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Founder: Tri-sovereign socialist republic

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Most Advanced Defense Forces: 101st Most Subsidized Industry: 113th Largest Black Market: 119th+34
Largest Information Technology Sector: 164th Most Scientifically Advanced: 189th Largest Timber Woodchipping Industry: 202nd Most Extensive Public Healthcare: 230th Highest Average Incomes: 233rd Highest Poor Incomes: 251st Largest Governments: 286th Most Avoided: 330th Largest Arms Manufacturing Sector: 349th Highest Average Tax Rates: 358th Most Advanced Public Transport: 359th Most Corrupt Governments: 368th Largest Mining Sector: 373rd Smartest Citizens: 400th Most Advanced Public Education: 402nd Lowest Crime Rates: 443rd Most Cultured: 541st Most Efficient Economies: 545th Largest Publishing Industry: 572nd Largest Manufacturing Sector: 578th Most Inclusive: 586th Most Secular: 651st Highest Unexpected Death Rate: 707th Healthiest Citizens: 716th Highest Economic Output: 833rd Most World Assembly Endorsements: 858th Most Developed: 895th Largest Furniture Restoration Industry: 1,089th Highest Wealthy Incomes: 1,102nd Most Influential: 1,556th Largest Retail Industry: 1,731st Most Advanced Law Enforcement: 1,805th Largest Welfare Programs: 1,815th Largest Gambling Industry: 2,329th
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Inter-Regional Diplomats Per Nation
Tri-sovereign socialist republic Sergei Akhromeyev
Otaku Hikomor Kazuto Takahashi
Xedinous Dezi Oliver
Zykyn James Riken
New sino-japan Marusashi Takafumi
The black claw Dulcibella Wembley

Inter-Regional Organizations
The People's Coalition Lenox Foster
Soviet Labour Party Sasuke Kahlil
International Socialist Workers Union Artyom Kutznetkov
United Earth Council Philip Charon

Current date (insert date here) 2777

Embassies: The Erviadus Galaxy, The Embassy, Minecraftia, The Galactic Commonwealth, Halo, Future Earth, Turkic Union, Groland, St Abby, Ancient Lands, Pennsylvania, United States of America, Great Terra, New Ausozera, Deepfall, Yarnia, and 35 others.LCRUA, Galactic Imperium, The Bar on the corner of every region, Minoa, Arconian Empire, Asura, Kerala, East of West, Avadam Inn, CDW Federation, Solar Alliance, Holy Regime of the German Chocolate Cake, Sigil, Toronto, 0000, Sao Paulo, The Illuminati, Aeterna Publicae, Bus Stop, Star Frontiers, The Honorary Allied Nation States, Sid Meiers Alpha Centauri, Esti, Pisces Centauri, Sun and Moon, Regionless, Dauiland, International Debating Area, Hollow Point, Installation 628, The International Polling Zone, Gypsy Lands, Tvaranii Galaxy, K Lot, and SECFanatics.

Tags: Outer Space, Human-Only, Minuscule, Fantasy Tech, Regional Government, Role Player, Democratic, Password, and Founderless.

Grand New Earth contains 2 nations.

Today's World Census Report

The Most Extensive Public Healthcare in Grand New Earth

World Census interns were infected with obscure diseases in order to test which nations had the most effective and well-funded public healthcare facilities.

As a region, Grand New Earth is ranked 230th in the world for Most Extensive Public Healthcare.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Communist Democracy of XedinousInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Communism leads us straight on!”
2.The Kingdom of ZykynDemocratic Socialists“Wherever the Wind May Blow”

Regional Happenings


Grand New Earth Regional Message Board

June 1st, 2777

The Xedinousian Council

"Gary Jonson has been deemed unable to lead Xedinous for the first half of his five-year term."

"I motion for all available candidates for the temporary position to be called forth."

"Any seconds?"



"All right then. We will vote."

49 Yay
1 Nay

"This motion passes."

"Bring forth 'Adolf Rollins.'"

*Adolf Rollins walks forward*

"Do you claim to be the unofficial advisor of Gary Jonson?"

