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      "We progressively inspire the people!"

Reforms give more power to the people!

    | Poland is reforming to foster its democracy. "We are
    carrying out reforms to expand our democracy and
    revamping the political system to serve the needs of
    the reformation," said President Borysław Olszowy.
    Poland is currently in the midst of a refit to become
    a more direct democracy. New policies are being
    implemented that will provide more power for the
    people. The model example of the aims of the re-
    formation is Switzerland. "It is a reformation not
    driven by crisis. That's why we want to complete
    the reformation as soon as possible," explained
    Vice-president Semeil Svitojus. |

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Post by The arab coast suppressed by The Turkish-State.

The arab coast

Luvindanao wrote:Luvindanaon Maritime Research Development Programme

In attempts of better understanding the Mariana trench, the Luvindanaon government in cooperation with the National University of Luvindanao and the University of Singapore is seeking to send several dive studies to the very bottom of the Mariana trench to conduct a thorough analysis of the deepest parts of the worlds surface. Professor Stephen Li of the university of Singapore said that there are likely to be countless new species of fish and crustaceans to be discovered. He also stated of that understanding the oceans could better our abilities to preserve and protect it.

The Arab Institute of Scientific Research praises the Luvindanaon government's joint venture with the National University of Luvindanao and the University of Singapore in exploring the Mariana Trench. This initiative will produce valuable academic output for our region, and the world.

Saudi Press Agency

After the recent reactions came from Turkey, Ulama decided to address the public once again, this time in a written statement:

"Prime Minister of Turkey was busy attacking our Great King, in the same time when our Sunni Turkmen brothers were and are still being persecuted in Afghanistan by Persian troops. He chose to completely ignore that issue in favor of attacking our homeland and holy traditions. As the Prime Minister denounced the existence of brotherhood between Muslims, whose religious knowledge protectors we are proud to be, he ignored the fact that the Turkmen are not just his brothers by religion but also his brothers by ethnicity. Turkey has a long history, even in it's most liberal days, when their regime preached Turkic brotherhood and now the Prime Minister chose to mention that the non-Muslim Koreans are also their brothers, instead of focusing on Turkmen victims of Afghanistan. We are here to raise a question again, in the name of all good Muslims of the world - When will they help the Turkmen tribes which are their brothers by ethnicity and religion?"

King remained silent this time, believing that he said enough about official Saudi position in his last statement.

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The north african wattan

The Cairo Times

The Cairo Conference

Today, our great leader has announced a conference that is to be held in Cairo. This meeting will involve all of the leaders of the Arab league nations and other nations that they intend to cooperate with. This conference will currently involve Syria, The Arab Federation, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Algeria, Spain, and Greece though more nations are expected to be invited.

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The north african wattan

President Nasser

Today, I am here to announce an alliance that will greatly benefit the people of Egypt and all the Arab countries. The countries of the Arab league are forming an alliance in which we will combine 20% of our armies and 20% of our military budgets. This decision is being made to combat the recent threats by our enemies in the region but to also let our allies know that we will work hard to protect them. Our peoples safety and interests will always be our top priority.

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Protest Over Shooting of Luvindanaon Author

Muhammad bin Rahman one of Luvindanaos most renowned authors and activist was shot in Singapore this Monday after a talk in the University of Singapore. Many have speculated that this attempted assassination of the author was due to his heavy criticism and incitement of protest against Luvindanaon actions in Zaire. Stating that Luvindanao has overstayed and is becoming just another foreign invader to the African people. Bin Rahman was also allegedly the one who organised many of the mass protests in Manila, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur. Many are now saying that the attempted assassination of Bin Rahman was the work of the Duterte Administration himself, though the Luvindanaon Government has stated that such allegations are dangerous and provocative, in that it seeks to antagonise the current administration.

Mohammad bin Rahman, eldest son of classical musician and composer Rahman Hussein, also said that there were many more pressing issues that the Luvindanaon government could be looking at dealing with. Like the ongoing conflict in Sri Lanka, and instead of supporting the a tyrannical organisation, Luvindanao should work to ensure that democracy perseveres in a nation.

    "I do not believe that Luvindanao has no business in Africa, in this globalising environment we have the right to connect with the world. But we are in very similar positions that our invaders held no more than a hundred years ago. We are going to be antagonised in Africa because of our manipulative operations on the continent, as you see here, Duterte and his administration are working so hard to make sure that we have the Zairian people in chains. By supporting a terrorist government, we keep the people of Zaire down. No more! Either we help the people, or we leave Zaire."

Though the government is still adamant on remaining in Zaire, they have taken word on the ongoing conflict in Sri Lanka. A nation considered within the immediate geographic sphere of Luvindanao. The Duterte administration stated earlier today that it has noticed what's going on, and will begin acting to see how they can deal with the situation.

