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Great britain and the northern-ireland

British Broadcasting News(BBC News)
A message from 10 Downing Street from Theresa May about the situation in Greece

Good evening, I’d like to take the time to address an important matter in regards to the situation in the balkans. As of today the countries within that region and others have condemned Greece and have pulled diplomatic support from the country in response to the unforeseen attack on Turkish citizens within Greece. Foreign leaders have blamed the current conservative government for their failure to uphold the basic justice for the 22 year old student who was killed by what the Greeks called a unknown attacker. The response by the international community have been somewhat aggressive towards an aggressive situation within Greece. Greece has seen a rising interest in populism just like across Europe within Britain, France, Germany, Austria and others, and the response made by those I must not support. The reason I do not support this move especially from EU states is due to the fragile political climate within the country of Greece. Their Prime Minister spoke words of war, which we do condemn because war in the 21st century against another notable power is unparalleled. Instead of marching towards war, we ask that both parties sit down at the upcoming summit in Paris to discuss these differences to the European Council. We must mediate the problem before it does get out of hand, and we can no longer control the outcome. However I do look to Turkey and their government as they watch the news, and see that the Greek people are angry as they have been for quite sometime. It’s better to have neighbours that have mutual respect towards each other and as well as good dialogue, otherwise this is what will continue. The next Prime Minister may react differently and my speech my have been all for nothing, however Greece and Turkey are in the same boat and must look towards better dialogue or otherwise this will turn into a greater issue and will require Britain’s upmost attention. Britain will not suspend diplomatic relations with Greece, but again we do condemn the Prime Ministers call for fire and blood against the Turkish state. The Prime Minister must retract that statement. On another note Britain will be Departing HMS Dragon and HMS Defender from Gibraltar to the Mediterranean Sea. As a peacemaker between both nations. Thank you, and good night.


    RAI News 24

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte statement towards the issue between Greece and Turkey.
"We are deeply saddened and condemn the attack made to the 22 year old Turkish student killed in Greece by an "unknown" suspect in which resulted death of the student we send our condolences to the victims family and ask for Greek authorities to work even harder to prevent any more attacks. We aslo condemn the Greek's prime minister statement calling for "Fire and blood" against the Republic of Turkey as such statement was not neccessary and ask to be retracted. We dont want any unnecessary tensions in Europe and ask for both Greece and Turkey to respect eachother and to work together to solve this issue before its gets more out of hand than it already is bringing unwanted attention to that area... however we are in process of sending a small fleet to patrol the Mediterranean to maintain peace if situations were to rise."

Stromboli volcano eruption
Mount Stromboli located in the southern island of Stomboli has erupted leading to death of 1 tourist and 2 injured. The national fire department were rushed to the scene to help bring down any stranded hiker and control the fore in the slopes of the volcano due to the eruption though they were hampered by the thick smoke during the process. Marco Georgianni mayor of Lipari said thier was no damage made to the residential areas of the island and no evacuation is needed but offered assistance to anyone wishing to leave the island.

    Repretel News

Troops arrive at the Panama canal
President Nayib Bukele and Minister of the National Defence René Merino arrived to the Panama Canal to see the first set of troops arrive as part of the new security measures ordered by the presidency.

"The Panama Canal is Central American, it's an important factor to our economy and it's something we most protect from any current problems like illegal drug trafficking which affects our area, and any rising problems if they were to happen. We are going to ensure peace, tranquility, and safety to the hard working people of the panama canal deserve. This deplorable will not disrupt any shipments that go through the canal and will only patrol and protect if necessary from any danger if that were to happen. We hope to see positive results in the area of protection and hope to capture more illegal ships crossing through this area."
FNCA-Morazan has also been deployed to the Pacific side of the canal which will help troops patrol and capture any illicit drugs that cross through or near this area.

Minister of the national Defence René Merino aslo announced the purchase of 5 Northrop f5s from the The United American-States for the price of 6 million USD in which he stated was part of improving the Central American air force which has been lacking of equipment throughout the past years.

Ministry of Foriegn affairs to review certain relations
The ministry of foreign affairs has stated that it will begin to review relations with certain countries which has been ordered by President Bukele. Not much was said on this decision on why or what countries are on the list with the only part known is that countries with no benefits to the federal republic will he reviewed.

Por una Centroamerica en paz esto es Repretel Noticias.



    . . . PT Gramedia (Persero) Tbk . . .

    Jakarta, 4 July 2019 - The government is privatizing 30 percent
    of BUMN (Badan Usaha Milik Negara), the state-owned enterpri-
    ses of Indonesia.

    In Indonesia, state-owned enterprises play an important role in
    the national economy. Their roles include contributor for natio-
    nal economic growth, providing goods or services which aren't
    provided by private enterprises, provider of employment, provi-
    der of support guidance to small and medium enterprises, and
    source of government revenue.

    The reasons behind privatization, according to the Ministry of State Enterprises, are to increase the quality of domestic pro-
    ducts, create high-end products, and relieve bureaucracy.

    State companies being privatized include PT Badak NGL, PT
    Sarinah, PT Angkasa Pura I, PT Angkasa Pura II, PT KAI, and
    PT Kimia Farma.

      Taxes and Vegans

                Scott Morrison’s tax cuts victory puts Dems on the back foot
                Sid Maher, THE AUSTRALIAN

      On what is essentially the first fair dinkum day of the new parliamentary term Scott Morrison is on the verge of a significant victory and the DSP is left on the back foot.

      The President has secured the four crossbench votes it needs to pass its $158 billion tax cut package in a deal that secures a key election promise.

      As at this morning, The Democrats are looking rudderless.

      Despite the announcements from the two Centre Alliance Senators and Jacqui Lambie, Opposition Treasury spokesman Jim Chalmers could only say that the DSP will be moving its amendments and if they are defeated, the shadow cabinet will form a final position on the entire package.

      Labor has backed the first phase of the plan which will hand $1080 to low and middle income earners and called for the second tranche to be brought forward to stimulate the economy. It does not support legislating the third phase.

