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WA Delegate (non-executive): The Egalitarian Democracy of Karteria (elected )

Founder: The United Insular States of Achipel

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Welcome to the New West Indies!
Have a seat, grab a drink, listen to the waves, and enjoy your stay!

The New West Indies is a region originally resembling the Caribbean region and the area surrounding it. We welcome every nation regardless of their ideology or ideals as long as you behave yourself well and follow the rules. If you like the NWI, be sure to invite your friends!

Member of the LinkEvergreen Pact

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Regional Power: Moderate

New West Indies contains 74 nations, the 196th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Most Inclusive in New West Indies

WA analysts ranked nations based on whether all citizens were commonly treated as equally valuable members of society.

As a region, New West Indies is ranked 3,568th in the world for Most Inclusive.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Egalitarian Democracy of KarteriaLeft-wing Utopia“Amor Vincit Omnia”
2.The Most Serene Republic of Costa de VolpeCivil Rights Lovefest“We shall stand, we shall prosper!”
3.The Kingdom of Caves of ParadiseCivil Rights Lovefest“Let There Be Light”
4.The United Insular States of AchipelNew York Times Democracy“Post Nubila Phoebus”
5.The Constitutional Monarchy of VolirumNew York Times Democracy“Today and Tomorrow, we stand together”
6.The Constitutional Republic of Unia SaulCapitalizt“Freedom for everyone whether they want it or not”
7.The Constitutional Monarchy of LuraqauNew York Times Democracy“United we stand, divided we fall”
8.The Grand Duchy of CaniluLiberal Democratic Socialists“Strength and freedom”
9.The Constitutional Monarchy of FarechiaLiberal Democratic Socialists“Strength in unity”
10.The Democratic Republic of AkragasLeft-wing Utopia“What needs saying is worth saying twice”
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Recent polls: “General Assembly Resolution #11: "Specifying Departments and Bureaus"”“[WA] Repeal "Protecting Personal Data"”“[WA] Fair Depository Standards Act”

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New West Indies Regional Message Board

Electorate wrote:When the recently begun Mosque al-Jumhur Alnnakhibin Sultanieh is finished, it will be the largest Jordanian mosque and have consumed 22 million dollars.

While I do respect this, remember that I still will give Jordan to any newcomer that requests it.

Karteria wrote:For anyone whose a lover of memes, I give you...

The Regional Meme Repository! It's basically just a collection of all the memes from discord – most of them being about the region itself and its roleplay events.

Great Dutch

Hey! The EU isn't dysfunctional, it's running like deers through grasslands. We LOVE nature.
Looks at next candidates, looks at the UK, Farechia and France, looks at Bremen issue

"Okay, so maybe there we're still working a few issues, but all is going great."

New Mexico Azteca is beginning it’s election season for a new Prime Minister. Prime Minister Miguel has finished his second term. He’d miss the office deeply. But New Mexico Azteca needs a new Leader.

He stared out his office Windows, the beautiful sunset burning dimly over the busy Buen Sol. He reviewed the candidates.

Jorge García of the Great Sun Party (Conservative). Meh. He's alright. Not really a big fan of this guy... Miguel thought. The man was all about building the military, fewer regulations on businesses, and heavily limiting the power of Parliament. Which is typical yes, but for whatever reason, he's a little too nationalistic for Miguel’s taste. He sticks out in the Great Sun Party. He wants to do things that benefit Mexico always. Even if it meant putting allies down. At least his policies imply that. Plus, rumors or not, whether explicitly stated or not, the man seemed very anti ”Not-Mexican”. He said that a lot. ”Not-Mexican.” ”The man is going to end up starting another civil war...” Miguel said to nobody in particular. ”We can't risk another oppressive leader. I doubt this Great Sun party really believes in this guy.”

