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Governor: The Dictatorship of Russian Red Soviets

WA Delegate: The Dictatorship of Russian Red Soviets (elected )

Founder: The Armed Democratic Republic of Union of Silver States Union

Last WA Update:

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Most World Assembly Endorsements: 400th Most Valuable International Artwork: 1,193rd Most Nations: 1,841st
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Regional Holidays
MineKhan independence day 1st March
Coronation Of Govenor Russian Red Soviets 7th Of August

Embassy #1 Fredonia
Embassy #50 Algerheaven
Embassy #100 Willforgetit
Embassy #250 Minnesota
Embassy #300 Union of Ivory

Our discord server can be found here: LinkDiscord link, if it does not work, please contact the Union of Silver States Union

Governor's username is: silverknightoftheunion

Our history is fully listed by the Alliance of silence in Link this document
This nation also made this very useful website: LinkClick here to see it

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This is the map of MineKhan Origin Nations created by The Dictatorship of Russian Red Soviets . It has 79 estimated diplomatic weight behind it, the most in MineKhan Origin Nations. It is one of 2 maps of MineKhan Origin Nations.

Embassies: Fredonia, Guinea Kiribati, Gypsy Lands, Confederation of Corrupt Dictators, Chicken overlords, Kawaii Overlords, Fifth Empire, Groland, International sovereignty pact, The Cure, Arconian Empire, Scandinavia, The Embassy, Mitteleuropa, The Embassy 3, Raxulan Empire, and 367 others.PollRegionia, Calebs Haven, Krillin, Wild Hunt, Hollow Point, Pontbridge Islands, United States of America, The Bunny Fire, United Otter Emirates, The Banking Clan, Hyperborea, Food Valley, Aphmau, Hoi4 PCM, Hurricane 12, Zentari, The Illuminati, Turkic Union, Capitalist Libertarian Freedom Region, Europi, Memphis, Republic of Cuba, New Warsaw Pact, Jamesia, Anti Anime Association, Kentucky, Baltimore, SEC Fanatics, Stornoway, Ancient Lands, The Land of Chicken Nuggets, Kingdom Of England And Wales, Joint Command, Nouakchott, Westminster, Pacific Union, 0000, Marshall Islands, Knights of the Round Table, Glasgow, Nintendo, The Union of Socialist States Republic, The Wonderful Bird Region, Lyrali, The Bar on the corner of every region, The Great Universe, The Empires And Republics Of Power, Saint Petersburg, waypoint, Truman, Southern Ireland, Virginia Beach, Aerospace, Beating Brian Up Gang, The Finntopian Region of DOOM, Dog Lake, Microjapan, Willforgetit, Regionless, Lilongwe, Society of Commissioned Gentlemen, 404 Not Found, U R N, South China Sea, Sicily, Pokemon World, Pencil Sharpeners Puppet Storage, The Dank Meme Alliance, Rise Of Nations Wiki Alliance, El Paso, Suffolk, Holy Slavic Empire, Nudist Dreamland, The Cat Pacific, Mozambique, Iowa, Wales, Laos, Riyadh, Yukon, Brazzaville, London, San Marino, Union Mundial, Swaziland, South Australia, Edinburgh, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, North Carolina, Republic of Congo, Namibia, Rhode Island, Roseau, New Hampshire, Saskatchewan, Nebraska, Berlin, Maldives, Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Addis Ababa, Australia Commonwealth, Toronto, Ecuador, Pennsylvania, New Mexico, Prince Edward Island, Central African Republic, Prague, Costa Rica, 0 0 0, Dakar, Samoa, British Columbia, Crimea, Republic of Myanmar, NATO 2022, Dutch East India Company, GOOD BOIs, Ivory Tower, ITALIA, The Kibble Kingdom, State of Japan, Kommuland, Universal Dream Network, New United Kingdom, The SOP, Chile, Holy Lands, West Germany, The Sweet Ubiquity, Yahweh, World Republic, The Confederation, Angels of Derp, Novo Brasil, NationStatesHolics Anonymous, Dragon, Kensington and Chelsea, Chess Players, Golden Eco Friendly, Old Zealand, The Vast, Medio, Eltranite Spoiled Puppies Network, Military Pact, Novus Ineptias, Mismatched Masterpiece, Icarus, Beyond the Wub, The rejected region, Tarkin, Union of Nationalists, Oneid, Thiruvananthapuram, Wind of Spirits, An Alternate World, Hsiao Han, Kitai, Queen Elizabeth Islands, Minnesota, Tbilisi, Capital Heights, Republic of Russia, Illinois, Solomon Islands, Hapes Consortium, The Central Pacific, South Dakota, Massachusetts, Plague, North Dakota, Liverpool, Brandenburg, The Holy Nebraska Empire, Greater Middle East, Turkiye, Virginia, Jerusalem, Singapore, Arizona, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Tarawa, Idaho, Isle of Man, East Timor, Mississippi, Vermont Republic, Maryland, Missouri, Wiccaland, Hudson Bay, Bloemfontein, Bharat, Kansas, Quito, Utah, Wyoming, Atlantic New Lands, Connaught, Delaware, Archai, The Atlantic, Coyphus, One big Island, Train Station, Pacific Western Alliance, The Alliance of Absolute Monarchs, Eastern Europe, Bigtopia, Anarchic Lands, Shadowville, Usea, Astares Covenant, Monkey Empire, East Asia, Fifth Wall, Lardyland, Wyndia, Aethor, Rabat, Copenhagen, Liechtenstein, Seychelles, Barbaria, Cameroon, Atafu, Nunavut, Washington, Mackenzie, Trinidad and Tobago, Columbia, Monaco, Australian Capital Territory, Tuvalu, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, Lusaka, Kiribati, Noneuropean Union, Roman Byzantine Union, The Sea of Love, Commonwealth States, Lewisham, World Assembly Council, Just relax, Sovereign Unanimous States, The Empire of Friendship, Out Of Left Field, The Savage Garden, Montrandecs Neighbours, Gosh coalition, Logic, Stagonia, My Little Pony Equestria, Skivx, North Avalon, The Scrapyard, The United Islands of the Atlantic, Ashlands, Gravy, Formula 1, The Alliance of Dictators, Bytes, Farokandi Armed Forces, Liberty Democratic Alliance, Florida, The Alliance of Eros, Elvarya, Mare Islands, Oslo, Accra, Ghana, Kyiv, Cotonou, RAMS, United Kingdom Of Great Britain, New Bilderberg Group, Union of Ivory, Veris Administrative Region, Union of Nova Universo, Guatemala, Montserrat, Greater London, Richard, Home Depot, The Apolean Frontiers, Freshness, One Collective Brain Cell, Genovini, The Prosperous Lands of Ingsoc, Thicc Economy Bois, Bobbersonian palace, The Planet X, True Waskaria, the Boneyard, Republic of Ukraine, Isolationist Boarderlands, The Moveable Embassy of Zimbabwae2, Jewish Autonomous Oblast, The Bandits, 000000, Communist and Socialist World Congress, The Embassy 1, Doha, Parkland, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, Third Cynglish Empire, The Fellowship of Free Nations, Central Africa, United Earth Space Probe Agency, Cataclyst Order, Sao Paulo, Reality, ETlandia, Arctica, Vatican, Saint Margaret Mary, Reqau and Salasia, Bailiwick of Guernsey, The Graveyard, Communist Dictatorships, The Antichrist Trump, The Vatican, Manchester, Riga, Halfworthia, Grand Economic Cooperation Sphere, Drip Cityyyyyyyyy, Nova Libertatia, Redundant Realm of Redundancy, The PET league, The Aglonian Imperium, E Region, The Meme Must Go On, United Union of States, Suva, The Southern Lands, Town of South Park, Omega Prime, The Equator, Liriava, The Coldseeker MC, Houston, B71, Botswana, Anti furries, The Bongos United, Golden Eco Friendly Cards, Domination Araga, Omck, Trashland, Serovski Mir 2022, Inklestonia, The New Moderate Alliance, Where Germaniccat Rules, Modorra, Luxembourgishfederation, A region, Harmonia, Norwegian forest cats street cats friend, Unidos Brasileiros, Embassies of NationStates, MJT, Azerbaycan Respublikasi, Chocolate territory, Moscow Kremlin, and The Smelly Fart.

