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1.The Delmah Confederacy of The Ebony RepublicCorrupt Dictatorship“Only united may we reach.”
2.The Empire of Bezannia of TriporeaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“May the moon never set upon the Bez!”
3.The High Command of The Lost Imperial FleetLeft-Leaning College State“For the Imperium!”
4.The Qi Kingdoms of China-ShouInoffensive Centrist Democracy“The eternal energies of this universe will guide us”
5.The Athailian Solar Empire of Honour GuardDemocratic Socialists“Our race will rise from its ashes”
6.The Theocracy of TetragramDemocratic Socialists“May God Protect Our People”
7.The Supreme Empire of The Dalek ParadigmIron Fist Consumerists“Daleks reign supreme! All hail the Daleks!”
8.The Celestial Imperium of The AlicornsCivil Rights Lovefest“Imperium aeterna.”
9.The Ishnar Legacy of AngelariumFather Knows Best State“Eternal is the radiance of its azure womb”
10.The Solar Expanse of OasisaLiberal Democratic Socialists“We live!”

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Honour Guard wrote:Hearing the woman's voice as she backed away, Filia was reminded of the warped voice from that crazy AI... Did they use her voice? Who the hell is she? Filia just kept herself in a neutral stance... Before she lifted a hand up and used Psionics to chop the top of her head to get her attention. "Do I look like I work here idiot? Take a second and look around. This place is a dump, whoever tortured you is long dead." She did feel bad for this woman, but she didn't want to be all delicate and slow with her. They didn't have that luxury. "Either that or they're a shambling corpse topside."


Sephus gave Liline a hug before they both went inside. It was interesting to get a limited look into the workings of a craftswoman that Liline valued so highly. Still, the fact this little ol lady was famous and good enough for Liline to want her to make her another arm must have meant she was really good at her job. He didn't do alot of talking, none in fact. The exchange was so quick that he barely understood what happened before he was being led back out by Liline "Leaving already, blimey that was quick." He says looking back to the shop before looking down to her. "She was quite lively. "

The woman seemed shocked, but listened and her eyes looked around the surroundings. Darting and taking in everything more seriously. “W-what...? What the hell happened? What do you mean... shambling corpse?” She stepped away from the tube she was in and started just looking around the room she was in currently. “And also... why are you here?”


Liline shrugged, “a good craftsman never needs to talk for long. Plus I’ve known her for years now. ImpSec would send me here for arms and such, as you could tell. So I’ve gotten to know the craftsman behind all the equipment. She’s nice, a typical Creach though. Bit money-oriented, as most of these bloody badgers are. Their whole society is mostly based around commerce and mercantilism. It’s why their society has withstood the test of time for so long. But guess we’ve got to stay here in Cadhainn for tonight! Anything you want to do while we’re in the big capital?” She started walking back towards the main avenue they came in from, and once they reached the street, she stopped. The two had rejoined the main crowds of people who walked the sidewalks, the bustling cobblestone street full of cars and trollies. Each chugging along in their own directions.

"My fellow gentlemen and noble lords, we all see now the inadequacies of this new government! Queen Shanalotteland and all Ikhanda lands have been a proud colony of Bezannia for many years now! We've endured many a rebellion from the natives of Queen Shanalotteland! But now that a new one rears its ugly head suddenly this socialist government can't stomach the necessary action to put it to an end. This premier minister has refused to take action! We all are well aware, my fellow minsters of Sansad, that disaster in the plains that occurred three days ago. Eight-thousand Anktha conscripts, wielding Bezannian weapons and driving Bezannian vehicles were slaughtered like Mainbuwicks! By plain-striding savages wielding nothing more than spears, smuggled arms with limited ammunition, and nothing else! Who are these Ikhanda suddenly? This Sipho Ibaleyo? Are they not the same people who staged a similar revolution some forty-seven years ago? A revolution we swiftly crushed with our heel by deploying a small force of imperial soldiers? This, my fellows and noble friends, is the solution to our crises. But instead of taking the obvious solution and ending the unrest, our premier minister decries us for being imperialists! We must send forces and relieve Field Marshal Turnbull at once!" The Fatimazda knocked on his desk three times to emphasize his last word. The Fatimazda then put both hands on the lapel of his black suit jacket, and slowly returned to his seat. Across the chambers, Sir Wood was sat in a relaxed position. Eyes scanning the room. His fists were clenched and the corner of his lips were curled down. The chamber was suddenly filled with a great echo of a gavel.
"Most esteemed members of Sansad, it is my duty to inform the members of the chamber that the time for our session today is at an end. I'd like to thank all ministers present for their time on this day, and we shall reconvene tomorrow. Sansad is dismissed." The speaker smacked the gavel once more, and there was a loud murmur in the crowd as the politicians stood from their desks. Wood rose from his seat and stormed off down the aisle and towards the exit.
"You hit him where it hurts, my noble friend." A Creach woman in a dark grey lounge suit was sitting at a desk as the Fatimazda who gave the speech approached her. She wore a fly tartan over her suit, a kilt, and a small bowtie tucked under her modest collar. Fixing her glasses she stood. "Congratulations, Lord Mayermount on a rousing call to action. I do believe the alliance party has suffered dearly." She smiled and stood, grabbing a small briefcase.
"Lady Caimlaich, it is certainly refreshing to hear a compliment. I do say, I have so enjoyed driving a great lance into these socialists' guts." The two started laughing as they watched the rest of Premier Minister Wood's cabinet exit the Sansad chamber.

A light purple Fatimazda sipped tea from a fine cup, setting it down on a saucer, "well, premiership, unfortunately we've no alternative. Lord Turnbull seems to have survived the engagement and reports indicate that he wasn't even present for the events. Seems one of the sultan's colonels launched an attack against the advice of the Lord Turnbull and the army was destroyed. Simple as that, I'm afraid." The orange Fatimazda slammed a newspaper on the desk and stood up.
"And now you're going to tell me we have to send in an imperial task force to restore order, is that it?"
"Premiership, we must regain control over Ukukhazi and Inkambu if we are to stop this small uprising from becoming anything serious."
"How in all the pediplains did this colonel even defy the orders of Turnbull in the first place? The man's infamous for being stern and austere!"
"Premiership, it seems you might have a misunderstanding for the true nature of the operation your cabinet set forth. You asked for the Sultan o Borsworth to supply a small army of Anktha men to quell Ibaleyo and dispatched Field Marshal Turnbull as an advisor to the Royal Army of Borsworth. Turnbull was not an acting commander, but simply a Bezannian spectator."
Wood's brow wrinkled as his jaw lay open, "But Borsworth is our colony! What do you mean... spectator?"
"Premiership, Borsworth is a protectorate of the Empire. Not a colony. Queen Shanalotteland and the rest of Némal are a... sort of official colony only in name. When the Lord Redgrave allowed the establishment of the colony and sultanate, they came to an agreement. Bezannia would claim it all as a colony, but the Sultan and his Princes would be semi-independent on Borsworth. Later agreements yielded a sort of unofficial Borsworth administration of the colony."
"bloody nobles, carving up land in back ally deals."
"Regardless of who perpetrated it, premiership. Borsworth has already done its part in supplying a small army to fight on our behalf, and now they're spent. I'm afraid we've nothing left to do but fight."
"But you said the Sultan had unofficial administration, why isn't this his problem?"
"Because, premiership, it's still technically our colony."
Wood rubbed his eyes and then shifted to rubbing his temples, "remind me again who hired you as secretary of the colonies?"
The purple Fatimazda laughed and set his tea down, "Why Lord Wettle of course. And I expect you'll be sacking me now." Josiah nodded slowly, "in that case, premiership. It has been an honour working for your government these past months." The man stood and slowly walked for the door of the office, a large smile on his face all the way. The moment the door closed behind him, Josiah let out a loud sigh.
"Fúcking high born prick," he picked up a nearby phone, "operator get me Lady Chelmsby, code six apex four continental five zig-zag... Jane, those bastards left me no choice... Yes, yes I assumed your husband told you, just let me vent. Get down here and just... tell me what to do to fix this." He put the handset down and opened a small drawer on his desk, retrieving a bottle of whiskey, he uncapped it and filled a nearby teacup.


