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Governor: The Federation of Aprinia

WA Delegate: None.

Founder: The Federation of Aprinia

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Most Nations: 501st Most Valuable International Artwork: 1,186th
World Factbook Entry

Welcome to MJT, an equatorial island region with beautiful wildlife and fertile soil! The new name is used to differentiate MJT from the planet. MJT is inspired by post-Floricia-Leanna and pre-community Majestia (now raided).

After getting displaced and sent to TRR, Simonia's former Simonosphere region-mates went to Majestia's alternate universe clone and passworded the region. Embassy Island's embassy buildings have been burnt down, so we're restarting.

This is a casual chat Planet NationStates region. Most embassy requests will be accepted.

We have a LinkDiscord and LinkDixie. ďEveryoneĒ is welcome here.

Embassies: Friendly Pacifists, Snowyland Lana, Drip Cityyyyyyyyy, Gypsy Lands, Elle 11, Planet Majestia, Snezhnaya Lana, North Majestia, Yoyleland, Anegana, True Waskaria, NeoMajestia, Beating Brian Up Gang, Burgerland, Pussy, Simonia Clones, and 210 others.Valentine Day, MineKhan Origin Nations, The Hellenic Realm, Experimento, Every Body of Water, The Outer Rim, Raj, Fredonia, The Russian Room 2, Where Germaniccat Rules, Madeline, Guinea Kiribati, Honda, The Great Universe, FREEDOM DOGS N DINOS, Embassies of NationStates, Wyndia, Vulture of War, Shadow Realms, The Socialist Republic, Beacon of Peace, Great Europe, South west tree, Geometry Dash Creators, Yevropa, Mem, That Part Of The Forest, Hurricane 12, Kommuland, Island of Weilssen, Ensio, Atkalat, Modorra, The Greater South Sigma, United Soviet States of Novaya, United Arab Emirates, Raleigh, Ceylon, Namibia, Kandahar, The Second Asia, the Order of the Silver Compass, Arconian Empire, Alesia, The Caffeinated Confederation, Aerospace, 0000, Ancient Lands, Diego Garcia, The Seven Islands, Nationstates Ski Resort, NationVision Official, A Milky Way, Zombieland, Monkey Empire, Princess Island, The Embassy, That Time Again, Aphmau, Holy Russia, the Obsidian Highlands, Useless, Pontbridge Islands, Little Planet, Angels of Derp, Imperial Government, New Free Federation Conglomerate, The Grand Patriot Empire of Algerheaven, Aura, Reqau and Salasia, The Union of Equality and Wealth, Nova Libertatia, Armed Neutrality Union, New Alotania, The International Alliance of Swag, Lyrali, Qoqica, Saluda, Metropolitan Union, Gay, Eclipseland, Minnesota, The Chess Club, Brazzaville, Mississippi, Missouri, Imperial Sanctuary, Azania, A New Place at a different Time, Flimsily Constructed Cardboard Box, Dublin, The Planet X, Random NS Region, Canguta Nations, The Mausoleum, Shalibvia, Corvinia, Corvinian Conlang Union, Corvinian Archipelago Railway Services, Lelaris, Corvinian Socialist Union, Atlantiva, The Apolean Frontiers, AppleJuice, Krushan Union of Dependencies, Spiritalia, Confederation of Northern Regions, Chocolate territory, the Channel Islands, Croaso, T2R, Eastern Western Alliance, Transgender, Ryumin Pact, Lukanian Personal Puppet Salvation, Nexus Nexus, Greater London, The Smelly Fart, United States of America, Dog Lake, Kitai, Republic of Russia, Pub, Antillia Islands, Russian Federation, Autism Spectrum, Saint Helier, FRs New Place, Chicken overlords, The Finntopian Region of DOOM, Southeast Union, Roses Without Thorns, OMLB, small NATO, The Majestia, The Ameris Region, Liravialand, The Allied Nations, Moscow Kremlin, Corvinian Spanish Zone, Planet Mobius, The windswept peaks, Kaiju Hangout, Unclear, Fullworthia, land of the free, Kedah, Access The Axis, World Republic, Dispatchia, Lardyland, United Christian Countries, Halfworthia, The New Social Movement, Alhambra, Hollow Point, Arghantania Captures, Krillin, Dimmersun, sooren, Katherin, Rauce Point, Catgirls World, Bobbersonian palace, Chicagoland, Two, MHBs New Earth, Hsiao Han, Kinshasa, The Nevers, Pacific Union, The Central Pacific, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mongolia, World, Fiji, Luxembourgishfederation, The Touched, Alternate History Hub, Infinite Crafts, Ephrata, alternate world, Stratocrators, The Chromatic Farm League, The Imperial Pacifism, Municipalities of Finland, The Religion That Has No Big Banks, Scratch Nations, New Oracle, The Illuminati, BTM Puppet Storage, Weirdos Are Cool, New Republic Charter, Oyropp, Heldemnir, Deutschland vereinen, The Bar on the corner of every region, Wallachia, Elentia, The Fall Paradise REVIVED, Nassau, Kensington and Chelsea, London, Virginia, matheo, Georgia, North Carolina, Panam, Delaware, and Maryland.