      Its amendments will put this position to parliament, which has allowed Anthony Albanese to argue the Democrats are the only party backing tax cuts for all workers.

      But these amendments will fail, the independents will back the government and Scott Morrison’s original package will pass.

      The takeout will be that the government has delivered tax cuts with the help of crossbench Senators and the Democrats didn’t back it.

      That’s game, set and match to the government on the first big political skirmish of the new parliament. You can bet Morrison will be hammering home this message this afternoon when he faces off against Albanese in the first Question Time since the election.

                Farm-invading activists face new penalties
                Matt Coughlan and Rebecca Gredley, 7 NEWS

      Extreme vegan activists who incite destructive farm invasions could face up to five years prision, under tough new penalties being pushed by the Morrison government.

      During the federal election campaign, Scott Morrison put dealing with the activists on par with terrorist foreign fighters.

      The President promised people who t4resspass on farms would be thrown behind bars or fined up to $12,600.

      Attorney-General Christian Porter insists the new laws are needed, despite trespass onto private property already being an offence

      "Trespass onto agricultural land has the potential to cause food contamination and breach biosecurity protocols," Mr Porter said while introducing the legislation on Thursday. "It can also lead to farmers and their own families feeling unsafe on their own land."

      The legislation includes two new offences, the first invoking up to one year prision, while more serious aggravated offences could result in up to five years behind bars.

      The lesser offence involves someone inciting others to trespass on agricultural land, while the more serious scrime includes instances when activists incite others to damage property and steal livestock.

      "This offence and the substantial penalty proposed, reflects the gravity of these more serious forms of conduct and the substantial loss of income that could follow, " Mr Porter said.

      The bill also includes protections for journalists and whistleblowers, when it's in the public's interest to know of questionable farming practices, but the protection for jpurnalists won't apply if a news article suggests activists should trespass on farms.

      The issue exploded earlier in the year after animal rights group Aussie Farms published detailed and addresses of producers in an online map. A series of farm invasions aimed at highlighting cruelty in agriculture propmted the coalition to talk tough against activists groups.

      Aussie Farms refuced to take the page down, arguing it was promoting transparancy in agriculture and fighting animal welfare abuses.

      Amid a bitter impasse between farmers and vegan protesters, the Morrison government proposed to crack down on 'green-collar' criminals.

Afghan Foreign Minister Salahuddin Rabbani Denounces Greek Government

Salahuddin Rabbani issued a statement early this morning in response to rising Greek nationalism and its governments lack of an appropriate response.

“The people of Afghanistan understand the meaning of war; the blood, the tears, the lives ruined. For a government to seek out war, and to blame others for pointing out its own failures is nothing short of ludicrous! We have been fighting armed terrorism for 18 years, and for a European nation to be so ineffective in fighting these problems try reflects on the competence of their government.”

Minister Rabbani went on to give a message to Turkish people in Greece.

“Although in recent times Afghanistan and Turkey have had turbulent relations, however we share one religion. We are brothers and sisters before the Holy Quran. We must submit to no one other than Allah (SWT)! The West has attempted to subdue us for too long, brothers and sisters it is time for us to defend our sovereignty and religious identity. For those who are oppressed by the Greeks, fight back! Stand firm in the face of hardship and you shall be rewarded.”

The statement ended with a quote from Ahmad Zahir.

“Zindagi Akher Sar Ayad, Bandagi Dar Karu Naist. Bandagi gar shartu bashaad, zindagi dar karu naist”

“Life comes to an end, there is no need for oppression. If oppression is life, there is no need for living.”

Beograd Danas
July 4th, 2019.


During his service as the President of Ruskaya-respublika, Vladimir Putin had already visited Belgrade for four times. Yesterday, his presidential plane has landed on Uroš Palović International Airport in Belgrade for fifth time, where he was welcomed by President of Serbia Lazar B. Jerkov. Two leaders, who knows each other already since this is their second meeting, have first stood to listen to the national anthems of two countries they represent, and after that they have entered the escort and moved to the residence of Serbian President - Palace of Serbia.

In Palace of Serbia, two leaders with their teams have had the working lunch, after which the political talks have started. President Putin was open for furthering the bilateral relationship with Serbia in all areas and so agenda was pretty flexible, but it focused on terms of trade, energetics and cultural cooperation. In terms of trade, two has signed a strategic deal providing a path for Serbian fruit on Russian markets for a fair price. This was a long waiting agreement for Serbian farmers, who are well-known for producing the raspberries and plums of the highest quality. That fruit would now be able to come to Russian markets for a stable price, because it would be exported to Russia on a large scale and not individually, which makes a system more fair for both sides of trade. In terms of energetics, two Presidents were happy to re-new the expiring deal about Serbian gasoline import from Russia trough the South Stream pipeline, under the terms from the previous deal, now for next 5 years. Nothing would change in circumstances of gasoline import, since both sides expressed the pleasure with current terms of import. In terms of culture, two sides have pinned it as important to preserve the common Slavic past of our nations and to protect our historic sites. Both have pledged to promote Slavic unity internationally, because it is the very core of national identities of both nations.

After the meeting, President Putin went to hotel and since schedules of both leaders were quite under pressure due to multiple international crises, they have shortly met this morning to thank one another for productive talks they had, after which President Lazar Jerkov followed President Vladimir Putin back to the Uroš Palović International Airport, from where the Russian delegation has safely returned home. President Jerkov haven't made any statements for the journalists, but a short comment that all agreements between two partners are made public and so that journalists may find them online without contacting him for a comment.

National greece

The Prime Minister’s Office

The Prime Minister in his office along side his national security advisor were sitting in his office having a lovely conversation about the recent news that the Greek National has reported this morning. Sitting in his chair the Prime Minister looked somewhat amused by the statements made by foreign governments.

