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Legionas wrote:Welcome to the IDU Maraix, we thank you for choosing our region and as such, on behalf of my fellow IDU members, would like to extend a series of gifts to your dear leader.

*(Sends over the very best of Legionite Alexandros Wine, a basket of freshly cut assorted Zerphiquean flowers, a medium sized box of Limprostanzi Chocolates, one brand new Radon Fusion F-373 private jet for your national governments and and the brand new Mara X Pro S for your dear leaders and 9 other people of his choosing.)*

Thank you for these fantastic gifts. I know the Board of Directors is going to have a grand time fighting over who gets to sit in the F-373 cockpit first (I'll enjoy a nice glass of Alexandros while watching the melee go down).

In the meantime, our islanders look forward to tuning their radios to coverage of the IDUFC!

Maraix wrote:Thank you for these fantastic gifts. I know the Board of Directors is going to have a grand time fighting over who gets to sit in the F-373 cockpit first (I'll enjoy a nice glass of Alexandros while watching the melee go down).

In the meantime, our islanders look forward to tuning their radios to coverage of the IDUFC!

Apparently Legionas is now trying to rival me in aerospace.
*sends over a Yakovlev Polaris Imperial Edition private jet*

Trive 38 wrote:
*sends over a Yakovlev Polaris Imperial Edition private jet*

Marvelous! Though...the Board of Directors may now want to solve disputes by way of jet races. Not a bad thing, I suppose...

For those interested in following the IDUFC results as they come in, the results thread @ has been set up. The opening ceremony is in a few hours, so stay tuned as we begin!

Hi, people! I have decided to be active here once again. Going to join the Discord server soon!

Hey all,

I know itís a little bit abrupt but WA Delegate nominations are now open (and have been for about 20 minutes). You can find the thread at

Please note that only IDUSA members who are also in the World Assembly may submit their name. Formal WA Delegate elections will begin in a little over a week so you have until then to enter your name if you wish to be considered for the position.

Until the end of the election season, no new IDUSA members will be admitted.

Thank you.

The balder regional media corporation

The Balder Regional Media Corporation proudly publishes the first issue of its inter-regional affairs newspaper, The Balder Chronicle!

Disclaimer: The Balder Regional Media Corporation is a private corporate entity owned by Veles draco/Rubor. Any and all opinions expressed are exclusively reflect the opinions of the publisher and NOT those of the monarchy or government of Balder.

A publication of the Balder Regional Media Corporation

The Balder Regional Media Corporation is a private corporate entity owned by Veles draco/Rubor. Any and all opinions expressed exclusively reflect the opinions of the publisher and NOT those of the monarchy or government of Balder.