The embassy with The Allied Nations is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

Construction of embassies with The ME Sector has commenced. Completion expected .

Construction of embassies with Bamako has commenced. Completion expected .

Tags: Anti-Fascist, Casual, Colony, Eco-Friendly, Egalitarian, Embassy Collector, Fantasy Tech, Free Trade, Future Tech, Independent, Magical, Map, and 6 others.Medium, Modern Tech, Outer Space, Post-Modern Tech, Social, and Surreal.

MJT contains 48 nations, the 501st most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Most Politically Free in MJT

These nations allow citizens the greatest amount of freedom to select their own government.

As a region, MJT is ranked 11,347th in the world for Most Politically Free.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Republic of Magicia you call yourself a name sniperAnarchy“Time to namesnipe!”
2.The Federation of Alphabet QwrtyuiosdfgjklzxcvnmAnarchy“Do I Seriously Need a Motto?”
3.The Kingdom of Simonisca Mirella NuellaNew York Times Democracy“From Many, One”
4.The Republic of Not SimoniaLiberal Democratic Socialists“No regions. No capitals. No nations.”
5.The Kingdom of SimoniaCivil Rights Lovefest“Four regions. Four capitals. One nation.”
6.The Republic of Epiq ladCivil Rights Lovefest“None”
7.The Federation of The Dorthatese FederationNew York Times Democracy“Let's go Dorthatese Federation!”
8.The Democratic States of Nandaek v2New York Times Democracy“Nandaek for spare?”
9.The Commonwealth of Seaside Resort IslandNew York Times Democracy“Majestian Ambassador Used To Prevent Namesnipes”
10.The RUN RUN RUN of Your ShadowNew York Times Democracy“You can't catch me, Peter Pan!”

Recent polls: “Best Pacific?”“Best Ocean?”

Regional Happenings


MJT Regional Message Board

Aadhiris wrote:Someone answer my question raaabaababababababaggagagagggagagah

One, people will answer if they want to
Two, reading as a WA outsider, if itís intended to replace it, then Iíd commend it.

MJT, Fort Viorlia held Simonia and Friendly Simonian Pacifists hostage. What should I do?

Fort Viorlia wrote:Hand me half the GDP of all the nations in the Simonosphere.

Even the dead ones?

Aadhiris wrote:Someone answer my question raaabaababababababaggagagagggagagah

I put for in my region. They've got reasons

Your Shadow wrote:I put for in my region. They've got reasons

Mk. Hello Tan.
Lmao no that doesn't work- Hiya Ance.... Tani. X3

Poraia wrote:MJT, Fort Viorlia held Simonia and Friendly Simonian Pacifists hostage. What should I do?


Aadhiris wrote:Mk. Hello Tan.
Lmao no that doesn't work- Hiya Ance.... Tani. X3


Read FPís RMB.

Aadhiris wrote:Mk. Hello Tan.
Lmao no that doesn't work- Hiya Ance.... Tani. X3

Do not call me tan, whether true or not
Hi Aady

Your Shadow wrote:Do not call me tan, whether true or not
Hi Aady

Donít worry I wonít, it sounds horrible.
Hello :3

Poraia wrote:MJT, Fort Viorlia held Simonia and Friendly Simonian Pacifists hostage. What should I do?

We here at the MJT High Command don't negotiate with hostage-takers. Initiate orbital bombardment; No quarter given.

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