by Max Barry

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Challenges abound
Work and home and politics
So goes '21!

My tea’s getting cold
Typing this on my iPad
Makes me forget it

mighty winds compete
in vain with robin's sweet chirps
while clouds saunter by

Orchids bloom year 'round
Every color exept blue
Easy to maintain

a bear once told me
he could fly across the sky
he had no wings though

There is a she-bear
by name of Ursa Major.
She lives in the sky.

Pigeons coo birds chirp
Cat too fat to catch the bird
Neighbour’s dog asleep

A cat in my lap
A coffee at my bedside
Loving wife and home

Night: snow is falling.
Coffee, choc'late, and whiskey:
Solitude, and peace.

Permanent damage
Preventable Ill scars lungs
Burn in hell four five

We should all be free
To express and explore life’s
Numerous wonders

NinjitsUtopia wrote:Permanent damage
Preventable Ill scars lungs
Burn in hell four five

For many I mourn;
The dead, but also live ones.
May you find some peace.

A whole year later
Corona is still a thing
No end in sight yet

Bring down the 9 pound
hammer upon all my woes
Indica heals souls

Dungeons and Dragons
And scarce other social games
stave off loneliness

Heart says sweetness, light -
Head screams when the news comes on -
Feet run out of room.

Inner joy needs time.
How about facing the news
every 2/3 days?

Tap-Dancing Demons
is the biggest nation here -
Thirty-four billion.

That’s not poetic,
for which I apologise,
but true nonetheless.

stars in the night sky
like sand pebbles on a beach
counting them, not me

I'm working from home
Less time for fun online games
Makes no sense to me

I miss all of you
And the challenge of haiku
Here are a couple

Oh right, I can post
here if the settings are right.
I forgot that thing.

Snow is falling down
Giving the world a sparkle
A frozen beauty

sand from the desert
dyeing the snow a deep red
earth looks like mars now

Rustle of palm leaves
in the wind, it sounds like rain,
but no cloud, big sun

North African rock
No planes flying, no tourists,
Yet the sun still shines

Twenty seven years
Living person since nine four
Birth is a blessing

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