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      Nago TV
      News from All Haiti


        Moïse, Tony Scheduled for Duel at Dawn

        Written by Okpara Uchie

        (Port-áu-Prince, Haiti) - The President of the Haitian Republic prepares for the duel after he is challenged by the Minister of Defense concerning the state, Markaz Tony. This individual engagement is cataloged for today at 6:30 at the Haitian Revolution battleground. They will be dueling at sunrise, which is around 6:45.

        The Minister of Defense of the Haitian Republic approached President Moïse yesterday at around 19:45. "Careful how you proceed, good man. Intemperance indeed, good man. Answer forth the accusations I lay at your feet, or prepare to bleed, good man," were the words the Minister of Defense yelled to the President. The President was seen smiling. "Your grievance is legitimate. I stand by what I said every bit of it."

        This goes back to the President saying that the Minister of Defense was: amoral, a disgrace, and unprofessional along with other strings of insults. Then, we hear the MoD yelling towards Moïse. "Then stand, Jovenel. Port-de-Paix, dawn. Guns, drawn." We can see the president standing up and shaking the minister's hand. "You're on."

        There has been a feud between the two. Politically and emotionally, the feud has been between the men for years. The vendetta must be resolved. One man will die, one will survive.

        The Port-de-Paix grass fields were later deemed the only duel grounds. These are the only places where duels are legal. So far, a total of 150 duels have been fought here. A total of 35 people have died in these duels. A companion and a doctor will be with each man. There is a moat that surrounds the battleground. They will row across it at dawn.

        Markaz Tony also has a marksman’s ability and a tremendous shot. He served in the Haitian Armed Forces. This man has killed hundreds of opponents in war and in a number of disputes.

        President Moïse also has a marksman’s ability. He is known for not throwing away his shot. It will be really difficult to decide on a winner. However, this duel will end long political tensions between the two men. However, it will remain to see who wins. However, who do you think will win? Who has the best shot? Who will not throw away their shot?

    Amplifying Danish Current Events to the World

Venstre Prepares for the Worst as Poll Predicts their Demise

    Though the July general elections are too far to make accurate predictions on who'll lead the government coalition, it is customary for local social science institutions to hold polls regarding the voter's most preferred party to lead the coalition among the most prominent parties in the Folketing. It has been an important tool for political analysts, campaign leaders and the like in measuring the political atmosphere of the voters as well as the performance of the parties in presenting themselves since one of the major factors of a party's rise or demise in popular support comes from their campaign efforts.

    The most known and reliable poll of its kind, led by the University of Copenhagen, publishes bi-weekly poll results which started on the first week of April and will last until the last week of June. It covers respondents not only from the mainland but as well as from Greenland and the Faroe Islands; hence its reliability in presenting a nation-wide response. Their latest poll, published on April 25, shows the right-wing Danish People's Party's obvious rise to popularity while the ruling government coalition leading party, the Venstre, falls behind on third place with the Social Democrats, the current leading opposition party, in second place. The results are as follows:

      | April 25 Poll Results (of 3,700 respondents) |
        Dansk Folkeparti - 42.2%

        Socialdemokraterne - 30.1%

        Venstre - 28.7%

      *respondent's distribution: mainland Denmark (50%), Faroe Islands (21%), Greenland (31%)

    Kristian Ruhl of the DPP accepted the results with much pleasure as he looks forward in becoming the first party in the whole history of the Folketing to form a majority government, which means accumulating at least 51 seats and only requiring little less support from the smaller parties. This is because previous governments are only formed because of two or more large parties agreeing to form a coalition, which can only be done after a series of compromises with regards to government policies and the distribution of ministerial posts, making sure that all ends meet. In case a majority government is formed by the DPP, then the party will have the pleasure to push policies, in most cases their own policies, without major consent from other government parties and they will have the pleasure to appoint ministers all from the DPP, removing the idea of compromise and such alike.

    On the other hand, the Venstre sees their "demise" as a challenge to step up their campaign efforts in order to bring back their positive image to the voters before the elections. Prime Minister Rasmussen expresses his frustration that his party may become a minority party and suffer serious humiliation in such a degree that they may not see their recovery in the near future. However despite the frustration, he is positive that this may only be a weak trend of people becoming lenient to the right.

    The next result will be released on June 9.

Dannebrog Fleet in Germany

    The first stop of the Dannebrog Fleet, the 7-ship fleet that is on a mission to visit ports of different countries around the world, was the Port of Bremen in The german-state where they arrived from Copenhagen last Thursday. An arrival ceremony for the fleet was prepared by the Deutsche Marine followed by an exchange of statements between the commander of the Dannebrog Fleet Rear Admiral whatshisname and his German counterpart before the assembled Danish and German sailors. Following the three-day itinerary, Danish and German sailors took part in numerous joint exercises, ranging from physical exercises to live-fire combat where they had a chance to boast the new Monark-class destroyer's combat capabilities, launching anti-air missiles and firing its 4.5 inch and 30 mm guns. Danish ambassador to Germany Friis Arne Petersen got the chance to visit them during the three-day sailor's fair prepared by the sailors and officers of the fleet where he extended his congratulations on behalf of the Danish embassy in Berlin. The sailor's fair became a local attraction to the people living near the port as it consisted of a food hub of Danish delicacies, a small music festival, and an open mic session where sailors and locals shared their musical and literary talents. It was also decided on the last minute that the new Flyde-class HDMS Scandinavia will be opened for a public tour for the duration of the visit which resulted to more people flocking the fair.

