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Founder: The United Insular States of Achipel

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Most World Assembly Endorsements: 48th Most Nations: 158th Most Valuable International Artwork: 1,298th+9
Most Compassionate Citizens: 1,681st Largest Black Market: 1,706th Nicest Citizens: 1,712th Most Inclusive: 1,777th Most Influential: 1,812th Most Cultured: 2,253rd Most Beautiful Environments: 2,329th Smartest Citizens: 2,340th Best Weather: 2,423rd
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Welcome to the New West Indies!

Have a seat, grab a drink, listen to the waves, and enjoy your stay!

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Everyone who joins the World Assembly can become a member of the Indies Endorsement Program.

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Multiple people wrote:Pret: Holy.... why is everyone around me so talented...
Austra: Because your in NWI

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    ☀️ Welcome to the New West Indies!

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    NSToday: Weekend Edition – September 20th, 2020

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    DIA | Citizenship Application

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    Roleplay Application

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    Help Fight Against Police Brutality!

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Regional Power: High

New West Indies contains 120 nations, the 158th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Highest Foreign Aid Spending in New West Indies

The World Census intercepted food drops in several war-torn regions to determine which nations spent the most on international aid.

As a region, New West Indies is ranked 4,256th in the world for Highest Foreign Aid Spending.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Whispering Trees of Forest BreezeCivil Rights Lovefest“Better a cruel truth than a comfortable delusion.”
2.The Queendom of HekcDemocratic Socialists“Be gay, do(n't) crime.”
3.The Socialdemocracy of Osma del surLiberal Democratic Socialists“Unity, justice and freedom”
4.The Egalitarian Democracy of KarteriaLeft-wing Utopia“Amor Vincit Omnia”
5.The Dopeness of YewtopiaLiberal Democratic Socialists“Glorf.”
6.The Democratic Republic of Cardinal and CapreeCivil Rights Lovefest“At Long Last, Liberation”
7.The Democratic Republic of AkragasLeft-wing Utopia“What needs saying is worth saying twice”
8.The Federal Republic of Kurater SugoyonkordiaLeft-Leaning College State“From many, one”
9.The People's Republic of PotaTownDemocratic Socialists“Expendable.”
10.The Egalitarian Peoples of FarethLeft-wing Utopia“Equality and justice are the duty of all peoples.”
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Regional Poll • Vote on GAR#46: Acting Justices and Concurrent Trials

The United Kingdom of Volirum wrote:The proposal is pinned in the region's WFE.This resolution specifies the title and authority of an "Acting Justice," There are also multiple changes to the Constitution to allow for additional dependency regions should an Acting Justice preside over a case while the incumbent Chief Justice presides over a separate case.

Voting opened 1 day 11 hours ago and will close . Open to residents. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

Recent polls: “Opinion Poll on Regional Tags”“Executive Compliance Committee Chair Election [NOV 2020]”

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New West Indies Regional Message Board

Cymiopolis wrote:(OOC: Please stop referring to the NGE as nazis. I don’t care what type of government they had in a previous RP in a previous region. They are clearly a Galactic empire with plain old vanilla benevolent authoritarianism. At no point in the past months has he done ethnic cleansing due to the superiority of his alien race.)

Mending Relations pt.4
NUBILA | Kapetyn System, Ventus Prime

It would appear that Spyros struck a nerve. While he could’ve simply gotten up and left following the Princess’s uncalled for insults, he smiled when she asked for wine. He promptly poured her a glass. Wilhmar sat ever patiently moderating the meeting.

“Your Highness, I must tell you you underestimate a Cymiopolitan’s tolerance to alcohol. How could I be inebriated without having finished my first and only glass?”, he said before taking another sip. “Secondly, I have not thrown a single accusation at Scherzinger and your nation is not to blame for the events of the war. I only answered your questions. It’s not like we could have called for you anyways. Barring the signal jamming, our last diplomatic summit between our nations did not bring forth a défense treaty as Empress Momo was adamant that Scherzinger would be not want to be dragged into wars due to flimsy alliances.”

