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I remember someone by that last name, but i'm not sure if it was spelled exactly that way. They probably would be the age of your grand parents if they are related to you.



Howdy folks

Hey. Weird name you have. lol

Modern michigan


Modern Michigan, as opposed to rusty old Michigan. :)

Modern michigan

Thank you for your support, Michigan! Together, we can bring this country, uh.... together. And that's a fact, Jack. Flim flam wobbledy whoop!

Thee great lakes

Hello everyone! Glad to be with my fellow Michiganders!


The ambassadors reception

The Embassy

*Sends you a diplomatic cable*

New hyratinonista


Beep beep! Congrats on being the featured region of the day! Anyone for some cake?

*hop hop hop*

Congrats on being featured! Anyone seen a carrot?

Featured Region of the Day

Been a very long time since this region was featured

Welcome friends and visitors

Great to have you join us here

Embassy offers are welcome

I am trying to look up the date that I had founded this region. Just not sure if I had created this nation to found the region or used one of my already made puppets to found it.

Date this puppet was created: 2008, Dec. 30
Date earliest message: 2009, Sep. 08 (about the region's ranking)
Oldest Embassy: 2011, Mar. 17 (with United States of America)

Will check other sources to narrow the date down.

Best date that I can come up with is between April 7th 2009 and April 13th, 2009

Will find a better banner later.

Congratulations on being featured my friends!

Hey Hey! You're Featured Today! Congratulations My Friends!
\_O_/ Yay! :D

I should have returned back here sooner to clean things up.

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Hello, You Have Been Featured, Congratulations!

A man dressed in black appears in a dark alley

Congrats, you are being featured. See you soon. I hope...

He disappears into the dark shadows of the night

Today is your feature day :)

Say Yes! To Michigan!

Beep beep! Congrats on being the featured region of the day! Anyone for some cake?


Featured Region of the Day

Finally noticed the featured region LOL

Welcome friends and visitors

Great to have you here

Embassy Offers are welcome