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St Saratoga wrote:Saints fall in controversial match day one.

OOC: Are winners and losers of particular games decided before RPing the results? Is there a type of 'dice roll' that decides the game and then players are allowed to RP? How's this sports RP work? (I'm still itching to run a a type of Athretvarian Hyper-Hovercraft Grand Prix.)

Athretvari wrote:OOC: Are winners and losers of particular games decided before RPing the results? Is there a type of 'dice roll' that decides the game and then players are allowed to RP? How's this sports RP work? (I'm still itching to run a a type of Athretvarian Hyper-Hovercraft Grand Prix.)

viewtopic.php?f=7&t=611 this will help answer some questions but basically its a dice roll. Most people use a scorinator (

In the interest of providing a central location for scorinator links:


Commerce Heights's LinkXkoranate is the most commonly used and most versatile scorinator. It can scorinate almost every sport and can be extended by creating new sport files (see below for links to some of them).
Vephrall's LinkNSFS is also commonly used. It can scorinate association football, American football and baseball.
Free Republics's LinkMust10inator (link goes to version 1.2 for Windows) is the only scorinator at this time that supports the Must-10 scoring system used by professional boxing and mixed martial arts. The Linksource code is also available.
Free Republics's LinkBaseinator (link goes to version 1.1) is a ratio-based scorinator for baseball and softball that produces linescores (with code that prevents the program from generating impossible linescores where the home team wins by more than 4 runs in the bottom of the last inning) and supports style modifiers and park factors. The Linksource code is also available.
Free Republics's LinkMALFFR Quiddinator is a quidditch scorinator. The Linksource code is also available.
Spaam's LinkSQS is another quidditch scorinator which can be run straight out of a web browser.
Audioslavia's LinkThe Racing Scorinator is an auto racing scorinator.
Osarius has a Linkweb page containing download links to many scorinators.
Great Britain and Normandy's Supernate is a scorinator that is in the early stages of development at this time.

There are other known scorinators that are not publicly available at this time such as Vilita's association football scorinator and Buyan's cycling scorinator.

Related Programs

Free Republics's LinkCasaran Scheduler is a program that speeds up the process of generating the following day's fixtures (schedule) for a Casaran system tournament.
Free Republics's LinkInput Maker (link goes to Windows version) is a program that converts Olympic signups to Xkoranate input files. The Linksource code is also available.
Free Republics's LinkSignup Checker can quickly check that an Olympic signup is valid and determine MMAB.

Xkoranate Input Files

To add input files to Xkoranate, place the appropriate files inside your sports folder (which is inside of whichever folder you installed xkoranate to).

Free Republics's LinkWorld Bowl XXII Formula is a modified version of SQIS for American football that increases scoring to be more in line with RL levels. The LinkPost-World Bowl XXXI Formula is a modified version of this which increases randomness and reduces the number of blowouts. The latter formula was created by Free Republics after World Bowl XXXI to address the large number of blowouts in that tournament.
The LinkArena Football formulas by Shadowbourne (NSFS) and Free Republics (World Bowl XXII) add the sport of Arena Football to xkoranate.
Free Republics's LinkAdjusted NSFS Formula is an adjustment of the NSFS formula for baseball that reduces randomness. This formula was created because unranked teams were frequently making deep runs in the WBC without RPing and was largely successful in putting an end to that.
Free Republics's LinkBeach Soccer Formula adds the sport of beach soccer to xkoranate.
Free Republics's LinkFoot Race scorinators are capable of scorinating various foot races from the Ancient Greek Olympics. They were created and used for the Olympia Games.
Free Republics's LinkGRSL Formula is an association football formula with some unique rules that was intended for a domestic league that never happened. It would be highly inappropriate to use this formula for the NSWC or any other major international association football tournament.
Free Republics's LinkSQIS Formula for ice hockey is an alternative to the built-in (NSFS-based) ice hockey formula based on the World Cup 68 version of SQIS. Although the file says this is a beta, it has been used in several WCoH tournaments (where it is also known as "Saintland's Modifiers") and is thoroughly tested.
Legalese's LinkWorld Cup 68 Formula (also known as SLIS) is an association football formula that reduces the randomness of SQIS. Its use was originally proposed in a World Cup 67 bid but it was actually used, for the first time, at World Cup 68.
San Jose Guayabal's SGIS Formula is an association football formula that also reduces the randomness of SQIS, though not as much as the World Cup 68 formula does.
Electrum created Linkseveral files for the Winter Olympic events added at the 2014 RL Olympics in Sochi.

Read dispatch

) which uses an editable algorithm to generate the results. The RPs serves as a bonus for the next game day except the first day game.