Following he brief pause, he continued: “This evening I still do not wish to establish a defensive treaty as there still seems be some distrust between our nations. I’ll therefore propose we take things slow and reopen our embassies in Kymi and ShangXiang. I believe this would at least upgrade Cymiopolis’ diplomatic status from unfriendly to neutral. Do we have a deal?”

Scherzinger wrote:Maisie didnt feel she had insulted anyone, though she was confused at the manner in which Spyros responded. If Maisie spoke any calmer she wouldnt be speaking at all. Nevertheless, she felt her approach to the issue may be the problem. Maisie, uncharacteristically, downed her glass of wine the second Spyros finished pouring, gently placing the glass back where she received it from.

"Mr. Prime Minister, perhaps you misunderstood the nature of that comment. It was more of a joke than anything serious. Perhaps that joke is in as poor taste as Scherzingerian wine." She began, hoping to break some of the tension.

"Mr. Prime Minister, i have hardly tried to insult your people or yourself. Though I do understand how small bits of what I have said can come off that way. Though that said, i find it somewhat agitating that you are cherry picking through my comments. I have said a few times now how our nation views your former oppressors and how spineless your allies are. In fact, I've arguably bashed your allies and your former occupiers more than i have yourself, your nation, or your people." She said, still maintaining her calm, albeit with difficulty.

"Again, I find your allies in your fancy pact quite useless. I understand now why Empress Kawashima was apprehensive about a defensive pact. It's clear to me that we wouldve been the only nation supporting you in that war. Again, I personally believe that if you want the best for your people, you'll have an honest debate about how useful that pact is to the welfare of your nation and her people." She added

"I agree, I think until your nation has fully recovered, and you know who your true allies are, a defensive pact would be unwise at the current moment. In fact i think it would do more harm than good, and im sure i would lose my job over that. I think the re-opening of our embassies is a good start but i dont think that would be enough to change opinions of each other." Maisie paused, looking through her binders of notes and information.
"We have recently been able to reopen our shipping and passenger services, we are currently negotiating with the Byzantines for access through the Dardanelles and Bosporus straits. Perhaps, we might be able to offer the same services to you. Our ships would happily wecome the paying people of your nation to enjoy a vacation at sea. I think that allowing your people to visit our nation would also be permissible, as Imperial Law doesnt have any restrictions on that, to a degree." Maisie said.

"I think these terms would please both your people, as well as my Father. Emperor Erwin may be staunchly against alot of these sorts of things, but he isnt an idiot, nor is he a rash person. I know he only wants what is best for his people, and humanity as a whole, even if he is a little too passionate about the subject matter. I believe that he would be ecstatic with the terms i have provided here. As these proposals would be helping relations directly, without fear of your former occupiers muddling with things that frankly dont belong to them" Maisie finished.

Maisie began to worry slightly, she wasnt sure how much more she could say to ease tensions. Even more so, she was running quite low on fair proposals. This had been by far her roughest diplomatic meeting in her career but she knew the reward for a success would be far more pleasing.

Wilmhar could tell this was as close as they would get to any deal. “Well, it seems we were able to work something out at least,” he said almost jokingly as he downed his glass.

Palaven - Moments before Takeoff

“Um, Jay?” Impa said before he got on board his ship. “I wanted to there anyway our two nations could meet? I feel like it would benefit both of us and all that. But more importantly...” She then blushed slightly. “Will I ever see you again?”

Oopsidroppedmyrightsburg wrote:You approach your government office for another day of exasperating work answering issues brought upon you by citizens that manage to get past your numerous guards set up just to keep them out, when you find a letter on your desk. You take out your gold-plated letter opener and get to work. Some time later you manage to get it open, it read as follows;
Dear Great Leaders,

