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The Principality of Demonos is an autocratic (absolute) monarchy with The Princess as its de facto/de jure head of state and government. The sovereign councils known as The Privy Council and The Magi Council act as a direct liaison between Ministers and their ministries, Magistrates, and Executives to preserve normal day-to-day operation.

The Princess

The Princess is de facto/de jure head of state and government. She is responsible for issuing proclamations. Proclamations are the intent of her sovereign power of administration over the people of Demonos. Currently, The Princess is Lady Vera. She traces her linage to the fall of her ancestor, Satan, from heaven. She belongs to the House of Fallen Angels. As ruler of Demonos she is also the de jure head of all religious institutions with the de facto heads being the individual leaders of the many sects of religion throughout Demonos. The philosophy of The Princess is, "you are the leaders of your church until your beliefs come in conflict with state policy. Should a belief come in conflict with state policy, my sovereignty takes precedence over your beliefs."

The Princess appoints councilors without confirmation from The Prolex of Ministers. When she appoints ministers who are to serve in The Prolex, they are confirmed by The coordinating Privy Councilor. for acceptance to ministerial peerage. She maintains the power to vacate any ministerial, magisterial, or executive post at her pleasure.

The Privy and Magi Councils

The two branches of sovereign councils maintain the day-to-day operation of The Prolex, The Magistrate, and The Executive ministries. Councilors maintain the title of Count or Contessa and offer The Princess reports on the activity of their responsible authorities. The Privy Council are the upper management of The Prolex and The Executive ministries. The Magi Council or "The Magi", as they are called, are responsible for the Magistrate. The Magi are conferred the titles Duke or Duchess to distinguish them from Privy Councilors. The following are Councilors and their relation positions in Demon government;

Contessa Dr. Leanne St. John - Privy Councilor and Speaker of The Prolex
Contessa Dr. Maud Fiona- Privy Councilor and Exchequer of The Principality
Count Byron Slither - Privy Councilor and Overseer to the ministries of Labor and Transportation
Contessa Theresa McLane - Privy Councilor and Overseer of the ministries of Reproduction and Education
Count Donald Marlboro - Privy Councilor and Overseer of the ministries of Health and Social Welfare
Count Saraphim Necro- Privy Councilor and Overseer of the ministries of The Interior and Environment
Count George Overland- Privy Councilor and Overseer of the ministries of The Census and National Statistics
Contessa Eliza Primativaripamna- Privy Councilor and Overseer of the ministries Housing and Urban Development
Count Silas Finch-McNutt - Privy Councilor and Overseer of the ministries Food and Culture
Count Lord Adm. Jay Willfred Scott- Privy Councilor and Executive Chair of The Demonos Interstellar Ministry Executive
Count Alfred Winsor - Privy Councilor and Executive Chair of The Demonos Economic Ministry Executive
Contessa Dr. Flora Missa - Privy Councilor and Executive Chair of The Foreign Affairs Executive

Duchess Lauren of Midland - Speaker of The Magistrate
Duke Generalissimo Field Marshall Paton Scott - Magister of Defense
Duchess Lady Adm. Sandra Falcott- Magister of Constabularies
Duchess Generalissima Kendrika Trembol- Magister of National Intelligence
Duchess Dr. Jessica Douglass - Magister of Civil Codes
Duke Vincent Grayborn - Magister of Customs and Immigration

Councilors are often the only government officials that have direct personal contact with The Princess and are often summoned to The Castille of Lucifer: the personal residence of The Princess. When acting as liaison between the sovereign and her government, Privy Councilors take commands to ministers for their execution. Privy Councilors take stock of ministry work and make a monthly report to The Princess of the administration of programs under the authority of the several ministers or executive ministries. The Magi are the only Councilors who are in direct control of their magistrates. The Privy Council and The Magi occupy separate chambers in The Castille. There is a notable difference between Privy Councilors and Magisters. Privy Councilors wear robes of scarlet and black while Magi wear robes of lavender and black.

