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            Anzac Day: Sniper poised on Melbourne's Shrine as part of security
            Seven News, Melbourne

A sniper poised in position on the roof of Melbourne's Shrine of Remembrance as tens of thousands of people gathered for Anzac Day has represented the increasing safety concerns across the city.

The sniper remained in position as 25,000 people gathered at the Shrine from first light on Thursday to commemorate the state's service men and women and as Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews urged the crowd to look out for "the next generation of Anzac".

On Wednesday, Victoria Police said there was no increased security threat for Anzac Day following a string of bombings in Sri Lanka that killed more than 300 people on Easter Sunday.

But overnight, a suspected Islamic State terrorist was arrested in Turkey amid fears he was planning to attack Anzac Day services in Gallipoli.

The 25-year-old Syrian man, named as Abdulkarim Hilef, was detained in Tekirdag, a northwest province near the Gallipoli peninsula, a Tekirdag police spokesman said on Wednesday.

Every year, Australians and New Zealanders travel to Turkey for WWI memorial services commemorating the 1915 military campaign by ANZAC and allied forces to drive Ottoman troops from Gallipoli and the Dardanelles region.

On Wednesday, Acting Superintendent Craig Peel confirmed there would be an increased police presence and would-be troublemakers will not be tolerated.

"If your intention's to come in and disrupt any activities or behave inappropriately (in a way) that puts the safety of members of the public or an event at risk, you'll be dealt with accordingly and police will take a zero-tolerance approach to anti-social behaviour," he said.

Police were in full force at the Shrine, throughout the CBD for the services and ceremonies and will also have an increased presence a Thursday's AFL match between Essendon and Collingwood at the MCG.

Attendance at this year's Melbourne dawn service was down by 10,000 from last year, which had 35,000 people attended.

Officials said the lower numbers was likely due to the Easter long weekend and not terror fears.

Shrine of Remembrance chief executive Dean Lee was one who put the lower numbers down to Easter long weekend and more people attending local services.

Addressing the pre-dawn crowd, Premier Andrews urged them to care for "the next generation of Anzac".

"How can we possibly thank so many for giving so much?" he asked.

"Stand here at this hour in this still dark, sacred place and remember them, remember that they came from every corner of Victoria and Australia, every walk of life, every background."

    Amplifying Danish Current Events to the World

    Danish Navy on a World Tour

If the United States did it, why can't Denmark? The remark was given Royal Danish Navy Chief of Operations Rear Admiral Torben Mikkelsen after announcing the Navy's grand plan to send a special squadron that will visit ports of different countries around the world, similar to what the United States' did on the Great White Fleet—to which the Rear Admiral is referring to. The objective is mainly to project Danish naval presence to the countries they'll be visiting as it will showcase the newly-acquired warships of the Navy, as well as maintaining healthy diplomatic relationships between Denmark and the visiting country since this is also considered as a "goodwill visit". Queen Margrethe II herself once insisted on this idea before on the Navy's 500th anniversary but was dropped due to the lack of budget brought by the European recession.

The visiting fleet, specially named as "Dannebrog Fleet" after the name of the Danish flag, will consist of 7 ships from both the 1st and 2nd Squadron and a crew of about 3,000 men. It will be commanded by Rear Admiral

  • HDMS Christian X (Monark-class destroyer)

  • HDMS Frederick VII (Monark-class destroyer)

  • HDMS Tulip (Flyde-class OPV)

  • HDMS Rose (Flyde-class OPV)

  • HDMS Scandinavia (Flyde-class OPV)

  • HDMS Peter Willemoes (Iver Huitfeldt-class frigate)

  • HDMS Niels Juel (Iver Huitfeldt-class frigate)

The ports that will be visited are as follows:

  1. Port of Bremen - The german-state

  2. Port of Amsterdam - The Netherlands

  3. Port of Dunkerque - France

  4. Tin Can Islands Port - Nigeria

  5. Port of Banana - Zaire-Kinshasa

  6. Port of Cape Town - South Africa

  7. Port of Colombo - Sri-Lanka

  8. Port of Manila - Luvindanao

  9. Port of Osaka and Tokyo - Naru japan (The Fleet will be divided into two smaller groups)

  10. Honolulu Harbor - The american-state

  11. Port of Los Angeles - The american-state

  12. Pass Thru Panama Canal - Central American Alliance

  13. Lymington Harbor - The unified british isles

And the brief list of activities while in the port:

  • Arrival/Departure Ceremony

  • Diplomatic meeting with the visiting nation's civilian and/or military leaders

  • Skill exchange seminars

  • Live fire exercises

  • Fun fair (to be set up and managed by the sailors and commanders of the fleet)

The Foreign Office had already sent a memorandum to the Danish embassies in the enumerated nations informing the governments of the visitation of the Dannebrog Fleet. Refueling and reconditioning of the ships will be done while in port; therefore a request was also made to the visiting nations to provide the fleet with enough fuel and that it will be paid after the whole trip. The trip will cost more or less $184 Million according to the figures given by the Royal Navy though it's expected to increase.

The trip is expected to kick off next week.

The zhongguo people republic

            TELEVISED CCTV
            Minister of Foreign Affairs Wang Yu Returns to Beijing
            Sino-Syrian Relations Established

Minister of Foreign Affairs Wang Yu has returned from Greater-syrian state and hailed the established new relations between the Chinese and Syrian people. Within the meeting, it has been declared that the People's Republic of China will assist in the reconstruction and modernization of the Syrian State. With the acquiring of oil and natural resources from Syria, Chinese construction and engineering companies have been approved to begin operations and assistance in Syrian redevelopment projects and initiatives. Syria has agreed to expand trading with the People's Republic of China in addition to providing Chinese companies with a priority status when entering the Syrian economic market and the Syrian economy. With this priority status, Chinese companies will begin providing services to the Syrian people and the Syrian government during times of redevelopment and reconstruction.