Chelsmby-Jane, Countess Lashershire, stood at the head of the room. She wore an all black uniform, with a small rank bar going across her left breast. She was holding a small wooden swagger stick in her off hand, "Honourable Premiership, Secretary of Defence, ministers of the cabinet. The Imperial General Staff has prepared a small task force to enter Queen Shanalotteland, make planetside, then capture Ukukhazi and Inkambu at the same time. We've put together a small force, under the command of General Edward Keats. Field Marshal Turnbull was ordered yesterday to travel to Borsworth and apologize to the Sultan there for the loss of Anktha soldiers and to oversee the exchange of reparations. General Keats will land with a squadron of three ships, one carrier, and two cruisers. Once he's planetoid, General Keats will roll out eight knight squadrons, supported by a small land force of a modest ten thousand soldiers. The entire operation should only take five days to see till completion."
Wood nodded slowly, his head hanging low and eyes looking solely on the desk in front of him, "this Keats, you trust him?"
"In full confidence, premiership... he's a pigheaded pompous nobleman who I've no stomach for. But he's one of our best knights in action. If we want a swift resolution to this conflict, I'm afraid we'll simply have to employ his services."
Wood sighed, "is our country only full of these insufferable individuals? Am I surrounded by nothing but noblemen?" He stood up, "Well Lady Chelmsby, I trust you've thought this plan down to the last detail?"
"Well, I certainly like to think we have. The General Staff and I hope that we can end this conflict quickly and before you and the government suffer any further due to strict principles. It has always commended my respect, that you and your staff have remained true to your ideals and platforms even in times of extreme stress and criticism. For that you have the army's gratitude and you will reap our swiftest results yet."
"Thank you... for your ever supportive words, Lady Chelmsby. You're the best of us. I say we're done here, yes gentlemen?" The cabinet seemed to all nod. He then waved his hand, "then we're dismissed." He stepped away from his desk, the ministers all stood and began collecting their items and belongings, Chelmsby saluted to Josiah. He approached the old soldier and sighed. "Want to stay for lunch? I could use the company of a friend."
Jane smiled and nodded, "I would be honoured, been a long time since I've had lunch here. Does your chef still serve those raisin scones?"

Necunda wrote:Yosgel was surprised on the sudden enraged emotion displayed by the foreigner, but of course he understands. “I understand your anger and I believe it is rightfully justified so you have no need to apologize, and I do also understand the importance of the artifact to your family. We also have our own traditions regarding family heirlooms or important artifacts are deeply embedded on our culture. ” He sighs thinking again and again and again. ” The fact that this tradition is so respected and well-taught to everyone in society that not even hoodlums, burglars or thieves would even think of stealing anyone’s family heirloom, they have dignity of course and stealing one’s heirloom is literally an afront to our gods in a societal sense.” He would then go toward the artifact currently ontop of some sort of metallic plate.

A Whirring sound would emanate from the object, although not vibrating, and as if it was an instantaneous moment, the object is encased in a glass box similar to what was seen before they extracted the object. The artifact still has breathing space to move around and its air preserved to maintain its status. Yosgel would give the artifact enclosed inside the glass box to Lord Fendi and would nod as a sign of respect. “Take the artifact. And yes we only have one single request. Make a replica of it, with the same materials and everything. If it is possible that the materials used will correspond to a specific timeframe as the curators in the museum check the dates of the materials if it matches. We’ll have to find a way to buy some time as our deadline is in 2 days. ” He says before bowing again.

To him it isn’t a hard decision to give away the artifact, he understands the importance. The hardest part how he will return not empty-handed and not risk both of their jobs for not returning the thing that they seeked.

Lord Fendi seemed to be rather pleased, as he was understanding, and Yosgel was making a very reasonable request in the eyes of the Anubite, for it was something he could do. So he smiled and nodded to Yosgel, "Yes, I have gathered from your telling that you have strong traditions here, something I can respect as an Anubite. It is simply a shame that these traditions conflict over the matter of historical preservation, but it is good you understand the family importance." He gestured for two of his soldiers to take the glass box, stepping back afterwards to let Fendi continue.

The Anubite Lord then nodded again to Yosgel, "A simple request, and one I can accomplish with some time. Replicating this will not be difficult, as we still remember the techniques and styles we used to create it in the first place. With enough time and some luck, we may even be able to call back the spirit of the very same person who created it, to truly replicate the techniques. It will be a bit more difficult to ensure the age of the materials will line up, but we have other such ancient objects from a similar time which can be utilized. Although that will require sending people back to my homeland, as of course we did not bring such objects with us. Worry not, for your honor in returning my family's property, my noble family's resources will be used to honor this obligation." He gave a small nod to the troops who were carrying the glass box, "See to it." They both nodded to the lord, and moved away to follow their Lord's orders.

House of Vengeance wrote:To survive as nomads you have to pick up what other races leave behind or at least scavenge what you can. Though in the point of the Apex Carrier this was likely a case of the House defending themselves against an ambush and being more than the pirate bargained for.

As the commander spoke, Tabbina just listened and took in her words as she explains their situation. Though she was impressed how the commander rose to the challenge of leadership "A desperation Ilox will be challenged by, but one she has not let conquer her. You are strong for softskin. You gather correctly, Tabbina's role is security. Though she is not in command of security, a piece of the whole. The one in charge in Baroness Fraph. Commander Ilox will meet her before she and her fleet can roam freely. The atmosphere aboard her ship will be adjusted for softskin breathing. Softskins are not made to breathing the ether like we Eliksni."

Mithra seemed pretty interested in this as he rubbed his chin "Ho? Baroness Fraph, quite the rare treat. She's something of a recluse but she is a great tactician from the House of Broken Dreams. She has helped the House of Vengeance greatly. It's thanks to her that we repelled those Apex cretins and their silly automobiles. I wouldn't worry too much about the atmosphere on our end though, we eliksni can live in most environments as long as we have ether."

Ilox gave a small smile at the compliment given to her about her situation, "Well, it is difficult, but somebody needs to take charge. And whether I like it not, I just happened to be one of the most experienced and prepared officers for the role, which is saying a lot given that I still see myself as unqualified. Guess I'm just stubborn enough." She then listened to the description of this Baroness Fraph, still rolling her eyes at the constant use of the term softskin, but interested in this person she was apparently going to meet. She nodded, "I suppose then it will be quite nice to meet this Baroness Fraph, as she does sound like quite an interesting person. Sensible that I have to meet the leader of your security before any free movement as well, I cannot blame you for being cautious. A simple check-up is a basic and sensible idea, regardless of who one is meeting. Although, you mentioned Apex. I know them, quite well in fact. They were the biggest pirate group I fought before the Civil War in Iammelon, as they come from Iammelon. As such, I have experience with them, so guess then me and this Baroness have a similarity there. Although, if you have encountered their prized cars... What did you do with them? It is an odd question, I am aware, but it is rather important when dealing with Apex. They are quite invested in their cars."

Honour Guard wrote:All of the broodmothers listened well to the praise they received and then to their orders after that. Melyphis and Yajana were quite happy to hear that they would still be serving in the same fleet. Though Yajana was more pleased that she got to remain with Meirl, having become quite fond of him during their time together. A fondness they were both already aware of during their small time together. "Thank you sir! I look forward to serving in your personal fleet again!"

Hearing her orders, Zemia was pleased to know that she would be helping to raise a new fledgling force of heavy hitters. Leading heavy hitters was well within her skill set. "I'll do my best sir! I'll help shape these newbies into real heavy hitters."

Xernus was more composed about this, moving her glasses up her nose as she smiles softly to the news that her skills will be put to such a fine use. "An anti-stealth force. My my, I can already hear the frustrated Omnipo commanders. I will get right to work sir."

Though Sieg, she wasn't quite so pleased. Though it was true that her area of expertise was far more broad than the other broodmothers with her being older than even Melyphis. Being thousands of years old... Still if she got to stick around the force of change that made her life so drastically different and marginally annoying then she may get to see what way the winds will blow for her people and to see if they were destined for ruin or real change. Outwardly she just seemed silently complacent, an odd serenity where she should be flustered since the former admiral was addressing her directly. "As you wish Sir. I will do my best to fit i once a role is found suitable."

Tamour smiled, pleased that the majority of the Broodmothers seemed to be happy with their new positions. He had gotten them right, clearly, which was good for him. He nodded his head to them, "Excellent! I am certain both of you will form some fine units for the war effort. We will need them as soon as possible, of course, so now it is your time to begin. Your handlers will show you to the chosen recruits, and instructors will be provided as you request. I am sure I can expect the best from you. Dismissed." With that, he allowed Zemia and Xernus to go and get started. He now turned to the remaining three, "Melyphis, Yajana, Sieg, you will come with me. Mierl and Aloni, you two are coming as well of course as handlers. I've been dealing with paperwork far too long now, it is time to get back to my fleet. Of course two of you are now assigned to that same fleet, and Melyphis is attached to me personally. So it is only sensible that you return to it with me. Besides, I believe it will be good for you all to see some developments made in the time inbetween getting here." With that, he turned to move towards a large elevator that would lead into the base.

As he got onto the elevator, he waited for them all to join him aboard it. Mierl stayed close to Yajana, smiling to her as he was happy they were together again. Aloni simply shrugged and went along with it. She was already attached to this fleet before after all, so nothing had changed for her besides being the minder to a Broodmother. She was visibly surprised however at Sieg being oddly calm around Tamour, and got suspicious. Although Aloni would say nothing, she kept a close eye on Sieg now, trying to determine what she was thinking.

