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Post self-deleted by -Greater Canada-.

The People's Media Agency/人民媒社/인민미디어대행사/ピープルズメディアエージェンシー/Агентство народных СМИ

Ministry of Investigations: Shincheonji, the World Mission Society Church of God, the Victory Altar, and Eastern Lightning Cults Dissolved under Deradicalisation Plan

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KUM CITY — The Ministry of Investigations has concluded a year-long investigation onto various extremist cults in the country, submitting a report to the Supreme Soviet recommending that over 220,000 of the tried be subject to preventative and de-radicalization measures, based on the 'community corrections' system enforced in the US, the Desistance and Disengagement Programme of the UKOB, or the new deradicalisation programmes in Labyrnna.

These cults, most notably that of Shincheonji, have been accused of exercising unusual control over its members, separating them from family and friends, and exploiting them excessively, while violating laws and avoiding transparency and accountability - all of which are indicative of a religious cult. Furthermore, Shincheonji was found to be responsible in perpetrating a mass casualty event in the Assembly Hall where the Soviet of the Union was convoked, which has led security agencies to re-assess the group's status from a "cult" to a "criminal organisation". The MOI-PIS investigation had also revealed that Shincheonji's apocalyptic belief that everyone not in the cult will be "denied forgiveness and destroyed" was the primary motivating factor leading to the group's attack on the nation's legislature, and consequently, it has made recommendations to de-radicalise the cults as a long-term counter-radicalisation measure.

The Shincheonji, the World Mission Society Church of God, the Victory Altar, and Eastern Lightning groups, all of which are deemed to be dangerous cults by the public, will be dissolved by the MOI-PIS. Furthermore, due to their links with violent crime, deceptive activities, followers will be required to undergo de-radicalisation education and training to peacefully integrate former cultists into society and ensure the people's safety. Over 817,300 have been shortlisted for the de-radicalization process, which would last for 6 years to develop the FEUSSR into a nation that is united, harmonious, prosperous, and culturally advanced, with healthy ecosystems and people living and working in contentment.

The T'ongilgyo, which was also considered to be a cult by the MOI-PIS, was exonerated as per a ruling by the Supreme People's Court. However, to retain its status as a Christian religious movement, the group must repudiate all of its associations, support, and funding to political bodies such as think tanks, charities, and groups with political affiliations, and make a pledge not to engage in political activism in any form in the future. Furthermore, clerics and pastors within the church are forbidden from commenting on contemporary political issues or making high demands of their followers, and the movement will be monitored by the MOI-PIS for 90 months as a means to ensure compliance. Noncompliance will result in deradicalisation and reintegration into society.

The MOI-PIS' 2-year deradicalisation and societal reintegration policies are supported by a multidisciplinary team including clerics, psychologists, and educators, all of which are fully committed towards protecting society. The MOI-PIS will collaborate with a body of over 6,000 priests and clerics to provide a holistic religious education to prevent religious radicalisation, while emphasis on cultural activities and education will also be placed. "Only religious counterarguments can convince people to abandon their radical approach," a MOI-PIS spokesperson said, following the Supreme Soviet's approval of the deradicalisation plan and disbursal of $1 billion USP for an initial batch of 5,000 shortlisted persons. The deradicalisation plan is based on community activities, wherein students engage in communal service and outreach such as volunteering, eventually helping them craft strong, independent lives that will make them more resistant to radicalisation. Furthermore, instead of using social isolation, each student will be granted a chance to experience the wide world, with each student being privy to a support staff and state-subsidised regional vacations aimed at promoting a gradual reform in worldview.

Imperial Eagle wrote:Department of Defense Notice

Work has now completed on the following ships USS Matthew C. Perry (FFG-80), USS Brooke (FFG-81), USS Intrepid (FFG-82), USS Endeavor (FFG-83), USS Dauntless (FFG-84), USS Agility (FFG-85) and USS Columbia (FFG-86) and they will undergo sea trials for the next 6 months. Work will now begin on the next 6 ships sand are named as follows: USS Constellation (FFG-87), USS Frank Buckles (FFG-88), USS Joseph Oklahombi (FFG-89), USS Merrimack (FFG-90), USS Campbelltown (FFG-91) and USS Henry Nicholas Gunther (FFG-92). Work will last for two years and the class will be completed afterwards with the remaining ships in the class which will then fulfill the Navy's contract and planned build-up.

