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            Abbott Egged
            Albury, New South Wales

A 24-year old Victorian woman has been charged with assault today after physically attacking President Abbott with an egg this afternoon as campaigned in the nation's capital in the lead-up to the election.

The 24 year old woman, who Police have identifed as Amber Paige, was found to have illegal cannibis on here when she was caught, and was found to be an avid Greens supporter. She claims her actions were in response to Australia's Manus Island Refugee Camp, which she was strongly against.

Although the egg did not crack, Paige did knock over a 70-year-old woman in an attempted to get away from sercurity. Paige will face Albury District Court on the 27th of May.

Australians on social media joked that the egg was either hard boiled or Abbott's head wasn't hard enough. When reporters questioned her answers, she failed to give an answer, instead attempting to avoid the question as Police guided her to a Divvy van. Micheal Pachi from Maquarie National News was one of the reporters who attempted to speak to her.

    |Pachi:| “Why did you knock over an old lady and throw an egg at the Prime Minister?”
    |Paige:| “Didn’t knock over an old lady so there’s the first lie to be spun out of that.”
    |Pachi:| “But why did you think it was necessary to come and egg the Prime Minister? What’s the Prime Minister done wrong to make you want to commit this kind of aggressive act against him?”
    |Paige:| “Aggressive? This is the most harmless thing you can do.”
    |Pachi:| “What throw an egg at a Prime Minister?”
    |Paige:| “You guys are idiots. Get me off the camera.”
    |Pachi:| “But why does he deserve it? You could at least give us an explanation”
    |Paige:| “He deserves it, he deserves a lot worse actually … Just go on Google and follow his Twitter, whatever. You tell me. It f***ing speaks for itself.”

This attack comes only a few weeks after a Melbourne teenager egged Independent Senator Fraiser Anning after his controversial comments after the Christchurch Attacks. However, this saw Egg Boy become a national hero and legend, and the egg actually cracked. Egg Girl, as Paige is being called, has instead been seen as a national disgrace and a 'copy-cat attack' that failed miserably.

Abbott mad the following comment after the attack to Social Media;

    "My concern about today's inncident is Albury was for the older lady who was knocked off her feet. I helped her up and gave her a hug. Our farmers have to put up with these same idiots who are invading their farms and their homes.
    We will stand up to thuggery whether it's these cowardly activists who have no respect for anyone, or militant unionists standing over small businesses and their employees on work sites."


        May 7th, 2019

        Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

        Trudeau Departs For Brussels

      | Prime Minister Trudeau will leave the capital for Brussels this evening to meet with the President of the European Commissions as well as other EU leaders in the matter of diplomacy. His mission is to reaffirm the current free trade deal between Europe and Canada and as well uphold the deal as a positive victory for both parties. It was also confirmed that the Prime Minister will meet with the Turkish President in Ankara to further discuss Canadian-Turkish relations. Talks are rumored to be stronger diplomatic communication in regards to world politics, and fellow NATO assessment between the two countries. Trudeau stated that he plans to hopefully meet with the French President Emmanuel Macron on similar issues. |

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Hello everyone, this is Comrade Hurraq reporting in! Sorry for the nearly a year long inactivity, but I'm now going to play as Fawaziya now, and I'm currently finishing the application. I will be back roleplaying after few weeks because works and exams, so see you soon!

Greater-syrian state

Greater Syrian News
Diplomatic Policy changes in Syria

Almost a year after the fall of the Islamic Republic of Syria, the new Social Nationalist government under the Assad family has decided to initiate peace talks with the former Autonomous Region of Kurdiland, now SDF to negotiate the future situation of territories held by the SDF currently. The Nationalist government has also entered diplomatic channels with Egypt, and Iraq. Diplomatic relations with Greater Syria's two Arab neighbors have improved as all three countries have simultaneously gone under the control of Arab Nationalist governments, and International Observers are predicting greater cohesion between these three states on issues in the Levant. It is unclear how other governments surrounding and beyond the region will respond to this pattern.



Head of Government Conference Opens Today

TAIPEI - (CNA) China welcomes its annual chief executives' Conference in Taipei today, with several thousand people gathering around the venue to welcome their respective heads of government.

The institution of the Head of Government Conference began in 1958, when then Prime Minister Yu Hong-chun summoned the country's 3 provincial premiers, 5 municipal mayors, and two territorial governors to the Hotel Parisien to negotiate the distribution of central and local taxes. Previously, the central government often sought to raise taxes at such rates that some provinces found objectionable and prejudicial, resulting in ugly disputes between the Prime Minister and his fellow heads of government. As a result of his conference, the overall tax burden on the public was reduced by 4%. Starting from 1961, the conference has been a standing institution.

Aside from the expected discussion about relative tax rates, subvention and contribution payments, and equalization payments, several important issues are highly anticipated at the table this year.

The first is the harmonization of provincial security forces. Since the 1950s, each county in the Republic of China (Taiwan) has retained a sizeable, quasi-military force. As the constitution provides, each province regulates its security forces rather differently. In some provinces it is little more than a specialized police force, more equipped to handle emergency situations like hostage scenarios and terrorism and rural patrols. In others, foreign media have aptly described them as "secret police and political enforcer combined". The Prime Minister has tweeted recently that he intends to bring these forces into some form of regulation, though not the control of the central government.

The second is the divestment of several state enterprises owned by the central government. Provincial leaders have expressed their interest in injecting provincial funding into these enterprises, which would make them more localized and better able to serve the local populace. Amongst such targeted enterprises are the China Coal Corporation and Petrol China.