Once all were aboard, the elevator began to move. Tamour looked back to Sieg, having something more to say, "I hope you are not displeased with my lack of distinct assignment for you, Sieg. But it is not an offense. You have quite a wide array of skills, which jumbles my own goal. While I am sure you would perform well in most positions I could assign you... Merely good enough is not my goal. All of you are going where I believe you will excel, and attain indisputable success that nobody could possibly question. I will not make a misstep in this important stage of integrating your kind into Iammelonian society. That is why you may look around and see what I am doing. Zemia will create a reputation as a heavy hitter, a vanguard in the fight, a position nobody can disrespect. The team Xernus will create shall protect soldiers from hidden blades, saving lives, and we Iammelonians know how to show gratitude to those who protect life rather than take it. This is not merely a matter of military effectiveness, this is your chance to remove all skepticism. Something my own kind did not do very well at, which disappoints me. I am going to ensure that does not happen with your people. Now, with that said, do you have any concerns you wish to say? This question is also extended to both of you, Melyphis and Yajana."

Honour Guard wrote:Piper gave a satisfied sigh and a nod to him as he mentions her family ties. "Yeah, though that family bond might have been strained since the Empire fell. My twin brother is... Not all there, he can be unhinged at times but that wife of his is helping him. Floating alone in darkspace on a derelict from our homeworld all the way to this galaxy can really break a guy..." She says before she opens one eye to look back at him for that little fox comment. Though his handiwork was certainly keeping her from getting annoyed as she felt years of tension and stress being cracked and soothed out of her as he made his way downwards.

As he spoke up about the numbers she closed her eyes and nodded while gentle quivers and murmurs sounded off between her explanation. "N-No we weren't the first. Hell I'm not convinced we were the last either before the war caught up with the homeworld. We seven that were in service were just the most successful... The youngest Sin to be born before the war got our planet busted was Draco. He and his imaginary friend were super young... I'd say only afew months before our homeworld went bust and then sent off into space... Heh, who knows. There might be a sin prototype or next gen Sin wandering around in some far off galaxy from the leftovers of the Project." She says before she looks back at him with a smile as he says she didn't see her as a pirate type. "Full of surprises ain't I~? And gladly. If I can find any... All I had was on my last ship before I lost it in a game." She says with a sigh. Though as he asks if she had any adventures that stand out she went quiet for a moment as she closed her eyes. For someone who's lived as long as her, being the stealthy type that she was, there were likely hundreds of times like that... To sort through them all and find one she liked the most, could it be that easy?

"One adventure I had did stand out to me... A single guy, a lone man saved my life ages ago. Heh... It was before I even started to adopt all those kids... Before I had Thatch. Back then, say... Oh... 16 years ago now. I was hired to steal something from an Anubite noble. After living in the western galaxy for awhile I had already had plenty of run-ins with the dogs already thanks to me doing merc work and some... 'Relic acquisition'. Well this was another 'acquisition' job. Buuut in a turn of events the job had been a setup. I got cornered on an Agri world since I had already lost my ship and couldn't just skip planet on a shuttle with most of the ports I went too being shut down... A group of the dogs cornered me. I was sure I was going to die there. But some idiot drove his truck right into them and picked me up while I was passing out." She smiled as she said it was an idiot. "I went on the run with him for awhile... In the end I returned the relic after... Some complications came up. Plenty of blood was spilled but I couldn't keep fighting them. So I slinked off to Avalantus... And I stayed there until I managed to piss off Apex and whoever those shady bastards were that you and that other guy saved us from." She was omitting an awful lot from that adventure... Still, seems pretty clear that the guy is Thatch's father. Rather generous and foolhardy to fight Anubites to save one woman.

Rovin certainly couldn't dispute that so much isolation would affect one's sanity, especially right after a major traumatic event like the fall of an Empire to a great enemy. Might even be resentful of one's own family for allowing it to happen, regardless of whether or not it was justified. When one is alone for so long, rationality is not a prime concern. Still, this mention of a wife helping him was good to hear, but Rovin could guess that the stress and strain was still there. He decided to leave that particular bit there, not somewhere he wanted to pressure. Instead he kept up his handiwork as Piper continued speaking, bringing the massage further down her body, now encroaching on her waist, which he wondered how she would react to.

He was surprised however at the concept of a sin just running around, but he got a chuckle out of it, "Wonder what that Sin might be doing out there, going on their own little adventures. Maybe they're following in your own footsteps and being a pirate! Lots one can do out there. Still, guess it does make sense there were more, would help the war effort plenty if they are as strong as you." He then went quiet as she recounted that recent tale, amused that it had to do with Iammelon and the Anubites, although it was beginning to explain some of her dislike for the jackals. Seems they had more history than he expected, and it seemed to be quite hostile. Stealing their relics was certainly one way to start a rivalry with them, that was for sure. All the same, he could tell that plenty was omitted. He could tell that this man was Thatcher's father, but of course she did not include his fate, so he could presume it was not pleasant. Perhaps it had to do with her extreme dislike, if the Anubites were involved there. Noting that, he decided he would have to comfort her, get her off the bad parts, "Well, seems like I got a rather stiff bit of competition there, eh? Anyways, if that was on a Agriworld near Avalantus, bet that fellow was a proper Zantid Scarletneck. Doesn't surprise me that such a fellow was willing to save a pretty lad from some Anubites, fascinating folk with long memories of the old conflicts between Zantium and the Anubite Empire. What was he like? Must have had plenty of redeeming traits if you stuck around with him."

Honour Guard wrote:Hearing Azultiri declare that he'd get to see what she could do with real dedication and better materials, he had to admit he was looking forward to what she could really do when she puts her all into something. "Then I'll eagerly look forward to see what you can really do my neice. I can't wait to see some real masterpieces from you for myself, but from what I've already seen if this is what you can make in such a short time. You have my total confidence in your abilities." Zether says with a huge grin on his face. Though hearing that his sister did have one such masterpiece had him wondering. He didn't see it when he first met her. Though you wouldn't wear something like that so openly unless it was to make a statement. "It is certainly a good business model. Though that claw sounds really impressive, and powerful. I don't think I noticed it when I first met her. Though there was alot going on, I likely just didn't notice it amidst all the fun and discovery." He says before he smiles as he hears that she declares she might make something like that for him someday. Though he does get an idea about that. "Perhaps you could make something that uses the anti-magic I'll teach you. Being able to stop combat and status magics with a lift of my claw without all of that intense focus would be very demoralising for most mages and dragons wouldn't you say?"

He notices the smile on her face before she mentions his daughter Alicia. "I did yes, my daughter is currently an Empress If I remember that news report correctly." He says before he hears what she has to say. Hearing that she might make a crown for his daughter, a jewel encrusted on no less... The idea stuck with him. He did leave rather abruptly, so something like this. Sending back something to help protect his little girl and make sure she knows he still has her back despite him going off to find himself... He loved that idea. "I love that idea Azultiri. A crown would certainly work, it would be a nice way to get us to all get together too. I can show off my kids to the rest of the family."

Azultiri remained smiling, although she shook her head towards Zether as he mentioned that he missed it, "Oh she probably wasn't wearing it in a casual meeting! Mother is a rather serious person, you know. She only puts my glorious gauntlet on when she intends to use it, and she can use it very well! Ask some of our family rivals how much it hurts, some of them got plenty of memories about it!" She then snickered in glee, remembering instances of her mom fighting and winning duels with the help of her enchanted claw-gauntlet. Live testing as far as Azultiri was concerned, and certified successes. Though of course she was more than happy to hear her uncle give more compliments, smiling widely as she envisioned her own future great works. But of course she then got rather fascinated with the idea, "Oh yes, you offered earlier! I see lots of possibilities with that, so many combat applications! Could demoralize, yes, lots of use there, but it's also a way to improve a defensive item! A shield gem for physical attacks, an anti-magic gem prepared to resist magical attacks! Haha! You must teach me soon, Uncle! The very future of enchanted wargear depends on this development!"

She calmed down from her excitement, but was still quite pleased with herself. She was glad Zether liked the idea, so she nodded her head in confidence, "A crown for an Empress then! That shall be my next work, I'll have it ready for when the time of your kids arriving comes! You can give it to her as a present. Now let's see, obviously gonna use Heord Gold for the base. Plenty of shiny gems, some enchanted! What should a crown have? Some shield gems? Maybe a Gem of Authority! Yes, yes... I got ideas now. This will be an excellent creation!" She spun around quickly, leaping over to her storage area for components, "Damn it, gonna need to get more gems, and then enchant them. But it'll happen! Anyways, Uncle, I will have this ready in due time, worry not! You shall have your present for your daughter-Empress, and it will be glorious, I assure you. She have a favorite color? I can make that into the design!" She then paused, straightening herself out again and turning back to Zether, "Right, first. Thank you for being here, Uncle! But you should also probably go to mom, she'll want to hear your tale soon, I bet. So you should set it up with her and get the whole visititation business set up. I'll show up for story time, worry not. I just need to organize what I'll need for this crown. It'll take a while to make, since I'm gonna put in the work, but it'll be worth it!" She was very confident, but of course she had displayed that her skill was not mere bluster. Now she was determined to show what she could do when she put in full focus.

