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Curator (Governor): The Ngā Iwi Kore Rangatiratanga of Achipel

WA Delegate: None.

Founder: The Ngā Iwi Kore Rangatiratanga of Achipel

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Most Influential: 989th Most Nations: 1,407th Largest Retail Industry: 2,431st
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Welcome to the New West Indies!

Have a seat, grab a drink, listen to the waves, and enjoy your stay!

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✉ Bulletin:

  • The New West Indies have voted to merge into the region of Alcris. The region will be closed down and password-protected.

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    Directive #7

    BulletinPolicy by Nwigov . 41 reads.

Embassies: 10000 Islands, The Interdimensional Community, Greater Middle East, Portugal, Latinoamerica Libre, India, Federation of Allies, Forest, The LCRUA, Alcris, Force, Saeculum Obscurum, Communist Cartel, and New United Kingdom.

Tags: Democratic, Eco-Friendly, Egalitarian, Feminist, LGBT, Liberal, Medium, Neutral, Offsite Chat, Password, Serious, and Social.

Regional Power: Moderate

New West Indies contains 13 nations, the 1,407th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Largest Cheese Export Sector in New West Indies

Qualified World Census Cheese Masters nibbled their way across the globe to determine which nations have the most developed cheese exports.

As a region, New West Indies is ranked 13,087th in the world for Largest Cheese Export Sector.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Ferrari of 250 GTOPsychotic Dictatorship“250 GTO”
2.The Federal Republic of New United CarolinasCivil Rights Lovefest“Esse quam videri”
3.The Partial Monarchy of Viking NordlandAnarchy“Búskapur”
4.The Republic of JOIHFInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Hockey for all”
5.The Confederacy of EldnadoAuthoritarian Democracy“Might Makes Right”
6.The United Antillean Kingdom of Antillae UnitaeDemocratic Socialists“Post Nubila Phoebus”
7.The Republic of Raxy SoverodnuizzlemordiaCivil Rights Lovefest“From Many, One”
8.The Holy Empire of Twelve TitansCapitalist Paradise“Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world”
9.The Republic of District Line 9Inoffensive Centrist Democracy“We Will Endure”
10.The Republic of TinjaCivil Rights Lovefest“Justice, Accountability, Empowerment”

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New West Indies Regional Message Board

Byzantine constantinopolis

Constantinople Gazette

Emperor Calls for Greek Liberation

Today at the former Topkapi Palace, currently being renovated into a Byzantine style, now renamed the Sacred Palace after the old Roman palace, Emperor Alexios publicly demands Turkey gives full autonomy to Greek populated areas, specifically Trebizond and Cillicia. He also calls on them to release the Armenian provinces of Derzine and Vaspurikan. He is quoted as saying:

"My friends and fellow Orthodox, today I call upon the Turkish remnant to right the wrongs committed upon her Christian peoples. I call upon the Ancrya government to give full autonomy and independence to Greek Pontus and the Armenian States. If they fail to do so, we will see their government as aiming the genocide of the Armenians and covering for the wrongs of their former government. We give their government 12 hours to respond."

It is expected to receive a cold reception in Ancyra. Many speculate this is only a prelude to war.

Jutsa and Beliya rossiya

Can you endorse multiple nations?

Operation Peacekeeper

All across Anercia, during the waking hours of dawn, reports of the Armed Forces taking up positions and firing upon their former Blue Republican allies. In Algiers, where the HQ of the Republican Army resides, fighting occurred soon after the 1st Army Group, commanded by General Yarnem, surrounded the city with road blocks and sent their armored columns inward. He commanded his men to split into groups to search and destroy pockets of known RA positions, taking to the central highway leading to the center of the city with his main force of tanks. Information gathered beforehand by informants revealed the location of these strongholds and even their commanders, it created a concentric ring of defense inside the city, with a central fortified HQ occupying the former Governor Office. Small detachments of APC’s and armored-support infantry made quick work pacifying patrols of Republican army militia, with Type-99 tanks being brought in to assault their ad-hoc forts. These were usually well-connected apartments at important road junctions, fortified and armed with LMG’s nests and sandbags, with an interior ammo depot inside. Racing to the center, Yarnem’s forces lost a handful of APC’s to RPG ambushes by RA troops, but most RA detachments at this point surrendered but the most stubborn retreated back to their HQ. Having taken most of their forts, Yarnem ordered the whole of his army to surround the center, before assaulting he told the remaining militia to stand down. Naturally refusing, he ordered his men to stand back and to bring out their mortars to shell the position. After half an hour of relentless shelling and a few missile strikes from air force pummeling the area, the Republican Army surrendered, bringing out a handful of wounded officers to parley. Departing from his Type-99, Yarnem only saw a pitiful sight of blooded militiamen, pretending to be officers, limping towards their tanks. Three of them, one waving a white flag, caught his attention. Their commander had died during the shelling and being the most senior officers, they surrendered to Yarnem. Video on social media shows a long line of Republican Army soldiers with their hands up being escorted by the Anercian army, with Yarnem deranking the officers in front of their men. In total 2,341 Militiamen were captured and await execution by firing squad.

