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    |El País - Madrid |
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      Socialists seen winning most seats in European election

        Spain’s Socialists were seen winning the most seats in European Parliament elections on May 26, followed by the conservative People’s Party (PP), according to a poll by GAD3 published by ABC newspaper on Monday. Spain’s Socialists, which won a national election on April 28 without a parliamentary majority, were seen winning 20 seats in the upcoming election, or 30.3% of the vote. That would be six more seats than in the 2014 EU election. New far-right party Vox was seen winning its first representatives in the European parliament after winning its first seats in the national parliament last month. With 7.8% of the vote, Vox would get five seats in the EU assembly according to the poll, the first major survey carried out since the national election. PP would be second, but with its number of seats dropping from 16 to 12, after it lost more than half its seats in the national election. The center-right Ciudadanos would see its number of lawmakers jump from 2 to 10. The poll of 830 people surveyed between May 3 and May 6 also showed right-wing and left-wing coalitions would win the same percentage of votes in municipal elections also due May 26. The poll did not spell out which municipalities they could win.

          Catalan jailed MPs attend Spain parliament opening

        Four of whom are lower-house MPs and one is a senator. The Spanish parliament has not witnessed such an event before. The four MPs swore to uphold the Spanish constitution, but called the oath "a legal obligation" and demanded freedom for "political prisoners". As they spoke, far-right and right-wing MPs shouted and hammered on benches. Reporters say the noise - mostly from far-right Vox MPs - drowned out the Catalans' oaths.The parliamentary authorities are expected to suspend the four Catalan separatist MPs, urged to do so by the conservative Popular Party (PP) and centre-right Ciudadanos. The four MPs - Josep Rull, Oriol Junqueras, Jordi Sànchez, Jordi Turull - and senator Raül Romeva are on trial for taking part in Catalonia's push for independence in 2017. The Spanish Supreme Court decision to let them take up their seats in parliament under police escort was condemned by Catalan separatist leader Carles Puigdemont, a fugitive in Belgium. They won seats in the Spanish general election on 28 April, in which the Socialists came top, but without a majority. A dozen leaders of Catalonia's failed 2017 independence bid are on trial in Madrid, facing charges including rebellion and sedition. If convicted, some could face up to 25 years in prison. The semi-autonomous region of Catalonia held an independence referendum on 1 October 2017, which Madrid had earlier declared to be illegal. The Catalan separatists declared independence from Spain weeks after the vote, and the Madrid government then imposed direct rule. Spain's 1978 constitution speaks of "the indissoluble unity of the Spanish nation". The Catalonia crisis is considered the most serious to hit Spain since the fascist Franco era. Mr Puigdemont and five of his aides fled abroad to avoid the Spanish judicial crackdown. They face prison if they return to Spain.

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    Amplifying Danish Current Events to the World


    A massive break in Danish political status quo was made as a result of the results of the 2019 general elections officially released last Thursday and declared by the Royal Electoral Commission. For the first time in Danish politics, a single party gained more than 40% of the seats in the Folketing, and that goes to the right-wing Danish People's Party or DPP. A whopping 57 seats all went to the DPP, which is more than enough to form a purely homogeneous government section though parliamentary convention still requires the ruling party to form a coalition with other parties, therefore, it is likely that the main government coalition with the Conservatives and the Liberal Alliance, which got 10 and 17 seats, respectively, will be formed as announced before.

    While the DPP and its allies enjoying their rise, the opposition parties experienced some diminish in their seats. From 46, the Social Democrats now has 42 seats, the Red-Green Alliance has 11, and the rest had lost either one or three seats. However, the most devastating decline of seats goes to Venstre, the core government party as it's the home party of the Prime Minister. From its current 34 seats, they only now have 19 seats, a 15-seat decline which brings them back to 1987 where they also had the same number of seats.

    Statistics from the Electoral Commission's turnout results shows that only Vestjylland remained loyal to the Venstre with a faint presence in Nordjylland whereas their former seats in the other regions now solely belong to the DPP. The statistics also maps the divide between North and South Denmark due to the fact that Sydjylland, Sjaelland, Syddanmark, and Landsel Hovedstaden regions swung unanimously to the DPP and the North remained as is during the last general elections.

    Moving on to the representative seats for Greenland and the Faroe Islands, they too also had some noticeable change. The Greenlandic separatist party, the Nunatta Qitornai, had lost their only seat only to be taken by another separatist party, the Inuit Ataqatigiit which is their first time to dominate the Greenlandic representation to the Folketing. The Faroese Republic Party and the Social Democratic Party both kept their seats.

    At the conclusion of the elections, the Royal Electoral Commission declared the single-server system as a complete success in reaching its goals to fast-track the results, only taking them roughly 2 days to seal the results. Voter turnouts for this general elections only rose up by 2% from 85% in 2015 to this year's 87%. No reports of election-related crimes or disturbances was received by the Politi, declaring it "safe as usual" again.

      • Danish People's Party - 57 seats

      • Social Democrats - 42 seats

      • Red-Green Alliance - 11 seats

      • Venstre - 19 seats

      • Liberal Alliance - 17 seats

      • Conservative Party - 10 seats

      • Alternative - 7 seats

      • Socialist People's Party - 6 seats

      • Social Liberals - 6 seats

      • FI Republic - 1 seat

      • FI Social Democratic - 1 seat

      • GL Inuit Ataqatigiit - 2 seats

    As the party's leader, DPP Chairman Kristian Dahl is expected to take the Prime Ministership, but not without the Queen directing him to form a government.

JUNE GENERAL ELECTIONS - Rise of the Right-Wingers

    As the people had spoken very clearly, the right had taken over the government in a degree that modern Danish politics had never seen before. The populist Danish People's party was able to garner enough seats to dominate the Folketing, which means they have the capacity to push for programs without much opposition within the coalition when compared to a minority government coalition. This is vital in the DPP's 10-point plan (page=rmb/postid=34920248) which consists of massive political and cultural reforms that no minority government can push. Now that the right had their climax in Danish politics, it is still unsure of how they'll direct Denmark in a new direction, a direction that's not the left.

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The sixth french-republic

Viva La France

The French Armed Forces is hoping to move the military budget up to 2.5% by next year to further strengthen it's capabilities and ensuring the security of the French Republic. Under President Macron, the government is seeking to ensure France's global presence. Though some policies have become more right-wing Macron has stated that the preservation of French culture and living is important - As the burning of Notre Dame enlightened the French people to understand the majesty of their culture and history.

    We have stood in the forefront of European history, rivalled only by some of the continents mightiest. We must remember our place as a state of freedom; The birth place of true modern democracy. France is a nation that has shaped and fashioned the world to how it sees fit, not too different from that of the British. I look to the former colonies of France, nations whose people seek residence in our great state. If you want to be French that could easily be arrange - As we seek a united France under Paris in all of it's glory. But alas it is no longer possible to reconquer what was the French Empire. Fortunately we do not have to. We will reestablish greater relationship with all past colonies, and ensure that we repent all mistakes.