The star in the sky was just cresting towards the horizon, beginning its descent from Saranshire and towards the other boroughs of Bezembay. In the glided halls of the palace, atop Aeldwon Hill, a fatimazda in a charcoal morning suit was sitting at a small desk. On the desk was a letter, but next to it was an inkwell and a pen. A cup of tea sat on a saucer near opposite the inkwell. The Fatimazda let out a sigh and set down a gold nib pen, lifting the teacup with three fingers, his ring finger and pinky, the latter adorned with a gold signet ring. A facing tiger was on the ring. There was a knock on a nearby door and it opened shortly after a servant stepping through, "Your Imperial Highness, the Empress has landed safely on Tir Creachdair."
The Fatimazda at the desk looked over, "thank you, was there anything else?"
"No, Your Imperial Highness."
"Then fetch the footman and tell him to bring more cream. Also inform the cook that my tea was over extracted."
The servant bowed at the neck and brought his heels together, "Of course, Your Imperial Highness." He then turned and left, closing the door on the way out.

At Dunkleshire, across the Tarn, a ship had landed in the water and moored to the dock. Police were guarding the docks as PM Wood stepped off the ship, accompanying him was a human. They both wore full suits, an Inverness cape, and the human wore a top hat. They both carried canes in their offhand, with the human wearing a monocle and a tall stiff collar with a wide cravat tie. Wood himself was wearing a wing collar and necktie. The two stepped away from the ship and approached a train waiting nearby and entered a cabin on the train. Wood sat down on a seat and the human opposite. The two still wearing their hats, but unfastening their capes.
"That went well, I suppose." Wood let out a sigh and light his pipe.
The human nodded, "Well, at least Shanny laughed at my jokes, though I can't say I'm a good nobleman, sir."
"Oh hush, John. You're a good man, and I expect you'll do good as Colonial Secretary."
"But sir, I'm a first time minister, I've no real experience with colonial administration."
"And in full confidence, John, I've never run a country before." The two laughed and then looked out the window as the train chugged along the edge of the Tarn.

In Princess Anne Park, the Countess Lashershire and the Prince Richard sat at a small table in the gardens. A fountain on their right and walls of flowers on their left. On the table was a metal board with a large hill-scape and an urban patch. They were each placing small miniature pewter pieces on the board. A small metal arm that stood up and hovered over the board projected a light over the board, seeming to animate the metal soldiers and make them look alive.
"Alright, highness. As you're the prince, I'll let you be Bezannia. And hm... I'll be... for the sake of controversy, the confederates."
"Taking your husband's side I see, traitor?" The Prince chuckled as the two started moving pieces. Many minutes passed before the pieces started shooting one another.
"Oh, my dear prince. You've exposed your left flank, ever so tantalizing for these tank regiments over here. But have you accounted for that? Or was this a misstep?" Richard crossed his arms and leaned back.
"Hm... Ignoring the air of smug coming from you, I'll pretend I can't see your face and send the column in." The tanks began moving towards the gap in the left flank, but a Automatonic Knight armed with a large cannon acting as a sniper and concealed by buildings destroyed the lead tank, blocking the path the tanks were taking. An infantry regiment suddenly turned and began approaching the panicked tanks. "Oh? Sending infantry to destroy hover tanks?" The tanks swiftly wiped out the approaching infantry. "Remember, highness. Other nations do not use or have tanks like us. A directionless Bezannian tank if swarmed by infantry will be destroyed, but a hover tank like these will swiftly destroy infantry attacks. You must use your knights or a well supported assault force to dismantle them." Richard sighed and kept playing, eventually standing up.
"Well, Jane, you win again."
Chelsmby laughed and stood up, "One day, my prince, you'll beat me. But remember, these war games are not a substitution for the real thing," The two began walking through the gardens, "has your mother approved a tutorship on Huron yet?" The prince shook his head no. "I see, well perhaps next month. I'll see you get a bunk there yet!"
Richard smiled "A bunk? It better be a commander's quarters, nobility like me deserve it!"
"Oh do you? Well as a commonborn, it's my job to teach you highborns that in this universe nobody cares what shade your fur is, or how you take your tea. People care about your character and the strength of your convictions. And politeness never killed anyone." The two laughed as they continued to walk.


From beyond the reaches of starlight, deep underground, motions were set in place that would cause calamity. In the tearoom of the Hysebarrow Prince Solomon sat, on the train from Dunkleshire to Saranshire the PM and his new cabinet minster were being served refreshments, and in the gardens of the palace the Prince Richard and Countess Lashershire were walking. At Northcastle University, a measctha and fatimazda were smoking cigarettes as a machine nearby was ticking. But when the ticking got faster and faster and faster, both suddenly jumped up. One ran for a phone and the other to the machine. But it was too late. A great and terrible rumbling was suddenly heard all throughout Saranshire and its surrounding boroughs. People in the streets stopped to look around. Gazing at the sky wondering what all the terrible noise was about. The Prince Solomon looked up from his tea and letter, standing he approached the large windows of the room. Gazing down and out at the city. PM Wood sat up from his seat and looked to his minister, the two exchanging confused statements. Lady Chelmsby and the Prince Richard rushing to the open part of the park, a large grassy lawn where they could also peer down on Saranshire.

What came next was what could only be described as surreal, massive rolling waves seemed to transform the surface of the planet into an ocean. As buildings suddenly rose and fell. These rolling waves continuing until some buildings simply collapsed under the rapid movement. In the streets people dashed for cover as cars suddenly stopped and trollies came off their rails, screeching into nearby obstacles. The Prince Solomon was thrown from his feet as the glass or other easily breakable items in the room came crashing down around him. Lady Chelmsby forced Richard to the ground just as the shaking started. The two laying back up in the grass waiting for the shaking to end. The train PM Wood was on shook terribly, and the two had taken cover under a table bolted to the floor. The car rattled and doors slammed open and shut. A terrible metal rattling filling the room as the coupling links on the train struggled to stay together.

The moment the shaking seemed to stop, servants rushed into the Prince's tearoom and grabbed him by the arms. Picking him up and beginning to carry him off before he came to his feet.
"Your Imperial Highness, we must get you to a safe place, please." The prince fixed his jacket and hurriedly followed the servants.
Just outside, Chelmsby stood with Richard. "Are you ok you, highness?"
"Yes, yes... Just a bit spooked." Servants and guards suddenly came running across the field to the pair.
"Your Imperial Highness, My Lady, are you hurt?"
Richard spoke, "No. We're quite fortunate to have been in the field."
"Lady Chelmsby, we must apologize but the Prince must be evacuated to a secure location."
She nodded and brushed the grass from her tunic, "Carry on, soldier. Moon save you. Till next time, Your Imperial Highness." Chelmsby bowed at her neck. Richard nodded in return and walked off briskly with his guards. Chelmsby started walking towards the entrance of the palace, where her aides where.
Prince Solomon and Richard met at a small side entrance under a formal driveway. Surrounding the Imperial Car were Cavalier Guards and an armed escort. The two princes got into the car and it quickly sped down Aeldwon Hill. But once the motorcade reached the roads, it was worse for the crew. Much of the cobblestone streets were cracked, massive craters forming under some spots and in a few spots fire shooting out of the ground where gas lines ran. But regardless of the collapsed buildings, damaged roads, and cars that filled it, the armed escort made a mad dash across the city to evacuate the princes from the immediate danger of the tectonic vibrations. Their car reached a large open field just outside Caraffire Palace in Constitution Park. Where the car boarded the Imperial Yacht. The ship quickly casting off from the park, hovering just above the city for now.

In the PM's train, Wood-Josiah and John Mayhew stood from under the table. A steward swiftly entered the train and ran to the two, "Sirs, are you alright?"
"Yes, yes... fine. Little brushed from the shaking, but fine. John?"
"I think I'm fine, how's the train?"
"Sirs we simply must evacuate the train. Unfortunately the locomotive was derailed, I urge you to please continue on foot and make for shelter!"
Wood nodded and looked to John, "Ready for an evening stroll?" The two opened the cabin of their car and stepped down from the train. They quickly started moving along the train, running along the gravel rocks towards Saranshire. But as they rounded the last leg of the Tarn, the warm orange evening sky was being blotted out by black smoke and embers. A fire had broken out along the middle of the city somewhere and was now growing. The faint shimmer of the blaze crested the tops of buildings occasionally, perhaps revealing how serious the fire was. Even standing on a train track, some twenty miles from the entrance to the city and the fire was still visible.


