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Healthiest Citizens: 1,221st Best Weather: 1,369th Safest: 1,376th+14
Largest Retail Industry: 1,390th Longest Average Lifespans: 1,505th Highest Disposable Incomes: 1,543rd Most Popular Tourist Destinations: 1,686th Most Cheerful Citizens: 1,698th Highest Food Quality: 1,783rd Most Rebellious Youth: 1,861st Largest Furniture Restoration Industry: 1,887th Largest Publishing Industry: 1,934th Most Politically Apathetic Citizens: 1,982nd Most Developed: 2,032nd Largest Agricultural Sector: 2,505th Most Cultured: 2,512th Nicest Citizens: 2,597th
World Factbook Entry

From the Nation's Capital, Cannabis Court D.C.
Regional National Motto: Neomercantilist with a capitalist twist


Term Limits
Right to Protest
Imperial & Metric
Marriage Equality
AI Personhood
Universal Healthcare
Space Exploration
International Climate Treaty Signatory
Sex Education
Federal Photo I.D. (digital implant or physical card)
Polygamy (Multiple spouses, but only two one-person parties in the marriage are recognized as legitimate)
Six Months Paid Maternity Leave
Right to Divorce


Free Trade


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    The Constitution of the United States of Independence Hill

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    Maps of the United States of Independence Hill

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    Display of Our New Universal Treasury Note Complete Paper Currency Set

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    Notice of Public Record: Agreement between USIH Bank & Trust and The Anocratic empire of Bigpipstan

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    Notice of Public Record: Investment Account Opened by People's Republic of Sovetsya

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    Notice of Public Record: Agreement between The United States of Independence Hill & Golden Cross Lager

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    Notice of Public Record: Investment Account Opened by The United Kingdom of Reino do Brazil

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    Notice of Public Record: Agreement between New American Oil & Gas Company and The Republic of Ambrossa (renegotiated)

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    Notice of Public Record: Agreement between NAO&G co. & The United States of Hegemony

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Independence Hill contains 2 nations.

Today's World Census Report

The Most Advanced Public Education in Independence Hill

Fresh-faced World Census agents infiltrated schools with varying degrees of success in order to determine which nations had the most widespread, well-funded, and advanced public education programs.

As a region, Independence Hill is ranked 4,275th in the world for Most Advanced Public Education.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Republic of Lubikovsk RepublicDemocratic Socialists“Slow but forward”
2.The Empire of The Good Old AmericaNew York Times Democracy“In God We Trust”

Regional Happenings


Independence Hill Regional Message Board

Independence hill

The central bank of the United States of Independence Hill is making a change to the way we measure GRP (Gross Regional Product). The way we've measured GRP in the past was by adding the GDP of all member nations together. From now on, we'll be referring to NS Dossier for the GRP figure only. This will not affect measurements of single nations. Money market accounts are grandfathered and those values will not be affected.

Thank you for reading.

I have been notified that EmbassyRegionia is being raided, they are not part of the pact so we will not send forces however you can still volunteer to go so if you do want to help then go endorse Swaklaton.

Independence hill

Independence hill

Prostitution is legal by EXECUTIVE ORDER in the United States of Independence Hill Regional Nation whether the World Assembly likes it or not. I voted for the resolution in the WA, I urge all of you to vote for it in the WA.

Independence hill

Executive order has been signed by the President of the United States of Independence Hill Regional Nation.

Regulating the Sex Industry

A resolution to enact uniform standards that protect workers, consumers, and the general public.

Category: Regulation

Area of Effect: Labour Rights

Proposed by: Thousand Branches

The World Assembly,

Acknowledging that regulations must be put in place to protect the rights and freedoms of sex workers and to prevent potential injustices in the sex industry; hereby enacts as follows:

In this resolution,

a “sex worker” is any consenting adult who receives a source of income from sexual services, performances, or any other consensual sexual act;

a “sex work institution” is any club, brothel, network, or other organization that provides an avenue for legal sex work or employs legal sex workers.