“For those who are oppressed by the Greeks, fight back! Stand firm in the face of hardship and you shall be rewarded.” Thats from an Afghan news article.” Mitsotakis then chuckled. “How ironic it is to see a country ransacked, trampled, and taken advantage of by U.S. and then NATO forces for years to speak due to their own people’s failure to uphold their own laws and justice. Harboring terrorists and what not. A complete joke, to hell with them all.” He said as he continued to read the paper.

“Ah, I see that the British and the Italians will be sending military forces instead of pulling diplomatic relations, can’t say I like it but it’s better than what the Polish President has stated, have you read that mess?” The National Security Advisor reads through the article and then shook his head disappointment and sighed. “I’ve never seen a foreign diplomat misinterpret a national message to its people so bad before, at first I thought it must’ve been a joke. The Turks indeed do have friends who are blinded by their own loyalty to them, and it’s sad. Turkey a member of the European Union who don’t have the support of the European Union unless your country is Serbia. They draw their attention from other countries, so it’s safe to say this isn’t a European issue at all, its their own issue trying to force other countries to do their dirty work for them. Turkey plays their neighbors like chess pieces and they don’t even know it. How sad.” Said the National Security Advisor.

The Prime Minister then laughed when he saw that the Bosnians are looking to send an arrest warrant to arrest him. “On what charges? Espionage? Conspiracy against the Bosnian government? These people are fresh off the funny farm today I see, goodness.” He then licked his finger to turn the page. “You know the Turks and other members have been pushing for Bosnian accession into the European Union.” Mitsotakis looked at his national security advisor in disgust. “We won’t allow that to happen any time soon after what we saw. There entry into the EU is about good as dead.” He said with a laugh.

The Prime Minister closed his news article and raised out of his chair. “The person who killed that poor boy will be found, it would be a disgrace for our police department if we can’t find this person, however our government will not respond to these fabrications by these regional communities. We don’t answer to the Bosnians, Poles, Persians, and most certainly the Turkish government. This is a Greek internal matter and I like it to keep it that way. The world has better things to do... or maybe not.” He said buttoning up his suit. “That will be all, thank you.” He said before leaving the room.

TRT World

Prime Minister Ekrem İmamoğlu meets with Ecumenical Patriarch of İstanbul, Bartholomew I

With increasing tensions from Turkey's neighbour to the west, Prime Minister İmamoğlu who previously served as the Mayor of Beylikdüzü, met with the Ecumenical Patriarch of İstanbul at St. George's Cathedral. Ecumenical Patriarch of İstanbul is the highest ranking member of the Orthodox Church, and is the primus inter pares (first among equals) in the Church. During the meeting both spoke at length of the rise of the far right government in Athens that has entered a warpath against the Turkish people, as well as the basic ideas of freedom that the European Union has built itself on. Following the meeting, Prime Minister İmamoğlu echoed the message of President Akşener in denouncing the Greek government for their warmongering tone, and assured the Turkish people that a war would not break out between the two nations. After his address, the Ecumenical Patriarch of İstanbul spoke strongly against the Greek government.

"I am simply disgusted. Disgusted by that the people of Greece whose countless contributions in the early days of human civilization has given them the credit for many of the democratic ideas we enjoy today has fallen so far into the ideology of hate and destruction that 80 years ago almost destroyed Europe. I am disgusted that the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, which had awarded my with an honorary doctorate could have allowed for such a thing. I am ashamed that I had accepted such a doctorate from a school that once stood for European and Orthodox ideals has turned its back on it, and allowed such an incident to happen. The actions that we have observed here from İstanbul by the government of Mitsotakis has proven that it has turned its back on the Orthodox ideals he claims to follow in leadership of his party, people, and country. It is disgusting to see the symbol of our faith be used as a weapon in an attempt to mislead the Orthodox world behind the cause of a fascist government. A man who preaches hate, death, destruction and war against another people based on their race or religion are not welcome in the Orthodox Church. I hereby excommunicate Kyriakos Mitsotakis from the Church of the East for the shame you have brought upon our faith, with this embrace of fascism. No man will use our faith as a weapon in a cause for fire and blood of ones neighbours. We teach peace and acceptance in our Church, and will not allow for a mad man to destroy what we have built in the near one thousand years of our Churches existence."

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The zhongguo people republic

Chinese National News Media Broadcast
Strengthening of the Sino-North Korean Strategic Relationship
Xi Jinping Fulfills Promise to the North Korean Government

President Xi Jinping has begun to fulfill promises that have been made between The zhongguo people republic and Namgyong when President Xi Jinping made his state visit to Pyongyang. As part of the new agreements to further solidify the strategic alliance between Pyongyang and Beijing, President Xi Jinping via the State Council and Standing Committee of the Politburo have begun to launch extensive tourism encouragement and the development of modern tourist attractions and destinations within North Korea. With the completion of the tourist destinations and the projected inflow of Chinese tourists into North Korea, it has been agreed upon that a percentage of profits accumulated at these destinations will return back to China, primarily to tourist and media companies. The expansion of tourism stems from Xi Jinping's understanding of the importance of the sustainability of the North Korean regime toward preserving the national security of China. In addition to tourism, The zhongguo people republic shall begin to fully assist in the infrastructure of Namgyong such as roads and greater rail networks. The work will be done primarily by the workers of Namgyong per the tenets of Juche as Beijing wishes to ensure the sustainability and preservation of the Kim regime. The third major agreement solidified between the two countries was the full elimination of Chinese tariffs on Namgyong coal. In exchange, Namgyong has agreed to participate in the development of a modern rail network to further connect China with North Korea in addition to allowing an increase of Chinese goods inflow over the border as well as more access for Chinese SOEs into the northern part of North Korea to assist in development.

In other news, President Xi Jinping and the Standing Committee of the Politburo and the Central Military Commission of the People's Liberation Army have begun the immediate planning and orchestration of a grand military parade to commence in Tienanmen Square. It is estimated that 120,000 soldiers shall participate in the grand military parade. To solidify the reestablished ironclad relationship between Pyongyang and Beijing, Kim Jung-un of Namgyong has been invited and accepted the special invitation from President Xi Jinping to be a guest of honor for the military parade. The intention of the military parade is reinvigorating the allegiance and obedience of the Chinese people to the State in addition to demonstrating the new capabilities of the Chinese armed forces.