(I am dumb and apparently cannot count correctly lol)

Department of Defense

Work has now completed ahead of schedule on the following ships: USS Constellation (FFG-87), USS Frank Buckles (FFG-88), USS Joseph Oklahombi (FFG-89), USS Merrimack (FFG-90), USS Campbelltown (FFG-91) and USS Henry Nicholas Gunther (FFG-92) and they will now undergo 6 months of sea trials and shock trails. Work will now proceed on the final six ships of the Matthew C. Perry Class Frigates and are named as follows: USS Robert Anderson (FFG-93), USS Irvin Mcdowell (FFG-94), USS John Pope (FFG-95), USS Oliver Howard (FFG-96), USS William Starke Rosecrans (FFG-97) and lastly USS Arthur Macarthur (FFG-98). Work will last two years unless completed ahead of schedule and will thus complete the Union Navy's planned 400 ship expansion. Following the completion, upgrades and refits will be conducted to existing ships as needed and research and development of new weapon systems and engines.

CCCP- wrote:
          ~~ Кремль - The Kremlin ~~

Kremlin Senate - Romanov-Soviet Relations

The letter sent by the Government of Romanovskaya was initially received by the Soviet Foreign Ministry. Before being forwarded to the Kremlin, it's authenticity was examined first. Although a careful step, the stance of the Soviet Government has been to approach the Romanov Government at a slow and calm pace. Since relations are still fragile, the Soviet Union is aware of how the temperature can quickly turn hostile, erasing all progress made - therefore the importance of the approach taken by the Ministry. A careful analysis of the letter was made and a response was drafted by the Kremlin.

~~Official Correspondence of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics ~~

To: Daria Shchegolyayeva, Office of the Prime Minister, Vyborg, Romanovskaya
From: The Kremlin - Seat of the Soviet Premiership
Subject: Advancing Romanovan-Soviet Relations

Honorable Prime Minister Daria Shchegolyayeva,

The Government of the Soviet Union coincides in your view that last year's efforts were important in beginning a new chapter in the history of our nations. The meeting was historic not only because of the agreements signed there but also because Comrade Viktor Sokolov of the Soviet Foreign Portfolio had stepped ground on Romanovskaya soil - the first ever at the Ministerial level. Likewise, we share your concern that progress has stagnated as of late and a review of the efforts moving forward is necessary.

A meeting between both heads of government would be an important step to take in this generational effort to steer our relations towards a brighter future. We accept your proposal. As last meeting took place in Romanovskayan soil, near the Soviet border, we would like to reciprocate this sign of good will and invite you and your delegation to Leningrad. A meeting in Leningrad would allow also be historical as it would be the first time a Romanovskayan Prime Minister steps on Soviet soil.

Additionally, a meeting in Leningrad would allow you and your delegation to visit the locations where the Romanovs used to spend their days-to-days in. It would perhaps be received as a great sign to the people of your nation and it would further cement the credibility in our intentions. We eagerly await your government's response.

Warm regards,

Grigory Tomsky
Premier of the Soviet Union
General Secretary of CPSU


To: Grigory Tomsky, Office of the Premier, Moscow, CCCP-
From: Daria Shchegolyayeva, Office of the Prime Minister, Vyborg, Romanovskaya
Subject: RE: Advancing Romanovan-Soviet Relations.

Premier Tomsky,

I am delighted to learn that yourself and your government agree with my suggestion in regards to advancing relations between our respective juristictions. Certainly we have plenty to build on following the very successful meeting in Roshchino between our respective foreign ministers. The time does now indeed feel right that a meeting between heads of government is the natural next step.

Allow me to express my deepest gratitude for being given the opportunity by your government to visit the beautiful and historic city of Leningrad. Of course speaking as not only a Romanovan, but a Russian, this city holds a special place in all of our hearts as the historic capital of Russia for centuries. Being the first Romanovan Prime Minister to visit Leningrad since pre-civil war times is an honour so high I cannot express it in words.

