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Welcome to Greater Olympus, we are a region dedicated to fun and realistic role-plays on one of the best maps in NS. Every nation will receive a unique land bio related to the territory they claim on the map which will serve as the basis of their nation. Below you will find links on how to get started in the region as well as Role-Play information, and our different News outlets.

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    NationStates Guide

    MetaReference by Amerion . 85,261 reads.

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    Explanation of Economy in Greater Olympus

    MetaGameplay by Greater Olympia . 818 reads.

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    An Explanation of Population in Greater Olympus

    MetaReference by Greater Olympia . 674 reads.

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    The Gateway

    FactbookOverview by GO Archive . 1,461 reads.

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    Roleplay Etiquette

    MetaGameplay by Greater Olympia . 521 reads.

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Greater Olympus contains 30 nations, the 512th most in the world.

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The Most Valuable International Artwork in Greater Olympus

Some nations attempt to collect signature artworks of other nations, developing collections known as "decks." The World Census has estimated their value.

As a region, Greater Olympus is ranked 1,924th in the world for Most Valuable International Artwork.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Republic of IllyntheriaScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Balch a Rhydd”
2.The Socialist Federation of Volga-DnieperDemocratic Socialists“Worldwide Revolution”
3.The Socialist Republic of Dau SelDemocratic Socialists“Prosperity through unity, unity through service”
4.The Dominion of ApsicaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Per Aspera Ad Astra”
5.The United Kingdoms of Ascolla-East TernevInoffensive Centrist Democracy“The shining star in the night”
6.The Kingdom of Boaga IIDemocratic Socialists“TBD”
7.The Commonwealth of MerrainCivil Rights Lovefest“Nous Ouvrons la Marche!”
8.The Realm of AchesiaFather Knows Best State“Break, Not Bend”
9.The Republic of KarodovaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“W.I.P”
10.The Revolutionary Republic of WinstInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Noblesse Oblige Aux Gens”

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Hey guys, just joined the region and I'm hoping to apply soon (:


Parthaia wrote:Hey guys, just joined the region and I'm hoping to apply soon (:


With this message I'd like to formally announce my candidacy.

I'm hoping that, as someone more RP-focused, as well as consistently active, I can breath some fresh life into this region, lest it die and fall by the wayside.

I am formally announcing my candidacy for Laiki Archon. As archon I'll work to bring greater activity to the region, and promote the current system of monthly new cycles. I may not have been the most active person in the region but that will definetly change if elected.

I will also be running for a position as Laiki Archon. My primary focus initially will be hacking away at our regional "design debt" - getting our existing NPCs built out enough to be usable, working with people to establish definitive outcomes for important but half-finished RPs, heading a collaborative effort to get our lore actually established (looking at the OW in particular), general cleanup so we're working from tidier foundations.

Besides that, I'd like some technical reforms (GDP <.<) but I plan on operating based on consensus so any significant changes will be discussed and only enacted if they see general support. Finally, I'd love to make use of the many talents in our region by offering whatever help people need to make this region better (eg, coordinating data sharing for cartography, helping those interested in setting up wikis, promoting interesting RPs) and doing some community activities (eg some more rounds of GO Jeopardy) to get the blood pumping again.

Well I didnít plan on this but I got an idea and decided to run with it, so I am running for Laiki Archon position. I think this is a good way to see if what I want to plan is desired by the region instead of canceling elections and resuming the Archonate, I believe working with the community is a better way of going about things, especially in this time of crisis and low membership. The people who are left are the dedicated members who know this region what is at its core and what it could become.

This is not the first time weíve encountered this issue, back in 2016 membership was falling leaving massive holes in our canon leaving us with significant dead weight. The solution then and the solution I am proposing now is a new map.

With significant portions of canon unlikely to continue due to loss or inactivity of key players I believe this is an opportunity to right the ship and get a fresh start with experienced members involved and with an eye at what the region has been in the past guiding decisions about the future.

With that in mind I would like to show what I have in mind with Olympus 3.0. .

One part of history in my tenure as Archon that I have tried to prevent in GO 2.0 is colonialism. The desire for a multipolar world with no great divergence moment meant that desires to have a colonial or imperial history ran counter to that design due to the way the map was set up. G.O. 3.0 is designed around an old world (on the right) and new world (on the left). To allow colonialism without breaking the multipolar nature of the world. It also serves to keep the various hot spots of activity in the region tied closer together rather than more distant. The design of the old world is designed to increase interactions with other areas and the new world is roughly equal distance from both sides of the old world allowing interactions across the map.

I would also like to work with both my fellow Laiki and members of the community in shaping the rest of Olympus 3.0. Working to make the economy portion of the land bio and map info make more sense and be more accessible.

I would like to see us tackle things in a more thoughtful way including space exploration, and the global diplomatic situation (UN, League of Nations, Anarchy). I also want to ensure things like the failure of OWII donít happen by working with players to have areas where a storyline is going to take place to be properly understood by incoming members. I think several members felt dragged into things due to inadequate knowledge of what was going on in the area. Having long-term ideas and stories being thought about in the building phase would help limit such issues.

I know GO can survive this moment and thrive again, lets take this moment as a chance to reevaluate and renew the region with the information and experience to make this place better than it was before. It is also a big ask to reset, but I find nothing truly disappears. Velk, Parth, and Winst all made the transition bringing their desired nations with them.

Iím running for Laiki to see this vision through and to have the region itself shape the final form of Olympus 3.0. Thank you for your consideration.

Poll for the Election is up it will run for 7 days. I suggest waiting to cast your vote to allow candidates to appeal to you and save on bureaucratic headache.

You must fill out the form and verify on the published poll.

The election uses ranked choice vote, the top two are elected Laiki.

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