"Ladies and Gentlemen, Sir Francis Lloyd and the IBC's Emergency Tremour Broadcast. Sir Lloyd."
"You'll have to forgive the irregularity of the studio I am in, as this broadcast is being filmed from the affiliate office in Brookborough and not our Saranshire office. Today at 18:37 Imperial Standard Time, a large Tectonic Tremour struck Saranshire and its surrounding Boroughs. An estimated 140,000 people were killed in the events following the Tremour, and still the fire brigade is fighting a massive fire that has swallowed the lower east half of Saranshire. Entire city blocks have been swept away by the calamity, and a great many historic sites here on Bezembay have been damaged. Reports indicate that on the opposite side of the planet in Southelmland and Westbrightshire aftershocks were still being felt until 21:22. The Princes Solomon and Richard were evacuated from Hysebarrow Palace when the event began, but have returned to direct relief and aid efforts. The Premier Minister was en route from the Dunkelshire Port to Saranshire when the tremour began, but was safely escorted by a police river steamer from his train to Saranshire. He has taken temporary shelter in the camp of the medical and fire brigade inside Caraffire Palace where rescue and relief operations are being conducted. As an advisory to all residents of Saranshire, do not go into the streets tonight as many anti-spirit lights will or may not be functioning properly, and to those who have no home, shelter is being offered in Caraffire Palace. Imperial Naval Ships, and Fishing Vessels are lining King Henry Boulevard and shining their floodlights down onto the road to create safe passage, but the constabulary and emergency medical responders will be in short supply due to the loss of life in Saranshire properly. To the residents of the Empire, I say this. We will survive a mere tremour as our species have endured worse. Have faith in your government and empire to begin reconstruction and relief in due time. Stay safe, stay smart, and stay alert. This is Sir Francis Lloyd, trusted reporter and journalist of the empire for over thirty five years, signing off with one last message. Moon Save All of Us. Goodnight."

Triporea wrote:The sudden attack was... unexpected to say the least. The Woodrow sustained damage along its front decks as the barrage collided. The ship had not raised its shields as of yet, and wasn’t prepared for a fight. As the deck sustained the initial barrage, alarms blared out and both ships began to divert course, Woodrow aiming its broadside at the Fonthammer and Dernby sailing in the wake of the Woodrow. By the time the Sheepskin had sailed into effective firing range of the two Imperial Ships, the Woodrow had raised its shields. And further attacks from the front facing cannons were dispersed on the shields. The Dernby was not so lucky, its communication lattice decimated by the surprise attack. The Woodrow by this point fired its first broadside at the attacking Fonthammer. 16 cannons firing at the same time and delivering the 240mm ordinance across the waves. The Dernby, now that it was directly under attack, increased engine power and fired a few shells from their two deck guns at the Sheepskin. These small 3 inch guns would be small, but still packed heavy ordinance. While the Woodrow reloaded and prepared another broadside salvo, they also fired off their compliment of deck guns. The majority of their six inch guns were aimed at the Sheepskin, trying to cover the Dernby with heavy fire support.

Forthammer would bounce some shells arriving from the Woodrow but some of them would penetrate their armor on where the armor is thin enough or not sloped enough to guarantee a ricochet, some of the shells would hit the command deck of the Forthammer but its reactive armor manages to absorb the damage done by the shells, its armor skirts would be proved somewhat effective as it has some shells lodged on to it. Forthammer would be able to not take any damage at all if it was the retrofit variant they we’re using, although they captured this before the military modernization act. Forthammer would begin firing again at its general direction where Woodrow is. Sheepskin would aim its cannons at Dernby’s thrusters while taking evasive maneuvers to avoid fire from Woodrow, they are attempting to board Dernby to capture their crew or even the ship itself if they are lucky.

Iammelon wrote:Ilox gave a small smile at the compliment given to her about her situation, "Well, it is difficult, but somebody needs to take charge. And whether I like it not, I just happened to be one of the most experienced and prepared officers for the role, which is saying a lot given that I still see myself as unqualified. Guess I'm just stubborn enough." She then listened to the description of this Baroness Fraph, still rolling her eyes at the constant use of the term softskin, but interested in this person she was apparently going to meet. She nodded, "I suppose then it will be quite nice to meet this Baroness Fraph, as she does sound like quite an interesting person. Sensible that I have to meet the leader of your security before any free movement as well, I cannot blame you for being cautious. A simple check-up is a basic and sensible idea, regardless of who one is meeting. Although, you mentioned Apex. I know them, quite well in fact. They were the biggest pirate group I fought before the Civil War in Iammelon, as they come from Iammelon. As such, I have experience with them, so guess then me and this Baroness have a similarity there. Although, if you have encountered their prized cars... What did you do with them? It is an odd question, I am aware, but it is rather important when dealing with Apex. They are quite invested in their cars."

Baron Mithra ship stayed for the moment so that they would escort Ilox's ship to Baroness Fraph's in due time. Once preparations were made of course. Tabbina was starting to like this little softskin for raising to the challenges of command. "If it were not so difficult then the task would not be worth doing no? The role of leader is a difficult and tricky spot to get right. Many can be good or even great leaders, some made into their roles and others it is naturally. But very few are born or become as true leaders. It is a challenge Tabbina aims to rise to one day."

As things in the conversation reach back to Fraph and Apex, Mithra speaks up on the topic of the loot they acquired from those Pirate hooligans and motorheads. "Ah yes, those troublesome vehicles of there's. So fast... What ones we didn't smash up in defending the liveships as they broke on and started to use them as their own personal racetracks, the Splicers of the R&D section have taken apart to see what we could learn from them. There are still two intact cars left I believe, being kept on the Kell of Kell's flagship along with all our more valuable items of interest. The cars themselves... Their methods of propulsion and hardlight constructors has become something the Splicers have taken great interest in. They're eager to hook up similar items to our Pikes, I suppose the closest comparison is a hoverbike, already having great mobility. Another advantage being that we can actually breathe in the ether so we can engage their stupid cars in space and drag them out where their life support can't help them... That was actually largely how we won our last engagement with them. They had no idea we can breathe out there."

Iammelon wrote:Lord Fendi seemed to be rather pleased, as he was understanding, and Yosgel was making a very reasonable request in the eyes of the Anubite, for it was something he could do. So he smiled and nodded to Yosgel, "Yes, I have gathered from your telling that you have strong traditions here, something I can respect as an Anubite. It is simply a shame that these traditions conflict over the matter of historical preservation, but it is good you understand the family importance." He gestured for two of his soldiers to take the glass box, stepping back afterwards to let Fendi continue.

The Anubite Lord then nodded again to Yosgel, "A simple request, and one I can accomplish with some time. Replicating this will not be difficult, as we still remember the techniques and styles we used to create it in the first place. With enough time and some luck, we may even be able to call back the spirit of the very same person who created it, to truly replicate the techniques. It will be a bit more difficult to ensure the age of the materials will line up, but we have other such ancient objects from a similar time which can be utilized. Although that will require sending people back to my homeland, as of course we did not bring such objects with us. Worry not, for your honor in returning my family's property, my noble family's resources will be used to honor this obligation." He gave a small nod to the troops who were carrying the glass box, "See to it." They both nodded to the lord, and moved away to follow their Lord's orders.

“Your highness, if I may call you that, of course it would be quite selfish that you’re doing a favor for us and we have nothing to pay back, and for that if I do remember it properly the saying.. it goes like: ‘I owe you one’ We are also about to leave this structure in order to finalize our reports, if we may, we will guide to the quickest path outside of the structure.” Yosgel would nod at him again. As soon as they leave the structure, surprisingly only taking 2 hours than the supposed 2 day journey, as they take a stairwell toward a balcony. Upon exiting the antechamber they see the infinite sands that roll and roll beyond the horizon. “I’ve lived in this planet for most of my life, to outsiders it is a desolate landscape but for the natives here, to see the rolling sands of Eirheimr is a soothing sight to see.” Sighing then taking a sweet sip from his canteen. “Looking at jungles, forests and cities disorient me, its all different and uneven and chaotic. I can appreciate plains and glaciers I guess.”

As the group stand upon the balcony of the temple something rises from the horizon, something massive. Upon their binoculars they see an insignia of the Nesorite Navy and then the words ‘KS Altameira’ They look in awe as the object reveals its bright blue flames from its propulsions as it rises into the sky like a rocket. “Ah, so it’s also today they launch the Super Colonial Ship, I know they already found a suitable planet.” The KS Altameira is an armed Super Colonial Ship and it is headed Southeast of the nebula to an already chosen planet. A staggering 800 meters long with a girth of 300 meters, it houses all the necessary equipment to set up a colony and become self-sustained away from the mother nebula, it will take a month to get to the area as the usage of etherlanes is too risky and would rather stride the calm, stagnant etherseas of the area.

