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WA Delegate: The United Democratic Republics of Kokoku (elected )

Founder: The Democratic Judgeship of Nullarni

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Largest Black Market: 1,310th Most Cultured: 2,122nd
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The NEW WARSAW PACT (NWP) is a loosely affiliated region where creativity and diversity are encouraged and rewarded, and national sovereignty is valued above all else. We welcome all who wish to join, regardless of political, social, or cultural ideals and beliefs... Except Nazis. We don't like them.

WA members, please endorse our newly elected WA Delegate, Kokoku

Any regions interested in diplomatic relations, please contact our Minister of Foreign Affairs. Any region desiring an embassy MUST fill out an Linkapplication PRIOR to putting in an embassy request.

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Re-founded: February 3, 2010
Featured Region: May 3, 2017

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    QuickStart Guide to NationStates and the NWP

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    Roleplay 101

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    Useful NS sites and Utilities (updated: 5/31/2015)

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    NationStates Guide

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    So You Want To Write A Resolution?

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Regional Power: Very High

New Warsaw Pact contains 262 nations, the 47th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Nudest in New Warsaw Pact

After exhaustive surveys, the World Census calculated which nations have the greatest acreages of flesh on public display.

As a region, New Warsaw Pact is ranked 9,450th in the world for Nudest.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Texas NWP Ambassador of Texas Surfer DudesInoffensive Centrist Democracy“From Texas to NWP with love and BBQ!!”
2.The United Socialist States of New WalajambaDemocratic Socialists“May socialism bring justice throughout the land”
3.The Republic of BilishireFather Knows Best State“Pride and Industry”
4.The Protectorate of Jeecseek PahduluahFather Knows Best State“A Generation Waits for Dawn”
5.The United Socialist States of Union of Soviet Zaprad RepublicsCorrupt Dictatorship“Son's and daughters of Zapradrutia Unite”
6.The Kingdom of Upper and Lower KarsteiniaFather Knows Best State“Turn left at the canyon”
7.The Akuist Empire of Aku CityCompulsory Consumerist State“Soul Crushing Dictatorship For A Better Tomarrow”
8.The United Unity of LuxintenebrisCivil Rights Lovefest“I sure hope we're united.”
9.The Wanagiyata of AkilehanCivil Rights Lovefest“All are equal, all are free”
10.The Borderlands of BeliraCivil Rights Lovefest“Eh, could've been worse.”
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Regional Happenings


New Warsaw Pact Regional Message Board

Novoroyssia wrote:This new WA bill that bans genocide is absolutely disgusting, all the WA ever does is try to tear down hard working dictatorships like us.

accidents, humans are stupid enough to get into such situations frequent enough.

Snakkra wrote:accidents, humans are stupid enough to get into such situations frequent enough.

Tons of our people tend to commit suicide from two shots to the back of the head.

Novoroyssia wrote:Tons of our people tend to commit suicide from two shots to the back of the head.

It’s strange...
A political opponent was found dead in his apartment the morning after he made a “questionable” speech...
Seems he tripped and fell on his bayonet sixteen times...

Eastern Estovakia wrote:It’s strange...
A political opponent was found dead in his apartment the morning after he made a “questionable” speech...
Seems he tripped and fell on his bayonet sixteen times...

Similar to one of the leading rebels pleading for asylum, he seemed to find asylum under a pile of ash and fire

Ours don't care much, but we really wonder what the UCRs generals and soldiers are thinking right now, when their being told to cooperate with Novoroyssia to defeat a communist revolution led by a Novoroyssian.

Novoroyssia wrote:Ours don't care much, but we really wonder what the UCRs generals and soldiers are thinking right now, when their being told to cooperate with Novoroyssia to defeat a communist revolution led by a Novoroyssian.

They are fighting for a common cause for our trusted ally.


Unified Coloradan Republic wrote:They are fighting for a common cause for our trusted ally.

Makes sense. If our people were capable of caring about such things, they'd probably be very confused, but then get over it.


I apologize for the delay, but there were a few things I had to take care of. Thank you for waiting for the Latest edition of The New Warsaw Pact Herald! You can find it here:

The New Warsaw Pact Herald

250 Tamas--Spreading the flame of knowledge--November 12, 2018


The news around the region


Capitalist Uprisings in the Capital

From New Walajamba

The capital of New Walajamba awoke today yet again to the gathering of millions on the streets, protesting about New Walajamba's economical approach to running the country economically. The protesters ask for the subsidization of government businesses and jobs, and increased economical freedoms. This is the third mass protest in the last month demanding these changes.
As of now, the government of New Walajamba has mobilized its national guard to aid with the local police force in a bid to eradicate the mob with hoses and rubber bullets, as well as enforcing martial law in the capital. It is unknown whether these protests have been influenced by outside nations, or a new victim in the New Warsaw Pact's capitalists springs.
This story is developing, and will be updated when information arises on the matter.

Rebel Base Raid Leads in Detailed Information on the Communists!

From Confederation Of Continental Nationalism

Earlier today during a routine neighborhood search, a group of rebel spies were found hiding in the basement of a collaborator. The man living in the home claims not to have known of this hideout. He is currently being evaluated for witness protection.