    Meanwhile, the fleet's command staff took a trip to Berlin where a meeting is prepared with the high command of the Deutsche Marine, most notably with the Chief of Staff Thorsten Kähler. The meeting revolved around the plans of the Danish Navy to further expand its fleet with new assets, hoping that a deal as large as the $6 Billion Dano-British Naval Arms Deal is possible with Germany. They also talked about the possibility for a Scandinavian naval exercise with participation from the EU.

    Their next stop will be in the Port of Amsterdam.

Новините - Информационна агенция София
29 април 2019 г.


In a post-election referendum held by the government, the Republic of Bulgaria has officially voted to leave the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, with a majority of 72% of the population. The Bulgarian population has been critical of NATO since joining initially in 2004, with many viewing it with distrust. As part of the election promises, the referendum was held despite protests from members of the former ruling GERB party, who claimed that NATO was beneficial to the Bulgarian state and the Bulgarian people, and it's influence could not be so easily discarded. However, with the recent passing of the EuroCorp reforms and other defence related organs in the European Union, Prime Minister Vasilev has countered these cries, claiming that "Bulgaria will now seek to form a closer and stronger military relationship with Europe, and will look forward to extending our cooperation with other members of the European Union". Following the results it was announced at midnight 29th April that Bulgaria had voted to leave, with an official notification to be sent to NATO within the coming days.


After years of economic stagnation, especially within the industrial sector, it was announced today that Bulgaria would begin production of it's own domestically designed cars, the first since the 1950s. BulAuto, the company responsible, has worked hard with Renault to build the foundations for a new Bulgarian automotive industry, with stress put on domestic production. Renault have reportedly provided technical expertise, parts and funding for the first model of cars produced, which had been agreed following major French investments in the Bulgarian economy. BulAuto have yet to release any details, and will do so later in the week, though they have put stress on the fact they will want to be initially producing "safe, efficient and affordable cars", aiming more at Balkan markets, with the model types ranging from city cars to SUVs. Until this point, Bulgaria lacked a distinct automotive tradition, with what little cars being produced being licensed from larger companies from the Soviet Union, France, Italy, the United Kingdom and China.


        April 29th, 2019

        Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

        "Talks Going Very Well" Says Foreign Minister

      | Foreign Minister Christina Freeland had hosted a press conference at the Global Affairs Department where she has outlined the current status of the ongoing talks. She remains optimistic that a deal can be made, but did not go into specifics. Overall, the 10 minute statement remained positive and has hinted at that Canada may soon look to ratify the agreement when the deals outlined during the talks have been met. Steel companies have been vocal of the U.S. steel and aluminum tariffs on their products exported to the United States, where some lawmakers say the tariffs have violated the free trade deal. Dairy farmers have also been vocal stating that they refuse to allow subsidised dairy products flood the Canadian dairy sector with cheap american products, however she did hint that Canada has made no progress to get the American government to lower the subsidies of their farmers. This is a big win for Canada if confirmed, considering that American dairy farmers have been trying to get Canada to open it's markets to American farmers for years. Canadian consumers had voiced their concern of American dairy products calling them "unsafe" or more boldly "dangerous" due to the fact the American government practices GMO their products. |

Saudi Press Agency


This evening, King Salman Al Saud met with top Ulama representatives. The Ulama, composed of the main guardians and interpreters of religious knowledge, as the source of legitimacy of King's rule are quite important guests to meet before King Salman wants to achieve anything on large field of politics. This time the secretly-arranged meeting, which took place at an tent on the edge of Riyadh and lasted for three hours, came in an important moment, when Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman is pressing the circles around his father to push for more reformistic path in realization of what he calls Saudi Vision 2030.

The set of key reforms, shortly named - Saudi Vision 2030, represents not just a long list of best wishes of the Crown Prince, but an stable root of further path of modernizing the nation. The problem with it is a large opposition among conservative Ulama, who does not approve many liberal concepts which it involves. No matter the fact that Crown Prince is de facto national leader, King is still the one who needs to try to find a compromise between the two and who does exactly that by meeting with Ulama. On the meeting, he mostly spoke about religious position of his large family, who always were a traditionaly good Muslims. As a Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman gave himself a right to express the opinion that he is sure that his son's proposed projects doesn't represent a threat to the basis of Saudi society, but a way forward in 21st century.

At first, Ulama members gave no clear response. But since there were no major attempts to sabotage the idea, nor there was any major statement regarding the situation, it might be said that they agreed with King's wish and belief. After all, King Salman could have returned home in peacy, knowing that Saudi Vision 2030 projects were recognized by Ulama as ones of the key importance. On the other side, Crown Prince who constantly pushes for them, for now stands silent. The Palace has announced his plans to meet with several civil searvants in next few days, but it is still not explained about what those meetings are going to be.