Manuel Macron believes that the French Nation is not only that of what is confined within the French Republic, but also that of those all over the world who has French roots in language, culture, or heritage.

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Police Arrest Youth Involved in Clash at Katamso

CNN Indonesia | Wednesday, 22/05/2019 20:21 WIB

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia - Police again arrested a young man suspected of being part of a mass involved in Jalan Brigjen Katamso, Slipi, West Jakarta. The man became the officers' months when he was escorted to a safer place. The man was arrested after members of the police pushed forward towards a period that had been throwing stones at them and shooting at officers using firecrackers. Now officers at Jalan Brig. Gen. Katamso appear to be loosening their guard by allowing the masses to advance toward the police barricade.

Clashes at Katamso have occurred since the afternoon. Police who fired tear gas were returned by the masses with stones and firecrackers. Riots also occurred in front of the Bawaslu office, but the riots there did not last long. Some of the masses who marched in front of the Bawaslu began to disperse. Others still survive. Later the situation in Bawaslu was back in chaos. Officers throw tear gas at the crowd to disperse.

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TRT Sports

Prime Minister Salih Enveroğlu hosts 25 time Süper Lig Championships Galatasaray in Ankara

Galatasaray, for the 25th time in its prestigious history defeated rivals Beşiktaş 3-2 to secure another victorious season. Galatasaray now not only the first Turkish team to reach three, four and now five stars. The Prime Minister, life long Galatasaray fan was over the moon with the victory tweeting in support of his team. Manager Fatih Terim of Galatasaray lifting his 10th championship with the team, a record for any manager in Turkish History, adding it to his illustrious career which includes a UEFA championship. During the photo op for the press, the Prime Minister was gifted an honourary jersey reading "30 Enveroğlu". After gave the team a tour of Çankaya Mansion, he spoke to the media now sporting his new jersey where he once more congratulated Galatasaray and wished them luck in the upcoming Samsung Cup which Galatasaray looks to win for the a record sixth time, double over the second most successful team in the Samsung Cup, Persepolis. The Turkish Football Federation also finalized the eight teams that would take part in this years Samsung Cup from the Turkish side. The first four from the Süper Lig are Galatasaray, Beşiktaş, Denizlispor and Selanik FK. While the four from the TFF First League are Osmanlıspor, Altay SK, Çetinkaya Türk SK and Fenerbahçe. Many Galatasaray and Fenerbahçe fans have taken to social media regarding the inclusion of Fenerbahçe as they were relegated in from the Süper Lig in 2017-18 and finished third this year in the FFA, two spots shy of promotion. Many of the fans excited to see the possibility of a Galatasaray vs Fenerbahçe match in the Samsung Cup, to write another chapter in the Eternal Rivalry.

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      UNIAN news

      Yatsenyuk took inauguration in Verkhovna Rada

      23rd May 2019


    Ukrainian president, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, took his oath in the Verkhovna Rada Building on the 22nd May.

    The new Ukrainian president, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, took the presidential oath in the Verkhovna Rada Building yesterday with the witnesses of 450 members of the parliament. Closed by the Peresopnytsia Gospel and the Constitution of Ukraine.

    In the inauguration day, President Yatsenyuk also mentioned that he will do his best to suppress the corruption in the Ukrainian government and re-write the out-dated, broken constitution of Ukraine, and strengthen the relationships between Ukraine and NATO nations, but he is still considering the joining of the EU.

    Many Ukrainians, especially in the west and central, massively celebrate Yatsenyuk as the new president. In Lyiv, 50,000 citizens parades on the streets of Lyiv and launching fireworks at the town square of Lyiv. Meanwhile, reports had shown that nearly 60,000 Ukrainian Russians were searching for immigration and decides to leave Ukraine due to the tough policies of Yatsenyuk towards Russians in Ukraine.

    Yatsenyuk also promotes Ukrainian industry, by investing and encourages the Ukrainian enterprises and industries to produce Ukrainian-made products, especially in the military, which Yatsenyuk wants to fully equip the Ukrainian Armed Forces with Ukrainian weapons.

    Professionals have also commented about Yatsenyuk's "Ukrainiazation" policies, which can encourage the motivations in Ukrainian's national industries, but it won't have a long-term development for Ukraine unless it's backed by a strong and powerful constitution.


      Слава Україні! Героям слава!

Expensive Airplane Tickets, Damri Passengers Forecast 10 Up Percent

CNN Indonesia | Thursday, 23/05/2019 21:05 WIB

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia - Public Company (Perum) Damri estimates a 10 percent increase in passengers for inter-city bus transportation (AKAP) in this year's Lebaran period compared to last year. The high price of airplane tickets was allegedly encouraging people to switch to using bus transportation modes. President Director of Perum Damri Setia N Milatia Moemin said that the increase in passengers could still increase considering that not all of the people bought tickets back and forth. However, he has not been able to provide detailed data on the increase in passengers because it requires consolidated calculations from all branches. "There is a slight jump in demand between provincial cities (AKAP), there are around 10 percent. There has been an increase but we expect even higher because it is getting closer to Eid," he said, Thursday (23/5).On the other hand, he said the increase in the price of airplane tickets suppressed the number of passengers for bus services to the airport (airport). The decrease in passengers reached 30 percent-40 percent.

Nevertheless, the decline could be covered by the increase in passengers in other Perum Damri business lines, especially the AKAP segment. Perum Damri itself has seven lines of business, including city transportation, inter-city transportation, inter-border transportation, mode-integrated transportation, travel or tourism transportation, logistics transportation, and pioneer transportation."Indeed, it was felt that when ticket prices were very expensive, people might change their mode. But for us on the one hand there was a decrease in sales, but on the other hand we also carried out fleet management," he added. Especially for Lebaran transportation, Perum Damri provides 192 units with 4,247 rites serving inter-city or regular passengers. The company targets 103,203 passengers for regular transportation. In addition, the red-plate transportation mode company also prepared 150 aid buses with 1,047 races. This aid bus can accommodate passengers up to 23,071 people.

Perum Damri also prepares local fleet services of 166 units with 4,417 households. This local bus service can accommodate passengers up to 111,763 people. This BUMN also claimed to have synergized with 40 other State Milk Enterprises (BUMN) that provided free homecoming. A total of 843 fleets with a total capacity of 42,552 passengers were prepared for the synergy program with this BUMN. "We also provide free homecoming with the target of 300 travelers using seven fleets," he said. At present, Perum Damri is recorded to have 3,000 fleets for all segments. With the number of regional office branches reaching 59 branches.

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            THE AUSTRALIAN:: From Left field: Albanese and Corbyn and co
            By ANDREW BURRELL, WA chief reporter

Democrat leader in waiting Anthony Albanese will be forced to jettison the hard-left policies he has ­espoused for more than three decades, with former party heavyweights questioning his passion­ate stances on asylum-seekers, boat turnbacks and ­energy policy.