Afsharid Persia, The arab-federation, and Odrodzenie

    |El País - Madrid |
    Todas las noticias


      Match-fixing detainees to face judge

      The six people detained this week in a match-fixing probe that has rocked Spanish football will go before a judge on Thursday. The Spanish police conducted raids in five cities -- Huesca, Malaga, Valladolid, Madrid and A Coruna -- on Tuesday as part of an investigation into suspected match-fixing in the country's top three divisions. The ongoing police operation named "Oikos," follows an investigation by a court in Huesca. A statement from Spain's judicial body said: "On May 30, it is expected that the six people detained on Tuesday will declare before a judge and the public prosecutor. "Aside from the people detained, the judge is investigating 15 others with connections to football, sports betting and club SD Huesca. Police searched six homes, two bookmakers and the headquarters of SD Huesca, with the judge "authorising the uploading of all the IT devices found."

      No names have been released by the court. The case involves possible charges of sports corruption, fraud and money laundering. The operation stems from a claim filed by La Liga regarding suspected irregularities during last season's league match between SD Huesca and Nastic Tarragona in the penultimate round of the Segunda Division in May 2018. Huesca, already promoted to La Liga, lost 1-0 at home to Nastic, a team that was fighting to avoid the drop. Suspicion arose after large bets reportedly coming from Ukraine and Asia were made during the game. Up to 30 betting companies suspended all betting quotes for that game after detecting large sums of money being placed on a 0-0 result at half-time and a Nastic victory at the end of the match. Ana Munoz, vicepresident of the Spanish FA's integrity department, said in a news conference: "It's an unpleasant case. We are all together when it comes to fighting corruption, wherever it may be.

      "We have the support of everyone that is fighting for the same cause. That is for Spanish sports -- and in particular football -- to be the best on and off the pitch. We are fully cooperating with Spanish police. "We have to be cautious and allow the courts and the police to do their work. We have the best league in the world. The best players in the world play in Spain and the corrupted interest of many people are fixed on where the best

        Pedro Sanchez Set to Leave For Cairo

      Prime Minister Sanchez will depart Madrid for Cairo Egypt to meet with other Arab League leaders and a fellow European Union member Greece. This will be the Prime Minister's diplomatic mission to Cairo on a broader scale representing the European Union along with Greece with these talks of cooperation. Many believe this is Spain's way to officially declare it self as one of the leading countries in Europe when it comes to decision making. The Prime Minister will then depart Cairo for Paris to meet with President Emmanuel Macron on related issues.

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The maghreb union of tunisia and algeria

Algerian-Moroccan Negotiations

The Algerian government had for a long time been a supporter of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic and its militia in the Polisario front giving them military aid and bases to operate. However with the upcoming Cairo negotiations and the opportunity to create lots of wealth for Algeria the government invited King Mohammed VI to negotiations where the Moroccans allowed Algeria to build infrastructure (primarily oil and gas pipelines to Europe) through Morocco in exchange for both giving Morocco a 10% discount on all Algerian oil and gas sales (though in exchange Morocco is only allowed to purchase Oil and natural gas from Algeria) and to evict the Polisario front and withdraw aid from the Sahrawi. The Polisario front fought the Algerian government but couldn't match the 600,000 man army of the Maghreb Union.
Algerian president Boumediene said that "The deal will benefit both nations greatly" and economists say the Maghreb union's economy would soon boom because of additional Morrocan oil and gas sales and increase further because of the Cairo deal. Whilst Morroco would no longer have to fight or have a dispute in the Western Sahara and have reduced oil and gas prices for their people.

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Greater-syrian state

Al-Sana News

Syria to attend the Cairo Conference

The Syrian central government has decided to send diplomats to represent itself at the Cairo Conference. The government has made it clear that its goals are to uphold the current aims of union between the Arab states, and greater cohesion between Arab states.

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These states of the american union

Alright so here is the history of the USA:

everything is staying the same as to what has been RPed by the previous USA; HOWEVER, Donald Trump has been impeached via revelations from his tax returns in addition to unconstitutionally still operating his businesses while as a sitting President. The democrats managed to be able to impeach Donald Trump and out of desperation did a party vote to indicate that Joe Biden would take over as President. With Joe Biden sworn in as President of the United States, the 2020 elections will still happen; however, Biden has been given the ticket by the Democrats to run as the incumbent in the upcoming elections. Some of the democrats will seek to take the nomination; however, the main prominent Democrats have decided to endorse Biden as a means to solidify the executive with the House.