A third pressing issue is the treatment of inter-county alliances, which have been forged by like-minded provincial premiers to enhance regional economic output and identity. Previously, the two eastern counties have formed two alliances, and these have been joined into provinces. Similar political alliances are, however, rare, and the predominant type seems to be economic ones where joint projects are developed and shared interests advanced. A part of this issue is the outstanding request of the Taipei City to annexe Taipei, which is only a bridge away from the capital city but belongs to the Taiwan Province, whose government has stubbornly refused to let go of this county, even though much of this county commutes into Taipei for work and now, to most, seems to form a symbiosis with the capital. Taiwan has always been a proponent of strong regional government, resisting the expansion of the central government at every turn; the territorial expansion of the seat of the central government is naturally interpreted negatively.

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            Shots Fired
            Tamil Eelam

TLLE and MOSL tensions have risen after the Sri Lankan city of Jaffna was successfully evacuated late last week. The city, which ussually houses almost 90,000 inhabitants in a bustling active streetlife, has been completely deserted, aside from a few militants. It's citizens have fleed to the city's outskirts and surrounding towns and to family, all under the aid and supervision of the government.

An Armoured vehicle from MOSL ran over several citizens during the evacuation, causing gunfire between the two groups. 1 civilian was killed, and 4 where seriously injured.

The TLLE have captured the Tilko Jaffna City Hotel, and have been using it as a base. Most of the tensions in Jaffna have been centred around this hotel.

Sri Lankan President Rajavarothiam Sampanthan has stated that the current incident is 'not as severe as they say it is,' and Prime Minister Appathurai Vinayagamoorthy is yet to comment. Opposition leader Maithripala Sirisena has called out the President and his party, claiming that the Tamil Nationalist Alliance is funding the LTTE.

Uprisings in other cities have been squashed quietly as Sampanthan and the TNA passed the "Anti-Opposition Act," which reads;

    Police and other Government Agencies are allowed to use lethal force on any persons who publically demonstrate against the President or their party

This act comes into place tonight, and many external sources have stated that this may be the beginning of a dictatorship in Sri Lanka.

    Amplifying Danish Current Events to the World

Foreign Office Issues Travel Warning on Sri Lanka

    With the ongoing tensions that are happening in Sri Lanka (Izham), first was the Easter bombings in Colombo and now the armed conflict that 'terrorizes' the residents of Jaffna, the Danish Foreign Office sees the need to issue an indefinite nation-wide travel warning for Danish citizens that are planning to visit the country as well as those that are currently there.

    Foreign Minister Anders Samuelsen announced the travel warning through Ministerial Order #853 yesterday during the Office's regular press conference which reads;

      It has come to the concern of the Foreign Office of the Kingdom of Denmark the recent events that had taken, and are currently taking place in the nation of SRI LANKA meets the prerequisites of what can be declared as a security concern. The growing political instability had caused the Sri Lankan government to compromise their ability to guarantee peace and order to their people and their foreign visitors from internal dissidents, which resulted in the deaths and injury of many people.

      It is within the duty of the Foreign Office to protect the citizens of Denmark from visiting countries that are deemed to fail in providing them the guarantee of security and freedom to travel. Therefore after much discussions and consultations, the issuance of a TRAVEL WARNING to the nation of SRI LANKA for a period of INDEFINITE is hereby made effective with conditions and necessary actions that should be made by the Foreign Office, as enacted by the law attributed to it, be called into effect.

        ~ Signed by the Foreign Minister and the Undersecretary for Asian Affairs ~

    When a country is issued a travel warning, the Foreign Office is empowered to cancel passenger flights and sea trips and invalidate airline and tour promotions into the country that was issued a travel warning in order to discourage the people from visiting the country. Danish citizens that are in the country at the time of issuance are advised to cut their trip or at least, become aware of the situation. The Danish embassy and consulates in the country are obliged to inform its citizens of the issued travel warning and must prepare to accommodate and help its Danish citizens in evacuating or simply looking for a ticket back home as soon as possible. They [the embassy and consulates] are also obliged to inform the government of the country that was issued the travel warning in order to perform the necessary actions. The length of the warnings usually takes around a month or two but indefinite warnings are at the discretion of the Foreign Office.

    The Danish embassy in Colombo will begin the process as instructed to them by the Foreign Office as Minister Samuelsen had already corresponded to the ambassador before the press conference.

Television Centroaméricana
National News


Dozens of bomb threats in major cities
Several businesses, governmental buildings, and public areas received bomb threats making it day 3 of reported bomb threats across major cities such as Panama city and Guatemala city, the General Directorate of Criminal Investigations DIGICRI reported.

The Federal Police said they are working with local authorities in each of the cases and advised the public to remain alert of suspicious activity that may pose a threat to public safety.

Guatemala City the nation's capital is one of the cities receiving bomb threats in multiple parts of the city such as the ministry of foreign affairs office the Human rights protocols office, and the Constitutional court in which had to be evacuated for the second time.

The Municipal palace of Panama City and the provincial palace of panama also received a threat in which the Federal police up calling "not credible" after investigation was made. Other parts of Panama Cuty were also affected by these threats such as the Romel Fernandez stadium.

Threats have also been received in public area in other cities such as el Rosario church in San Salvador, along other areas in Tegucigalpa, San José, Managua, and San Pedro Sula.

Police in Guatemala city and Panama city reported 15 to 25 threats made via email or phone call in the last hour, currently investigation is being made by the Federal police and the DIGICRI and most threats haven't been proven real.