Iammelon wrote:Luckily for Mayflower, Rauus seemed to be alright, getting up and straightening his back. He gave a nod to Mayflower, appreciating her little attempt to help, and then went over to treat the unhealthy spirit, leaning down next to her and putting a hand on her shoulder. Zia was still immensely confused, but she did seem to be calming down, just trying to figure things out. Just shaking her head and mumbling, comforted seemingly by both Mayflower's words and the simple presence of Rauus, and so she avoided being consumed by anger. No, that would be Masquif, who's spiritual form began to glow dark red as he swelled with hatred at the defiant Ialao. Unlike her, he was a rather powerful being, so there was a small shockwave as his face curled up with rage and he yelled out, "Impudent, foolish, arrogant! You damned slaves really do have nothing going on in your worthless heads! And you find it a wonder that you are rightfully judged as little more than animals... Fine, I will tell you, and then maybe you will obtain an ounce of sense in your servile minds! This thing I am trying to control is a Soulus Bomb, the weapon that wiped out this world. If I do not control it, it will detonate again, as it does every seven days. An early detonation will kill you and prolong my imprisonment, so there's your self interest. The thing you are trying to protect is a result of this weapon and its function, so stop bringing it closer or it will go off again!"

Rauus grunted, standing up again and speaking up to the Psion, emulating Mayflower's defiant tone, "Apparently Eskalivi are just as terrible at listening as they are at basic ethics, because that's not nearly enough of an explanation! What is Zia? What is that bomb? And why are you apparently 'imprisoned' by it? If it is a simple magical bomb, I do not see why it would cause a phenomenon like a Ghost World!" He then turned and gave a smile to Mayflower, proud of her for standing up in the first place, and getting the Psion to actually start explaining things.

The Psion was clearly displeased, but with a glance to Zia, he snorted and spoke again, "Fine, damnable insects. You want the full explanation? Let us see if your formulaic minds can understand. This weapon, the Soulus Bomb, is not merely a magical explosive. It is much, much more than that. With a weapon like this, one can consume every soul on a planet! Unstoppable and inescapable, every soul on a planet where this bomb detonates is consumed by the bomb, in a glorious fashion. But such a weapon cannot be built by traditional means, it does not come from mortal factories or even magical forges. No, to create such a weapon, a soul is required. Only a Soul of such psionic power, such age, such emotion and memories can be used... Such as the soul of an Elder Psion. A soul, just. Like. Mine! You wonder why this bomb imprisons me? Because I am its fuel source! I was betrayed, my very soul snatched from me and put into this weapon! And the betrayer is there!" He pointed to Zia, anger in his face, "Or at least, his soul is within that monster! The thing you call 'Zia' is not just a soul. It is many, countless souls. That beast is the combined souls of every single being that was on this planet when the Soulus Bomb was detonated, smashed into one. They are prisoners, just like me. Additional fuel so the bomb can retain its power! Do you understand now? Are your small minds able to comprehend?! That beast is countless souls, so much concentrated power, and its memories fight within it for dominance! The personalities of countless souls, so suddenly thrown together, grapple for dominance. But over the many hundreds of years, some have come to the top. And inevitably, the winner will not be some deer, or a mutt, or a cow. It will be the very being who betrayed me, Alsimx'Ran! Are you so willing to let that bastard betrayer of mine go free?!"

Mayflower tried processing the new information calmly, though instead of panicking she appeared to actually calm down, to the point of feeling that the Psion was just panicking and too afraid to realize that his actions were the reason this repeating of events occured. She closed up to "Zia", patting the altered beast lovingly as she turned her head to the worried Psion "From what little I have studied about the Psions, I've come to realize that you are among the most oblivious of cultures are so obsessed with accuracy and predictions of results that you completely disregard the possibility of chance and miracles, both of which quite hilariously tend to wreck your plans ...tell me, how is it that the great Psions could not see their possible defeat by the Nebula? Sure, Iammelon had a small chance, but you failing to see even the possibility, this helped us overcome you. You underestimate all other sentients and overestimate yourselves, because in the end, you too are nothing but a stronger mortal, but a mortal all the same in spirit to me and Raaus and this fella over there." She then turned to Raaus looking slightly worried, but still calm enough "Do you think we could help Zia stay Zia with some effort?" then back at the Psion, though this time talking in a less aggressive manner "And as for you, could you stop bringing about your own doom? Have you even thought of a way to try do things differently? Or is your Psion brain not advanced enough to think out of the space shuttle? If you can - and I'm certain that you can since Delviatu has graced all sentients with the ability of cognitive thinking - If you can, you could help us for once bring conclusion to an old conflict, In Zia's mind and in this planet." The deerwoman quickly turned her attention to Zia, trying to calm the beast down and make her feel more comfortable until the Psion or Raaus could find a solution.


Iammelon wrote:The inefficient human car drove away soon after Nia and Cendri got out, as it had more work to do elsewhere on the planet. The driver would not soon get his replacement, so he'd have to survive for now with that truly deviant designed vehicle. Regardless, Cendri nodded his head to Nia, "Yes, is modern building, very important. Is police station for the area, houses rapid response groups as well as serving as the community armory. A central location for defense efforts in case of attack! Also location to give reports on unusual activity, such as street attack. Come, we go in." He then moved towards the large doors of the police station, which were of course reinforced metal doors, and he waited in front of it for a moment. Waving to a camera, the doors soon opened, allowing entry into the station. The first room was a simple lobby of sorts, with a waiting area and a desk where the front-Trike patiently waited. Cendri waved to them, and then moved on to grab a piece of paper. It was a paper one used to report an incident and record their own statements on the matter, and Cendri sat down at the lobby to start writing it, but as he did so he looked to Nia and spoke again, "Nia showed combat abilities, was impressive. Has that one taken warrior lessons?"

The two suited Watrike patiently waited for her to finish her bites, as they of course understood the necessity of a good snack. They then nodded and followed Ani to her office, observing her rather odd set of literature, those would need to be addressed for sure. Asmalia took the offered seat, placing her briefcase down. Fenfuos however did not sit on the chairs, and remained standing near the door, arms crossed as he looked about in observance. It was rather clear that Asmalia was the talker her, as she soon responded to the doctor, "Ani Cerni, yes. Smart one seems to have figured out why these ones are here. DNA sampling has made these ones require an investigation, as yours is inconsistent. And these ones know you hold a connection to certain special one, it is time to explain to these Drake servants." She looked over to her bookshelf again, narrowing her eyes at the big green book, "Interest in Winged One is notable, but this one does not recognize mannequin book. Not in local library, nor an official medical book. No Species of Mannequins is on record, does the Ani know of one?" The Purple Watrike did certainly seem curious, although also notably was cautious with Ani, due to having read the reports of what Nia had accomplished on her own. Fenfuos didn't seem quite as interested however, as the Red Watrike almost looked impatient, oddly enough not taking joy in his work.

Nia's interest on the beautiful grey concrete building was cut short by Cendri's question, a damn shame too since she could admire these blank walls for hours "Hmm? Oh no! This one enters a state that cannot be understood is as if this one's mind becomes the background while another more beastly self takes over. This one knows very well who is friend or foe when that happens, but acts very differently ..focuses entirely on the evil ones at hand and gauges them while avoiding hurting friendlies at any cost ...dirtying them not included" She relaxed at her back thinking it over a little more "Though this one did fight over machine and biological foes in laboratory frequently, at first this one would think how to defeat foes and do badly ..but slowly other self took over in such situations and showed utmost success, so this one did what is natural and chose to do what allows for better results by letting this one free. This helped other self take over easily and the more Nia got used to it ..the more easy was for this one to maintain both simultaneously; one in background, one in front!"

Ani sighed, feeling that those two or any other watrike could really understand her viewpoint, but she would try "This one is indeed related to other watrike you probably found, she is this one's clone and daughter and a proof of what Watrike are able to become if only care more. As for the book, this one wrote it ..the title is very human and needless, sadly even with that it failed to impress non-Watrike scientists." She tapped her fingers on the desk then pointed at Asmalia "This one seems to be one with very very good cognitive abilities, so this one will explain in hopes of this one understanding" after sighing a second time she laid back her head and looked Asmalia in the eyes "Imagine, a species so strong and easy to change, that they could inhabit every bit of this realm, fight off all evils and create a civilization devoid of greed, very bad war and meanness. This species is these ones, but these ones are also greedy in their own way ...Watrike are noble, watrike are smart and above silly things like velvet dresses, but watrike also are silly, very silly and greedy fro pride. Without Tyfrondor these ones are doomed, more doomed than even the deviant species and these ones also cause problems for the Grand One ..more than these ones help solve. Need this one point at Gradrix to make point? No, is evident; Watrike are not perfect, which annoys this one as these ones have the ability to be... ..and if Watrike better themselves, these ones could actually help Tyfrondor instead be burden and annoying little trikelings wrecking the Grand Drake's dreams each day. This one will not lie, is sadly deviant, but deviance helped see bigger picture and helped this one truly love Tyfrondor not of biological reasons, but of ideals ..and for this, this one is not ashamed at all." she sighed even deeper for a third time, starting to think it would be a bad idea explaining, but she would go through her explanation ..she had remained silent too long "Anyway, this one studied a lot, she studied all relative science on species. Very, very, very big headaches were had, but realized that this one could change Watrike ..and for the very better! See, this one tried her best in creating a new watrike ...a half-deviant one; One that would accept authority, but of only good leader, like Tyfrondor! A new watrike stronger, more agile and productive, but also one with ideals ..because either non-deviants like to hear it or not, it is only very, very, very good luck that had Tyfrondor become our protector and not some evil, very bad other one. And if that happened, Watrike would treat that other one the same way Watrike treat Tyfrondor, or remain alone and fight like in very, very, very bad war - is biology! ..and that is very, very bad and what this one would like to change and did. These ones may apprehend now and ask more in prison cell, but this one would hope to talk to Grand One even once ...this one believes Great Granion could understand this one's hopes and dreams."