The info on the Communists' plan in the hideout is immense. They plan to bomb the quarantine zone to release the experiments kept there, the reason for this is unknown. There was more civil unrest than ever in Bablone after the search was conducted. The rebels found in the area have been arrested for treason and tax-fraud.

The Kaisers account after the raid... “I don’t know what to say except we have them in our midst, there could be a spy living next to you. Just keep an eye out for everyone, this isn’t just a game of hide-and-seek.”

  • Labrekia BREAKING NEWS: Hundreds of labrekians have noted that their milk has been stolen. On haloween night there were not just zombies... BUT SKELETONS.
    "They may have darn did stolen my milk, but then i remember what mah son told me 'milk is good for you because it strengthens your bones' these here skellers just wanted a healthy drink." Reports Farmer Brown.
    To end this milk-napping on a high note,
    A child has managed to capture one of these skeletons due to the fact it was their older brother. They now live happily with their parents again.

  • Kokoku Comrade Iosava declares a state of emergency in the Confederation Of Continental Nationalism and urges the Supreme Council to act on the matter before more blood is shed. Currently, the Council is deliberating on the appropriate action.




    Unified Coloradan Republic Swiftly Passes Resolutions

    From Unified Coloradan Republic

    The UCR has passed a series of resolutions in parliament.

    The UCR has adopted Resolution 1600, allowing intervention in the CCN. This is in light of the current civil unrest in the area. The CCN has yet to comment.

    The UCR Parliament passed Legislation 1703 and 1704 on November 2.

    Legislation 1703 establishes a temporary emblem, in appearence as such:

    Legislation 1704, (or the "UCR National Hymn Act"): Replaces the Coloradan "Where the Columbines Grow" with the Patriotic Hymn "Tsveta Flaza (Colored Flag)", Re-Designating "Where the Columbines Grow" as the anthem of the Coloradan Autonomous Republic (Or Colorada)

    Government enraged at the new "Sumpsons Treehouse of Horror!

    from Confederation Of Continental Nationalism

    The Kingdom was in an uproar as the latest episode of the popular TV show, "The Sumpsons", aired an episode that was found to be offensive to the general populace. The episode, a parody of Eve of the Dawn of the Day the Dead Came, portrays Lovecraftism as a cult run by a fraudster, who has brainwashed the followers into zombies.

    "How dare they disrespect our grand religion!" says the Ghost of Marlo, "The Sumpsons is one of my favorite shows yet even i think this is terrible. the fact that Mart Growling only identifies general religions disgusts me, he cant see that this might enrage us Lovecraftians?. it truly disgusts me, is he also supporting the Communists and Josef. If Mart ever comes to our country, consider him Food! whats next, cooking up Shub-Niggarauth and munching on him?

    The motive and method this episode was aired in the CCN is unknown, but the studio has stated that the people responsible have been removed, and that there will be a change in policy.

    Results from The Kokokuan League

    From Kokoku

    The following are the results from the matches in the Kokokuan League. The playoffs are set for two months.

    Kokoku United 2-0 Ghilsi

    Chuto Citizens 1-5 Kokoku Patriots

    Kokoku Rail 1-1 Tek

    Salaki FC 0-0 Salaki United

    United Alba 3-0 Dom

    Azeri Patriots 1-2 Fulgari Patriots

    Having lost by a large margin, Chuto Citizens will have a difficult time finding a way out of relegation as they mark another loss for the team. The Kokoku Patriots, sponsored by the Kokokuan Revolutionary Ground Forces, has virtually clinched a position in the playoffs.

    Your News is Wanted!

    For You, By You

    TO HELP alleviate the current plight of our offsite forums

    TO PROVIDE a platform for member nations to develop and grow

    TO ENCOURAGE all members who aren't in the forums to be come together as a community

    WE have good news for you!

    As we transition our forums from Tapatalk to Proboards, the offices of The New Warsaw Pact Herald would like to broadcast your news and happenings to the world. We provide a chance for many to expand their reach to the rest of the region. We will broadcast your nation's news, events, culture, opinions, and more on our weekly editions. It doesn't cost you a single tama, and you are free to distribute your articles. We want to show our members the best of the region, made possible by your efforts.

    HOW TO SUBMIT: If you want the New Warsaw Pact Herald to publish your story, send a telegram to our offices in Kokoku. Submissions for each paper will be published each Friday. Submissions will be reviewed and formatted for the newspaper. Any article submitted after the deadline will be published the next week. We value free expression, but reserve the right to refrain from publishing any article that we deem inappropriate for the newspaper.

    You may contact us through the dispatch or through this page: nation=kokoku

    DISCLAIMER: The New Warsaw Pact Herald is a private entity and independent of the New Warsaw Pact. The Herald is not affiliated with the founder nor the Executive Branch of the New Warsaw Pact. All content and expressions are not endorsed by the New Warsaw Pact or its members.

    Read dispatch

    Remember, news and roleplay is made possible by YOU! To be a part of it, send me your story via telegram. I promise to get this one on time, rather than Kokoku Time.

    Just saying, but if this WA bill passes we’ll be forced to take ourselves seriously and stop being a joke again

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