He sighed. Next was Santiago Pérez, a Cuban for the Blue Eagle Party (Liberal). This was a man Miguel could get behind, given the party affiliation. He believed in the usual Liberal beliefs, equal rights for all, higher taxes (especially on large business and the rich) for education, infrastructure, defense, etc. Miguel agreed with a lot. He even The problem was, Pérez didn't seem strong. The man was very noble, yes, but not as out there as García. This could come into effect as the election goes on.

The NMA flag blew beautifully in the breeze. He took a minute to appreciate it as it flew.

Next was Luis Hernandez (no relation.) Of the Gold Horizon Party (Libertarian). Miguel thought for a second. Luis Hernandez was all about personal liberty. Miguel liked some of Luis’s stances. Not much he could really say about the man or his policies.

Julie Flores of the Red Flower party (Socialist) was also something Miguel could respect, even if he viewed it has kind of radical left. Everyone makes the joke about Socialism = Communism. To Miguel, Communism, in short, was just extreme Socialism where the government has too much control over everything. Julie never preached about that, just that the people own and determine the ways of living, not just private industry. But enough of that; Miguel admittedly wasn't too concerned about Socialist beliefs. He just worried about the Great Sun Party.

”Prime Minister, dinner will be served shortly in the Royal Dining hall.” His desk-messenger rang. Miguel’s thoughts were disrupted by the instant rush of hungry thoughts. ”Oh joy. Something to get my mind off of this! I can't wait for some Torta.”

Reports from the Campaign Trail

A crushing blow has been dealt to the conservative Hellenic Party by Doge Alexios Komnenos. Following a successful round of negotiations with his Electoran counterpart, the Doge has announced that the Falklands will be administered as a condominium between both nations, with foreign affairs and defense being the responsibility of the Electorate and domestic affairs being the responsibility of Cymiopolis. The islands will still be de jure Electoran territory, but the day-to-day matters of Falkland Islanders will be run by Cymiopolitans similar to before the war.

This has caused large percentage of Cymiopolitan conservatives to shift their support to the Doge’s Venetian Parth since the resolution of the Falklands issue has nullified the key point of the Hellenic Party’s platform

Speaker of idicarasia
With the rapid modernization of idiocarasia many feel as if there ways of life have been threatened. This has sparked the highest emigration rate the country has seen in many years. Even though the country has tried to assist them in coming to the new world many have chosen exile and in this new age.

Sorry that I'm behind on the maps, but I was on vacation and didn't have the files needed to update it.

Luraqau wrote:Sorry that I'm behind on the maps, but I was on vacation and didn't have the files needed to update it.

You've done a great and consistent job in the past, no need to worry if you're getting behind this once :)

I've made some updates.

The International Business dispatch has been separated into two dispatches now: International Corporations, which describes all companies, and Business Analysis, which describes the markets and prices.

The Guide to Economics has been updated to include the price changes as a result of specific business actions, such as creating a new factory or developing new tech (the exact percentage changes were decided by me, but they follow economic principles).

As a result of a new Constellations and Co factory built in Liverpool, United Kingdom, the equilibrium prices of starships maverick-sized and refuge-sized have decreased by 2% to $590.7 million and $1772.1 million, respectfully. Remember: your firm's products do not have to be priced at the equilibrium, but they should change by the same amount. Additionally, the global starship market has been classified a "Biased Duopoly" – Pegasus Starships owns 56% while Constellations and Co owns 31%.

Karteria wrote:Just as Demallen was about to speak, the intercom buzzed.

Gray to the bridge. We have an incoming transmission.

"No time to talk anymore," Gray exclaimed on his way out of the medical bay. "Just make sure he's well for our new... venture. We have no idea what awaits us now."

He hustled around the corner and back up the stairs. People were gathered around the communications officer's audio feed. "Play the message!"

–––– sol ––– curr-rr-nt –––––

"Agh! Just static!" Gray said, looking befuddled.

"Let me try another frequency, maybe we can better translate the message," the officer replied.

The new captain almost danced around the room, pacing back and forth with an anxious skip. He was muttering to himself.

"We got something – it's not much, but we can make out a few key words," the officer said excitedly.