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These states of the american union

May 30, 2019
Washington D.C., USA
East Wing, White House
The Biden Era: The New American Way

    With the impeachment of Donald Trump, there was a lot of ambiguity as to what to expect now that Joe Biden was inaugurated President of the United States via taking the ticket by the Democrats and following constitutional procedures. The impeachment and imprisonment of Donald Trump has indeed sparked massive outrage among right-wing media outlets and political advocates. In areas such as the Pacific Southwest, estimates have demonstrated a 60% increase in white nationalism presence and activity in the form of protests, small scale riots, and KKK recruitment rallies. However, despite the surfacing right wing white nationalist sentiment, roughly 67% of Americans have demonstrated their relief of having political veteran Joe Biden as President to finish the Trump term and to win the 2020 Presidential elections. From the East Wing of the White House, President Joe Biden and designated representatives of his staff to accompany him while making a very special address to the American people and the world. With a smile on his face, Joe Biden would approach the podium with a navy blue suit and baby blue paisley tie. After the applause was finished, Joe Biden would wait a few moments before making his address:

President Joe Biden:

      "My fellow Americans, from the very bottom of my heart, I stand here as your President. For US allies and global partners, I stand here as the chief representative of the American people and the greatest nation on the planet. After the impeachment of Donald Trump, we were left temporarily with a void; however, I am very grateful that the Democrats and willing Republicans were able to come together in consultation to provide for the betterment of the Nation. We have many situations that we are facing: racism, women's rights, LGBTQ rights, unemployment, domestic terrorism, energy demands, climate change, and other situations and policies that must be addressed. The United States is an exceptional country because of our position in the world. With the vast lands and ample access to lucrative resources in addition to thousands of inland rivers, deltas, and waterways that contribute to extensive growth in development and exponential wealth, the United States has the task of demonstrating and promoting the Common Good and the pursuit of happiness that all people and all humans have the inevitable right to achieve and pursue. Throughout the history of the United States, Americans have stood up against all evils, tyrants, bullies, and dictators that sought destruction, instability, and the bloodshed of the innocence. The American Way is about the representation of human development, ingenuity, innovation, prestige, prosperity, and acceptance. The American Way is about the promotion of the Good, the vigilant, the determined, the ambitious, and the persistent. It is about the acceptance of difference and strength through diversity. It is about understanding the unknown and adaptation toward what we do not know so that fear does not cause our motivation and our drive to regress. We are a proud people from many facets of life and many different backgrounds; however, that is what makes us unique and prosperous. We are a nation that originates from the blood, sweat, and tears of the working class. We must not forget that. We must not forget where we come from and we must not forget the mistakes that we have made along the road. We cannot move forward if we decide to be blind to our faults and vices. My presidency is about re-invigoration and revitalization of the working class and the average Joe, no pun intended. This is a time that we must come together so that we may continue our journey as the greatest nation in the world. That is our objective. We must not abandon those who support the United States, our vision, our strategies, and our obligations and commitments to fostering the greater good of the global community in conjunction to the American society. That is my promise not just to the international community but to each and every American. I thank you and I look forward to serving as your President. God Bless You and God Bless America."

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These states of the american union

            The Oval Office
            West Wing, White House
            1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500

        I, President Joe Biden of the United States of America, hereby invite the Heads of States and Heads of Government of Middle East and North African Arab States to Washington D.C. for the commencement of a US-Arab Relations Summit in Washington D.C. at the White House. The Summit shall comprise of one week of political, economic, and security consultation in addition to official diplomatic dialogue between the United States and the Arab World. It is imperative for the United States and the Biden Administration that American-Arab Relations establish a new chapter of cooperation, understanding, and collaboration to ensure peace, prosperity, and tranquility. I urge all responsible and willing Arab leaders to meet with myself, the Secretary of State Michael Bloomberg, and the Secretary of Defense General Martin Dempsey on the discussion on where the United States and the Arab World can move forward. It is my priority that our relations are based on common principles and common goals.

Dvaistic Republic of Serbia, Afsharid Persia, Paragos, The arab-federation, and 3 othersTrontasky, The Australis Republic, and Odrodzenie

The north african wattan

These states of the american union wrote:
            The Oval Office
            West Wing, White House
            1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500

        I, President Joe Biden of the United States of America, hereby invite the Heads of States and Heads of Government of Middle East and North African Arab States to Washington D.C. for the commencement of a US-Arab Relations Summit in Washington D.C. at the White House. The Summit shall comprise of one week of political, economic, and security consultation in addition to official diplomatic dialogue between the United States and the Arab World. It is imperative for the United States and the Biden Administration that American-Arab Relations establish a new chapter of cooperation, understanding, and collaboration to ensure peace, prosperity, and tranquility. I urge all responsible and willing Arab leaders to meet with myself, the Secretary of State Michael Bloomberg, and the Secretary of Defense General Martin Dempsey on the discussion on where the United States and the Arab World can move forward. It is my priority that our relations are based on common principles and common goals.