    Nippon News Network
    April 29th, 2019

      National Diet Debate Collective Defense

        The National Diet and it's MP's again are in discussion to introduce legislation to repeal article 9 of the Japanese constitution Article nine states: Aspiring sincerely to an international peace based on justice and order, the Japanese people forever renounce war as a sovereign right of the nation and the threat or use of force as means of settling international disputes. In order to accomplish the aim of the preceding paragraph, land, sea, and air forces, as well as other war potential, will never be maintained. The right of belligerency of the state will not be recognized." The coalition government of the Liberal Democratic Party and the Komeito are looking to introduce a new article to repeal article 9, stating that the Japanese people must adhere to 21st century problems. Currently, the coalition government has the votes in the House of Representatives, but is shaky on the House of Councilors. President of the LDP and Prime Minister said he would not hesitate to push for a notion to "re-vote" on the bill to overturn the House of Councilor's ruling. Mr. Abe has been determined to bring back the Japanese Armed Forces since he's held his office. Currently only 60% of the overall population supports the move, this is after much concern over North Korea and the actions in the South China Sea, and U.S. uncertainty. It's projected that more and more Japanese people would be more open to reestablishing the armed forces, however many constitutionalist in Tokyo have been protesting the moves made by parliament as unconstitutional, and could endanger Japan's long lasting peaceful diplomacy it has maintained for many years. There will be no vote until after the 10 day Imperial transitional period is over. This is due to the Emperor's impending abdication.

      10-day Golden Week holiday ahead of Imperial succession

        An unprecedented 10-day Golden Week holiday started Saturday ahead of the Imperial succession, with bullet train stations, airports and expressways crowded with travelers heading to their hometowns, major cities and overseas destinations. From the morning, there were long lines at check-in and luggage drop counters at Tokyo’s Haneda airport as the rush of travelers leaving the capital during the holiday peaked, while the occupancy rate of nonreserved cars of many bullet trains topped 100 percent. With Emperor Akihito’s abdication set on April 30 and the ascent of Crown Prince Naruhito the following day, areas around the Imperial Palace, where related ceremonies will be held — and other popular spots in Japan — attracted a wave of tourists. The number of vacationers from Japan traveling domestically and overseas is expected to reach a record high during the extended Golden Week vacation, according to a major travel agency.

        Golden Week — running through May 6 — has been lengthened to 10 days this year for the first time to celebrate the Imperial succession. Travel agency JTB Corp. said 24.67 million people are set to travel between April 25 and May 5, up 1.2 percent from the same period last year, with 24.01 million on domestic trips and 662,000 going overseas, both record highs. While many people will use the break to take longer vacations than usual, travel packages celebrating the Crown Prince’s ascension and the start of the new era next Wednesday — after Emperor Akihito’s abdication the previous day — are popular. Nippon Travel Agency Co. said it has sold out a three-day tour from Osaka to Izumo Grand Shrine, a Shinto shrine in Shimane Prefecture historically associated with the royal family, to celebrate the end of the Heisei Era and beginning of Reiwa. The agency has also received many inquiries for its May 4 day trip from travelers who want to join other well-wishers when they will be allowed entry into the Imperial Palace to congratulate the new Emperor.

        29TH APRIL 2019



      | Along the sidewalks of Hassan Sabry Street overlooking the Nile, Heiqal Homzi walks down in a marching fashion, wearing a thick depressing looking trench coat and baring an expression of totalitarian emotion . . . Chasing after Homzi, in a clumsy manner for around 15 minuets, someone stumbles behind him the memories of the art academy speech still lighten up his face alongside a feeling of mystery . . . |

      | HAMZAH AL HABLUS | Excuse me? Sir, where have you learned to talk in that exquisite and energetic way? Truly are a natural . . . . that speech yesterday wa-

      | Hamzah pauses his sentence only now noticing that Homzi has just turned around to face him . . . |

      | HEIQAL HOMZI | Umm, yes . . . is there anyway I can help you?

      | HAMZAH AL HABLUS | Yes, by telling me how you learnt to conduct your speeches?

      | Homzi's expression turns into a slightly cheery stance, his face lightens up slightly . . . |

      | HEIQAL HOMZI | Oh! Its a mere service for my country nothing too big and over top, besides I am convinced its the truth . . . . people must know this reality . . . . Heiqal Homzi, pleased to meet you.

      | HAMZAH AL HABLUS | Hamzah Al Hablus, its an honour.

      | HEIQAL HOMZI | So, what brings you to me?

      | HAMZAH AL HABLUS | I call it divine opportunism, in short its your ideals . . . . they have potential.

      | Homzi chuckles . . . he gestures towards a public bench |

      | HEIQAL HOMZI | I'm glad to hear it . . . so what is it? My thoughts on the Kurds, Nubians or Tuaregs?

      | HAMZAH AL HABLUS | I see no difference!

      | They both let out a small outburst of laughter . . . |

      | HAMZAH AL HABLUS | So why these ideals? Where do you wish they take you?

      | HEIQAL HOMZI | Thats a good question . . . I am not unique, I am not different from my fellow Arabs: I just have chosen a different way to view our reality. Imagine we once ruled the world as a people both in territory and also in science, education and the arts, so why must the Arab Worker, Arab Farmer and Arab Nation be so poor while the West gets gradually more bloated when we have proven that we are so capable and superior to all the world has to offer ? We have been robbed of our wealth by foreign colonialism and the internal parasites . . .