Nayib Bukele arrives to Washington DC

President Nayib Bukele and his wife Gabriela Rodriguez de Bukele have arrived in Washington DC to attend the United States independence ceremony. This was announced via Twitter late midnight.

"I am honored to attend the United states independence ceremony which we have been invited to. We as Central Americans wish the United states and its citizens a happy independence day and thank them for all the cooperation between our two nations and hope to work more on the years to come. May God bless both of our countries."

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The japanese-state

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What nation are you?

Fox News

Salute to America Trump Address

With reports of over two million Americans having traveled to the nations capital in support of President Donald J. Trump, who has been widely considered as an amazing President, the President hosted his first Salute to America event that where he showed off the nations air force as well as took many Americans through a heartfelt speech about Americas history. Showing once again that their is no bigger patriot than the President of the United States.

"Hello America, hello! The first lady and I wish each and everyone of you a happy indepednece day, on this historic Fourth of July. As today we come together as one nation, under god, with this very salute to America. We celebrate our history, our people, our culture and the brave men and woman of our military who have fought to protect our freedoms. Together we are part of the greatest story ever told, the American epic. A nation who has risked it all to fight for what we know is true, the chronicle of the brave citizens who fought for a better future. And it is the saga of 13 separate colonies that came together to form the greatest democracy this world has ever seen. On this day 243 years ago, our founding fathers pledged their lives, fortunes and honor to defend our independence and our god given rights. Thomas Jefferson wrote the words that forever changed the course of America, and for that matter humanity. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. With single sheet of parchment and 56 signatures, America began the greatest political journey in world history. But that day the patriots 100 miles from here prepared under the beloved George Washington to fight as the continental army against the British fleet that came to crush the revolution in its infancy. George Washington wrote that the faith unborn of millions will now depend, under god, on the courage and conduct of this army. That is why we have the resolve to conquer or to die. Days later General Washington had the declaration read out loud to the troops, melting down the statue of King George. The far away king would learn a lesson that the world has yet to forget, that Americans love freedom and no one will ever take it away from us. That same American spirit that has emboldened our founders, that has kept us strong to this day, that runs through the veins of every American patriot. And it lives through each and everyone of you today. It is the spirit daring and defiant, excellence and adventure, courage and confidence, loyalty and love that built this country into the greatest nation in the history of the world. And our nation is stronger today that it has ever been before! The same righteous American spirit lead our explores Louis and Clark across an untamed continent. It drove others to stake our their claim in the wild frontier. Devotion to our founding ideals lead American patriots to abolish the evil of slavery, to secure civil rights and the expand the blessings of liberty to all Americans. This is the noble purpose that saw Abraham Lincoln give birth to the nation to a new birth of freedom, to the resolve that we will always have a government of the people by the people for the people. Our quest for greatness unleashed a culture of discovered, that saw the creation of the light bulb, the telefon, the plane. For Americans, nothing is impossible. Exactly 50 years ago this month, the world watched in awe as the United States planted the great American flag on the face of the moon. I want the American people to know, we will be back on the moon very soon and we will plant the American flag on Mars. Our nations creativity and genius lit up Broadway and Hollywood, and ears and eyes of the world with American culture. The motion picture, the musical, the world series, the super bowl, the skyscraper, the assembly line and the mighty automobile. It lead our citizens to save the lives of millions thanks to American medicine. It is our duty as Americans to take care of each other, that love and unity held together the first pilgrims, it held the explores together, and it is that idea that kept Americans stronger than ever. From the earliest days we have fought against tyranny, from the days of the Revolutionary War, to the Second World War, and today. The future of American freedom, is the future of our worlds freedom. That all people can live out the truths that are self evident to us, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. These rights have become more accessible for all today, and it is the time we ensure this for our allies. We did that on D-Day, when we put survive above all, when we fought against the crashing waves to save the lives of the world. To stop the fascist plague that had infected Europe, and threatened to seep into the rest of the world. The world knew that when the Americans cut through the sky and the sea that their time had come. Our soldiers were always ready, and are more ready than ever today. This is thank to the great George Washington for the bravery he showed that built the American culture that has lead us to this point. Today I stand before you the project of the American Dream, and I will fight for the freedom of all Americans. The Americans that fought against the Nazi Empire, throwing back from the lighting of the American army, and we will not hide from the fight against terrorists and regimes that duplicate the Nazi ideology. This evening we have witnessed the noble might of the warriors who continue to fight with vigilance to guard our birth right, with fierce devotion, to protect our rights, great nation and the flag. As long as we stay true to our founding principles, true to our nation, true to the unity that has made America great. As long as we never stop fighting for a better future, their is nothing that American cant due! We will always be the people who defeated the Nazis, conquered the skies, the seas, the land and space. We will always be the people who will never forget that we are Americans, and that the future belongs to us. The future belongs to the brave, the strong, the proud and the free. We are one people, chasing one dream, one magnificent destiny. We all share the same heros, the same home, the same heart. We are all made by the same all mighty god. From the bank of the Chesapeake, to the cliffs of California, from the Great Lakes to the Carolina's, from the fields of the heart land, to the everglades of Florida. The spirit of American independence will never fade, never fail and will reign forever! To all Americans, once more, have glorious Independence day, and have a great Fourth of July!"

TRT World

Martyr Esin Demir buried in Selanik, Selanik rally held

In a massive burial ceremony, thousands of Turks gathered in Selanik as Martyr Esin Demir buried. His family and friend in tears, being comforted by the people of the Republic who have shared the same pain with the loss of a Turk to the fascist cause. With all party leaders in attendance, ahead of the massive Selanik rally that had been planned that will hold all on the stage, each party leader gave their condolences after the funeral, and departed for the rally grounds where a little over one million had gathered from across Turkey. First spoke the leader of the Turkish Communist Party (TKP), Fatih Mehmet Maçoğlu addressed the crowd first.