Issue 1, 06/18/2020

Military Action in SECFanatics

On June 1, 2020, the Crown Prince of the Realm Onder Kelkia authorized the Jomsviking of Balder to assist the notorious raider faction known as The Black Hawks in the occupation of notable embassy-collector region SECFanatics, in addition to the North Pacific Army, the Europeian Republican Navy, Lone Wolves United, The Land of Kings and Emperors, Karma, and the Social Technocratic Union. This became possible due to the deletion of SECFanatics' well-respected founder RBBF by game moderators during the morning hours of the day prior. Although no evidence exists in the forums to give an indication of why this happened, The Greater Low Countries, of the region The Clover Confederation alleged that he was in personal communication with RBBF and that the likely reason was RBBF's participation in a role-playing thread that violated game rules. There was a great outpouring of sympathy for the natives of SECFanatics by representatives and random citizens from the myriad other regions that RBBF extended the hand of friendship towards over the years that he maintained SECFanatics in its original form, both to express indignation at the controversial practice of raiding and to vituperate against the Black Hawks in particular, as several had experienced TBH's characteristic manner of arbitrary military intervention in the past. Some from SECFanatics' embassy regions advocated for summoning the 10000 Islands Treaty Organization (TITO) and even the North Pacific Army to oppose the Black Hawks, the latter in spite of the fact that the NPA was actively and publicly assisting TBH in the occupation. This reporter felt it would be prudent to document the indelible impact that SECFanatics' efforts of outreach had upon the extensive list of embassy regions it accumulated over the course of its existence and so official statements were requested of several notable individuals. St. George, Lieutenant of the United Defenders League, of The Rogue Nation of The Notorious Mad Jack had this to say: "The unprovoked and unjustified raid of SECFanatics represents a new low for the forces of raiderdom. It is especially disappointing to see the North Pacific Army involved and as always, to see a lack of response from other defenders. This just reinforces the need for the continued existence of the United Defenders League and we invite all who share our disgust at the actions of the likes of Jakker, Ms Bad Life Choices and Guy-puppet McMasterdonia to join us in putting on their green tights and fighting injustice." The Ambassadors Reception, an important official of SECFanatics' rival embassy-collector region, The Embassy, declined comment, citing Balder's participation in the raid as the reason. Ostrovskiy, the Founder and WA Delegate of the region Compatibility, was also invited to comment and stated his or her intention to rally a defender task force to oppose the occupation, until he or she became aware of this reporter's affiliation with one of the raiding armies, whereupon communications understandably ceased. However, Ostovskiy later went on record both on SECFanatics' RMB and in a personal communique that he or she had experienced a shift of opinion about the Black Hawks, deciding that their invasions could bring lesser-known regions better publicity. The Black Hawks' point for the raid, The Queendom of Wedgest, was also asked for comment on whether the Black Hawks had any underlying motivations for the raid and whether power would be restored to the natives at some time in the foreseeable future, but did not respond. However, observation of public statements made by members of the raiding force indicates that the occupation of SECFanatics was only ever meant to be temporary. In addition, some representatives of SECFanatics' embassy regions responded to the invasion with an attitude of puckish exuberance. For example, Yashou japan, Founder and self-appointed President of the Union of Liberty, expressed a desire to join the Black Hawks upon learning of SECFanatics' occupation, demonstrating that the Hawks' idiosyncratic marketing techniques are not totally ineffective. A minor argument also ensued between the Black Hawks' leader Jakker and The Ambassadors Reception on SECFanatics' regional message board about the apparently indiscriminate behaviors of embassy-collectors in their endeavors of diplomatic outreach, with Jakker taking such regions to task about showing no reservations about establishing ties with regions governed by questionable administrations or ideologies. The very same day as the raid was conducted, Federal Ashiknya, an alleged friend and close ally of RBBF, founded SECFanatics Reborn as a tribute and successor region to the original. Only time will tell if this new embassy-collector will outlive or outstrip the accomplishments of its predecessor. Meanwhile, the occupation force of the original SECFanatics gave out orders to disestablish all previously standing embassies and reject or abort construction of all new embassies, amounting to a total of 2670 embassies destroyed in all. On June 6, Leonidas Valdez of Old Zealand made a sentimental speech in testament to RBBF's ambition to bring the NS World together, claiming that the occasion marked "a very special funeral" and that SECFanatics "almost beat The Embassy" for having the most embassies. On June 12, a small group of defenders, apparently affiliated with or supported by the Anti Fairy Pact, retook control of SECFanatics and sent out new embassy requests to all of SECFanatics's former embassy regions, including several defunct and fascistic regions, earning a disapproving comment from Jakker about the handling of the restoration. On June 16, the Black Hawks called reinforcements into the region, forcibly expelling the defenders, ejecting the vast majority of SECFanatics' residents, disestablishing its embassies all over again, and putting SECFanatics under password-protection to prevent further defender interference. From what can be determined, the initial raid of SECFanatics was genuinely intended to be merely a transient occupation, in part due to the influence of The Black Hawks' allied organizations upon the raid's conduct. However, the retaliation of the defenders invited a harsher policy upon re-occupation. The defender interference, in addition to the lack of involvement by organizations outside of The Black Hawks themselves during the second occupation, are likely what contributed to the decision to permanently destroy SECFanatics and scatter its regional community.