"Play it again."

–––– System Sol ––– your escort –––––– currently in sight of –––––

"Well I'll be – our escort!" Gray exclaimed. "They must be on their way now.

Ready a squad for security. I want a couple of representatives with me and the team, plus a sample of our supposedly prized gold. We don't know what to expect from these.... things."

He watched as what he presumed to be the Captain exited the spacecraft.
As he was about to go for a friendly greeting, he saw those surrounding him carried weapons. Ones that seemed to capable of damaging his spacesuit.
"You guys think I'm Extraterran, don't you? Forester said, half-annoyed at the rude greeting.

"Well we don't know what you are. We don't know the difference between Alienatans and Extraterrans, you know,"
Forester facepalmed.
"Why would we bother to come here if we were Extraterrans? They're cozy on their planet while they watch how their victims are doing the work for them."
He saw some giving expressions of agreement. Some even lowered their guns.
"Sorry about that. We were just being careful, I'm sure you understand." Captain Gray put out his hand.
Forester promptly followed suit and shook his hand. "All is forgiven"

"Before we start, how do you know our language so well?"
"We don't know your language, this device around my ear is an interstellar translator, perfected 300 years ago."
"Fascinating" he heard the Captain muttered under his breath.
"Ahem." Forester got his attention back. "We are in a hurry in case you didn't know."
"Right, we can talk more about that later," Gray regained a proper composure. "Let's get to the heart of the matter – to where are you escorting us?"
"Our ship is across the mountains, due west, quite a way away from here." He said pointing west. "I would have been here faster, but our land transport is no longer functional."
He turned back to the Captain. "A sample of your hithera, if I may ask?"

"Bring out the goods!" Gray exclaims. One of the guards pulls out a sealed case. Approaching the group, she opens it, revealing 5 bars of gold inside.
Forester takes something out of his bag and sees it's something completely alien to them.
He doesn't care to explain though as he takes one bar an checks it out with the device.
"This is precisely what we're looking for" He takes another look. "I see it not completely clear of other particles, but melting and cooling the liquid down for the engine should get rid of them"
"Unfortunately we couldn't bring it here as a liquid without damaging the spacecraft"
"You don't know how to cool down liquid hithera without solidifying it? You guys are more primitive than I thought,"
"No need to treat us like... ah, it doesn't matter. We have greater concerns. Can you melt it down at your transport?"
"It happens on it's way to the engine. Now please tell me this isn't all you brought"

"Not at all, please follow me."
They walked to the end of the ship. "Here's our storage compartment." There are stacks upon stacks of gold lining the walls.
"This ought to get us to your moon. After that, we can just calibrate your fuel to travel to Sol 3."
A thought suddenly came to Forester's mind.
"Since you probably can't travel at photonic speed, we'll have to put your ship in our's." He saw the Captain's irritated expression. "I wasn't going to call you primitive you know(Even though I want to)"
"Hmpf. Well, I'll have you know that we're working on it right now. In any case, as long as our ship can fit and hang with yours during the flight, we should be good to go."
"Let's get started then (I doubt they know I mean the speed of light)"

As they are heading towards the flight deck, the Captains suddenly stops.
"Why exactly are we going back to earth?"
"Because it's safest for you, or is there any danger we don't know about?"
"Not much danger – relative to what you've probably experienced. We can explain on our way there. Even with your velo, it'll be a long flight."
"Let's get going then" Forester rushed past him. "Massareno is waiting,"

The Imperial government released the Charles doctrine today which asserts, 'Any state, organization, entity, or individual to claim or occupy Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, or any other territory held by the Electorate shall suffer war, rapine, pillage, and plunder by the people of the Electorate until such time as that state, organization, entity, or individual publicly and completely vacates that territory insofar as these actions are compliant with international law and do not interfere with Electoratean interests or property unless said state, organization, entity, or individual receives express and witnessed permission from the Imperial government of the Electorate or that of a constituent electorate or dependent state therein.'

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