The process for tournaments usually run this way,
1) Entries opened by an sport organization/region/nation
2) once entries it a certain point a call for event hosts go out, example is me apply to host the World Lacrosse Classic in Saratoga or NCON
3) entry is closed, host is decided either by sport org or participating nation voting
4) thread is created by host org with all the info needed, rosters and pre-season rps are posted
5) hosts uses a scorinator to generate results, add in the bonus for those who rped
6) results are posted in thread, participates post rps for advantage. Ones who don't get no advantage
7) host generates results, posts results, participates rp, so on so forth
8) At the end of the tourney, the host usually is responsible for updating the participate rankings if applicable.

hopefully this helps! :)

St Saratoga wrote:-snip-

hopefully this helps! :)

It does! Thank you!

Factbook updating to start this week!

Got some nice ideas to explore!

Thank you for having embassies with The Democratic Republic
We wish your region the best!
Minister of State America JB

St Saratoga wrote:Saints Clinch Group A of the WLC 31st

Congratulations to the Saints! There are celebrations throughout Athretvari’s sports pubs. Since they’re the only Enkonian team in the WLC 31st, we cheer them on, as we feel they not only represent St Saratoga but the region too. Go Saints!

Just getting back from my cabin. Let me just say this...

The friggin bugs have inspired me to eradicate all living creatures smaller than a thimble. Loco cocos are a blight man.

Nedea wrote:Just getting back from my cabin. Let me just say this...

The friggin bugs have inspired me to eradicate all living creatures smaller than a thimble. Loco cocos are a blight man.

The mayflies are awful this year.

St Saratoga wrote:The mayflies are awful this year.

Oh man I know. Some years they actually have to get the plows out in Red Wing otherwise people will spin out because theres so freaking many of them. At least they dont bite.


The Story:

The Sanction:

In regards to an implementation of sanctions against the nation-state Athretvari.

Article I
Short Title

  1. This document may be cited as the "Nedean Sanctions Against Athretvari #1".

  2. This document can be referred to as the "Principal Act".

Article II

For the purposes of this Sanction,

  1. The Syndicated Corporations of Nedea shall be defined as The Syndicate or Nedea.

  2. The High-Technate of Athretvari shall be defined as The Technate or Athretvari.

Article III

  1. Foreign Asset Control.

    1. All technology with Artificial Intelligence Cores, Chips, Wafers, Disks, Phones or other such electronics from The Technate is forbidden.

    2. Any technology of the stated nature above imported into The Syndicate are subject to confiscation and destruction.

    3. All persons apprehended for importing the stated goods are subject to a K$ 25,000 fine and up to 365 days in Debtor's Prison™.

      • This applies to Nedean Citizens, Civilians and Foreign Nationals without proper approval from SYCON.

  2. Entry Visa Requirements.

    1. All Athretvari Nationals are required to hold a Class A or B Syndicate Entry Visa to enter Nedea.

    2. All Class C SEVs issued to Athretvari Nationals are hereby null and void.

    3. All Athretvari Class B SEV holders are subject to an inquiry by a Syndicate Border Liaison.

      • Questions may include such things as: Are you now or have you ever been affiliated with the General Ministry of Technology & Innovation, The Strategic Ministry of Data& Intelligence, Data or Special & Secret Actions?

    4. Syndicate Border Liaisons are permitted to turn away any Athretvari Citizen for any suspicious activity regardless of SEV.

    Article IV

    1. The principal act shall come into force immediately as authorized by The Envoy, Eumann Grannd.

    Authored by Nedea
Read dispatch

1 minute ago: Following new legislation in Nedea, the nation's leader is normally just referred to as "snuggle-wuggle-huggy-bear".

I demand all other nations do the same.

Saints to play in WLC 31st Championship Game!

This could be a first for the Saints who in WLC 28 came up short to claim third place.

Nedea wrote:1 minute ago: Following new legislation in Nedea, the nation's leader is normally just referred to as "snuggle-wuggle-huggy-bear".

I demand all other nations do the same.

Is Nedeas anthem the Bear necessities ?

St Saratoga did you see the new Concacaf world cup qualifying format?

Official Transcript of Daily Strategic Ministry of NationStates (S6) Press Conference

General Liza Lotsz, S6-Ministry Chief Communications Officer: Good evening everyone. Before I take any questions, I would like to read a short statement from Strategic Minister of NationStates Major-Admiral Wohr Enpihsz with respect to the recent imposition of sanctions by the Nedean Syndicate on Athretvarian AI technologies.

    The sanctions imposed by the Syndiacte of Nedea on advanced information technologies utilizing Athretvarian developed artificial intelligences (AI) is unjustified and without merit. The Strategosa and the Government of Athretvari are saddened that the Syndicate would take such drastic action in response to unfounded rumors and anti-Technate fake-news spread by major Nedean media operations with openly Ayn Randian libertarian biases, and that are clearly designed to upset the peaceful and amicable relations that have developed between our two great civilizations.

    The Strategosa and the Government of Athretvari reaffirm that the High-Technate is a “rule of law” nationstate with strict environmental, labor, and product safety laws, rules, and regulations that are properly enforced by well funded administrative and criminal law enforcement authorities.