In Tripoli, President Mercer designated this to be a ‘Special Security Operation' to purge Anercia of terroristic paramilitaries, naming numerous armed groups they once fought side by side with as terrorist organizations. The main groups were the Republican Army, The Islamic State of Anercia, and various independent “Free Companies'' employed by local warlords. Though as his soldiers destroy non-government forces throughout the country, he must answer to the General Congress to justify his operation. In the halls of the Grand Assembly, a cathedral converted into the nation's beating heart of legislation, President Mercer entered with his contingent of soldiers. The gathering was crowded as MP’s and representatives choked the corridor, all he could see were their worried faces as they saw his men carrying rifles into the building. Murmured whispers of another coup echo as the entire congress looks on at Mercer, gracefully taking his seat as the speaker calls the session into motion. After introducing the president to speak, Mercer got up without a word to the podium, “Comrades, as within my rights as commander in chief I have authorized a security campaign to destroy the remaining dangers from the war. In a few weeks the terrorists, the radical militants, and whatever foreign-backed group will no longer be in Anercia.” He explained. For an hour the assembly debated on whether to continue the operation or negotiate a ceasefire, in the end a majority of the vote ended in Mercer’s favor to continue his campaign.

Jutsa and Osterreich-ungary

Good evening, Citizens.

As a good many of you are likely aware, since our dual citizenship agreement with the region of Alcris, there has been a lot of negotiation and speculation around a merger, as a way to ensure both the survival of our region and to enrich the community of Alcris. The Council has unanimously approved an agreement, henceforth referred to as the Miyadakan Proposal; however, as this agreement necessitates the abolition of our Constitution (as we will no longer exist as a soveriegn nation), a referendum is required, with a supermajority of 2/3rds required to pass.

The vote will be put up shortly, and will last for a full week to ensure as many people as possible are able to give their input on this matter. Our potentially final Directive should be no laughing matter, after all.

The proposal can be found here:

Directive #7

by Nwigov

New West Indies Directive #7
Authored by: The Fezzian League.
Sponsors: Funky Goats and Ryanius.

Through the Miyadakan Proposal, the New West Indies will merge into Alcris:

  • The provisions of this treaty shall go into effect immediately upon ratification of the agreement by both the NWI and Alcris.

  • The NWI and Alcris Discord servers merge, so the community is on one united server.

    • The NWI Discord server shall be made read-only, and the NWI NationStates region shall be password protected, to ensure their continued existence as a historical artifact.

  • Any nation who was a citizen of the NWI is guaranteed Alcrisian citizenship for a period of three months after the merger, so long as they can prove they are a citizen.

  • The NWI shall select one of their members to sit on the governmental council until the next elections can be held, where the extra council position will be abolished, and a council from both groups be elected.

  • NWI admins may request any factbooks, discord channels, or other elements of the NWI be accepted into Alcris. These are subject to approval from the Interior Councilor and the selected NWI Councilor, or any other Councilor as is deemed necessary by the Council Chairman.

  • The Alcrisian government shall ensure the conservation of the NWI and Conifer flags for cultural purposes.

Therefore, the Miyadakan Proposal is hereby recognized by the current government of the New West Indies.

Read dispatch

The form can be found here:

Thank you all.

Jutsa, Ruinenlust, Osterreich-ungary, and The Fezzian League

Greetings, ctizens. I come bearing news.

The vote for Proposed Directive #7, the Miyadakan Proposal, is now closed, and with that, comes the long anticipated results.
Out of a total of 12 votes (disregarding one invalid vote):

9 people voted Yes, and 3 people voted No.

9 out of 12 voters is more than the supermajority required to pass such a directive, and as such, Directive #7, the Miyadakan proposal, has sucessfully been passed. Subsequently, effective immediately, the NWI will commence merging with the region of Alcris.

That is the announcement itself done, but I would like to take this moment to thank you, each and every one of you reading this. I originally joined this region through another such merger, and I was welcomed into this fantastically vibrant community, filled with some of the most creative, funny, and wise people that I've ever had the honour of calling friends. And I'd like to think that I've been your friend too over these last three years, whether it was through my channel ramblings, my constant puns at inopportune times, or the robot girl love story I helped birth into being.

I don't know if you in particular will be coming with us over to Alcris. Certainly, I can't blame you for doing so, there's many that didn't join the NWI from Conifer. Watching something you've grown to love come to an end like this is always tough, isn't it? But if that's got you feeling down, then I'd like you to remember this. While the region itself might not live on, the people of the NWI, the sweet lifeblood flowing through its veins, will. We'll carry the memories with us on our path, and it is those memories that make up our region. Not the institutions, not the memes, but the stories we tell about ourselves and about each other, all those small moments that we can think back on and go "huh, that wasn't so bad".

Thank you for all the good vibes. And godspeed.

-Funky Goats, your local goat boy

Can’t believe this is finally it. Without the NWI, Ventus Prime and its lore never would’ve happened and, in all honesty, I think it’s something I’m glad I started. The lord continues and…I’ll figure out a way to catch Alcrisians up but know despite the hiatus the lore will (always) continue. Wherever Kart is now, I hope he knows how appreciative I am for talking and convincing me to join this region.

As a mutual ally of both the New West Indies and Alcris, as well as the former region of Conifer, the Communist Cartel wishes everyone from the New West Indies the best of luck with its merger.

As we have and continue to maintain relations with the people and natives of all three current or former regions (with some of you being dual citizens of the Cartel as well), the Communist Cartel will continue to monitor the progress of the merger. Where necessary, the Communist Cartel will use diplomatic channels with Alcris to ensure that NWI and Conifer minority interests are protected – both because we have a sizeable dual citizen population, but also as our enduring gesture of goodwill.

Kind regards,

His Excellency

I was hoping I wouldn’t have to do this, but I think it’s time for old Blankenheim to move on. Farewell my friends, we’ll still keep in touch via the Discord. :)


Hey there, folks! 🌟 Your vote is your superpower! Who do you think will win this year's ICC Men's World Cup?


Your football wisdom needed! Cast your prediction spell: Who's clinching the UEFA Champions League trophy this time? ⚽✨

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