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So damned sleepy. I should have slept longer.

Lamoni and Rhugei

I'm planning a roleplay for my country, one that I am taking my time on so that it will work out right, I hope.

Lamoni wrote:test... testing... 123...

We are back from the catastrophic Server Crash!

We're cheerful. Now get the F out.

hi i just joined the region

That's like, totally cool, man

can i be added to the map

Falconzka wrote:can i be added to the map

Welcome! The instructions for how to join the map are here:

Follow the form below to TG Mokastana your request for a place on the map.

Please include location using the map grid, and any specific details desired. Current map is available on the Greater Dienstad World Factbook Entry. Claims should be no more than 3 squares in size(Each square is 1,000km by 1,000km).

We can add new islands or continents, just give Mokastana any specifics in the ADDITIONAL DETAILS part of the application.

As this is a political map, weather and geography are irrelevant and up to individual nation.

Please include any pre made maps as imgur links.

(Copy and paste into a TG to Mokastana)

REQUESTED GRID SQUARES(i.e. G4, L22, etc) : _______

ADDITIONAL DETAILS(if any): _______

PRE MADE MAP LINK(if exists): ______

Read dispatch

#1 in Mosty Pro-Market

Because sharing is Communist.

Back in the top 1% of most religious nations again...for Klyprer, conquest and riches!

A howdy to a fellow Certified Old Region™, hope y'all are well

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