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Hello Everyone and thank you for visiting our region. We hope you have a wonderful time. Starting now all Embassy states may comment on our board. Please feel free to share any thoughts you may have.

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The embassy with Romania is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

Tags: Enormous and Password.

Regional Power: Moderate

Matheo contains 116 nations, the 190th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Most Armed in matheo

World Census experts took their lives into their hands in order to ascertain the average number of deadly weapons per citizen.

As a region, matheo is ranked 6,113th in the world for Most Armed.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The State of HermanusCapitalist Paradise“Whales are love , Whales are life !”
2.The Royal Federation of The Supreme nation of matheoAnarchy“Love Matheo and you may get to keep your face”
3.The Kingdom of Scottish South AfricaCapitalist Paradise“We need haggis in Checkers”
4.The Royal Federation of MatheoCapitalizt“Love Matheo and you may get to keep your face”
5.The Republic of BankerbergsCapitalist Paradise“We Take care of your banking needs”
6.The Kingdom of GoldbergsCompulsory Consumerist State“A golden opportunity”
7.The Place of SilverbergsCapitalist Paradise“Second Best !.”
8.The Theocracy of British MatheoCorporate Bordello“The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere”
9.The Kingdom of Mall of IceInoffensive Centrist Democracy“We Sell Ice .”
10.The Kingdom of German MatheoNew York Times Democracy“Flee, Flee for your lives”
1234. . .1112»

Regional Happenings

  • : Embassy cancelled between Starfall alliance and Matheo.
  • : Embassy cancelled between The gulf of alaska and Matheo.
  • : Embassy cancelled between Happy Utopia and Matheo.
  • : The Holy Roman Kingdom of Veritas In Aeternum of the region Romania ordered the closure of its embassy in Matheo.
  • : Embassy cancelled between Death lands and Matheo.
  • : Embassy cancelled between East west south north pacific and Matheo.
  • : Embassy cancelled between Order of Peace and Matheo.
  • : Embassy cancelled between Pax discordia and Matheo.
  • : Embassy cancelled between Lotaijuunnian rainforrest and Matheo.
  • : Embassy cancelled between Communist defense and trade committee and Matheo.


Matheo Regional Message Board

miskhartia be dying lol, went off for one week and me region went from 3 to 1 members. big oof

Post by Shemhamforash suppressed by a moderator.

Thank you for establishing embassies with us at Lewisham. Please feel free to drop by or even send a resident ambassador or pinocchio. We look forward to building relations, offering help, or partaking in any events you'll have open. Currently we're running a poll on the latest N-Day page=poll/p=177579 so take a look at our diplomatic survey about N-Day⁶ and tell us your two cents on Lewisham's rmb!

Sevastyan Kepakiano
Monson Diplomat of Lewisham

The marsupilami is a black-spotted yellow leopard-like creature with dog-like ears. Male marsupilamis have an incredibly long, strong, flexible, prehensile tail, used for almost any task. Female marsupilamis have a much shorter tail, but still long compared to real animals. Both the male and female are able to use their tail as a weapon, by tightening the end into a fist and the remainder of the tail into a spring-like spiral for maximal force. This attack was responsible for the Danish and Norwegian translators choosing words similar to "spiral" over "marsupial" as the creature's name. Unlike the males, the females also Linkwalk on the tips of their toes. When the animal rebounds, he makes the noise: "Boing".

Males are also drawn with their eyes not completely separated, as if the Linksclerae of both eyes have merged, while females are often drawn with two completely separate eyes. Female marsupilamis also have a different voice compared to the males. Males say "houba" most of the time, while females say "houbi". According to the L'Encyclopédie du Marsupilami, they are Linkmonotremes like the platypus and echidna, which explains why they lay eggs while having mammalian features. Like parrots and some corvid birds, the Marsupilami can also mimic human speech, and like an amphibian is able to breathe underwater as well as on land.

The appellation "The Marsupilami" originally referred to the individual captured and then adopted by Spirou and Fantasio, which they never bothered to name because he was the only known specimen. The Spirou & Fantasio album LinkLe nid des Marsupilamis introduces more marsupilami characters, none of whom are in captivity; the album is mostly concerned with a documentary-within-the-comic about the life of a family of marsupilamis living in the wild in Palombia, Ricore.

Marsupilamis have been shown with multiple different fur colourations – yellow, yellow with black spots, black, white, white with black spots, and black with yellow spots. The most frequently seen fur colours are yellow with black spots, yellow with no spots, and black all over, as these are the variations seen within the main Marsupilami family in the Marsupilami comic series; these are also the fur colours that are regularly seen.

Read factbook

Sorry my friends ,that I kept you so long waiting for a almighty BB poll to vote on,so here it is!


^ NS for all Poll • One must go! a different food battle!

Voclazia now has a better anthem, check it out please!

We will be closing our embassies with the so-called "collector regions" as they do not serve any purpose to Romania. We wish you good luck and happiness on your journeys!!!

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