The Storting Ratifies Exciting New Legislation

On May 30, Culture Minister Linkin Maximum (Linkin II) presented a bill to the Odelsting, lower house of the Storting (Parliament) of Balder, entitled The University of Balder Act. The purpose of this act, as the name implies, is to give the state mandate to an official institution dedicated to the education of Balder's citizens on subjects both academic and technical. Per the stipulations of the bill, the University would be maintained under a Chancellery responsible first to the monarchy of Balder and second to the Storting, staffed by a Chancellor to be appointed by His Majesty King North East Somerset under the recommendation of the Statsminister (Prime Minister) and a Vice-Chancellor to be appointed in turn by the Chancellor proper. The Chancellor may be dismissed by a 2/3 majority vote in both houses of the Storting, while the Vice-Chancellor may be dismissed by the Chancellor as he so desires. Of course, appointees to both offices may be unilaterally switched in and out as it suits His Majesty's liking as well. The responsibilities of the Chancellor shall be to supervise the faculty and curriculum of the University, to decide upon courses of study, policies, and programs, and to determine admissions as appropriate. The supplementary role of the Vice-Chancellor shall consist of making recommendations to the Chancellor about matters regarding policy and to execute tasks delegated by the Chancellor to increase the efficiency of with which the University administration may discharge its bureaucratic functions. Although subject to heavy government control, the University shall be organized as a private institution principally responsible for its own affairs, intended to operate without the need for direct government management. Another bill of reasonable importance was proposed to the Odelsting on June 9, named the Justice for the Realm Act. This act was drafted to replace an earlier version of the same legislation, known by the same name, which was drafted, ratified, and enacted in the year 2013. Whereas the older version of the law instituted a highly unorthodox criminal justice system, entailing arbitration by a party to be mutually appointed by both the plaintiff and defendant to guarantee neutrality, in addition to eschewing a formal judiciary, the new bill establishes the High Court of Balder to order the juridical affairs of the realm, dovetailing with common sensibilities about how justice and adjudication should be administered in a modern legal system. The High Court shall consist of the Chief Justice, who is also ex officio the Vice-Delegate of the Realm, and two Associate Justices to be nominated at His Majesty's leisure and confirmed by a majority of the Lagting (the Storting's upper house). The bill also creates a bar association for Balder, to be regulated by the High Court for the purpose of providing the common citizenry with a pool of competent and readily accessible public legal representatives. Both bills were separately proposed to the Odelsting and the Lagting and passed unanimously, promptly receiving His Majesty's royal assent to go into full legal force. Only time will tell how these acts will change how the usual business of government and society is conducted within the Realm of Balder, but in this reporter's opinion, the effect is likely to be a positive one.

Interview With Incumbent Statsminister Fuzzy (Fooooooooo)


How did you first come to Balder? What circumstances led you to be selected for Statsminister and why do you believe that you were chosen by His Majesty King North East Somerset over other possible candidates?


I joined Balder in August 2012. I just refounded my nation and was looking to get involved. Since I had ended up in Balder I thought I would try there first.
I wanted to stand again as I fancied the challenge again. As for being selected, I won the election, so that decided it for the King.


To be nominated for Statsminister, you must have held the confidence of both houses of the Storting previously. What notable achievements and relationships did you have before your appointment that may have influenced your nomination?


Well, I've been in the region nearly 8 years now. During this time I've served across virtually every position from Vice-Delegate downwards, including a previous term as Statsminister. I've been a minister almost constantly for the past 2 years and a prince for almost 18 months. I've got a long record of service that I think speaks well for me and gives people a certain confidence in my ability to hold the position. In terms of achievements, recent ones as FA minister include being involved in negotiating the Treaty of Aarhus with TEP and negotiating the agreement between Balder and NSToday. I also serve as our region's representative to the organisation.


In your personal opinion, what should be the immediate priorities of the current administration under your premiership? If there were one singular goal or principle that your leadership should stand for, what would it be?


The immediate priorities for my term are getting new members more involved and getting activity levels up. I think that's the main goal for the term to be honest. A close second are the various cultural and legislative projects we're undertaking, primarily the university. But they're largely done now, which is a great achievement, so it really is focusing on activity, and looking for ways to use the university to help with that.


(What about the second part of that?)


As in singular goal or principle? Activity


What would you say is the most exasperating or difficult aspect of the responsibilities that come with being Statsminister?


