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The maghreb union of tunisia and algeria

Turkish-Arab summit

The Maghreb Union reluctantly agrees to attend the summit but makes no promises on any agreements. We hope that we can find common ground with our fellow Muslim state. With the Union being an advocate for pan Islamic co-operation they are happy to possibly improve relations between us and our Islamic brothers.


Orientalist movement in Luvindanao

As a rising global player, Luvindanao has often garnered attention for being a cultural anomaly. As a Westernised, Eastern state that often shares more similarities with the West than the rest of Asia, Luvindanao has lost its original writing system and the many languages of the country are corrupted by English and Spanish words. Having been colonised by the British, the Spanish and the Americans. Luvindanao is a product of Western colonisation in Asia. Though Luvindanaons are predominantly of the Malayan race, like its southern neighbours he Indonesians, there were never any real unity amongst the hundreds of different kingdoms and tribes. Luvindanao itself is only a byproduct on attempts of placing a Western controlled power in Asia to contain threats such as the Japanese and Communism. Though it would come to be that the Luvindanaon people would develop a sense of pride in the power that a united nation can wield.

A new movement has risen in Luvindanao of returning to the nations pre-colonial roots. Changing the very essence of the state. Prime Minister Duterte is a leading figure of this new movement, and has requested for a meeting with the Luvindanaon monarch. Prime Minister Duterte is pushing for the reintroduction of a native writing system into school curriculum. Though it is impossible to fully restore a native writing system into national use within a span of ten years, it is possible to do so within a number of generations. The plan proposed by the Prime Minister is to introduce a native writing into school systems, as a compulsory subject, that will lead to the eventual replacement of the Latin Alphabet with a native writing system. The two prime candidates are the Kawi and Baybayin scripts. Kawi is the older and more traditional of the two as it has held much significance over all of Luvindanao, but was replaced by Jawi, an Arabic script, in Muslim regions, and Baybayin in the Philippine archipelago. Baybayin is extremely similar to the Kawi script but differs in how it is made for the Tagalog language, the main base for which Luvindanaon was developed on.

This brings also the interesting point that is the existence of Luvindanaon language. A combination of Tagalog, Spanish, English, Malay and Arabic, there are arguments for continuing the use of Luvindanaon as the national language of the country, with many saying it should be demoted only as a working language. While placing the three major languages of the country as the prime national languages, which are Tagalog, Malay and Cebuano, while also recognising minority languages such as Waray, Hiligaynon, Hokkien, and many more.

Alongside the whole language change, there are also plans in changing names of official government agencies. The Government itself will be referred to nationally as the Kapulongan (ᜃᜉᜓᜎᜓᜅᜈ᜔); The military will be nationally known as the Sangdakatan (ᜐᜅ᜔ᜇᜃᜆᜈ᜔). The monarch of Luvindanao will also have its title changed to Mahal-na-Datu, similar to the Maharaja title of South Asian monarchs.

Though nothing is set in stone these plans are taken seriously and are expected to take action come the next decade.

Development of new Attack Aircraft

With rising tensions between Luvindanao and its neighbours to the West, there has been a dramatic increase in the militarisation of the country. Unprecedented levels in the country's own history. Though the government has repeated that it does not want war, it seems to be approaching the situation in a manner of preparation, better safe than sorry, as described best by Minister of Defence Miguel Ko.

Luvindanao for several months now has been looking for a light attack aircraft model to based of its own domestically produced aircraft. Looking at the Super Tucano, and the Harrier, as possible options for a model, it would be the Sukhoi Su-25 that would be picked as the model aircraft for the new Luvindanaon attack aircraft. Defense Minister Miguel Ko would state during a press conference, that the Su-25 was already a proven design, and with Luvindanaon modifications to meet its requirements of a light attack aircraft and to serve in Luvindanaos carriers, a license for production of a Luvindanaon version of the fighter has been signed by the Russian party.

The Su-25 was described as affordable and reliable by the Luvindanaon Air Force, adding also that it could easily be modified. The Luvindanaon version of the plane is not expected to be a variant, rather being derived from the Su-25. The Air Force would state that there still needed to be major changes to meet requirements and therefore they are unlikely to create a simple variant. The new Luvindanaon aircraft has been officially named the MF-1 Buzzard.

MF-1 Buzzard Specifications (Su-52 comparison):

    General Characteristics
    - Crew: 1 | (Su-25: 1)
    - Length: 47 ft | (Su-25: 51 ft)
    - Wingspan: 43 ft 4 in | (Su-25: 47 ft 2 in)
    - Height: 14 ft 6 in | (Su-25: 15 ft 9 in)
    - Wing Area: 335 ft sq | (Su-25: 363 ft sq)
    - Empty Weight: 19,000 lb | (Su-25: 21,605)
    - Loaded weight: 25,262 lb | (Su-25: 31,835 lb)
    - Max. takeoff weight: 38,000 lb | (Su-25: 42,549 lb)

    - Maximum Speed: 660 mph | (Su-25: 606 mph)
    - Range: 800 km | (Su-25: 1,000 km)
    - Rate of Climb: 75 m/s | (Su-25: 58 m/s)

The MF-1 Buzzard also has the ability to fold its wings, for maximum storage capabilities, and overall has a more aerodynamic shape.

The first order of the plane is expected to be made in December.