Television Centroaméricana
Ciudad de Guatemala, Centroamérica


    Alvaro Escobar: Members of the Federal Congress, what happened yesterday was not good. If we are going to continue like this it is better for us to leave right now, i ask you all to act the adults and deputies you are and demand respect for eachother. I hope today we can come to an agreement over the CICICA with terms that is respected between parties. Remember the nation is watching. Time is given to the deputies of Nuevas Ideas.
    Deputy Alvarez, NI: first i want to apologize for the way i acted yesterday it was unpleasant for me and the congress. Anyways like i said yesterday Nuevas Ideas supports and asks for the reinstatement of the CICICA. The removal was the CICICA was illegal, it violated the 12-19 accord which was signed by members of Congress and according article 14 of decree number 31-2012, it a violation to the constitution and abuse of power, therefore the removal of the international commission against impunity was unconstitutional, illegal, and a clear sign of corruption. Nuevas Ideas would like to call for a vote on whether tge Federal Congress should continue agreements on the reinstatement of the CICICA.
    Deputy Perez, PAC: The issue of the CICICA should of been resolved a long time ago. It is no longer a question for Congress to whether or not the CICICA would be needed because the nation obviously needs it. The question now is how are we going to have the CICICA come back again. I know most parties here wonr agree with us, but we have enough proof to have the CICICA brought back. During the last days many deputies or candidates to become deputies have been arrested or have had charges made against them. Recently Mario Estrada member of UCN has been arrested for drug trafficking, simmir with Jose Rosales of VIVA, Sandra Torres from UNE was accused by the CICICA and MP for illegal and outside funding for gubernatorial campaign this year. How much more proof do we need. PAC will stand with Nuevas Ideas on this vote.
    Deputy Galdamez, FCN: FCN-Nacion will stand with Nuevas Ideas and PAC with only one circumstance, FCN demamd the removal of Ivan Velasquez has head of the CICICA. The fight against corruption is very important for us and the country but with Ivan Velasquez has head if the CICICA we will not complete anything.
    Deputy Ixcamey, UNE: FCN is a party of cowards, they first wanted the CICICA gone and now they want it back under a different rule. I suppose Velasquez has had enough cases to shut down the party? These cowards who want the CICICA back are obviously doing it just for the votes for the 2019 election, they say these statements but later turn out to be liars and corrupt, UNE will not accept this.
    Alvaro Escobar: the request of Nuevas Ideas has been accepted, a vote will now be made on the topic of the CICICA.

Seats: 160, 80 votes needed to pass.
Results: 59 in favor, 54 against, 47 neutral.
No resolution made.

Buen aire

Ministry of Foreign Relations and Worship

The Government of the Argentine Republic extends an official request to exchange diplomatic embassies to the Government of the People's Republic of China (The zhongguo people republic).

Jorge Faurie, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Worship

Post self-deleted by Greater-syrian state.


Россия сегодня - Голос русского народа
25 апреля 2019 г.


After years of development, the Russian Ministry of Defence officially unveiled the Belgorod-class special mission submarine. Designed to support a variety of missions, including the Poseidon longe-range strategic nuclear torpedo, the submarine is far larger than anything operated by any naval force in the world. The 184 metre submarine has a larger displacement that a First World War battleship and can dive to a reported depth of 518 metres. The vessel had been an ongoing project since the early 2000's, before lack of funding prevented its completion until recently. Originally designed to be the successor to the Oscar-class cruise missile submarine, it was repurposed to serve a wider role and enlarged as part of new doctrine requirements from the MoD. Thus far, reports have stated that the Belgorod will be a one-off production, with no plans currently to build more vessels in the future. However, this may be subject to change, due to the demand for naval expansion in Russia.

Naval developments have also extended to the MoD authorising the revival of a number of projects abandoned following the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Alongside brand new projects, the MoD have highlighted poor equipment as a key issue for the Russian Navy, and have decided that the best current course of action will be to modernise and improve older vessels to 'plug the gaps' in the Russian fleet. This has already been started, following announcements that 3 new classes of aircraft carrier will be delivered within the next 5-6 years, with the first being built and prepared for deployment in late 2019. Shipbuilders have received the hulls of 2 Kirov-class battlecruisers, abandoned following the dissolution of the USSR, to be refitted and redeployed amongst the Black Sea and Pacific fleets. The Admiral Ushakov and Admiral Lazarev are expected to be redeployed over the coming months.


The Ministry of Tourism has released plans to increase Arctic tourism, with focus on responsible travel, to maximise revenue from the polar regions of Russia. Russia has the largest share of Arctic territory, and approximately 1,000 people visit the Russian Arctic National Park every year. However, the share of Russian people visiting from that number is only 5%, with the majority of visitors coming from China (30%) and Germany (17%). In contract, Norway's Spitzbergen Archipelago hosted more than 120,000 tourists. One main identifiable issue was that tours of the region are still extremely expensive for Russians, depending on the cruise types. Director of the Russian Arctic National Park, Alexander Kirilov, said:

"Here we can see polar bears, arctic foxes, narwhals and whales in their natural environment. It's very interesting feeling one gets there, it feels great. Animals come to have a look at you, it's like a zoo only it isn't you who comes to look at the animals, they come to look at you. Many people want to visit the Arctic, but simply can't afford it financially. There is also a lack of well-planned tours. Only a few travel companies understand the specifics of organising a tour in the Arctic."

Polar regions expert Inge Solheim expressed support and that he would love to see tourism develop in the Russian Arctic, though he identifies that infrastructure and marketing are still issues, as well as the investment climate and accesibility of the region. The Tourism Board have highlighted this as a key project with the interests of developing the region for widespread tourism, and to increase tourism revenue across the country. The Economic Development Minister announced at the Arctic Forum in St. Petersburg that the first step would be to develop port infrastructure, routes and programmes for these activities. Experts have however warned that though the region should be more accessible for tourists, there must be careful planning so as not to have a negative impact on the beauty and ecology of the area.

The zhongguo people republic

Buen aire wrote:Ministry of Foreign Relations and Worship

The Government of the Argentine Republic extends an official request to exchange diplomatic embassies to the Government of the People's Republic of China (The zhongguo people republic).

Jorge Faurie, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Worship

Official Response from the Foreign Ministry of the People's Republic of China

    Per the evaluation of request by Foreign Minister Wang Yu and approval of President Xi Jinping, the People's Republic of China has agreed toward the exchanging of diplomatic embassies and therefore, looks forward to the continual dialogue and commitment to communication and cooperation between Argentina and the People's Republic of China.

OOC: Multiple events of internal politics have been voided. The following is a summary of the past and current events.

