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Former Founder: Glorious General Dayan
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Named in honor of the organization from the movie "The Hebrew Hammer."

Sworn to fight against Nazism, anti-Semitism and injustice in all its forms.

We are not a religious organization. You don't have to be Jewish to join, just willing to join the above-mentioned fight.

Password protected for the time being. Will be opened soon. In the meantime, if you want to join, TG The JJL Rav Aluf of Glorious General Dayan.

New members, make sure you familiarize yourself with General Dayan's Standing Orders.


Jewish Justice League is protected from NS Nazis by BLITZKRIEG.

Embassies: BLITZKRIEG.

Tags: Anti-Fascist and Minuscule.

Jewish Justice league is home to a single nation.

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1.The Watchfires of JJLMoralistic Democracy“Skin on skin, let the love begin”

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Jewish Justice league Regional Message Board

Former Embassies: Freedom and Justice Alliance, Israel, The Union of German Nations, Inglourious Basterds, The MT Army, Antifa, Gay, Land Der Judischen Holocaust, Anti Defamation League, Simon Wiesenthal Center, Jewish Safehaven, Convict Central, Suryya, The League of Anti Brewizers, Glitter and Rainbows, Isralestine, and 11 others.

Jewish Justice League Regional Message Board

The JJL Rav Aluf of Glorious General Dayan
1 year 231 days ago

My friends, I am pleased to announce that the region The League of Anti Brewizers has been placed under the protection of the JJL (along with Suryya).

The JJL Rav Aluf of Glorious General Dayan
1 year 228 days ago

My friends, it is with humility that I announce that the region Jewish Safehaven has been placed under the protection of the JJL. It's founder CTEd, so we had to refound it to protect it.
This is not a cause for celebration, merely a news bulletin.

The JJL Rav Aluf of Glorious General Dayan
1 year 221 days ago

My friends, this is the greatest day thus far in the brief history of the Jewish Justice League, because today, we have taken back Anti Defamation League. A region founded by the Greater German Reich to try to humiliate us and the solemn principle of fair treatment of all peoples regardless of their racial, ethnic or religious background, is now under the protection of pro-justice forces.

Justice will always defeat arrogance and hatred, every time. The forces of hate can found regions and name them whatever they want, we will just continue to take those regions from them one by one and hound them to the ends of the earth, both here on NationStates and in the real world.


The JJL Rav Aluf of Glorious General Dayan
1 year 221 days ago

One more thing, my friends. To prevent the Nazis from doing so, we just founded another satellite region, the Simon Wiesenthal Center. We didn't "conquer" or "liberate" it, we just founded it to prevent the Nazis from doing so, like they did when they founded the original Anti Defamation League. 
(See, unlike them, we don't found regions and pretend like we conquered them. They're the ones who need to use and lies and self-delusion to convince themselves that they've actually won something. Meanwhile, the JJL and its allies celebrate actual victories. Meh.) 

The JJL Rav Aluf of Glorious General Dayan
1 year 218 days ago

My friends, I'm pleased to announce that I'm finally able to share news with you about a victory we celebrated a week ago.
With the help of our allies over at The Union of Nations Against Fascism and the Freedom and Justice Alliance, the JJL was able to take down Greater German Reich ally Convict Central and place it under our protection.
This happened a week ago, but I had to wait till now to announce it because there was a little confusion when it came to refounding the region. But that's all cleared up now. 

The JJL Rav Aluf of Glorious General Dayan
1 year 214 days ago

Great news, my friends! This evening, with help from our great allies The Union of Nations Against Fascism, the Freedom and Justice Alliance and the CSSR, the JJL has liberated and refounded the Nazi hideout Glitter and Rainbows. That's right, the Nazi founder named it that because he thought nobody would suspect that a region so named would be a Nazi hideout, but he didn't count on the thoroughness of JJL intelligence!

And by the way, any Nazis reading this, the JJL officer we had lead the operation in Glitter and Rainbows was The Community of Bruce Vilanch, the gayest, Jewiest and fattest liberal in all of Hollyweird. You think you're so tough? You couldn't even defend yourselves against Bruce Vilanch. Ha!