Iammelon wrote:Mica's rather overt and casual technique for staying hidden while being in plain sight worked out rather well. Her loud humming and completely casual demeanor meant that all the Confederate Soldiers say her and took notice, but with how obvious she was being, they assumed she was handling something official and moved on with their own duties. Others who were a bit more suspicious noticed those less caring folks just ignoring Mica in turn, and they felt weird about questioning something that everyone else seemed to just treat as normal. And so, they too just moved on with their own business. And so, Mica could comfortably cut the fence in peace, entirely undisturbed by her enemies who simply let it happen, all because she was in the right uniform and she was too openly normal to be suspicious. In time, she'd get through the fence and make a sizable enough hole. She could see just beyond the fence, hiding in the shrubbery, were Creerisk and Wilioa, waiting for their opportunity to use the new opening. And soon after, as if on que, there was a massive explosion further into the base. An arsenal building had gone up in flames, and all the confederates turned their attention to that. With this cover, Wilioa and Creerisk both ran over, moving through the cut fence to get into the compound, joining up with Mica. Creerisk looked around, and a dark grin appeared on his face, grim purpose in his voice as he spoke up, "Delviatu calls, this compound must be returned to nature. Rapidly. Let us begin the holy work, with joy." He then started laughing manically, picking out detonation charges from his belt and beginning to simply toss them at every building nearby.

With a much cooler head, Wilioa looked to Mica, "This one thanks you for entrance opening. Will take gunpowder fanatic and rendezvous with Selequ, and we shall make distraction via reactor assault. Good luck at the commander center with Zirona. Working time is now." She then powered up her plasma rifle, quickly firing a single shot at a Confederate Soldier who was about to yell out about the intruders, silencing him in an instant. It was rather difficult to yell with a hole in your neck after all. The Watrike then calmly advanced forward, far less clumsy in the battlefield, with Creerisk following behind, yelling prayers as he threw more bombs. Through the flames and chaos, Zirona had approached the Commander Center door. By the time Mica arrived, she was busy holding a knife to a human soldier's neck with one hand and her other hand channeling psionic energy into his head, forcing him to spill various access codes to avoid the two possible forms of violent death.

Mica nodded at Wilioa with a smile full of determination "For zhe Union and Tyfrondor President! Be safe." then proceeded to make a run for the command center. When she arrived her smile had dropped, she know looked quite uncomfortable about what she planned to do ..but in her mind, this was what should be done; with Zirona out of the way, the Union could have a truly loyal intelligence agency devoid of personal agendas or a cult of personality. She approached Zirona cautiously "Hey, be done wish zhe guard, ve have to get out of here quick ...did you find anyzhing of importance on zhose terminals? If yes, put zhem in zhis infostick in here" she gave the Watrike a small blue-colored piece mechanism and went to the door watching the chaos outside while holding her weapon tightly in case some intruder showed up ...a soldier tried approaching but she immediately yelled at him "Go after zhe bombers! I've got zhe situation under control here, no damn excalivi vill pass zhis door!" It was at this time though that she brought a small button from her suit holding it tight but hesitating to press it.


Iammelon wrote:Zenos did find it rather fortunate that the Elder Lord went out for the walk, as he was a bit disruptive there, although Zenos couldn't blame him too much down to his age and likely high amounts of collected pride over his years. All the same, it was probably better for his own sake that Old Lord Paxyan stayed out of this talk, he'd get more information that way. His daughter certainly seemed more diplomatic. And as he listened to first the Fergrangal and then the Trottandan, he realized the two he was talking two were some rather important families. These weren't some minor worlds, he was effectively speaking with two major industrial families. Ruadya clearly provided many important metals, since while Arcalite took all the fame, an Empire could not run on just one metal. Titanium was an important metal, and likely far more important to the industrial complex than the gold was. Quite notable. Meanwhile Trottanda was the place where all those metals became products, going into factories and coming out as functional things. And, based on Syndana's words, probably also a major world for research and development too, if she was correct about them being the only ones who cared about reason and therefore potentially innovation. Returning to the conversation, Zenos smiled to both of them, "Seems then you two combined are the industrial backbone of this Empire. Both quite valuable worlds, and it seems you are also both some of the families most open with your stances and beliefs. Rather impressive! I'll have to visit both of your worlds sometime soon, although I suspect I shall need to bring a gas mask to both if I want to see the mines and factories that are the pride of the worlds. Although, I hope you are willing to humor some of my curiosities about your two families, as I've noticed some rather standout features and I'd be remiss not to address them." He looked to the Fergrangal first, "I noticed early on at the announcements of my arrival a difference in how your family reacted to me and to the Talmyr. Simple nods to Myrafiora, and bows to me, which I assume is down to my title of Myresenmyr, which I have figured out that your family owes fealty to the Myresenmyr and is not quite as fond as the title of Talmyr. Could you tell me why? As you might have guessed from the pinkish skin, I am missing some context there." And then, Zenos looked to Syndana with his second question, "And for Trottanda, I'd like to ask about something you probably think is rather obvious. Your costume, being more avian than draconic, it stands out. I assume this has something to do with the culture of Trottanda?"
As one Taurus found relief and peace, the other grew more annoyed. Sadly she was ordered not to crush any skulls, so that option was off the table. His offer was insulting on its own, as she could tell he didn't have what it takes anyways. Although that gave her an idea, as she then gave a hand signal to another close-by Rangian, a male Taurus of considerable size even for his own kind. They moved to swap positions, and the Male stood in front of the Ghashyr sailor, looking down at him and smiling, speaking simply, "So somebody thinks they can run with the Rangians, hm?" The Female watched from afar, both to keep an eye on her own position and see how the sailor handled this.

The Fergrangal warrior-princess felt extreme proud overwhelming her being as Zenos asked her the age-old Talmyr question ...a question Fergrangals loved to answer at, wether asked about it or not -also an answer most Ghashyr had heard too many times and would groan upon hearing for the ningth million time- "Well, my lord is simple, we Fergranglas dissolved the malevolent taggaren Talmyrox to never be formed again and we were never conquered by this 'new Talmyrox' ..we agreed however that our domain lies within a united empire of our species, we are thus not part of the Talmyrox and hopefully never will be. After all, no matter if a Talmyr is a hero or a villain, Azgor Tal is above petty political positions is quite the hubris to claim divine rule in such a way as the position of Talmyr suggests. Of course all others disagree, and we respect that, but they must also respect our position in accordance with the Trinidax treaties. To be short, we have a certain level of autonomy invested to us by the very fact that we remain unconquered and will not bow to a Talmyr but only an Emperor." Syndana was quick to smirk and humph at the Fergrangal's expense "Yes, indeed, you've only been bowing to Talmyrs for a mere thousand years..." this however angered the young Fergrangal lady that proceeded to use some Urvan words that Zenos was unfamiliar with while proceeding to point out in half-coherent angry quickspeech that all those Talmyrs were also Emperors.
Syndana retaining her calm, prompted to ingore the Fergrangal's rage and simply answer her part of the question "Anyway, now that your majesty knows of the story that Fergrangals like to bombard every new acquaintance with, let me answer your more interesting part of your querry!" she pointed at her beak proudly and made a small wag of her wings "yes, it is very much different and pretty no? Much like Trottanda, we're also very much different than most Ghashyr if you haven't noticed. We have a different culture which we try to sustain against the wishes of everyone that is not us. For one, the bird symbolizes something greater than dragons ..dragons are mere mortals, the Ironbird is not. They were the angel sent by Azgor Tal to save Trottanda in its time of need during the unspoken times; part-machine and part-organic, the angel taught us that Azgor Tal does not only exist within life, but also life's lifeless creations; machinery and even man-made intelligence." The Fergrangal's time had arrived to snark as she gnarled her teeth and poked hard at the much less intimidating Trottandan's bird suit "You're HERETICS is what you're saying the prophet's word, if it wasn't for the lenience laws I'd have you skewered alive for insulting the holy light with your fantasies you little tech-freak" Syndana whimpered and backed down to her corner, shoving her face again in the telecom device and mumbling "barbarians" very quietly.

