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WA Delegate: The Gently Barbaric Territories of The United Barbaros (elected )

Founder: The Imperial Fortress of Fortwhile

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Most World Assembly Endorsements: 178th Most Nations: 619th Best Weather: 1,559th+5
Most Cultured: 1,738th Most Beautiful Environments: 1,795th Longest Average Lifespans: 1,922nd Most Influential: 1,950th Most Eco-Friendly Governments: 2,003rd
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♕ Welcome to The Kingdom of Londinium ♕

A vacation spot and also region founded August 6, 2017

LinkForums :: LinkDiscord :: Constitution :: Welcome Notice :: Embassy Policy

Built around the core values of Strength, Unity and Self-Determination, Londinium prides itself on being a welcoming and diverse community of nations. Londinium boasts a Romano-British themed culture, an exciting roleplay experience and a group of hardworking & friendly members ready to engage in discussion and debate.

All World Assembly nations are asked to endorse the Bishop of London and Delegate The United Barbaros.

Please introduce yourself on the RMB, and ask if you have any questions! Our members are always happy to help you navigate the game and inform you on the region.

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    Constitution of the Kingdom of Londinium

    BulletinPolicy by Lady Cari . 122 reads.

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    The Government of Londinium

    MetaGameplay by Lady Cari . 181 reads.

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    Londinium Embassy Policy

    BulletinPolicy by Lady Cari . 24 reads.

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    The Londinium Herald: News Briefing #3

    BulletinNews by Bymaria . 18 reads.

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    Londinium Imperial Legion

    BulletinCampaign by Lady Cari . 118 reads.

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    Political Factions of Londinium

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Embassies: Conch Kingdom, Caer Sidi, Arda en Estel, Bus Stop, The LCRUA, Future Earth, The Bar on the corner of every region, Northern Utopia, The Kingdom of Great Britain, The NewsStand, MST3K, Extalia, Eboracum, Republic of Free Nations, and The Continental Funiverse.

Tags: Democratic, Medium, Monarchist, Offsite Forums, Regional Government, Role Player, and World Assembly.

Regional Power: Moderate

Londinium contains 20 nations, the 619th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Most World Assembly Endorsements in Londinium

World Census staff pored through World Assembly records to determine which nations were the most endorsed by others in their region.

As a region, Londinium is ranked 178th in the world for Most World Assembly Endorsements.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Gently Barbaric Territories of The United BarbarosScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Barbarism without the Savagery”
2.The Community of NohimankaFather Knows Best State“Pro patria vigilant”
3.The Lészeréia of TorberiiIron Fist Consumerists“Szlalúszk Télajió Éslat!/Enértira Tilâjiu Eselam!”
4.The Federation of the Republics of United Federation of PortugalFather Knows Best State“God, Sovereignty, Work, Progress, Homeland, Liberty”
5.The Fiery Dominion of HromosScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Khumoiat gur fughil.”
6.The Great Republic of SanabellIron Fist Consumerists“If you're going through hell, keep going”
7.The Theocracy of The Serene Celeste ColonyPsychotic Dictatorship“Jura novit Magnum Cardinalis”
8.The Imperial Fortress of FortwhileFather Knows Best State“Londinium Rules The Land And The Sea”
9.The Glorious Reich of German Empire of PrussiaFather Knows Best State“ad fortissimum imperare”
10.The Some Sort Of Republic of BymariaMoralistic Democracy“Floret, Republica Magna”

Last poll: “Did you watch the Women's World Cup?”

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Londinium Regional Message Board

I didn't watch it, but I kept track of the scores while it played out. What a match

WA Proposal: Prohibit Private Prisons.

I recommend voting "Against", mainly because it has a section allowing governments to practice eminent domain on a discontinued private prison under the proposal. My problem with this is that a private prison is operated on private property, and this law allows governments to pick off private property solely because it has a legally discontinued prison on it. What if a landowner wants to do something else with their land?

In my opinion, it sets up a bad precedent.

A lot of WA proposals seem better left to domestic law, but I suppose once they’ve laid out the basics (HR, war crimes, etc) they’re left with not much to do.

Barbaros and I would like to invite residents, new or old, to join the Civic Faction for Londinium (CFL), the reformed version of the Union Faction.

Our updated party platform is located here, with emphasis on our community, identity and regional strength.

The Civic Faction


“Strength in Unity”

As the longest-running political faction in Londinium, The Civic Faction for Londinium is the organisation that stands for visionary and pragmatic policy for the region. Together - united under strong core values, and through community consolidation - we move forwards and can achieve greatness. And that is the prime concern of our faction’s doctrine.

It is our ambition to pursue legislation that works in the regional interest for the strengthening and renewal of the region and the levers of in-game government powers can be wielded effectively by a strong government committed to a more prosperous Londinium in order to accomplish growth and activity.

We believe enthusiasm for our values, culture and who we are can go a long way, and seek to utilise this to preserve and build upon our great region’s strength.

In this manifesto we hope to outline our specific goals in forging the stronger region of tomorrow and the various policies that we envision for Londinium.