You are hereby invited to a banquet in Oopsidroppedmyrightsburg. It is held by our Great Leader, Ravi Olé, and is all at the expense of our great government. Though Oopsidroppedmyrightsburg has had a shaky past, a new leaf has been turned regarding government. We are excited for your arrival and have taken many great precautions to prevent potential incidents. Those who attend will find themselves in our Great Leader's edifice. There is an panic room located inside, and guards constantly stationed around the estate, except for when their twenty-four hour shift ends. The residency is of the upmost security, and transport to and from Oopsidroppedmyrightsburg is available if needed. All dignitaries will be required to hand over any weapons they have on their person, and personal guards will not be permitted to enter the banquet room. Our Great Leader would like to assure you that safety is a guarantee and, while He cannot disclose any information through this letter, the meeting is of great importance. He thanks those who choose to visit for their time.
Oopsidroppedmyrightsburg Official Letter Department

You sit back and think about the letter. Should you attend this meeting? What if it's potentially important? Does Oopsidroppedmyrightsburg really have a department just for letters? You shred the letter and place your letter opener back in the case, preparing yourself for another day of melancholy government work.

(OOC: Please do inform me if your leader intends to attend. Can someone summarize the big war that happened so I have an idea of how things are? :P)

Basement of the Arcburn Althing Building
"Routine system checkups, here we go. Alright, so-"
"Oh, alright then. Yeah, sure, good timing, not like my systems need upkeep or anything. Reaaaaaally nice!"

Pulling up the message, Heidrun reads through it. A letter, talking about some kind of banquet? It's been a while since the last diplomatic visit, so why not? However, since Mathias was away at the moment, she needed someone else to come along.

"Knock knock! I heard about that letter you got sent, tin can!"

Ok, not who she wanted, but he'd do. Kristian Fridtjof Taft, admiral of the First Bucksdenian Survey Fleet and one of the more eccentric Bucksdenians.

"I'm not even gonna ask how you found out, or how you got down here without me knowing. You wanna come with?"

"What, is this a date? I mean, of course, I'll tag along, but I'm not into ones and zeros."

"Neither am I."

Dear Ravi Olé and the government of Oopsidroppedmyrightsburg,

a small Bucksdenian delegation will be attending the banquet. One of us will most likely be bringing an ukulele, so if entertainment is required he can provide.

Main Administrative AI Heidrun

oh boy i hope i'm not too late

New United Carolinas wrote:

Ariana quickly pulled out a list of potential proposals she had for the Scherzingerian royals. She was surprised at how well this meeting seemed to be going, in all honesty.

Not that the Carolinas was 100% left-leaning by any means, as she's had to debate with conservatives continuously to get anywhere in her political career. However, she still remained as non-partisan as she could when making these agreements, although she still had Ambassador Ochsner's help.

They were universal—the kinds of agreements that most diplomats would agree with if things were going well. But they also weren't so benign that they'd have absolutely no impact on Scherzinger or the Carolinas. Plus, she made sure to avoid either too heavy-handed or too collaborative agreements, which would be best to prevent protests in both states.

Ariana wanted to ease them in first, as she was sure they were just as cautiously optimistic as she was.
"I did my best to ensure that my follow proposals were of absolute benefit to both of our nations in some way. These proposals aim to increase trade, tourism, and military collaboration between our two countries." she began.

As she talked, palace workers began placing various Scherzingeran food items on the table.

"I'd first like to establish a trade agreement. Trading between nations is essential to my country. As you know, we are a very densely populated country. Our agricultural sector was beginning to falter before our recent territorial expansion, making it challenging to support our population. But with the help of nations such as Karteria, Cymiopolis, and the Republic of Ohio, we were able to make trade agreements to import foodstuff. And textiles in exchange for transportation technology and medication, among other things. Although we are not as reliant on those nations for agricultural needs nowadays, it taught us the importance of trade and how it can benefit both economies. I would like to initiate a relationship like that with Scherzinger - perhaps we can start by trying to limit tariffs between our two countries. As for what we offer to trade, we have plenty of transportation technology, medicine, industrial machinery, aircraft for defense and civilian use, and more for Scherzinger to take advantage of. Many of our cities offer tax incentives and business resources, which we hope would attract Scherzingeran companies to expand to the Americas.