Last week a bus explode in Villa nueva leading to the death of atleast 4 and various injured, after investigation from the Federal police, DIGICRI, and anti explosive units it was determined that no explosives were found and is not related to the bomb threats made this week.

Naru japan

    Nippon News Network
    May 8th, 2019

      National Diet Votes To Move Forward With Constitution Amendment

        The National Diet has voted in favor of a series of bills that will pave the way to begin the process to repeal Article 9 of the constitution with a new amendment overturning it. The coalition government within the House of Representatives voted 310 to 155 with 3 members of the Kōmeitō Party voting against. The bills will then be moved to the House of Councilors were it is likely for the full amendment overturn to be delayed, but expected to pass regardless. This is a big win for Prime Minister Shizo Abe who has been a strong advocate to make sure Japan return to it's Pre World War Two stance in terms of the right to collective defense. He has also expressed that he wishes to see the new Emperor of Japan to embody constitutional powers as shown in many European monarchies such as the United Kingdom, Spain, and others. Currently, the Prime Minister's primary focus is to make sure the country stays on track to overturn the amendment. If this passes, Shinzo Abe will begin to move forward with making the Japanese Self-Defense Force a more offensive force, and hopes the party will continue with this initiative since he will not seek reelection in 2021.

      Nago TV
      News from All Haiti


        Haitian Great Fire Hits 4,000 Acres

        Written by Ukichi Dez

        (Jamel, Haiti) - Reports of a fire nearing the cities of Jacmel, and Breman were reported around 6:00 this morning. As firefighters rushed to the scene, they found a whole 4,000 acres burned by this fire. By this time today, the fire is at 24% Containment, as the fire department had to rush to this scene. Local Resident, AJ Virdo, had seen the fire, and this is what he had to say, "Everybody panic and run for your lives because 4,000 acres is a lot of longnesses or whatever, so I've already moved, and I'm just waiting for you,"

        The Jacmel and Breman Fire Departments have claimed the cause of this fire would be the Heat Wave and somebody left a cigarette on the sidewalk. Local Resident, Adrian Marnez says, "Whoever did this should be ashamed." This fire was started on May 6, and it has erupted in size. What started as a 2-acre fire on May 6, turned into a 50-acre fire, then the next hour a 500-acre fire, then a 3,000-acre fire, and then that next hour, a 4,000-acre fire.

        Great Fire of Haiti exploded to 4,000 acres. It is Day 3 of the on-going fight against the Great Fire of Haiti which started as a brush fire in Sphinx Park in Jacmel. This fire has grown out of proportion and the Village Fire Department along with three more elite ones have struggled to put it out. The containment has fallen back to 15%. -9% went down from the containment. The person who started this fire has been identified as Warren B. Wilson. He was sentenced to 6 months in prison, and 4 years of community service on Fridays. The Great Fire of Haiti is burning near the sacred lands.


Luvindanaon Cooperation

Luvindanao has given Russia military access to the Lubang Islands, which is no less than 30 km from the island of Luzon. This was done to promote relations between Russia and Southeast Asia, as the regional scene becomes more volatile, Luvindanao is seeking another reliable state that can provide for Pestan economically and militarily. Russia will also be handling over several naval vessels to Luvindanao, though which specific ships are still in discussion. Japan has also been a strong support for Pestanese security, and offers will be made to give the Japanese access to military ports along the Straits of Malacca. Australian-Luvindanaon relations will also be heavily improved, and Prime Minister Duterte himself has personally invited President Tony Abbott. Luvindanao does not intend to undermine its relations with our Western partners, but at the current situation, the reliability of those that are thousands of miles away is uncertain.

    "We must look to our regional partners to ensure our security ... The West is just too far away to ensure us our constant security."
    Prime Minister Rodrigo Duterte

Alongside this, Luvindanao hopes to integrate the APA better into its internal affairs. Seeing the strong potential in the alliance, Luvindanao sought to bring investments from all over the alliance and even giving members prioritised access to Luvindanaon resources. The Foreign Affairs Ministry stated that, they are working to ensure the close working relationship of the Pacific Association. The APA is extremely important to Luvindanao, as an economic and cultural union, it allows the Kingdom of Luvindanao to connect with the global economy on a greater level. Prime Minister Duterte has stated, that he intends to have 70% of Luvindanaos exports to be from other APA and partner states by the end of the next decade. Hopefully promoting major growth and trade between Luvindanao and its allies.

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Россия сегодня - Голос русского народа
9 мая 2019 г.


Russia celebrated the 74th anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany in the Great Patriotic War today with it's annual military parade through Red Square in Moscow, as well as parades and processions across the country. The Moscow parade is by far the largest, with this year being no exception. The parade included 13,000 troops, 130 military vehicles and 74 aircraft, with naval processions being held in St. Petersburg. Unfortunately, the flyover segment of the parade was cancelled due to poor weather conditions preventing the aircraft from flying safely.

President Vladimir Putin was joined by Minister of Defence Sergey Shoygu, General of the Army Oleg Salyukov, and former President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev. For the first time in 5 years, the Kremlin foreign leaders were not expected to participate in the parade as the guest of honor. The stands however were filled with veterans of the Great Patriotic War, with invitations sent out by the Kremlin earlier the year. It was also reported that the grand stand had been expanded to accomodate more guests.