Mr Albanese, a democratic socialist from Sydney’s inner west who is set to assume the leadership unchallenged, has become close to far-left British Opposition Leader Jeremy Corbyn.

He has met with the fellow “Tory fighter” at least three times in the past 14 months.

In March last year, Mr Albanese posted on social media that he had caught up “again” with the British Labour leader, whose manifesto includes nationalising Britain’s energy and water network­s.

“Talking politics and progress — and a bit of cricket,” he wrote on Facebook above a photo with Mr Corbyn at the parliament.

Since throwing his hat into the ring to become Democrat leader, Mr Albanese has pitched himself as an “inclusive” leader who is prepare­d to abandon class-war rhetoric to win over the ordinary voters in the suburbs who spurned the DSP at Saturday’s election.

But only three days before the poll he said Democrats' infrastructure funding would be paid by hitting the “top end of town”. And just a few years ago Mr ­Albanese defied Bill Shorten at Labor’s 2015 nation­al conference by voting against boat turnbacks.

“If people were in a boat, includin­g families and children, I myself couldn’t turn that around,” he said at the time.

Democrat sources said yesterday it may be difficult for the knockabout MP to whitewash his decade­s-long history as a spear-thrower for Democrats' hard Left.

His former leader, Mark Latham — whose own tenure as Democrat boss ended in spectacular fashion in 2005, and who now sits as a One Nation MP in the NSW upper house — said Mr Albanese had been on the “wrong side of history” in Democrats' policy ­debates for 30 years by veering too far to the Left.

He recalled Mr Albanese as a radical Young Democrat member in the 1980s speaking out against the economic policies of the Hawke-Keating governments, including deregulation and tariff cuts.

It was about this time, also, that the firebrand student was suspended from the University of Sydney for his role in leading a protest that included breaking into the university’s clock tower and leading an occupation of the economics building.

One former senior Democrat ministe­r, who declined to be named, said Mr Albanese had been too far to the Left on the timbe­r industry, asylum policy, energy policy, mining policy and on uranium ­exports to India.

“He used to call people from western Sydney rednecks,” the former minister said. “His record speaks for itself.” As a federal MP, Mr Albanese has never been afraid of an ­internal brawl, spearheading the Left’s strong backing for softer policies on asylum­-seekers and boat turnbacks.

In 2001, he spoke passionately against John Howard’s bill to stop the Tampa from delivering more than 400 asylum-seekers to Aust­ral­ia. “This is not a refugee crisis,” he said. “Four hundred people on a boat do not represent a crisis. This is a political crisis for us as a nation, which has been brought on by a desperate prime minister.”

Mr Latham recalled a shouting match in an Albury restaurant, in front of Democrat MP Joel Fitzgibbon, after the Tampa incident.

“Albo was telling me how heartless I was for supporting Howard’s policy,” he said. “It was (his position) to let the boats flow. He was (later) influential with (Kevin) Rudd on reopening the borders, there’s no doubt.”

Yet one former party heavyweight described Mr Albanese as “pragmatic”, and another said his political views had moderated over the years.

One senior Right faction source defended Mr Albanese: “In the past few years he’s demonstrated the ability to keep things mainstream.” NSW Democrats' general secretary Kaila Murnain said: “Albo will be a strong and unifying force as leader of our party and we are all excited and ready to take the fight to the National Republicans under his leadership.”

Mr Albanese said he wanted to return Democrats to the pro-growth economic policies of the Hawke-Keating era, to reopen the door to business and abandon class-war politics.

He is promising to drop the anti-business rhetoric of Democrats' election campaign. “The language used was terrible … unions and employers have a common interest. Successful businesses are a precondition for employing more workers, and that is obvious.”

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    |El País - Madrid |
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      Spain's parliament leads Europe in gender-equality despite rise of far right

        Spain’s new parliament, sworn in on Tuesday, has the largest share of women in any European legislature, no small achievement for a country still reinventing itself four decades after the end of a right-wing, traditionalist dictatorship. Women’s rights have been prominent in the political debate for over a decade and remain controversial, to the point where the far-right Vox party entered the assembly for the first time on a platform that seeks to reverse some equality laws. Many argue that male attitudes - and the law - still have a long way to go, citing an infamous case in which four men calling themselves “The Wolf Pack” were convicted last year of sexually assaulting an 18-year-old woman, but cleared of rape because of a lack of physical violence. Still, even Vox, which harks back to Spain’s dictatorship-era conservative morality, counts nine women among its 24 legislators. At 47%, or 165 of 350 seats, Spain has a bigger proportion of female lawmakers than even Sweden, which has a far longer history of promoting gender equality. Even the previous share, 39%, had put the European Union’s average of 30% in the shade. Globally, only Rwanda, Cuba, Bolivia and Mexico have higher female representation, according to World Bank data.

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Post self-deleted by The north african wattan.

Ombudsman Asks Government To Immediately Hold Market Operations

CNN Indonesia | Friday, 24/05/2019 10:15 WIB

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia - The Ombudsman asked the government to immediately conduct market operations in regions where the prices of basic commodities are still above the Highest Retail Price (HET). This was done to maintain the purchasing power of the people ahead of Eid."We are worried that if prices rise too high after Eid al-Fitr falls lower as a result of uncontrolled inflation," said Ombudsman Member Ahmad Alamsyah Saragih when breaking the fast with the media crew at the Ombudsman Building on Thursday (23/5).

The Ombudsman, continued Ahmad, has an interest in seeing the effectiveness of the price stability efforts carried out by the government. For this reason, on May 17, 2019, the central Ombudsman and 34 representative offices in the regions simultaneously conducted inspections of 10 basic commodities throughout Indonesia. Inspection, according to him, was carried out by the method of direct interviews with vegetable traders, meat traders, and groceries. From the inspection, the Ombudsman found several important findings. One of them is a commodity that has a tendency to increase prices such as medium rice commodities and broiler chicken meat. For medium rice, the average price is still above HET except in Southeast Sulawesi, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) and Papua. While broiler chicken prices are still above HET except Aceh, North Sumatra (North Sumatra), and Riau. Prices in the other half of the province are already below the HET.

The Ombudsman also found a tendency towards stable prices for sugar (bulk) commodities, cooking oil (bulk), local beef, eggs and shallots. For bulk sugar, the average price is still above HET except Aceh, South Sumatra (South Sumatra), West Java (West Java) and Central Java (Central Java). Meanwhile, in other regions such as North Sumatra (North Sumatra), Riau, Jambi, and East Java (East Java) approach HET. Then, the average price of cooking oil (bulk) is still above HET except in Aceh, South Sumatra, Banten, Yogyakarta Special Region (DIY), West Kalimantan (West Kalimantan), Central Kalimantan (Central Kalimantan), and South Sulawesi (South Sulawesi).Then local beef, the average price in all regions is above HET. Furthermore, the average price of eggs is still above HET except Aceh, North Sumatra, South Sumatra, Bangka-Belitung (Babel), and East Java. While the price of shallots in some provinces is still above HET such as Papua, Central Kalimantan and South Sumatra.

