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Just flying thru on our way south. This region is rather larger than the ones we usually visit, but it looks inviting, so we'll set up camp.

~pitches tent, lites campfire~

Are you open for a few visitors for a couple of days?

Hiya! Just another traveller passing through with Geese and co. I hear Amardia is lovely this time of year.

Welcome! Come, stay a while, maybe even look into our lore and apply! :)

Qilak has blessed us with his presence! Praise be to the Great Snow Goose!

This region is very welcoming to Honkers, uh, I mean Geese. Frankly, the malicious rumor that we discriminate against Ho- Geese is just plain nonsense. Your kind has plenty of bread and water available and I think that's enough for anyone, really. These Geese-rights activists aren't doing any good for your kind, they're just anti-Human is all. They want everyone dragged down to your filthy, lice-ridden level... or, uh, they don't respect our cultural divisions. Yeah, that's right, I'm not racist, I just think that out cultures are completely incompatible and it would better if we had separate neighborhoods. I don't want to catch no Honker disease, if you know what I mean.

Besides, everyone knows that Geese just need to pull themselves up by their wingtips; we won't do them any favors by just giving them what they want. My grand-pappy worked hard his whole life to provide me and mine with what we have and I don't plan sharing it with no honking birds!

Hello geese

Kum, you racist, wretched, turgid boomer

Beep beep! Just passin’ through, lookin’ for a gas station.

Herby wrote:Beep beep! Just passin’ through, lookin’ for a gas station.

I'm afraid we only having charging stations for Teslas, Herby.

*arrives hidden in the back of a Skoda truck*

Greetings, Kylaris. I'm with Geese and the amazing travelling crew.

Hello, nice regional flag you have there. Stowaways? I didn't even know they were there your honour.


Just rolling around with Geese and friends road show.

It's NOT a species issue at all, I don't have a racist feather on my body, this is about border security. My grand parents came here legally and I was born here legally. Geese who fly over the border illegally have broken the law and as a completely color-blind centrist, I am against that. It's honestly unpatriotic to let these orange-beaks into this region when they're breaking the law. Illegal birds are dangerous too, they commit crimes that are reported by the news at seven times the rate that natives are.

Let's not forget that they're laying eggs faster than our natural application rate. As their numbers grow, they will outnumber us and force us to accept their language and customs. Just the other day, I saw a honker who honked at me. Why didn't he learn English?! If they want to live in our country, then they should be forced to completely erase their own culture and personalities, otherwise we'll all be goose-stepping to the tune of a different species. Did you know that by 2050, Geese will outnumber us in our own country? Just think of the future and end the madness by plucking the rights of all Geese and deporting them all back to where they came from.

Sooooooo ehhhhhhh...... Sounds to me like geese and VWs aren’t welcome here.

Please ignore Kumuso, he's a known Anti-Anatidaite, so take no notice of his remarks about our valued guests, the Geese.

However Herby, you should know that we as a region have very, very, very strong feelings about Dieselgate, or to be specific the 2015 Volkswagen emissions scandal. We unanimously made the decision in 2018 to fully convert our region to an eco-friendly, green, electric cars etc. zone. This doesn't mean we don't value you staying with us, but it does mean that you will have use different facilities to the rest of us living in 2020. Our living apart policy has been a success so far, so hopefully it will this time as well.

Honk, honk, honkity honk.

Do you want a translation?

Greetings from TAO. Just passing through on WalkAbout with Geese and friends.

Migrating Geese wrote:Honk, honk, honkity honk.

Do you want a translation?

Yes please! But do keep it PG-13. I am a child, with a child life.


Quack, quaker quack.

Valentir and Kalmukia

At any rate, we need to be flying along. A hearty honk, honk to all!

Migrating Geese wrote:At any rate, we need to be flying along. A hearty honk, honk to all!

Hearty honk!

Luziyca, Valentir, Liecthenbourg, and Qianrong

Time to roll on. Adios.

He just called me a quacker! That's OUR word.

There's a difference between the words "quaka" and "quacker"
The first one refers to a friend / companion, the second one is a racial slur.
In my capacity as an admin, I don't care if people use the first one.
The second one though...that's a big no no

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