The Prolex of Ministers

The Prolex of Ministers is a branch of government responsible for; Labor, Transportation, Reproduction, Education, Health, Social Welfare, The Interior, Environment, The Census and National Statistics, Housing, Urban Development, Food and Culture. Ministers carry the title of Chevalier or Dame to distinguish their office of minister. The ministers of The Prolex directly appoint local Deputy Ministers for their departments' offices throughout the cities and provinces of Demonos. Each minister is responsible for implementing the proclamations of The Princess as pertaining to their jurisdiction.

Prolex Ministers are distinguished by their robes of green and black. During The Princess's speeches to the public or announcements of national importance delivered at the Prolex all government officials above the rank of Chevalier and Dame sit in the Prolex while the speech is carried to the public via telecast.

The Magistrate

The Magistrate is a special branch of government that bears arms, and, is responsible for national security. Unlike The Prolex, The Magistrate is directly controled by The Magi Councilors who also carry the office of Magister. The Magister of Defense is the chief of staff for the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, National Weather Service, National Air-traffic Controllers Office, and Emergency Public Health Service. The Magister of the Constabularies is the direct chief of Constables, Sheriffs, and Patrol: the domestic police power of Demonos. The Magister of National Intelligence is the chief of staff for the various intelligence agencies that monitor; cyber security, domestic terrorism, and foreign secret services. The Magister of Civil Codes is responsible for taking civilian complaints of property, handling civil dispute, marriage, or probate. The Magister of Civil Codes is responsible for mandating corporal punishment for crimes and oversees ethical distribution of punishment by the constabularies. The Magister of Customs and Immigration handles all applications for citizenship, international movement of goods, and sees that illicit recreation drugs of Demonos do not cross to other nations. The Magister of Customs and Immigration also monitors all ports of entry.

The Magistrate is a working group that shares information internally and reports the security of the nation to The Princess daily. The Magistrate is a military organization whose ranks are divided into a military structure. The lavender of a Magister's robes signify nobility in national service.

The Executive Ministries

Executive Ministries are special ministries that intermingle Magisters, Ministers, and specialists. One example is The Demonos Economic Ministry Executive (DEME). DEME is chaired by a Privy Councilor but has select deputy ministers apointed from The Prolex and includes specialists. DEME has members from the ministries of Labor, Culture, and has members that give declassified information from The Magister of National Intelligence. Ministries interwork together for a special assignment such as interstellar navigation and colonization.

In conclusion, Demonos is a highly organized monarchy. Citizens do not vote for their government but are elevated to government position when they show promise, loyalty to The Principality, and specialization in their fields. Ministers, Magisters, and Executives are highly respected members of society who have high standards of ethics, deep concentrations in education, and practical experience to administer the proclamations of The Princess.

Read factbook

We just noticed that we created the Vapula Prolex back in 2018 and then we died. We rose back to life 2020 after being dead. Originally we had wanted to rise in Lazarus. We DIDN'T weirdly we rose in Balder, or was it Osiris, we forget now. So much has gone on with the eternal fight for universal equal rights. We think that all should be regal, elegant if not violently pure in its murderous form. We chose the vampire bat back in 2018 as a national animanl and now the bats kill humans. With their cold, no less. The vampire bats cold may kill a human now in the REAL world. HAHA. We're sorry. We meant them because they're hardy. Goes to show how strong when something meant for bats and they survive kills... well the picture has been drawn.

From what I gather this is the best way to deposit interesting legislation for the 21st Century.

The Vapula Prolex needs a look.

Thanks Lady Vera for sheltering our nation. We had nowhere to belong. Now we can say that our state is demonic.

Post by Gypsy Lands suppressed by Vapula Prolex.

In appreciation for opening our embassy, breakfast is on us:

**Sets up a table of muffins, butter, jam, pancakes, bacon, ham, scrambled eggs, strawberries, Hershey's kisses,coffee, tea, and hot chocolate**

Gypsy Lands wrote:In appreciation for opening our embassy, breakfast is on us:

**Sets up a table of muffins, butter, jam, pancakes, bacon, ham, scrambled eggs, strawberries, Hershey's kisses,coffee, tea, and hot chocolate**

How nice we returned the favor. Thx :)

We are now glowing pink from all the kawaii cuteness of The Glorious Nations of Iwaku

Post by Gypsy Lands suppressed by Vapula Prolex.

