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LazCorp RMB

WA Delegate: None.

Founder: The Community of Penelope of LazCorp

Last WA Update:

Board Poll Activity History Admin Rank

Most Devout: 411th Largest Mining Sector: 457th Most Avoided: 550th+14
Fattest Citizens: 620th Largest Manufacturing Sector: 703rd Largest Arms Manufacturing Sector: 731st Largest Black Market: 961st Largest Automobile Manufacturing Sector: 1,012th Most Corrupt Governments: 1,043rd Largest Agricultural Sector: 1,399th Largest Insurance Industry: 1,413th Most Ignorant Citizens: 1,450th Highest Poor Incomes: 1,489th Most Advanced Defense Forces: 1,493rd Largest Retail Industry: 1,942nd Highest Disposable Incomes: 1,979th Most Advanced Law Enforcement: 2,022nd
World Factbook Entry

Welcome to LazCorp - We're Dead Serious

This is the base of operations for the LazCorp Development Team, an on-site subsidiary of the company's Cabinet.

Two Developers are elected by the residents of Lazarus every two months, charged with promoting the growth and quality of our home's community.

Current Developers: Mzeusia and Temmi

Upcoming Elections:

Nomination period (Apr. 20-25)

Campaign period (Apr. 25-30)

Voting period (Apr. 30-May 4)

Embassies: Lazarus.

Tags: Minuscule and Password.

LazCorp contains 2 nations.

Today's World Census Report

The Most Stationary in LazCorp

Long-term World Census surveillance revealed which nations have been resident in their current region for the longest time.

As a region, LazCorp is ranked 20,671st in the world for Most Stationary.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Community of Penelope of LazCorpLibertarian Police State“We're Dead Serious”
2.The Unroutable Redoubt of ThooniaPsychotic Dictatorship“Preservation and restoration are key”

Regional Poll • What's the best way for the government to communicate with you?

The Unroutable Redoubt of Thoonia wrote:There are a bunch of ways for the government to get in contact. What do you like the best?

Voting opened 2 days 3 hours ago and will close . Open to all nations. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

Regional Happenings


LazCorp Regional Message Board

Mzeusia wrote:You can vote for yourself?

Yes. Please vote for the two candidates you think would best fill the position of Developer.

Penelope of LazCorp wrote:Yes. Please vote for the two candidates you think would best fill the position of Developer.

I'm not sure I'm impartial so I'll abstain.

Vote: Guiness Freaks

Vote: Mzeusia

Message (optional): *whisper of the wind*

Post self-deleted by Nestand Ale.

Vote: Temmi
Vote: The Marsupial

Your Imaginary Friend wrote:Thank you for the nomination Frankish Peoples! I'm trying to be a good Managing Director though, and wouldn't want to pull myself away from the related duties of that job for another, so I respectfully decline. :)

Two additional nominations: Tolfaer and Aaecilia because they're totally the next big thing. ^-^

Seems like Iíve missed quite a bit in the past couple of weeks! While Iím honored to have been nominated in the first place, I have no intentions of running for any sort of office within Lazarus unless I feel there is a threat to the safety and security of the region - including a figurehead office such as this one.

Good luck to those running!

On waking up, Snudgeskooge has gotten a short briefing on the on-going election. While he believes he would not be able to exploit the position of Developer to its fullest and bring about the necessary and imaginative changes to Lazarus that the other nominees will be able to, he does know, without a shadow of a doubt, who he will support.

Mzeusia was obviously the best candidate given his many varied endeavours. The dispatches number 225, were detailed, fun to read and a great way to get an insight into Mzeusian life both past and present. Mzeusian Roleplay has always been brilliantly crafted, extremely imaginative and a blast to read. Mzeusia's participation in the ongoing bridge roleplay also displayed the qualities needed to be a Developer, engaging in regional roleplay thus showing a great ability to interact with those in the region and think about wider impacts in Lazarus.

The nation-building is extensive, showcasing the ability to think about many areas of building nations and regions. This can of course be expanded to all of Lazarus, something the God-Emperor greatly hopes for. Mzeusia has also displayed, on multiple occasions, a willingness to promote the friendly and informative atmosphere of Lazarus. Such ideas should be protected and upheld with a view to encouraging them further. The God-Emperor strongly believes this would best be done with Mzeusia as a Lazarene Developer.

The above is why The God-Emperor and subsequently, Snoodum fully supports Mzeusia's bid for Dispatcher and hopes the international community will see the strength of Mzeusian candidacy.

As for the other candidate, Snudgeskooge supports Guiness Freaks as they seem very competent with everything needed as a Developer. The added fun that comes purely from being Guiness Freaks sells itself. Therefore, the God-Emperor wishes to nominate Guiness Freaks as the other Developer.

Thanks you for your time and I hope this is informative. I would recommend you check out the Mzeusian dispatch on their candidacy:

Why you should vote for me as Lazarene Developer:

There isn't any need to dress this up with big speeches and evocative words. When you see legitimate qualifications, you know it, so here are mine:

  • I have worked on the rural RP contest and promoted it, showing there that I can work with others to engage the community.

  • I have written over 200 dispatches and had to think about many facets of nation-building which is useful for giving advice to other nations and for polls. I have also created dispatches about topics not discussed much like a national drink and created interactive dispatches in my adventure books.

  • I have also done comics, radio broadcasts and newspaper reports in dispatched so I have had to work with many different styles of writing. Done commissions for people often going off only a small prompt. This shows I can develop ideas and see where they can go.

  • I've established a dispatch writing guide that has the second highest upvote count of all my dispatches. I have also wrote an RP guide with examples and a guide to getting inspiration when writing. All of these dispatches are within my top twenty upvoted dispatches, with the dispatch writing guide being the second most upvoted dispatch. This shows that I am not only willing to help people who might be struggling with some aspect of NS, but I have got positive feedback on those guides.