TRT World

Turkey will be İYİ

The summer of 2012, conflict and turmoil in the CHP-MHP coalition was at its peak with the MHP led by Devlet Bahçeli embarrassing farther and farther right wing politics. With the CHP drifting more and more towards leftist ideas, away from its Kemalist roots. The HDP, on its last legs as more and more Kurds have become willing to vote for the CHP and newly founded BIC by the grandson of Enver Paşa, Salih Enveroğlu. Meanwhile, the fringe religious party (formerly known as the Virtue Party) led by Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, know as the MAP (Conservative Justice Party has broken into parliament, with 40 MPs. However the political order would see a sudden shift, as a faction without the MHP, under Meral Akşener defected from the party to form their own. The IYI Party, taking members from both the CHP and MHP, culminating in the 2014 elections where the IYI-BIC coalition overthrew the ruling CHP-MHP coalition. Since taking power the IYI Party have led Turkey into intervention in the Syrian Civil War, finished the Turkish border wall, and blocked any refugees from the Syrian war entering Turkey. At home the PKK has been largely defeated, Turkish Civil Rights have increased with the legalization of gay marriage and recreational marijuana. The 2018 Presidential election saw President Akşener defeat CHP-MHP candidate Muharrem İnce with 53% of the vote while İnce only received 39% of the vote. With the remaining going to the MAP and BIC. Despite this, come the April of 2019 parliamentary election the Grand National Assembly was almost spilt 50/50 between each coalition, after long negotiations. The ruling IYI-BIC had created a ruling government, but the Assembly elected CHP Chairmen Muharrem İnce as the speaker. Today, BIC Chairmen Salih Enveroğlu was sworn in as the Prime Minister, marking a historic event as the grandson of Enver Paşa once again rose to the second highest office of the land.

Television Centroaméricana
Noticias Nacionales

Historic Agreement
members of congress celebrate as the final try to reinstate the CICICA was approved. Deputy Marcus Aaron Alvarez of Nuevas Ideas who proposed multiple times to reinstate the CICICA sent his final proposal... Proposal 4-19 which allows the CICICA to return to the country under leadership of Ivan Velasquez under supervision of Nuevas Ideas and Buekeles cabinet and a new council. Deputy Alvarez has also proven the removal of the CICICA unconstitutional and gained support from pro CICICA political parties such as GANA, PAC, and parties in process of creation such as Humanist. Nayib Bukele currently in Panama city thanked Deputy Alvarez and Congress for this historic Agreement.

    today is a historical day as the 4-19 proposal made by Deputy Alvarez was approved by Congress. The old corrupt politics come to an end today, we will no longer have politics steal money for thier personal needs, we no longer have politics that ruin Central America instead of fixing it. Today starts the reconstruction of Central America. May god bless Central America its people.

Although many are celebrating this agreement, many are aslo angered. Members of political parties of the national movement of liberation, United Revolutionary front, and the Central American socialist party, all parties created after the shutdown of the United Central American Revolutionary Front, have threatened Nuevas Ideas and President Nayib Bukele and has warned Bukele and Alvarez to watch their actions. It didn't take hours for Nayib Bukele to respond.

    FUR, MLN, PCAS, parties like you are the reason the people suffer. You call yourselves socialist and sympathizer of the people but live sad under the rain in a cardboard house, disgusting. You have ruined you're chances like the 4 time you ruined the country. The country doesn't trust you


Norway gets her new F35's

As of 2017 until today the Kingdon of Norway have been receiving her new batch of f35's, a highly advanced combat plane that is currently known as one of the most powerful but expensive modern jets to date. The order was to full complete the delivery of 50+ of these planes by 2019, which will eventually replace most of norways older planes such as the F16 fighter jet. With the F35, norway can solidify her position as one of those countries in the region that can acquire these planes and give the country more security during this troubled times.

With Norway boosting her military hardware, it certainly gives its armed forces a huge boost to its already impressive military force.

      UNIAN news

      Ukraine's language bill obliges all print media to have a Ukrainian version

      25th April 2019


    The draft law provides that Internet websites must be first loaded in Ukrainian, but may also have other versions.

    The draft law on ensuring the functioning of the Ukrainian language as the national language adopted by the Verkhovna Rada on April 25 obliges all print media to have the Ukrainian version. According to the document, print media can also be published in other languages provided that the edition is published in the state language simultaneously with the relevant publication in a foreign language, an UNIAN correspondent reports. All language versions should be published under the same name, correspond to each other in content, volume and method of printing, and their editions should have the same numbering and be published on one day.

    In each place of distribution, print media in the national language must be at least 50% of titles of print media distributed in the same place. As reported on journalist Oksana Denysova's Telegram channel 'Newsroom,' the law provides that Internet websites must be first loaded in Ukrainian, but may also have other versions. In addition, computer programs must have the interface in the national language and/or English, or the languages of the European Union member states. According to critics of the law, it will hit a number of Ukrainian media, which are published in Russian. As UNIAN reported earlier, the Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine's parliament, on April 25 adopted the draft law on ensuring the functioning of the Ukrainian language as the national language. Some 278 Members of Parliament backed the decision.


      Слава Україні! Героям слава!

The zhongguo people republic

            TELEVISED CCTV
            President Xi Jinping Returns to Beijing from Russia
            Sino-Russian Relations Enhanced

    President Xi Jinping of the People's Republic of China returned to Beijing after an extensive summit with the administration of Ruskaya-respublika, of which has been hailed as a major success in the political agenda of the Chinese President. In a press briefing at the Great Hall of the People, President Xi Jinping and the First Lady Peng Liyuan appeared and explained into detail the expansion of security/military and economic cooperation between Beijing and Moscow. President Xi explained that within the new agreements, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization is able to be dramatically enhanced in its security capabilities as well as economic cooperation. Within the new agreements, the Russian Federation has agreed to expand trading with the People's Republic of China; therefore, increasing the tonnage of resources sent to China. In addition to providing of resources, Beijing and Moscow agreed to increase mutual investments and improved mobility among the populace. On matters of defense, the people's Republic of China has granted the Russian Federation access to Chinese ports, which does not mean permanent basing. In return to providing access and usage of Chinese ports, the People's Republic of China has received the same access to Russian Black Sea and Baltic Sea ports. Continuing with the matters of defense, the Russian Federation shall assist the People's Republic of China with increasing effectiveness of training in addition to development of air defense systems.