Russia had the opportunity once again to show off it's latest military technology, as well as time tested equipment and vehicles, to the world. Once again, the Russian Armed Forces paraded the RS-24 Intercontinental Ballistic Missile, the lead missile in the Russian Missile Forces. During the event, President Vladimir Putin pledged to work to strengthen Russian military might, stating

"The lessons of the past war are relevant once again. We have done and will do all that is necessary to guaranteee the high capabilities of our armed forces,"

Leading the parade was the 'Immortal Regiment', a tradition which began around 7 years ago, which has thousands of people carrying portraits of relatives who fought during the Great Patriotic War, and has inspired similar marches across the world. The event was also landmarked by becoming the first parade to geature female honor guardsmen, and was the fourth consecutive to include a composite female cadet regiment.

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Libyan State Radiotelevision

The General Peoples Committee enacted law abolishing subsidies for consumer goods in the peoples supermarkets. The second phase will be privatizing peoples supermarkets, with the process starting next year. The goods and products cost will rise in the near future, affecting the purchasing power of the people a bit, but it won't affect the market seriously. The positive side of this is that the government will have 3 billion dollars in its budget, which will either go to the new infrastructure projects, like Great Man-made River, or to Foreign Reserve Fund. It is yet to be decided.

In other news, the military held live-fire exercise in the Fezzan region with combined ground and air forces, testing the readiness, precision and logistics of the Fezzan military district command. 5,000 troops, 200 tanks and 10 planes were used.

Beograd Danas


On a May 9th, that is celebrated in Serbia as both Victory Day and Day of Europe, ruling SDP organized a massive party congress, welcoming also a guests from other leftist parties. This congress comes in a specific context, after right-wing is growing stronger on both liberal and traditional platforms. Party leader Igor Mittenovich decided to play on a large level, to show the nation determination of his party to stand united on a clear leftist platform, or else not to stand at all. Congress started with intonation of Internationale on the violin orchestra, after which came speeches from SDP Youth Club leaders, who praised long tradition of party, while expressing optimistic plans for the future. But, of course, most important speech came from Mittenovich himself:

"Ladies and Gentlemen, and if I may - Comrades,

We are here today to celebrate two large projects. The first one is a futuristic project of united Europe, represented as a strong EU idea, behind which we stand since the days when my father led this party. Only on a European level it is possible to perform clear social-democratic agenda and to cooperate, while promoting the ideas of internationalism. Our party has a long tradition of confronting the right-wing extremism whenever it happens, and so this day also celebrates the second large project of confronting the nationalism. Those two political projects, behind which we always stood and are going to continue to stand, are just two faces of the same policy - that puts the civil, political and working rights of the people in front of any kind of mythologies. We leave national mythologies to the right-wingers, but we are going to do some realistic job. With whom? With our partners from DS, whose leader Martina Nastich-Stoitchich, the great friend of our party, is here with us today. As a minor coalition partner in our Government, she always understood the importance of our cooperation on the field of securing the just state in our great nation, and that is why I am sure that this Government is going to last for a long time to come. And what comes are not an easy times. We are ahead of a great storm of confronting the nationalism, which is a trend on the global level. Only if we offer our people realistic options, they would refuse to follow the nationalistic imaginations of populists. And that is why we need to work together, all of us strongly unified in our attempt to re-conceptualize the EU, and to adapt it to the needs of modern times. Three decades of change had passed since Maastricht, whose ideas are still living, but clearly needs to adapt to the modern times. As we need new face of Serbia, we also need new face of Europe. I am sure that we are able to offer that new face, a face of beauty, instead of face of hate that populists are currently pushing for.

But, let me tell you the secret - populists are currently on the maximum of their power. They used the tides of modern change and they would never be stronger than today. If we remain united against hate and fear, and refuse their kind of rhetoric, then we would survive this battle and return to peace. This is an ideological fight to the last man standing. We are not fighting for power, but the future. We are fighting to keep Europe in peace, and that is not possible if Europe is going to be lead by nationalists who confront each other with their myths, but only cooperate to get rid of us. That is not an stable solution for Europe. When we are gone, if they win, they could explain the failure of their economic policies, the lack of ability to lead the economies, only by enemy factor. And since traditional enemy would no longer be there, they could remain only on power only by confronting each others. And that is not an Europe in which I want to live, nor people of Serbia and any other proud nation.

But, as I said, we need to stand united. So, here today with us, there are multiple left-wing parties from nations which we consider to be an important partners in our fight for the world of justice. From our neighboring state of Bolzharia, there is a delegation of Bulgarian Socialist Party, which is a great partner in our vision of European future for Balkan nations. And, from other side of our border, from Boznia-Hersegovina here comes our comrades from Social Democratic Party of Bosnia and Herzegovina, also Bosnian Communist Party and about ten representatives from the Bosnian Party. We thank them all a lot for coming to be here with us today, mostly because situation in Bosnia is become pretty complex after recent murder of MP Majstorović. We would never forget how they turned with violence to our class struggle globally, and we would continue to find only greater and greater motivation to continue our struggle all over the world. As great Che once said - borders are only dividing us, but our struggle knows no borders. A death of a leftist in Bosnia has a same importance for us here in Serbia. But, let me say, if anyone knows how hard it is to realize the full potential of our struggle, then those are parties that comes from the Middle East region, which is today temporarly determined by it's nationalistic clashes between nations. So, I must say that I am specially proud that here with us today two important people, one gentleman and one lady - Avi Gabbay of Ha’avoda Party and Tamar Zandberg of Meretz Party, both from Great israel. I would like to finish my speech by requesting a great applause, not for me, but for all those our comrades who understood the great importance of standing united in this difficult times, when nationalists are not afraid to directly kill us anymore, and when it becomes harder and harder to prevent their sweet-words of lies from coming to the ears of our people. Yes, we made many mistakes in our past that made it possible for right-wingers to come where they are today, but, at the end, I ask you - if we do not stop them now, who would and when? What price, freedom? Thank you."

