by Max Barry

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NinjitsUtopia wrote:Twenty seven years
Living person since nine four
Birth is a blessing

The meaning of life
Celebrate every moment

Shall I have more tea?
Or shall I get some work done?
Put the kettle on.

False dichotomy?
A happy tea break, and then
work flows easily.

Fresh skies hint at spring
until sudden hail stones strike
swirling and bouncing.

I watch a battle
Two blackbirds fight a pigeon
who invades their space.

Watching a movie
I have seen it many times
Still notice new things

Now I'm curious
which movie you were watching.
Just a little hint?

Titiwu wrote:Now I'm curious
which movie you were watching.
Just a little hint?

A bear who can talk
Trees of glass go up in flames
Natalie Portman

This is a nice game.
In this particular case,
I'm stumped. Anyone?

Found it on the internet,
I have not seen it

Our Founder's passing
brings sorrow, but new plans too
for a bright future.

Greetings, friends and allies of Forest!

In last night's major update, beginning the 7th of March 2021, Forest's founder and longest resident Errinundera CTE'd. Though we are unsure of the causes, and hope that all is well for the person behind the name, this event was not entirely unexpected. For some time we have seen the signs, and were able to lay out all the steps and safeguards necessary to ensure an orderly transition to Forest being a stable, Delegate-led region. Because of the nature of Forest's democracy, this change will not significantly impact the long-term function of our government.

As we speak, the necessary Constitutional procedures are being undertaken to make this transition smoothly, and we do not anticipate any significant interruption or alteration to our status, alliances, commitments, or activities. In accordance with Forest law long-ago written for just such an occasion, a password has been placed on the region while we complete this process. This is a temporary state of affairs, and we anticipate that within a short period of time, the necessary votes will have been completed to allow the lifting of this password, and our long-awaited transition to the next government.

We thank you for your ongoing friendship, and look forward to many years of continued growth together.

Verdant Haven
Forest Keeper of Forest

(I totally forgot to invite you all to TWP's art festival on Discord; I am sorry)

Here's one I wrote for that festival in 3-5-3 format:
a ripple
sitting by the stream
current thoughts

And one just for today:
starry night displayed—
standing intently, gazing
and yet I am seen

alone, beholden,
in silent hues still speaking
the work of art is.

Van Gogh's Starry Night, Moma, and the philosopher Jean-Luc Marion

There was a young man
from Cork who got limericks
and haikus confused

From the region where
the evergreens are plenty
I come to visit

Welcome new nations
Haiku is a blissful place
Enjoy your stay here

Self-expression flows
uninhibited among
the Haiku nations

That is, so long as
you remember to adhere
to five-seven-five

quack quack quack quack quack
quack quack quack quack quack, says duck,
quack quack quack quack quack

It’s time for my walk,
When I finish typing this
I’ll go join the birds

I can’t fly of course,
But one foot then the other,
I’m quite good at that

He climbs the palm tree
To cut away dead branches
That fall to the ground

Just missing the cat
Whoosh, clunk, another one falls
The cat runs away

Tiny stark white kirk
on the rain swept moorland's edge -
bleak land, bleak doctrine.

Vacuuming the grass,
Neighbour’s grass made of plastic,
The whine bites my brain.

Heron on the shore
rising o'er the swollen tide
in cranky circles

On the final mile -
endorphins propelling me,
ribs stitched, legs burning.

“Which nation is best?”
Supposedly we decide
By random pair votes??

lil Nas X has done
A wonderful thing-riding
Satan, being gay

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