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3 regions have just been deleted by mods in their massive campaign against Nazis and related evil doers, and they cannot be refounded as the new rule that prohibits the use of the term “nazi” and “reich” prevents it. They are Nazi Alliance, Neo Nazi Group, and Nazi Dictatorships.

The region The Gaztin Pact was returned to the original owner on 9/8/21, who subsequently failed a refound on the following update and it was then captured by hostile forces.

THEREFORE, due to the lack of ability by nearly all past parties who have been voluntarily returned regions to hold said regions and securely refound them, NO REGIONS WILL BE RETURNED IN THE FUTURE. Despite not having lost them myself, it is a shame to see others lose them to the very enemies I was protecting them against.

The Gaza Strip has been gifted to the generous Muslims Political Council of Evagia in exchange for The Gaztin Pact.

Funnily enough, this is the first time my main nation has ever set foot here! This will be a safe spot to weather the storm in I believe.

The following regions have been deleted by mods and met their ultimate end as of 12/24/21. (Does not include regions deleted in the original purge earlier in the year.)

- The union of the greater axis powers (See here for the story on that one:
- The reichskommissariat ostland
- Das grossdeutsche reich
- Golden Reich

I lurk in the shadows, watching from behind the scenes, persisting for eternity. You'll never get your region back. If you made the error of crossing me and losing something to me, you'll live with your mistake forever. Long Live J o J.

New Reich of Bunicken's autonomy has been ceded back to the Bunicken state, but this founder shall remain to prevent further CTEs and to keep the region out of the hands of ne'er-do-wellers. (The only stipulation is that the embassy with this region remains in place.)

Here's to 300 regions conquered and occupied by the state!

Every single region captured by what came before must now be recognized as purged and destroyed by what comes after. There will be no peace. Green turns to black.