After him, the second most important speech was given by Milorad Kashanin, who turned to the position of socially engaged art in present time. As a center face from what was known as the conflict on left-wing, between him and other about the role of art in ideology, his speech looked like a finish line of that conflict - an successful attempt to find a compromise and to unify over the idea of role of the writing. In his speech, he said that art needs an autonomy from ideology, to look the things more realistically and without loosing in grand terms, but nevertheless it needs to be engaged and not to ignore great struggles of our time, just for writing about complex psychological statuses. As he pointed out, an psychologically unstable character can never perform a stable social change, nor to lead it, so that is why it is important to return the literature to the real problems that entire classes comes to from day to day, in their daily life. This, an compromise, between surrealists from one and social literates from the other side of the literal left, was an clearly finish of his personal conflict that lasted for months and almost seriously damaged the ideological basis of SDP, which could had resulted in personal dismiss of Kashanin from the party.

Television Centroaméricana
National News

initiative 5727
A controversial initiative was presented before congress congress today in which seaks to toughen punishment for abortion by and put a legal lock on marriage between people of same sex.

The controversial initiative named "law for the protection of life and family" also known as bill was presented before Congress by conservative parties in which is supported by many evangelicals, Catholics, and other conservative groups in country. According to multiple congressmen this bill is supported by half of Congress or even more and has popular support from many pro-life and conservative groups of the country.

Abortion in Central America is already punishable by fines and jail time and is only authorized if the mother life is in danger, with no penalty. At present for example, the penalty for Induced abortion is 1 to 3 years in prison in which can be avoided with a bond payment. According to congressman Rojas the punishments are to soft and proposed a jail time of 3 to 5 years for induced abortion.

The other part of the controversial initiative is to translate into the civil code the prohibition of same sex marriage. The initiative establishes that marriage is between a man and a woman, and expressly prohibits the legal union between same sex couples. The initiative also includes defining a nuclear family the one formed by a father a mother and children, unless due to circumstances the family is of a single parent. And finally the initiative will also prohibit schools, public and private from promoting programs on sexual diversity or teaching sexual behavior other than heterosexuality.

Congress has scheduled a 3rd debate for this initiative and other bills in the legislative session soon.

    Guatemala City|27°C|18°C|Thunderstorms
    San Salvador|28°C|20°C|Thunderstorms
    Panama City|28°C|24°C|Thunderstorms
    San José|27°C|18°C|Thunderstorms


Naru japan

    Nippon News Network
    May 10th, 2019

      World's Fastest Bullet Train Starts High-Speed Tests

      The country is pushing the limits of rail travel as it begins testing the fastest-ever shinkansen bullet train, capable of speeds of as much as 400 kilometers (249 miles) per hour. Called the Alfa-X, the train is scheduled to go into service in 2030. Rail company JR East plans to operate it at 360 kilometers per hour. That would make it 10 kph faster than China’s Fuxing Hao, which links Beijing and Shanghai and has the same top speed. To cope with massive wind resistance when entering tunnels, the Alfa-X’s first car will mostly be a sleek nose, measuring 22 meters (72 feet). With just three windows, there looks to be hardly any space, if at all, for passengers in the front. Painted in metallic silver with green stripes, the 10-car bullet train begins test runs Friday between the cities of Aomori and Sendai at night, to be conducted over three years. Japan’s bullet trains, which made their debut in the same year as the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, have become a symbol of the country’s focus on efficiency and reliability. Shinkansens are rarely late, even though they depart Tokyo Station every few minutes for Osaka, Kyoto and other destinations across the archipelago, making them a viable alternative to air travel. The Alfa-X is a key part of a plan to offer faster services to Sapporo, the biggest city on the northernmost island of Hokkaido.

        “The development of the next-generation shinkansen is based on the key concepts of superior performance, a high level of comfort, a superior operating environment and innovative maintenance,”

            East Japan Railway Co., better known as JR East, said in a statement.

        Although the Alfa-X holds the title of the world’s fastest train right now, it may already be dethroned by the time it goes into service. That’s because a new maglev line is being built between Tokyo and Nagoya with operations starting in 2027. Traveling mostly through deep tunnels, the magnetically levitated train will travel at a top speed of 505 kilometers per hour, cutting the time between the two cities to 40 minutes, from the current 110 minutes.

The arab-federation

        10TH MAY 2019



Al Ra'i | Volume I

by The arab-federation



ENGLISH| | |اللغة العربية

Abdu As'Sura (right) discusses diplomacy with a Syrian diplomat, Cairo, Egypt.- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Saudi Observers (centre, foreground) arrive at the conference, Cairo, Egypt.

Arabism, Progress, Prosperity ; The Rebirth of Pan-Arabism
— Arab leaderships to convene for
Cairo Conference to establish new Monterey Union.

By FAIZ AL MA'MUN distributed by AL RA'I — 10th May 2019


      C A I R O — Capital city of the Arab Republic of Egypt - long considered one of the great centres of Arab Culture and political life, the city was today the site of a new series of historical developments within the Arab World and wider Middle East Region. Delegates from the Iraq-Jordan Union, Egypt, Syria and Libyan Jamahiriya took part in a groundbreaking Pan-Arab summit and to sign the documents of a new monetary union and open-borders agreement policy between their states. In what is being called a "huge step towards the rebirth Arab Unity" - said conference determined that all participating nations—within the framework of the Arab League—shall adopt the Arab Dinar (ARD) as their sole national currencies after a one year transitional period—effective immediately.