      | He pauses and lowers his voice, his face shows that of relief and seriousness . . . |

      | HEIQAL HOMZI | Brother, you must help me . . . we can only triumph if all Arabs are unified under a strong banner . . .

      | Hamza nods repeatedly and pulls out a series of small notepad from his pocket, he vigorously begins writing and then hands it to Homzi . . . |

      | HAMZAH AL HABLUS | Take this and follow the details, our liberation begins tomorrow - I must leave but I shall see you soon . . .

      | Hamzah stands up and continues back down from street from where he originally approached . . . |

      | Homzi begins to read the notepad, on it a telephone number, address and time . . . |

Japan-Luvindanao Naval Exercises in the South China Sea

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Rodrigo Duterte have discussed the strengthening of the two countries military relations, amidst the growing support for Japanese remilitarisation amongst the Luvindanaon Government. Prime Minister Duterte has made it known in the past of his intentions to support the Japanese Militarisation to reestablish a regional balance of power.

    "Japan is one of the only countries in Asia that can play a major role on global affairs today, it's really a shame that we constrain them because of past crimes that the Japanese people have already been punished for. Let's move forward. The current scene is very volatile, there isn't a set institution that allows for each country in the region to attain the security they deserve. Japan gaining it's presence in regional affairs is necessary to restore the balance and place the institution the continent needs."

The Royal Luvindanaon Navy and the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force are undertaking joint naval exercises in the South China Sea to solidify Japanese-Luvindanaon cooperation. The RLS Tibay, Luvindanao's Aircraft Carrier is leading the drill for the Luvindanaon party, and will be accompanied by three Formidable-class frigates, the RLS Tambuyukon, RLS Kaingaron, and the RLS Mulu; and two Gregorio Del Pilar-class frigates, the RLS Mayon and the RLS Kitanglad. The Japanese party will consist of two Atago-class destroyer and one Hatakaze-class destroyer.

The location of the drills will remain confidential.

Ministry of Defense

The 2018-2019 Antarctic Campaign has finalized, as personnel from seasonal bases and stations return to the continent.

The Argentine Armed Forces congratulate the brave men and women that have contributed during the summer campaign and have successfully fulfilled the expectations of the Ministry of Defense, proving their unwavering commitment to our country.

Additionally, the Ministry extends a heartfelt salute in name of all Argentine citizens to the garrisons of the permanent bases, who have the important task of guarding the territory of the Argentine Antarctica during the upcoming cold months of autumn and winter. We are confident in their success as well.

Oscar Aguad, Minister of Defense

Beograd Danas


After large debate in Skupština over the proposed Education & Culture Law, with accent on education, today it faced the vote. After all parliamentary group heads gave their final speeches regarding it, Minister of Education and Culture and leader of DS Martina Nastich-Stoitchich explained it's importance for the future of Serbia:

"This law is going to eliminate the anarchistic tradition of failed self-governance in our Education system, and replace it with authority and personal responsibility of the Rectorate of University. We started with reconceptualization of responsibility and we finish with it - no matter the area, from the role of the parents in education of their children, to the role of Government in organizing some future projects. This law gives our teachers their deserved respect back. It gives them new and fresh founds for expressing more creativity in work. This way, our nation would not so soon face the threat of massive strike in education, which we saw every single September in last 10 or more years. We understood the lesson - schools and universities can never work properly in bad conditions. And this law gives a promisse and good starting point for permanent working in that area. Was it our mistake for what was happening? Probably, but even if it wasn't, I am not the one who runs away from taking responsibility in the name of others. And that is what every single man here knows very well. So, I call upon my righ honorable friends and coalition parnters to support this law. Thank you."

After her speech, both Prime Minister Markovich and Leader of the Opposition Todorovich said that they would support the law. At the end, result of vote was large 92% support in favour of the law. Now it goes to President Jerkov, who already sent signals that this is a law of highest importance for him. It is expected that he is going to sign it before the end of the week.

Post self-deleted by The Australis Republic.

Ministry of Foreign Relations and Worship
Dirección Nacional del Antártico

TO: Department of Foreign Relations of the Federation of Australia (The Australis Republic)


On behalf of the Argentine Republic, I will address the recent concerns that the Australian Government and, possibly other signatories of the Antarctic Treaty, may have in regards to Argentine activities in the Antarctic continent.

To clarify our position, all Argentine activities in the Antarctic continent are coordinated and organized under the sphere of the National Directorate of the Antarctic (DNA).

All activities approved by the Directorate in the territory of the Argentine Antarctica have logistical or scientific purposes, but are completely peaceful in nature, in accordance with the First paragraph of Article I of the Antarctic Treaty.

All Argentine military operations undertaken in the continent, and all Argentine military personnel present in Antarctica, have been approved by this Directorate to operate, as they provide the necessary logistical support to the bases and stations operated by our country. All activities proceed in accordance with Second paragraph of Article I of the Antarctic Treaty.

The normal development of scientific activities and the operative status of all Argentine permanent and seasonal bases would not be possible, if it were not for the continuous presence of our forces in the continent.

While they rely on support from Argentine military personnel, and our servicemen and women inhabit the facilities, all Argentine permanent and seasonal bases do not serve a military purpose and are under the supervision by the Argentine Antarctic Institute (IAA), a dependent body of this Directorate.