My secretary will write to your government in the coming weeks to arrange the date for the visit to take place, as well as details with regards to the delegation we will be taking.

Respectfully yours,

Дарья Щеголяева
Prime Minister of the Principality of Romanovskaya

Department of Immigration

The Department of Immigration has announced it will be increasing its in take of immigrants per year from 310,000 to 450,000. This will change the Canadian population growth by 341,407 every rp year to 791,407 every year. The Department of Immigration will be starting a program to attract more immigrants to Canada with the purpose of attracting skilled workers.


Masr Al Youm Newspaper

Egypt to kickstart it's automobile sector back with a comprehensive program

The Egyptian Ministry of Finance has today announced a comprehensive plan to boost the automobile industry in Egypt. This also coincided with an announcement that the famous and historic Nasr company will return to automobile manufacturing, having secured a deal with Lada to produce Lada Vesta locally, for an 80/20 profit split (80 for Nasr, 20 for Lada). Nasr aims to start producing 30,000 Lada's annually.

The new plan aims to increase Egypt's automobile production output to 400,000 cars annually, of which 80,000 will be exported, to deal with the ever growing Egyptian population transportation needs. Currently, only 35 out of every 1000 Egyptian owns a car. A very small number when compared to the average of 130 per 1000 it's neighbors have. The Ministry of Finance indicated it's intention to both increase the amount of Egyptians that own cars, and to modernize the car market in Egypt. Since over 50% of cars sold in the Egyptian market are over 15 years old. Furthermore the MoF would also aim to improve use of local content to 45%

Some of the policies included are:

- Introducing amendments to the Customs Act, providing customs discounts to car manufacturers in return for increasing their use of local component.

- Providing further export-based incentives proportionate to local component input, such incentives include; direct subsidies and low-cost loans

- Seek to ensure market stability and growth by enhancing the predictability of policies and regulations associated with the automotive sectors and feeding industries

The Egyptian government has announced it's plans to also work with several local manufacturers to reach the targeted 400,000 annual production goal.


New Alponia is approved for RP.

The Hellenes League wrote:Operation Enigma: +21

The Hellenic front moving towards Konya and Ankara had in previous days been moving slowly, but surely.

Golkonak, Orta and Gelendost had been a hard fought battle, as Hellenic units moved house to house clearing the town of Ottoman forces. The control of this territory enables Hellenic forces to move freely on the roadways creating a stable supply line.

In the Iskenderun area, Hellenic Marines moved fast to push out into the surrounding area. A new force of 8,000 Hellenic Soldiers will arrive in the next week to bolster the forces to a total of 23,000. The Push on Osmaniye will begin, which is critical to opening up Gazientep to be moved on.

In Trabzon, it is a unique situation. Giresun, Rize and Torul all coming under Hellenic Control in the past week. 4,000 Hellenic Soldiers will be making landfall to bolster forces, in addition to rocket artillery units and additional Leopard Tanks.

HAS-10’s, the newest 5th Gen jet, have proved to be invaluable in the war. Working alongside the existing F-16 fleet they have worked to enable Hellas to assert dominance in the air. HAS-10 units also frequently involve themselves in ground attacks on Ottoman positions. HAI-Dory drones and Bayraktar TB2‘s are also being used heavily.

The HAI-Dory is the only combat drone in the world capable of firing a SOM missile off of its wing while in flight, giving it tremendous range and lethality in this type of conflict.

The Husar tanks have also proven effective against Ottoman Leopard units. Stronger armor, and a better gun, give them the advantage in the ground war.

Hellenic Armed Forces: 570 KIA, 950 Wounded
Mehmed Forces: 2,900 KIA, 2,500 wounded, 700 POW

Operation Enigma: +30

Movement on the Western front has stalled as Hellenic Ground Forces wait for re-enforcements and additional supplies. Hellenic Forces intend to bolster the Western Theatre by another 15k.

Ankara has now begun to be bombarded more heavily by SOM strikes and precision artillery. The Hellenic Central Command intends to move on Ankara within the next two weeks once additional units are in place.