I think the most difficult part is maintaining momentum. It's easy to come out and make some big speech at the start, but its not easy to keep everyone motivated and busy. I think the exasperating things are when things you try don't seem to be working. For example with drawing new members into the region, it's not always an easy thing to measure, so it can be a frustrating goal at times as you sometimes feel like you're having little to no effect
And there's no easy answer. You just have to keep trying new things and seeing what sticks


What is the aspect of being Statsminister that you personally most enjoy?


I most enjoy being able to serve the region I've been a part of for so long, and being able to shape and drive an agenda that allows me to have a positive effect here
It allows me to put ideas into practice and hopefully improve Balder and make it a more fun place to be


Lastly, what is your opinion on the consitutional monarchy of Balder as currently constituted? Are you happy with the current balance of power between the monarchy and the Storting, or do you believe that one party or the other should possess a greater share of power than it currently does?


I think it's an excellent system, and one we've refined over many years. While I'm sure there are further refinements to come, I think it's in a very good place currently and represents a good balance of power between the Storting as legislature and the Monarch as head of state


Alright, that's good
Interview concluded




Thank you for your time and cooperation

The North Pacific Hosts RaiderVision 2020

On June 9, Pallaith, Foreign Minister of The North Pacific, announced that his region would be hosting this year's RaiderVision contest. RaiderVision is advertised as a fun, competitive, annual song competition where anyone can submit a song or song remix on behalf of their region. Each contestant will have the right to rank another 5 contestants' submissions to assign a relative number of points, and the contestant with the greatest share of the points by the end of the judging period will be awarded a personal prize and win for their region the right to host the following year's RaiderVision contest. Prizes for the highest-ranked contestants will be the Whole Note Award for first place, Half Note Award for second, Quarter Note Award for third, and the Moves Like Jakker Award for the favorite of the crowd. One song may be submitted per contestant, and any number of contestants can theoretically represent their region. Regions can also appoint their own representatives to supervise the contest to place votes on contestants, with an upper limit of 10 representatives per region. A public poll will be held afterwards to determine the crowd favorite submission for the Moves Like Jakker Award. Although organized under the auspices of RaiderCon, RaiderVision aims at being an inclusive event in which anyone can participate and show the NS World their passion for music. The Black Hawks will be in charge of maintaining the offsite infrastructure for the contest in the form of the RaiderVision Discord server. From June 15 to June 29, submissions for songs from contestants will be accepted, and the judging period will ensue on June 30 to conclude on July 6. The Awards Ceremony to close the contest off will be held on July 7, where the results will be publicized in next month's issue. Contestants' submissions may be posted within the RaiderVision Discord server or on the RaiderVision 2020 forum thread.