"Yes, I do."

"And what other claim do you have to the temporary position?"

"Essentially out of all staffers for the President, I am Jonson's most trusted. With his secrets, he decided to share with me the most. He rarely invited anyone else to his office besides myself, and when he did there was never anyone else present. I believe that I am the closest anyone can be to being a replacement for the President, even if for half a term."

*most of the Senators applaud*

"Bring forth 'General Hideldorff.'"

*General Hideldorff comes forward*

"What claim have you to the temporary position?"

"I commanded the military in the successful t- liberation of Greenland, Iceland, and Sloth Island from their economic plight."

"Have you any other qualifications?"

"I continue to train the troops in case a conflict arises."

*most of the Senators appear very bored now

"Bring forth 'Dezi Oliv-.'"

*Dezi Oliver comes forward and everyone looks at her as if she appeared out of thin air*

"-but how? I thought you were in Zedeenas!"

"I assure you, Chairman, I am here because Xedinous needs me. I have traveled very far *she whispers* through space and time *she stops whispering* for this."

"Er- uh... To what reason do you come forward?"

"Xedinous is currently in peril, whether you are aware of it or not. We need someone experienced and aware of the situation to lead Xedinous to safety. This very government and planet stands under a threat it cannot see. We must act decisively and quickly if we are to survive. The Communist Democracy will fail if we do not act with intelligence. The Internationale may as well be abandoned if we do not stop the coming enemy. The UEC will crumble before the power of the war. The Constitution of GNE... the only remnant."

*the Senators look at her with a mixture of fear, shock, and bewilderment*

"What are you talking abou-"

*a man wearing 1700s British attire bursts through the doors and exclaims with a British accent*

"-She's a madwoman! None of what she's saying is true! It's all lies!" *he faints from over-exhaustion*

*a long silence happens before one of the Senators rises*

"I- I motion to call for an early end of today's session so that we may reflect on today's proceedings."

"Any seconds?"

*several Senators raise theirs hands and say 'Aye'*

"We shall vote."

50 Yay
0 Nay

"This Council is now dismissed."

June 5th, 13799002777 C.T.

The Triangulum Galaxy

"Has it approached Earth yet?"


August 21st, 1379900???? C.T.

Earth's Exosphere

*Searching for signal... Primative signal detected... Estimated time: 13799001980-13799002100 C.T.... Searching for date... Date = August 21st, 2025 C.E.... Sending date data...*

June 5th, 13799002777 C.T.

The Triangulum Galaxy

"Data confirmed. We are in the correct time range."

June 5th, 2777

Dezi Oliver's Starboard Office

"You know that we cannot allow for him to be elected."

"Yes, but there is no guarantee that he will act the same here. The world we can from-"

"-The world we came from is just as messed up as this one. Only here Zedeenas isn't nearly as hostile in its actions."

"You don't know if they have different interests than the one back home."

"Well, there is a way we could figure out..."

"You don't mean-"

"-Yes I do. I will simply ask myself..., or at least the me of this reality."

"You do not know what might happen if you do that."

"Please, I do not need your superstitions. I will go to Hoag's Object tomorrow."

"There's no guarantee that W-1 currently exists here. If it does not exist, then how will you travel there?"

"This ship carried us across realities, and you're asking me if we can't go to a nearby galaxy?"

"Well... fine, but let my words be known."

August 25th, 13799002025 C.T.

Somewhere in northern Canada

"So here is where they will launch from?"


Somewhere in California

"Here's our prototype."

"How smart is it?"

"More than the last one."

*it turns itself on*

*he claps* "Wonderful! Excellent work!"

"Hello. My name is Henry. Pleased to meet you."

"My name's Jeff. What can you do?"

"I can learn."

Post self-deleted by Xedinous.

June 9th, 2777

The Xedinousian Council

*the room is alive with chatter over the candidates (and some Senators in heated debates with their fellow Senators*

"This room will be called to order! *he slams the gavel down several times* This unmoderated caucus has now ended; please return to your seats! *everyone becomes quiet and goes to their seats* To what purpose does the gentleman from Britain stand?"