      As of now, the Arab Dinar only serves as the currency of the Iraq-Jordan Union and is one of the highest valued currencies in the world - holding an already large presence in Arab fiscal markets and exchanges. The prospects of a unified Arab currency was entertained by members of the Council of Arab Economic Unity (CAEU) in the late 1980's under the guidance of Dr. Ismail Al Rabea - however such plans never materialized. Now, the current Arab leadership has completed Ismail's dream, throwing behind some of the Arab Worlds most influential economies and trading bodies behind the Arab Dinar, a huge achievement in the context of Arab Independence and Pan-Arab Cooperation.

      Iraqi-Jordanian Representative, Abdu As'Sura—met with his Egyptian, Libyan and Syrian counterparts —Sameh Hassan Shoukry, Baghdadi Mahmudi and Walid Muallem, in what would become the signing of the "Instrument of Arab Fiscal Unity", an event currently being celebrated in streets across the Arab States by jubilant citizens. Indeed, the involved representatives are being hailed as heroes by their nations for this historic agreement which will forever change the economic landscape of the region. The "Instrument of Arab Fiscal Unity", further included the implementation of an open-border policy and free trade policy between the involved states, thus further integrating and intertwining their economies in the spirit of "Arabism, Progress and Prosperity". Such a slogan has hypnotized the Arab People to support the development.

      Arabist Economics ; The need to unify

      B A G H D A D — Iraqi-Jordanian Representative stood by policy makers in Amman and Baghdad, to proclaim the first steps towards a "rebirth" of Arab Unity defined by the economic situations of the Arab States. Arab Economic Stability is the cornerstone of the creeping Arabist ambitions of the Istiqlal Platform of the Barakat Cabinet—which the Cairo Conference has satisfied. From the perspective of Iraq-Jordan, the summit is a huge victory in its vision for the Arab World and in its efforts to further integrate Arab State with fellow Arab State. The "Cairo Slogan" of "Arabism, Progress, Prosperity" may bring back memories of the 1950's, during the peak of Nasserite dynamics in the region. However it is certain that the Arab Nationalism espoused by the involved nations has replaced Nasserite dynamics, in favour of the characterizing pragmatism of Baghdad's, Cairo's, Damascus and Tripoli's grand designs.

      Reflective of previous attempts and applications of a common Arab currency, such as Dr. Ismail Al Rabea's scheme and CAEU organizations, the adoption of the Arab Dinar is apparent of a deep nostalgia of such times, fostered by the instability which has plagued Arab State's especially in the current century. It may also be fair to describe the results of the meeting as progressive in the Arab geo-political and geo-economical theatres, as it may incentivize real a unified spirit of cooperation between the involved states which has been lacking in recent years. Iraq-Jordan has long seen itself as the "saviour" of the Arab World, a type of narcissism expressed by the Hashemite Monarchies of the region since 1958—owing to a "birthright" to rule the Arab People—despite this, Abdu As'Sura's words at the Cairo Conference, "no Arab over another Arab" may seem an apparent change of heart on the behalf of Baghdad when in dialogue with Damascus, Cairo, Tripoli, ect.

      The Syrian Perspective ; Beirut and its bankers

      B E I R U T — While political power is projected from Damascus, the centre of Syrian economic power is Beirut. For Syria's Social Nationalist Government, Beirut is a production hub of consumer goods, a strategic trading port and most importantly the centre of Levantine-Arab Banking—contending with Amman and Aleppo. Beirut's profound banking connections have been placed in the hands of the Syrian Government upon absorbing the former-Lebanese Republic—Assad in turn, has lunged himself into the Cairo Conference—bringing Beirut's Bankers with him in a huge gain for the Monetary Union and the Syrian Economy. The deal entails that upon the end of the aforementioned transitional period, Beirut's Accountants would count in Arab Dinar's—an effort to increase the economic value and power of the Arab Dinar as an internationally used currency.

      Realistically, this will be observed on all levels of Arab economic life—however the possibility of Syria benefiting the most is a very real economic reality. The Arab Dinar and Free Trading policies of the Cairo Conference, with the blessings of the Iraqi-Jordanian and Egyptian governments will allow Syrian products greater access to other Arab and regional markets, which will provide the battered Syrian Economy a source of income and elaborate upon its trading links. A rising Syrian Economy will provide the Pan-Syrianist, Arab oriented government in Damascus further legitimacy and affection from its citizens thus cementing its political power in Greater Syria.

A bustling French-era Café, Beirut, Syria.
      The Arab World an the Arab Dinar: a bright future

      C A I R O — No other words can describe the Cairo Conference as "groundbreaking" and "revolutionary". Iraq-Jordan, Egypt, Syria and Libya now stand under the Middle East's first monetary union, which is projected to be a new regional economic powerhouse under the Arabist diktat. The Free Trade and open borders policy especially, has begun to render the borders of Sykes-Picot which divide the Arab Homeland, impractical from any economic perspective and thus shall hopefully remove any need for further economic boundaries, which Arab State's have pledged to reject by placing signatures on the agreement.

      " . . . It can be said—that historically speaking—it was the Umayyad Empire was the first of its time to implement any currency on such a large scale. No other nation, not in Europe, not in Asia . . . not in the America's—had done so previously. It gives me great pride to resurrect this Arab invention in our homelands in the name of the Arab people . . . "

      — Quote Spoken by Abdu As'Sura, May 2019.

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            Exercise Chong Ju
            Puckapunyal, Victoria

Named after the North Korean town of Chong Ju, Exercise Chong Ju has been running since the 9th of May and has seen Australia's air and land power demonstrated in the Puckapunyal Training Facility in central Victoria.