In the Eastern Theatre Hellenic Special Forces have begun operations with the Kurdish National Army. Numbered at 50,000, it’s believed by Hellenic Central Command that the Eastern Theatre could be won before the western theatre.

An agreement has been made that much of the eastern territory will be carved out to form Kurdistan, finally giving a place for Kurds everywhere to call home. It would be a member of the Hellenic League to ensure national security can be maintained and that Hellenic funding would be poured into the region for development.

Hellenic Armed Forces: 601 KIA, 1,050 wounded
Ottoman Forces: 3,200 KIA, 4,700 wounded, 900 POW

Department of Energy and Transportation

The Department of Energy and Transportation has announced it will be constructing the first road in Greenland connecting 2 settlements. It will go from Kangerlussuaq to Sisimiut. It is estimated it will cost 75 million USD. It is also estimated it will bring around 6 million dollars to the economy each year. The distance of the road will be about 80 miles. The construction will be completed in two years.


Universal Health Care Bill Leads to Outrage

Anger erupts in the Guardian Council chambers as the legislative bill to create a program for universal health care for all Dhanians is pushed through to the Sheikh Council by the progressive majority coalition. The Islamic Brotherhood, one of The Republic's most conservative parties, is raising into question how the lack of resources placed in infrastructure projects in the rural areas of The Republic merely place more tax strain on rural citizens without giving them the possible roads and hospitals needed to give them the same access to free healthcare. As protests begin outside Al-Zaqura palace from both progressives and traditionalists alike, Prime Minister Hassan Al-Jinab warms the crowd with promises that rebuilding of the war torn infrastructure of The Republic will be a top priority. While the bill still needs to pass through the Sheikh Council in order to become adopted into law, it raises questions on how in touch the Guardian Council members are with the communities they represent.

The People's Media Agency/人民媒社/인민미디어대행사/ピープルズメディアエージェンシー/Агентство народных СМИ

Deleveraging campaign to push ahead

SHENCHENG — The Ministry of Revenues is set to resume its deleveraging campaign at full force, as it seeks to balance financial risks with putting excessive downward pressure on a powerful rising economy in Asia. The MoR has said that financial deleveraging will be one of the government's major tasks for the second year of its First Five Year Plan, with a goal of reining in debt across the board.

The country's new emphasis on debt reduction, aimed at reducing excess housing inventory and cutting overcapacity in certain sectors, comes as part of a nationwide initiative to reduce risks emanating from the country's debt position. The Bank of the Far East (BFE) - also known as the East Asian Reserve Bank - the nation's central bank, warned of high leverage in the financial system, notoriously pointing towards local companies which were likely to face bankruptcy and liquidation as the economy recovers from recession. Many of these companies will be unable to fully pay off their debt and contribute to an unenviable rise in non-performing bank loans. This is especially worrying, given that a majority of its debt comes from the corporate sector.

From 2017 to 2019, non-financial corporations were in fact deleveraging, but government debt and household debt outpaced GDP. Consequently, overall debt was increased.

In a convocation of the Executive Committee of the Supreme Soviet, unanimous agreement pushed for a new prudent monetary policy, independently administered by the BFE, which would be more flexible, targeted and reasonable. The BFE has increased its LPR of 4.5% to 4.8%, while raising the required reserve ratio for domestic commercial banks by 0.5%.

It has also has ordered all levels of government across the country to lower their debt levels, and compile a composite list of local balance sheets detailing local assets and liabilities. Republican Censors will then be dispatched to oversee the liquidation and/or selloff of liabilities, consolidation of assets, and so on to help partially offload debt owed by local governments. Additionally, it has forbade local authorities from providing loan guarantees and other commitments that are not part of their budgets, tackling implicit debt piles owned by local governments and cutting them down. New regulations also require local governments to tighten fiscal spending by controlling the number of new infrastructure projects, limiting them only to presently affordable ones. Necessary projects (such as healthcare or transport infrastructure) will be backed by the Federal government to alleviate pressures on local authorities and to permit them to consolidate their finances.