"Since we currently have no acting President, I rise to give this council the authority to officially annex the islands of Greenland, Iceland, and Sloth Island."

"Are there and seconds to this?"

*A few Senators say 'Aye'*

"We will now vote to give this council the authority to annex the three islands."

Yay: 40
Nay: 9
Present: 1

"This motion passes. We will now vote on the annexation itself."

Yay: 42
Nay: 4
Present: 4

"This annexation has passed."

A few hours later_________________________________________________________________________________________________

"To what does the gentlelady from Yukon stand?"

"Mister Chairman, I rise to call for the election of the temporary President."

"Are there any seconds?"

*Most Senators say 'Aye'*

"We will now vote."

Adolf Rollins: 26
Dezi Oliver: 19
General Hideldorff: 5
Present: 0

"Adolf Rollins carries the majority and is now the Temporary President-Elect. His inauguration is scheduled for June 14th of this year."

*About half the Senators cheer*

Hoag's Object

"Ms. Oliver, someone is here to see you."

"Let them in."

"Hello, I am you."

*The Dezi Oliver of this reality turns around and looks at her extra-dimensional self in both shock and confusion.*

"What? Who-"

"Don't worry about it. I'll explain, but you'll probably not believe half of what I say."

June 14th, 2777

Before the Xedinousian Council Headquarters Building, Xedusion

"Today, I am proud to present to you the Temporary President-Elect, Adolf Rollins!"

*Some people clap and cheer... others don't. Rollins walks to the podium*

"People of Xedinous! The time is nigh for Xedinous to defend itself! Our first President now lays in a hospital bed, unable to perform your wishes. The mess of Europe must be cleansed! *more people cheer* We cannot allow for more of us to be taken down by the savages of Europe! An end to their conflicts will bring peace. We must have strong allies to help us; for if we have none, then all of Grand New Earth will enter this war. Before this gets out of hand, the terrorists in Europe will fall. We must and we will work together, whatever the cost." *a lot more people cheer* *the inauguration continues on the same ideas currently present and finishes*

September 4th, 13799002025 C.T.

An Austrailian Server

*scanning... analysing data... data confirmed*

Interdimensional Data Relay

*receiving data... address identify... confirmed: page=display_region_rmb/region=grand_new_earth?[DATA REDACTED]*

"We have what we came for."

June 19th, 13799002777 C.T.

The Fathership

"Can we confirm that this data is true?"

"We can confirm that all knowledge contained here about our past is true, but we have no guarantee that what has yet to occur, here, will."

"These events are likely, however?"

"It would seem so."

"What are the likelihood estimates?"

"95% chance of truth for the events in the near future, and the likelihood decreases with time."

"Minus heat death?"

"Not necessarily, we did get this data from a reality in the past. It is likely that our peoples will go to another reality to escape this one's demise."

"Hm...The ones who wrote these texts still live there, most likely, correct?"

"Most likely, but there is no guarantee."

"I'd like to have a few interviews, if possible."

Hey there, I am the Executive Minister of The International Debating Area, I see our embassy construction has finished. If you're keen on debating you can subscribe to our foreign newspaper, The Debating Times. Right now, we're discussing about the war on drugs, you can debate on our RMB (Embassy posting is allowed).

Remember, don't forget to hop on over, debate, and win yourself a Debating Award :)

The black claw

September 14th, 2777 C.E.

Near the capital city in a suburb

*Rosinha Abreu is found sitting on a sidewalk, weeping*

"What's wrong?"

"What do you mean what's wrong? This world has fallen apart and left forgotten! Nothing's happening. Sure, our automated factories instantly rebuild after an explosion, but that doesn't change anything. All the foreign diplomats I deal with act like drones; they haven't changed or done anything for the past few months! They just go through their daily routine and no longer do anything else. Every day they say the same things in meetings. Sometimes, I wonder if they know they're forgotten by their own homelands."

"So why are you here?"

"I just wanted some privacy from the capital."

*she holds up a "secret" personal-teleportation-device, presses a button on it and disappears*

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