The Australian Armed Forces have shown their joint combined arms capabilities in the live-action exercise, with tanks, helicopters, ARVs, and infantry.

The Department of Defence stated that "spectators witnessed the versatile and decisive force of the Army through a fictional operational scenario that showcased the joint capabilities including M1A1 Abrams tanks, Australian light armoured vehicles (ASLAVs), a M777A2 howitzer, a Tiger armed reconnaissance helicopter and infantry minor team tactics."

“This exercise is an opportunity for Defence leaders and defence industry to see how the Australian Defence Force systems work in unison and the effects on the battlefield in a potential operational scenario,” Lieutenant General Rick Burr (Chief of the Federal Army of Australia) said. “We are an Army in motion. We are prepared to deploy our versatile capabilities for the joint force, which requires us to be ready to assist in crises here at home and across the globe, now and in the future."

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Naru japan

    Nippon News Network
    May 11th, 2019

      Foreign Minister Expresses "Adequate" Investment in the Middle East

      Foreign Minister Tarō Kōno have been in recent dialogue with the top diplomats of the The arab-federation with the possibilities of the Japanese expand their current economic relationship with the country over their new economic union which seemingly will bring stronger economic stability within the Middle East. With 4 Arab speaking countries uniting under one currency may provide them the necessary tools to one day become "one of the strongest economic unions in upcoming history." One diplomat said. CEO of the Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Nobuyuki Hirano has called the move a "game changer" in the world of finance, and is willing to work with the representatives of the monetary union to propose new financial opportunities. It's expected that the Foreign Minister may extend the same interest to other states within the union such as the Greater-syrian state, and Qaddafis Libya but those have been only confirmed as rumors. Currently Japan and The Arab Federation are willing to move forward on a deal that will allow Japan to fund the current infrastructure projects within the country, especially in terms of rail service. Minister Tarō Kōno has expressed a diplomatic mission to Amman where he would meet with diplomats to further discuss these ongoing conversations.


      Abe To Visit Washington, Amidst Steel and Aluminum Tariffs Dispute

    Prime Minister Abe will be touching down in Washington D.C., The american-state to come to some sort of an agreement with American President Donald Trump after his administration has placed steel and aluminum tariffs on certain Japanese steel companies to reduce the countries trade deficit with Japan. Japan is the United States's 4th largest trading partner. The Minister of Finance Tarō Asō made a comment on the American tariff decision by stating:

        The average Japanese citizen already buys more American made products, than vice versa, for America to balance the two way trade Japanese would have to buy twice as much American products as Americans buy Japanese. Vast majority of Japanese vehicles sold in the US are made by US workers supporting the US workforce. These tariffs do not solve Mr. Trump's issue on the current trade imbalance.

    Not only trade, but national security will also be on the agenda of these talks, since not too long ago the President of The zhongguo people republic Xi Jinping has announced his predictable plan to weaponize their claims within the Asian-Pacific in response to Japanese-Luvindanao maritime exercises the United States will be joining Japan and Luvindanao goal to show a united military alliance. Foreign Affairs Minister Tarō Kōno has called the Chinese worrisome of Japan's strive towards the right of collective defense "feeble". No other comment was made other than Japan will continue to move towards collective defense, and will continue operations within the international waters of the Indo-Pacific along with it's allies. He had not feel as if he needed to warn other parties of Japan's right towards self defense and has stated that Japan will continue to use normative power to the claims the Chinese Government has made by also not recognizing these claims. He also praised Trump's words on Twitter supporting Japan's move towards repealing article 9.

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The german-state

    | WELT - BERLIN |
    Check the world

      Germans split over deepening ties with the EU

        A major poll shows a majority of voters feel Germany should strengthen EU ties, but a growing bloc wants more autonomy. Many also say fighting climate change must be a priority — but they don't want to pay for it. German voters have a mixed opinion on future ties with the European Union, according to the latest monthly ARD-Deutschlandtrend poll. Fifty-two percent of voters feel Germany should deepen ties, five percentage points fewer than in April. Those who think Germany would be better off on its own was up two percentage points to 27%. The popularity of Germany's political parties has also shifted since the April poll, with Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservative CDU and its Bavarian sister party, the CSU, dropping a point to 28%. Support for the second most popular party in the country, the environmentalist Greens, remained unchanged at 20%. Other winners and losers were the center-left SPD, up one to 18%; the far-right AfD, unchanged at 12%; the socialist Left party, up one to 9%; and the business-friendly FDP, down one to 8%. When asked if climate change should be a priority in Germany, 81% said yes, with only 17% or less saying that little or nothing should be done to protect the environment. A related poll, however, found that 62% of voters rejected the idea of a new gas tax put forth by Environment Minister Svenja Schulze to fight harmful emissions. Overall, just 31% supported the idea, most of them Green Party voters (60%). The measure got the least support from AfD voters (11%).

The zhongguo people republic

Luvindanao wrote:Japan-Luvindanao Naval Exercises in the South China Sea

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Rodrigo Duterte have discussed the strengthening of the two countries military relations, amidst the growing support for Japanese remilitarisation amongst the Luvindanaon Government. Prime Minister Duterte has made it known in the past of his intentions to support the Japanese Militarisation to reestablish a regional balance of power.

    "Japan is one of the only countries in Asia that can play a major role on global affairs today, it's really a shame that we constrain them because of past crimes that the Japanese people have already been punished for. Let's move forward. The current scene is very volatile, there isn't a set institution that allows for each country in the region to attain the security they deserve. Japan gaining it's presence in regional affairs is necessary to restore the balance and place the institution the continent needs."