President Nasser is happy to announce Egypt’s involvement in the conference. We hope to establish a new era of cooperation with the US and peace and stability in the region. We hope the US can help bring back stability to the region as it has been hurt by the recent actions of our neighbors. The Arabs have always been and will always be dedicated to keeping peace in the region. This decision will only serve to help the people of Egypt and the Arab world.

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    Noticias Centroaméricana
    Central American national and international news

President Nayib Bukele departs to Luvindanao
President Nayib Bukele departed from La Aurora international airport to meet with Luvindanaon officials and establish better relations with that country. Recently relations between the Federal Republic of Central America and Luvindinao have grown since both have been working together in certain areas and both are members of the Associated Pacific Agreement. Nayib Bukele will discuss certain negotiations with Luvindanao such as those of the military and topics such as the APA along others.

"I'm going to take this opportunity before the first APA summit to meet with the Luvindanaon officials in Manila. We will discuss negotiations that will benefit both countries and a certain negotiation that will benefit the Central American Armed Forces. We will also discuss about the 1st summit of the Associated Pacific Agreement that will be in Panama City in August. We hope to come with successful accors with the country we consider a a true friend and ally to our country.

President Nayib Bukele is expected to reach Manila early Friday and meet with the designated officials of that country.


Great israel

[b][u]The "Special Relationship" of the Middle East between the The Turkish-State and Great israel is being established! - Kan 11 TV New Channel - Israel!

A long period of A status quo between The Turkish-State and Great israel A sign of strengthening relations is coming ahead. It has been years that Israel’s relation with the Turkish Republic has been silent, and now in recent times when diplomatic signs were sent to each other about forming A much stronger bond. After years of waiting, Prime minister Salih evenroglu is coming to visit Israel, in order to solidify their cultural ties and strengthen their economic and military, as well as their strategic view on mutual middle eastern policy.
The big day has arrived. An airplane covered with Turkish flag patterns had landed in Ben Gurion Airport. Prime Minister Salih Enveroglu had gotten off the plane surrounded by security guards and was greeted by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. They both entered into the same limousine and their tour inside Israel began.
They visited Yad Vashem Museum, the Museum for the memorial of the Holocaust, Benjamin Netanyahu then focused on the horrific genocide the Jewish people went through and claimed the modern state of Israel's mission is to prevent the second Holocaust whatever means necessary. They then reached the Knesset building, and with an almost full appearance of all MKs, excluding the Arab anti-zionist Members of Knesset who oppose any support for the Israeli regime.

Benjamin Netanyahu carried out his speech:
"Dear Israeli brothers. Jews and Arabs, Christians and Muslims, Rightists and Leftists, Religious and seculars, it does not matter we are all Israelis. The Middle East is A wild, wild jungle. And we are the Villa that is in that jungle, the only standing lighthouse in the center of the storm.
The eternal nation of Israel has made A grand decision today, they made the Turkish people, their brother nations. The brotherhood between the 2 nations can be dated back to the beginning of human history. It started with Noah’s sons, Shem and Japhet, it evolved into Yaa’cov and Yishmael, sons of Abraham. We can proudly say that Turkey is the best ambassador Islam has, keeping its traditions, together with evolving to the modern world, As well we Jews managed to do, and flourish as A state under just 71 years. The Jewish nation ruled the land of Israel 3,000 years ago. Since then, the Assyrians, Babylonians, the damn Greeks, the Romans, all tried to extinct us in our land, and look at where we are compared to them. In Europe, up until 100 years ago, the Europeans and their pogroms, but especially Soviets and Germans did everything possible to make sure the Jewish people be part of history, and maybe erase us from it, but they could not. Even today, Radical Islamist terrorism does everything it can, for 100 years already to throw us to the sea, but we only rise further. The Turkish nation managed to rise under years of occupation of first the radical Islamists, then the European powers, but nothing prevented from the great Ataturk from leading the Turkish nation to prosperity. The Turkish nation and the Jewish nation are 2 of the only voices of rationality, development, evolution, and stability in the Middle East, and thus, The Jewish people could not ask for A better partner to strengthen the cultural and strategic ties. For now, not any middle eastern tribes of an artificial Ummah, or any other nation, managed to erase us from the world, nor they ever will..”

