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Spoiler Alert: Do not read the previous 10 posts. :p

🎄 Merry Christmas from your old friends of Eurth.

finished the main story of Age of Calamity over the weekend. Now just doing 100% cleanup stuff.

I have... opinions.

Wow, I need to catch up lol

I should have more time this month to speed through the rest of the game XD


South Malaysia and Zeldatlae

Starman Deluxe wrote:hello



So tell us your opinions about Age of Calamity.

I would say it is worse than the Age of Cacophony, but not as terrible as the Age of Catastrophe. If I had to pick, I'd prefer the Age of Calligraphy, or maybe the Age of Cranberry.

Nosyaj, Newer hyrule, Zeldatlae, and Card for Bob1

I guess I rode my Ancient Spinner right into that one...



:| Ok then. I was wanting to check this place out for a while, and I guess it's a good thing I did!


Yes, or else you'd miss out on all the excitement...

dammit nosyaj

We'll need to capture seven princesses to resurrect him.



Rito wrote:hello!


Zeldatlae and Rito

I like the new Regional banner.

Zeldatlae and Rito


Skyward Sword HD is out today! That's pretty hype, I've been watching a couple people on Twitch play it

I pre-ordered it and it came with a free keychain and socks. I have the original version too, and I can say for sure it does look a LOT better. Even though most of the patterns and polygons are the same, the edges are HD-smooth and the frame rate makes it so much better looking. I get the impression that they redid all lighting effects such as fire and shines with more powerful algorithms. I really wasn't expecting to be impressed with the upgrade, so I am pleasantly surprised. It was such a good game (and important to Zelda canon) it would be a shame if it was not available to those who were babies when it came out. I look forward to playing it again, and I still will use the motion controls even though many people hate them, because a lot of the action in the game was designed for you to be immersed by making your actions translate into the game. I still remember the excitement of hacking my way out of an onslaught of Bokoblins, my heart pounding from both the excitement and the physical exertion. The motion controls aren't for everybody, but I think anyone who plays it should at least give it a shot.


whoops I died

I'm just now getting to quests for the Sacred Flames. I'd say with the way the control works, it's actually easier to use the motion controls than the stick anyway. This is truly a remake worth buying.

I subscribed to the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack. Will see how it is later tonight.

There should be no extra charge to play antique, easily emulated games, in my opinion. Instead maybe Nintendo should just sell an SD card themselves that has every game made up to the Wii. It could all fit in one SD card, I bet.

Hello Comrades!

I am coming from The Union of Great Onionist Nations, a new communist region looking to gain some new comrades.
I can see that this region is not having the best time and so we wish to help our comrades out. We would like to propose a merger!

You could move to our region and have favorability when government roles open up and you can keep an alt here in the region so you can move back if this merger doesn't go well.

We hope to see you in our region soon comrades and,
Sovetsky Luk Navsegda!

I'm looking for a good time. I'm looking for the BEST time. I was just passing through Hyrule anyway so LET'S GOOOOOOO!!

Направьте меня к женщинам и водке

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