Election Season in The South Pacific

June 1, 2020, marked the beginning of the triannual election season in the expansive game-created region known as The South Pacific, and according to the law and custom of that exotic and distant realm, the Election Commissioner Tsunamy announced the inception of the nomination period for candidates. Tsunamy also laid down the formal procedure by which the rest of the election season would be conducted: Declarations of candidacy would finalize on the 7th of June, campaigning would begin on the 4th and conclude on the 11th, and the actual ballot-casting would be reserved for a stretch beginning on the 11th and concluding on the 14th. This procedure was laid out in detail by Article 4 of TSP's Elections Act, which also stipulates that the candidate for each government post with the largest share of votes must be declared the minister-elect for that post by the Election Commissioner, to assume office on the following week. The intervening period of 7 days is reserved for handling of disputes concerning the election results and to give the incumbent administration sufficient time to prepare for evacuation of office. Nakarisaune, North Prarie, Agalaesia, and Nation Name Point Point Point were nominated for the office of the Prime Minister, specified in the Charter of The Coalition of the South Pacific as the head of government and chief executive. The Cabinet posts that together with the premiership constitute TSP's executive branch also received numerous recommendations. Rabbitz, Erinor, The David Kingdom, and PenguinPies were nominated for Regional Affairs. Qaweritoyu, Pencil Sharpeners, and Qvait were nominated for Foreign Affairs. FiHami and The Imperial Frost Federation were nominated for Military Affairs. All nominees save for Agalaesia accepted their nominations, in addition to making their own nominations of well-respected comrades to the offices up for vote. Agalaesia declined the nomination with the excuse of being worn out by events. Nakari's platform for the PM election emphasized their dedication to upholding TSP's democratic values and defender military policy, proactivity in keeping Cabinet ministers at their appointed tasks, dynamic response capabilities to both domestic and foreign political upheavals, increasing transparency of government deliberations, and streamlining the procedure for citizenship application. Agalaesia changed his mind about participation in the PM elections and posted his own campaign platform, consisting of increasing government transparency, establishing a joint Cabinet agenda and a General Assembly voting bloc, shuffling of Discord server logistics, and increased recruitment for all government ministries. However, Agalaesia withdrew from the campaign all over again after a couple of days. North Prarie's campaign platform focused around emphasizing TSP's defender values, with repeated reference to the ideology of "defenderism," increased government transparency and integration of government ministries, and staffing advisory positions with proven policy experts. The final candidate for the PM election, Nation Name Point Point Point, had no campaign platform, except to briefly reassure his prospective constituency that his campaign was "not a joke." The candidates for other Cabinet positions had their own campaign platforms to run on. The Minister of Regional Affairs candidate Penguin, for example, promised to spread the influence of TSP through card farming activities, expansion to online video gaming platforms, and the creation of a new welcome telegram for TSP's legislators. Rabbitz pledged to use the Regional Affairs ministry to promote a writer's program to improve the quality of TSP's media publications and the institution of a "point system" proposed allegedly by Agalaesia to reward participation in regional social activities. Erinor's campaign for Regional Affairs centered principally around promoting roleplay activities, making TSP's regional culture richer by augmenting or changing the region's theme, and prioritizing substance over style in TSP's regional media publications. On a more alarming note, the campaign platform of Pencil Sharpeners took a disconcertingly radical edge, promising to cancel all of TSP's long-standing alliances, waging war on The Pacific, and sponsoring a coup of our own beloved region Balder. Pencil Sharpeners spoke dismissively of our proud kingdom, comparing it to a sloth with a barely detectable pulse that could be easily knocked out of its perch and eviscerated. Hopefully, these perturbing, sadistic, and jingoistic comments by the Minister of Foreign Affairs candidate were only meant as some manner of impudent jest at Balder's collective expense. Qaweritoyu's campaign platform invoked the need for more lucid and forthcoming communication between TSP and her diplomatic relations. Qvait's campaign platform made mention of rapprochement with The Pacific and Osiris and building on inter-regional affinities with other significant defender regions with similar values. Incumbent Minister of Foreign Affairs United Federated States of Omega took the liberty of arranging a debate between Qvait and Qaweritoyu for the benefit of TSP's voter base. The race for Minister of Military Affairs, meanwhile, appears to be going virtually uncontested in this reporter's opinion to FiHami, on account of rival candidate Imperial Frost Federation's inability to produce a compelling campaign pledge and general apathy towards the matter of the election. The election concluded on June 14, and Tsunamy announced the election results as such: Nakari for Prime Minister, Erinor for Regional Affairs Minister, Qvait for Foreign Affairs Minister (thank heaven), and FiHami as Military Affairs Minister.

Read factbook

Greetings from United Kingdom!
It's been long overdue...but we've got it out!

United Kingdom || BBC NationStates (Vol. 4)
Volume 4 || 23 June 2020

First United Kingdom Census

By Order of HM Government, the First United Kingdom Census shall be conducted by the Office of Onsite Affairs.

ďWe aim to include all nations residing in our region. This census will be used to help the Government plan and direct services and activities to and for everyone. Please complete this census questionnaire by SATURDAY, 27 JUNE 2020, 2359HRS GMT). Though the census is not compulsory, it is highly recommended that you take part as it will benefit our region as a whole. Your responses will be kept confidential and will only be accessible to HM Government. Your responses are greatly appreciated!"
First United Kingdom Census: LinkClick Me!

If you have any questions, do drop Scott Cahill-Mountbatten Saint George and Saint Michael a message!

Discord Facelift!