Prime Minister Salih Enveroglu carried his speech next:
thank you, before I begin I would like to thank the nation of Israel on behalf of the Turkish Republic. As well as Speaker Edelstein and Prime Minister Netanyahu on there warm welcome since my arrival to Israel. Our two nations have fought the world of radical extremism head on for decades, since our very formations in fact. The Turkish struggle against Islamists cannot be understated as we continue to fight towards reaching the same ideals of our Eternal President Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. Today’s near and middle east have seen two nations arise against the odds, making the best of what they are given to lead their people to greatness. The Jewish people have been part of both nations history, a key part of both the Israeli and Turkish nations. The Turks have been a strong ally of the Jews since the days of the Spanish Inquisition, where the Turks rescued thousands of Jews from Iberia to bring them back to Anatolia and the Levant. Those Jews, along with many others who came throughout the centuries are now the people who call Israel home. Enemies of the Jewish people have turned to conspiracy to lead this cause, turning the supposed Palestinian struggle into a religious one. This, like many things that Israel has been accused of is false. This is nothing more than an attempt from the Arabs to undermine a sovereign state, turning their failures into the justification to destroy one of the few nations in the Middle East that has basic human rights. Stuck in past ways, an older generation built on war and destruction against the Israeli people. To wipe Israel off the map. The Turks stand strongly against this motion and will not allow Israel’s destruction to come to fruition. Israel’s destruction for the Arab world has become a romanticized, a dream for any Arab leader that follows said ideals. Though Arabs who not only oppose the destruction of Israel, but support Israel against the radicals running their countries. The good people who in fact do exist in the Arab world cannot be understated or ignored no longer. Turkey, and Israel stand behind the people who are fighting for change in there nations for change. For a better future to live life how they wish to live it. I am proud to announce that Turkey and Israel will be furthering its cooperation by signing a mutual defensive pact, and will begin military drills in the Jordan Valley and the Golan Heights. This will be the first stage of Turkish-Israeli Military cooperation. May this path we have set out on tonight, as brothers, be a path that will bring an era of civility and humanity to the Middle East. Thank you and may Allah bless the State of Israel and the Kemalist Republic of Turkey!”

In other news, Trump Height announced!
After the recognition of Jerusalem, and the move of the embassy in there, U.S President Donald Trump had officially signed the American recognition of the sovereignty of Israel on the Golan Heights. The Israeli government in return, decided to make one Middle East professor’s advice, and invest money in the Golan Heights and create A new city. The Golan Heights has many small villages and towns, and only one city which also isn't as impressive named Katzrin, and the Israeli government after A committee of specialists, had decided to establish A new city, A city which will be A business center and as important as Haifa, Beer Sheva, Tel Aviv, and Jerusalem, and it will be named after The US president “The Trump Height”. Opinions on the move are mixed, Israeli right-wing see Trump as the greatest supporter of Israel, on the same level of Cyrus, which gave the Israelites their right to return Eretz Yisrael after the diaspora, and build the second Temple. Left-wings see the move as useless, and will only trigger more hatred from the neighbors.

A new militia has risen in Gaza.

Liwa Falasteen.
The Palestine Brigade.
חטיבת פלסטין.

A new militia had risen up in the Palestinian territories, one department in the West Bank and the second in the Gaza Strip. In their official announcement of establishment, they claimed their ultimate objective is to stop the political games the Palestinian Arabs are going through, between Fatah and Hamas, whom both recognized as terrorist groups, and they are here to fight for the real right of the people. Their intentions are to eventually to fight for the rights of the Palestinians, inside historic Palestine and out. They also called out the Arab World and demanded to stop what they call the “Apartheid against Palestinians” in the Middle East and give full rights to their Arab brothers. As of now, that is all that is known, full details will be revealed as soon as possible

TRT World

"... I like many question the leadership of Mohammad Ashraf Ghani" -Prime Minister Salih Enveroğlu

After his historic meeting in Great israel with the Israeli government, furthering Turkey's partnership with the Jewish State, he headed to the Islamic State of Afghanistan to meet with President Ghani in regards to the recent human rights abuses by the Afghan government against the millions of Turkic people that call the Islamic State of Afghanistan home. However negotiations between the two governments broke down as the issue of Great israel, which was brought up by the Afghan government according to the Prime Minister, was the reason behind this. The meeting ending short, Prime Minister Salih Enveroğlu spoke to the media stating that 'President Ghani has demanded that the Turkish Armed Forces withdraw from all military operations in Afghanistan' and that Turkey will honour the request of the Afghan government as the host country. This statement was made board Turkish Republic Two (Any vehicle the Prime Minister is on) due to the Prime Minister and his team leaving the Arg (Afghan Presidential Palace) as soon as the meeting came to an end. The Prime Minister later released the following statement via twitter.


"The biggest issue facing Afghanistan today is its determination to keep the union between state and religion, and wish to continue to strengthen it. For them religion has become a shield to hide behind for poor policy, and the lack of governance over there country...

