an unfortunate struggling... fish?
It flopped back and forth in the water as it tried in vain to spread its wings, its thrashing kept the weaver at its distance as it patiently waited for its prey to tire itself out, "Werid..." Helen muttered, before she gently tapped the transparent tarantula with the edge of her boot, the creature quickly abandoned its meal as it fled under one of the waterbound rocks.
Ensuring her glove was on correctly, Helen picked up the thrashing fishbat and examined it closely, "Never seen one of you before..." she muttered as she started her climb back to her treadbike, where she'd withdraw a plastic bag and fill it from her canteen before stuffing the strange creature within.
Immediately after she sealed it shut and stuffed into her bag, ensuring the cargo harness was on correctly before she started the treadbike's heavy engine and turned it around, throttle fully opened as she rode back the way she came.
She soon spied the watch tower of the reclamation camp, the tall temporary structure clad with search lights and a terminally bored sentry guided her to the side gate of the clearing, she passed through the gap in the heavy sandbag walls and flagged down one of the white-suited liquidators, pulled up alongside him and threw the still thrashing bag-bound creature into his hands, "The hell is this thing?" she asked.
The masked man barely caught the bag as he looked over the strange creature within, "...nothing I've seen before..." he remarked.

SUBJECT: Scalebat?

A patrol just ran across something, I don't think it's native... probably related to those strange orbs that fell down a few years back?... some kind of xenological mutation?
I've got a team running research, specimens are short right now so we'll be refraining from dissection, doesn't seem to have established itself too well but we should put out a memo.

RE: Scalebat?
USEID: MarkusE

Word through the grapevine it's related to the same bunch who's been responsible for filling the FA offices full of strange creatures, nothing confirmed yet though, keep it alive best you can while we formulate a proper report for the hall.

<Pulled from recent Council Meeting>

Squidlady69 - S-15 escaped captivity today, cameras saw them heading for the God Queens lands.
R_Rex45 - Vidar, you said they were too harmless to escape captivity. If even some pigeon fish can break out, we'll never make international friends.
Socialion - They are harmless, the most they could do is a bit of pooping before being shot down.
R_Rex45 - You could have atleast steered them towards another part of that continent.
UnderdaSer - We'd have been better off if they went towards that other country. Kjanu is the name I believe. They seem to take any escaped creatures as another part of their day.
Socialion - Wasn't exactly my plan to have them escape.

{Anniemon has entered the chat}

Anniemon - If our relations with the god queen's primitive kingdom are ruined, does it mean we can start "losing" more experiments near them.
Squidlady69 - We don't know for sure if our relations are ruined yet. It would be good to send some more of the cute creatures over as a gift, ease tensions.
Socialion - I believe it's Richard's turn to send something cute from his lab.
R_Rex45 - I'll see what I can do. Perhaps a bit of Diprotodon and Dire Wolf. I may need Vidar's assistance.
Anniemon - I do hope we never have to go in person to see the backwaters.
UnderdaSer - I could go. It has been some time since I've seen home.
Squidlady69 - For now, we must focus on keeping them happy with gifts.
Socialion - All in favor of sending another gift and ignoring S-15's escape

3 Aye - 0 Nay - 2 Abstain

Socialion - Good then.

<End of transmission>

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