Since the creation of NSUKís discord shortly after most regions began using it as a major platform for communication, the discord never received much TLC regarding user friendliness and overall encouragement to use it. As such, Discord Secretary Matthew Holmes has been tasked to assist the admins and moderators of the discord in implementing necessary changes such as suggesting new channels and adding bots. What was once a server desolate of activity has now become a place for many citizens to check in and say hello!
The Discord now has a channel dedicated to rules and indicating who is an admin or moderator, allowing for folks to quickly message one of these if necessary. A Public Announcements channel was also added to allow citizens to showcase and advertise their own things going on within the region. A citizen only channel as well as a regional politics channel were added to allow citizens to talk about (or debate) citizen related items without allowing the entire server to see. The bots added allow for a deeper layer of interaction from listening to music, to leveling up depending on how much youíve talked in the server, to ease of moderation needs!
If you havenít joined our discord server, it is highly recommended that you join it by joining it Linkhere! Canít wait to see you there!

Coronation of George VIII

On 6 June, 2020, His Majesty King George VIII was coronated at Westminster Abbey!
The Most Reverend Albert Philips, Archbishop of Canterbury, performed the Coronation and administered the sacred oath to His Majesty, in a beautiful ceremony with much fanfare and excitement. (Special thanks to the Archbishop for organising the coronation ceremony!)

His Majesty was congratulated in speeches by several regional officials, including:
- HRH Prince Michael, Prince of Wales
- Prime Minister Lucas Stewart
- Matthew Holmes, Speaker of the House of Commons
- HRH The Duke of Rothesay (formerly King Edward X)

In the words of Speaker Holmes, "George is one of those people that remind me day in and day out why I still play this game." The Prime Minister echoed his sentiments, saying "it's people like him who make others want to stick around and truly become part of our community."

In addition, congratulations were received from several of our allies abroad, including:
- HRBM King Henry IX of the Kingdom of Great Britain (who generously gifted the King a beautiful palomino yearling)
- HM King David III of The Canadian Kingdom
- Prime Minister Sarah Kerrigan of The Canadian Kingdom
- Ambassador Valfor Talleyrand of the Land of Kings and Emperors

And of course, a huge crowd of well-wishers from right here in United Kingdom sent their congratulations to the King!

Among them were the following businesses/organisations that posted a special message of congratulations:
- British Orange of Highbury Square (who kindly offered Coronation chicken sandwiches for the occasion!)
- By The Fireside
- the Cahill-Mountbatten Family of Broadlands House
- the Clarent Family of Hearth Home
- the Clarent Family of Points End
- Crown & Tiara
- the Hreater Good
- Ladbrokes
- Madeline Norfolk (who kindly designed a commemorative header & pin for the occasion!)
- the Royal Society of Film & Television
- the Royal Society of Literature
- Spotlight Interviews
- the University of United Kingdom
- Van Dijk Media

And to top it all off, His Majesty was shortly thereafter voted Citizen of the Month for May 2020. Special thanks to all who turned out for the Coronation!

Whatís going on Forumside?

The Forum itself has been very busy! We wonít bore you with the details of Parliament or the Government, and instead will focus on whatís been going on in the other places!
Wales had their charter signed for devolution, making them the second constituent nation to devolve. In addition, Wales elected their First Minister which they have chosen to call the Prif Weinidog. The First Prif Weinidog is Ulrich Bauheim who has shown much promise thus far through his activity on the forum. They are currently in debate on their Rule of Order for their legislature called The Senedd and should be moving onto other things later in the week.

Scotland completed their election for First Minister and Klaus Mikaelson secured his position to serve as First Minister. This is now his second term and we look forward to seeing what he brings! Klaus has proposed an item that would require Scottish citizens (those who have residencies in Scotland or are listed as resident holders, not just business holders) to, when running for Parliament, represent the nation in Parliament. This has been met mostly with favor and will likely pass.

Weíve gained a few new citizens, have had a consistent number of posts in a day thanks to Red Lionís Penny Arcade, and overall look good on the forum!
The Government this term has taken a step back in being the primary driver of forum activity in favor of allowing the citizens and active members of the Constituent nations take center stage. New businesses and residencies have been created and at times, the constituent nations are even more active than Parliament!

If you havenít joined our forum, it is highly recommended that you join it by joining it Linkhere! If you ever need help, just ask!