Beograd Danas


Today, on Serbian national holiday of Vidovdan, President Lazar B. Jerkov has signed the executive decision, sent to him by Skupština MPs, regarding Serbian participation in EuroCorp project. The signing ceremony was broadcasted live on public Radio-Television of Serbia (RTS), as well as message of President to his fellow countrymen. President Jerkov said that this was a finalizing procedure of far longer process, and that the Serbian model of getting involved in EuroCorp project became a paradigm for all the EU member states. At the end, he thanked a lot to all people involved in this great project, from MPs to Government Ministers and Army generals, but before all of them he congratulated the soldiers who became first EuroCorp troop members in entire EU, since Serbia became the first one to finalize the procedure of all EU member states.

"At first" - said President Jerkov - "our boys would serve at home, since no other states are involved yet, but as far as EuroCorp project get wider and wider trough the EU, our brave soldiers would get a chance to serve troughout the Europe, in a just mission of protecting of European security."

From the office of President of Serbia, an information was published that President Jerkov would probably address the European Parliament regarding Serbian model in participation inside EuroCorp, in order to explain the exact benefits and motivation of our model directly to MEPs from all over the EU. This would probably come later during the month, since Parliament of EU is still in a constituting phase after parliamentary elections were finished. This delay comes in a moment of preparations for annual EU Council Summit, where all of the member states leaders are expected to meet together. Also, this delay comes as a good circumstance for Serbian President, for the fact that passing time would provide him with exact information about the successfulness of Serbian soldiers in their performance within EuroCorp project.


Prime Minister Adam Marković, supported by fellow MPs of both SDP and DS, this afternoon stated the condemnation of actions performed by young fascist hooligans in southern city of Niš. Last night, during the antifascist march organized to support young student who was stabbed by fascist hooligans, they came in front of marching people, saluting them in nazi way. After police was called to protect the minimum of political correctness in public sphere, all of the young hooligans were arrested and today court was called to react. Since all of them were between age of 17 and 22, the Court on a sped-up process has sentenced them to mandatory education about holocaust victims, community labor and further trial regarding violence over stabbed student last week.

In his address to Skupština, Prime Minister has pointed out that this is not a matter of how effectively does a police forces work, but how effectively does our education system works regarding the education of young people in remembrance of holocaust and antifascist traditions of Serbian nation. Prime Minister has called the nation to stand united against fascism wherever it occurs, but he concluded that it's much better to prevent it trough the education than trough the work of police and courts.

Post self-deleted by Liverum.

Azerbaycan World

Good evening my fellow Azerbaijani people and others around the globe,I am Özlem Çiçekçi and as Azerbaycan WORLD, let's start!

Civil Unrest in Baku

"Today around 2PM, a group of collectivist university students planned a rally at Atesh Squre, Baku. This rally was planned to be a small activist show against the regulation about Alcohol and Drug Usage laws that forbid Marijuana and soldifying requirments to buy alcohol. This small rally of college students quickly changed into a protest with left wing-totalist militants and radicals joining in, creating a mass protest in the center of Baku. There is a curfew of 11pm tonight and a strict police check in the streets of Baku. We will be interviewing the student chief, Razim Akababa now. Razim, we are at you.

-"Hello,I am Rasim, I study Political Science at Baku Universty. Me and my friends are left wingers who assosiate with Social Democratism more then Totalism or Radicalism.Our goal was to protest this anti-secular laws about drugs and alcohol, and general civil liberties of the people of Baku.We never wanted this radical militants to add up but we can't handle them as students, and now there is chaos in Baku because of us.You can see APC packs in the distance to supress the left. I have a message to the govenment. Continue like this and you will see a greater uprising.This is not Iran, this is not Afghanistan.

+Thank you Rasim, as the media channel we are fascinated by your viewpoints but we need to carry on the next event.

[i]"Unrest in parliament grows too, because of the left riots at Baku and militants awaking in the north, the government may go to a new election any minute. In that time, we will show our viewers some news from the globe.

Serbia Joins EuroCorp

"Today, on Serbian national holiday of Vidovdan, President Lazar B. Jerkov has signed the executive decision, sent to him by Skupština MPs, regarding Serbian participation in EuroCorp project. The signing ceremony was broadcasted live on public Radio-Television of Serbia (RTS), as well as message of President to his fellow countrymen"

Turkey Passes Gay Rights Bill

"The recent bill in the European Council, that was proposed by the Turkish delegation was passed in near unanimous approval, that grants same sex couples across the European Union the same rights as their straight counterparts. This has been described as a massive victory of LGBT rights in Europe, and another shining example of Turkey’s important role in Europe and the World. Many in the Turkish media have praised the Turkish delegation for a brave step that no other country was willing to take, something that has been the norm in the Republics history. As Turkey still stands today as the only Muslim majority country to have given their LGBT community the inalienable rights that they have fought for, the foreign ministry called upon the rest of the Muslim World to begin decriminalizing and moving towards the legalization of same sex marriage. Something experts have called unlikely, but many in Ankara and those in the LGBT community in other Muslim countries are hopeful that their governments will follow Turkey in this effort."

"This information is hot. The Liberal government declares snap elections at 1st of July, showing the reason as "Side-choosing in the Party and Corrupted Individuals".Their main enemy, The Social Democrat party: Azarbaycan Solcular Birliği comments on this by calling it "A Final Showdown" against the reactionaries.The joining parties will be:

  • Azerbaycan Solcular Birliği-Social Democrat

  • Azerbaycan Liberal İslihatlar Partisi-Conservative

  • Azerbaycan Totaliter Partiyası-Radical Left

We end our news program today. Stay tuned for tomorrow.

