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We are a Nordic themed region but we welcome all nations of all cultures.

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1.The NorrŠn Hei­inn Keiserrike of AskerikeCorporate Police State“Virtute Et Armis”
2.The Free Land of Armoured BearsFree-Market Paradise“We are Urss”
3.The Imperial Province of North ElsinoreAnarchy“For the Greater Good”
4.The Imperial Province of TarturraCorporate Police State“For the Greater Good”
5.The Imperial Province of PlutonaCorporate Police State“For the Greater Good”
6.The Federal Union of Bastionian RepublicsCompulsory Consumerist State“Justice Unwavering, Faith Preserverd, United for All”
7.The Imperial Province of Roa-XiCapitalist Paradise“For the Greater Good”
8.The Interstellar Mothership of NeckonCapitalist Paradise“Follow The Light”
9.The Thousand-Year Empire of New LollandCorporate Police State“I always tell the truth. Even when I lie.”
10.The Imperial Province of DelaviusCompulsory Consumerist State“For the Greater Good”
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Nordic Lands Regional Message Board

The Union of Sjaelland and Fyn wrote:I generally consider myself pretty left wing, so I'd probably vote Labour.
We could make this a region poll, actually. Svenskis?

The Borg Queendom of Svenskis - that would be awesome if you could do a poll of which British political party everyone would vote for.

The Democratic Federal Republic of Sorlovia wrote:Do you Brits have a National Party? Over here in New Zealand our two main political parties, the Labour Party and the National Party, seem to be inspired by British parties. Heck, our Labour Party even shares a very similar logo to the British Labour Party.
I'd consider myself somewhere about Centre-Right. I'm a complex political creature, I have some slightly right of centre conservative ideals but also some left-wing type ideals. But it doesn't help when your political parties all seem to be much the same. Pack of dodgy blighters!

Centre Right your options are either the Liberal Democrats, or more than likely the Conservatives. Just to give everyone a short run down of the major political parties, going roughly from right to left on the spectrum:

BNP (British National Party) - definitely nothing like the New Zealand national party. Neo-Nazis who re-branded from the National Front. Thankfully pretty much non-existent these days.
UKIP (UK Independence Party) - Wanted Brexit, got Brexit, and now having an identity crisis as they don't have an aim anymore. Most members are like that old relative we all have who 'accidentally' says something racist in public.
Conservatives - Strong and Stable tm. Going to win a majority even if Theresa May turns out to be an alien in disguise.
Liberal Democrats - Junior tea makers in the coalition with the Conservatives 2010-2015 and still suffering from that. Being anti-Brexit has given them the jump start to bring them back to life Frankenstein style.
Labour - Comrade Corbyn. Having a fight with UKIP over who can have the biggest identity crisis
SNP (Scottish National Party) - Labour for Scots, but better at being Labour than Labour
Plaid Cymru (Party of Wales) - not even the Welsh really know why they exist
Greens - invented the idea of "co-leaders" of the party. More interested in making sure public toilets are gender neutral than saving the planet.

That's about it really. Obviously, the heavy sarcasm was all intended! If anyone wants a serious explanation of any of the parties please let me know. One proviso is that I know nothing about any of the Northern Irish parties, which are all completely different.


And if anyone's interested, this quiz is great -


The Sovereign Kingdom of The Baltic Alliance wrote:Looks like a potato.

I'll go with corn.


The Imperial Main Province of Copenhagen Metropolis wrote:That's how it usually is IRL, for obvious reasons. But you don't necessarily have to follow that.
I do however think you have to be careful not making your numbers look too... made up. A perfect 1/3 for each major branch just doesn't seem very natural.
Something like this would look less contrived.
49.877 (24,78%) Navy
56.102 (27,87%) Air Force
90.463 (44,95%) Army
4.821 (2,40%) special forces
TOTAL: 201.263
You don't have to use those numbers of course, that was just an example.
I don't know how you RP your economy to be, but I'd say, generally, if you've got a very bad economy, you'd put more into the army and less into the navy and air force.

Thank you! You really do seem incredibly knowledgeable on the subject of militaries and population densities. I like the look of those numbers and you have a very good point about the exact numbers. There's being a stickler for precise tidy numbers and then there's making things look unnatural. I don't imagine it would be that easy to make the active personnel numbers line up that perfectly - one branch or another would be likely to have more than another. Perhaps more people enlisted in the army or some left the navy to join the air force etc.

Thanks for the infobox The Federal Republic of Esthmark! You guys are such huge help!

The Federal Republic of Esthmark wrote:Why does your coat of arms only come in 20x20 resolution

Hadn't had time to resize it.

The Free Pirate State of Eylandia wrote:And if anyone's interested, this quiz is great -

Big surprise, i got Labour Party as first, while UKIP, British National and Conservative were last. Predictable results.


The Free Pirate State of Eylandia wrote:And if anyone's interested, this quiz is great -

My results were as follows:

Liberal Democrat 65%
Labour 62%
UKIP 56%
Conservative 55%

I got 89% Labour, 82% Lib Dems, 38% Conservative, 35% UKIP. Not particularly surprised.
Interestingly, Labour has been gaining quite a bit of steam after the election was called on April 2017. I don't want to be the "here's how Bernie can still win" sort, but I don't think Corbyn's entirely out of the question with that sort of lead.

Cake or Pie? let the battle begin!!!

(Poll at my place)

The Union of Sjaelland and Fyn wrote:Armies are usually bigger than navies and air forces. For example, the UK has an army of roughly 80,000 with their air force and navy each having a bit over 30,000 active troops.

Keep in mind though that the 200,000 is only the peacetime active force. During wartime an additional 470,000 is pulled from off-duty status and in extreme cases, such as a regional war scenario in which Sorlovia is suffering very heavy losses, Sorlovia also uses conscription. But conscription, despite being highly popular, is only used as a last resort to bolster falling troop numbers in a large-scale war scenario.

Then there is the "Doomsday Protocol" which literally drafts every able-bodied man to the armed forces. But that has never been implemented in history and likely will never be used.

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