Three Nazi regions cleared out and refounded in 10 days (Convict Central, Anti Defamation League and now Glitter and Rainbows). Not too shabby, if I do say so myself!


The JJL Rav Aluf of Glorious General Dayan
1 year 211 days ago

I sent a telegram to numerous people explaining my recent extended absence and failure. I tried posting it here, but it said I couldn't because it contained "inappropriate language."
I'm sorry, but it's very emotional, and I can't censor myself when my emotions are what they are. So if you want the explanation for my recent extended absence and failures, please telegram me, and I'll explain it to you.

The JJL Rav Aluf of Glorious General Dayan
1 year 133 days ago

NEW STATEMENT of PRINCIPLE - 14 Iyyar, 5773 (24 April, 2013)

The Jewish Justice Legue hereby renounces all alliances and affiliations with communists and communist regions. Through our own experiences here, we have come to the determination that communist organizations are not supporters of justice, so the Jewish Justice League will no longer affiliate ourselves with them. I hereby order the closure of all embassies with regions bearing the "communist" tag.
We do want to make clear that this is in no way a declaration of war against communists and communism. Anti-Semites in general and Nazis in particular are still the JJL's only target. This is merely a statement of refusal of further cooperation with communists. The JJL refuses to ally with the devil's cousin to fight the devil.

And on a personal note, speaking as a liberal and a supporter of organized labor, I've often been called a "communist" by people on the right in my own nation. So much so that, at some point, I ceased seeing the label as a negative, and I didn't see any problem with joining forces with the reds here. However, now that I've met real communists in this world (that is, NationStates), and I see what real communists really are - authoritarial and illiberal ideologues hell-bent on a war against human free will - they're little better than the Nazis we've dedicated all our efforts to fighting. The only difference is the Nazis want to kill me before I open my mouth. The commies allow me say a couple words before they decide they want to shut my mouth for good. But whether it's because I'm a Jew or because I'm a free thinker, I'm just as dead either way, so I'm not going to be their friend anymore.

"Ant-communist" and "liberal" tags hereby added.

The JJL Rav Aluf of Glorious General Dayan

The JJL Rav Aluf of Glorious General Dayan
209 days ago

Below I am going to paste the names of the delegates who voted to support WA Security Council Resolution 132, “Repeal Liberate Nazi Europe,” a resolution which resulted in the unleashing of more than two dozen Nazi WA nations upon the NationStates world.

Before that resolution was passed, there was a Security Council resolution in effect, “Liberate Nazi Europe,” which required the neo-Nazi community of NationStates to “circle the wagons” in defense of Nazi Europe, one of their precious home regions. At the end, we had more than two dozen skinhead WA nations bottled up and cornered in that hole.

But then notorious Nazi sympathizers “The dark” and “The Sherlocking of Unibot III,” put forth 132, which, when passed, enabled the skinheads to lock their region and release more than two dozen WA nations to conduct offensive operations.

Of course, The dark and Unibot III top the list of who’s to blame, but they couldn’t have done it alone. And in accordance with the saying we have in the Jewish community – NEVER FORGET – I have recorded the names of all those who voted in favor of the Nazis.
(It is a really long list, though, so I’m going to post it through a separate account and suppress it so it doesn’t take up the entire page.)

The JJL Rav Aluf of Glorious General Dayan

Post by JJL Recruiter suppressed by Glorious General Dayan.

