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Hey there, I am the Executive Minister of The International Debating Area, I see our embassy construction has finished. If you're keen on debating you can subscribe to our foreign newspaper, The Debating Times. Right now, we're discussing Confederate Statues, you can debate on our RMB (Embassy posting is allowed).

Remember, don't forget to hop on over, debate, and win yourself a Debating Award :)

Nuke Day is coming up so good luck!

Am I dead or alive? Or am I in limbo? Anyway, the dread that is School has returned to me, and henceforth I really have a hard time juggling free time, and enslavement/school. I'll try, but since my school has the habit of changing schedules every day it's gonna be tough.

Iron Wolf Lithuania, Recepistan, and Christine zero

Christine zero

The Rules

by Helvianir

Discord Rules

-Keep the political memery to a minimum (I think you know who you are). Quite a few people have privately expressed their distaste in the constant flow of this behavior, and warnings have been issued to no avail in the past. We're putting a stop to it as of this post. Moderate political discussion may be allowed, but the instant it turns derogatory/heated/whatever, it will be shut down and punishments will be handed out at moderator discretion. This means no "lol liberals are dumb"-like posts, no "bleed the right in the streets", nothing of the sort. And don't worry - Ancap memes don't count.

-Please include some clue towards your IC nation in your name/role/whatever. MOT has evolved from a clique into a (mostly) open region. It really helps in discussions when we aren't constantly asking who is who.

-If you're new, please report to #orientation to get acquainted with the world and present your ideas for a nation. MOT prides itself on being a consistent, developed world. Don't just come in expecting to be a superpower made up of magic-using Indonesian fish-people and ask for a plot in our not!Europe - discuss it with everyone else first. We don't bite, and we can prove helpful in building your nation in a way that's consistent with our world, yet true enough to your vision. Once you think you've figured it out, provide a brief (yet informative) description of your nation (it's culture, history, religion, politcs, etc) over in #nation_summaries

-"Sperg" channels are provided upon request. This is an area where you can jot down various notes about your nation. Sperg channels are public, meaning anyone can see and post in them (this can be helpful more often than not, since you can discuss any recent notes with other players). On the flipside, please do not clutter other people's sperg channels with irrelevance. If you want to say something (maybe correct someone's history, make a comment, etc), be considerate keep it brief. If you find you're starting a conversation in a sperg channel, move it to an appropriate channel, such as #canon, #general or #off_topic.

-Channel names are mostly just suggestions - some veering off the channel's topic is allowed. Please don't abuse this. Don't clutter #rp_planning with ancap memes, and if it isn't a useful resource, it probably shouldn't be in #useful_resources.
Out of Character Rules

In Character Guidelines and Rules

Read dispatch

Oh my. I was reading the rules thinking it was NS rules.... And then my eyes jumped back up at the top and I saw why it used hashtags XD

Good rules, by the way!!


Some cool new short cuts are up!

I can edit this now. Cool!

Christine zero

Christine zero

I think the Discord invite on the WFE died

Christine zero wrote:I think the Discord invite on the WFE died

Its dead indeed.

Please understand

Iron Wolf Lithuania wrote:Its dead indeed.

Christine zero wrote:I think the Discord invite on the WFE died

It is fixed now

Please understand and Recepistan

Guys, its the Zombie Apocalypse in 3 hrs.

Helvianir wrote:Brains?

The Zombies have won. MAWHAHA!

Whats the point of regional officers if raidings can still happen.

Helvianir wrote:Whats the point of regional officers if raidings can still happen.

I don't know.

Hey invaders can you leave?

Beep beep! Congrats on being the featured region of the day ehhhhhhhh hmmmmm looks like a pretty dead trophy region to me. Guess Iíll save the cake for tomorrow.

Happyland featured

Hey! You're the featured region Lily trophy! Nice!

Hey Hey! You're Featured on the Last Day of 2020! Happy New Year!
\_O_/ Yay! :D

Congratulations On Being Featured and Happyland featured

Congratulations on being featured

RMSboatymcboatface and Happyland featured

Iwason only puppet