"On this side day, we have come together as the collective to mourn the loss of Esin Demir, a man who was slaughtered at the hands of the same fascists that stood against ideals of freedom in Europe nearly a century ago. Many people who think similar to the TKP back in those days were slaughtered by the fascist governments of Europe. Today we have seen this ugly act repeated over and over by the Greeks. A nation who has not learned from the pages of history that war is not the answer, but peace is the key to prosperity. It is truly shameful that something like this can happen in this day and age. Esin Demir a student whose only goal was to pursue an education so he can go on and live the life he wanted. To have a family, pursue the career of his choice, and to live freely in his country. But all of this was taken away from him, his family and his community by the fascists. Shameful and disgusting, I spit on the very ground they walk on. The Turkish Communist Party stands with President Akşener."

After the TKP Chairmen, Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) Chairmen Cem Toker

"Freedom, democracy, equality. That is what we are fighting for, that is why the blood of our martyr Esin Demir will not be left dry. His families prayers will be answered, and the Liberal Democratic Party will stand behind the Turkish Government in this effort. No more will internal political differences divide us, together the Turkish people will once again show the world why we have stood at the top of the mountain since the dawn of time. Our prayers and thoughts to the deepest degree are with the Demir Family, and I know that his family were members of the LDP. And he will be honoured by the party until the end of time. Esin has now reached heaven and will live the rest of his life watching down on us, with a smile on his face as we stand strong against the fascist threat that threatens to engulf the Mediterreanean into all out war. We will not allow for this to happen, the Turkish government will not allow this to happen. The Liberal Democrat Party stands with President Akşener."

After the LDP Chairmen, Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) Chairmen Sinan Oğan spoke.

"Today the saying that 'the ground is blood red, the star and crescent white, that blessed flag, this blessed flag waves stronger than ever painted in the blood of our martyrs.' Today a nation who has never known civility, a nation that has never know the decency of law since their independence from the Ottoman Empire is trying to teach the world what democracy and freedom is. While its judiciary system allows for the murderer of a student to roam freely in its streets. While its government claims no responsibility, yet engulfs the flames of racial tension by calling for the fire and blood of the Turkish race. When the invaded İzmir after the first world war, their generals stomped all over the Turkish flag and burnt many Turkish business to the ground. Killing any Turk that stood in their way as they marched to Ankara. But our founder and Eternal President Mustafa Kemal Atatürk stood in their way, the Greeks once again poured into the sea. İzmir liberated. When we were given the chance to stomp all over their flag, in the same fashion that they had to ours, we were the bigger men and said no. Disgusted by the thought of falling down to the level of the nation of evil. Today we have seen the unrealized dream of the Greek fascists manifest itself as their government has called for war against the Turkish people. Not just against the Turks, but this I ensure you is a war against Islam. Our Muslim brothers the world over stand behind Turkey, the Turkic world stands behind Turkey, the West stands behind Turkey. Yes, we have had our differences in the past with President Akşener, but we will not allow for these differences to stand in the way of justice for Esin Demir and all Turks who have suffered at the hands of the Greeks. The Nationalist Movement Party stands with President Akşener.

After the MHP Chairmen, Republican People's Party (CHP) Chairmen and Prime Minister Ekrem İmamoğlu spoke.

"With the love of the children, with the energy of our youth, with the prayers of our mothers, with the strength of our fathers. We have not turned our back on the dream put forth by us by the shining blue eyes of our founder, he knew better than anyone that 'Unless a nation's life faces peril, war is murder.'. The actions we have seen in Greece by its far right, the flaming of these beliefs by its fascist government, and failure of their judicial system to punish the murderer are nothing short of murder. This is how they are raised, they are thought in their schools to hate the Turks, to wish for war against the Turks, to wish for the death of the Turks. Yet we teach our children that the wars are behind us, and that all people regardless if they are Turkish, Kurdish, Albanian, Arab, Armenian, Assyrian, Azeri, Bosniak, Bulgarian, Chechen, Circassians, Crimean Tatars, Rum, Lazi or any other race that calls this nation home are one people. The Turkish people. All who call this nation home worship the same flag, the Turkish flag. All stand with the same nation at every turn. The radical difference in what our people are thought has allowed for this to happen. We are thought acceptance, and equality amongst the people who call Turkey home. That the Muslim, the Jew, the Christian all are equal. That is why the head of the Orthodox Church denounced the actions of a government that has turned its back on the same principles that the rest of the world has subscribed to. The world has woken up. They may the be the creators of democracy, and democratic ideals. But all we have seen is an abandonment of these ideals. It be the creator, is to continue to fight and defend those ideals, not to abandon it because it no longer suits the needs of the fascists. The CHP, as it has always done, stands with the Turkish people, the Turkish race, and above all stands with President Akşener!"

After the Prime Minister, Good Party (İYİ Parti) Chairwoman and President of the Turkish Republic spoke.