...This has allowed for suffering to be felt amongst the people of Afghanistan, and the government has gladly turned a blind eye to this. So much so that President Ghani demanded that all Turkish operations in his nation come to an end. Choosing to let his people suffer...

...instead of allowing for as many countries as possible to help the Afghan people in their time of need. This action will have its consequences for Afghanistan, I like many question the leadership of Mohammad Ashraf Ghani."

President Akşener hosts past President's in Ankara

At Çankaya Mansion (Turkish Presidential Complex) President Meral Akşener hosted all former living Presidents of the Turkish Republic, the four former President's each arrived at Çankaya Mansion where they along with President Meral Akşener spoke to the press before meeting in the dinner was held in the Mansion. The list of former Presidents include Tansu Çiller (1990-1995), Deniz Baykal (1995-2002), Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu (2002-2008) and Devlet Bahçeli (2008-2016) each President are seen separately as one of the second coming of the golden wave of Turkish leaders that was seen from the Presidency of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk all the way to the Presidency of Alparslan Türkeş. The picture taken of the four former Presidents and current President is telling of the shift that Turkish politics has seen in the last 30 years, having gone through two female Presidents, and the office of the Presidency having changed between four different parties. Here is a small snip from President Meral Akşener's address after the dinner.

"I would like to take a minute to highlight the significance of each of our guests here today, they are the reason many of us enjoy the life in this country the way we do. Yes, I have competed against them in the political battlefield, but the respect I have for the four men and woman I had the honour of calling my President for 26 years of my life. First it was Tansu Çiller, her Presidency was significant for two things. First that she became the first ever woman to serve our great nation as President. Second, she began EU-Turkish negotiations to enter Turkey into the EUs Customs Union, and would finalize an agreement for it. Seeing us join the Customs Union in 1996 during the Presidency of Deniz Baykal. President Baykal, the first CHP had reached the office since the Presidency of Ecevit in the 70s. President Baykal spent his entire Presidency working to get our Republic into the European Union, he kept us safe while the Middle East fell into chaos once more. Unfortunately due to multiple medical scares he stepped down, but continued as a senior adviser in President Kılıçdaroğlu's Administration that would follow. Kılıçdaroğlu's administration was historic for a few reason, the largest one being that in 2004 the efforts of the past two Presidents came to fruition with Turkey ascending to European Union membership. In 2008 at the time I entered Ankara as Deputy Prime Minister under then President Devlet Bahçeli. His administration, like past one brought many historic moments, even seeing Turkey adopt the Euro. We thank these men and woman for their service to the Turkish Republic and are grateful for everything they have done for our Republic!"

            Australia's Ally: The Greatest Disappointment

Australia has expressed their upmost disappointment in the United States (These states of the american union ) after electing a 'perverted creep' to run the United States. President Scott Morrison states that he has 'lost trust' in the United States, and has reminded Australia that this sort of threat from the left is 'a very real posibility' in Australia. Scomo made the following speech in a press conference in the nation's capital.

    "These are very hard times for the United States and for Australia, and very hard times for the conservative population in particular. And, to add insult to injury, the American Democrats elected Joe Biden?
    I have met Biden once as Immigration Minister back in 2014. Biden is the most perverted, disgusting creature I have ever met. I am ashamed for the United States that they have chosen, of all people, this perverted creep as President. This man cannot keep his hands to himself, and is not at all a reflection of the country we know. Is this what the United States want as their president? A predator? I was genuinely lost for words when I found that Trump had been impeached. Donald Trump was the best president the United States ever had. Not only did he keep his promises, but he tackled the most important issue the United States faces; illegal immigration.
    Biden is no more than a disgusting hypocrite. He claims that he will fight against women's rights? Biden only wants to see women in one place and I think we all know damn well where that is! This man is a hypocrite, and I warn the United States that this man will drive your country into the ground. Ignore it at your own will, but this threat is a lot more real then climate change! Biden said that 'Americans have stood up against all evils, tyrants, bullies, and dictators that sought destruction, instability, and the bloodshed of the innocence,' so it is time for America to listen to what he is saying. The biggest threat right now to the United States is your president. Left or Right, Men or Women, we should all be appaled by his horrific behaviour and beg the United States to put someone decent in charge. Biden was not elected by the people, the people do not want Biden! He said that 'we must not forget the mistakes that we have made along the road,' but that is not at all an excuse to continue making the same mistakes.
    I have never felt more pain and sorrow for the American People. I pray that God will look after them, and provide them with the strength to make it to the next election, and the wisdom to not sign up for four years of pure hell. God Bless America, because they are going to need it."