Meanwhile, the price of garlic which had reached Rp. 80 thousand to Rp. 100 thousand tended to decline dramatically. But the average price is still above the Government Policy Price (HKP) except in Central Java and East Java. In addition to conducting market operations, the Ombudsman also advised the central government to immediately coordinate with the regional government to ensure the smooth supply chain. Thus, the government can ensure that the availability of basic commodities is fulfilled since H-10 Lebaran. It can also help the government maintain price stability for some commodities that have a tendency to rise.

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The north african wattan

The Cairo Times
The Forgotten Turkmen Population of Israel
Jerusalem - Today when we think of minorities living under Israel, we think of the Sunni Arab Palestinians, but not many people will think of the numerous other minorities living on that land. In addition to the sizable Christian Arab population, Israel also has a Turkmen population of 22 thousand. The Turkmen are concentrated in the two regions of the Jezreel Valley and the occupied Golan Heights. The Turkmen have been migrating to Palestine since the 12th century and kept migrating until the end of Ottoman rule in the Levant. The Turkish government which preaches standing up for Turkic people everywhere has been silent about the fate of the Turkmen and has not done anything to help their lives as a minority. Whether this will cause any tension between the Israeli and Turkish governments is yet to be seen but this should be a very important issue for the current Turkish regime's ideology.

TRT World

Turkish Armed Forces hold exercises the in East Mediterranean and Kilis

The might of the Turkish Land Forces, Turkish Naval Forces and Turkish Air Force were on full display today as three military exercises were held simultaneously in the Eastern Mediterranean and Kilis as TRT was given exclusive footage of all three. A show of might by the Turkish Navy, one of the largest in the world, with Admiral Adnan Özbal comparing today navies might to that of the Ottoman Navy under Ottoman Admiral Hayreddin Barbarossa. Next in Cyprus the Turkish Air Force continued to show its might, with 2,500 paratroopers landing in Cyprus from nearby ships, showing the effectiveness of the Air Force and Paratroops in the ordeal. Finally the Land Forces where the Altay Tank and the J-600T Yıldırım were on display, one of the many Turkish made weapons that the Turkish army uses that makes it one of the worlds strongest and fiercest fighting forces. General Commands Chief of the General Staff Commander of Land Forces Hulusi Akar had the following to tell TRT, a direct message to Turkey's allies and enemies around the world.

"History repeats itself. Their is a reason the Turkic people had 16 Great Empires. The Great Hunnic Empire, the Western Hunnic Empire, the European Hunnic Empire, the White Hunnic Empire, the White Hunnic Empire, Göktürk Empire, the Avar Khaganate, the Khazar Khaganate, the Uyghur Khaganate, the Kara-Khanids, the Ghaznavids, the Great Seljuk Empire, the Khwarazmids, the Golden Horde, the Timur Empire, the Mughal Empire, and finally the Ottoman Empire. The world always finds it balance, for centuries the Turks have dominated its world. And that time has come once more, Turkish power streches across the Turkic, European and Islamic World. Their is a reason no one makes a move in the region without checking with the Turk."

İYİ Parti Statement on Israeli Turkmen

After the attack made by the Cairo Times against Turkey for its Turkic brothers in Israel, a İYİ Parti spokesmen made the following statement to TRT in Ankara.

"The İYİ Parti, its allies and the Turkish Republic are determined to keep our Turkic brothers safety as a top priory, which we can assure the Israeli government as done as well for the 22,000 Israeli Turks who are settled across the Israeli regions of Jezreel Valley and the Golan Heights. Both sovereign territory of the Israeli State. Turkey continues to work closely with Israel, and will continue to do so for generations to come. The strength of the Turkish-Israeli friendship cannot be understated or undermined by anyone, let alone the Arabs."

2019 European election results: Turkey

The results for the Turkish MEPs to the European Parliament are in, with Turkey's 100 MEPs up for reelection. The biggest winner in Turkey was the CAP (The Conservative Ascension) being the most successful party in Turkey, thanks to the Turkish based CAP's cooperation with the ruling İYİ Parti they were able to pick up 79 of the seats. And the with the EDP winning 21 of the remaining seats, who share cooperation with most of the opposition in the Turkish Grand National Assembly. The Good European Party was formed in 2011 by Turkish Conservatives to create a voice that better represented the Turkish people as the conservative voice in political Europe, becoming the nations most popular party for EU elections in this election cycle.

            Greenies, Old People, and the Chinese
            Melbourne, Sydney, Albury-Wodonga

Only a week into Morrison's Presidency, and Australia is already angry.

Thousands of mostly school-aged Melbournians have taken to the streets in a mass 'die-in,' protesting for the Federal Govenment to do something about cliamte change. The rally, hosted by a group called Extinction Rebellion, blocked Swanston street, causing mass traffic jams (ironically). The group took to the streets with posters saying "The climate emergency is not a political issue, it is a scientific fact," "Denial is not a policy" and "How dare you steal our future".

The group are hoping to see the Federal Government make a plan on cutting carbon emmissions by 2025. The group are particularly angered by the Federal Government's decision to allow Indian multimillion dollar mining company "Adani" begin construction on a coal mine in northern Queensland. Adani will be the biggest coal mine in Australia. A large greenie movement, "#StopAdani," have been strongly against what they believe is the biggest contributer to climate change in Australia. Following is the front page of their website,;

    "What is the leading cause of climate change? The mining and burning of coal.

    After enduring a summer of intense heat waves, bushfires, drought, floods and storms, Australians are increasingly aware of the threat global warming poses to our way of life.

    If the Adani Group gets its way, it will dig the biggest coal mine in Australia's history. The Adani mine - planned to be built inland of the Great Barrier Reef - would be one of the biggest coal mines in the world.

    If built, Adani’s mine, rail and port project will:

    Destroy the ancestral lands, waters and cultures of Indigenous people without their consent.
    Allow 500 more coal ships to travel through the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area every year for 60 years.
    Get access to 270 billion litres of Queensland's precious groundwater for 60 years, for free.
    Risk damaging aquifers of the Great Artesian Basin.
    Add 4.6 billion tonnes of carbon pollution to our atmosphere.

    Critically, if allowed to go ahead, Adani’s Carmichael coal mine will unlock the Galilee Basin - one of the world's largest untapped coal deposits - paving the way for at least eight more coal mines to be built. All in a time when the world knows it must be walking away from coal and investing in clean energy.

    We must stop this mine. How will we do it? With the support and actions of millions of Australians like you, doing what it takes to say #StopAdani and stop this mine."