Vapula Prolex wrote:How nice we returned the favor. Thx :)

So thoughtful of you!


Fellow United States Citizens,

As many of you are aware, the fourth of July has been known to us as independence day. We sometimes forget that after the declaration of independence was unanimously ratified by thirteen English colonies it took five years of battle and unto the siege of Yorktown to become thirteen independent American states. It took a further seven years to become united under a social contract that was ratified then by majority. Nearly nine decades needed to elapse and hundreds of thousands of lives shed before an unalienable right to liberty expressed by words written in 1776 would be granted to those in racial bondage. One-hundred and eighty-eight years needed to pass from this day two-hundred and forty-four years ago and more blood needed to be spilt before equality would be made law!

Twelve score and four years have transpired since radical men declared they had had enough of a tyrant and the effects of his severity. Since then, all people from abroad have sought these lands to pursue courses paved by dreams whose destinations lead toward intrinsic happiness. Those fortunate to be born within our political boundaries have never known the developing world's oppression. We few natives have not known systemic violence, rampant disease, public racial alienation, nor oligarchy; that is; until now.

Taxation has become unfair and favors the rich while burdening the poor. Scandal has corrupted sacred halls of democratic sovereignty. Bourgeois corporate despotism has become the status quo of executive power while legislators, public servants, are the marionettes of special interests. Public administration is now a commodity to be traded as a stock at market. Police are now the most distrusted, most despised, most ill reputed arm of justice. Our institutions of education and mental health have closed their doors to our children and to ourselves. The courts are politicized and biased by wealth or ethnicity. The prisons grow and grow and grow as an infection aided by privatization. A woman can no longer take her child to a theater, nor a store, nor an event without the fear of a mass shooting. A loaf of bread and a gallon of milk is five times the cost of acquisition over a period of 4 months. Food shortage threaten the most insecure of us with death. And racial tensions between us have caused our own citizens to fragment and form exclusive groups that alienate each other.

Fellow citizens, our country resembles more a pit in hell than a shining city upon a hill. It is no longer a desired destination nor a beacon of hope to the oppressed, hungry, and suffering of the world. Why then celebrate this day!? Why shoot your guns and fireworks merrily when all that was fought for for over two hundred years has been lost? Today, 4th of July in 2020 is not a day to party. It is a day to mourn the dying ideals of a declaration whose causes and purposes have reemerged in our midst. I am sad today, friends, because our American dream is turning into a nightmare.

Post by Gypsy Lands suppressed by Vapula Prolex.

Don't ever post anything political and anti-American on our board again.

Local now news wrote:hello!


Gypsy Lands wrote:Don't ever post anything political and anti-American on our board again.

The only thing anti-american is your inability to tolerate dissent. You proved my statements correct, thank you.

Thanks for letting us join. We read what happened with Gypsy Lands... what an idiot.

We aren't comfortable demeaning our adversaries but their statements were very politicophobic. Welcome

Wait, what happened?

Lys Noir wrote:Wait, what happened?

Lady Vera had a run in with some real ignorant people in another region.

[b]SECTION 1: Our fist embassy was Ecolyspal. When Piperscandavia's friend, Excuse me i am a girl left, Piperscandavia was very sad. She left NS too when she...........
NVM but we missed her so we honor her in her name. We miss her so much and I think we should all remeber her. I funeral is going to be held up for her. For starters,Nationstatesgirl is going to host the funeral. [i]I
am going to be the invitater and stuff.
Our second embassy was Piper Forces.The region died but it rose up again beacuse of GucciMan XII. J o J was going to steal it. Thanks you GucciMan XII, the region won't be stolen. I also am glad for Hazelscandavia (or was it Team hazel????)
SECTION 3:Our 3rd embassy is Old Zealand. Old Zealand is cool and active(very). It was a big region until a big thing happend. I can't tell you because i want to help those peeps stay anomonous. It is very fun.
SECTION 3: Here are some polls. Do you love polls? Here you go!

like these???
Interested in polls?
there you go!

now,here is some news:Read all about it!
- Card Raiding in Rejected Times
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- Get your Daily Line and place a sports bet

Get involved!
- It's hypnotic! Choose your own adventure.
- Cast your vote in your Eligible Polls
- Craps! The Sands turns three!