Afsharid Persia, Paragos, Luvindanao, and Odrodzenie

The maghreb union of tunisia and algeria

Algerian negotiation

President Boumediene has stated that he "hopes for increased ties between us and our traditional adversaries in Europe and America and our friends in the Arab world" so he will be attending both conferences the one in Cairo personally and the one in America via vice president Ben Ali. On another note the president has condemned Israel saying "The union will forever continue its stance that Israel must be destroyed no matter how many traitors seek to aid it". The president has long been an advocate for the Palestinians and Arab as well as Muslim co-operation. The government says it will "view events in Palestine with interest" and has not recognized "Liwa Falasteen" as a terrorist organisation.

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Persia News Agency - Kabul

Major General Suleimani: Saudi Arabia behind unrest in Afghanistan

Following clashes between Turkmen militias and Persian-led Afghan troops in Islamic State of Afghanistan and the departure of Turkish troops from the nation, Major General Qassem Suleimani called for a press conference in Kabul in which he blamed Arab saudia for the current unrest in the nation.

"After initial campaigns against Wahhabist Turkmen rebels in Afghanistan, we have come across evidence that clearly proves that Saudi Arabia is behind the Turkmen insurgency. This is no 'uprising of a minority group against oppression' as many have tried to make it seem. These are extremist Wahhabist groups inspired by Saudi ideology and funded by Saudi money to spread their cancerous ideology. Upon capturing some prisoners, we found them to be armed with weaponry originating from Saudi Military Industries Corporation. We are almost certain that the leader of this uprising is receiving funding and aid and perhaps even direct orders from the Saudi government. Do you see? This is how the poisonous Al-Saud dynasty spits their venom. The custodians of the House of God have done nothing but spread discourse amongst the Ummah of Islam! The Turkmen uprising is nothing but a Saudi ploy in cooperation with their Zionist partners in Great israel to cause a deep rift between the nations of Afsharid Persia, The Turkish-State, and Islamic State of Afghanistan, in which they have been partially successful. Using the Turkmen as bait, they attempted to get a reaction out of Ankara, and when that didn't work, they deceived the Turks using the Zionists, who have managed to seduce the Turks and drive a deep wedge between them and their Muslim brethren. These two nations of Saudi Arabia and Israel are a stain on our region, and for as long as the nations of the Middle East are deceived by these two nations, there will never be stability in our region."

The Major General further went on to praise The maghreb union of tunisia and algeria for their continued support of Palestine.

"It warms my heart to see that not all Muslims have forgotten the plight of the Palestinian people. While the custodians of Mecca work with the Zionists to divide the Ummah, the majority of Muslims are still behind them. It is truly a shame that the two holiest sites in Islam are under the control of these dogs."

The use of such harsh rhetoric by the Major General comes days after the Saudi government referred to the Persian Monarchy as "sheitans from over the [Persian] Gulf". His Imperial Majesty, the King of Kings, Ardeshir Shah Afshar has yet to give any comments on the recent events.

In other news, Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif announced via Twitter that the Persian Foreign Ministry will be the US-Arab summit very closely.

"I'm interested to see what comes of this summit in These states of the american union with the Arabs. We will be observing closely." tweeted the Foreign Minister.

Many analysts claim that the Tweet by the Persian Foreign Minister may have hidden messages aimed at the United States.

"With this Tweet, Zarif is trying to indirectly tell the new Biden administration to change its pro-Saudi stance that was upheld by the now impeached Trump administration. He wants to see how the new administration will react to the news of supposed Saudi intervention in Afghanistan and what will come of talks with the Arab leaders in regards to Saudi Arabia. Will the Biden administration cozy up with the Saudis like Trump? Or will they ditch them for closer relations with the government in Tehran?" said one political analyst.

Friday, May 31st, 2019 - Kabul

Preparations for The Summer Solstice Celebrations in Coriem

The Office of Cultural Affairs (OCA) has announced the start of the preparations for the Summer Solstice, one of Coriem's most important holidays. The OCA, along with the Office of Foreign Affairs, released the following statement, in which it invites the leaders and people of the world to join the celebrations in Coriem:

"We the O.C.A heralden the begininge of the grathes for the Somer Solstice. There is much ado and we must redie be. Thus yeven we the followinge month to redien owrselves and to worshepin the Spirits. Ycalled art ye of foreyn lands to joynen us in the Solstice Fest. Taken ye wold be owre great honour and we wold lovien ye seen in Gloryis Coriem."

"We are very excited." says an official in the OCA "This year's Summer Solstice celebrations are particularly special. Like every year, we broadcast the big royal ceremony on the national TV and Radio channels, but this year's production is bigger than ever. We have a great array of artists performing. We hope to use this opportunity to expose the citizens of Coriem to our rich local music scene and to beloved folk songs left to us by our fathers and mothers. The seats for the ceremony in Dulmha are nearly sold out."