Banks are now made to target the most indebted sectors of the economy, those being real estate; domestic banks will be reviewing their credit lines to real estate companies, and pledging not to extend its credit lines to companies that are unable to follow through with debt obligations. This will be a continuation of a year-long policy to cut losses in the markets, aimed at curbing corporate debt by 5%. Additionally, banks have been granted the power to recall loans from borrowers, with the BFE stating that loans must be used for their original purpose as negotiated with the credited banks. Borrowers who attempt to use loans to speculate on land or futures will be made to repay the principal and interest owed to banks, further cutting down on debt levels by the average consumer.

Meeting at Kuwait City


The Indian and Infinian representatives are given proper accommodations at the Four Seasons Hotel Kuwait at Burj Alshaya where the meeting to possibly create an independent oversight committee for the Indian Ocean. The Deputy Minister of Economics, Mr. Arash Radan, and Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ms. Melika Salehi, set up the meeting room with proper refreshments and a nice view of the ocean itself from within the hotel.

The Dhanian representative raise the issue of shipping lanes, fisheries, military exercises, and environmental preservation to the other delegates. They pose that as the nations bordering the Indian Ocean, they have the responsibility of not leaving the load in taking care of it to one nation alone. As such, the new Indian Ocean Commission will act as a independent body that is funded by us and other members that wish to join it in the future. As one of the largest exporters of petroleum in the world, The Republic can see how profit will inevitably lead to disaster if this commission does not have the power to take care of the ocean while still giving the independent nations autonomy to run their governments. Being put forward are some ideas:

1. All trade vessels that come through the Indian Ocean over 20,000 tons must petition for a license to navigate the waters so that the commission may inspect the vessels possible pollutants from engines and other such origins.
2. A commercial catch limit for fisheries will be placed on all member states in certain areas of the Ocean as to not allow one nation to overfish.
3. Any military exercise that is to be committed in the Indian Ocean must be given approval by the nations representatives.
4. Each member nation is to pay 2 percent of their GDP to the commission so that it has the funding to commit to commission policies without disrupting economic flow in the waters and to allow the commission to create their own environmental preservation or restoration programs.
5. The commission board is to be made up of two members from each member nation that are to be screened for business ties to the Ocean. If they are found to have conflicts of interests, they will be barred from the commission board.

As we are partners in this formation all talking points and policies are up to debate.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation

To: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of New Alponia

Subject: Exchange of embassies

We would be interested in establishing formal diplomatic relations with your nation.
For this purpose we have appointed Mr. Ren Yating as our representative in the city of Hanover.
We await your reply

Best regards

Bai Zhelan, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

The People's Media Agency/人民媒社/인민미디어대행사/ピープルズメディアエージェンシー/Агентство народных СМИ

Infiny to join AU Strategic Partnership

MOMBASA — The nation of Infiny will be welcomed into the ranks of the Asian Union, as an AU envoy met with Infinian government authorities in Mombasa to sign the AU-Infinian Agreement on Strategic Partnership.

The introduction of Infiny as one of the AU's key strategic partners signals a momentous change in the AU's policies, marking a shift from its "Reject the West, Embrace the East" philosophy to a more nuanced, open, and transparent outlook in which the Union crafts effective partnerships with other international institutions and countries to provide global stability, development, peace, and securirty both to its members and the wider world. The AU's partnership with Infiny will help make a concrete and valued contribution to the success of cross-continental relations, helping both sides to engage actively on trade, defence, and science-related issues, while also signalling a willingness to deepen collaboration. The complexity of today’s geopolitical environment calls for a comprehensive approach that effectively combines political, social, civilian, and military instruments - all of which the AU hopes to address with Infiny.

As part of its strategic partnership with Infiny, both sides will acquiesce to mutual consultations on security developments, regional issues, and crises management or prevention, along with civil emergency response planning, reform, capability and capacity building. Collaboration in academic and technical fields, counter-terrorism and international law enforcement, counter proliferation of illicit weapons, and emerging security challenges related to cyber defence, energy security, maritime security, and piracy will become the norm. This will be done through pledges to share insights on areas of common interest or concern through consultations and intelligence-sharing, provide mutually beneficial advice and support in reforms, participate in a rich menu of education, training and consultation events for various sectors of the economy, and advance joint scientific interests.