The zhongguo people republic

Beijing, China
Great Hall of the People
President Xi Jinping's Address: A Comment on Great Power Politics & The Global Liberal Dilemma

The Great Hall of the People would be filled with members of the Chinese Communist Party. The national anthem of the People's Republic of China would commence as the CPC politicians sung in unison. With the introducing of President Xi Jinping, the CPC would continue with their applause and cheering as President Xi Jinping stood from his central seat next to Jiang Zemin and walked toward the central podium. After a few more moments the CPC would grow silent as they awaited the address of Xi Jinping.

l President Xi Jinping l: "My fellow countrymen and women, comrades, and members of the Communist Party of China, there are pressing matters that continually seek to hinder, paralyze, and regress the developments that we have garnered for ourselves and for the world since the 1970s. There are powers within the international community that do not wish to allow for the peaceful rise of the Chinese people. international politics has always been a ruthless and dangerous business, and it is likely to remain that way. The overriding goal of each state is to maximize its share of world power, which means gaining power at the expense of other states. But great powers do not merely strive to be the strongest of all the great powers, although that is a welcome outcome. Their ultimate aim is to be the hegemon—that is, the only great power in the system. Since no state is likely to achieve global hegemony, however, the world is condemned to perpetual great-power competition. Let me make it known now that China does not wish to become a global hegemonic power. That is not who we are and we do not care for claiming the responsibilities of the world. We simply wish to be part of the world. that the structure of the international system forces states which seek only to be secure nonetheless to act aggressively toward each other. Three features of the international system combine to cause states to fear one another: 1) the absence of a central authority that sits above states and can protect them from each other, 2) the fact that states always have some offensive military capability, and 3) the fact that states can never be certain about other states’ intentions. Quite frankly, Great powers that have no reason to fight each other—that are merely concerned with their own survival—nevertheless have little choice but to pursue power and to seek to dominate the other states in the system. However, the back of the Chinese people are being put in a corner by Western aggression in the South China and the Pacific. We do not want hostilities or war but rather peace, prosperity, and development. We wish to be part of the international world and the international community. We must China not be given the same chance as any other country in the world? This is a question that we must ask ourselves. The CPC firmly believes in the similar ideology within the foreign policy of the Clinton Administration of the United States. The Clinton administration’s foreign policy rhetoric, for example, was heavily informed by the three main liberal theories of international relations: 1) the claim that prosperous and economically interdependent states are unlikely to fight each other, 2) the claim that democracies do not fight each other, and 3) the claim that international institutions enable states to avoid war and concentrate instead on building cooperative relationships. Despite the second liberal principle as that is a matter of Western philosophy that is not compatible with the lifestyle and civilization development of Asia and the Pacific, the People's Republic of China seeks prosperous and economic integration with countries and we seek entry in international organizations to further provide consensus and assist in providing solutions to ongoing global problems and ailments.

The continual liberal hegemony is destined to fail and during its course of failure, it will destabilize with it as many countries as possible. This cannot become the future of China. There must be an alternative to protect the assets, the sovereignty, and the statehood of the world. The liberal hegemonic order has, since the Bretton Woods Conference of 1945, demonstrated an illogical pursuit to supplant the end of history with the conflagration of ideological idealism to expand the number of liberal democracies around the world. This has been done mostly through military means. This is unacceptable. The capitals of liberal internationalism understand this and continue policies of hawkish militancy and aggression under the guise of liberalism, human rights, individualism, and freedom. This is not productive for global development. The People's Republic of China will take the lead to craft, supplant, and develop a global alternative. The United States was so powerful in the aftermath of the Cold War that it could adopt a profoundly liberal foreign policy, commonly referred to as “liberal hegemony.” The aim of this ambitious strategy is to turn as many countries as possible into liberal democracies while also fostering an open international economy and building formidable international institutions. In essence, the United States has sought to remake the world in its own image. Proponents of this policy, which is widely embraced in the American foreign policy establishment, believe it will make the world more peaceful and ameliorate the dual problems of nuclear proliferation and terrorism. It will reduce human rights violations and make liberal democracies more secure against internal threats. From the beginning, however, liberal hegemony was destined to fail, and it did. This strategy invariably leads to policies that put a country at odds with nationalism and realism, which ultimately have far more influence on international politics than liberalism does. American policymakers would be wise to abandon liberal hegemony and pursue a more restrained foreign policy based on realism and a proper understanding of how nationalism constrains great powers. Because liberalism prizes the concept of inalienable or natural rights, committed liberals are deeply concerned about the rights of virtually every individual on the planet. This universalist logic creates a powerful incentive for liberal states to get involved in the affairs of countries that seriously violate their citizens’ rights. To take this a step further, the best way to ensure that the rights of foreigners are not trampled is for them to live in a liberal democracy. This logic leads straight to an active policy of regime change, where the goal is to topple perceived autocrats and put liberal democracies in their place. This is immoral and it must come to an end. liberal hegemony will not achieve its goals, and its failure will inevitably come with huge costs. The liberal state is likely to end up fighting endless wars, which will increase rather than reduce the level of conflict in international politics and thus aggravate the problems of proliferation and terrorism. Moreover, the state’s militaristic behavior is almost certain to end up threatening its own liberal values. Liberalism abroad leads to illiberalism at home. Finally, even if the liberal state were to achieve its aims—spreading democracy near and far, fostering economic intercourse, and creating international institutions—they will not produce peace."

      ...NHÂN DÂN...


    Prime Minister Nguyễn Xuân Phúc's address to the National As-
    sembly, "reforming the one-party communist state to a democra-
    tic, people-centered, multi-party Government of Vietnam," received
    mixed domestic reactions.