Not to mention, that given our membership in the Pan-Amerozone, we will be willing to trade products we obtain from other Pan-Amero member states to Scherzinger. Let it be known that Scherzinger does not have to join the Pan-Amero zone in order."

Ariana took a sip of water after reading her notes. So far, so good, though it was hard to gauge their interest in what she had to offer. Nevertheless, she continued.

"Next, I'd like to touch on a military alliance. Times are quite uncertain, as they always have been. Nations fight, terrorists destroy, and disasters strike. Though the Carolinas is a strict and militant nation by no means, we do take pride in our capable defenses, particularly, our Air Force. We are deeply thankful that Scherzinger helped us with rescue and recovery operations after our most recent Hurricane. I'd like to bestow our diplomatic hand a propose that our military collaborate more. Our nations can train one another and defend one another if need be. Of course, Scherzinger is welcome to turn down any conflict it does not want to be apart of, as is the N.U.C. As we'd never want an ally to spend resources and manpower on a war, it does not seem worthy of such attention.

We also offer a Scherzingerian military base within one of our new provinces, Tennessee, Cumberland, North Georgia, and South Georgia. Alternatively, you can build a base on our Martian colony: Red Dust. Though base construction will only be granted if we are allowed to make a military base of our own in Scherzingerian territory, whether it be on Earth or realms outside Earth."

Ariana looked up and smiled and awaited a response.

Erwin had been apprehensive about the kinds of proposals that Ariana had been thinking about, but he was pleased at Ariana's speed and efficiency, and that she seemed to have already planned her proposals ahead of time. He admired this greatly, it reminded him of the speed and efficiency of his own wife.

Members of the Royal Family bustled about cooking and preparing food to be brought into the Grand Hall where the banquet would be held. Water pitchers were refilled and cups were swapped for fresh ones.

Erwin listened to the proposals that Ariana had prepared for them. With each one he was more and more pleased. The proposals sounded fair and effective, they didnt have any real political leaning to them, and they seemed to fit both nations' structures very well.

"I do not believe we have tariffs on your nation's goods and services, but I will take a look through the appropriate paperwork and cancel any that we might have overlooked. I assure you our nation has no intentions of imposing or maintaining any restrictions on your nation.'' Erwin began.

"In regards to the services you offer, we are a prosperous and industrial people. That said, when my grandfather commissioned the construction of High Charity II, it left some of our public transportation looking rather antiquated. We would be most grateful if youve anything to offer. While i think aircraft carriers are gaudy and ugly, we admittedly had none to speak of. Perhaps, if the President is willing, we might be able to purchase some of your older models for military and research uses." He added.

Hiei nodded at this. "During our nation's tenure of existence, our people have had little use for aircraft carriers, thus, we never bothered to research or construct any. Through the various forms of blueprints for aircraft carriers, ive found none that fit the scheme that i run in my navy. If it wasn't too obvious, our nation takes pride in the thrill of battleship fights." Hiei noted.

"As to your tax incentives, I believe that our people would be greatly interested in the idea of partaking in the Carolinian private sector if business in the N.U.C is good. I would be happy to collaborate with your people on that front." Xelha added.

"In regards to the Pan-Amero Zone, I will have no real interest in involving myself on that offer. Your pact has dirty communists in it and i dont wish to risk any products going to or from those area. Apologies, I hope you understand." Erwin added, she spoke sympathetically at the end, in a hope that he might show Ariana that he was not trying to insult her.

"As to the military co-operation, i would eagerly accept that. I've always loved the military. Most of the royal family have served in the military or still are. We have so much to offer in our military and we would love to learn from your own. This would be an excellent way to promote nation relations. I accept this offer, and the offer to establish a small but efficient military base in your country. In exchange, as you propose I will happily offer you a seaside base so you have access to the ports as well in Neu-Strassau prefecture." Erwin stated, visibly happy with this proposal.