With greater connections to the world, may the AU bring prosperity not just to itself, but to its partners as well.

Long Live the Asian Union - Long Live Infiny!

Duma Vashnal Eulumia

Official correspondence
To: Klaus, King of New Alponia
From: Department of State for External Affairs, Orange-Bourgogne
Subject: Diplomatic relations
Classification: Public

Your Majesty,

On behalf of the Government of the United Kingdom of Orange-Bourgogne, and with special permission from His Majesty King Henry I, I write to you to propose that we create formal relations between our two states in the form of an Ordinary Legation. As neighbours, we deem it important to have good relations and strong connections, so that we can serve the interests of our respective subjects to the utmost of our capabilities.

If Your Majesty is willing to accept this proposal, we shall nominate and appoint as our representative His Excellency The Right Honourable (Albert van Voorne) The Baron of Poortvliet, who has worked in the Department for External Affairs for a considerable amount of time and has shown great dedication to his duties, in the rank of an Envoy Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary.

Should Your Majesty be interested into nominating and appointing some proper person to serve as Your Majesty’s representative to His Majesty’s Court of Saint James’s, please let us know so at the earliest opportunity, so that we can make all the necessary preparations for his or her arrival.


On behalf of the Secretary of State for External Affairs:
Sir Richard Wellington MP
Minister of State of Diplomacy

Official statement – Koh-i-Noor
~ Restitution Commission, Orange-Bourgogne

In relation to the Koh-i-Noor diamond, which is part of the crown reserved for the Queen-Mother at coronations, the Restitution Commission gives the following advice to the Minister of State of National Heritage:―

The Commission acknowledges that there are numerous actors at the international stage who can – and do – make a claim with regards to the Koh-i-Noor. However, for the sake of simplicity and a speedy verdict, the Commission shall only review that of the Government of Orange-Bourgogne and the Maratha-Empire.

The Commission notes that under the Treaty of Lahore (1849) in Article III, the Koh-i-Noor is “taken from Shah Sooja-ool-moolk by Maharajah Runjeet Singh, [and] shall be surrendered […] to the Queen of England”. There are those which claim that the gemstone was a “voluntary gift to Queen Victoria as compensation for help in the Sikh Wars”. In fact, it was conceded in a case before the [Indian] Supreme Court by the [Indian] Solicitor-General in 2016 that “The Koh-i-Noor is not a stolen object”.

Even though that may well be true on paper, other circumstances have to be considered as well. It has been alleged that in 1849, the East India Company, in the name and on the behalf of the administration of the day, forced through an amendment to the Treaty of Lahore. There is insufficient evidence to determine which version of these two claims is ultimately factually correct. It may well be that both of them are to some extent.

As there is no sufficient claim from either side to prove whether the 1849 version of the Treaty of Lahore was forced-through or signed voluntarily, the Commission deems it proper to rely on the text of the document itself insofar as it determines that the gemstone shall be “surrendered” to the Queen of England. However, although not obliged to, we urge the Minister of State of National Heritage to interpret the word “surrendered” as if there was at least some (threat of) violent influence used to acquire the gemstone which would in other circumstances not have been used.

So far as it concerns the question of the status of the gemstone as one of the Crown Jewels, the Commission finds that individual gemstones are not – unless they have at some point been considered a part of the regalia in their own right – to be treated as such, and that they may therefore be alienated by the Crown. The Koh-i-Noor diamond has always been part of a set of other materials insofar as it has been considered one of the objects being part of the regalia. It would follow that thus, there are no hinderances to keep the gemstone from being given to the Maratha-Empire.


Professor Nicolette van Dam
Chair of the Restitution Commission

Official correspondence
To: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Maratha-Empire
From: Department of State for External Affairs, Orange-Bourgogne
Subject: Koh-i-Noor
Classification: Public

To whom it may concern, Greeting!