    Pro-democracy NGOs in Vietnam thanked the Prime Minister for
    bringing up the idea of reformation to the National Assembly. In
    their opinion, the Doi Moi has become an impediment towards
    further development, so more reformations and freedoms need
    to be introduced.

    Some members of the Communist Party of Vietnam and non-
    partisan National Assembly representatives praised the Prime
    Minister for bringing the "light of reformation."

    A large majority of the population say that reformation wouldn't
    be easy, due to widespread corruption within the government and
    when bureaucratic processes take place.

      l Prime Minister l "...introduce press freedoms, allow
      the establishment of new political parties and unions,
      release political prisoners, and decentralize the govern-
      ment, introducing open and liberal politics. The role of
      the central government must be confined to matters of
      defense, foreign policy, fiscal-monetary and macroeco-
      nomic policy, justice and religion."

Post self-deleted by The Australis Republic.

((OOC: Every post regarding Sri Lanka before this one has been retconned. Maithripala Sirisena is the President and Ranil Wickremesinghe is the Prime Minister, along with the United National Party, not Tamil Nationalist Alliance, being in charge.))

            Reformed Sri Lankan Military

President Sirisena has annouced that Sri Lanka will be reforming it's military for the first time since the Civil War ended back in 1993. Sri Lanka also hopes to join the Shanghai Co-operation Pact and further it's political relations with other countries. Sirisena hopes that this will increase Sri Lanka's ability to purchase more weaponary. Although the reform will not be a short transition, Sirisena hopes that the reform will affect Sri Lanka and its citizens positively in the coming years and months.

Fox News

Keep America Great Rally!

Upon his return to the United States from the G20 Summit in Osaka, President Trump held the first 'Keep America Great' Rally in the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta Georgia as he announced that he will be seeking a second term. The stadium was packed with over 70,000 patriots in support of the 45th President of the United States. The President made his way to the stage after Vice President Chris Christie warmed up the crowd, both stayed on stage as The Star Spangled Banner was played, afterwards President Trump made his way to the podium with chants of 'USA! USA! USA!' echoing across the state of the art Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

"We had such like in Atlanta, thank you Atlanta! What a turn out! You know I said this is a very big arena for a Saturday night, if we have two or three thousand empty seats the fake news would say headlines 'he didn't fill up the arena.'. So I said maybe we shouldn't take a chance, and we should go somewhere else. But I have clearly made the right call, the great people of Atlanta not only filled up the arena, but we had over 100,000 requests to come out to this rally. We created a great movement that started two years ago, when I came down those faithful escalators at Trump Towers, amazing place by the way, and fought harder, badder and smarter than everyone to make this country great again. It is a movement made up of people, people like all of you, who are hard working patriots that love their country, flag, children, and believe that a nation must care for its own citizens and its citizens alone. We destroyed the corrupt establishment built by special interests and the failure that was the Obama Presidency, to restore a government that is of the people by the people for the people. Today the United States is once again thriving, prospering, and booming like it hasn't in a very long time folks. And it is soaring to unprecedented heights. Our economy is one that the nations of the world wish to replicate yet fail to do so, this is because they lack the American spirit, the American Dream. When I took office we had survived eight years of a President that destroyed this dream, but in two years we have not only revived the American Dream but restored America to it true glory. And folks we are just getting started. Our future has never ever looked brighter, and will only shine from here on out. This is not only a defining moment in American history, but one in world history. That is why I stand before you to officially launch my campaign for a second term as President of the United States, as we will work tirelessly to Keep America Great. In only two years we have done more than any other administration has in their first two. We have created the strongest economy in world history, we have not only started the funding of our border wall but construct is will on its way, we have reformed our prison systems to work for all Americans, a record high unemployment for all Americans that has never been seen before. Over four million Americans have been lifted off of food stamps, and this number will only continue to grow. We have repealed and replaced the disaster that is Obama Care, won the right to host the 2028 Summer Olympics and the 2026 World Cup. We have once again made America a net energy exporter, renegotiated the disastrous NAFTA, and finally saw the end of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization that has allowed for our so called allies to take advantage of the United States. No more folks. This is all we have done in just two years, their is more to do for this great country. Today we stand at the cross roads of history, as the evil that is Socialism wishes to destroy the United States within, terrorists like ANTIFA and MS-13 attacking patriots in our country. No more. After the Fourth of July we will begin the deportation process of over one million illegal aliens who have come into our country under the failure that was the Obama Administration. Our first two years undid the mistakes of his administration, and our next six will bring back the vision of America that our founding fathers had for us centuries ago. The United States past restraint under different Presidents was seen as weakness, do not underestimate us, do not try us. We do not seek conflict or confrontation, but we will never run from it. Anyone who doubts our strength or determination, look at our past, and you no longer will. On these grounds we fought and died to secure the freedom. We dominate the sky, we dominate the land, we dominate the sea, and we dominate space. We will no longer allow for terrorist organizations be protected by traitors in our country. No more will the title of sanctuary protect these people, as we with our allies, America's warriors are prepared to defend our nation. No one, no dictator, regime, or terrorist should underestimate the United States. Every time they have, it was not pleasant for them. We will never yield or falter in the defense of our people, country or the great American people. It sounds for the value of our republic, the sacrifice of our people and for the nation we love. It is our responsibility and our duty to stop this danger before it grows, we can only do this if we stand together and stop the socialists that have infuriated the American left from getting any further. The time for a red white and blue America to rise stronger than ever, the American people have finally woken up from the lies fed to us by politicians for decades. We have taken care of womans health issues, the elderly, our veterans, African American Youth who have been taken advantage of by the Democrats for decades. This isn't anger, the media has gotten it wrong, this is love for our country! We will not give in, we will not back down, and we will never stop doing what we know is right. We will never allow for our opposition to stop us from keeping the country of the people great! We have taken the word impossible as nothing more than our label, as everything that was called so called impossible we have done. And we will continue to do so. God has blessed this nation in the past, and continues to do so. Over the course of this administration we have seen things that were frankly undeserved, but yet the unity of the American people has allowed us to dream big again, and we have done just that. We will fight all calls to establish the Socialist States of America, the United States was founded on the liberty and independence, not government domination over the people. We are born free, and we will stay free. America will never, ever be a socialist country! It is time to decide if we want pointless destruction or American greatness, the Democrats have embraced one side, and we have embraced American greatness. God Bless you, and God bless the United States of America!"