Afsharid Persia, Kordic, The Arab-Federation, The Australis Republic, and 3 othersNaru japan, Ruskaya-respublika, and Viking-norway

            WA Democrat Government supporting secret takeover of Australia
            United Australia Party - Make Australia Great

The Democrat government was supporting the clandestine takeover of Australia by granting Chinese communist government owned companies extraordinary powers to build and operate strategic assets in WA.

That’s the stark assessment from the Leader of the United Australia Party’s Senate Team for Western Australia, James McDonald, who says allowing Chinese state-owned conglomerate CITIC Limited to build a jet airstrip in the Pilbara and exercise control over the deep water port at Cape Preston should be deeply concerning for all Australians.

“Under a cloak of secrecy with the help of the Democratic Socialist party, Chinese communist government owned companies have built a private jet airport approximately 80km south of Karratha and the existing Karratha airport,’’ Mr McDonald said.

“Built to the same standards as RAAF facilities in Queensland and the Northern Territory where Australia’s fighter aircraft are based, the new runway is just 30km from the huge port at Cape Preston where over 16 million tonnes of products are exported to China each year.

“It is completely beyond belief that Chinese communist government owned companies can control and occupy and airstrip that is able to take jet aircraft for their exclusive use,’’ he said.

Martin Brewster, retired squadron leader in the Royal Australian Air Force, said Australia could not repel military aircraft if they landed from carriers off shore.

“A superior military air force could, in effect, control all of Western Australia’s resources in the Pilbara and the North West Shelf,’’ he said.

Meanwhile, James McDonald said a former senior Royal Australian Navy source had informed him that the Port of Cape Preston had the facilities necessary to support and sustain large scale naval operations in the Indian Ocean.

“The power generation and water desalination plant together with the bunker fuel capacity provide the necessary logistics to support a large ground force with heavy equipment,’’ he said.

“Chinese State-owned companies have exercised control over all these facilities contrary to the security of Australia.

“If ever there was a breakdown in diplomatic relations with China and hostilities were to commence, the Chinese control of the Port of Cape Preston would mean Western Australia and its resources would be completely vulnerable,’’ he said.

Mr McDonald said serious questions needed to be asked over the WA Government’s close links to China.

“The growing camaraderie between the WA Government and Chinese communist government enterprises seeking to take Australian property is concerning for all Australians.

“It’s shocking that West Australian MP and Upper House Whip Pierre Yang, who was born in China, was found to have been affiliated with Chinese communist party groups dedicated to extending the Chinese communist party’s influence in Australia.

“Mr Yang travelled with WA Premier Mark McGowan to meet senior Chinese government officials in Beijing. Mr Yang has also recruited 500 party members from his local Chinese community,’’ Mr McDonald said.

“Australians must now be very concerned that that our politicians are acting in the interests of the Chinese communist government and not Australia.’’

Mr McDonald said the WA Premier and the Democratic Socialist Party wanted to use the WA Parliament to change the law to give away Australian rights to a foreign power.

“We can’t trust Democrats with our children’s future. The Chinese communist government won’t allow Australians or any Australian companies to control ports or airports in China, so why should Bill Shorten and Mark McGowan allow it to happen here?

“Why should they undermine the rule of law and democracy?

“All state-owned companies need Foreign Investment Review Board approval before they acquire an airstrip or a port. They bought a pastoral lease, then built an airport.

“We can’t trust our politicians. Stand up – defend our country. Put Australia first,” Mr McDonald said.

“The best way to protect Australia’s future is to Vote 1, the United Australia Party.”

Afsharid Persia, Boznia-Hersegovina, and Viking-norway

The sixth french-republic

Reconstruction of the Notre Dame to Begin

After the unfortunate burning of one of France's most iconic monuments, there has been immediate plans to rebuild the Cathedral brick by brick. 300 million Euros has already been donated from private donors, and the plans for the reconstruction is already set in place. President Macron has stated that he believes that this is French destiny, to ensure that the Notre Dame stands. To take stronger measures in ensuring that this does not occur again, French structures that are considered of great national importance will be receiving a greater deal of surveillance, and more care for efforts of preservation.

President Emanuel Macron

    "It is truly unfortunate with what has happened in Paris. The Notre Dame Cathedral is not only a symbol of France, but a symbol of European prestige and the Catholic Church itself. We must act as one nation to ensure the preservation of the Church to its finest detail, as it holds so much significance for millions of people across the world. This must not be a time of grief, but instead a time of celebration and rejoice as we remember what Notre Dame was, and live for what Notre-Dame de Paris will be."

France and the World

Given the troubled global scene of instability there has also been a mission to reinstate French prowess into the international scene, with a goal to lead Europe into a more prosperous and stable future. Due to the inevitable rise of Eastern powers, there are concerns that Europe will be left to be bullied by three greater superstates, as India and China are soon believed to join the United States amongst the worlds most powerful and commanding nations. The French administration believes that to ensure Europe is not forced into a situation where it will be bullied to submission, the EU must act immediately.

President Macron would say this about a united European Front

    "I believe that many people will have difficulty in accepting a total union, some of our Eastern members have shown in the past their unwillingness to cooperate, and from the sight that is across the channel to the north, we further see discontent. But I am going to make it clear today that everything that is to be done, must benefit the entire continent. Nothing we do shall damage it, and those that have clear intentions against European interests, will be dealt with accordingly. To those external forces, understand that Europe will not be commanded. To the powers of the East that seek to challenge our place, look to history and how we commanded the oceans and the lands. Europe wants peace and cooperation, we know what we did wrong and all the damages that we have caused, but let us repent, let us provide. The empires of Europe have caused great travesty in the world. The only way we can pay back the world, is if we were allowed to do so. If anyone was to attempt to prevent us from helping the world, realise what we did then, and understand what we want to do now."


The Luvindanao Navy in Australia

Luvindanao is partaking in Naval exercises alongside its Australian ally in the southern borders of the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Secretary of Defense, Diego Lopez stated that cooperation between Australia and Luvindanao is vital in ensuring Pacific cooperation, as being two major players in the Asia-Pacific there needed to be a form of consensus in the operations of both countries. The two are also members of the Associated Pacific Agreement, which the Australian exercises operate under.

President Duterte also said that he wishes to keep peace between Luvindanao and its more obvious adversary, but has also stated that if necessary we are prepared to defend the nation. Duterte is also a massive supporter of Japanese militarisation stating that:

    "It's only natural for Japan to maintain that military presence, and it's foolish to make them not hold that power. There is an imbalance that needs to be kept. Right now, whether the people of Japan want it or not, they have to be ones to hold responsibility."