Momo then began to speak. "We have a few proposals that we would like to add to this agreement as well. We have recently and successfully repealed Erwin II's policies and have been able to open up our passenger liners again. As such, we would like to offer to you a passenger route from Port Takao to Charlotte or perhaps New Raleigh. We can offer your people passage from your nation to ours in a ship of luxury and beauty. Military or business, or vacation, i think these ships would be ideal for your people and mine alike." She started
"In addition, we would like to offer you and your people residence and visitation on High Charity II. And since our people will likely be seeing more of each other, we would like to make a formal promise to you that we will not allow any civilian visitors to exert any kind of influence on your people, military or politics. It's your nation, and it should remain your nation." Momo said finishing.

Hello, citizens of the New West Indies!

The NWI Government is proud to announce our first census!

We made the census to get a better image of our region’s demographics. We highly encourage you to take it so that you may be more clearly represented in our future government affairs and policies.

The census is to be given every 6 months, starting today.

This particular census will accept responses until December 2nd, 2020, in which case, it will be closed off and you will not be able to take it.

Once again, we ask that you please take it. Your answers will not be seen by anyone else besides the secretaries of the Secretaries and Founder, and most of the questions with the exception of a few essential questions, have “Prefer not to answer options.”

I wish you the best!

- New United Carolinas

Ventus Prime wrote:Palaven - Moments before Takeoff

“Um, Jay?” Impa said before he got on board his ship. “I wanted to there anyway our two nations could meet? I feel like it would benefit both of us and all that. But more importantly...” She then blushed slightly. “Will I ever see you again?”

Jay turned and smiled. “Why of course! Me being next in line of this Expeditionary Fleet’s Command gives me the power to conduct basic politics with foreign systems.”

He turned to ask a nearby crewman about the Captains status. “He’s still in a deep coma last I checked.” the crewman responded.

Jay turned back to Impa. “Yep, still in command. Now, how should we begin?”

Scherzinger wrote:Hiei looked around at the sights and structures of Constantinople. From the Grand Bazaar to Topkapi Palace. What grabbed Hiei's interest te most however, was the over 1600 year old Hagia Sophia.
"It's quite an amazing structure" Xelha said to her adopting mother. "It was officially completed in 537 and has served mostly as a museum and as a testament to the religions who built it." She added.
Hiei pushed her Ruby glasses up her face a bit. She of course knew all of this. "Once a UNESCO World Heritage site" Hiei said to herself. The group then proceeded to walk with Tozakas some more, looking around.

Eventually the group reaches the Grand Palace of Constantinople. Once the residence of the Byzantine Emperor, the Byzantines have used it as a museum and diplomatic meeting location. Walking through it, they arrive at a grand room, with a table in the middle, containing a few Byzantine drinks and snacks. Tozakas takes a seat on one side of the table.

Meanwhile, somewhere across the galaxy, at the Homeland of the Letandi Ascendancy.
Aiglos lies down in his bunk, thinking about what the hell just happened to him.

What was supposed to be a routine shipment from Nea Athina to Nea Thessaloniki landed him here.

"Geez." He audibly says, wondering if he should go talk with another one of the people there. He heads outside, looking at the skyline, at how familliar and yet how strange it feels to be there.
"Well," He says, "I guess I should go see what there is for dinner here."

Nationalist German Empire wrote:Jay turned and smiled. “Why of course! Me being next in line of this Expeditionary Fleet’s Command gives me the power to conduct basic politics with foreign systems.”

He turned to ask a nearby crewman about the Captains status. “He’s still in a deep coma last I checked.” the crewman responded.

Jay turned back to Impa. “Yep, still in command. Now, how should we begin?”

“Oh um...” To be honest, she still wasn’t used to being in diplomatic meetings. “Well normally you’d want to speak to my father who is the Head Monk of the Ascendancy...or even Captain Jerrin but...” She composed herself. “I believe we can benefit from learning each other’s culture and heritage as well as trading goods, though I admit our ships and how they run differ greatly.”

