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Seems that we have been made the featured region for the day. Welcome visitors. Cake at this hour, LOL Chocolate sounds good to me.

Oasis recruiter


Congratulations on being featured!

Congrats on being featured!

The wandering traveler

Pitches a tent.

Congrats on bein featured!

The phoenix coyotes

Iím here for your team Winnipeg

Congratulations on being featured my friends!

Hey everyone, I'm new here. What's up?

The wandering traveler

Takes down tent.

I'll be takin' my leave now. Thank you for your hospitality!

Well... at least it wasn't an invasion this time! Thank you all for visiting!

What a change a year makes. Have a healthy and safe summer, everyone.

Did not think that we were big enough to qualify to be a featured region. Guess we are just big enough.

Hey Hey! Youíre Featured today! Congratulations My Friends!
\_O_/ Yay! :D

Beep beep! Congrats on being featured! Anyone for some cake?

This week's flag map is dedicated to the featured region, Manitoba!

Wow! So many visitors, and it isn't an invasion! Please isolate for 14 days upon arrival!

Congratulations on being featured!

It should be noted that we required a year when the Blue Bombers and the Green Riders weren't playing to establish an Embassy between Manitoba and Saskatchewan.