Another official in Foreign Affairs adds that an influx in tourism is to be expected, as in recent years Summer Solstice tourism in Coriem has been steadily increasing. "We are looking forward to this economic opportunity, as well as to share our beautiful culture with so many people."

Goset Theirach, the leader of the Joint Hands, a Paja rights activist group, has stated that they will hold protests throughout Coriem during the events. Theirach called all protestors to "not resort to violence on such a sacred day," but insisted that protesting, even on a holiday, is necessary. The Council is currently debating whether or not to allow the JH to protest on the holiday.



      "We progressively inspire the people!"

President Borysław will be joining the people of Coriem in their celebration.

    | President Borysław has announced that he will be
    departing for Dulmha later today in the interest of
    joining their nation's Summer Solstice celebration
    and diplomacy. "The Kingdom of Coriem is an incre-
    dibly and exceptionally resilient culture in Europe,
    despite its history filled with trials and tribulations,"
    said President Borysław. "I've decided to take a closer
    look at this peculiar nation by joining their Summer
    Solstice celebration, and during the visit, consolidate
    Polish-Coriemian diplomatic relations. I also hope to
    see Coriem become part of the international com-
    munity of the European Union and foster economic
    progress, development, and technological advancement." |


Saudi Press Agency


These states of the american union wrote:
            The Oval Office
            West Wing, White House
            1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500

        I, President Joe Biden of the United States of America, hereby invite the Heads of States and Heads of Government of Middle East and North African Arab States to Washington D.C. for the commencement of a US-Arab Relations Summit in Washington D.C. at the White House. The Summit shall comprise of one week of political, economic, and security consultation in addition to official diplomatic dialogue between the United States and the Arab World. It is imperative for the United States and the Biden Administration that American-Arab Relations establish a new chapter of cooperation, understanding, and collaboration to ensure peace, prosperity, and tranquility. I urge all responsible and willing Arab leaders to meet with myself, the Secretary of State Michael Bloomberg, and the Secretary of Defense General Martin Dempsey on the discussion on where the United States and the Arab World can move forward. It is my priority that our relations are based on common principles and common goals.

Due to King's bad health in recent days, Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman would be on head of Saudi delegation to meet with US President Joe Biden. Due to his reformist spirit, the choice of him to be on head of the delegation was mostly expected. Many voices still rise about his being de facto leader of the Arab saudia, but King is still in rule. Prince already visited USA multiple times, when he met with numerous people from business area like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg and also then-President Trump and former Presidents Bush junior and Bush senior. During those visits, he hasn't met President Biden yet, while he was on previous political functions, so this visit would be a great chance for Crown Prince to meet US President and make a productive platform for further cooperation, which is already on the highest levels in both economy and diplomacy.


After the recent accusations were published against the Saudi dynasty for possible inspiring and arming of Turkmen, the Ministry of Defence of Arab saudia reacted in a written statement:

"Those terrible and unprovoked lies comes just a few days before US-Arab Summit as a pre-scheduled attack on our regime, our ruling dynasty and our Great King himself. Persian propaganda machinery was their main weapon to sell the world a story of "clearing the mess left by US troops" - as did they called the clear invasion on Afghanistan based upon a Soviet model. Today, that propaganda machinery turned to us, with a made-up story of our "secret relationship" with Turkmen rebels. From the first days of conflict, our position was clear - we believe that Turkmen cause is a just cause, and we expressed approval for possible Turkish action of protecting their lives, which were essentially damaged by Persian invasion. If that is called "an inspiration" for the rebellious spirit of Turkmens, then yes - we inspired them and we are proud that our model gives an inspiration trough the Muslim world, in difference from Persian model which is determined to end up where Soviet once ended up - failing in Afghanistan.

But we had not, nor we are going to, armed those tribes to fight against foreign troops of Afsharid Persia, nor we had funded their leaders. It is possible, in our opinion, that they really posses our weapons, because Persian invasion made it possible for chaos to establish itself, and where you have chaos - you have black market. It is possible that they came to our weapons trough black market smuggles, but we are not able to handle the order of black trade in a territory where Persians has created the lack of any governance by their invasion. Our only responsibility is from where does that weaponry has disappeared, to be smuggled to Turkmen tribes. And we are going to responsible once again, which is a main difference between us and our neighbors from over the Gulf, so we're going to organize internal investigation of our military bases, to see whether someone has stole it from our bases. If it proves to be true, all responsible will be punished. But, if it fail to prove true, what then? Would the officials of Afsharid Persia has enough dignity to say sorry to us for their dirty and tendentious lies against our Great King and entire dynasty?"

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