Member nations that legalize any form of sex work must establish a national body for the regulation of the sex industry in their nation. That body must:

Establish and upkeep a private and impartial channel for reporting and addressing abuse, unfair treatment, discrimination, or subversion of individual rights in any sex work context; Any valid reported complaints must be investigated thoroughly by said body.

License and register all identifiable current or prospective sex workers prior to legal ability to perform sex work or be employed at a sex work institution. Before licensing any new workers, that body must:

Confirm those workers are of legal age of consent in their nation and do not have a history of sex offences or abuses towards sex workers;

Inform workers of their individual rights during sex work, including their rights to consent and protection;

Clarify that any violation or transgression of the mandates in this resolution may result in criminal justice or the loss or suspension of their sex work license, and that any abuse or violence inflicted non-consensually as a part of sex work will result in permanent revocation of sex work license;

Put protections in place to prevent sex workers from facing physical, sexual, or psychological abuse/violence during sex work or as a part of any employment at a sex work institution;

Provide and mandate the usage of barrier contraception during any form of sex work involving penetration;

Sex work institutions must:

Not participate in sex trafficking, blackballing, or any other form of physical, sexual, or psychological harm to their employees in an effort to subvert those workers' right to consent;

Abide by the same laws, regulations, and responsibilities as in any other industry, including health, safety, and compensation regulations;

Any participants in sex work must receive complete STI testing – or vaccination when it is available – prior to skin-on-skin sexual contact or the exchange of bodily fluids, and must continue to receive testing on all STIs (that are not covered by prior vaccination) on a regular and frequent basis while they continue to participate in said sexual contact.

All such testing and vaccination is provided to sex workers by this national body free of charge or at as low a price as possible

Any participant in sex work who has contracted an STI may not participate in skin-on-skin sexual contact or the exchange of bodily fluids as a part of any kind of sex work until the time in which that STI is fully and verifiably cured or treated to the point where it is no longer sexually transmittable.

Participants in skin-on-skin sexual contact or the exchange of bodily fluids as a part of sex work must inform all other participants prior to said contact if they carry any incurable STIs that have been treated to a point of non-transmissibility. Parties privy to STI-related medical information due to this provision are not permitted to share that information with any other individuals except:

Upon receipt of a positive test for that STI, in which case they may only share said information with the medical professional testing or treating them.

To the minimum extent necessary for the reporting and subsequent official investigation/enforcement of any violations of this resolution.

Upon consent of the sex worker or participant whose medical information is being shared.

Hello, if you want to check out the poll in Mesjongja, you can

Independence hill

Now I have just one neighbouring country, interesting.... ( I also disappeared in 2018 due to inactivity) So at least for now we have just more land for "sale" as a region.

Independence hill

Independence hill

Lubikovsk Republic wrote:Now I have just one neighbouring country, interesting.... ( I also disappeared in 2018 due to inactivity) So at least for now we have just more land for "sale" as a region.

I predicted this was going to happen. People on this game will tell you to your face that everyone is welcome but, if they don't like you or what you're doing (even if it has no impact on the way they play the game), they'll engage in a wink-wink, nudge-nudge campaign to deter you from even wanting to play.

Their goal was to fill my region with temporary puppets so that when they do cease to exist, the whole system goes out of control. It was an attempt to make my system unusable so I abandon it and ultimately the game. This is why I changed the way I measure GRP, taking it from NS Dossier, rather than adding all the member GDP together- basically to foil their plans. It worked but I guess it's a big club and no matter how many friends I try to make, I'm really not welcome.

It's very dirty and serves as a perfect example of why people abandon newly acquired hobbies. If you go to the economic forum channel on Discord, you'll see that the game's moderators dismiss me. There's nothing in the site's user agreement that prevents abuse from game moderators or their friends. I feel cheated because I spent my own money in good faith in the Nation States online store.

what's good cuh

Please vote in the below poll, it is for chairman of the defence pact.


Nations are invited to participate in this process of national importance:
Economic Reform of the nation 2022
Visit the forum to find out what the issue is about.

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