Meanwhile, in Sydney, Thousands of protesters have waved "Abolish Australia" posters in the lead up to National Sorry Day on the 26th. National Sorry Day is a day in which the Australian population 'say sorry' to the Indigenous Population. This was the day back in 2007 that Democrat President Kevin Rudd made the first public appology to the Indigenous community. Following is an article from the Daily Mail;

      Thousands of protesters in both Sydney and Melbourne took to the streets to raise awareness about climate change, species extinction and Aboriginal issues - but it quickly turned political as a week of frustration at Scott Morrison's election win boiled over.

      Activist group Extinction Rebellion organised the rally in Melbourne at Victoria's Parliament House on Friday, in solidarity with the Global Climate Strike, to pressure the Government to act on climate change.

      At the conclusion of a similar rally in Sydney's CBD, demonstrators joined Grandmothers Against Removals (GMAR) to march from Hyde Park Fountain to NSW Parliament.

      The Aboriginal group are calling for newly elected President Scott Morrison to abolish forced adoption laws ahead of National Sorry Day on Sunday.

      GMAR founder Aunty Hazel Collins said: 'I want to address Scott Morrison and I want to ask the question: ''What is he going to do as Prime Minister in relation to the ongoing Stolen Generations?'''

      'Is he going to abolish forced adoption laws? Is he going to address the growing number of Aboriginal children in out-of-home care?'

      'Or is he going to be like previous governments that continue to practice genocide in Australia?'

      One protester was seen clutching to an 'Abolish Australia' poster while attending the march on Friday afternoon.

      'Always was, always will be, Aboriginal land,' another poster read.

      Demonstrators displayed the colours of the Indigenous flag - black, yellow and red - as they walked through Sydney on Friday.

      Sunday will mark 22 years of National Sorry Day.

      A number of young people decided to join the Sorry Day rally after attending a climate change protest at Town Hall Square.

      Up to one-thousand protesters arrived in Sydney, sporting their most decorative posters, to demand politicians and business leaders lower their emissions.

      The rallies come less than a week after the Federal Election on May 18, where the Coalition was elected for third term.

      In Melbourne, thousands of climate change crusaders filled the streets in the CBD to stage a massive 'die in'.

      The colourful activists flooded the streets from midday with placards directed at freshly-elected President Scott Morrison.

      Authorities warned Melbourne residents of lengthy traffic delays due to road closures across the city.

      A statement from the rally organisers said: 'The climate emergency is not a political issue, it is a scientific fact.

      'Democrat or Republican, the environment does not care. The Government must take action on climate change NOW!'

      Some protesters decided to dress up for the occasion, donning white face paint and black clothing to appear as a corpse.

      Others proudly held up their posters which urged for immediate action on climate change, notably the use of fossil fuels.

      'Denial is death,' one poster read.

      'Stop using fossil fuels or life as we know it will die,' another said.

      A large banner, held by a group of girls who had skipped school, quoted Swedish schoolgirl Greta Thunberg who first urged students to strike for the climate.

      'I want you to act as if the house is on fire... because it is,' the poster said.

      The rally began at Parliament House before demonstrators began to march along Swanston Street and towards the State Library.

      Residents were urged to be patient, plan ahead and allow extra time when travelling into Melbourne's CBD, with Spring Street and Bourke Street shut for the protest.

      'A number of traffic management points will be in place with Bourke, Swanston, Collins and Flinders streets to be affected at various times from approximately 12pm until 3pm,' Victoria Police said in a statement.

      Police also stressed the importance of a peaceful protest.

      'Individuals have the right to lawfully attend events and protest, however we ask that people do so peacefully and respectfully without impacting on the rest of the community,' they said.

      'Victoria Police will not tolerate those who break the law or engage in antisocial or violent behaviour.'

      VicTraffic recommends travellers check transport updates as some bus replacements have been brought in due to the road closures.

      Organisers expected at least 5,000 protesters to attend the rally, which involved a demonstration of lying 'dead' to show the Earth's sixth mass extinction.

      The action coincides with the Global Climate Strike.

      Extinction Rebellion has organised protests around the world including in Hungary and London, where demonstrators reportedly glued themselves to the ground.

      Not all residents were fond of the protest, with many wondering why the demonstrators were willing to skip out of work and school.

      'Police preparing for another waste of space climate change protest in Melbourne,' one person Tweeted with an image of police.

      'Australia make two per cent impact on the world's climate. Suggest the idiots march on the US, China, India and SE Asia.

      'More Green and Socialist morons wasting people's time!'

      Another said: 'Don't these climate change protesters work? Why can't they protest on the weekend by the beach so they don't bother anyone?'

      'Who's not happy now? Hope there's no primary school children involved this time,' one person wrote.

President Scott Morrison has stated that climate change is "not our fault," and that he would much rather schoolkids "go to school where they can be educated" instead of following "false socialist lies." Morrison has also annouced that Australian industries who send their waste to other countries, particularly Luvindanao, and has finally made an offical statement on Izham. He has also faced critisism over his statements on The zhongguo people republic.

    "Climate change is not our fault. The Ice Age ended way before we had steam trains and coal mines, and even if it was because of mankind, Australia's contribution is minute compared to that of say China. The Federal Government has far more important things, such as families, workers, and businesses, that need our help before we can address pseudosciences. I would much rather that our school children go to school where they can be educated, and not brainwashed by false socialist lies.
    Evironmentalists would be pleased to hear, however, that Australian businesses caught sending rubbish overseas will be punished finacially. Instead, we would rather businesses find ways to keep rubbish in Australia, and out of developing countries and out of our oceans. For too long, our rubbish has been sent overseas, upsetting our neighbours and our oceans. These should become our top pritority. I know that the Queensland government, for example, are doing their best to work with evironmentalists on saving the Great Barrier Reef, which is slowly dying before our eyes.
    On the topic of international affairs, I would like to warn Australians on the current developments in Sri Lanka. We are seeing a government battling extremists, while trying to maintain peace. Australia will be sending peacekeeping forces over the next month to Sri Lanka, and in the mean time, we have placed a total travel ban to the nation, and we are doing our best to get Australians out of Sri Lanka as fast as possible.
    Also, on a slightly unrelated note, we as the National Republican Party have decided that we will annouce our statement on the People's Republic of China as follows;
    The People's Republic of China is currently run by an illegitamete government. Chairman Mao and his Communist Party of China took over in a political coup back in the 1940s-1950s. The elected, geniune government, has since been exiled to Taiwan and have been oppressed ever since. With Australia's ban on Hauwai a few months ago, and the recent buildup of tentions in the South China Sea, it has been decided by the Australian Government to uncover the lies of the Chinese Government. The Chinese Government has not been choosen by the people, who instead have been brainwashed by their government to believe that their country is flawless. This is a violation of basic rights, and have appalled the AUstralian Government. I, President Scott Morrison, is open to talks with the Communist Regime in China reguarding any comments made today, but may it be clear that Australia does not accept the government of China, and we no longer fear the oppresive regime, but instead stand up to it."