In the meanwhile a quite drunk and uncomfortable Myrafiora was approached by the master of ceremonies in the back, causing her to be visibly frustrated and trying to find Zenos quickly in the crowd, often stumbling upon a few lords who could do nothing but fake being awfully sorry for being in her way ..the reason would be revealed not long after as the fire-fountains emerged and all guests were called to form a circle around the main fire positioned by servants in the middle of the ballroom. All stood silent as the master of ceremonies appeared from one of the top balconies "As in ancient times, we shall revere the symbolic dance of Ayra and Galan! Fire and Wind! The Dance of the Dragons shall commence to commemorate our dragonborn existence in this world of Light! We are given Life, so let us celebrate it and glorify the one who provides it and our good leader under them! Praised be Azgor Tal! Thousand Glories to the Talmyr ...her holy greatness, Talmyr Myrafiora IV, seed of light, commander of the faithful shall lead us to dance as you shall lead us in life and to battle ..our Emperor Zenos, betrothed to her shall be her dance mate ..may I personally say, soon her mate in more than the dance and hopefully with many heirs to bring glory to our realm! Vhin ta Talmyr!"
Myrafiora after stumbing on one too many lords finally found the human emperor of Shyr in his dark corner with his peculiar company "Oh T-TTal ...oh b-bloody Tal. Quick, give me your hand ...we're doomed. Just ...flap your ..your things ..ehh, wings, and jump opposite the way I jump ...fυck."

Myrafiora dragged Zenos in the center of the ballroom next to the giant fire-fountain as the lords repeated "Vhin ta Talmyr" (some less loudly than others, thus getting glares from Admiral Haarti who was keeping notes in a piece of scroll). As soon as the chanting stopped, Myrafiora made a slight bow with her head at the star of Azgor Tal on the top of the ceiling and turned to Zenos "Remind me to ban dances when this is over..." she turned to the crowd, looking extremely pale and sick "I ..uhhh ...I ...hmm ...let the dance ..commence?" as soon as she spoke, music started to play loudly and many people formed couples, while others formed groups in small circles ..interestingly, the Fergrangal princess and Syndana unable to find other willing partners begrudgingly decided to dance with each other instead.
Myrafiora was not really a good dancer but being intoxicated slightly helped, she would make a jump left then two jumps right in a circular movement while holding Zenos' hand and flapping her other wing ...trying to both not fall and lead Zenos who obviously had no idea of how to dance this old Ghashyr piece. As the pace got faster and the tone louder, the couples got closer together, and it appeared as that the final part of the dance was for the two to hold each other and make rounds as one while flapping their free hand-wing.
The master of ceremonies loudly proclaimed "Such grace! As if dragons are alive in this hall! It is time for the firejumps! Her holy greatness may lead the way, if she may"
Myrafiora was all sweaty and really in a bad shape, it seemed as if the master of ceremonies wanted her dead. However, when she looked at Zenos' eyes with the two having been really close for a while now, she felt a relief and a tender warm feeling within her "Oh what the void... ..let's jump the fire ..but I do not have much energy, you'll have to put more strength."

In the background and a little before the dance begun the brave suitor of the Taurus-lady bumped his chest in defiance of her snark "I will handle the Rangians and an etherstorm too if this means I shall win your heart even for this single night, beautiful war-maiden! Give me this dance and I, Seridhor Qaatha, will endure anything your officers wish upon my family's honor..."

Iammelon wrote:Sofya's Taurus minder came over at the Princess's request, coming over to Sofya's side. Appa was not particularly interested in this exchange, but of course she was bound to support her charge. That and as a proud Rangian, it wasn't like she was particularly fond of Anubites herself, "Certainly more worthwhile to be the one written about, rather than being the poor sod who has to write a story they'll never live for themselves!" She then grinned, while the Anubite rolled his eyes, having heard that particular insult plenty of times before. The Jackal spoke rather calmly in response, "And if you actually did some reading, you'd know how tired that idea is. Plenty of rulers have said it, and they don't even get chapters in the textbooks. But I suppose I will enjoy adding your name to the long list of Talmyrs and Zantine Emperors, one more among countless many. I wonder if my ancient spirit will even remember this in the times to come. Although, on that note, clearly this topic bores you, so how about I move onto something more interesting. Perhaps a summary of what happened to the smart lizards on this planet?"

The two Heordals marched themselves into the cave, rather interested in seeing what a Valx Cave would look like in comparison to a Heordal one. It was of particular interest to Ezron, as he was a Cave Dragon himself so he had seen plenty of caves and had his preferences. Getting inside, the Red Dragon was rather impressed with the style, enjoying the clawmarks, tunnels, and of course the gold. While Ezron was no greedy Drake, he still appreciated the value of a good horde for a good cave. It really wasn't home without it. Tarral meanwhile liked the banners and plaques, although as a Village Dragon herself she wasn't all too fond of the tunnels and cave system, it feel rustic to her. But as a more business minded Dragoness, Tarral could much more appreciate the sheer display of wealth more than Ezron. So she gave a nod in satisfaction at it, as it was an acceptable haul for a Dragon Clan of such apparent status as Myrsa's.
Sarxaxa's fiery arrival did surprise both Heordals, but they calmed down quickly as they remembered that Myrsa had siblings and wasn't the only Valx here. That and Tarral noted that this Dragoness was smaller, likely less developed due to being trapped in this cave all her life, and so she wasn't as threatened. It was certainly a notable introduction, and Tarral was the first to speak. Albeit because she yelled in fluster at Myrsa as she ran off, "I am not in denial, licentious beast! Control your lust!" With a grunt, she then turned to Sarxaxa, recovering her composure and speaking plainly, "Well met then, Sarxaxa! As Myrsa said, I am Lady Tarral, and this is Ezron. We are here to help you. We brought a cargo ship as well as medical supplies, with which we can transport your bodies, possessions, and even life support! A Draconic doctor has come as well! Should find a way to help with this life threatening condition Myrsa mentioned, one way or another. Personally I am quite happy to have this interesting chance to find other Dragons!"

The next to speak was Ezron, who of course was more measured, "Well met, Lady Sarxaxa! I do recognize your name as part of the nobility and as controlling of the banks. As Tarral said, we have brought means to assist. Which includes moving your horde, if you wish. I can quite understand the desire to keep one's gold in their cave of residence. Although, I must ask, why are you currently in your Dragon body? I understand from Myrsa that you control both, but is it not dangerous to go into the Dragon form while your Ghashyr body is out and about?"

Sofya hugged Appa joyfuly and stayed by her side as she too belittled the annoying know-it-all of a jackal, snarkily commenting back at his presumption of her future rule "It's not gonna be a small chapter if I have a say in it ..and besides, I'm the first dual princess, this alone secures it, you're just jealous! She released Appa from her hug and continued the walk "And anyhow, I know everything about the lizards ..yes ..I certainly ..uhh do! They had a text based on claw scratches and worshipped fire ..then they decided to rule over humans and then we fought them and freed ourselves ...then some evil order decided to slay them all in really damn old times, which is extremely awful, but we have come to acknowledge that. I personally like dragons a lot, they can fly even and breathe fire ..I think, yes?" She looked at Appa for confirmation, as if she was giving a test at school and Appa was her schoolmate.

Sarxaxa remained silent observing the two dragons from claws to wings while boasting a very judemental expression "'re a bit larger." slightly annoyed at the fact but acknowledging it, she humphed and proceeded to talk back more approprietly "Nevermind that, we will accept your noble help ...but I will check the hoard twice and I want all of it if I'm to move out of here. You can certainly understand this is very important; a dragon without a hoard is like a human without their silly little tools and more so. I also want to be certain that we will not be left in Heord without someone to explain how to fare in this weird planet of yours ..but nevermind, I can overcome all if I am to defend my bonds and hoard! I'll rip and tear any foolish dragonling that disrespects me, I assure you." She then turned at Tarral intensely, again in a rather awkward silence "...really larger. Hmmm..."
In the back and from far away a young dragoness with her right wing extended fully walked forward slowly upon the countless gold pieces that made the most beautiful tingling sound as they were trumbled by the dragon's paws seemed as if behind the wing there was another dragon, though it was quite hard to see beneath the makeshift veil of the wing. Suddenly the young unknown dragoness groaned loudly "Come on aunt Myrsa! For how long do I have to hold it up? For Saints' sake.." Myrsa's voice could be heard in a frustrated tone behind the wing "NO! keep it up you little lazy gecko ..she looks at us!"
Sarxaxa groaned in a very similar manner to the young dragoness, obviously hinting to their relation "This is my daughter, Ymira ..and the talking wing is my sister's real form. MYRSA quit this foolishness and let my daughter alone if you please, or I'll smack you."
Regardless of what anyone wished, Ymira was surprised enough to see the two stranger dragons and dropped her wing, galloping happily towards the newcomers ..revealing Myrsa's dragonic form that quickly had covered herself with both of her wings, looking like some short of taco that was also whimpering "No, no, no! ...this is awful, Tarral just turn away ..please."
Sarxaxa face-winged but she did seem to be more sad than annoyed; for all their disagreements she still cared for her sister "Come on Myrsa, stop being like that..."
While Myrsa did a good job of covering herself with her wings, it was quite clear why she didn;t want to be seen ..her wings alone were in a bad state, their membranes almost ripped in pieces, while the form behind them appeared to be almost ghostly and too weak.

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