UKAF Recruitment

A great way to get involved in the United Kingdom is through our regional military, UKAF. The United Kingdom Armed Forces (UKAF) plays a key role in advancing the United Kingdom's strategic goals abroad, enhancing our cooperation with our allies, and being there to defend the United Kingdom and our interests. Joining UKAF is a valuable way to get involved and serve in the region. Beyond contributing to the United Kingdom, it's also something fun to do with fellow residents! You only need to be willing to have a nation in the World Assembly that can be used in other regions. If you're interested, you can sign up here on the regional forum: Linkhere!

Thanks for reading! God Save The King! Long Live United Kingdom!

Read dispatch

I apologize for not making this clear earlier but WA Delegate Candidates are welcome to begin campaigning as soon as they submit their name. We only have one candidate, Xiomera, as of the last time I checked but there are at least three or four others who have expressed their desire to run for the office of Delegate. If you are considering running I would encourage you to go for it. An actual election is preferable to a coronation. I know that mantra gets thrown around a lot during every election cycle but it really is true. Go for it. You have nothing to lose.

Let's hope we don't lose the next match!
- Emperor Yuri

Greetings International Democratic Union,
We are a group of semi-nomadic people that travel at the will of our fatherland, The Young Ur. We have arrived here with a question for Laeral and/or Sanctaria, does this region currently have an ambassador from Forest? If so, please identify them.
Pleasureís all ours,
The Ambassadorial Province of Ur

Hey IDU Allies! It's me, Democratic Republic of Eiria, one of the candidates for the Delegate position. I've been a member of the IDU for around 10 months now, and I love the opportunity to possibly represent such an amazing community. Everyone here is so creative and supporting, and write amazing quality posts. I also urge you to consider my opponent Xiomera's qualifications for the position, for he is equally suited, if not more suited, for the job of Delegate.

Thanks for your consideration!

It's that time again!

Schedule II World Assembly Delegate Elections will be opening for all IDUSA members in less than 2 hours. The candidates are Xiomera and Democratic Republic of Eiria, two very capable individuals who have contributed an outstanding amount of content to this region. It's a win for the International Democratic Union regardless of which candidate is voted in.

With that said, there can only be one IDU World Assembly Delegate. Now is the time to vote. All active IDUSA members are eligible and highly encouraged to participate in the elections. Please visit after 12:00 AM EDT tonight to cast your ballot.

Before you cast your vote, make sure that you familiarize yourself with the candidates' campaign promises.

Thank you for your time.

Hello everyone. This is Xiomera, your friendly neighborhood Mesoamerican-themed, minor-civil-disturbance-plagued, sun-worshipping autocracy. I'm also a candidate for the position of regional Delegate.

My platform/campaign is a simple one: building on what's already great about the IDU and expanding on that to make it better. We have a very strong foundation for roleplaying and future growth already in place, and I think that should be what we use as our strength moving forward. There are a few ways we can do this:

1) Recruiting: I'd like to increase and expand our efforts to recruit new residents. If you don't have a continual influx of people, a region eventually slows down and stagnates (or even dies). I would like to begin using recruitment telegrams and posts on the NS Gameplay forum, similar to what other regions are already doing, to showcase what we're about. We have a great region, but we need to make more people aware of that. I see that at one time, at least, we had a Minister of Immigration, and if someone were keen on such a role again, I'd be happy to choose someone. I do think this is an important step for us to grow.

2) More community building: We have a pretty great group of people in the IDU, and we can build on that by doing more things to increase the sense of community in the region. For example, the Cultural Declaration Act says that "the 24th day of June, hereafter referred to as Democracy Day, shall be celebrated as a regional holiday, in celebration of the founding of the region". However, we didn't do much to observe that this year, and that could have been a great opportunity to hold some kind of event or group celebration. We could also consider adding days or events to our calendar, both in-character and out-of-character. Having fun events on the Discord or the RMB might be another way to do that - it doesn't all have to be RP related.

3) More planning/coordinating of regional history and events: Our recent discussion in the Discord of a regional war RP in past years got me thinking that we could really use a coordinated place to collaboratively put together a full regional history as a way of fleshing out our backstories and RP backgrounds. This could perhaps be a dedicated thread in the Planners' Office section of the forum, or maybe even something like a Google Doc that everyone could access. Individual players could use it to work on shared histories, or we could plan collaborative historical events like the regional war planned out earlier.