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Dvaistic Republic of Serbia, Afsharid Persia, Luvindanao, Trontasky, and 1 otherGreat britain and the northern-ireland

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Afsharid Persia, Luvindanao, Trontasky, Kieitai, and 1 otherGreat britain and the northern-ireland

Новините - Информационна агенция София
30 юни 2019 г.


The Ministry of Defence has officially announced that it will pledge it's support to the European Union's EuroCorp project, promising commitment in terms of personnel and basing rights within Bulgaria. EuroCorp was strongly supported by the government of Boyko Borisov, and that support has continued now through to the new government of Andrei Vasilev. As per manifesto promises, Bulgaria will seek to increase the size and improve the proficiency of the Bulgarian Armed Forces, which have seen a decline since the fall of communism in Eastern Europe. Following vast improvements made to the Air Force this year, through the purchasing of ATL-99E multirole fighter aircraft, Bulgaria will be seeking to further modernise it's land and naval forces, and hope to increase recruitment drives across the nation. With the new conscription bill, a large reserve force of Bulgarian troops has developed, though there is still a considerable lack of professional troops present in the country. It is expected that the Bulgarian Armed Forces will be looking to it's neighbours and partners across Europe for help in this task.

The government has also announced that it intends to exponentially increase the nations defence budget, with hopes to aide the yearly increase of it's military force. Currently, the budget sits at 3 billion EUR, which is hoped to be increased by at least half by 2022. With a new budget, it is hoped that the Bulgarian Armed Forces will see a rejuvination period in terms of equipment, training and size.

Dvaistic Republic of Serbia, Afsharid Persia, The arab-federation, Trontasky, and 3 othersThe Australis Republic, Kieitai, and Great britain and the northern-ireland

Aladza Mosque Reopened

    Sarajevo Times

      The Aladza mosque in Foca, which was bombed during the Bosnian War, has been opened once more. The centuries old mosque was built in the 16th century, and was considered a masterpiece of Ottoman architecture. The Aladza mosque, also known as the "painted mosque," was put under protection by Yugoslav authorities in 1950 until it was blown up by dynamite in 1992 by Bosnian Serb soldiers, one of which was recently indicted for his crimes.

      The renovation project began in October of 2012 and aided by The Turkish-State. Thousands of people attended the reopening ceremony. The total cost of the renovation of the mosque was just over two million euros.

The zhongguo people republic

Beijing, China
The Putin-Xi Friendship Solidified via Security & Military Agreements

    This evening, President Xi Jinping of The zhongguo people republic and President Vladimir Putin of Ruskaya-respublika enjoyed a very long, thorough conversation through a secured phone line discussing Sino-Russian relations and future implications of the strategic partnership in regards to economic cooperation, political cooperation, military/security cooperation, and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. After the phone conversation, President Xi Jinping has authorized the releasing of the following information to the press to be made known worldwide in regards to a new, strategically vital defense agreement established between Moscow and Beijing:

      The Russian Federation has agreed to provide the People's Republic of China with tech transfers and production licenses for the Sukhoi Su-34  twin-engine, twin-seat, all-weather supersonic medium-range fighter-bomber/strike aircraft and the Su-30MKK  twin-engine, two-seat supermaneuverable fighter aircraft in a $3,000,000,000 military agreement.  The People's Republic of China and the Russian Federation shall increase cooperation in regards to missile shields, thermobaric weaponry systems, and for the mobilization and functioning of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

    With the acquiring of tech transfers of modern aircraft, the Standing Committee of the Politburo has immediately placed priority through the PLA-Central Military Commission for studying, observing, researching, and developing upon the new tech received in order to produce better Chinese military aircraft. In addition to this, President Xi Jinping has placed a thorough national priority toward the mass production of the Su-34 and the Su-30MKK. Both aircraft have been designated to become part of a new modernization initiative for the PLA that incorporates constructing greater strategic advantages within the South China Sea and the Pacific.

Afsharid Persia, Bolzharia, Luvindanao, The arab-federation, and 3 othersTrontasky, The Australis Republic, and Kieitai

    Repretel News
    Dia del las fuerzas armadas

Armed Forces day 2019
Today the Central American Armed Force [FUARCA] marched through the streets of the capital city as part of the of the anniversary of the Central American Armed Forces.

The military parade began at 9'o clock at El Obelisco, marching through the Avenue of La Reforma, monument to Miguel Garcia Granados, the Palace of Defense where President Nayib Bukele, vice president Felix Ulloa, minister of the national defense and other military officials watched, and finally ending at the Campo de Marte during late noon.

The military parade included personnel of the army, airforce, navy, honor guard, gentlemen and lady cadets of the polytechnic school, Adolfo V. Hall Institute, Gerardo Barrios academy, along other military educational institutions. The military parade also included members and elements of the fire department of Nueva Guatemala, National Federal Police, National Border Patrol, municipal traffic police of Nueva Guatemala, and even a small delegation of troops from the United States of America as sign os support.