From my humble perspective; I believe that the Australian Government has misunderstood a congratulatory message from the Argentine Ministry of Defense to its forces present in, and returning from, the Antarctic continent, and wrongfully interpreted it as a sign of a violation of the Antarctic Treaty.

However, should the Australian Government be unsatisfied with this clear explanation of the purpose of our activities in Antarctica; The National Directorate of the Antarctic extends an invitation to the designated observers of the Federation of Australia to the Marambio Base, in order for them to carry out an inspection of our activities, in accordance with the First paragraph of Article VII of the Antarctic Treaty.

Fernanda Millicay Resquín, Director of the National Directorate of the Antarctic

Afsharid Persia, The Australis Republic, Islamic State of Afghanistan, Boznia-Hersegovina, and 3 othersCentral-canada, Viking-norway, and Democratic slovenjia

Beograd Danas


Secretary-general of SDP, party leader Igor Mittenovich, this evening addressed the party congress regarding May 1st celebration. SDP is currently largest party in Serbia and Mittenovich is often considered to be gray eminence of Serbian politics, so his mostly-ideological speech comes less than a month after huge protests against political violence. While it was not secret that intellectuals would sit and wait for the discourse direction of his speech, it looked like he attempted to play upon party unity, by trying to impress both conservative and liberal fractions inside SDP.

He spoke for almost 40 minutes, and turned to many events that were important for Serbian political life in last few weeks. From economy to social issues, he gave clear explainations where does the party ideologicaly stands. Yet, compared to previous years, his speech was not just longer, but dramatically more ambitious when it comes to return to traditional socialist discourse. While he really sent strong messages about importance of civil rights and freedoms, main part of his speech was deffinitely about more traditional socialist issues - the living conditions of proletariat. Even his usage of term "proletariat" instead of "workers" was commented as a return to more rigidous version of socialism. In that part of speech, he said:

"Let me now repeat wise words of my father, President Philip Mittenovich, who said following: A victory for the Left is possible only under one condition - let us never forget that our brothers are workers. He said this sentence in 2010, less than a year before he finished his reign. It was said in a period after shock of global economic crisis. But, today, it looks like the quoted sentence is still attractive and operational. The problem is that world hasn't learned much from that crisis, but let us see what we in Serbia can actually achieve.

It is not secret that for a long time people are not living well enough in this country. First of all, everyone become tired of reforms that started and over time become an permanent process that lasts for more than a 10 years, while magnum opus of those reforms remain on the level of written words and broken promisses by different governments. That is exactly what makes current reformistic path of this nation so important. If we achieve what this government's plans are, we would finally have some exact results. As a major party in this cabinet, SDP posses a specific duty. We are given the executive control over the future of this nation and we see it as a huge responsibility for millions of proleters in this nation. Because of the heaviness of that responsibility, it may from time to time seem like an complicated process, but I am here today to ask for support. As a member of Government, I am here today to ask delegates of this congress to support this Government's efforts.

At the end, I don't know more appropriate ending for my speech, but to repeat, in an completely new context, our old motto: Proletarians of all countries - unite!"

The most interesting fact is that Prime Minister Markovich Government's reforms are neoliberal ones, when it comes to economic ideals. His insisting on individualism looks not so compatible with altruistic class-theory Mittenovich's path. Nevertheless, SDP congress strongly supported declaration of praising the efforts of this Government, which is for now quite enoguh for the period to come in further reforms. With a legitimacy from the largest party involved, Prime Minister Markovich can seriously count on party leader Igor Mittenovich in the times to come.

Massive Mayday Marches In Sarajevo

    The 1st of May, known by many Bosnian leftists as "International Worker's Day" or simply "Mayday" has seen massive marches by various Bosnian leftist groups, and the sight of red flags and the singing of the Internationale in Bosnian were heard. The most prominent of the parade was seen on Veliki Alifakovac street, and clashes were seen near and on Šeherćehaja bridge, where anti-leftist counter-protesters and red flaggers had a violent confrontation, resulting in 17 people that were inflicted with a minor injury (bruises, cuts, minor burns, etc.), 3 people received a major injury, both of which were stab wounds, and one person was thrown off of Šeherćehaja bridge by a supporter of the BMNP during the middle of the confrontation. The person who was thrown off the bridge is reported to have survived it, and the BMNP member who threw the person off the bridge is in custody.

    The clash near Šeherćehaja bridge was broken up by police intervention, and some damage was seen in the area, including damaged car windows, cars, slashed tires, damaged store windows, and a few broken bottles.

    Meanwhile, a march occurred in the neighborhood of Skenderija in which MP Kasim Majstorović gave a speech which lasted around 20 minutes, in which he outlined the ideals of his party, the Bosnian Communist Party. Majstorović stated that Bosnia must be a nation that stands up against imperialism and is for the people and the workers. He also reiterated his communist beliefs, which are that of Titoism. "Kurdistan [in reference to the PKK in Turkey] are achieving Communism, considering their certain conditions, and that Bosnia will achieve communism considering our certain conditions, and our conditions suggest this-- massive rallies and protests in favor of the worker. And clearly, we must sweep Parliament next election. A revolution would be too bloody, unfortunately, comrades."