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Aceh Airport loses 52 thousand passengers because of expensive tickets

CNN Indonesia | Saturday, 24/05/2019 20:34 WIB

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia - The Sultan Iskandar Muda International Airport (SIM) in Aceh Besar lost nearly 52,000 aircraft passengers during the first quarter of 2019 because of the high ticket prices."There was a decline of around 18.61 percent or 51,985 aircraft passengers compared to the first quarter of 2018," said Head of the Aceh Wahyudin Central Statistics Agency (BPS), as reported by Antara on Friday (24/5). He detailed the total passengers using air transportation at SIM Airport reached 242,943 people in the period January-March 2019. The numbers shrank compared to the same period last year, which was 294,928 people. According to Wahyudin, the high fare of airline tickets, especially for domestic routes, has contributed greatly to the decline in the number of passengers, both those who came and those who left.

In fact, not a few people living in Aceh chose to fly to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, before continuing their journey to the country. As is known, SIM Airport is the only international airport between 11 airports located in Aceh Province. This airport has high activity, both airplane, passenger and goods traffic. "But the international passengers departing from Sultan Iskandar Muda in March 2019 totaled 14,826 people, down 9.55 percent compared to the previous month. While passengers arrived 14,893 people, an increase of 1.81 percent compared to February 2019," he said. In terms of flight frequency, aircraft activity also declined by around 16.28 percent to 2,305 times compared to the first quarter of last year which was 2,766 times.

"Various stakeholders, especially the airport, must find a strategy to restore the interest of passengers. Can hold a national scale event in Aceh to bring tourists," explained Wahyudin. The Association of Indonesian Travel Companies (ASITA) in Aceh said that the government should reduce the price of airline tickets to reach 45 percent in order to increase tourist interest in the province. "TBA (Upper Limit Rate) should be reduced by 45 percent. Not 12 percent to 16 percent," said ASITA Aceh Secretary Totok Julianto. Decreasing flight tickets only a dozen percent is considered unrealistic, because the increase in airplane tickets has occurred for almost six months since the end of last year.

Previously, the authority of the Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin International Airport (SMB) II Palembang, South Sumatra, was also called a loss of IDR 3 billion per month due to the high price of airplane tickets. In terms of number of passengers, the decline even reached 20 percent. The executive general manager of PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero) Palembang Fachroji SMB II Airport said the average decline of 20 percent of passengers occurred since last year. At first, the average number of passengers reached 12 thousand to 15 thousand per day. However, the surge in ticket rates has reduced the number of passengers to only 6 thousand-8 thousand per day.

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    Amplifying Danish Current Events to the World

    DPP-Majority Government Sworn In

      DPP Chairman, now sworn-in Prime Minister Kristian Dahl, with the 19 chosen ministers that will consist of the first Dahl Cabinet presented themselves before Her Majesty Queen Margrethe in Amalienborg Palace last Thursday for their oath-taking and their first errand as a minister, a meeting with the Queen. A humble yet full of pomp and circumstance, the ceremony involves several rituals which include a knighting ceremony as a sign of formally elevating them to their ministerial position if the oathtaking is not enough, and the reading of the Grant of Position made by the Privy Council, which makes their position confirmed before the Queen through the Privy Council, if the elections, oathtaking, and the knighting ceremony is just not enough. Also witnessing the ceremony was Crown Prince Frederik who had just arrived from his trip from France (The sixth french-republic), and former Queen Anne-Marie of Greece who was simply paying a visit to her sister when the ceremony was taking place. In the Queen's statement before the newly-appointed ministers, she expressed her hope as 'her' government is expected to drive Denmark to a new direction, hoping it will be "the true route this time", faintly referencing the Visual Novel game genre. Talking demographics, the first Dahl Cabinet consists of 19 ministers, 17 are from the DPP, one from the Conservative Party, and another one from the Liberal Alliance; only three ministers are women, making it 84% male; their mean age is 34. Surprisingly, there is still no LGBTQ+ minister.

      Dahl's Cabinet will make their first appearance before their colleagues in the Folketing will be on June 19 during the Sovereign's Speech where the Queen will address the newly-formed Parliament shortly before the first parliamentary session begins.

    Denmark Enjoys Their New Toys

      The last batch of the ordered Kawasaki P-1 Maritime Patrol Aircraft and the giant A400M Atlas Transports finally arrived in Aalborg Air Base in Aalborg yesterday in fulfillment of the arms deal that was struck between Denmark, Japan (Naru japan), and Germany which amounted to USD2.6 Billion. These new fine additions to the Air Force were paraded by having a flypast which was attended by Air Command Chief Anders Rex and Chief of Defence General Bjørn Bisserup. Former Defence Minister Claus Frederiksen also attended the after his term as Defence Minister ended the day before. The RDAF's Own Trailblazers, Denmark's aerobatics display team equivalent to the Red Arrows and the Blue Angels performed their maneuvering routines which made the audience watch in awe. When the Air Command Chief was asked about the possibility of an increased frequency of military exercises in Denmark, he welcomed the idea and will gladly support it if such proposals were to be given to the Defence Minister.

        "I personally think Denmark is ripe enough to step up its game in terms of global military projection. We should start thinking about how we can use these fine machines as a testimony that we are relevant despite our size. And I believe military exercises will give the same effect."

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      "We progressively inspire the people!"

President Borysław will be visiting Beijing.

    | Warsaw, 25 May 2019. "We would like to develop bila-
    teral dialogue to openly discuss the future of our rela-
    tions," said President Borysław. On 26-27 May 2019,
    during his stay in Beijing, President Borysław will meet
    President Xi Jinping to confer Sino-Polish relations. It
    will be an opportunity to reaffirm the good diplomatic
    state between Poland and China. After the visit, Pre-
    sident Borysław will be departing for Copenhagen. |

A small shop in the city of Krakow sells armbands portraying
the color and emblem of the National Revival of Poland.

    | Warsaw, 25 May 2019. Recently today in Krakow,
    Police officer Eryk Lopata passed by a souvenir shop
    while on patrol whose products include NRP armbands.
    "There was no official request to design or manufacture an
    armband for the party," declared NRP Deputy Leader Sofia
    Bodnar to the press. "However, there is no reason why we
    shouldn't allow the sale of these armbands. There are
    already t-shirts depicting (legal) partisan symbolism." |

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The arab-federation

        25TH MAY 2019



Al Ra'i | Volume II

by The arab-federation



ENGLISH| | |اللغة العربية

King Hussein (left), President Bill Clinton (centre) and PM Yitzhak Rabin (right) sign to the Washington Declaration, Washington DC, USA. - - - - - - - - - - - - -President Anwar Sadat (left), President Jimmy Carter (centre) and PM Menachem Begin (left) agree to the Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty, Washington DC, USA.

The Baghdad Conference, the 'Arab NATO'
— and peace with Israel.