"I thank all the party leaders who have come here today, I thank billions across the world who have voice their support with the Turkish people. The prayers of the world are with the family of Esin Demir, and for all minorities in Greece who will not be protected, as the rule of law is seemingly a thing of the past in Athens. Over and over again we have offered peace, we have offered dialogue between Turkey and Greece, yet each time we have been told their will be no peace, their will be no discussion for the betterment of both peoples. All we have heard from Athens are the cries of war, and destruction. No government has ever been so adamant about throwing his own people to the wolves. We will not answer the calls to war, our ideals of peace and prosperity for all will not be challenged by a regime bent on blood and fire. I promise today to the governments of the world, Turkey stands for peace at home, peace in the Mediterranean, peace in Europe, and peace in the world. War is not the answer, and never will be the answer to the silly cause of a rouge government and the evil ideology that feeds into it. This flag" She says pointing to the Turkish flag that waves proudly over the Turkish city of Selanik. "The crimson banner waved above the Turkish people as the we entered Anatolia through Malazgirt. The crimson banner waved as Osman Gazi set out to form the Ottoman Empire. This crimson banner waved proudly over the walls of İstanbul as we took the capital of the world. This crimson banner waved proudly in Çanakkale as the allies tried to break the spirit of the Turkish people. This crimson banner waved proudly in the war of independence as our enemies were poured into the sea. This crimson banner waved proudly as we fought side by side with our Korean brothers and sisters. And today this crimson banner waves over the Turkish future, a future that we will fight to protect for all that call the Turkish Republic home. This flag is our flag elhamdülillah. We will be the nightmare of the those who stand in to destroy our people! Allah is with us, the world stands with us. We will not swallow the haram bite that the far right has done, the great Turkish flag will wave proudly against our enemies! The crimson apple of our people our be torn apart by the far right, we will not let the European Union be destroyed by the far right! We will not let the world be engulfed by the far right! This is just the bismillah, the road is long ahead of us. The mind is the greatest weapon, not the weapons of war. Our finding ideals will forever lead us, as war is not our cry, but peace is. I stand with the Esin family, the world stands with you. Allah will show punish them accordingly when the time comes."

After her speech, all party leaders as well as the Esin family stood on stage for a moment of silence. As the rally ended, the chants of justice continued to echo as those in attendance left the rally grounds.

Great israel

Weekly News! - Jerusalem Post.

Expansion plans are underway!

Up until not long ago, the idea of creating A city and naming it after US President Donald Trump was just A vision of one Middle Eastern expert. However, the recognition of Jerusalem and Golan Heights have definitely impacted the Right-Wing camp, and today, The Israeli Parliament and government have voted for major developments in Jerusalem and the Golan Heights
The plans are:

- Establishment of A major city in Golan Heights, A business capital and importance similar to Haifa, Tel Aviv, and Beer Sheva. The city will include auctions for building, entrepreneurs and privately-owned public transport. In addition, free residence option for 5 years for Aliyah people will be handed, with the target aiming to be reached is A quarter million of Jews residing in the new city. Jewish Philanthropy in America, Germany, and Canada have already discussed with the government, with the intention of backing their plans financially. The name of the city will be officially named “Trump Heights”, named after the great Republican American president Donald Trump. Which was the first country to recognize Israel’s hold of the Golan Heights.

Building of A ring road surrounding Jerusalem. Jerusalem, the Capital of Israel, has limited roads and ways for comfortable access, even by public transport. This shall change through integration culturally of Jerusalem.
The second step of centralization of Jerusalem, is expanding the city and its metropolitan area, [lans on the territory is yet to be decided, and will be decided after the Elections in September.

The likely finish for Jerusalem’s plans is set to be at 2022, and Golan in 2025.

Ehud Barak is back.

Known as the most decorated soldier in the IDF’s history, Ehud Barak. Formerly Labor Party’s head and former Prime Minister and Defense Minister is making A comeback for politics, in order to eliminate Benjamin Netanyahu from the throne. Ehud Barak was the Prime Minister in 2000 when Israel withdrew from. And he offered the most flattering offer for 2-states to date, 96% of the West Bank including East Jerusalem as Palestine’s Capital. Ehud Barak’s goals are yet to be announced, whether its just to strengthen the Left-wing Bloc, or even compete for Prime Ministry yet again. After the attempt in 2015 to dethrone Netanyahu of “The Zionist Camp” led by the Labor (Avodah) party, and the 2019 almost success of Blue and White alliance led by Benny Gantz former chief of staff, it seems Ehud Barak, Netanyahu’s longtime nemesis from the Left-wing camp, can be the only source of dethroning him. Definitely major positive news for Israel’s Left, less for Israel’s Right.

Condemning Greece’s acts.

Message from Israel’s foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman.

“Greek people are natural brother nation for the Jews. We can date it back to the Hellenistic period, when Jews lived in Greece and Greeks in our holy Zion. Yet, they keep making the same mistakes as the Persians, instead of enforcing the natural act of brotherhood alliance with the mighty Jewish people, Greek government keeps on making mistakes. It is true, we sought for peace with Athens, and were the first to act for it, and promised to mediate between the wonderful Turkish nation and the lovely Greek civilization. Yet recent acts shown no progress for peace can be achieved when A dear ally of ours is threatened, and their civilians fear of the war that shall possibly start due to irredentist and unethical views. We stand alongside the Turks for good and for bad, the rational side, that one that does always ready to shake its hands for peace. We the Jewish nation and Israelis as A whole, love the Greek culture and the Greek nation, we love the greek state, just like we love the Persians, but if they seek for peace with Israel, it shall follow A national apology for recent events, and then we can all discuss REAL peace. As for Persia, their claims that we “occupy” foreign land? We ask you to give back occupied Balochistan, occupied Azerbaijan, occupied Yemen by Houthis, and please, withdraw from Abu Musa and the Tunb Islands, which is Arab land, and then, preach about the occupation.”

National greece

      The Greek National

    Protests Spark In Athens

In Athens this afternoon many protesters have been walking the streets of downtown Athens screaming Anti-Turkish rhetoric. A group of protesters were seen burning the Turkish flag, stomping on it as is supposed to mean a sign of death and disrespect towards the Turkish government and people. One of the leaders of today’s events stated that:

“The people of Greece are angry, and rightfully so. The Turks can gather everyone they like to shield them from us, but we will drag them out from that fake wall of security one by one.”