    His speech was met with thunderous cheers and applause from the audience, as most Bosnian leftists self identify themselves as Titoists, and Yugoslavia nostalgia is still prominent in Bosnia. Many people in the audience waved Yugoslavian flags. A few people held of pictures of Josip Broz Tito.

    Amidst the excitement of Mayday, Prime Minister Demirovic avoided mentioning the leftist rallies, and instead stated the following:

      Today on May the 1st, I am wishing the Bosnian people a happy Mayday, especially the Bosnian Serbs, who I understand recognize this day as a folk tradition, including feasts and bonfires. I on this day, say we welcome the arrival of the Spring season and the departure of the cold seasons. 

    Many other centrist politicians released similar statements, with the only politicians referencing the observance of the day as International Worker's Day being those on the extreme ends, such as the BMNP or the BCP.

BREAKING: Kasim Majstorović Hospitalized
Sarajevo Times

    Bosnian Member of Parliament Kasim Majstorović has been reported to have been hospitalized after repeated stab wounds on public transportation in Sarajevo on his way home from a Mayday rally. The 4 stab wounds were concentrated in his chest area, but one is reported to have damaged his lungs, which is said to have impaired his breathing. He also suffered blood loss due to the wounds.

    For live updates on the situation, visit

    Amplifying Danish Current Events to the World

The Monarchy Expands!...They Think

    The Monarchy is currently being thoroughly discussed in the Folketing, not because of republicans seeking for its abolishment, but the exact opposite of it. Yesterday, Crown Prince Frederick held a closed-door meeting with selected representatives, mostly from the Danish People's Party, and some monarchist personalities in Denmark in his residence in Amalienborg Palace where he sought for support in introducing a bill that will reintroduce the peerage system in Denmark and turning it into a legal entity. There is no defined peerage system currently in place in Denmark, with titles of Prince, Princess, Queen, and King are only recognized by the Danish Constitution and is only available to the close family members of the Queen. This is due to the decline of Danish nobility/aristocracy in the 19th century after a series of liberalizations which also meant the decline of the monarchy's relevance in matters of the state to the point that the peerages are only costing too much to become state-sponsored. The Crown Prince wishes that an effective peerage system will be introduced by the government in order for the monarchy to resurge in becoming a pillar institution -- an idea that they share with the DPP who is currently "destined" to lead the government.

      the next day...

    Danish People's Party leader Kristian Dahl presented before the Folketing a bill that fulfills the very request of the Crown Prince, reintroducing the peerage system in Denmark. It quickly garnered support from all 37 members of the DPP plus 6 more from other parties; hence making it an urgent bill to be discussed within the day. In his speech, he recounted the meeting they had with the Crown Prince yesterday and relayed his wishes to bring back the relevance of the monarchy by reintroducing the peerage system. In the bill, named "The Peerage Bill" after the initial name "The Glücksburg Bill" was rejected by Speaker Pia Kjærsgaard for the reason of risking the name of the House of Glücksburg, the Queen's current household name, it establishes the hereditary titles of Earl up to Dukes together with its corresponding jurisdictional title (Earldoms to Duchies). The bill proposed a set of requirements/limitations for those who will be entitled to a peerage:

    1. Must be of royal blood (applied only to Dukes/Duchess). Non-royal blood that is married to someone who has royal blood will bear the title that is one level lower than the title of his or her husband or wife.

    2. Have a residence within the area that was named after the title

    3. Received substantial education (tertiary and above)

    4. Must be well-received by the people living in the area that was named after the title (may be done through a referendum)

    Creation of the royal titles must be done with the initiation from a special commission of scholars and statesmen, as well as the people living in the place where the royal title will be named after. Abolishment of the titles rests solely on the monarch.

    Regarding the politics of the royal titles, it will be bounded by established custom, hopefully, that Earls, Marquesses, and Dukes shall be participating in social work in the area of their peerage, becoming a prominent figure in public service rather than a symbol of lavish life which resulted to the abolishment of the system in the first place.

    Following the presentation of the bill, several amendments were proposed which seemed to be prepared alongside the bill, mostly revolving around the selection process.

      | AMENDMENT A |
        - The monarch should have the sole right to establish royal titles at his or her pleasure. An unchangeable list of Dukedoms shall be made with this bill. (amendment to the selection process + additional clause)

      | AMENDMENT B |
        - The royal titles shall only be established with the consent of the Queen's Privy Council and the Cabinet including the Prime Minister. (amendment to the selection process)

      | AMENDMENT C |
        - The royal title of Earldom shall be only be established after a referendum by the people living in the area the Earldom will be named after. Duchies will be established at the pleasure of the monarch. (amendment to the selection process)

      | AMENDMENT D |
        - Those bearing the title must have lived in the area where there title will be named after for a least 4 years. (additional requirement)

      | AMENDMENT E |
        - Abolishment of royal titles shall rest solely on the Folketing.

      | AMENDMENT F |
        - Earls and Marquesses shall only be regarded as life peers, not hereditary. Meaning once the title holder dies, the title is abolished unless re-established to another person.