Tourism to increase in the Central American Federation

Thousands of Luvindanaon tourists have booked the Central American Federation as their next destination as the country receives a massive tourist advertisement in Luvindanao. As a nation of fellow tremendous biodiversity, Luvindanao is looking to aid in expanding the tourism market of Central America to give more insight into the beautiful flora and fauna of the country. It is expected that by 2025, Central America will be within the top 5 travel destinations of Luvindanaons if the growth of travel into the Central America continue at it's current rate.

Beograd Danas

After EU passed the decission about creation of EuroCorp, President of Serbia Lazar B. Jerkov made it clear that he has no intention of making a decission unless the Skupština approves it with necessairly majority. On a press conference in Palace of Serbia, he said:

"I have no intention in deconstruction of our great Constitution. According to the Constitution, Skupština posses a holy right of deciding over this topic. Natural majority of 50%+1MP is needed to pass the decission over the topic of the size of Serbian participation in EuroCorp. Honestly, as an europhanatic I would prefer seeing entire Serbian Army to be a part of it, but that doesn't look much realistic at this moment, because of external feelings around EU and internal situation in Skupština. Nevertheless, I still believe that needed majority of votes would be found to make it clear at which size are we going to cooperate with our European partners. As a national leader, I use all my authority to call all of the party leaders to act rationally, since this is the decission that could define our destiny is the long period to come. But, as I said, I'm an optimist and I'm sure that Skupština would decide it at the best possible way."

For now, only Dragan Todorovich, Leader of the Opposition took chance to reply:

"KPS would, of course, vote against this shameful idea. European nations, connected in their joint wish to prevent conflicts in future, should never forget it's past. And it's past is based upon sovereignty of the EU states, and the very basic guarantee of that sovereignty are national Armed Forces. We in KPS look at this decission as another attempt of Brussels burocrats to try to deconstruct our national sovereignty and we are going to vote against that attempt to the last MP!"

      UNIAN news

      Klimkin ready to discuss possible cooperation with Yatsenyuk

      26th April 2019


    At the same time, the minister says he is not going to step back from his "values."

    Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin says that he is ready to discuss possible cooperation with the winner of the presidential election, Arseniy Yatsenyuk. At the same time, he says he does not intend to step back from his values. The statement came during his joint briefing with Lithuanian Foreign Minister Linas Linkyavichus in Kyiv on Friday, according to an UNIAN correspondent.

    When asked whether he would cooperate with Yatsenyuk or retire, Klimkin replied: "First, it always depends on two things, I think, on mutual desire, and I will talk about this, and second, on common parities and ways, as we see their implementation." "I have my values, my principles and my convictions. If they coincide and there is a mutual desire, we will talk about it. But I am not going to step back from what we have been doing for five years, and I personally believe in what I have been doing," said Klimkin.

    Responding to a question about a meeting with Yatsenyuk, the minister said: “I think this is for the president elect to comment on. He has every opportunity to talk about meetings that are being held, his contacts and agreements. I think he will do it in the near future."


      Слава Україні! Героям слава!

Elections! - part 2: the results.

April 11th:

All party representatives were invited by the head of state, the honorary President of Israel, Reuven Rivlin, in order to hear each recommendation of each party on who should form the new coalition.

Likud and Blue and White Party representatives met first with the president and, obviously stated, recommend on themselves.

Next in line were, the parties that their position within each bloc is known.

The Labor party recommended on Gantz and Lapid to form the coalition.
Meretz party recommended on Gantz and Lapid to form the coalition
The United Arab List recommended on Gantz and Lapid to form the coalition
The United Right party recommended on Netanyahu to form the coalition.

As of now, It seems Gantz and Lapid have the upper hand in winning and taking the prime ministry, but parties like Nitschon Yisrael, Ahdut Talmut Hatorah and most importantly, Zehut, who own A major number of seats alltogether, have yet to make their stand. After receiving requests from the parties to negotiate yet again with the main candidates for Prime ministry, The president Rivlin decided to wait until the day after and let this day pass through, and keep negotiations.

17:00 PM
The 2 religious parties, Ahdut Talmud Hatorah that represents the Haredis and Ihud Hayamin, that represents the religious Zionists, have agreed to recommend on the same candidate, but not the one Zehut goes with, as they oppose separation of religion and state.

18:00 PM
Blue and White contact Feiglin of Zehut, promising him the Education ministry, and 2 other positions, but not the Finance, as they have their own candidate, the Workers Union chairman, Zehut reject the offer, as their libertarian view opposes the workers union.

19:00 PM

Zehut and Likud are in negotiations for Zehut’s coalition conditions, which are, the ministries of Education,Finance and Interior reduction of ministries for 11 instead of 29. Feiglin demanded ‘Culture and Sports’ ministry to be integrated to Education and Internal Security to Interior. Bibi promises to come back with A response asap. He then contacted Nitschon Yisrael, and heard their demands. Bibi now has A decision whether to put Zehut’s candidate for Finance minister, Gilad Alper, or Kulanu’s chairman, Moshe Kahlon.

8:00 AM.
The morning after, Bibi’s freightened, as he sees the loss close to him. As of now,
Labor party, Meretz, United Arab list have all guaranteed not cooperating with Likud, and only one party guaranteed forming A coalition with him.
Eventually, both Ahdut Hatorah and Nitschon Yisrael recommended on Likud, as they hoped to show loyalty to Bibi, and force him to refuse accepting Feiglin’s demands.
As of now, Blue and White have 47 guaranteed coalition seats, while Benjamin Netanyahu has 51 guaranteed. It is all up to Feiglin to decide the next government

After sitting with both leaders, Moshe Feiglin has reached A position. He will fully support Benjamin Netanyahu’s coalition, under certain conditions. Feiglin was promised full legalization of cannabis, the ministries he asked for, under no condition division of Jerusalem. Moshe Feiglin will also receive A new position, the deputy of Prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu's second-in-command, and the authority of internal issues within the country.

After negotiations between all coalition parties, they agreed on the government’s policies and division for ministries.