SECTION 4:Now we are kind of ending this dispatch.Now we need to talk about some great people.

Team Leo,UENW-Wooloos,North American Imperial State, News now, Who cares bro,Empire of coolguy,Brocklandia,Nationalaindia,Nationstatesgirl,Piperscandavia, Mathuvan Union,Piperscandavia mia qwe,Piperscandavia navy,The Gold Mines,and more!

These are some of the nicest people in the game to me!
SECTION 5:I am almost coming to an end with this dispatch.It was pretty cool.It is also the longest dispatch I have ever heard wrote.This was hopefully very interesting for you all.This should be interesting for evryone beacuse It is very long(but not as long as i want it to be) also,I am leaving NS tomarrow so stick around in THE NEWS.

SECTION 6:Here is the last portion of this dispatch.I am including other interesting dispatches.
Thisnext dispatch is by The Ambassadors Reception:page=dispatch/id=1398315
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7 hours ago: I love game beast ceased to exist.
7 hours ago: Embassy cancelled between Ecolyspal and THE NEWS.
7 hours ago: Embassy established between THE NEWS and Australialia.
19 hours ago: Embassy cancelled between The Bar on the corner of every region and THE NEWS.
1 day 7 hours ago: Coolguys forever ceased to exist.
1 day 19 hours ago: Embassy established between Krillin and THE NEWS.
2 days 7 hours ago: Embassy established between 4chan and THE NEWS.
2 days 7 hours ago: Embassy established between THE NEWS and Khashah.
2 days 19 hours ago: Game beast rules ceased to exist

This is a great picture I found:

bye! these are some dipatches. Have a great day!
Read factbook

Headlines from the Vapula Prolex Mail. 13-7-mmxx

"The national security service are a bunch of crooks, popular candidates who don't suffer last-second political scandals tend to get fished out of the Vapula Prolex River, retiring citizens are dragged away in the middle of the night by mysterious men in black suits, and military training in Vapula Prolex emphasizes the tactical advantages of stabbing backs."

Basically, some violent political factions have developed in the halls of The Prolex. They are voracious for power. Let us focus this voracity on the conquest of space. Interstellar navigation is paramount to attaining materials from space: marketable assets! Let us preserve that instinct to defend Demonos from attack upon land, the sea, air, cyberspace, and outer space. Space is not a guaranteed peaceful place by any right. The fight for survival of the inherent demon is to find a home in the darkness of space.

Just some thoughts.

Send me a telegram if you want me to move a nation of mine to your region to speed up the translations!

The Region of Save Our Planet welcomes the new embassy with Lady Vera!
It is an honor to establish diplomatic relations with you.
Your nations are always welcome to post on our RMB concerning any issues that affect our Earth.
Please let any of your fellow regions with the Eco-Friendly Tag know about us.

We announce that we are banning fireworks exports to Lebanon from the Principality of Demonos out of respect for their loss.

Queremos comunicarles que la Principalidad de Demonos atravez de un decreto la prohibición a la venta y comercio de juegos artificiales provinintes de Libano. Esta medida fue toma por respeto a la reciente catatrofé sufrida en ese país, asi como la perdida de vidas humanas producto de este siniestro.

Nous tenons à vous informer que la Principauté des Démons à travers un décret interdisant la vente et le commerce de feux d'artifice en provenance des provinces du Liban. Cette mesure a été prise par respect pour la récente catatrophe subie dans ce pays, ainsi que pour la perte de vies humaines à la suite de cet incident.

Esperamos contar con su comprención, y respeten nuestra postura sobre este delicado tema.

The Principality of Demonos wishes to make solid alliances with demons of Underworld and Hell. We bow before The Mad King of Hell, The Stalker and will serve the demon legion for the betterment and protection of all the demons of Demonos. We are proud to disclose our oath here;