In addition the parade included artillery (transported by vehicles), armoured vehicles such as tanks, APCs like the newly Central American made Cashuat II, speedboats (transported by trailers), military transport vehicles, humanitarian assistance vehicles, construction vehicles of the engineer corps, helicopters, combat and other aircraft. The parade counted with presence of the Central American military band playing marches such as marcha Gerardo Barrios, Defensa nacional, jornada de la libertad, etc. In total about 1,150 troops and several equipments participated in this parade.

The zhongguo people republic

Chinese National News Media Broadcast
Establishing of the Xi-Duterte Friendship & Common Understanding
Sino-Luvindanao Relations Solidifed & Strengthened toward Permanence

    Prior to boarding his plane back to Beijing from Luvindanao late in the evening, President Xi Jinping and Minister of Foreign Affairs Wang Yi of The zhongguo people republic has revealed that a new era of understanding, cooperation, collaboration, and commitment toward peace and productivity has been secured between The zhongguo people republic and Luvindanao. Still with Prime Minister Rodrigo Duterte, President Xi Jinping provided the following statement to the press:

l President Xi Jinping l: "The speech that I made the other day has seemingly demonstrated a consensus of agreement toward the failures of the global liberal hegemonic initiative of particular Western countries. The liberal hegemony has brought more destruction, division, and catastrophe than peace, prosperity, and productivity, especially within the Asia-Pacific region of the world. Prime Minister Duterte, his diplomatic entourage, PRC Foreign Minister Wang Yi, and myself have come to an agreement that the time has come toward adhering to peaceful resolutions and diplomatic initiatives to craft common understandings for what is absolute necessary for supplanting the continual development of the Asia-Pacific region without as many disturbances or provocative instigation by non-Asian powers that be. Prime Minister Duterte and myself have successfully come to a reasonable conclusion to hostilities and have opted for stability through friendship. This is the greatest chance for commonality of policy in regards to regional affairs and the step in the absolute right direction between The zhongguo people republic and Luvindanao."

    When the press asked Prime Minister Rodrigo Duterte about his thoughts of this new beginning of relations with Beijing, the Prime Minister had the following to declare:

l Prime Minister Rodrigo Duterte of Luvindanao l: "Our two countries have been at odds for quite some time, and I had feared going into this office that we were going to continue this conflict to a point of Luvindanaos eventual downfall. I am a man of national security. Perseverance of people and state is my top priority, and is is the only thing that matters to me as the Head of Government. Our partnership with China is to harbour peace in the region, and to strengthen the prospects of mutual cooperation between all Asian countries. It is absolutely time we stop looking at China as a threat, but instead as a nation of dependance. We must embrace the millennia long relationship that our two peoples have shared. China has been trading and communicating with Luvindanaons for centuries before the Europeans arrived, we have the first China town in the world in fact, and we have had many Chinese settlements going back nearly a thousand years. But we have continuously antagonised our neighbours to the North. I believe it is time for change, and we start cooperating for a better future. There is no longer any point in fighting if we are able to work together, and provide for the security of both Luvindanaons and Chinese alike."

    When asked about the framework of this new course of friendship and development, Foreign Minister Wang Yi provided clear description of this new series of agreements between Luvindanao and the People's Republic as President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Rodrigo Duterte continued their conversation on the sideline answering more questions from other journalists and taking pictures:

l Foreign Affairs Minister of The zhongguo people republic Wang Yi l: "In the course of the concluding summit between President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Rodrigo Duterte, a series of new agreements and understandings have been supplanted; however, there were two main components that have demonstrated a true breakthrough in diplomatic relations between the two countries as it pertains to industry development and modernization in addition to the ongoing South China Sea crisis. In regards to cooperation between Luvindanao and The zhongguo people republic, Beijing has agreed to assist Luvindanao within infrastructure development, energy development, agriculture development, and an agreement toward establishing a consensus for joint economic rights within the South China Sea. In return for China's new commitment toward the development of Luvindanao, the People's Republic has been granted the approval to construct a new joint Sino-Luvindanao military/logistical facility, of which will be located at Talabaan, Occidental Mindoro, Luvindanao, which is located on the South China Sea coast. The simple approval for the construction of this joint military facility is a strong indication of the growing trust between Manila and Beijing. The second major component of these agreements pertain to the Spratly Islands. Both the President and Prime Minister have come to the agreement and conclusion that the Spratly Islands will possess its own political entity that is co-administered by both Luvindanao and China. With this co-administration, the islands are part of neither country as a core state, but as an overseas territory that both will manage and work together toward its developments. It has been agreed upon that the new agreement will be named the Sino-Luvindanao Co-Development & Friendship Agreement. President Xi Jinping has informed Prime Minister Duterte very clearly that the artificial islands will remain in use and operational; however, they will not harbor any ill-intention toward Luvindanao, of which has been put into writing and signed by both President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Rodrigo Duterte. This summit has demonstrated itself to be a true work of diplomacy and an initiative to resolve disputes and cultivate a partnership of mutual development."

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            Reforming Polish Armed Forces

PL-01 is a stealth light battle tank built by OBRUM and BAE Systems in 2013, and is based on the Swedish CV90120-T light tank. The PL-01 was a mere concept and military fantasy until 2015, when OBRUM begun mass producing the tank to enter service in the Siły Zbrojne Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej. 200 of these tanks will be going into service throughout this week. Minister of National Defence Mariusz Błaszczak stated that the introduction of the PL-01 is Poland's first step to becoming one of the largest militaries in Europe.