Cymiopolis wrote:(OOC: Gonna assume that this is after the PM’s meeting on Nubila and before Doge’s departure for Ravi Olé’s banquet)

Running With the Devil
FORT DANDOLO | Chalcis, Negroponte Province, Cymiopolis

It has been a productive few months in regards to Cymiopolitan diplomacy. The Doge has strengthened our relations in Europe by securing Free Trade Agreements and Mutual Défense Pacts with Triren, the North Italian Union and the Byzantine Republic (Ryanius). Meanwhile the PM has defended the nation’s honour at a reconciliation summit with Scherzinger that was moderated by Ventus Prime. The government elite have therefore decided to once again meet at Fort Dandolo.

The representatives from the Armed Forces were proud to announce that the military reforms have been completed. The new space fleets are fully operational with 2 stationed on each inhabited celestial body Cymiopolis controls. The infantry has been replaced with 10 armies-worth of Autoktonia-class androids who’s faces are modelled after famous Greco-Roman busts. Each squad will be led by a human as the officer corps has remained human, though each infantry trooper is programmed with an advance AI and looks human at first glance. Each officer is also equipped with a kill switch to avoid any “order 66 mishaps”. (OOC: I’ll make a dispatch for my android troopers in a futur dispatch)

Both the Ministers of Foreign Affairs were next to present the next urgent matter of business: the Nationalist German Empire. Following the receiving of a diplomatic invitation and some further digging by the intelligence services, it would appear that the attacks we suffered on Callisto and the Amazonia System were the product of rebellious admirals in the Imperial Navy that wished to forge their own state out of reach from Emperor Zül, hence their urge to rebuild what was destroyed in the war, the relatively light terms and their sudden disappearance. All actors in the conspiracy have been hanged and the NGE wishes to mend relations. With a heavy heart, the Most Serene Republic has decided to accept their invitation for the good of both parties.

With further intel revealing that the Imperial Supreme Commander Mhar was assassinated by a Ventuan while on a similar diplomatic meeting, we have decided to meet them on their own turf in the Volksstern System. The Doge will therefore be dispatched to the capital planet of Volk to meet with Zül himself.

With the meeting coming to a close, the men and women gathered left Fort Dandolo to enjoy a few days of Southern Hemisphere summer fun in the many lakes surrounding the mountains of Chalcis

Emperor Zül will be meeting with the Doge solo, for Aldo Von Brown was currently on a diplomatic mission. The meeting is to take place in the military complex known as Spire. A total of four guards would be aloud for the Doge during his time in Spire, as his safety was guaranteed.

Coordinates to a nearby airbase were given. It would be a half hour ride from there.

Mending Relations pt. 5
NUBILA | Kapetyn System, Ventus Prime

"A marvelous proposal your Highness. Reopening of embassies within our respective nations and visa-free travel between or nations four touristic purposes. We have a deal!", the PM exclaimed before finishing his glass.

While it might have been a rough meeting at times, Spyros believes that both nations vented their grievances in a way that they finally have a mutual understanding. With that, he bid the Princess and their Ventuan host adieu and made his way back to the space port for the journey back to the Cymiopolitan heartland in Patagonia.

Running WIth the Devil pt. 2
VOLK - The Spire| Volksstern System, Nationalist German Empire

After an arduous journey through an unexplored sector of the galaxy, the Doge and the rest on board Griffin One finally made it to the Volksstern System, the home of the Imperial Order. Following the provided coordinates and instructions, the Cymiopolitan vessel successfully landed on an undisclosed airstrip situated in one of the tranquil and picturesque alpine valleys of Volk, the Imperial capital planet. Waiting for them on the tarmac was a group of Imperial troopers who led the Doge and his android guards the transport vehicle that would bring them to the Spire. One Dogal Guard, the Hadrian variant, would remain in Griffin One as per Zül's orders while the Lucius, Marcus, Septimius and Caracalla variants would accompany Andreas. The new Autoktonia-class guards were brought in favor of humans to show off Cymiopolitan engineering while also minimising the risk of a crime of passion by a Cymiopolitan angered by the previous Cymio-Imperial War and repaeting the recent events that took place on Vitr.

After a 30 minute drive, the transport finally made it to the Spire, a gargantuan and intimidating structure located in the center of the valley. After being escorted through the military complex, the Doge was finally face to face with Emperor Zül himself.

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