The Six-Day-War-Winner of JJL Recruiter

209 days ago

1. The dark (its drafter)
2. The Sherlocking of Unibot III (its key spokesman)
3. Their supporters
(List compiled at 8:30 p.m. UTC, 8 hours till poll closure)
Votes For: 5,966: The Woot woot woot I feel free of Cerb (381), The TEP Delegate-Emeritus of Bachtendekuppen (232), The WA Embassy of DWAsnia (151), The Republic of The Black Hat Guy (138), The Peace and Love of The Salaxalans (134), The Makhnovshchina of Frattastan II (116), The Fluffy Fascist Ducks of Duck-Boss (63), The Former Feeblish SLU Delegate of Marinar (52), The Pubs of Parkplace (49), The Directorate of Xin Prussia (43), The Mikes Hope Essence of Mikeswill (43), The Democratic Republic of Occoron (37), The Greater Intergalactic Empire of Servoth (37), The Grand Glorious Sultanate of KaiserAdolf (34), The Republic of Magna civilis (34), The foxfyre islands (31), The Hegemony of Tatu Rama (30), The People's Grand Republic of Bharatia (27), The Interstellar Republic of Topsail Empire (27), The Saints of Aequitas-Veritas (27), The Shadow Legion of German Dragons (26), The Infinitesimal Decimals of Johto and Kanto (26), The Imperial Empire of The Antarctica Territories (25), The State of Democratic Koyro (23), The Supreme Democratic Empire of Region 4 (23), The Patriot of Greater Fascism (23), Wheeled states of bifid (18), The Commonwealth of Sed26 (18), The Mëkanïk Dëstruktïẁ Kömmandöh of The Star of Jorj (17), The Kingdom of Lindenholt (17), The Great Roman Realm of Pacificia Empire (17), United counties of maine (16), The Federated Parishes of The Licentian Isles (15), The Lusophonic Disappointment of Sciongrad (15), The Aligned Systems Authority of Kelvaros Prime (15), Communist eraser (15), The Republic of The Confederate State of Missouri (14), The Trenchant Order of The Voltarum (13), The Holy Navy of The Republic of Kentucky (13), The Republic of Astibus (12), The Communist State of The Russian Communist Federation (12), The People's Empire of Kherkov (11), The Queen's State of Juergen (11), The Confederation of Vertmont (11), The Universal Union of Karathi (10), Nordic saxony (10), The Founding Fathers of Valrico (10), The Forge Worlds of Smogge (10), Serbinon (10), The Empire of Boreo (10), Hell-fire (10), The Democratic Alliance of ASEAN (9), The Nationalist Federation of Faikliren (9), The Federal Kingdoms of Siokania (9), The Democratic Dominion of Ertae (9), The Most Serene Republic of Mare Solis (9), The Republic of Ariusgrad (9), The United Federation of Trektopolis (9), The Armed Republic of Bone Fort (9), Morglantis (8), The Republic of The Akasha Colony (8), The Evil Mad Scientists of Freddland (8), The Allied Federal Republic of Velburg (8), Akshar (8), The Regency of Point Breeze (8), The King in Kingslanding of BoltonLand (8), The Democratic States of The Empire of the Congo (7), The Greater Communist Union of Yulis (7), The Great Federal Republic of Free Terra (7), The Milky Way Dominion of Intergalactic Federation of Systems (7), Afanis (7), Conlandiville (7), The Overbeing of Antuuian (7), The Magnificent Nation of The Mellos (7), The Banana Republic of Bogans and Boozers (7), The Republic of Frennierstan (7), The Uncanny Power of Bad-Assistan (7), The United States of General Hammond (7), The Democratic States of Central Nation (6), The Mouse-a-rific Mousetastic Moderator Mousedom of Mousebumples (6), Kashmir and southern china (6), The Stupidly Overpopulated Atoll of The SAPPHIROS Islands (6), Kevin nation army (6), Absolute cluelessness (6), The Partyless Republic of Super-Llamaland (6), Vaktan (6), Engana (6), The Oudste Stad van Nederland of Nimega (6), The Holy Empire of Primordial Luxa (6), The Crazy Homicidal Maniacs of Cognigotoapagawayiagan (6), The Galactic Empire of Aaron (5), The Imperial Empire of Talorin (5), The United Syndicalist States of Angaria (5), The Holy Confederation of Neoconstantius (5), Sun fire dragon (5), The Free Land of Galts Gulch ll (5), The Infinite Empire of DarthStassen (5), Belzia (5), The Holy Atheists of Inventio (5), The Allied States of The Great Warrior Rivers (5), The American Dream of Architeuthis (5), The Stellar Republic of The Anean Star Empire (5), The Holy Byzantine Empire of Melanocytes (5), Cyaaatch (5), Greater moletopia (5), The Pandalandaland of Sabara (5), The Empire of Royal Antartica (5), Yillsp (5), The Federated Democratic States of Xanthal (5), Doge islands (5), The United Federation of Requilia (5), The Kingdom of Zeetville (5), The Kingdom of Mariglenn (5), Pij communimost (4), Bunnvonberg (4), The Liberal Socialist Republic of Zandalari (4), Atlanza (4), The Mighty Paws of Kleinekatzen (4), The Federal Union of Iron Confederation (4), Placetopia (4), Wjh (4), The Adhocracy of Garlandia (4), Tecrid (4), The republic of the empire of britain (4), The Imperium of Byritannia (4), The Gold Sword of Vasputia (4), The Empire of Britech (4), Sarakart (4), The Federal Republic of Hellcat Nation (4), The Anarchic Desert of Tatooene (4), The Happy Flying Meadow of Three Weasels (4), Cor lux (4), The Advanced Society of Saint Gorski (4), The Regional Command of UNNCR (4), The Constitutional Monarchy of SyrupLand (4), The United Socialist States of Meaning (4), The Dictatorship of Tom-E-Hawk (4), The Democratic Union of ZATAK (4), Neutricland wa repersentative (4), The Grand Federation of of Venta (4), The Soviet Socialist Republic of Jnania (4), The The Universal Sensation of Tattland (3), Lingin (3), The Military State of New Zanbia (3), The scorched lands (3), The Capitalist State of Baconbacon123 (3), The Protectorate of Manlyland (3), Republic of new bismarck (3), The Federal Monarchy of Galacteo (3), The Republic of NewJediOrder (3), The Imperial Kentish Colony of Tsruhkwah (3), Bandar island (3), The Democracy of Bubblekirby (3), The Empire of Hess-Castle (3), The Technocratic Republic of Dagnia (3), Torus states alliance (3), The Utilitarian Society of Lola Veela (3), The Imperial Union of Great Federal Republic of The Americas (3), Conway (3), Hazuki (3), The kingdom of kdash (3), The Democratic States of Kecoughtan Tribe (3), Oschore (3), The Replublic of Baughistan (3), Dusturil (3), Dharla (3), Carto-geography (3), Talamai (3), The Gear States of Langock (3), The Hellish Landscape of Forsaken lands (3), The Kingdom of Lord Neo (3), Federal republic of vin (3), Castinus (3), The Liberal Society of The New Dog Nation (3), Salmanor (3), The Interstellar Federation of Yxilland (3), Randomnitia (3), Savage-borg (3), The Ukendt of Nebuloso (3), The Asteroid Belt of Oooooh Thats MY Button (3), Svergie (3), Hive city (3), The Republic of Jingdood (3), The subservient annex of the empire (3), Drugs runners (3), Lowgate (3), The Empire of The Kingdom of Nea Hellas (3), The Confederacy of Sadakssotia (3), The Great Confederacy of Dariaus (3), The Constitutional Monarchy of Mozzania (3), The Watermelon Lovers' Republic of Sateria (3), The Most Serene Republic of Gabralia (3), Centenniality[/nation] (3), The Locked up Nation of Gowai (3), Benjustivan (3), The Holy Constitutional Monarchy of Torrumbarry (3), The enclave government (3), The Free Land of Little Tralfamadore (3), Papg (3), The Eternal Empire of Lygonia (3), The Kingdom of Kiribati-Tarawa (3), The Galactic Empire of Marcurus (2), Runest (2), Toyotatundra2008 (2), Takeia (2), The Lush Blue-Sanded Oases of Haflin (2), The Queendom of Dainami (2), The People's Supreme Republic of Itrania (2), Hellany (2), Arcs isles and lightland (2), The Democratic Republic of The states of the Kingdom (2), The United Cosmic Dukedom of Gulf of Nungfienrt (2), The Grand Empire of Jagalonia (2), Carradgio (2), Weeeeeed (2), Gingertropilos (2), The People's Republic of Eulantea (2), The nation of zodanga (2), The Republic of Hatay (2), The Subtropical Paradise of Kyr4 (2), Partouzland (2), Last wolf (2), Tayberia (2), The Venerable Sovereignty of Smurfey (2), The ThunderCougarFalconbird of Fancyburg (2), The Commonwealth of New Sivonia (2), The People's State of The Federal Republic of Varsal (2), The Planetary Republic of New Raffica (2), The Modern Consulship of Respublica Veneta (2), The Fortified Nation of Iron Dog (2), The Dominion of Republic of new germany (2), Our noble romagna (2), The United Republic of San Stravinsky (2), Bm4 (2), The People's Republic of Maoist People (2), The Federation of Soviet party of Russia (2), The Royal Psychotic Republic of Coccygia (2), The Gravity is a Lie Republic of Floating mountain (2), The Federal Empire of Helghast Sovereignty (2), United india forever (2), The Res Publica Sanctus of Deus Sol Invicto (2), The People's Republic of KKE_Greece (2), The Armed Conservative Democracy of Liberty Christians (2), Sentinia (2), Green party swag (2), Cerdium (2), The secular commonwealth (2), Maxfae (2), Socialist Austrian Empire[/nation] (2), The Empire of Elistra (2), The Imperial Monster of Confederacy Of Eltman States (2), Caledernia (2), Celestial skies (2), The Empire of Romae Veteris (2), The Republic of Atanatos (2), The United Provinces of Tulija (2), Chindian patung (2), The Allied States of Eastern Vermont (2), Ektar (2), Sjostad (2), The Republic of White Noise (2), The Holy Order of Papal Knights (2), The Unified Imperium of The Sylph Empire (2), The Phantom HA HA HA HA HA of Krankor (2), The Republic of Country-istan (2), The Candy Land of Stripes (2), Sparked (2), The Kahnite of Krazeria (2), The extremely cold nation of coldville (2), The Militaristic Order of Odeion (2), Cerinea (2), The Empire of Loudoun (2), The Parliamentary Republic of Tasty Water (2), Ylang (2), The Vandar Colony of Azgul (2), The NDMM Region Commander of Isles of the United Armed Forces (2), Cliffston (2), Rotterwerp (2), The Federation of Ivangard (2), John the fisherman (2), The scottish borders (2), Greater empireonius (2), Macfar land (2), The Empire of Roma Biz (2), Pyronis (2), The Grand United Provinces of The Briarwood (2), The Federated States of Cantalopea (2), Vanbrigan (2), The Radical Directorship of Adeiatic (2), Awkwardiga (2), The Republic of The Islands of Guacamole (2), The Disputed Territories of Veiledwheels (2), The Dominion of Unemployable Idiots (2), The Baconators of Bacon Rocks (2), The big meaty potato (2), The Slow Loud Breathers of Donkervader (2), The Great Indomitable Empire of Panem-Britannia (2), Kibbutz ben zion (2), The Theocratia Pesedjetus of Ra-Harakhte (2), The Honored Empire of The Sons (2), The Armed Republic of Eagles army (2), The Dominion of The Based Titans (2), Stronghold2 (2), The Wonderland of Voguesphere (2), The syrian rebel army (2), The Republic of Zombiedolphins (2), The Emirate of Northern Emirates of Coolhand Lukistan (2), Newalixandria (2), The Chwoped Lands of Chwopalop (2), The Pokémon Reserve of Po-os (2), The Supreme Imperial Empire of Katze Land (2), Forbuss (2), The silverlake union (2), Dystopian laputa (2), Vullarius (2), The Holy Yellow Commonwealth of Kemelom (2), The Zeonic Alliance of Arthenia (2), Confinement (2), The Armed Republic of United Provinces II (2), Peldar (2), The United People's Democracy of Umbra Ac Silentium (2), The Empire of Arkonlei (2), and (2,871) individual WA member nations.

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