Now that the Restitution Commission has published its advice, in which it did not decisively conclude that the Orange-Bourgognian Crown has an illegitimate or unlawful claim to the Koh-i-Noor diamond, while it did also not conclude that our legal predecessors did not act without any controversy, I am willing to make you an offer in the following terms:―

That the Koh-i-Noor gemstone be returned to the Maratha-Empire, save for any time an Orange-Bourgognian monarch leaves the Throne vacant, upon which it is to be sent to the Jewel House at the Tower of London in Orange-Bourgogne, where it shall be placed until immediately after the coronation of the next monarch, whereupon it shall be returned once more to the Maratha-Empire.

These terms would, I think, be fair in that they allow for the preservation of the diamond’s role in our coronation ceremony, while also acknowledging its complicated past and legal status.

Finally, I have consulted with His Majesty’s Most Honourable Household, and the Lord Chamberlain was willing to accept these terms on behalf of His Majesty Henry I.

I shall refrain from making a definitive decision until such a time at which arrives your response to this proposal.


Florimont le Fresne MP
Minister of State of National Heritage


On behalf of the Lord Chamberlain of the Household:
Sir Gilbert Hastings
Private Secretary to the Sovereign

-Greater Canada- wrote:Department of Foreign Affairs - Top Secret

Canada and the government of Moselie have agreed for Canada to export 200 tonnes of uranium per year to Moselie. The estimated cost per year is 26 million dollars. The uranium will be from the mine under construction in Greenland and the exporting of uranium will begin in one year. The exporting will be for 37 years.

Top Secret Military Report
Today the military briefed Amalti Rivera on the status of the new nuclear program, it is planned that within two years a nuke prototype will be ready for testing. The military has reached out to Imperial Eagle to request aid from their nuclear research in the name of strengthening the OAS. Alongside this, the military engineer corps has begun the construction of two new nuclear centrifuges to speed up the enrichment process, a project expected to take four years and roughly 260 billion dollars.

Moselie wrote:Top Secret Military Report
Today the military briefed Amalti Rivera on the status of the new nuclear program, it is planned that within two years a nuke prototype will be ready for testing. The military has reached out to Imperial Eagle to request aid from their nuclear research in the name of strengthening the OAS. Alongside this, the military engineer corps has begun the construction of two new nuclear centrifuges to speed up the enrichment process, a project expected to take four years and roughly 260 billion dollars.

Department of Defense Encoded Reply

Several teams of nuclear physicist and engineers from the Oak Ridge National Nuclear Site and Los Alamos Nuclear Site can arrive within the next 14 hours or so once they have gathered the needed data and hardware required for such a undertaking. We hope that with a two-fold nuclear umbrella, the Americas will be more secure from both the north and south and that the Union will work closely with it's counterparts in the OAS to maintain the peace in the Americas.

Masr Al Youm newspaper

Nationalization of several of Egypt's biggest film studios

The Ministry of Culture has today announced the nationalisation of some of Egypt's biggest film studio's. This move will look familiar to those who lived in Jamal Abdel Nasser's reign, as he famously nationalized the whole of Egypt's film industry.

Commenting on this, the Minister of Culture Abdelaziz Karim said "This was done to allow the young and creative filmmakers in Egypt's film industry to bring forth their vision without having to worry about the need to bring financial success" She continued "After all, the Egyptian box office is filled with movies that have no artistic vision, only made to bring in money. However people remember a different time, where movies were always guaranteed to be of certain quality. That time was when the state was in control of the biggest studios in Egypt, and that is what we are gonna try to replicate"

Critics have argued that this was not the main intention however, pointing out how at the time movies where usually ways to promote the government's propaganda and to censor any criticism against it.

Eulumia wrote:State Banquet, Marina Bay Sands, Singapura, Eulumia

Chancellor Rayyan smiled as the Romanovan Princess spoke eloquently and praised the emerging and strong relationship between Vyborg and Jakarta, speaking to the idealistic goals and aspirations the lateral relationship had, each of which the Grand Chancellor wished to see to fruition. Following the toast that resonated around the table, everyone sat back down and began to dine on traditional Eulumian cuisine with iconic dishes such as Nasi Lemak, Satay Ayam and Kambing, Ikan Bakar, Soto Batawi,and Pepes. As the state banquet continued onward with people speaking both formally and informally, the comfortable atmosphere was backed by the panoramic view of the Singapura Strait, the glittering lights of the City of Batam visible in the distance on the Riau Islands Province.