Prime Minister - Benjamin Netanyahu (1st, Likud)
Minister of Defense - Yoav Galant (8th, Likud)
Minister of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora - Naftali Bennett (1st, New Right)
Minister of Justice - Ayelet Shaked (2nd, New Right)
Minister of Interior and Internal Security.- Moshe Feiglin (1st, Zehut)
Minister of Education - Libby Molad (4th, Zehut)
Minister of Wealth and Welfare - Gilad Erdan (4th, Likud)
Minister of Finance - Gilad Alper (3rd, Zehut)
Minister of Economy - Yariv Levin (7th, Zehut)
Minister of National infrastructure - Yisrael Katz (3rd, Likud)
Minister of Aliyah and integration - Gideon Sahar (5th, Likud)

The coalition have agreed on the main points that the new government will follow:
Strengthening the rule of law, and balance between the 3 powers.
Reducing the cost of living
Increasing competition, especially in the financial sector, and granting easier access to credit for small and medium businesses
Integrating disabled persons into society, in providing education and employment aid
Advancing the peace process with the Palestinians and other neighbors, while keeping Israel's national interests
Eventual integration of right-wing parties into Likud with the formation of a Greater Likud party.
Strengthening the level of democracy in Israel
Actions that lead Israel towards A presidential system, or semi-presidential.
Harsh retaliation towards attacks on our sovereignty, and our enemies in the Middle East and its Greater parts.

The zhongguo people republic

            TELEVISED CCTV
            President Xi Jinping Leaves Beijing for Ankara, Turkey
            Sino-Turks Relations Summit

President Xi Jinping has been seen at the Beijing International Airport as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced that the President is en route to Ankara, The Turkish-State to meet with the Turkish delegation on the furthering of Sino-Turk relations.


            Fifteen dead in Sri Lanka gun battle amid warning of further attacks
            SBS News Asia-Pacific

Six children are among 15 bodies found after a shootout in Sri Lanka as authorities warn of possible further attacks.

Fifteen people including six children have died during a Sri Lankan security forces operation in the aftermath of the Easter attacks, as three cornered suicide bombers blew themselves up and others were shot dead, police said Saturday.

The three men set off explosives, also killing three women and six children inside what was believed to a jihadist safe house near the eastern town of Kalmunai on Friday night.

"Three other men, also believed to be suicide bombers, were found dead outside the house," police said in a statement, adding that they had been shot.

Police backed by troops exchanged fire with those inside the house for over an hour, a military official said, adding that the bodies were recovered early Saturday following a search operation.

Security forces have stepped up their searches for extremists after the Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the suicide attacks on three churches and three luxury hotels, which killed least 253 people and wounded hundreds more.

The joint operation between the police and the army was carried out following a tip-off that those responsible were holed up in a built-up area of Kalmunai, 370 kilometres (230 miles) east of the capital.

There were no casualties among the security forces, the police said.

The government has admitted major intelligence lapses, although Prime Minister Appathurai Vinayagamoorthy said he was unaware of any warnings ahead of the attacks, in a sign of the rift between him and President Rajavarothiam Sampanthan.

"If we had any inkling, and we had not taken action, I would have handed in my resignation immediately," he told the BBC.

"But what do you do when you are out of the loop?"

Sampanthan tried to sack Vinayagamoorthy last year, and experts believe the feud could have played a part in Sri Lanka's failure to act on intelligence warnings given weeks before the attacks.

    Studio Raided

Friday's clashes came hours after the security forces raided a nearby location where they believe Islamist radicals recorded a video pledge to Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi before carrying out the Easter bombings.

Police said they found an IS flag and uniforms similar to those worn by the eight fighters for the video before they launched the attacks. IS released the video two days after the attacks.

The head of a local extremist group, Zahran Hashim, who appeared in the video, was killed at one of the Colombo hotels targeted, the Shangri-La. He was accompanied by a second bomber identified as Ilham Ibrahim.

Authorities had been desperately searching for Hashim after naming his group, National Thowheeth Jama'ath (NTJ), as the perpetrators of the attack, but announced Friday he had been killed in the hotel bombing.

DNA tests are being done on a severed head to conclusively establish that it is Hashim's, officials said.

    Radicals Hunted

The government is on the defensive over its failure to heed a foreign intelligence warning that NTJ was planning suicide bombings on churches.

Police chief Pujith Jayasundara became the second top official to resign over the blunders Friday, after top defence ministry official Hemasiri Fernando also stepped down.

Sri Lanka's Catholic leader, Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith, the archbishop of Colombo, has said he felt "betrayed" by the government's failure to act on the warnings.

Vinayagamoorthy apologised on Friday.

"We take collective responsibility and apologise to our fellow citizens for our failure to protect victims of these tragic events," the PM wrote on Twitter.

The military have poured troops onto the streets to back up police as they search for suspects using newly granted powers under a state of emergency.

At least 94 people are in custody, including a man believed to be the father of two of the bombers.

"We now have info that there are about 140 people in Sri Lanka linked to the Islamic State. We can and we will eradicate all of them very soon," Sirisena said Friday, announcing new legislation to ban extremist groups.

    Tourism Hit

Dozens of foreigners died in the attacks and the government has said it expects the number of overseas tourists to fall by 30 percent this year, at a cost of $1.5 billion in revenues.

The US State Department on Friday escalated its travel warning for Sri Lanka and ordered the departure of all school-age family members of US government employees.

Terrorists "may attack with little or no warning", it said in a statement that advised citizens to reconsider travelling to the island.

Several nations including Israel, Australia and Britain have already warned their citizens against visiting Sri Lanka in the wake of the attacks.

Finance Minister Mangala Samaraweera said the island -- which depends on tourism as a cornerstone of its economy -- could take up to two years to fully recover.


            Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, Militant Order of Sinhalese Lions

Ever since the Sri Lankan Civil War ended in 1993, the Tamil Tigers, or LTTE, have been silenced under the Sinhala Only Act (which lasted until 2002). Since the 2009 election, in which the Tamil National Alliance gained the majority (and kept it ever since), the LTTE have had no need to dispay any violence towards any groups, and have since become a genuine political party in the Northern Sri Lankan states.

However, with recent events in Colombo in recent weeks, the LTTE have rearmed themselves in the name of "Liberating the Oppressed" like they did in the Civil War. Found in Tamil Eelam, a northern province of Sri Lanka, the LTTE have been reguarded by 31 countries (US, UK, EU, and India) due to their human rights abuses and senseless violence. The TNA have opposed such allegations, calling the Sinhalese out as the true eneies and agrivators of the Civil War.