    Through a series of votes, Amendments E, B, and D were dropped, leaving the rest of the amendments bound together with the initial bill as it passes through the legislative process. Such a bill will require months of reviews and consultations, as it can be considered a subject for constitutional change already.

    Reactions are yet to swell as the bill had only made its debut today, but it is clear that it is going to be a clash between monarchists and republicans.

Government Eyes to Buy More Zooooms

    As the rearmament efforts of the government continue, from the Navy they now turn their focus to the Air Force. A listed shopping list of air assets was prepared by the Air Command and was sent out to potential sellers.
    • 30 x Dassault/Dornier Alpha Jet ATS Variant (Trainers; The unified british isles and France) ~ $600 Million

    • 6 x Kawasaki P-1 (MPA; Naru Japan) ~ $984 Million

    • 4 x Airbus A400M Atlas (Transport; The german-state and The unified british isles) ~ 684 Million

    • 8 x IAI Heron (UAV; Great Israel) ~ $80 Million

        Total: $2.348 Billion

    This is after the Air Force conducted a report that describes the current situation of the Air Force and its capability to independently conduct aerial military peacetime operations such as maritime patrol, logistics, and training of new pilots. The report is as follows:

      "The RDAF (Royal Danish Air Force) is currently in a state wherein it is now a necessity to expand rather than something that is leisure. Despite the fact that Denmark has a large coastline under its responsibility, not just in the mainland but as well as in Greenland and the Faeroe Islands, the Air Force does not own a single dedicated aircraft that is designed for maritime patrol; our pilots are still trained using aged propeller planes from the 70s which poses a concern as the Air Force is gradually moving to jet engined-aircraft; the lack of automated systems in the Air Force lacks as one of its assets manifests the lack of our pilots' knowledge and experience in manning such systems..."

    Danish Aerospace company Terma A/S recently got a proposal from the RDAF wherein they will strike a deal either with Boeing or Airbus to develop and build an indigenously-designed flight simulator that is designed to attend to the needs of Danish pilots and will be used exclusively by them. Talks between the Defence Ministry and representatives from Terma A/S are ongoing as of this writing.

Hello all, i'm new in the region, got invited by Afsharid Persia

Still filling the paperwork, but in the meantime, i checked your nations (and the map) and you have cool factbooks. I was searching how to do it, and found link of codes on the main page, but it's too hard! So can someone create a wiki-style factbook for me (Libya)?

Qaddafis Libya wrote:Hello all, i'm new in the region, got invited by Afsharid Persia

Still filling the paperwork, but in the meantime, i checked your nations (and the map) and you have cool factbooks. I was searching how to do it, and found link of codes on the main page, but it's too hard! So can someone create a wiki-style factbook for me (Libya)?

I can do it. I’ll have the bbcode sent to you in a bit.

            Uprising in the North
            Tamil Eelam

Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, Militant Order of Sinhalese Lions, and extremist Islamic group National Thowheeth Jama'ath have clashed on the outskirts of Jaffna today after a string of events caused chaos outside the town.

A man ran over and killed 5 Tamil Sri Lankans today, after posting to twitter that it was time to 'remove Tamil scrum' from Sri Lanka. Minutes after the attack, the car was chased down and blown up by TLLE, which the MOSL saw as a declaration of war.

The town of Jaffna itself went into shut down as the three militant groups quickly turned the bustling city into a warground. Inhabitants are urged to remain calm and stay inside until escorted by Sri Lanka Military.

The scene is being likened to "something like you would see in Iraq or Syria," and is expected to continue for some time.

The Sri Lankan government refuses to make any comment reguarding the situation.

Holocaust remembrance day speech!

In an arena full of observers and spectators, all mourning the death of 6 million Jews in Nazi-occupied Europe, Prime Minister Netanyahu begins delivering his speech:

74 years ago, the second world war was officially over. When the allied powers marched through Nazi Europe, they could hardly believe what they saw, and what they experienced. Jews, thin as walking skulls or mummies, with no supply of food or water, Jewish dead bodies all over every place, with no mercy whatsoever. The Nazis treated the dogs better than Jews, and nobody can ever explain what ever happened there. May anyone please explain to me, how A soldier in the German Army, managed to kill 100 people, torture thousands more, go to sleep and repeat it the day after? with no remorse on his heart. 6 million Jews, out of them were 2 million were children, were all slaughtered by Hitler's regime. The Jewish people flourished the country, ran the economy and managed to prosper the Germans, and the Jews considered themselves German as well, but it was not good enough for Adolf. Such an act as the holocaust, cannot, and must not be ever forgotten. The Jewish people shall never forgive, and never forget, the holocaust. Ever since the Israelites first appeared in the bible, to this day, they were divided. Whether it was when Moses brought us our torah, or the 12 tribes. Whether it was in David's kingdom to be divided, or the Jewish civil war during the Roman march through Jerusalem. Even in the Warsaw ghetto uprisings, The Jews were divided. Today, The Jewish people are also divided now, between Right-wing and Left wing, or the religion and secularism. Yet, we have created the most dominant era of the Jewish people of all of its 3,000 year history! We say it now, as the third jewish kingdom in the land of Israel, We will never forgive the holocaust, we will never forget the holocaust, and we will do whatever it takes to prevent A SECOND holocaust. Make no mistake, some nations in the middle east dream of it, but, like always, the Jewish people WILL prevail! The holocaust is one of the main reasons the Jewish people have earned their right back to be in the state of Israel and in the land of Israel, but its time we change our mind of thought. It is not only the balfour declaration, it is not only the zionist organization and its militias, and not only thanks to the holocaust, the Torah, IS the reason to have the birthright over the land of Israel.