Soon enough though, the banquet ended and the Chancellor spoke one last time of her gratitude to the Romanovan visitors and informed them that her personal guards would escort them to their suites in the Marina Bay Sands hotel for the night, and that she looked forwards to discussing more formal matters tomorrow after a proper nights rest, especially for the travellers. With that she bid them a goodnight and smiled as she watched them depart the Banquet Hall before she turned to speak to one of her Aides before departing as well with her own guards.


For day two of the official state visit by H.S.H. Princess Zephyrine of Romanovskaya to Euluma got underway with the princess and her husband H.S.H Prince Pyotr Ivanonvich Golitsyn-Romanoff visiting a war memorial to the fallen soldiers of Eulumia during its fight for independence from Japan. At the ceremony, the Princess laid a wreath at the base of the monument. The wreath had dark green leaves with deep red roses, as well as being adorned with black, yellow and white ribbons (the heraldic colors of the Romanov family). The Princess then stood for a minutes silence, and then for the Eulumian national anthem.

The Princess and her husband then made their way to the only Russian Orthodox Church in Singapura. There they greeted the priest as well as worshippers who came from all across the region of Russia. There was then a short prayer service and afterwards the Princess gave a short speech, praising the Russian Orthodox Church for its role in uniting Russians around the world by means of their faith.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Daria Shchegolyayeva began the working meeting with Chancellor Rayyan and her aides. There were a number of topics on the agenda including a possible trade deal leading to reduced or abolished tariffs, student exchange programs, transnational scientific research cooperation as well as investment opportunities in their respective countries.

Tumolian Times reports
Government naval investments announced.

The ministry of defense and the ministry of transport have come to an agreement to make substantial investments in the southern harbours of Durban and Port Elizabeth. The two harbours are now mostly used as civilian export purposes but in the harbour of Durban a new bay will be built for military purposes. It is an open secret among the Tumolian people that the current state of the Tumolian navy is worse than it was 30 years ago. To stimulate naval renewment the harbour of Durban will be reclassified as a primary military Naval forward base. The harbour will be used to store and repair both international naval vessels as well as Foreign Frigates. The secondary purpose of the harbour will remain export and import transport, put in agreement with the Transport ministry around 23% of the trade that now flows through Durban will be expected to reroute to neighbouring harbours. the Central Bureau of Statistics has calculated that this will help the local economies of these harbours. The government expects that this will create a trickle-down effect and will help local investments and trade.

The announced agreement is expected to be one of many in a recent trend of naval and trade investments following years of neglect by the government in Cape Town. Naval trade remains one of the biggest parts of the Tumolian economy. It is expected that of the towns surrounding the three biggest harbours of Tumolia around 69% of the population is in one way or another employed by the harbours. It is expected that further investments will be targeted at the Cape Town and Mozambique regions


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Indochinese Bureau of Defense

The Indochinese Bureau of Defense will pay the Far Eastern Union of Soviet Republics a total of ₭230,093,250,000 (USD 25,000,000) for a total of 10 Type 99 Main Battle Tanks. This order comes as the first act under Chairman Khan I in his Army Modernization Act. Chairman Khan I has also ordered the tanks from the FEUSSR to tighten relations with Indochina's allies in the Asian Union.

Indochina Freedom News Shutdown

Freelance news agency Indochina Freedom News has been shutdown after recently featuring a rumor-filled segment by Aehksiav Aehngkhuaam Sangobsuk leader, Ti Nung Cha Chaiyachue. The leader of ASA attempted to put the blame for the bombing of the late Chairman Mailam I onto Chairman Khan I. Indochina Freedom News was shut down and the employees arrested for going against Kanpongkan Sung. The High Government of Indochina released a statement that read:

    The Chairman of the Confederation has no ties to the terrorist attack upon the late Chairman. Any person that believes this or spreads this false story will face legal action. We discourage this behavior as it not only weakens the unity of the Confederation, but it also occurs during the period of mourning of Chairman Mailam I. The Aehksiav Aehngkhuaam Sangobsuk will be brought to justice for acting against the Confederation.

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