  • I have engaged people with RP like asking people for bridge questions and asking about what people wanted the future of the hippies to be. I did this because I value people's opinion and know that things are always better when other people can contribute and get involved.

  • Me asking people whether they were willing to engage with an around the world hippie RP, shows that I have taken into consideration how busy and interested people have been and preceded from there, rather than launching straight into it and getting disappointed. Thatís not to say that even if something isnít very well attended, it wasnít valuable. Frankly I would have preferred a couple more entries for the rural RP contest, but the entries that were there were great fun to read and I think everyone involved enjoyed it.

  • I was one of the few nations who came to Lazarus by choice. When looking for another region, I could have gone for any of them, but I picked this one. Part of the reason I did that was for the peaceful, friendly atmosphere. That isnít something Iíll jeopardise by seeking constant engagement. The RMB doesn't need a new contest or quiz every day. Some days just letting things be quiet and calm is the perfect thing. I will also not let the wonderful atmosphere be ruined by spammers and other people who are not wanted. There is no place in the region for rubbish.

  • Lastly, and this almost goes without saying but I'm saying it anyway. Anyone, at any time, can tell me about their thoughts on something going on or something they would like to see happen because that is the best way to make the region fun and entertaining.

    I hope you understand more now about why I think I am qualified and I can't wait to reveal my ideas about enhancing the region. Feel free to send me a question any time.

Penelope of LazCorp wrote:Question #1: Do you plan to function as a Developer closely with the cabinet and the other Developer? If so, in what way would you communicate and/or work with them?

Mzeusia wrote:I do plan to work closely with the cabinet and other developer because it is important that the vision of where Lazarus is headed should be understood by all those people so that things can work smoothly. The Developer, as we know, is a position for people who are on the gameside of things more often than not, so telegrams could be a primary source of communication, although I would be open to any other methods. As for in what way I would work with them, I would put forward ideas, take on their own ideas and keep up a regular conversation about the ideas so they can be swiftly implemented. I would also, upon the completion of a contest for example, ask them for their observations with the aim of improving subsequent events of the same nature.

For some things like polls and suppression of spam, they would of course not need to be too much consultation unless the top dogs want a specific poll to happen.
I will also be adding my answers to my campaign dispatch so that they can be easily seen all together.


Penelope of LazCorp wrote:Question #2: There are times when Roleplay in Lazarus has faced some difficulties, be they the result of godmodding, inconsiderate interactions or simply bad blood. Were one of these situations to occur, would you do anything as a Developer to try and ease or remove tensions?

Mzeusia wrote:Certain individuals may need to be removed, but in regards to all the clashes I have seen, that has never seemed even remotely necessary. I think a lot of the problems can be down to inexperience or a lack of communication, and I would solve something like that with a few TGs to the people involved. I've taught a nation to RP at a better standard in my old region, and I'd be happy to do it again. RP guides like the one I've made will also be helpful.

With all the conflict that can spill into an OOC dislike for one another, all that can be done is for a developer to try to get them to reconcile and recommend not engaging with the other person for a while.

At the end of the day, I will use these methods to resolve conflict, but I will also approach each instance of conflict as its own issue because no one solution exists.


Penelope of LazCorp wrote:Question #3: Why did you choose Lazarus as your home region and stick with the place?

Mzeusia wrote:The community. I was searching for a quiet place to settle down and have a calm chat with friendly people whenever I wanted. I spent a few hours watching the RMB and that was the atmosphere I got. I also liked the RP going on, and how relaxed and well written it was, so, having a passion for RP myself, that was another great thing about the region. Lazarus seemed like the perfect place for what I wanted, and it still does.


Penelope of LazCorp wrote:Question #4 Which parts of the campaigns of your fellow candidates do you consider to be the most intriguing?

Mzeusia wrote:I find Sletho's campaign interesting in that he is quite new and yet really eager, which just goes to show how inclusive and friendly Lazarus is.

I want to know how much I will learn about Guinness if Guinness Freaks is elected.

I'm interested to learn more about Free Shellian's study abroad program and how that might work.

I'm not intrigued about Aeisonia's campaign because it was a joke and he even acknowledges this and urges people not to vote for him. Maybe seeing the chaos that would ensue could be interesting to start off with. That said, jokey campaigns have their place because they can be quite funny, so I don't want to restrcit someone's ability to run a jokey campaign.

I'm intrigued as to how Doppio's experience in positions outside of the region will make him different from some of the other candidates. I think it will, I'm just not 100% how yet.

I am intrigued by Frankish People's first post saying he has a lot to offer and being so enthusiastic. I can't wait to see what he comes up with, and as with Sletho, the fact that relatively new nations are running is a testament to the positive atmosphere of Lazarus.

Temmi's campaign has intrigued me because I'm excited to see how RP would develop under her leadership.


Penelope of LazCorp wrote:Gah, I can't believe I'm already out of questions to ask! Might have to cut the debate short after this one.

Question #5 What's one of the most awesome facts about you, either as a player or in real life?

Mzeusia wrote:The most awesome fact about me as a player would have to be how passionate I am about Mzeusian history and culture, shown by my dispatch count and activity.

Read dispatch

For clarification, Snoodum will not stand for Lazarene Developer though fully supports Mzeusia and Guiness Freaks in their bids for Lazarene Developers.

Aeisonia wrote:Vote: Sneyland
Vote: Guiness Freaks

Message (optional): Joe Mama

Thanks :D

The Feb. 2020 LazCorp Development Team Elections have concluded!

LazCorp's new Developers are: Mzeusia and Temmi.

Further voting information and an official election summary will be released in the next Gazette.

Good morning mmph mmph!

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