Television Centroaméricana
Breaking news


bus explosion leaves 4 dead and multiple wounded
Atleast 4 were killed and many wounded in a bus explosion in a bus station in Villa nueva, part of Guatemala city metropolitan area, as rush hour began.

The explosion took place in a crowded area near highway CA-9, according to nearby civilians, the bus was heading to Amatitlan and had stop to transport civilians, still at the station the bus bursted into flames.

The Federal police and municipal firefighters rushed to the scene and reported atleast 4 deaths, 10 seriously wounded and many with minor injuries. The deaths and injuries most likely came from the force of the blast and the shrapnel caused by the explosion according to one of the police officers at the scene. It is unknown what caused the explosion, the Federal police is currently investigating. Mayor of Villa Nueva Edwin Escobar has called the local population to maintain calm during the time and to avoid the area if necessary until the investigation has been done.


        May 4th, 2019

        Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 

        Police Arrest Man; Serious Crime Plotted

      | Vancouver PD have arrested a man they have suspected of plotting to blow up the Vancouver Centre Station in Downtown Vancouver. The man was identified as Aaron Shutlz, a Canadian national who has a history of mental illness, and at one point in time refused treatment for his PTSD after he served 2 years in Iraq as a NATO solider after witnessing a truck bomb that has killed his partner and 4 children back in 2003. No one was killed but the area was closed off to citizens and metro lines coming through the station have been suspended until investigators have completed their investigation. All foreign consulates within the area have been notified and briefed on the current situation, and the Vancouver PD has provided them with "priority status" which means they will have additional security until the Vancouver PD believes the situation has passed. The man's intent was to kill which one detective stated to the press after Vancouver PD had raided his home and found significant evidence to support the detective's claim. No official comment from the Mayor, however more details will be available as soon as possible. |

Television Centroaméricana
National News

Bomb threats towards governmental and public buildings
The constitutional court was quickly evacuated in the morning as they received a bomb threat from an unknown source. Security of the constitutional court quickly informed this threat to the federal police which quickly rushed to the scene. According to security of the constitutional court tge threat was received at 9 am today by an unknown source which lead to quick evacuation of the area. Not only did the constitutional court received a bomb threat, a threat was also sent to the national studium currently under remodeling and the ministry of foreign affairs.

The Federal police has searched all over the area for any potential explosives, luckily none has been found. The Federal police will continue to patrol the area for any suspicious activity, meanwhile investigation is being made on who or what made these threat towards these buildings. Ricardo Quiñónez Lemus mayor of Guatemala city has asked the local population to maintain calm and that the situation is under control.

National day of the marimba
Today in the constitutional plaza the ministry of culture and sports celebrated the national day of the marimba. Various private and public schools along other groups and organizations come to play and dance to the Central American folk music of the marimba the national instrument and a patriotic symbol of Central America. On May 4th 1989 the Federal Congress declared the marimba as the national instrument and a patriotic symbol, since then every May 4th the country commermates this instrument with many events throughout many sectors of mutiple cities in Central America such as San Jose and Managua. Minister of Culture and sports Suecy Callejas expressed her importance to preserve this instrument as it is a key symbol of Central American patriotism and culture. In Guatemala city the marimba can be heard in many streets and plazas like the plaza del obelisco, in the constitutional plaza many dance to the aound of the marimba with proud joy and happiness of thier culture. Many municipal governments end the national day of the marimba with a cultural concer in the cities theaters free to the public.

Majstorović Dies In Hospital
Sarajevo Times

    Member of Parliament Kasim Majstorović has passed away in the hospital at the age of 56. MP Kasim Majstorović was a member of the Bosnian communist party, and was stabbed on a metro ride home on the 1st of May following his rather Titoist speech in front of a massive crowd of Bosnian leftists waving red and Yugoslav flags. His last words were reported to be to his nurse. And with his last breath, he said, "Madam, these carrots remind me of my Mom's."

    Both the President and Prime Minister had visited Kasim in the hospital, and they have sent their condolences to his family.

Beograd Danas

Leader of SDP Igor Mittenovich in the name of his party sent a message of condolences over death of Bosnian MP Kasim Majstorović. As a fellow socialist who condemned attack immediately after it happened, Mittenovich this time expressed his honest sadness over violence that was happening in a neighboring Bosnia and Herzegovina. In his speech, that he delivered trough his Youtube channel, he said:

"I express my honest condolences to Majstorović family, over the terrible death of our fellow comrade Kasim. He was a great man, great friend of mine and my party, and one of those people who committed their lives to the greatest struggle of our time. Today, every true leftist on Balkans and in Europe feels a real pain over what has happened. He died on a symbolic day, which should be remembered among our circles as an inspiring example on how to live and die for own political ideals. I am not going to accuse any political group for what has happened, because I believe, as well as majority of people does, in ability of Bosnian justice system to overcome the political pressure from all sides and secure prevailing of right cause."

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