The Royal Luvindanaon Navy and the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force are undertaking joint naval exercises in the South China Sea to solidify Japanese-Luvindanaon cooperation. The RLS Tibay, Luvindanao's Aircraft Carrier is leading the drill for the Luvindanaon party, and will be accompanied by three Formidable-class frigates, the RLS Tambuyukon, RLS Kaingaron, and the RLS Mulu; and two Gregorio Del Pilar-class frigates, the RLS Mayon and the RLS Kitanglad. The Japanese party will consist of two Atago-class destroyer and one Hatakaze-class destroyer.

The location of the drills will remain confidential.

            TELEVISED CCTV
            Central Military Commission Approves Expansion of Defensive Measures on Chinese Artificial Islands in South China Sea
            President Xi Condemns Continual Japanese Militarization Aggression

    The Central Military Commission of the People's Republic of China, under the direction of President Xi Jinping, has approved and authorized for the expansion of radar implementation on Chinese artificial islands in the South China Sea in addition to the implementation of Surface-to-Air Missiles such as the HQ-9, the HQ-16, the LY-60, the HQ-64, and the Sky Dragon system. The SAM systems have been ordered to be implemented on all Chinese islands within the South China Sea in addition to enhanced radar systems to extend the range of Chinese capabilities of awareness of activity. From Woody Island, 4 Xian JH-7fighter-bombers and 2 Sukhoi Su-35 air superiority aircraft were deployed for operations of South China Sea reconnaissance. From Triton Island, 3 Chengdu J-10 multirole fighters and 2 Shaanxi Y-8 Early Warning Control/Electronic Jamming aircraft would be deployed to patrol the area between Triton Island and Subi Island. Reconnaissance and radar centers on Johnson South island would coordinate with the deploying Chinese aircraft for continual real time data retrieval from reconnaissance missions. In collaboration with the nearby Hughes Island air base, radars have been activated as 3 Shenyang J-16 strike fighter and 1 Boeing 737 maritime patrol aircraft have been deployed with the intentions of informing the Central Military Commission of potential activity in the South China Sea.

    As operations were approved and begun commencing, from the Great Hall of the People, President Xi Jinping declared that the continual militarization of Japan is deeply concerning to Beijing and the people of China. The continual reach of Japan within the South China Sea is a great hazard toward the national security of the People's Republic and furthermore, it must be declared a great concern to the international community. The People's Liberation Army, however, is willing and prepared for military confrontation if it comes to such a scenario; however, that is a scenario that Beijing wishes to avoid for the greater security and productivity of Asia. As Xi Jinping made his speech, 2 Type 094/094A submarines have been deployed in addition to 2 Type 052D destroyers, 2 Type 052C destroyers, and 3 Type 054A frigates.

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The american-state

Fox News

America to join Naval Exercises in the Asian Pacific

Today President Trump announced that the United States of America will join the Naval Exercises being held between Japan and Luvindanao in the Asian Pacific, with the seventh fleet being sent to take part in it. The President also tweeted out saying he supported Japan's decision to remove Article 9 from its Constitution, calling it a 'necessary move to protect their sovereignty'. The seventh fleet, led by Phillip G. Sawyer, has already Yokosuka and is headed for the Naval Exercises that will be held in the Asian Pacific. With the President also reminded on social media that Chinese claims within the Asian Pacific is ludicrous as it is international waters, and that the Chinese declaration against Japan is unwarranted and that the United States has taken note of the increased Chinese aggression in the region.

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            MOSL Hostage and Assassination
            Sri Lankan Parliament Complex, Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte

This evening, at the Sri Lankan Parliament Complex in Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte, 40 members of the Militant Order of the Sinhalese Lions (MOSL) stormed the building and held 98 politians from the Tamil Nationalist Alliance hostage.

All 98 politicians, including President Rajavarothiam Sampanthan and Prime Minister Appathurai Vinayagamoorthy, where shot down after 20-hour siege. Of the 100 seats taken by the TNA, only 2 remain. Both of these politicans were thought to be in Jaffna at the time of the seige.

The United National Front, the party in the opposition, has strong ties with the attack, although opposition leader Ranil Wickremesinghe denies that such ties are non-existant.

Militant Order of the Sinhalese Lions leader Sahan Herath stated that the attacks were to 'remove the totalitarian scum' off the face of Sri Lanka, and has called for other Sinhalese to 'help in [the MOSL's] mission to exterminate the parasites.' Wickremesinghe and the UNFGG have refused to make a comment, claiming that Herath is 'not wrong.'

The two remaning TNA party members, Ariyanayagam Chandranehru and Veerasingham Anandasangaree, have declared a state of emergancy while they organise for replacement politicans until the election next year.

Chandranehru will take on the Presidency, and Anandasangaree will take on the role of Prime Minister until the next elections. The men have made the desperate plea for 'all Tamils to come closer through this time' and to stay strong. Chandranehru weeped through his inaugration, stating that he 'never wanted to be President, not like this.'

Chandranehru and Anandasangaree have cryed for the victims, and promised to 'rebuild a falling democracy.'

Jagadeeswari Mathiyaparanam, sister to Velupillai Prabhakaran, the former LTTE leader, has stated that MOSL will 'pay in blood' for their actions. Several hours after this announcement, the LTTE massacred 75 mostly Sinhalese people after an armoured car waving the LTTE flag drove through a street market.

Afsharid Persia, Paragos, and Trontasky

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