Londinium is about its people, which is why robust community ties supported by the region are paramount to the CFL. We believe in a larger (facilitated through recruitment), more harmonious region under an unassailable ethos of enthusiasm and mutual respect that can continue to drive us forwards. Our region is precisely that - a joint project, needing the contribution and activity of many rather than just a singular member. With this in mind events and activities on the forums can be a brilliant way to build a more unified and animated community.

Central to community in Londinium is culture, and we want to work to preserve the ancient vibes of the Roman theme this region was founded upon. Government and structure needs to continue to adhere to this, as its an essential part of our identity. Renewal is also desperately needed in other areas such as forum use and regional telegram communications.

Noting that Londinium is a growing region, with an engaged social area on discord, on our forums and in the RMB, we hold that reasonable rules for engagement and interaction are necessary. Incitement to and acts of nuiscance, defamation, harassment and bullying must be strictly prohibited. The region can guarantee for its citizens a better region by enforcing this.

Clear social and political rights are also necessary for an effectively functioning region. We uphold these right as being imperative to our region's wellbeing and commit to guaranteeing them through government. We maintain that the right of every nation in the region to the following should remain enshrined in the constitution.

• Freedom of Speech: no user shall be denied the chance to speak their mind, provided that they are not using, or advocating hate speech, violence-inducing language, inappropriate words or phrases, or any other speech that would be considered unsuitable by a reasonable person.

• Right to participate in the community for rule-abiding nations. They should not be pushed out through harassment, exclusion or arbitrary government action.

• Freedom of the press: Anybody should be free to write a news article, in the understanding that it’s content is appropriate and free from libel, hate and sensitive personal info.

• The right to a fair trial: Nobody should be denied their right to a trial, unless they pose immediate threat to the community or are a repeat offender. Each of our citizens is constitutionally entitled to a trial before the Senate if they are accused of committing a crime under our criminal code.

• Right not to be discriminated against on the basis of race, gender, or sexuality.


Make no mistake: engagement in Roleplay has sustained the region. Its value to us is undeniable, and therefore we must examine how to create the optimal experience.

For the Civic Faction, its all about co-operation and expansion. Creating a roleplay can be a lot of work, and so not only is it more inclusive for everyone to work together, it is more beneficial, and maintaining a higher level of participation will improve the experience.

Self-regulation of the sector is also crucial, as roleplay is a primarily a community rather than a government endeavour. This should also achieve greater freedom and enjoyment. Qualified directors should be at the helm of RP formation, as works now, and must be held to account on fair moderation by those they work for.


Our region’s constitutional makeup should remain open, meaning that it should be both easily comprehensible and accessible.

The Curia, our regional legislature, is an excellent political institution to that end, and we oppose further barriers to entry or membership limits. We do acknowledge the low-state of productivity within all corners of government lately, but hope that in pursuing heavy recruitment it can be counteracted. Once a recruitment strategy is executed, Londinium should pursue an effort to involve nations in the previously established civil service so as to give them government experience and improve the effectiveness of our ministries.

Greater legal clarity than we currently have would be nice, and so we would like to see the Constitution and factbooks fully clarified and brought up-to-date, in additional to revival of the Law Library (a former CFL invention archiving all regional laws). We favour the legislative process bill brought in by Bymaria that aims for more efficiency.

Regular regional summits are another suggestion of ours, where all the region will get together on the forums to discuss and address the challenges facing Londinium, and put new proposals forwards.


Without Security, there is no Londinium. That’s the reality of the game, and if we fail to stay vigilant there is a price to pay. Raiding is simply another part of the game, but one which we have to be clear in defending ourselves from.

The CFL’s security model supports an active WA delegate in the Bishop of London position who appoints trusted citizen’s to Bishop’s Guard status. It also aims for high rates of World Assembly membership to further protect the community.

Londinium’s R/D army, the Imperial Legion (also referred to by its former name, the militia) is currently defunct, however as we see population expand, we desire a consultation on its return. Bringing it back into force will enable


Embassies in NationStates provide means to establish usually symbolic relations with other regions, and means that each other’s name appears under the regional embassy lists underneath the World Factbook Entry. Embassies have enabled Londinium to expand its outreach and in the process establish friendships with other like-minded regions and to speak with each other through ambassador’s sent via discord. We have also been fortunate enough to also participate in some interregional events.

This renders the CFL fully supportive of increased foreign relations with the world, as well as better resources for the Praetorship (Londinium’s foreign office) to cultivate our rapports.

We give preference to regions fulfilling one of the following criteria:

(A) Larger regions with more authority on the world stage.

(B) Regions willing to provide us with forum/discord updates and an ambassador.

(C) Regions of a similar nature that reflect our values.

It is CFL policy never to engage in relations with Fascistic or Nazi regions, and those who have deservedly garnered a poor international reputation.


Historically, members of the CFL have made major contributions to our region, be it to community, politics, or roleplay. We have been instrumental in several times of change and insecurity for the region and have been successful in passing legislation, and pursuing reforms, that complies with the values of the region and those outlined of this party. We are devoted to change and as a new member we expect you to be too. We can act as a platform for you to be elected and support you throughout the process - but ask for activity and enthusiasm in return.


If you wish to join the Civic Faction, propose new policies or apply for/create a new party position, then please send a telegram to Bymaria.

Bymaria, Co-convenor

The United Barbaros, Co-convenor


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