By FAIZ AL MA'MUN distributed by AL RA'I — 25th May 2019


      B A G H D A D — It was only a few days when Arab leaders stood together, shock hands and agreed to the establish the Middle east's first monetary union—that was in Cairo—now these same heads of state stand in Baghdad in the atmosphere of progress, common defence and peace. The paranoia and mistrust between Arab States is rapidly being chipped away under the understand that the Arab's are indeed capable to stand for their own interests without the support of foreign powers should the Arab Governments value unity and pragmatics. It can be said, that in both the minds of citizens and policy makers alike, the idea of a common and rising Arab consciousness has never been more desired, more resurgent and more likely than ever before—and the key is Baghdad.

      The Iraqi-Jordanian Capital hosted the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammad Bin Salman—Syrian President, Bashar Al Assad—Egyptian President, Salman Abdul Nasser—Libyan President, Muammar Al Gaddafi—and finally the Prime Minister of Iraq-Jordan, Ali Barakat. The leaders are scheduled to take part in a series of high level negotiations over the duration of the Baghdad Conference regarding common Arab defence and military cooperation, based upon the realization of the common geopolitical and defensive interests and goals of the participating states.

      Although nothing has yet to finalized due to the early stages of the conference and recent arrival of the various Arab leaderships, the news has been received very positively—with many government officials and civilians seeing it as huge step in the restoration of the Arab role within Middle Eastern politics, something that has been rather absent due to Arab disunity. For the personal thoughts of the leaders, and their government—this move has demonstrated a loss of patience towards past geopolitical trends, some in government may even be considered to be personally disillusioned with how Arab states are treated as 'unequal parties' in regional politics.

      What an 'Arab NATO' will look like ; the new regional power

      B A G H D A D — Defence Ministers in Baghdad, Cairo, Damascus, Riyadh and Tripoli have never been more overjoyed—statistically speaking an Arab defensive pact modelled around NATO will have the third highest military budget in the world at approximately $ 158 Billion, being only behind both China and the United States in that order—and dwarfing the spending of all other militaries in the M.E.N.A region. In terms of size, the combined strength would total 2.9 million personnel, not including paramilitary groups. However the main point of discussion and application is not around statistics but about structure.

      Baghdad's and Amman's politicians have demanded off the conference a strong centralized command structure between the states, including the possibility of a joint general staff and air defence system, such policies are a repeat of previous diplomatic efforts to bond the states as closely as possible, for Barakat and others, an 'Arab NATO' emulates not an organization of many state's and many armies—but many state's with one unified military force. However it is expected that Ali Barakat will partly sideline his nation's ambitions at this stage of the conference.

      Israeli-Arab Relations ; the chance for a final peace

      J E R U S A L E M — PM Yitzhak Rabin sat down with King Hussein overlooking the Arava Valley in Israel and pledged their states to peace, this was followed by the Washington Declaration of July 1994, when the same leaders—this time with mediation from President Bill Clinton finally solidified peace, ending over 40 years of warfare. This was not a first, in 1979 Egypt was the first Arab state to make peace with the Jewish State. Baghdad's, Riyadh's and Cairo's leadership and possibly soon Tripoli's and Damascus's see Israel as a strategic ally in the fight against foreign-backed terrorist proxies in South Lebanon, Gaza, Yemen as well as elsewhere. However the Arab's have come to the understanding that a long lasting deal must be signed between their collective organizations and Israel in order to fully achieve peace and increase strategic ties—in particular—Baghdad is eager to restart Arab-Israeli dialogue on the political, social, military and economic fronts and finalized a potential peace treaty between Israel and Syria.

      These goals coincide with a renewed Arab interest in coexistence with 'fellow Semites' in Israel, and abandoning entrenched interference in the Palestinian-Israeli peace process, due to the need for a renewed agreement initiative and possibly viewing the Oslo Accords as unsatisfactory in achieving its ended goals and aims. The main Arab focus has been slowly shifting in favour of 'simple peace' in the conflict. The Arab NATO has a large role to play in building Arab-Israeli cooperation, seeing the inevitable agreement amongst Israeli and Arab politicians that cooperation is now not an option, but a political necessity.

A civic meeting between Israeli's and Bedouin Arab's, Eilat, Israel.
      Pan-Arab Cooperation—regional salvation

      B A G H D A D — The Middle East and the Arab World—is now an emerging hub of progress, the fading attitudes between the Arab's and their neighbours has changed with it, embracing the need of cooperation and the common cause of stability within the region, the upholding of international law and territorial integrity of all sovereign states. Although poised in an excellent position, what has been made clear is the desire to compromise, find common ground and cooperate. This has never been more profound than between the Arab peoples and their own interests as well as the State of Israel—the intention is clear—and that is the tranquility of nations.

      " . . . Call me a Nasserist, Pan-Arabist or a Ba'athist—but my ideology is peace . . . "

      — Quote Spoken by Ali Barakat, May 2019.

Read dispatch

        The north african wattan

        Greater-syrian state

        Qaddafis libya

        Arab saudia

        Great israel



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    |El País - Madrid |
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      PSOE Finally Speaks on NATO - EuroCorp Dispute

        Today the Prime Minister came out and stated in a statement that Spain ought to stay within NATO, but should also focus more on EuroCorp. The podemos Party who are in a coalition with the socialists have gone ahead and stated that they wish to see Spain withdraw from NATO due to the nonexistent leadership from the United States. They called it old news, and wants the country to move forward with the EuroCorp Alliance. The Congress of Deputies is set to schedule more debates on the issue, but the PSOE remains somewhat silent on this issue. The Citizens Party wishes to use Bulgaria's departure from the Atlantic Council as a reason why Spain should follow suit and to show the weakening atlanticism between the U.S. and Europe.

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Radiotelevision of Fawaziya

National Headlines | 26 May 2019


SALALAH - The Petroleum Industries of Fawaziya, PetroFA, has planned for the expansions of it's two petrochemical plants, the Salalah Petrochemical Plant and Muscat Petrochemical Plants, as the part of the country's long-term economic plants. The expansion is going to increase the daily production of 300,000 barrels of refined aromatics and 200,000 barrels of refined olefins for the Salalah Petrochemical Plant and increasing the production in the Muscat Petrochemical Plant up to 280,000 barrels of refined aromatics and 190,000 barrels of refined olefins, thereby yielding the national petrochemical production by over US$ 5 billions.

The Head Director of PetroFA, Abd bin el Kashraf, have commented over this project.

"This expansion project will strengthen the Fawaziyan economy and maximize the production to compete higher in the international trade and national petrochemical supplies. The maximization of the petrochemical production will generate higher value products produced from our refineries", he commented.

The project is expected to start this year, and will create over 6,000 of job fields. However, it is still unknown whether there is a foreign involvement or not.