Poland is currently the eighth most powerful military in Europe and twenty-second most powerful in the world. With just under 0.5% of the nation's population serving in the Polish Armed Forces, Poland has 466 aircraft (99 of which are fighting craft), 1265 tanks (including the PL-02s), and 83 naval assets. These numbers are set to increase over the next few months, with Błaszczak annoucing a 'militaristic rebirth' of Poland taking place over the next few months.

On top of the PL-01, the Armed Forces of the Polish Republic can also expect to see a shipment of 96 Krab Howitzers, various SAM and anti-aircraft missile systems, over 53000 MSBS Radons, and more. The Polish Air Force is expected to replace its 32 Sukhoi Su-22 with American F-35A as the nation continues to seperate itself from Russia. Poland's Navy is not set to be included in the reform, but has not been explicily denied involvement.

The reform comes after the collapse of NATO, to which Polish President Andrej Duda determined to be 'a sign to the Polish people' to 'step up and step out.' Poland is not part of the European Union, and believes that Russia is 'a bigger threat than ever before' and seeks to greatly improve US-Poland and EU-Poland relations.

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    President Yatsenyuk supports the protest currently in Hong Kong in the last few weeks.

    The Hong Kong government currently discussing to pass the "Extradition Law", which allows the Chinese government to arrest criminals in Hong Kong to sent them for trial in the Chinese court. Yet, this leads to huge protest in Hong Kong as this might turn into a political tool, to arrest democratic side party members, and secure the Chinese-backed government.

    The news has been spread around the world and Ukraine. President Arseniy Yatsenyuk said in his blog today, that he will support the Hong Kong protesters for defending their homeland from dictatorship. "We should award the youths who defend their freedom and their gorgeous homeland." He said.


      Слава Україні! Героям слава!

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    Canal del Gobierno
    presidential Press release

We have finally recieved our first results from operation gran libertad in which most of the targeted municipalities have been captured by the Federal Police and military.

In El Salvador the city of San Salvador and all 16 targeted municipalities have been captured by the police and army... mass arrests have been made in this province throughout different zones of these targeted areas. The Federal Police along with the army have conducted mutiple raids capturing mutiple weapons. The Federal Police will continue to conduct these raids and mass arrests. We have received reports by our military intelligence and reports from citizens from the communities of Mejicanos and coatepeque have seen criminal activity in the past days such threats, extortion, etc made by the terrorists organization MS-13 and we will focus in the communities aswell. El Salvador is a critical province to capture since most of terrorist finances come from there through extortion, robbery, etc... the federal police has been trying it's best to heavily reduce robberies and eliminate extortion in these criminal hot spots... we are each time getting closer to destroying them financially.

In Honduras the Federal Police along with the military have taken Tegucigalpa, San Pedro Sula and other 7 municipalities such as Nacaome in which serious amount of raids and arrest are being conducted along with increasing patrols. The Airforce have aslo been working in Honduras by patrolling and reporting suspicious activity in small communities by air. We have also sent a small amount of troops to Amapala and puerto castilla where the construction of the Honduran Interoceanic Railway is being made being made. Honduras is also key spot to capture since both terrorist organizations being the MS-13 and 18 street finances also come in this province through extortion which in the same case as El Salvador the reduction of robbery and elimination of extortion will destroy these terrorists financially.

Like Honduras many municipalities are under police and military control and even the capital district being one of them. We have conducted mutiple raids, patrols being both on day and night, reducing robberies and trying to eliminate extortion. Our army has also destroyed 2 criminal aircraft whos goal was to transport drugs to mexico. During the first day of this operation, members of an alleged drug trafficking group and our troops have fired eachother killing two of the alleged drug traffickers and wounding one. Our military and police will do the necessary to defend themself when necessary.

Finally we expect many deportations to be made by the United states in this month we plan to work in all of the international airports of the country like the Aurora, Tocotin, etc questioning deportees with criminal history in both Central America and the United States. This action is to prevent the these people from walking in the streets and conducting these crimes again and again. We will work more and more changing our country every day until we become the country many want see safe and prosperous. God bless Central America and its people."

Beograd Danas
July 1st, 2019.


This morning, Politika newspaper printed a two-pages long interview with Igor Mitenović, a leader of largest and ruling party in Serbia - Social-democratic party (SDP). In his inverview, given from his party cabinet, Minister Mitenović turned on different political matters, from his personal relationship with his party colleague and current Prime Minister Adam Marković, to the possibilities of different coalitions in case of snap-elections. Sitting under the portrait of his father, the founder of SDP and former President of Serbia Filip Mitenović, he also turned on a most important moments in a party history lasting for almost three decades during which he was present almost from the first days, first as an consultant to his father and now as a party leader himself.