    The collection, access, decryption, archival, search, seizure, analysis, or other actions involving Athretvari or foreign user data is strictly controlled by Athretvari law and never undertaken without issuance of a proper warrant by an expert justice of the law when there is cause to believe that crimes have been or are being committed.

    Furthermore, Athretvari industrial, as well as domestic and foreign intelligence collection laws provide numerous “fire-walls” between Athretvari’s world-class consumer products & services industries and our intelligence agencies.

    The sanctions imposed by the Nedean Syndicate only act to restrict Nedean consumers and industry from some of the most advanced technology available anywhere in the known universe. Athretvari AI applications often require remote access to the Technate’s open information network wherein AI’s with appropriate authorization can access nearly all of Athretvari’s unclassified databases and digital archives, as well as real time data from Athretvari’s public information utilities, such as AGEWOS, the Athretvari Global Enkonian Weather Observation System, and AGDAERS, the Athretvari Global Disaster Alert and Emergency Response System, not to mention access to emergency medical aid AI systems that require real-time access to the vast Athretvari Medical Database.

    The actions of the Syndicate will only serve to disadvantage the average Nedean consumer.

    The Strategosa and Government of Athretvari reaffirm the universal rights of sentient and sapient Athretvari Robotic AIs to “life” and all the other rights, privileges, and responsibilities of living persons of Athretvari, and determined to defend the same, do reaffirm that actions taken against sentient and sapient Athretvari Robotic AI are considered actions taken against Athretvari citizens.

    The Strategosa and Government of Athretvari call upon the Syndicate of Nedea to reconsider the imposition of sanctions against the High-Technate and to consider holding diplomatic discussions to properly address the legitimate concerns of the Syndicate, as well as those of Nedean consumers and industry.

And with that I’ll take several questions. Yes, Lawrence from Moarfallian Cigar Aficionado Magazine.

Journalist: Rumors are rampant on the intertubes that Nedean hackers have discovered what some are calling “Ai-Vari backdoor sex-bots” embedded deep in Athretvari AI core OS systems. How many devices have been infected by Vari meowlware?

Gen. Lotsz: (Sigh) None, *cough* as far as I know.

Journalist: What was that?

Gen. Lotsz: None, zero. Next question. Yes, let’s try someone over here. Ah, Jeremy from Rogerbei Sports Reillustrated. *sips some water*

Journalist: Is it true that the Strategosa has a poster of a shirtless Alexander Atkins in the Defenderate’s strategic ministries conference room?

Gen. Lotsz: I can’t comment on decorations in the strategic ministries conference room due to national security concerns.

Journalist: What?! That’s not a denial.

Gen. Lotsz: Next question. Yes, Michael from the Ars Scientia Sentinel.

Journalist: My sources in the Ministry of NationStates are saying the minister is recommending to the Strategosa the imposition of minimum acceptable safety rating standards on all imports entering Athretvari. Are they correct? Do you have any details on the proposal and can you confirm or deny that they are a retaliation reaction to the Nedean sanctions since the standards would more than likely hit all Nedean goods trying to enter the Athretvarian market?

Gen. Lotsz: I can confirm that the Minister has been working on a type of minimum acceptable safety rating standards system for imports for some time now. They are not related to the recent actions of the Syndicate. However, the Minister has indicated it is possible that the standards may be strengthened and enacted earlier than expected in light of the situation. Exact details are still forthcoming, but the Minister is ready to recommend upto minimum NS World average safety rating for all agricultural, personal electronics, and consumer goods and products; a minimum of 105% NS World average safety rating for all general machinery, transport, and medical goods and services; and a minimum safety rating of 10% NS World average for all other goods and products including raw ore, minerals, timber and other natural materials.

The Ministry has not decided on any particular proposals for retalitory actions against the Syndicate. It has been tasked with advising the Strategosa as soon as possible on next steps that may be taken. We again reiterate our desire for discussions with Nedean authorities to correct the situation.

OK, we have time for one last question. Um, Cathy from Enkon Network News.

Journalist: *bolts upright, turns her back to the general, and faces the cameras in the back of the room* Hello! I’m Cathy Navarro! ENN’s chief Ars Scientia correspondent! *She smiles and then turns back toward the general* Is it true General that the Strategosa watches my show, *she turns again to the cameras*, Cathy Navarro, Live! at 7pm Ars Scientia standard time!? *She smiles and then turns back toward the general*

Gen. Lotsz: No. OK everyone, that’s all the time I have. Until tomorrow.

46566 wrote:St Saratoga did you see the new Concacaf world cup qualifying format?

Not yet, been at a conference the last few days.

Post self-deleted by St Saratoga.

Post self-deleted by St Saratoga.

St Saratoga wrote:Not yet, been at a conference the last few days.

It sounds like a bad sports RP to favor big Nations.
The top 6 in FIFA rankings next June automatically are positioned in the hex to fight over 3 potions in the WC. Fourth position goes to a playoff to play the winner of who ever wins the section of teams ranked 7-35 to make it to the playoffs.

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