by Max Barry

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Dandelion tea
Feeble sunlight, spring so young
Earthy, herbal taste

Everybody’s up,
The usual clattering,
Another morning.

Don't tell anyone
That I didn't sleep at all
And just worked all night

Morning time coffee
A paid day off with bagels
A blessed Tuesday

NinjitsUtopia wrote:Morning time coffee
A paid day off with bagels
A blessed Tuesday

Just had some chocolate
It's five hundred calories
A weight-gain Tuesday

Judas and the Black
Messiah is still showing
at the cinema!

Blissful are the days
Blue skies and lots of sunshine
Still a bit cold though

Embassies, why not?
They’re not nazis or raiders,
So we have said yes.

NinjitsUtopia wrote:lil Nas X has done
A wonderful thing-riding
Satan, being gay

Ah yes, the gayness
After all it is what makes
It all so worth it

We love being friends.
Peace and success between us.
God bless all of you.

South Lebatuck wrote:Dandelion tea
Feeble sunlight, spring so young
Earthy, herbal taste

Tried some yesterday,
can't say it was my favorite.
Did I make it wrong?

Picked flowers outside,
separate yellow from green,
let it dry then boil.

Today is national haiku day!

Conductor pulls strings:
the lark ascends in my soul
and in strangers' hearts

Clouds pink from the sun
make way for a sky more blue
this Sunday morning

Someone is working
To break the morning silence;
Oh dear, it’s just me.

A beach mystery.
Message in a bottle reads
'Return to sender'.

what am i doing?
I promised to go biking!
groggy morning soon

Grateful for face masks -
They can, after all, conceal
My sardonic smile

My partner was stopped
Just about to don his mask
As he left our house

The policía
Said where’s your mascarilla?
But he wasn’t fined.

A chopper on mars
Next is streets, cars and sidewalks
Progress knows no bounds

Invisible walls
D'you also feel them sometimes?
Surrounding you all?

'Leave meeting' I say
And the screen plunges into
A complete darkness

Summer haze, and
My gaze on the horizon
People leaving soon

But have they ever been
Here and now and by my side
No, just on a screen

Writing assignments
It is too introspective
How am I teaching?

My teaching statement
Sounds like marketing myself
As it well should be

But I just hate it
And it's not even done yet
Gosh, when will it end?

I wish I could be
One of those sassy bitches
Who boast easily

South Lebatuck wrote:...I wish I could be
One of those sassy bitches
Who boast easily

Listen to hip hop,
Understand you are badass.
Don't think it, know it.

Oddly, some lyrics
Transliterate to haiku
Not very badly!

"I'm like the outlaw
Striding, suckers are hiding,
Drop behind a bush

"[]see me driving by,
Hangin' out my window, with
My magnum, takin'

"Out some putos, I'm
Just another local kid
From the street, gettin'

"Paid for my vocals.
Here is something you can't

Five-and-seven, five
Breaks down after a bit, but
Works more than you'd think.

I'm so long-winded,
So just remember: hint at
How awesome you are!

(h/t Cypress Hill: )

Kitchen sink is clogged
Gross waters are rising up
Landlady comes in

The plumbers are called
And they are coming tonight
And in the meantime

I am not able
To cook or wash anything
So I ordered wraps

And some yogurt drink
Mediterranean food
It's so delicious

I once thought the term
"Climate change" euphemistic
Nonsense: sounds less bad.

Now, constant winds blow
Far more than ever before.
Everything's changing.

One rule for this state
Always listen to mother
For the best nation.

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