4) Rethinking our WFE: There are some tweaks I'd like to make to the WFE to bring our RP experience front-and-center, such as adding links to ongoing active RPs in the WFE and bulletins to highlight RPs in the RMB as well.

5) Delegate suggestion box: I'd like to create a thread in the Delegate's Office on the forum where anyone in the region can contact the Delegate easily to make requests, suggestions, recommendations, or just vent. Accessible leadership is the best leadership.

This is a short list, so any suggestions anyone would like to make to me are more than welcome. Thanks for your consideration.

The Ambassadorial Province of Ur wrote:Greetings International Democratic Union,
We are a group of semi-nomadic people that travel at the will of our fatherland, The Young Ur. We have arrived here with a question for Laeral and/or Sanctaria, does this region currently have an ambassador from Forest? If so, please identify them.
Pleasureís all ours,
The Ambassadorial Province of Ur

The ambassador from Forest is currently Mount Seymour, who is a member of our Discord server and maintains the Forest embassy thread on the IDU regional forum.

Laeral wrote:The ambassador from Forest is currently Mount Seymour, who is a member of our Discord server and maintains the Forest embassy thread on the IDU regional forum.

I fear I've been a bit inactive lately and maybe haven't lived up to your ambassadorial standards. But I am indeed around ^_^

Happy Monday everyone. The June 15th Map Update is now released. (Sorry for the delay. Lots of work stress = little time for NS in past couple of weeks). As always, please let me know by TG or Private Message if you didn't get a change you needed or if something isn't quite right. Click here for the thread:

As a reminder to all IDUSA nations, WA Delegate Elections will be closing in just a few short hours. You have until 12:00 EDT on July 3rd to vote. As it stands, Eiria and Xiomera are neck and neck. Every vote counts!

In one of the closest elections in recent memory, Xiomera has edged out Eiria with five votes to four. Xiomera will be our next WA Delegate.

Those of you with WA nations should endorse Xiomera as soon as possible if you have not done so already. Additionally, some individuals will need to un-endorse Lauchenoiria in order to make the transition of power smoother and quicker. Thank you.

I edited the WFE using the Founder to reflect the new Delegate. I left the ROs in place until new ones are appointed.

Libertas Omnium Maximus wrote:In one of the closest elections in recent memory, Xiomera has edged out Eiria with five votes to four. Xiomera will be our next WA Delegate.

Those of you with WA nations should endorse Xiomera as soon as possible if you have not done so already. Additionally, some individuals will need to un-endorse Lauchenoiria in order to make the transition of power smoother and quicker. Thank you.

Congratulations, Xiomera! I didnít vote because I was happy with both candidates (I wish real-life politics were that pleasant!)

I've just gone ahead and un-endorsed every nation in the region with more WA endorsements than Xiomera, so as to speed Xiomera's ascension to the Delegate's position on the game-side. I'd encourage everyone to take similar steps. At the moment, I currently have the most endorsements in the region, so the game's algorithm has named me Delegate. I'll be taking instructions on how to vote on legislation from Xiomera until we can ensure that the game algorithm recognizes Xiomera as the IDU's delegate.

And please go ahead and un-endorse me until I have fewer endorsements than Xiomera. I'm starting to get campaign telegrams again, which is something I really don't want in my inbox. ;)

Unless anyone has any objections they would like to raise, I am fine with voting for the current GA repeal at vote. I will be honest, I probably won't pay too much attention to SC resolutions unless asked to. In the future, I plan to renew the former practice of posting resolutions that are up for vote on the IDU forum for WA members to put in input about how we should vote.

Hello everyone! I have relocated from here from my former region. I was introduced to this region by Bears armed. After looking around for different regions from the forums, I stumbled around this region. I looked at the board and all other websites this region used. Thank you all!

Is there anything I need to do?


Glenbrook wrote:Hello everyone! I have relocated from here from my former region. I was introduced to this region by Bears armed. After looking around for different regions from the forums, I stumbled around this region. I looked at the board and all other websites this region used. Thank you all!

Is there anything I need to do?


Welcome! You probably should make an account on the regional site, and apply for citizenship in this thread:

You can also join the discord, which you'll be masked in once you apply for citizenship. If you have any questions, just ask!

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