The Prime Minister has stated that the people have a right to protest, and people are required to follow the law while doing it. However he did not say he would personally involve himself in the conflict, but does share the people anger. He claims it’s unfortunate that the Turkish government sees this as a move towards fascism, but free speech is greatly valued within the country, clearly. He stated in a statement to the press not to long ago:

“When the European Union allowed for the Turkish people to enter our economic bloc, and take advantage of the Euro we are doomed to fail. A country that claims to uphold European values, but denying the fact that they are on the wrong side of European history is absolute absurdity. With Brexit, and the rising nationalism across Europe it seems the Turkish government is trying to use that Eurocentric ideology against us to justify that they are the ones in the right. But they are wrong, they are not Europeans, they do not share our blood, and for them to walk and talk like they do is disgusting. To the international community, who are shielding these people as saints, and defending them as one of their most cherished heroes fight isn’t with them, but with Turkey. However we expect that to be overlooked due to what we have seen in the past.”

The protests will grow larger and larger in the upcoming days as already 20,500 people have been reported in today’s ongoing rally.

Beograd Danas
July 5th, 2019.


After ecumenical patriarch of İstanbul Bartholomew I has condemned the Greek Government of Kyriakos Mitsotakis, the question has rose should patriarch Irinej of Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) follow his example and do the same. Since the initiative has come from inside the SPC to condemn the rhetoric course taken by Greek Government and radical actions that it has inspired among right-wing extremists, patriarch Irinej has last night sent a call to all of the 34 mitropolits into Patriarchy building in Belgrade, to hold an emergency meeting of Holy Synod, to discuss the matter. Meeting of Holy Synod was closed from public, and for a first time in a more than decade it was held without presence of politicians who were always interested to hear what are faithfull fathers negotiating about.

As always, Synod was separated into fractions over the question, since there are different interest groups which de facto works as a political parties inside organizational structures of the Church. Mitropolits known for their powerful influcence on other's opinions, like mitropolit Amfilohije of Raška and mitropolit Irinej of Bačka, were of the highest importance for patriarch Irinej in regards to their opinion over the matter, since their opinion has a highest influcence on the different fractions whose de facto leaders they are. After a large debate, in which an openess for vote trading was seen among mitropolits, the first vote over the final decission took place around 2.30am. It finished in draw result with 15-15 mitropolits, and 4 mitropolits abstain from vote. At that moment, patriarch Irinej has called for a pause, to meet with the ones he kept responsible for this result. While mitropolits were still trading among themselves over the voting results, patriarch Irinej has welcomed a sunset of a new day during meetings with both Irinej of Bačka and Amfilohije of Raška, first jointly and then separatelly.

The second vote took place sometime after the 6am, coming after a long night of political games inside the highest body of SPC. Final result followed: 13 mitropolits in favor of condemnation, 19 mitropolits against it and 2 mitropolits abstain from a vote. Both Irinej of Bačka and Amfilohije of Raška have stood abstain, in order not to confront directly in vote, as a part of their agreement made during a meeting with patriarch Irinej. After the final decission was made, patriarch Irinej addressed the journalists who spent the night in front of Patriarchy building in Belgrade, saying shortly:

"With God's help, brothers and sisters!

Our father, the God, whose will speaks trough this Holy Synod, is greatest and most merciful among all that exist. But his decissions are not always to be easily understood by us, the people. That is why we need to believe in his will, without questioning it. His will goes far beyond ours, and his wisdom is far more perfect in difference to ours, and if he does something which we might question the rightfullness of, that is for sure done for some good in upcoming future, which we are still not able to see. This morning, his will spoke once again and it spoke against the condemnation of the regime in Greece. God want us not to make enemies of our Greek brothers, and we must follow his will.

God bless you, brothers and sisters!"




A middle class family voted like the rest of Azerbaijan. We will hear from them about their ideas of this election and will reveal the results


-Azerbaijan Popular Front
-Azerbaijan Liberal Reforms
-Azerbaijan ANTIFA
"Hello, I am Ahmed. I live in Baku and today we are really excited to see the results. I will wait with my son and my wife,Baysal"
W:"As a women in Baku, I feel threatend walking the backstreets. The current government do not help the average Oghuz women! #EverythingWillBeBetter"
H:" I am a Kebab store owner in Baku and bussines was good. So many tourists and our Turkish brothers came to eat and we earned really well. Then, the conservative government closed my bussines for being "unhygenic" and "anti religious", since I sold pork and duck optionally. In a country which only %30 is muslim, you can not assume everyone and even tourists are religious and close my bussines without investigating. I also adore and support Meral Akşener of IYI Parti in Turkey. She is like a mother to us Oghuz people, and a libertarian step to Oghuz hegemony.
Now the results are here! Let's cHeck them out!

[b]Azerbaycan Popular Front Party: %56
Azerbaycan Antifa: %20
Azerbaycan Liberal Islahatlar: %24

The New President Ali Kerimli is expected to be at Baku Hall in 30 minutes.

President Meral Akşener will be in attendance.

Fox News

President Trump breaks silence about Mediterranean Crisis

The eyes of the world have been on Washington D.C. as the situation in the Mediterranean continues to escalate between Ankara and Athens, as the Europe seemingly hurls itself towards another war. The silence was broken when White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley was asked by one of Fox News own. Mr. Gidely looked down at his notes before he spoke, reading a prepared statement.

"We are deeply saddened and disturbed by the situation, this matter has turned from one between two neighbours that could have been resolved through the European Union to an international crisis. The United States does support its ally, and hopes that tensions will cool over between the two states. President Trump has spoken in length with Prime Minister İmamoğlu about the situation, and he has made it abundantly clear to us that the Turks do not wish conflict. Furthermore the United States has yet to hear back from the Greeks after their Prime Minister was invited to the American Embassy in Athens. However we bothered by the lack of care in the actions of the administration in Athens in allowing for the Chinese to enter the Mediterranean, which is not just a threat to one of America's allies. But all of them in the region. The US Navy is on high alert, as the possibility of American interests being attacked in the region continue to increase with the carelessness of one side. Their will be no further comments at this time."

Hours later President Trump sent out a series of Tweets calling for deescalation, and has called on the European Union to get the situation under control before countless lives are lost.