As Mitenović has explained, a party has survived many transformations during it's lifetime on Serbian political stage, with the longest period on rule of all Serbian parties. What started as a party of former communists and socialists, today is a modern structure of political power that unites multiple fractions, from neo-marxist intellectuals to neo-liberal progressive economists. In own complexity, the thing which makes it different from other parties and makes it even possible to function is the cult of personal relationships inside party oligarchy. As a party leader, Mitenović claims to know all local party bosses, every single party ideologist and each one of key party financiers. With all of them, he managed to build a mutual trust that grant him unquestionable loyalty of his party fellows. SDP is a party of strong discipline, where no one feels comfortable on his position because of knowledge that party leader overwatches his actions and calculates are they in accordance with party ideology. Iron discipline, performed in total media silence over the matter of internal conflicts inside fractions of SDP, made it possible for Mitenović to keep a leftist party united in supporting a neo-liberal Cabinet of current Prime Minister. While others are asking over the cause of Mitenović's almost unconditional support for Marković's neoliberal economic program, both of them are silent. The silence of party leader is an expression of political instinct, because he well knows that entire Government is dependent on his personal and party support, while he is collecting a benefits of being on power. As a gray eminence of Serbian politics, Mitenović is the one who actually define the Government's politics, and who is able to turn fellow Ministers against the Prime Minister any moment he wants. For now, he feels that it is a position worth of support for an neo-liberal economic program, even if he comes from a party with long-lasting socialist agenda. On the other side, he's not alone in his struggle - Martina Nastić-Stojičić, a leader of key governing-partner party DS, is also a neo-liberal herself, standing on the head of the oldest party in Serbia, with long tradition of pushing for welfare state.

But, the question rises - What if the coalition fails? Is there an alternative for SDP? In interview, Mitenović said it clearly - both KPS and DHSS are unacceptable as possible coalition partners. While he is open to flirt with liberals and democrats, he is unconditionally closed for even the smallest act of cooperation with right-wingers. It is an obligation of his father's party and country rule, which defined SDP as anti-nationalistic party, so both conservative KPS and populist DHSS seems not to be acceptable choise. Current coalition is the only possible for stable governing in which SDP could participate. But all this still depends on a political strategy made by man known as biggest opportunist and the most ambitious politician in Serbia - Igor Mitenović, current party leader of SDP and gray eminence of Marković's Government.

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Turkish-Bosnian Military Cooperation

Today the foreign minister has announced that Turkey will be deployed around 3,800 troops to Boznia-Hersegovina, as they will be stationed in two bases that will be coowned by the Turkish and Bosnian governments. The first in Banja Luka and second in Tuzla, this is a continuation of both nations attempts to further military cooperation between the two nations, and fighting radical terrorism within the Bosnian State. This also comes on the heels of further cooperation between the two nations to help push Bosnia towards EU membership.

            Antifa storms National Republican Party Centre of Operations
            Wodonga, Victoria

800 Antifa protesters have stormed the National Republican CoO today, claiming that the Republicans are 'morons' who are 'full of hate.' This comes after Morrison annouced that LBGTI rights will not be considered during his Presidency, and that Australia does not recognise Palestine.

"The Republicans are mad pigs, gutlessly massacring millions! They are murders, they are monsters, and must be torn down. They are nazis, they are racists, and they must be stopped," one spokesmen told the media, "they must be stopped. They hate our climate! They hate immigrants! They hate whoever disagrees with them! They are animals, and must be slaughted. We saw what happened in Nauru, we saw what they can do. They are cold-blooded beasts. They want war, we'll give them war!"

Antifa threw rocks and furniture at the building doors for an hour before they finally managed to break down a door. The group then forced themselves into the building before violently attacking people inside. Although only a small number of people made it into the buiding, NRP members were often dragged out of the building and attacked by masses.

The group were incredibly vocal, cheering whenever a party member was bashed. The Wodonga Police arrived at the start of the raid, and were usually ignored. Police officers were underprepared, and were unable to act until riot police arrived. Soon after the building was broken into, the Victorian Public Order Response Team arrived and received similar treatment. Riot Police used tear gas, batons, stun grenades, and tasers. 5 police officers, 24 protesters, and 78 NRP members were injured in the raid, including one politican who was kicked in the head and stomach repetitively. He is in a critical condition.

President Scott Morrison condemned the attacks, calling them 'horrible' and 'disgustingly undemocratic.' Victorian and New South Wales Police have stated that there will be a serious crackdown on violent protests, and that 'warmongering' groups like Antifa need to be contained. Democratic Socialist leader Anthony Albanese made a statement today, calling Antifa "Absolutely appalling" and "unworthy of anything but jail." Albanese even went as far as to call them "terrorist pigs," and is ashamed to be "as much as on the same side of the political spectrum" as them.

National greece

      The Greek National

    Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis Signs New Defense Law

Parliament has passed a new law that will allow the military to begin recruiting citizens to fight in the armed forces. This law will expire in 2022. The prime minister signed this into legislation Monday for his “Greek Unity” inactive. More details are expected to be revealed by the Department of Defense later this week, but in the meantime the Defense Department has opened up a new Branch in their department called the External Intelligence Inactive, where the main goal is to protect Greek interests within the region and to collect data that infiltrate with Greek national security. The Prime Minister will personally invite President Donald Trump of The United States to talk about Greece’s situation in the Mediterranean and as well improved US-Greek relations moving forward. Many sources claim that Athens plans to get closer to Washington due to their tense relations with Ankara.

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Grand National Assembly votes to move towards EuroCorp

Today the Grand National Assembly has voted in a slim majority to join the EuroCorp, the bill will now make its way to President Akşener's as she returns from the G20 summit in Osaka. Many except her to allow Turkey to join the EuroCorp joining the likes of many other of Turkey's European allies who have joined onto the project to create sense of security amongst the European Community. This also comes on the heels of further Turkish military cooperation not just in Europe but across the world. CHP Chairmen Kılıçdaroğlu has urged the President to sign the EuroCorp, while the MHP and its allies have urged against it. Most of the İYİ Party have seemingly been in favour of the bill, as is a similar stance with the İYİ's EU affiliated Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe. Now all eyes are on the President who is set to announce if she will or will not sign the bill into law, this is expected to be in the upcoming days.

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