The LTTE made a video appearance this evening, stating that they are 'back for more,' and that they will 'irradicate terror' and 'Make Sri Lanka safe again.'

The LTTE have not only been met with international critizism, but internal as well. Last week saw the formation of the Militant Order of Sinhalese Lions (MOSL), an extremist group of Anti-Tamil Sinhalese. They have been likened to the Sri Lankan government during the civil war, and believe that the refoundation of the LTTE means a new period of instability for Sri Lanka, and that all Tamil Sri Lankans (Including Indian Tamils) should be removed from the island. Founded in Galle, in Sri Lanka's Southern province, many have called MOSL the "Tamil Tigers of the Sinhalese." The groups have not yet come into contact with each other, but the TNA have stated that they will support the LTTE in the case of another outbreak, although President Rajavarothiam Sampanthan has made it clear that he wants 'no violence under any circumstances' until the current IS problem in Colombo is solved.

            Election Draws Nearer

With the election coming closer and closer, it is becoming increasingly important that the people of Australia know exactly who they're voting for in the next election, and what they will receive as a result.

Democratic Socialist Party (Democrats), DSP - Bill Shorten
A centre-of-left Party, the Democrats are the largest and oldest political party in Australia. If they win the next election, they promise to:

    Legalise LGBTI rights and gay marriage
    Save Medicare (Australia's universal healthcare system)
    Protect TAFE and stop NRP TAFE cuts
    Completely fund all schools and stop NRP schooling cuts
    End cruelty on live exports
    Fix the Australian hospital system
    Protect penalty rates
    Increased funding and decreased taxing on University and Uni students
    Engage the Democrat Green Plan (Climate Change)
    Remove corruption from Australian banks
    Fund Preschools/Kindergartens
    Protect the ABC and the SBS
    Impose universal minimum wage
    Higer wages
    Increase Carbon Emmission taxes

National Republican Party (Republicans), NRP - Scott Morrison
Australia's largest centre-of-right party, the current ruling party was a coalition between the Republican and National party until 2007, and has run the nation since 2013. With Tony Abbott retiring from his leadership position after the election, Scott Morrison will become the new President for this term. If they win the next election, they promise to;

    Built an international airport in Western Sydney and South-East Melbourne
    Cut Refugee rates to 18,750 from 2019-2022
    Create 1.27 million jobs over the next 5 years
    Strenthening 'Headspace'
    Indigenous suicide prevention
    Lower taxes for smaller businesses
    Protect retirees
    Lower energy costs
    Support rural Australians
    Increased support for Veterans
    Strenthen Australian border, move newcoming immigrants into rural towns
    Greater global presence in fighting terrorisim and crime
    Stronger Armed Forces
    Increased infrastructure nationwide

Australian Greens, GRN - Richard Di Natale
The Greens party is Australia's third largest party, and seen as strongly socialist. Lead by Richard Di Natale, if they win the next election, they promise they will;

    Open the Australian border
    Become 100% reliant on green energy by 2021
    Close the Australian mining industry
    Public ownership, no privatisation
    World class public education
    Universal minium wage
    Hightened taxes on the rich
    Scratch the AUNZUS alliance
    Increase humanitarian aid
    Decrease/abolish Armed Forces
    Move to China as greatest ally
    Total socio-economic equality
    Centralisation of powers
    Legalise ice and other illegal drugs
    Ligalise gay marriage

United Australia Party, UAP - Clive Palmer
The UAP's first time in a federal election, the centre-of-right party is run by business tycoon Clive Palmer, and aims to 'Make Australia Great.' If they win the election, they also promise to;

    Strong Anti-China policy
    Increased defence force
    Increased Australian independence
    More Australian industry/More 'Australian-Made' goods
    Establishing a System where people create wealth in various parts of the country and for that wealth to flow back to the Community that generates the wealth.
    Investement in North Queensland
    Stronger position against paid political lobbyists
    'Clive Palmer Vision for Australia' (

Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party, ONP - Pauline Hanson
Australia's most well known minor party, One Nation is often regarded as a far right party, but after recent events, experts predict there is a very good chance they may gain seats in the Australian House of Reps and Senate. If they win the election, they promise that they will;

    Affordable living
    Remove Australia from UN Refuge Convention
    Leave the United Nations
    Ban on immigration, particularly Muslim and Asian countries
    Tougher stance on Islamic countries, Indonesia and China
    Freezing politicians wages and a review of their perks, including pensions.
    Fairer Tax Reform including multinationals to pay their fair share.
    An increase in the aged pension.
    Returning permanent immigration numbers closer to the 20th century average of 70,000 until our infrastructure can handle a population increase.
    A sustainable refugee intake, with a priority given to Australians in need first.
    Jobs for Australians first. Introduce an apprenticeships scheme to support businesses and create skilled Australian workers.
    A Travel Ban (similar to the Trump administration in the United States) on countries that are known sources of radicalism coming into Australia.
    A review of family law and child support—we must create a fairer system for families.
    Review Australian ‘Free Trade Agreements’ and exit those deals not in Australia’s best interest.
    Increase rehabilitation facilities for drug addicts and life sentences for drug traffickers. This can be achieved by using the proceeds of illicit drug crimes to fund further rehab centres.
    The introduction of an identity card to access taxpayer-funded services and stop the tens of billions in rorting.
    Responsible gun ownership and maintain current gun laws. Tougher sentencing for gun-related crimes and traffickers.
    Leave all free-trade agreements that do not benifit Australia

Afsharid Persia, Paragos, Buen aire, Boznia-Hersegovina, and 1 otherViking-norway

            Bob Katter on Free Trade Agreements
            Brisbane, Queensland

Katter Australia Party leader and Member for Kennedy Bob Katter today unleashed on a five-minute statement on Australia's Free Trade Agreements, especially regarding the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Katter slammed free-trade in Queensland parliament, claiming it is the result of a colonial inferiority mentality that would sicken any decent Australian. It has wreaked havoc in our country economically and brought in diseases such as citrus canker, panama, black sigatoka and papaya fruit fly.