Julián Castro drops out of Presidential Race

Coming out of the Democratic Debates, Julián Castro has seen his poll numbers fall from the previous 2% to bellow 1% as Pete Buttigieg has seemingly shocked the system in picking up many Castro and O Rourke supporters coming out of the debate. In a video he released on Facebook, in full Spanish, he stated that he will be suspending his campaign and wished the remaining 2020 hopefuls luck. Promising to endorse the eventual nominee, reminding all candidates that is something they must do as well when the race comes to a close, and hoping the Democrats will be uniting against taking down the increasingly popular President Donald Trump.

ATV News

President Akşener speaks at Baku Hall after Ali Kerimli is sworn into office

"First and foremost I would like to congratulate the new President of our brother country in the peaceful transition of power between the last administration to this one. Today Azerbaijan prospers as it seeks to duplicate the success of the Turkish Republic, which it without doubt has done. Azerbaijan and Turkey are forever connected with the brotherhood of being the descendants of the Oghuz. We have a saying, that both our people have used even in the times of the Ottoman Empire. Something that continues to be true, and forever will be between the Oghuz people. Two people, one nation. For us Turks, Azerbaijan is our home. For you, my Azeri brothers and sisters, Turkey is your home. The sacred duty our people share to protect one another has been seen over and over again in the pages of history. The Azeri nation, like the Turkish one continues to believe in the basic principles that have made the Oghuz so successful. That all people in our nations are one, that all people in Azerbaijan and Turkey are brothers. That the brotherhood between our people can never be challenged. Ankara and Baku stood as brothers in the past, today stand as brothers and will till the end of time continue to do so. Turkey and Azerbaijans destiny are not two separate ones, but a single destiny of the Oghuz people. Thank you for this honour, and I personally look forward to working closely with President Ali Kerimli going forward. Thank you."

ATV Host Erkan Tan

During his regular shows ending when the Mehter is played as a send off, Ekran Tan had some harsh words against the on going protests in Athens

"Play the Mehter, louder and louder, let it echo so those we poured into the sea can hear it. Let it echo so that the defeated race can hear what the song of victory sounds like. We are their worst nightmare, since we arrived in Anatolia breaking through Malazgirt, our people made Anatolia our home. Moving past that into İstanbul where we raised up high the crimson banner, throwing down the sorry excuse of a banner the Byzantine carried. Allahu ekbar was our battle cry as the Turks made Kibris, Girit, Selanik, Rodos, Midilli, Sisam, Limni, İkarya and many more places across the Ege. They continue to cry as the mehter grows louder and louder, reminding of their history that writes nothing but failure and defeat. The days of war are far behind us for the sake of fairness. Yet somehow burning flags, attacking a student, a mother and her child will bring back the glory that a people never had. Cry your heart our in Athens, we will drink our tea in İstanbul, we will smoke our hookah in Selanik, we will eat our kebab in İzmir, we will drink our raki in Girit and we will raise our flag up high across all that the Greeks cry over. Raise the volume of the Mehter! O glorious army, O glorious soldier, come on to bravery, our valiant army. One hand shielded, the dagger in the other. For the Turkish commanders, everything is victorious, all our mouths sing the same tune. Allahu Ekbar, Allahu Ebkar, our army will always be victorious!"

The north african wattan

Official Statement by President Nasser on the Situation in Greece

The current situation in Greece troubles us greatly. The religious discrimination is blatant. A Muslim was killed and the government has failed to properly prosecuted the murderer. This is clearly a hate crime fueled by racism. Had the victim been a christian, the government would've been quick to act. Egypt condemns the recent actions taken by the Greek government but would also like to call for dialogue between Turkey and Greece and the rest of the UN. Egypt is committed to keeping peace in the Mediterranean region and would like to keep it's good ties with Greece and Turkey. However, we believe that the current Greek government has failed its people and is leading Greece down a path of isolation. Egypt will play the role of a mediator between Greece and Turkey to prevent a conflict in the region.

National greece

      The Sun British Newspaper

    OP Ed: The Price of Conflict
    Professor George Papandreou
    Oxford University, UK

The motive of the Greek people are clear, they believe that they have been wronged by their Turkish neighbours and demand justice. Britain’s role within Greeks independence with the signing of the Treaty of Constantinople which later turned into the London Protocol, assuring Greek independence is significant . However, Greeks living in Ottoman Rule under the now occupied and notable Greek cultures under Turkish sovereignty are far from being seen as significant. The Turkish media controlled by the government had managed to spin the news cycle about this being a religious war, instead of a cultural one. They have mastered the art to turn the international community against the victim and had shielded the Turkish government from any wrong doing. I believe there is major conspiracy going on, considering that the Egyptians later today have condemned Greece for allowing a so called religious war grip Greece’s capital, and for doing nothing against a murder in a ongoing investigation, but in the past.. their government had supported Greece’s claims to the majority cultural cities and provinces of Thrace and other Greek towns and cities within Turkey a couple of weeks ago. Hypocrisy at its finest. This call for Greek Unity is a symbol to unite all Greeks underneath one Hellenic Republic. The protests you see aren’t because the people hate religion, but because they hate how their culture has been overlooked for many many years by the western world to eastern invaders. The Turkish people remain Middle Eastern, and here in the U.K. where many brexiters agree that Turkey has damaged the European name by allowing more Middle Eastern problems within our economic bloc, making the European Union more responsible for the forever dysfunctional communities within the Middle East (PKK, Isis, isil etc). Instead of being a great asset to the European Union, they are a great liability to the European Union instead. And they show this by pushing for the entry of Bosnia within the union as well. The very countries support Turkey, are the very countries who wish to bring this very economic bloc to its knees, and we cannot allow that to happen. The Greek government will not be seen as a body to bring the EU to the ground. It’s not America’s fault or the fault of the allies. It’s Turkeys fault for creating a ticking time bomb within their own backyard years ago, and denying the Greeks to its rightful lands. Soon the balkans will become the new Middle East, and we blame the failure of proper and logical negotiations for it. We must face the realities of the choices we have made, and there is a price to pay for it.

Afsharid Persia, The japanese-state, and The Australis Republic

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