Tags: Defender, Embassy Collector, Small, and World Assembly.

MineKhan Origin Nations contains 10 nations, the 1,841st most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Nicest Citizens in MineKhan Origin Nations

World Census sociology experts studied citizens from various nations to determine which seemed most friendly and concerned for others.

As a region, MineKhan Origin Nations is ranked 11,231st in the world for Nicest Citizens.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Democratic Socialist States of The Ypres FrontDemocratic Socialists“Cum parum nos multum creare”
2.The Armed Democratic Republic of Union of Silver States UnionMoralistic Democracy“Support. Caretake. Provide.”
3.The Protectorate of Silver HavenCivil Rights Lovefest“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses ...”
4.The Free Land of The Republic of SpacelandiaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“United we Stand, United is our land”
5.The Republic of -0-l-oInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Hummanty is at risk we must FIGHT”
6.The Sultanate of Terra EpicInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Power in Unity”
7.The Divine Empire of Calderium MaximusMoralistic Democracy“For the people and the Empire!”
8.The BB Puppet of Lower BrightonburgCorporate Police State“One Big Island is right sexy”
9.The Colony of Silver PenitentiaryIron Fist Consumerists“Sometimes even to live is an act of courage”
10.The Dictatorship of Russian Red SovietsIron Fist Consumerists“One for some, none for all”

Regional Happenings


MineKhan Origin Nations Regional Message Board

Calderium Maximus wrote:I also believe we should wait until we get Russian Reds Soviets approval

Ok someone send them a telegram

Holy Karenland wrote:Ok someone send them a telegram

i sent him some stuff on discord, and i actually had an idea (which he said was alr) if u want to hear it :)

Terra Epic wrote:i sent him some stuff on discord, and i actually had an idea (which he said was alr) if u want to hear it :)

Sure, Im all ears

Holy Karenland wrote:Sure, Im all ears

check ur discord

Terra Epic wrote:check ur discord

Cant, the device I have that discord account on is fried

Holy Karenland wrote:Cant, the device I have that discord account on is fried

damn thats alr ill send u a telegram

Terra Epic wrote:i sent him some stuff on discord, and i actually had an idea (which he said was alr) if u want to hear it :)

What is it?

Kyrek wrote:What is it?

I think were combining regions, but were doing a map change

Holy Karenland wrote:I think were combining regions, but were doing a map change

Is that a complete map overall?

Tritonios wrote:Is that a complete map overall?

Idk, depends on how the talks go

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