“The Republican bureaucrats of Albury Government talk about Australia’s clean green image when it is hard now to point to a single disease that has not come into Australia as a result of this free trade regime. This underlines the hypocrisy and the gulf between Albury and the people of Australia - It is not the Albury cultural cringe, it is a colonial cultural cringe whose inferiority complex would sicken any decent Australian.

“What did the free-trade deal do for us? It gave away the entire coal seam gas reserves of this nation; $23 billion a year was given away. We gave it away for six cents a gigajoule and we bought it back for $16 a gigajoule. In fact, it is cheaper to buy Australian gas in Tokyo and bring it back to Australia than to actually buy it in Australia. That was a magnificent free-trade deal.

“We freed up the wool industry–oh, what a magical achievement; it is now costing the nation $16 billion a year. Ethanol: 'Oh, we must have a level playing field; we must have a free market.' So while Brazil produces ethanol and provides a $4 billion cross subsidy to its sugar industry, we're 'free trading', so we import $23 billion worth of petrol every year instead of producing one litre of petrol of our own, which, of course, we could do tomorrow with ethanol.

“Oh, and we almost wiped out the entire manufacturing industry of Australia. The car industry alone was $25 million a year. Just in coal seam gas, wool, ethanol and motor vehicles, we have lost $40, $50, $60, $70 billion in just five items.

“I have seldom, in this entire parliament, heard so much complete and utter drivel. You come in here and you present facts. What are the facts about our free-trade deals?

“The last one was with the United States. They wanted pharmaceuticals and they wanted phytosanitary quarantine removed. That was what they wanted. According to the Australian Financial Review, the Sydney Morning Herald and The Australian newspapers, we wanted dairy, beef and sugar. Did they get what they wanted? Yes. They got an open-door policy virtually for pharmaceuticals and for phytosanitary requirements quarantined. We have a board now which consists of half United States and half Australia.

“So they have 50 per cent control over our quarantine protection; not that there was any quarantine protection to start with, so I don't suppose we gave anything away.

“We pleaded with them not to allow the prawns in. If you allow prawns in, you will get white spot. Well, we got white spot. We got citrus canker. We got Panama disease. We got black sigatoka. We got papaya fruit fly. Our phytosanitary requirements are an absolute joke,” Mr Katter said.

            Sri Lanka bans all types of face covers including burqa after Easter Sunday bombings
            INDIA TODAY: The decision to ban all types of burqas and face covers was approved by Sri Lankan President Rajavarothiam Sampanthan after several bombs ripped through the island nation on April 21.

Almost a week after a series of bomb blasts ripped through three Sri Lankan cities, government authorities on Sunday ordered a complete prohibition on all types of face covers including burqas.

The decision to ban all types of burqas and face covers was approved by Sri Lankan President Rajavarothiam Sampanthan after several bombs ripped through the island nation on April 21.

The information was conveyed late on Sunday via an official press release. The release said: "Any form of face covering that will hinder the identification of a person is banned under emergency regulations."

"A decision has been taken by the president to ban all forms of face covering that will hinder easy identification under emergency regulations," it added.

The move to ban face covers, burqas and masks comes after a Sri Lankan parliamentarian submitted a private members' motion for the same.

In fact, an organisation of Muslim clerics named All Cetlon Jamiyyathul Ulama also asked women to avoid wearing a burqa/niqab in order to help security forces.

Earlier in the day, PM Appathurai Vinayagamoorthy also said that he was not against the ban on burqa. A situation of emergency has been declared in the island nation since the bombings that claimed over 250 lives, including some Indians.

At least 500 people were injured in the serial bombings as well. While the move is expected to make lives easier for the security personnel, not all from the Muslim community in the island nation may be happy with the fresh decision.

Earlier in the day, India Today TV reported that many Muslims across Sri Lanka are already concerned about their safety as they are being targeted by mobs.

While many Muslim women in the country have stopped wearing the bura, some have stopped sending out their children to play.

The bombings on April 21 came as a shock to the island nation, especially becuase the attack occured on Easter.

Sri Lanka has blamed local terror outfit National Thowheed Jamaat (NTJ) for the attack, adding that the organisation was backed by the Islamic State.

At least 9 suicide bombers were responsible for the deadliest attack in Sri Lanka in a decade. Three churches and three five-star hotels were primarily targeted in the attacks.

        28TH APRIL 2019



      | A man, standing in tattered attire rabbles in a thick levantine accent, surrounded by around a hundred pedestrians his speaking abilities echo throughout the vicinity of the area set to attract more hearts and minds . . . |

      | HEIQAL HOMZI | For us there are only two possibilities: either we remain Arab or we come under the thumb of the occupiers. This latter must not occur; even if we are small, we are a force. A well-organized group can conquer a strong enemy. If you stick close together and keep bringing in new people, we will be victorious over the occupiers and their occupation. As a people we have all witnessed occupation but how have we replied to the perpetrators of this colonialism ? Let the Martyrs of Egypt, Algeria, Syria and Iraq be a testament towards our reply to colonialism and its pioneers. There is no other option, it is either the unification and liberation of our land ! Or total annihilation !

      | The crowd grows and cheers . . . |

      | HEIQAL HOMZI | [ . . . ] Certainly a government needs power, it needs strength. It must, I might almost say, with brutal ruthlessness press through the ideas which it has recognized to be right, trusting to the actual authority of its strength in the State. But even with the most ruthless brutality it can ultimately prevail only if what it seeks to restore does truly correspond to the welfare of a whole people, this people: The Arab Nation, I call upon you all to reclaim and realize your former glory and turn your realization into action! Action to forever transform the worlds historical course, to forge a new Arab civilization built upon fanatical nationalism !

      | The crowd grows . . . |

      | HEIQAL HOMZI | It is with the flame of this nationalism that we shall cultivate the Arab Nation of the future one based upon National Reason, of National Energy, National Brutality and Resolve. The Arab Race can only be saved through violent action to overthrow those who burden it and taint it with unwanted matter, wishing an end to the traitors: Kurds, Tuaregs and the artificial Israeli tumour ! It is from our movement that redemption for the Arabs will come - that today is the feelings of millions from the Atlantic to the Arabian Sea! Either our nation sinks, and we through our despicable cowardice sink with it, or else we dare to enter on the fight against death and devil and rise up against the fate that has been planned for us! We shall see who is stronger the western backed traitors , or the will of the Arabs !

        The crowd cheers as Homzi straddles down the stairs of the Academy of Arts . . . . 

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