SALALAH - The proposals for the unification of the Arabian economy, has sparked several supports and controversies all over Fawaziya. Economists, Fawaziyan Nationalists, and Arab Nationalists have argued over the economic unification, with major oppositions from Fawaziyan nationalists and hardline left-wing sentiment, fearing that if the Fawaziyan economy merged with other Arabian countries, Fawaziya will lose it's economic independence and getting it's resources absorbed and the economy centralized into the The arab-federation.

Economists and Democratic Socialists have lesser opposition towards the economic unification. They have mixed feelings over the unification, with them argued that the unification is "good for Fawaziya's progress, but will harm Fawaziya's economic independence".

The strong support however, comes obviously from the Arab Nationalists. The Arab Nationalists, mostly from the Arab Watan Party and Nasserist Party has declared vocal support over the economic unification, as it becomes "the early stage towards Arab Unification". Baathist politicians, such as Awf el-Khalili and Furqan Almouwad, states that the unification is necessary for the better future of Arab peoples, both inside and outside of Fawaziya.

As debates goes on, the Regional Representative Assembly hadn't yet decided over the change of currency.

"Economic unification and currency change is hard and a serious matter to discuss as it will affect the Fawaziyan economy, and will take months of considerations", says Salah Amri, member of the Regional Representative Assembly, 4th Electoral Division of Southern Region.


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            Australian Cabinet Announced

Today, President Scott Morrison has named his new cabinet, who will serve in these roles for the next three years. One of the most notible changes is the new Minister for Indigenous Affairs, Ken Wyatt from Western Australia. Wyatt is the first Indigenous Australian to have a leadership position in the inner ministery. Josh Frydenberg, who became treasurer under Abbott at the beginning of the year, was the first Jew to be appointed a leadership position in the inner ministery. Morrison joked today that the NRP seem to be 'the party of firsts.' Below is a full list of the Inner Minstery, or Cabinet, from today to the 2022 election.

    |MORRISON, Scott:| Leader of the National Republican Party, 30th President of Australia
    |ROBERT, Stuart:| Minister for Government Services, Placed in charge of the National Disability Insurance Scheme
    |WYATT, Ken:| Minister for Indigenous Affairs
    |PORTER, Christian:| Attornry-General, Minister for Industrial Relations
    |CASH, Michaelia:| Minister for Small and Family Business, Minister for Employment
    |PAYNE, Marise:| Minister for Foreign Affairs, Minister for Women
    |BIRMINGHAM, Simon:| Minister for Trade
    |TEHAN, Dan:| Minister for Education
    |HUNT, Greg:| Minister for Health
    |DUTTON, Peter:| Minister for Home Affairs
    |ANDREWS, Karen:| Minister for Industry
    |COLEMAN, David:| Minister for Immigration, Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs
    |FLETCHER, Paul:| Minister for Communications
    |REYNOLDS, Linda:| Minster for Defence
    |TAYLOR, Angus:| Minister for Energy
    |TUDGE: Alan:| Minister for Cities, Urban Infrastructure and Population
    |RUSTON, Anne:| Minister for Families and Social Services
    |LEY, Susan:| Minister for Environment
    |FRYDENBURG, Josh:| Treasurer, Vice President
    |SUKKAR, Michael:| Minister of Housing, Assistant Treasurer
    |HUME, Jane:| Minister for Superannuation and Finance
    |HAWKE, Alex:| Minister for Internal Development, Assistant Minister of Defence Industry
    |McKENZIE, Bridget:| Minister for Agriculture
    |McCORMACK, Michael:| Minister for Infrastructure
    |LITTLEPROUD, David:| Minister for Water Resources
    |CHESTER, Darren:| Minster for Veterans and Defence Personnel
    |COULTON, Mark:| Minister for Regional Services and Local Government

In other assistant minister positions, Jason Wood takes on customs and community safety, Nola Marino gains regional development, Zed Seselja gains finance and charities, Jonathon Duniam takes on regional tourism, Steve Irons is responsible for vocational education, Trevor Evans gains the environment portfolio and Luke Howarth becomes assistant minister for community housing and homelessness. Mathias Cormann will become the new Finance Minister and Special Minister of State.

New notable Ambassadors include Mitch Fifield to the United Nations, Authur Sinodinos to the United States, and former President Tony Abbott to the Associated Pacific Agreement. Leaving their MP positions this year are Christopher Pyne, Kelly O'Dwyer, Steve Ciobo and Nigel Scullion.

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Beograd Danas


Serbia, as a proud member of European Union, yesterday held elections for the European Parliament. Parties run for maximum of 14 MEPs that Serbia has, and elections passed without larger incidents. After a day of calculating the results, regulatory body came out with final results for Serbia. Here it is:

Socialdemocratic Party (SDP, in Alliance S&D) - 42.8% (6 MEPs)
Democratic Party (DS, in Alliance ALDE) - 28,6% (4 MEPs)
Demochristian Party of Serbia (DHSS, in Alliance EPP) - 21.5% (3 MEPs)
Conservative Party of Serbia (KPS, in Alliance ECR) - 7.1% (1 MEP)

Since there was no larger campaign inside Serbia, it might be said that those elections reflect the real image of Serbian vision of the European future, with a large victory for the leftist parties and the expected defeat of KPS, because of fresh refoundation of DHSS, who retook conservative voters for themselves.


On plateau in front of the House of Flowers Mausoleum, where Yugoslav President Josip Broz Tito's remains sill are, thousands of people from all around Yugoslavia gathered together, to mark his birthday on May 25th. President Tito's birthday was celebrated all around Yugoslavia as a "Day of youth", a holiday for Yugoslav proletariat. Many of them still remember those years with nostalgia. But what is interesting above all is the fact that from year to year there are more and more young people, majority of whom never lived under Tito's rule. One of them is 17 years old Milan, who told the journalist:

"Yes, I am here today, because of what my grandpa told me about Tito's days. Those were much happier times, spent in unity with other nationalities and mutual cooperation. We see nothing of that today and we live in a much worse situation since Yugoslavia broke apart. Young people need to learn more about that period, in order to restore that kind of leadership in decades to come."

Right Honorable Speaker of Skupština Borivoje Milentijevich, in his comment for press turned to this statement and explained:

"I heard that some young man this morning said that young people need to learn more about Tito's period. I absolutely agree, as someone who spent 35 years under his brutal rule - young people desperately need to learn what a dictatorship that was, in order not to repeat it anytime. Under his rule, I was imprisoned for 2 years of heavy labor when I was 18 years old and later I have lost my job at University after 1968 protests organization. My passport was took away, I was disabled to give lectures both in Yugoslavia and abroad. Thousands died from terrible violence in prisons. And what is argument that we hear today? "We lived better" - yes, we did, because we were younger, but the standard was not much better than today. Luxury for us was that we were able to go to Trieste to buy western trousers.
I'll tell you, it was a desperate era, with constant overwatch from secret services, with punishment of every attempt to organize a non-communist party and permanent build up of the cult of personality of Tito. Maybe we lived better than the rest of the East, due to our good relationship with western nation, but our standards was still far lower than average of the West."

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